Exhibition Match
Max Evans vs Ryan McCann
You hear a siren and planes then you hear an explosion and a massive cloud of smoke appears. Welcome To The Jungle Starts. Evans walks out with swagger while tearing at his hair. He gets into the ring and screams out.

The two competitors stare one another down as the referee calls for the bell. Max charges at Ryan McCann, he slips behind and goes for a German Suplex! But McCann flips and lands on him feet! Ryan tries to lock in a sleeper hold but Max drops to one knee and flings him over his back! Ryan goes for a kick but he catches him leg, he spins on the ground wrenching him leg and making him fall!

Mike Fisher: The veteran with just a bit more of an advantage here!

Scott James: This is fast paced!

Max takes him knee and slams it on the mat. He lifts him up and hits a belly to belly release suplex! He goes for the cover!


Mike Fisher: Not even a one count!

Ryan McCann gets to him feet as Max closes in. Max goes for a swinging neckbreaker... and connects! Cover!



Scott James: One count there, he's trying to wear him down!

McCann slips behind Max and kicks him in the back of the knee! He grabs his head and slams it down into the mat. Legdrop by Ryan McCann! McCann backs up as Max starts to come around... running knee! Max falls backwards with a bloody nose! The referee checks on Max as Ryan lightly shoves the referee out of the way.

Mike Fisher: Come on! He can't do that!

He picks him up... CUTTHROAT SWINGING NECKBREAKER! He goes for the cover!

Mike Fisher: Cover by McCann!


Scott James-ROPEBREAK! Max slips his foot intentionally under the rope!

Mike Fisher: Veteran move there! He gets to break the count without excerting the considerable effort of forcing his opponent off of his body!

Max gets up and ducks a clothesline by Ryan McCann. He grabs him and pushes him back... smash!, what a side kick! He grabs him and sets him up! He's going for the The Blitz! After the delay he swings him down going for the cutter... but he slips out! Small package by Ryan!

MH: Cover! Cover!



Ryan gets up and charges at Max, but he is caught! This time the stalling suplex into a cutter connects! Ryan McCann is out! Max goes for the cover!




Melanie Jackson : Your winner… .RYAN MCCANN!

Exhibition Match
Torsten vs John Tolly
Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring
The war drums rumble throughout the arena as the lights surrounding the entrance turn a deep red and two bright spotlights shine down, focusing on the center of the stage. Seconds later, Torsten steps through the curtain with Sven behind him. He stops at the top of the ramp, scanning the crowd unceremoniously with a scrowl on his face before he starts down the ramp. Sven acknowledges some of the fans at random, while Torsten's eyes remain locked on the ring the whole way down to ringside. Sven breaks off and moves around ringside as Torsten shuffles his weight back and forth repeatedly, getting himself fired up before he hops up and onto the apron in a single motion, setting off a huge eruption of flames from all four ring posts. He climbs inside and rolls his shoulders, limbering up a bit as he waits for the referee to call for the opening bell to get the massacre underway.
The two men in the ring lock up, and Tolly quickly backs Torsten into the corner, releasing the lock up and smacking the smaller man loudly in the chest. Tolly turns and lets out a massive yell.

Scott James: Tolly seems to be in a really good mood tonight.

Torsten rockets out of the corner and hits Tolly with a bulldog as the pimp’s back is turned. Torsten flips Tolly over with some effort, and goes for the pin.


Mike Fisher: What?

Scott James: Tolly didn’t kick out, Torsten just stopped the pin. Why would he do that?

Torsten is shaking his head in the ring. He picks Tolly up to his feet and they get into another lock up.

Mike Fisher: Apparently there’s too much history here for Torsten to want to win with such a quick maneuver.

Tolly takes control again and again backs Torsten into the corner, although this time he doesn’t slap Torsten’s chest. Instead he launches him across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle, where Torsten bounces off chest first. Tolly grabs him around the waist and hits a huge sidewalk slam.

Mike Fisher: That’ll take the wind out of you!

Tolly stands up and grabs Torsten by the arm, hoisting him up. He gets him over his shoulder!

Scott James: He’s going for the Champaign dream ddt! He’s gonna end this match nice and early.

Mike Fisher: What is he doing?

Tolly doesn’t hit the Champaign dream ddt, instead throwing Torsten off his shoulder, letting the other man fall to the ground on his back.

