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2nd Generation And The Rest Roll in!
2021-03-14 at 7:57 PM - Osh Vaughan

PPV Week has kicked in now as we are 7 days away from IIW KKND, but the big news is the signing of IIW 2nd Generation superstar Zack Steele, following in his father Mark Steele and brother Corey Steele's footsteps

As the next generation of talent rolls in so does the most mysterious man to enter the IIW in a long time Eclipse Deimos joins.

IIW look to have great sponsorship opportunities with the signing of Bam Miller! Miller time! As they say, open me up a Miller lite any time!

Chris Norton makes a long awaited return to the IIW as well, the rookie looking to make waves again

Following in the brothly connection this edition, Ryan Hawkins has recruited his brother Chris to add to the Hawkins legacy!

Killer Kevin Deane finishes off this new signing spree as the Netflix executives have gone all in on Osh Vaughan and seemingly offered him a blank check book!

IIW/FC Presents: The 2021-2022 Ice Crown Tournament!
TV Events
2021-03-12 at 10:02 PM - Solace

Holywood Reporter and Power 5
2021-03-12 at 3:07 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Hollywood Reporter has been updated, complete with Power 5 Ranking!

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Schmidt Happens Episode 2
Charlie's Blog
2021-03-09 at 12:22 AM - Osh Vaughan

Now Live.

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New Members... And that's the Truth!
2021-03-08 at 4:42 PM - Osh Vaughan

It's official, we've entered PPV Season! KKND Is just around the corner! The numbers are going through the roof and proof of this is as the talent continues to roll in... We now welcome to the federation

Thomas "The Truth" Stone

KKND Card Published
TV Events
2021-03-07 at 5:48 PM - Osh Vaughan

Mayhem Results!
TV Events
2021-03-07 at 5:28 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Hollywood Reporter Debut
2021-03-05 at 1:42 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Hollywood Reporter first edition is now available!

Episode 1