(The cameras follow Zam who was once again booed from the ring after singing his rendition of Charles Aznavour's She.... The mystery lady in question still evades us. The cameras follow him backstage for a few seconds, he walks passed First Class CEO Nicole Lawlers office, her door opens and as IF the Virgin Mary herself had planned it ... out walks 'Sultry' Casie Debonair)

(The both hesitate, Casie goes to scatter but Zam quick as fox, grabs her by the shirt, and positions his fist near her jaw. )

Zam: Look what I have found here, Sultry Cassandra, wandered too far from her enchanted forest of stupidity!!! All alone, Cat got your tongue little girl?

Casie: It’s Casie… Stultum est mentula invidia homunculum! Move out of my way… Rodent man… I’ve got somewhere to be…

Zam: Callate LA BOCA! Cassandra!

(Out of no where making a ruckus Taylor Blazer and Jason Burns appear , Taylor Blazers eye's open in JOY at the sight of Casie in distress. )

Taylor: Well.. Well look what we got here a lost little witch or bitch as i like refer to them. (Taylor lets out a chuckle)

(Zam looks at Taylor his eyes melt at her curves, he smirks and looks at Casie)

Zam: It seems your daddy Tyler and his boyfriend Darius have left you out to dry - solita- no one to protect you now , hey, you WITCH!!

Taylor: No coven equals big problems for you Sabrina i say we start the Salem witch trial right here and right now!

(As Taylor talks Zam can't help but look at her cleavage and checks her out from head to toe- He loves what he sees)

Taylor: Now papi please show me how your people dispose of the unworthy. (Taylor shoots Eddie a little wink)

Zam: You know Señorita Taylor , I would love too make you HAPPY... Here !!! Hold her ...

(Zam throws Casie to Jason Burns who holds her by both arms... Casie Struggles and fights off yet she is over whelmed....)

Taylor: No hocus pocus to save you now. (Taylor laughs then gives a clean left hook to the face then motions for Eddie to join in on the fun.)

(Zam makes a fist , audibly cracking some knuckles and swings. Casie ducks............and he knocks out Jason Burns)

Zam : WITCH!! What the hell..... Señorita Taylor... Who is this guy, he can't hold a woman!

(Taylor stares down Jason with fire in her eyes. Casie brave as she is- thinks twice and uses this opportunity to leave)

Taylor: Damn it Jason! You had one damn job to do and you couldnt even do that right.

(Taylor smacks Jason in the face and proceeds to exit out the ring before blowing a kiss to Zam on her way up the ramp)

Both women are already in the ring, eyeballing one another from their respective corners. After patting each competitor down to check them for foreign objects, the referee calls for the bell to begin the match.

Lonnie Parks: This should be interesting. Let's step into the action with two brand new competitors making their televised debuts.

Tony Watson: There's been a lot of buzz surrounding both of these women since they signed with IIW's First Class brand. Junko, of course, has international appeal but just look at Ashely Phoenix. She's got star power written all over her!

They meet in the center and Junko offers a handshake. Ashely Phoenix accepts the gesture, drawing a smattering of applause, before abruptly pulling Junko in and tearing her head off with a lariat!

Tony Watson: Oh man, she's killed her right out the gate!

Lonnie Parks: I will certainly be surprised if Junko is able to recover from that. Ashely Phoenix turned her inside out.

The next several minutes are all Ashely Phoenix as she goes to town, putting the smaller Junko through the wringer with a series of clubbing blows, knee lifts, and suplex variations. Junko continues fighting from the bottom but Phoenix maintains control, using her distinct size advantage. The fans begin to boo Phoenix as it's clear she's simply playing with her food at this point, rather than going for the kill. Phoenix ragdolls Junko into the corner and pummels her with forearms and knee lifts before pulling her out and delivering a devastating BUCKLE BOMB!

Tony Watson: The hits just keep coming! Wow!

Lonnie Parks: Phoenix is absolutely an unforgiving combatant. She's using every bit of her size advantage to dominate Junko. She's giving her nothing... NOTHING!

Junko staggers out of the corner and Phoenix boots her in the stomach. She pulls her in for the PHOENIX BOMB but Junko punches away at Phoenix's head, causing her to lose her grip! Junko falls back to her feet and dropkicks Phoenix's legs out from under her! Before Phoenix can regain her composure, Junko bounces off the ropes and nails her with a basement dropkick to the side of the head!

Lonnie Parks: Junko is coming alive now, getting in some significant offense. Will it be enough to make a difference?