Scott James: Well…that wasn’t the Champaign dream ddt. What is going on with these two men?

Tolly picks Torsten up again by the arm, but Torsten hits him with a kick to the gut and a snap DDT. Torsten climbs to the top of the turnbuckle.

Scott James: Here it is! The Accendo! Why isn’t he going for it? He’s giving Tolly too much time to recover.

Torsten hesitated too long to hit the move, and Tolly rolls out of the way in time, with Torsten crash landing to the ground.

Tolly sees the opportunity and climbs to the top rope himself.

Mike Fisher: MoonSault! Wait! Tolly’s hesitating too….

Tolly shakes his head and starts to climb off the turnbuckle. Torsten springs up and jumps to the top turnbuckle, grabs Tolly around the neck and superplex!

Scott James: OH MY GOD! Look how that ring bounced!

As Torsten and Tolly struggle to their feet, the crowd erupts in cheers as Chris Norton walks through the curtain and begins to walk down the ramp.

Scott James: Oh no. What is Chris Norton doing out here?

Torsten gets to his feet and locks in the FIGURE-FOUR ALARM BLAZE! Tolly refuses to tap! He lets go, and stomps on Tolly’s head. He goes for the cover, but stops when he spots Chris Norton walking past the ring.

Scott James: What is he doing?

While Torsten is watching Chris Nortno, Tolly gets back to his feet. He sets up Torsten….Champaign dream ddt

Mike Fisher: John Tolly off the distraction! The big man makes the cover!

Scott James: No!




Chris Norton applauds John Tolly as he heads to the back with John Tolly looking on confused

[center]The camera moves along the backstage area until we come to what appears to be a buffet table where both Tyler Debonair’s girlfriend, Steph and his sister Mercedes, are stood eating some of the finger food when Mickey Kinkade strolls up slowly behind them both, initial cheers and whistles for the girls turns into boos.

Kinkade: So finally I get to meet the girl that Tyler Debonair struggles to stay with, eh?

Steph: Erm, excuse me?

Kinkade: C’mon girl. It’s so obvious you’re completely out of his league... Why don’t you do yourself a favour and come see a real man?

MJ: Why don’t you do everyone a fav...

Tyler Debonair seemingly steps out of nowhere and places his hand on Mercedes’ shoulder to rapturous pops from the arena crowd watching, as he glares intently at Kinkade.

Tyler: What’s up, Mickey? I see you’re attempting to send me a message through the girls here... Is that what you do, eh? You try to intimidate females? Well let me educate you hoss, these girls are the last ones you want to try and intimidate, believe me. They’ll put you in the ground sooner than I would...

Kinkade: haha! Oh yeah?! And what about you Tyler? You keep talking the talk, but what about walking the walk?

Kinkade and Tyler square right up against one another getting almost nose to nose.

Tyler: Well I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve walked a few times in the last couple of weeks but is that an official challenge, Kinkade? You’ve got it, but on my terms and not tonight because I’m focusing on progressing in the International Title tournament... I’ll tell you what though, at Worlds Collide I don’t care if Osh has to double book me, you’ve got it!

Suddenly from behind Kinkade, TJ Alexander appears to more boos, leaning on Kinkade’s shoulder. Mickey gives him an evil look and he pulls back but still sneers at Tyler.

TJ: Hah! What?! You think you could take us both on, Tyler?!

Tyler scoffs, chuckles and screws up his face, looking between Steph and Mercedes a bit confused, the girls also share a laugh as they cover their mouths.

Tyler: I’m sorry, what? Kinkade seriously I never see you anywhere without this guy lately, is he your lapdog or something?!

TJ: Just answer the question...

Tyler: Simmer down little boy, the grown ups are talking! But if you’re really asking me if I wanna go against both of you in a handicap match then...


The camera pans back to see all five individuals stood at the table, Tyler, Mercedes, Steph, Kinkade, TJ and now they’ve been joined by Thomas Stone who’s stood next to Tyler... Another huge pop is heard in the background as the two guys bump fists.

Stone: Now, I couldn’t help overhearing the discussion as I was walking past just now and not that Tyler here couldn’t take both of you jackasses by himself, but he won’t have to! I think I’ve probably suffered having you both around as much as he has... So you guys want a match at Worlds Collide? You’ve got it!

