Tyler Debonair vs Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann is continuing to run through all the non-traditional wrestlers of the IIW, Tyler has taken offense to this as we’ve seen at Mayhem and is looking to put Ryan McCann back in his place in his debut in the IIW

The lights in the arena go out as "Mad World" by Gary Jules begins to echo throughout the arena...

Tyler Debonair walks out from behind the curtain and just stands there, soaking up both the boos and cheers from the crowd, as the piano melody of the song continues to resonate. He slowly makes his way down the aisle, his facepaint glowing in the dark.

Once he reaches the apron, he slides in under the bottom rope and stays on his stomach all the way to the ropes, before pulling himself halfway up and then staying there, head poking through the middle ropes, tongue out and awaiting the match to start.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do.


Mike: And here we go with this hotly anticipated contest.

Scott: Well, maybe to you.

Mike: Me and most of the fans in attendance.

Scott: Whatever you say. Though I will concede, this should be an interesting match-up.

Mike: Well, that's a start. Better than nothing.

Tyler and Ryan glance at one another, each attempting to attain at least an advantage in the mind games early on, but also attempting to gauge what their plan of attack should be. What is their optimal strategy in order to obtain the victory in this bout?

Slightly shuffling to the right, Ryan extends his left hand out to Tyler - attempting to see if his foe will take the bait; engage in the standard collar and tie lock up.

Mike: Both men trying to get the head start in the mindgames here. Knowing that they cannot afford to give the other an inch.

Scott: Tyler does know that this is Ryan's playground, right? He can't *afford* to let him obtain any advantage.

Mike: You're not wrong, but I'm sure The Alchemist knows what he's doing here.

Scott: He better. Otherwise this is gonna be a quickie.

Mike: *rolls eyes* We'll see.

Something that definitely will suit the more 'traditional' wrestler in Ryan, yet slightly smirks when Debonair simply responds with soft laughter. He knows *exactly* what Ryan wanted. He knew that Ryan was attempting to lure him in; force him to play McCann's game. Prove Ryan right in a sense that when it comes to traditional wrestling, Tyler simply doesn't measure up. Regardless of Tyler's words throughout the lead up.

Scott: Smart. He knows that if McCann is able to slow the pace, he can dictate the terms of this bout. A collar and tie lock up favours the more pure oriented wrestler.

Mike: That's true, but Debonair isn't a slouch technically either. He is just as adept in a slower paced bout.

Scott: I'm sure he is, but not to the extent McCann is. That is the difference here. It's better for him to at least *try* and speed this bout up.

Mike: I agree. Play to his strengths and not allow Ryan to find any rhythm.

Scott: No shit, Sherlock.

Stepping forward, Tyler stares right into Ryan's eyes - softly stating "Try it again," as if to coax Ryan into re-engaging the collar and tie lock up, only for Ryan to step up to him; tease extending his right hand, before driving his knee right into the sternum of the man who is known as 'The Alchemist'. A second knee follows as Tyler bends over, followed by a stiff roundhouse kick to the right temple once Tyler stands back vertical.

Mike: Nice adaption there by Ryan. Realising that Tyler would goad him; using that to attain leverage in this bout. Understanding this could very well be a war of attrition.

Scott: Well, duh. As I said, this is Ryan's game. Tyler took the bait and got punished for it.

Laughing, Ryan gently rubs the sole of his boot across Tyler's head. Goading him into standing up and at least attempting to retaliate against his early onslaught, before dropping a knee right atop the face of Debonair. Taunting the crowd as he lands.

Mike: Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Ryan.

Pushing himself up, Ryan clutches the left wrist of his foe, hoisting him to his feet. Intending to send him careening into the turnbuckles in the upper right hand corner, only for Tyler to deliver a knee of his own as he rises. This time to the dead centre of the stomach. Causing Ryan to keel over; be dropped with a stiff DDT into the mat. Causing both men to lay there, writhe and with pain beginning to shoot up and down their bodies.

Mike: Debonair with the nifty counter there.

Scott: It's nice, but means nothing if he can't make the most of it.

Slowly beginning to rise, Tyler glances towards Ryan - who has begun to make his own way back to a vertical base, shooting him a cheeky smile. As if to say "if you wanna play the cheap game, so can I". Ryan simply responds with a nod, as he attempts to land a gut kick of his own the moment Debonair rises. Only for Tyler to grab his right ankle; turn the attempted kick into a dragon screw. Sending Ryan back down to the mat once more.

