Solace Tatum, Lien Xinya, and Katia Fyre first joined forces in the WoW (Warriors of the Orient Wrestling). In the beginning, the threesome had very little interaction with each other as they each started off in separate divisions of the federation. Eventually, Lien and her protégé, Katia, formed a tag team while Solace started to make a run in the main event scene. Their first encounter with each other came after The Unstoppable Force (TUF) began a hostile takeover of the federation; targeting specific members of WoW that they deemed were a “threat”. This resulted in the three teaming up for the first time at their big Summer-time PPV, the “Rising Tide”. Despite constant interference from various members of TUF, the three were able to weather the storm and pick up the victory. Since that moment, the three individuals became known as “The Triumvirate”, each member existing selflessly within the stable, equally supporting one another so as to achieve the greatest amount of success, both in their professional careers and personal lives.