Tyler: In fact, I’ll go make it official with Osh right now...

Surprisingly nothing kicks off between the four men, or two women as they all go their separate ways and we go to ringside.[/center.]

Exhibition Match
Arkady Frost vs Anthony Tudor

Arkady walks to the ring as his theme music plays wearing a traditional black and red boxers robe. He's not shy about interacting with fans, shaking hands and giving high fives, as he heads to the ring.

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

The two competitors square off as the bell sounds and Anthony Tudor gains an early advantage, letting out his anger on Arkady! Anthony Tudor with a sidewalk slam! Anthony Tudor follows up with a series of stiff stomps and covers Arkady!


Mike Fisher: Way to early for a pin attempt.

Anthony Tudor lifts up Arkady and locks him in a full nelson! Arkady is in a bad way, but Arkady stomps to toe! Forearm! Forearm, and a third forearm to Anthony Tudor! A gut check by Arkady is followed up with an inverted DDT. Cover by Arkady!


Anthony Tudor hooks the legs and rolls Arkady up in a small package!



Scott James: That was closer than Arkady would like to admit I think!

Arkady ducks a running clothesline! Both bounce off of the ropes and Anthony Tudor goes for another, Arkady ducks again! Drop kick by Arkady! Arkady grabs Anthony Tudor by the legs and tries to lock in a crab, but Anthony Tudor is already at the ropes! The referee forces a rope break!

Mike Fisher: Anthony Tudor was wise to get to the ropes!

Anthony Tudor and Arkady are up! Arkady catches Anthony Tudor off guard and nails him with UNDOING a spinning tiger bomb! Cover by Arkady!




Scott James: That was almost Anthony Tudor's undoing!

Anthony Tudor gets lifted off of the ground by Arkady, Arkady sets him up for his piledriver, CORRPUTED... but Anthony Tudor turns it into a back body drop! Here comes phantom... CHOKESLAM!

Mike Fisher: Good lord what a chokeslam!

Anthony Tudor calls for the end and picks up Arkady! He sets him up for THE PHANTOM PAIN leaping DDT, but Arkady Frost's music hits and he leaps over the crowd barrier!

Scott James: There's Arkady Frost! A member of t.U.e!

Anthony Tudor hangs over the ropes and is yelling at Chris who is acting like he is going to get in the ring! Arkady comes up from behind and spins Anthony Tudor around! Arkady goes for CORRUPTED again... but no! No! Anthony Tudor grabs the ropes! leaping DDT!

Anthony Tudor covers!



Arkady Frost slides in the ring and nails Anthony Tudor with a double axehandle! Arkady Frost grabs Anthony Tudor! Lights Out

He pins him




Melanie Jackson: Your winner…. .ARKADY FROST!

Exhibition Match
Ultimate Destroyer vs Joe Barone
Joe Barone is in the ring as we come back from commercial

Ultimate Destroyer runs down comes down to air raid/police sirens jumping up the ring bounces around ultimate warrior style

The official calls for the bell. Ultimate Destroyer immediately catches Joe Barone with a boot to the gut, throwing him in the corner! Ultimate Destroyer runs in with a clothesline then hits a belly to bell suplex!

Scott James: Ultimate Destroyer on the offense early on here!

Ultimate Destroyer doesn’t go for the pin. He pulls Joe Barone up and Irish whips him to the ropes. Samoan Drop by Ultimate Destroyer! Again no cover. Ultimate Destroyer starts to aggressively put the stomps in to Joe Barone, not wanting to stop. He eventually does stop and pulls Joe Barone up to his feet. With Joe Barone staggering Ultimate Destroyer hits the ropes and nails a hard SPEAR!

Mike Fisher; Ultimate Destroyer taking it to Joe Barone who has yet to make a move!

Scott James: I’m not sure he CAN make a move!

Ultimate Destroyer quickly to his feet with Joe Barone, getting him up on his shoulders and delivering the DOWNWARD SPIRAL!

Mike Fisher; This one is over…

Again though Ultimate Destroyer doesn’t cover but pulls Joe Barone up from behind.

Scott James: This is a mistake!

Ultimate Destroyer hooks the arms of Joe Barone and turns, dropping him face first to the canvas below with THE END! This time Ultimate Destroyer finally covers




Melanie Jackson: Here is your winner via pinfall... ULTIMATE DESTROYER!