Tony Watson: Will it be enough? Phoenix has been destroying her, Lonnie. Junko can't have much left in the tank, can she? This is the last gasp of a dying woman!

Phoenix rolls to the apron and returns to her feet, using the ropes to steady herself. Junko charges at her but Phoenix cuts her off with a forearm to the jaw! Junko staggers back and Phoenix climbs back inside the ring. Junko turns around and Phoenix charges with a big clothesline! Junko ducks and catches Phoenix's arm, hooking her and bringing her down with a crucifix pin! One! Two! Thr-- Phoenix kicks out with force!

Tony Watson: She's not going to hold down a competitor like Ashely Phoenix that easily! She's got to work harder, cut her down like a mighty oak-- wait, what's she doing now!?

Junko rolls straight back to her feet and hits the ropes just as Phoenix returns to one knee. Junko steps onto Phoenix's knee-- HELLO KITTY! Phoenix goes down and Junko climbs the turnbuckles. She postures for a moment, steadying herself before flying... CHOCOBO SUNRISE! NO! Phoenix gets both feet up and catches Junko in the chest at such a high angle that she lands on her feet, staggering backward into the ropes! Phoenix kips up with ease and catches the loopy Junko on the rebound... PHOENIX RISING-- NO! Junko repositions in mid-move and moves fluidly into the J-POP COASTER OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winner: Junko Souma via Pinfall

Tony Watson: Out of nowhere, she's done it! I didn't see that coming, Lonnie!

Lonnie Parks: I don't think Ashely Phoenix did either. An impressive victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, I'd say. Hopefully our backstage correspondent, Michael Morrison, can get a word with our victor later on tonight!

Ashely Phoenix is taken away by the referee as Junko Souma celebrates tearfully in the center of the ring. We cut away as her celebration continues.

Previously on IIW Mayhem!

The scene opens to Curtis's locker room. getting out of the shower after his match. He is tying his hair back when there is a knock on his door. Curtis throws a towel around his waist to go see who's at his door. Curtis opens the door and standing on the other side is Fiona Harris. She is wearing the same jeans and tank top as earlier, though she’s tied the top up at the hem to bare her abs to him.

Curtis - Hey Fiona I just got out of the shower. Come on in what's going on?

Fiona - Just wanted to check in and see how you’re feeling after your match. Maybe we could go grab a drink, we can share, y’know, strategy ideas and whatnot? Training tips and stuff?

Curtis - I'm so sorry I don't drink at all. My body is a temple and I would hate to poison it in that way.

Fiona - Some kinda place of worship, anyway. How about some Coffee then?

Curtis - Oh no its far to late for that. If I drink any caffeine after 4:30 in the evening I would be up all night long.

Fiona - Being up all night isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.

Curtis - It absolutely would be Ms Harris. If I don't get a solid 8 hours of sleep I'm like a feral animal.

Fiona bites her lip and sighs, playing with an errant strand of her hair.

Fiona - I’m gonna find something someday that’ll get you to come out for the night with me, Curtis.

Curtis - I prefer going out during the mid afternoon. There are far more fun activities to do. Nothing good happens late at night if you ask me.

Fiona - I can think of one great thing that happens at night.

Curtis -Fireworks?

Fiona - It would absolutely be fireworks.

Curtis - Well I need to go get dressed and on the road to the hotel it was fantastic catching up with you.

Fiona - Right, well… okay then. You too. See you around, I guess.

Curtis pats Fiona on the shoulder, smiles and waves goodbye to her as he closes the locker room door, leaving Fiona muttering to herself as she turns to head down the hall.

Fiona - I can’t believe anyone can be that oblivious. Should’ve just asked to use his shower… next time I got this.

Taylor Blazer vs Eve The Monstress

The bell rings and Taylor explodes out of his corner and begins laying in several lefts and rights into Eve’s body that seem to have little effect on the big woman. Eve drives a knee into Taylor gut before dropping her to the mat with a European Uppercut.

Lonnie: Taylor is coming out quickly here, but Eve has more than a hundred pounds on her.
Tony: She’ll definitely have his work cut out for her.

Taylor moves back to his feet and Eve rushes forward leveling her with a lariat, that sends her crashing back to the mat on his chest.

Tony: And there’s that power from Eve.
Lonnie: Yeah, Taylor just got floored.

Eve grabs Taylor’s wrist and pulls her back to his feet, yanking her forward and looking for a second Lariat, only to have Taylor avoid contact and land a straight punch to the head of Eve. Taylor lands a couple more, before stepping back and kicking her in the chest.

Lonnie: This is what Taylor is going to need to do against a woman this size.
Tony: Hit and run is her best shot.