Mike: The Alchemist using his speed and craftyness to his advantage here.

Scott: I mean, why wouldn't he? Take any advantage you can get in a bout like this. Can he sustain this though?

Mike: I'm sure he can. After all, he is a 2nd generation wrestler.

Scott: Estranged from his parents though.

Mike: Even so, I'm sure he learnt some things from them growing up. Before he took the path of Alchemy.

Scott: You'd hope so. Otherwise why enter the industry?

Pushing himself back to his feet, Tyler calmly glances downward befot grapping both of Ryan's legs; dropping down to send him catapulting towards the turnbuckles in the top right hand corner of the squared circle. Though due to the distance - Ryan lands face and chest first atop the mat. The pain rushing through him, as thoughts start to race through his mind. Primarily about whether or not he *underestimated* his foe.

His face contorting slightly, he attempts to make his way towards the ropes - only to feel a jolt of pain rush through the right hand side of his body, courtesy of a sharp kick to his ribs from Tyler. Followed by The Alchemist simply smirking down at him.

Mike: Tyler starting to wrest control of this bout now.

A stomp to the small of the back follows, as a small groan leaves the lips of the man who claims to be bringing back 'pure' wrestling, as he once again reaches for the ropes.

Or at the very least, a means to rise back to a vertical base. Yet Tyler simply drops a knee to the same spot, in order to put a halt to any thoughts Ryan may have had of rising. At least for the interim. Scanning around at the crowd, Tyler gently shakes his head in disappointment.

Mike: Tyler not letting Ryan have breathing room here.

Scott: Nor can he afford to. He needs to figure out how to ensure this match reaches his pace soon enough. Otherwise Ryan *will* find a window back into this.

He was expecting McCann to at least offer *some* sort of challenge. Especially after the words he spouted abput Tyler not being 'pure' enough for his tastes; how he was gonna vanquish him for good here tonight.

In the meantime, Tyler grasps Ryan's left wrist; hoists him up before whipping him into the ropes. Smiling as Ryan runs towards the opposite side of the ring before bouncing back as Tyler bends over.

Intending to vault him up and over with a back body drop - only for Ryan to respond with a kick to the sternum once more. Followed by a clothesline once Tyler rises, grimicing due to the pain shooting through his chest.

Scott: Just like that.

Stumbling due to his own pain, Ryan manages to stablise himself enough to land a trio of stomps to Tyler's chest. Wrapped up by a knee stomp right to the sternum as Tyler feels his chest beginning to tighten. His breathing starting to stagger due to Ryan targetting his chest.

Mike: Ryan understands that he can drain Tyler's stamina by targetting the chest. Make it difficult to even get a breath. Knowing it will affect Tyler as the bout wears on.

Scott: Yet he needs to ensure he can stay on Tyler. We've seen Tyler has no qualms about dragging this fight on if it means he can ascertain control.

Mike: Obviously ... What is it you like to say? No shit, Sherlock.

Scott: *glares across at Mike* That's my line.

It's Ryan's turn now to shoot his opponent a smile, whispering "you get it now?" as Tyler stares upwards, before being lifted back to a vertical base by Ryan; dropped down to the mat by a vicious belly-to-belly suplex. The mat slightly shaking upon Tyler's impact.

Yet Ryan himself finds it a little bit difficult to rise. The impact of Tyler's assault still being worn upon his body - in turn giving the writhe in pai Alchemist the opportunity to recover somewhat; rise back upward unopposed. Or at least, that's what Tyler may have been hoping for, but is cut off by Ryan immedately sending him back to the mat with a dropkick to the chest once he does stand up.

Mike: McCann with one of the most beautiful dropkicks I've ever seen.

Scott: What did you expect? He's not known as one of the best technical wrestlers for no reason.

Ryan then vaults back upwards, lifting Tyler up and nailing him with a jumping knee strike before Debonair could even regain any bearings, spinning him right into a thunderous neckbreaker.

Ryan then manuvers his way into a covering position.

Mike: Ryan looking to try and wrap this up here.



Scott: Or not. Way too early, as much as Ryan might think otherwise.

