Disposed Owner

About - Osh Vaughan is the current Largest shareholder of the IIW. Osh is famous for his lust for money and manipulation. He will try and take advantage of the new talent for his benefit. Osh is trying to use this federation to help establish kids who have qualified from his wrestling school.


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Head Of Security

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Play by Play Commentator

About - Mike Fisher is one of the leading Play by Play Commentators in the buisness, he has been doing this job since he was 21 and now has over 30 years experience... He was brought to the fed after being the one who advised Osh to open the federation and is Osh Vaughan's 2nd hand man, when tough decisions are needed to be made.; Mike Fisher is also Osh Vaughan's uncle.

Colour Commentator

About - Scott James is currently taking out time frmo the IIW Wrestling Circuit after being a close friend of Osh's during his wrestling days Osh offered Scott James the spot as Co-Commentator after Scott James stepped in at the last minute at one of the shows and did a very good job. He is the colour commentator of the two and is quickly establishing himself as a top quality caller.

Backstage Interviewer

About - Michael Morrison was brought in to replace Larry Fishburg after Larry suffered his mental breakdown and ended up holding 20 people hostage in a bank. Michael is a lot more down to earth and has a lot more control about himself and his interview process.

Bob Mitchell's P.A

About - Innocent Melanie Jackson she may be young and inexperienced but she is a fiesty character and is not pushed about by no male talent

Online Reporter

About - With the increase in online presence Osh has hired Ste Davies to head up all online activities. Ste is keen to get the best and quickest exclusives for the IIW

Online Reporter

About - A former wrestler who was regarded very highly back home in Australia and best known for her "Glamourous Devils" Team with Chili Marshall - she decided to become a reporter/journalist after studying it at RMIT university in Melbourne. She's softly spoken, but also not afraid to do some snooping around in order to get to the bottom of news. She signed with IIW after being recommended it by good friend and IIW wrestler Scotty Adams as a means for her to get back into a field she loves.

Interviewer / Cleaning and Disposal Manager

About - No one is too sure where he came from but he's been around for a long time, a former associate of Donny Allen, Charlie was originally the janitor at the IIW Arena but has slowly worked his way up to self proclaimed Cleaning and Disposal Manager, he doesn't like his job, he doesn't like to clean, he doesn't like anyone infact, he seems to have quite a big following even if he is very blunt at times when it comes to anything

About - After going missing for 14 years he was found locked away in a broom cupboard, Larry was previously the lead Interviewer, a very nervous individual and was rumoured to have had multiple nervous breakdowns when the pressure got to much, he's back in 2021 to prove he's still the top guy for getting the latest info!

About - Toni is the very anti-social official Chauffer of the IIW, he was hired after a chance meeting with Connor Briggs after being left by Charlie Schmidt without a fee at the front door of the IIW Arena, he drives a banged up yellow taxi, and really does not like chatty customers

Boris is head of Human Resources, he tries to relate to everyone but he really comes across as a smarmy jerk, He thinks he can make himself more relatable by having everyone call him 'Boz' He sees himself as a bit of a mentor to the younger employees of IIW but really is just completely oblivious to the dislike the Roster has for him

Duke Longbottom is a bitter old referee! He really thought he could make, he thought wrestling was all about the muscles and the body, so he hit the roids, and he hit them hard, we've never seen a Referee jakked so hard, but when it came to the ring, he just didn't have it, he's made a small career out of being a referee but will always dream of the dream he had of being a professional wrestler

Jeremy is that kid we all hated at school, he wasn't particuarly clever but he was a suck up, you know, that one who would point out the smallest thing to the teacher to get credit, yeah fair play mate you got that point, but you really are just a punk ass kid