Scott James: A dominant win for Ultimate Destroyer here tonight!

A package video of Joseph Manaia highlights pull up showing his amazing run on Combat.

The video continues to show him using his finisher the Blackout to end matches suddenly the video switches to Joseph sitting in a chair wearing a black shirt that says Family, Honor and Respect on it.

Joseph- Hello fans and superstars in the back. I'm Joseph Manaia, The Samoan BadAss, and I pride myself on three things Family, Honor, and respect. I plan to use those three principles to help me stay true to myself in my journey here in IIW to bring honor back to my family name and maybe bring some honor back to IIW. And very soon, everyone will get to see me in action when I take on Ryan McCann at Worlds Collide who's asked for this match personally and I gladly accept his challenge to show him some respect!

Mike Fisher: What a match this si going to be at the PPV!!!!!

The Scene Fades

International Title Tournament
Quarter Final Match
Zack Steele vs JT Maverick

JT Maverick is in the ring as we await Zack Steele

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a stand still in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him.

The two men stare one another down as the bell rings three times. Zack Steele charges violently at JT and pushes him into a corner, hitting him with jab after jab. The referee forces the break. Zack Steele charges at JT once again but JT sidesteps Steele and pushes hid head right into the turnbuckle!

Scott James: Smart!

JT chops Steele across the chest. JT takes Steele's arm and wraps it up in the ropes applying pressure as the referee counts. JT breaks the hold. JT whips Steele into the opposite corner and hits a running splash to follow up. Steele falls to the ground.

Mike Fisher: I think Steele was a bit hasty here.

JT hits an elbow drop. He goes around to the legs and locks in a basic leglock which Zack Steele easily counters. Zack Steele jumps over JT as JT darts, as JT makes the return Steele hits a big dropkick on JT.

Scott James: But don't count Steele out!

Steele mounts JT and hits a series of punches followed by a snap suplex. Steele taunts the crowd as he hits a running snap mare. Steele lifts JT and hits a northern lights suplex which he holds for a cover.



Mike Fisher: Solid move, but not nearly enough damage.

Steele gets up and whips JT into the ropes and hits a running elbow to JT on the way back. Steele lifts up JT... Slams him down hard! Steele spits in JT's face and slaps him. Steele calls JT his "little bitch."

Scott James: Steele with a helluva move there!

Steele laughs as he picks JT up once more. Sidewalk slam! Another one!

Mike Fisher: I think JT is done.

Steele cockily places one foot on JT's chest and raises his arms as the referee begins to count...



JT springs into action and grabs Steele’s legs sending him to the ground. JT flips over Steeles legs, landing with his knees holding Steeles neck down while holding Steeles legs!

Scott James: Reverse pin! Reverse pin!




JT is able to flip out of the hold and returns with a forearm shot to the head of Zack Steele. JT exchanges shots with the Ninja and hits a snap suplex on Zack Steele. JT locks in a chinlock on Zack Steele who is able to reach the ropes.

Scott James: These two guys trying to weaken each other here before the big finish.

Zack Steele pushes JT away from him and jumps catching JT with a DDT. Zack Steele lifts up JT and locks him in a full nelson. After a bit of struggling Zack Steele lifts up JT and hits a full Nelson slam.

Mike Fisher: Every bit of hurt increases the chance of a submission later.

Zack Steele grabs the legs of JT and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter! But JT is able to kick Zack Steele in the gut! JT charges at Zack Steele but is caught with an enzuigiri! JT is down, Zack Steele locks in the Sharpshooter!

Scott James: He got him this time!

Mike Fisher: Sharpshooter locked in tight! This made his opponent last week tap immediately!

JT screams in pain! JT is fumbling for the ropes. The referee is checking on JT.

Scott James: Will he tap!?

JT lifts himself off the ground with his arms but can't quite break the hold. JT collapses back down.

Mike Fisher: He's got nowhere to go!

JT is able to lift himself up again and somehow leaps towards the ropes, hooking the bottom rope with his wrist! Zack Steele refuses to break the hold... The referee begins to count. One... Two...

Scott James: Zack Steele better let up!

Mike Fisher: He wants to inflict as much damage as possible!

Three... Four... Zack Steele finally releases. JT is rolling on the ground holding his back. Zack Steele pulls JT back to the center of the ring,

Scott James: I think he's going for it!