Taylor then jumps up into the air, hitting Eve in the face with a dropkick that rocks her back. Taylor gets back up, gives her another kick in the chest before dropping both of them down with a neckbreaker.

Lonnie: Taylor brings the big woman down!
Tony: and she’s ready to pick up the pace.

Taylor runs into the ropes, rebounding back and running full speed into a rising Eve, who catches Taylor and tosses her down with an exploder suplex.

Tony: That kind of thing is really not going to help though.
Lonnie: What a devastating move from Eve.

Eve stands over Taylor and kicks her in the ribs before dragging her up to a kneeling position, and smashing her in the face with a forearm. Eve rains down several clubbing shots into his back and head over and over again until Tommy Benitez gets between the two.

Tony: This is looking like the curtain for Taylor.
Lonnie: Those shots are just brutal.

Eve moves back in on Taylor, looking to lift her back to his feet only to have Taylor drag her down with her and into a small package as the ref gets down to make the count.

Lonnie: Small Package!




Tony: Eve gets out.

Taylor gets back to her feet as Eve comes charging in again…. Taylor ducks! She spins round…. BAD BITCH!!!!! Eve falls face first to the mat….
Tony: How is she alive after that?
Taylor sees Eve getting back and follows it up with THE BITCH STOMP! Smashing Eve’s head into the ground and goes for the pin




The shot opens on ‘F Yeah!’ Fiona Harris entering the arena, towing her gear bag behind her, dressed in denim shorts, sneakers and her new ‘Fi Against The World!’ t-shirt, hers cut down to a sleeveless crop top. Adorning her waist is the IIW Women’s Championship belt. Michael Morrison approaches quickly, microphone in hand.

MM: “Fiona! Can we get a quick word?”

Fiona smiles and nods, setting her bag aside before squaring up to the camera.

MM: “Tonight’s your first match, non-title, since winning the championship from Victoria McKenzie at our last show. How are you feeling?”

FH: “I’m feeling great, Michael. Ready. Eager. Set to showcase myself as the centerpiece of this phenomenal women’s division.”

MM: “Do you feel any pressure after winning the belt under what some have described as auspicious circumstances?”

FH: “Because Taylor Blazer got involved? Listen, I would’ve preferred she hadn’t. I would’ve preferred she waited and handled her business with Victoria at some other time, but Vic wrote a cheque and Taylor decided to cash it. It’s not like she did it because we’re friends because we’re not, she did it for her own reasons.”

Fiona shrugs.

FH: “All I can do is wrestle the matches I’m put in, the opponents that are put in front of me. I beat Victoria McKenzie, her shoulders ended up on the mat for three and mine didn’t.”

MM: “And tonight?”

FH: “Tonight I go out there and make sure Casie DeBonair’s shoulders stay on the mat for three and mine don’t. Simple as that.”

MM: “Are you feeling any pressure going into this non-title match tonight?”

FH: “Always, but I’m like one of those fish that evolve to live a kilometre deep in the ocean; I’m built for pressure and I don’t know what to do without it. I thrive on it, Michael. The question’s gonna be how many women on this roster can handle my kind of pressure when I drag them into those deep, deep waters.”

MM: “Thanks for your time Fiona, best of luck tonight.”

Fiona shoots Michael, and then the camera, a quick thumbs up before grabbing her bag and continuing back down the hall as the shot fades out.

Victoria McKenzie vs Charlotte Vaughan vs Moira Arches
The match starts off with Victoria immediately going after Charlotte, picking her up with ease and throwing her down to the mat with a military press slam! Moira looks at Victoria, basically showing her ‘let’s do this.

Tony: This should be a good opener tonight.
Lonnie: I really like Moira, she’s got moxie.

Both women get into a hold-up war, struggling to get the advantage. Victoria gets Moira at the corner, giving her a flurry of chops and punches. Moira grabs onto Victoria’s neck, throwing her on there, retaliating what had just been done to her. Moira drags Victoria towards the center, giving her an abdomen kick for good measure, before locking Victoria with a headlock. Holding onto it tighter and tighter as each second ticked by, Moira throws Victoria to the mat with a headlock takeover.

Tony: Impressive showing from these two so far, with Moira just grabbing the upper hand on that last exchange.
Lonnie: Of course she did. I’m never wrong.

Holding onto the headlock, Moira attempts to pick Victoria up, but no avail. Victoria counters with a side suplex. Picking Moira up, she gives her a thrust to the throat, before lifting her up once again, slamming up to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Charlotte gets up to her feet, only for Victoria to big boot the living hell out of her. She goes for the cover!