At 1 and a 1/2, Tyler is able to raise his right should a quarter inch off the mat. Unconvincing, but enough for the referee to see; wave off the pin attempt. Much to the chagrin of McCann, who simply stares daggers through the ref.

Knowing that Tyler is still reeling from his assault; as such will be a little slower to rise back up. As well as a little more wary when it comes to actually engaging with McCann, now that he understands a taste of what he is capable of.

Smirking, he does an 'cut the camera' style of taunt towards the fans, who have been mostly tempered in their reactions to this point, but commence drowing the arena in boos. Ryan then points down to (what he assumes) is a down downed Tyler and shouting "Is this your hero?".

Mike: Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Ryan.

Scott: You know, I actually agree. One of the few negatives about Ryan is his arrogance.

Mike: *Looking as Tyler works his way up* Behind you, Ryan. Debonair is back up.

Scott: He can't hear you. Nor is he even looking this way.

Mike: *sighs deeply*

Unbeknownst to him, however, Tyler has made his way back to a vertical base; is positioned right behind Ryan. Something he finds out when he turns around - right into a back spinning heel kick by The Alchemist, to the delight of the crowd.

Tyler then grits his teeth, attempting to blank out the pain racing through him as he delivers a leg drop to his now downed foe, looking towards the turnbuckles as he does. He knows sooner rather than later, he is likely gonna have to pick up the pace of the match if he wishes to have any chance of winning.

Mike: Tyler thinking high risk district. He knows that it's potentially his means to making sure he can position himself to put Ryan away.

Scott: More like he *hopes* that'll be the case.

That this style, this pace is *exactly* how Ryan wanted it to be. Yet now isn't the time for that. He knows that, especially as Ryan begins to slowly rise - an attempt thwarted by Tyler nailing a shoot-style kick to the exposed sternum of his foe. Forcing him to drop face-first back atop the mat, then following up with a leg drop to the back of McCann. Ryan flops like a fish outta water upon impact.

Scott: Nice leg drop there by Tyler.

Mike: Agreed, and this match continues to be a pendulum.

Tyler isn't done here though. Not at all. In fact, he picks Ryan up; irish whips him into the turnbuckles on the bottom left hand side of the ring, pivoting his hips to ensure Ryan does indeed head in that direction. Then leveling him with a clothesline to the back of the head once he reaches the turnbuckles.

Mike: Ryan looks a little disoriented now. I think he might have begun to realise that he is getting *more* than he asked for.

Scott: Look at you, finally being smart.

Mike: *confused* What?

Scott: I was *praising* you, Mike.

Mike: I know you, Scott. That seemed more like a sneaky jab. I'll let it slide though, for now.

The impact enough to cause his head to whip forward than backwards as he hits the mat. Tyler then rushes towards the ropes; jumping atop the middle one before flying off with a Springboard moonsault/pin combination.

Mike: Tyler finally picking up the pace.

Scott: Obviously he is. I will say, that was a beautiful moonsault.

Mike: That it was.




At a count of around 2 and one-quarter, Ryan is able to push his body up enough to force Tyler off him, but not enough to give himself any momentum so as to rise to a vertical base.

Mike: Close but no cigar there for Tyler.

Scott: Pfft, wasn't *that* close.

Mike: I mean, it was pretty damn close. Ryan barely managed to get his shoulder up there.

Scott: Or, maybe, Mike - he wants us to *think* he was barely able to kick out. Lure Tyler into thinking it was closer than it really was. McCann's an intelligent guy.

The pain is still pulsating throughout his body and preventing him for doing so. Much as it is to Tyler, albeit to a lesser extent than McCann.

Mike: It's plausible, but don't you think he would have risen if that were the case? Or is this him playing possum?

The referee, who to this point hasn't had to do too much outside of counting the pinfall attempts, checks on both men. Making sure that they are still able to compete. To continue this joust as the crowd begin to amp up their support for the Alchemist. Their desire for him to overcome McCann and show him that wrestling *needs* people like him in order to thrive.

Smiling, Tyler works his way to a vertical base, much like Ryan - and is able to obtain a waist lock. As if he wants to connect with a belly-to-belly of his own. Though that desire is cut off by a monogolian chop by Ryan, causing the face painted superstar to stagger backwards; enabling Ryan to connect with a spinning backfist to send him back down to the mat.

Scott: That answer you, Mike?