Mike Fisher: Sky Blue Way




Melanie Jackson: Your winner and progressing in the international title tournament…. ZACK STEELE!

International Title Tournament
Quarter Final Match
Thomas Stone vs TJ Alexander
TJ Alexander charges at Thomas Stone and sticks his foot on Thomas Stone’s stomach, intending for an enzuigiri, but Thomas Stone ducks underneath it. Thomas Stone bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but TJ Alexander ducks underneath that as well. TJ Alexander jumps in the air for a drop kick but Thomas Stone grabs onto the ropes and TJ Alexander misses, landing on his feet. Thomas Stone picks TJ Alexander up for a powerslam, but TJ Alexander uses the momentum to flip out of it, landing on his feet.

SCOTT JAMES: They haven’t done a single damn thing to each other this whole match.

MIKE FISHER: It’s kind of hard when you know exactly what your opponent is going to do.

TJ Alexander turns and aims for a spinning heel kick

MIKE FISHER: NO! That was close!

Thomas Stone catches the leg and lifts TJ Alexander off of his feet, but TJ Alexander flips off and lands on his feet again. Thomas Stone follows the momentum and catches TJ Alexander and throws him with a belly to belly suplex!

SCOTT JAMES: Finally some damage done here!

MIKE FISHER: That’s a move not usually in Thomas Stone’s repertoire, I think that’s why TJ Alexander wasn’t able to counter it.

Thomas Stone stands TJ Alexander up and dusts off his shoulders, TJ Alexander jumps up and wraps his legs around Thomas Stone’s neck, throwing him with a hurricanrana!

SCOTT JAMES: TJ Alexander took a page from the book Thomas Stone just wrote, using a move he normally doesn’t!

This time it’s TJ Alexander who stands up Thomas Stone, and brushes off his shoulders. Thomas Stone smiles and rubs his chin.

MIKE FISHER: You got to love how much pride these two men have in each other, it’s kind of…

SCOTT JAMES: It’s kind of disgusting, is what it is.

They lock up again in the ring, and Thomas Stone again powers TJ Alexander into the corner, but this time holds him there and hits a few slaps to the chest. TJ Alexander winces and cries out on each one, Thomas Stone’s hands being the size of dinner plates. Thomas Stone moves and TJ Alexander falls out of the corner. Thomas Stone looks at the top rope.

MIKE FISHER: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!


Thomas Stone climbs the ropes, and turns around. TJ Alexander kips up and jumps onto the turnbuckle with Thomas Stone. Thomas Stone tries to fight out of it but TJ Alexander manages to use the momentum to throw Thomas Stone back with a vicious super back suplex!

As Stone picks Alexander up off the mat and swings him into the ropes, a chorus of boos rings out around the arena.

Mike Fisher: Perfectly executed clothesline there by Thomas Stone as TJ Alexander goes flying in the air, but what’s this?!

Scott James: Looks like the cavalry has arrived, Mike! It’s Mickey Kinkade!

Kinkade hits the ring with a steel chair and just as Stone has TJ up for a fisherman’s suplex, he slams the chair into his back! Stone let’s go of TJ and turns to fight off Kinkade.

Mike Fisher: The official has called for the bell here! We’ve been told TJ Alexander has picked up the win and will be progressing to the next round of the tournament!

Scott James: But Kinkade and TJ Alexander don’t care about that Mike! Both men continue going at Stone, as Mickey winds up for another go with the chair... WAIT A MINUTE!

Mike Fisher: TYLER DEBONAIR! Tyler Debonair is out here to assist Stone!

Tyler Debonair bolts down the aisle as quick as a flash, sliding under the bottom rope and slams into Alexander with a Spear! The crowd go absolutely nuts as by this time Thomas Stone has booted the chair into Kinkade’s chest and he’s dropped it.

Mike Fisher: All four men are embroiled in an absolute free for all right now! Just moments after it was declared that they would meet in tag action at Worlds Collide! And here come more officials to break it up!

Scott James: I say just let them fight!

Mike Fisher: We’d love to but we have to head to a commercial now!