Tony: What a kick! Victoria with the cover!




Lonnie: Moira with the save!

Moira pulls Victoria off, so the count gets interrupted. Victoria isn’t too terribly pleased, so she shoves Moira. The two women get into a punchfest, focusing entirely on each other. Charlotte climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, jumping towards the two women. But no such luck. Victoria catches Charlotte and slams her to the mat with the Samoan drop! Moira comes up to her with a spinning heel kick attempt, but Victoria is able to avoid it, and take her down with a clothesline. Charlotte starts to get back to her feet, and stumbles over to Victoria, who grabs her by the throat, and throws her down to the mat with a full press slam.

Lonnie: I don’t think Charlotte will be getting up after that one.

Victoria begins to reach down on Charlotte to lift her back to her feet, ready to end things with her power bomb. Before she can pick her back up, however, Moira strikes her from behind, and dumps her through the middle rope and down to the floor. Moira acts quickly, grabbing Charlotte’s arm and locking the anaconda vice in tight.

Tony: She’s got it locked in tight!
Lonnie: Charlotte has to tap here! She’s too far away from the ropes, and Victoria on the floor!

Victoria gets back to her feet on the floor as Charlotte struggles against the pain of the hold she’s in. She looks into the ring, seeing what’s happening and immediately starts to get back into the ring to stop it. Right as she gets up to the apron, however, Charlotte taps out.

Winner: Moira Arches

We head backstage where we see Michael Morrison standing by in front of the IIW interview backdrop. To his right, we see Junko Souma, who appears far worse for wear following her victory over Ashely Phoenix earlier tonight. Sweaty and disheveled, she stands awkwardly by as Morrison begins the interview.

Michael Morrison: Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Morrison 'ere and I'm standing by with Junko Souma, who made quite the first impression this evening, defeating Ashely Phoenix in her First Class debut!

Looking down at the floor, Junko nods slightly and places her hands on her hips. She directs her eyes upward at Morrison.

Michael Morrison: Some... most, even, would call your victory tonight an upset. Afterall, it's only your second ever professional match. What's going through your head?

Junko offers a timid smile.

Junko Souma: I... I am very happy... to be in I... I... dobbo-ru.

She pats her heart with one shaking hand.

Junko Souma: It is... duh-reem... to be-cawm... numba' one... puro resu-ruh.

Morrison leans in, visibly struggling to understand her broken English.

Junko Souma: I... love resuringu... I weer continue to--

She clenches a fist and smiles ear to ear.

Junko Souma: --do my best!

He purses his lips for a moment and then brings us to a close.

Michael Morrison: Well, that's very interesting and, um-- almost answered the question I asked.

Junko Souma: ...thank-uh you... so much!

Michael Morrison: Lonnie, Tony... back to you.

We quickly cut away.

Fiona Harris and Casie stare across the ring from their respective corners at each other. A low hush falls over the crowd as both women leave their corners and walk to the center of the ring to meet each other. The two tie up, with Casie working her way behind Fiona, and hooking her up in a half nelson, looking to toss her back with a suplex. Fiona headbutts her way out of the attempt, and take Casie down to the mat with a side headlock takeover. She pulls back on the hold, until Casie forces her to release it with several punches to the back.

Lonnie: Good exchange to open things up here between these two. They had a lot to say to each other before the match this week, and now it’s time for them to put those words to action.

The two lock up a second time. This time Casie pulls an arm back and trusts it forward with a forearm strike into the side of her head. Casie scores with several more similar strikes, driving Fiona back into the corner turnbuckle. After a final hard forearm strike, Casie goes hard across Fiona’s chest with a knife edge chop. She does so again, and again and again, machine gunning the chops into the body of her opponent until, reaching far back and nailing a finally blow. Fiona slouches in the corner as Casie grabs her wrist and whips her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Casie rushes her then, crushing her with a corner clothesline, before pulling her out of the corner, and dropping her on the mat with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, before going for a cover.

Lonnie: Casie with the cover




Tony: Fiona kicks out!
Lonnie: Easily too, Casie is going to need a lot more to put Harris away.

Before Casie lifts Fiona back to her feet, Fiona is able to take her down by the leg, and quickly lock in an STF. The two are still very close to the ropes, however, and Casie is able to reach out and grab the bottom rope before any real damage is done. Fiona releases the hold and gives Casie a hard kick in the ribs before getting back to her feet. She lifts Casie back up and lays into her with a series of rights and lefts before driving into her with her knee, grabbing her, and dropping her on her head with a leaping, swinging DDT. Fiona gets back up, and gets on top of Casie, laying in more punches into her head, until she is pulled off by the ref. Casie slowly gets back up, to a kneeling position on the mat. Fiona then leaps up into the air, and drives Casie’s head into the mat with a rocker dropper, before going for the cover.

