Ste Davies – Hello Guys… Unfortunately Osh is still in hospital recovering from his burns so I’m out here to break down the IIW Red Alert PPV card for you.

Osh has given me the following details..

First we will see battle out a number one contendership for the TV Title with a Battle Royal featuring Drayden Fields, Lance Lewis, Ryan McCann and Christian Ryder

Following that after a hard fought win against Ryan McCann, Starr has earnt his shot at Sean Raines and a chance to win the TV title.

We welcome newcomer Justice Reigns to the federation, he will take on the Commander who recently secured his first victory with the help of his new manager Bob Mitchell, is this the start of a comeback?

After an amazing performance and coming so close to a shot at the IIW World title… Osh Vaughan has signed an agreement with Geeno Steels to open the IIW Red Alert PPV performing some of his hit songs from his latest album!! Meanwhile he has been requested by Andre Clayton to face him, so Osh gives people what they want so Andre Clayton will take on Geeno Steels.

Chino made his glorious return after being taken out by Dan DiStoner a month ago, he will really have his chance to get his hands on his enemy in a NODQ match.

Talking of rewards, as part of his amazing performance at Mayhem, Osh has granted Rixton Ruin Shawn Taylor’s spot in the International Title match… he will be taking on Corey Steel in a match that should Corey win, he will become the longest reigning IIW International Champion in history!

Now we come to the subject of Michael Hunter, he came in demanded the world title and created Chaos… he did what he aimed to do and DESTROYED everything this past Monday…. Osh is not happy about this and as a result has called in a favour…. He has called in IIW HALL OF FAME LEGEND… KADE ORTEGA… who he feels is going to put Michael Hunter in his rightful place.

Osh Vaughan himself then faces Dillan Singh in the infamous B.I.T match making his first appearance in 10 years! What a match that is to be

We then see Osh’s son Curtis take on his mortal enemy, he has been harassing Jonny C for months now and their feud transcends federations from Curtis’ debut match in the IIW

Finally we haver the big one… the IIW World Title match….the winners of each match square off as we crown the first IIW Reborn World Champion… Shawn Taylor vs Adam Bradley vs Chase Durden!


TV Title No.1 Contenders Battle Royal

Drayden Fields vs Lance Lewis vs Ryan McCann vs Christian Ryder

TV Title Match
Sean Raines vs Starr


Justice Reigns vs The Commander


Geeno Steels vs Andre Clayton


NODQ Grudge Match

Chino vs Dan DiStoner


International Title Match

Corey Steele vs Rixton Ruin


Legends Match

Kade Ortega vs Michael Hunter


Blood Inferno Tables Match

Osh Vaughan vs Dillan Singh


Grudge Match

Jonny C vs Curtis Vaughan


World Title Match

Shawn Taylor vs Adam Bradley vs Chase Durden

vs vs