The scene cuts open to the outside of the IIW arena, where a construction crew is seen working on a new building attached to IIW.Shaun Hart is seen in an excellent tailor-made suit with a hard hat on as he looks over the workers. A limousine pulls up and out walks Adam The Monster and Eve The Monstress step out first followed by Jason Burns the bodyguard of Shaun Harts new client Taylor Blazer who's the last to step out.

Taylor- Shaun why did you drag me out here and with them of all people.(She Points at Adam and Even)

Adam- Shaun mean lady makes me want to eat her and maybe share some of her with Eve.

Jason- Like hell you will!

Jason and Adam have a stare off as Shahn holds the bridge of his nose and then claps his hands together.

Shaun- Ok team Hollywood Brand you are out here to see the work I've been putting in for you. As I have these men out here building our own private building that will be our locker room.

Even- So huge...

Shaun- Yes Eve I know your not used to such fine taste but since Taylor has been signed she's asked for changes and it starts today. That means no more sleeping around you two I need you to be the monsters people fear again.

Taylor snaps her fingers.

Taylor- I applaud you Shaun I didn't think you had the balls to tell them how things are going to be but let me help you clarify. This team has been a joke for a while now, but with The H.B.I.C. on board, we will be taken seriously. I'm going to start by winning the Women's Championship for us.

Eve - But what about me?

Taylor- You can always be my muscle in the women's division. Jason here can only do so much to protect me, but he doesn't put his hands on women, so that's your role.

And as for you, Adam, I need you to make people scared of this group. I need them to think twice before they even think of disrespecting us because we have a true Monster.

Shaun- Thank you, Taylor. With that said, The Hollywood brand is about to take off, so to the other factions around here, know The Hollywood Brand is coming. Stay tuned.

Shaun Hart smiles in the camera as Taylor, Jason, Eve, and Adam stand in the back, looking focused as the scene ends

International Title Tournament
Quarter Final Match
Savage Grace vs Mark Alessio
Ready for War (Pray for Peace) by Adelitas Way begins to play as Mark Alessio makes his way to the ring

Savage Grace’s music begins to play as the big guy makes his way to the ring accompanied by Eddie Zam

Mike Fisher: Savage Grace ha been on a roll since Eddie Zam picked him up!

Melanie Jackson: The following is to proceed in the International Title Tournament at IIW World’s Collide!
The two square up and Mark Alessio is very quick to take advantage over the larger man, he works away at him with some stiff elbow blows as Savage falls down to one knee, Mark bounces the ropes and hits Savage hard with a knee!

Eddie Zam: COME ON SAVAGE!!!!! Pick it up

Mark Alessio again goes for another running knee, taking Savage’s head off, he gets ready to go for the pin but Eddie Zam pulls him out the ring

The two of them have a little pep talk as he throws some water over Savage Grace to try and get him back into the swing of things, he rolls him back in

Savage Grace charges Mark Alessio who ducks him as Savage Grace boucnes off the ropes, he onces again misses with the crossbody

Scott James: This just isn’t fair, Mark Alessio is a class opponent, Savage Grace just can’t make the step up!

Mark smirks as he picks up Savage Grace and lifts him into a holding vertical suplex…He holds…he holds…DELIVERS!

Eddie is going mad ring side ….

Mark goes for the pin




Eddie gives a sigh of relief as he watches his man kick out....

As Mark continues his attack on Savage Grace, Eddie looks around before grabbing a microphone from the announce desk and making his way back towards ringside.

Mark Alessio kicks Savage Grace in the gut and goes to bounce off the ropes, as he does, Eddie Jams the Microphone stick side into his lower back causing Mark to stutter into Savage Grace who delivers a power slam




Mike Fisher: Is the referee going to do nothing about this?

Savage Grace goes to pick Mark Alessio up but Mark gets a clean uppercut sending him backwards, he catches Eddie Zam who has snook up ringside and blasts into him sending him outside the ring, breaking his fall Eddie looks on annoyed as he watches Mark Alessio continue to attack Savage Grace.

Thinking quickly he grabs a chair and slides into the ring, Mark Alessio stops his attack as he looks at Eddie Zam...Eddie smiles at him then swings the chair straight at Savage Grace's head.....

Mike Fisher: WHAT THE!

The Referee Derek Longbottom looks on and has no option but signals for the DQ

Eddie Zam grabs Savage Grace and rols him out the ring as he laughs while taking him to the back

Melanie Jackson: Your winner.... SAVAGE GRACE!