Lonnie: Downfall!




Tony: Casie powers her way out of the pin!

Fiona lifts Casie back up to her feet and goes to whip her into the turn buckle, only to have Casie reverse the attempt and send her into the turnbuckle. Casie rushes into her, only to take a boot to the face. Fiona hops up to the middle turnbuckle, and the moment Casie turns around, leaps off and connects with a diving DDT, and makes the cover.




Tony: Casie gets the shoulder up!
Lonnie: What a fabulous exchange between these two. These two are showing exactly why this match has been so anticipated this week.
Tony: Fiona is really showing why she’s the IIW Women’s champion

Fiona lifts her back up to her feet again, and whips her into the ropes. She goes for a clothesline that Casie ducks under. Casie rushes into the opposite ropes and rebounds back to Fiona, nearly decapitating her with her lariat, before going for a cover.

Lonnie: Dear god that lariat nearly killed her!




Tony: Harris kicks out!
Lonnie: She has shown herself to be incredibly resilient throughout her time here in IIW, and this match is no exception!

Casie lifts Fiona to her feet and hooks her up, looking for a supFiona. Fiona knees Casie in the head on her way up, and lands back on her feet. Casie scores with a forearm strike to the head, and hooks her up for a supFiona a second time. This time, Fiona is able to block the attempt before she is brought up. She then headbutts Casie, before grabbing her and bringing her back down to the mat with a reverse Russian leg sweep, and making the pin.

Lonnie: Harris scores with a pinfall




Tony: But Casie kicks out!
Lonnie: These two have put it all on the line here tonight, and no matter who wins, no one will have anything to be ashamed of.

Fiona lifts Casie to her feet and lays into her with a short series of rights and lefts, driving Casie back into the ropes. Fiona then whips Casie across the ring into the opposite ropes, and runs after her, meeting her in the center of the ring with a lariat attempt that Casie ducks under. The two rebound off the opposite ropes and meet in the center of the ring again, this time with Casie scoring with the running bicycle kick to the face, she grabs the champion…Agent Provocateur…she smashes her face hard into the mat and rolls Fiona for the cover




Lonnie: Casie has done it! She’s pinned the IIW Women’s champion, even if this is a non title match it must put her in real contention for a shot!

We comeback from commercial break as the show is almost ready to go off air until the theme music of Taylor Blazer begins to play and a few minutes pass before Jessica Miami and Taylor come out dragging a female by her arms but has a black bag covered over her head. Jason Borne comes with a steel chair in his hand and a microphone in the other. Jason hands the microphone to Miami as the drop the girl on the top of the cage.

Miami- Now what do we have here?

Miami chuckles to herself as they look at the lifeless body.

Miami- You know Victoria has been oh so concerned about her little best friend Kaitlyn since her beat down from the Coven. Nobody has seen her in a while. Well accept for us we saw her earlier today ready to turn in her papers as she was calling it quits from First Class, but we decided to intervene in send her off in style.

Jason removes the bag from her head and reveals it to be Kaitlyn as she is gaged with a rag in her mouth. She looks terrified and already bruised up from an earlier attack. Miami puts her foot on her back keep her from moving as Taylor takes the microphone.

Taylor- Victoria when you decided to stick your nose in my business you started a war and in war your friends become targets. So, if I can’t get my hands on you like I want too. I guess your friend will have to become my BITCH!

Miami starts stomping the back of Kaitlyn as Jason hands Taylor the steel chair. Taylor measures Kaitlyn head and smashes it with the steel chair that echoes out the arena. Fans begin to boo, but Taylor and company continue their assault on Kaitlyn as Miami lifts her head up and slides the chair underneath. Taylor takes a few steps back to get a running head starts then delivers a vicious BITCH STOMP to Kaitlyn. Security tries to come out, but Jason starts decking them left and right keeping them away from breaking up the assault. Taylor stares at Kaitlyn then at the edge of the stage. Taylor starts barking out orders to Miami to drag Kaitlyn over to her as Taylor stands by the edge. Miami lifts Kaitlyn’s limp body up and hoist her up in Taylor’s hand. Taylor lifts her up in a powerbomb position and takes a few steps back then run and throws Kaitlyn right off stage through some tables that were at stage side. Taylor flexes as Miami comes over and claps as the show goes off the air.