Mike: *shakes his head slightly*

Scott: *arrogantly* I thought so.

McCann manages to prevent himself from falling and grasps the left leg of his foe, turning him around and into a Single leg boston crab submission.

Mike: Ryan showcasing his submission expertise here with this single leg crab. He knows even if he doesn't get a tap out, the damage to Tyler's leg will wear him down. Make it harder for him to put any power behind his strikes.

Pain etched upon his face, Tyler attempts to slowly but surely inch his way towards the ropes. Even as Ryan torques back; continues wrenching in the hold.

Scott: Grit your teeth son. Show us why you're as tough as you claim.

Mike: I think he's shown that enough already.

Scott: Nobody asked you, Mike.

Kneeling down, the ref asks Tyler if he wishes to give up; recieves a snarled "no" in response as Tyler manages to push himself up and desperately cling onto the nearest bottom rope.

Mike: Great ring awareness there, to know where the ropes are; what is needed to reach them.





At the ref's count of 3 and a half, Ryan decides to oblige with the request to relinquish the hold. Grinning as he does so, before clutching his sternum. The assault Tyler has been dishing out well and truly taking its toll on him. Even if he doesn't wish for Tyler to see it. Or the fans in attendance, for that matter.

Scott: Ryan surveying the damage. Figuring out how best to continue his attack. How exactly he wishes to put Tyler away.

Mike: Yet he's also giving Tyler time to recover. Don't you always speak about how people should keep their foot on the throat of their opponents at all times?

Scott: Yes. But you also need to make sure you do it in a manner that shuts off any chance of your opponent re-attaining momentum. Slamming the door shut on them.

Looking over at the rising Debonair, Ryan contemplates clotheslining him over the top; to the outside, but he's prevented from doing so by a dropkick to his chest by Debonair.

Mike: I --- don't think Ryan took your advice.

Scott: *sharply* He hesistated and it bit him. He knows it too.

Slowly pushing himself up, Tyler grabs the left leg of his foe; delivers a knee drop to the inside of his thigh, causing a grunt to leave his mouth as Tyler leaps into the air. Landing this time with a leg drop atop the stomach/chest area of McCann.

Rising, Tyler mantains his hold on McCann's leg, before hooking it under his armpit; landing a DDT and causing a jarring sensation to run though his foes body. Though his own leg begins to pulsate as he attempts to rise - the impact of the Single leg crab beginning to truly set in.

Mike: Tyler honing in on the legs of McCann here. Hoping to soften him up for his Satori finisher.

Scott: Kid has brains. And grit. You know, I'm starting to really like Tyler.

Pushing himself up, Tyler manages to rise as his foe is still supine atop the mat, giving himself enough time to manuver towards the turnbuckle. Well, limp towards the turnbuckle before cautiously scaling said turnbuckle and leaping off with a senton.

Mike: Tyler looking to take to the skies here. Finally beginning to up the pace.

Only for McCann to raise his knees at the last possible moment; cause Debonair to crash right into them. A slightly yelp of agony leaving his lips as he does.

Scott: ... And he crashes and burns.

Yet Ryan cannot make the most of his counter, as The Alchemist is able to simply use his knees as leverige; a means to rise as he softly clutches his back.

Mike: Ryan doesn't seem to be able to make the most of the ajar window though.

Scott: *simply remains silent*.

All the while the technically oriented wrestler is only able to gently place his hands atop the mat; attempt to attain a seated position - only to be dropped with a standing shining wizard by Debonair. Who then drops down into a pin.

Mike: Could this be it?




Mike: It's over. Debonair has ---

Scott: *interjecting* No. No he hasn't. Look at Ryan's shoulder. Spoke too soon like always.

Mike: *stares at Scott*

At what can only be described as a count of 2 and 9/10th, McCann is able to lift his left shoulder off the mat.

Mike: McCann is a tough son of a b*tch. Even if you don't like him, you have to admit that much.

Scott: Ryan's tougher than a two-dollar steak. Man knows just what's on the line for him; wants to prove that he is more than just words.

Mike: *Glancing across at Tyler* And it appears Tyler realises this too. He knows that Ryan isn't just gonna roll over for him.

Scott: Nor should he. You don't just become a pansy in that ring. Tyler should want to *earn* this win.

Pain searing through him as he does. Rolling off his foe, Tyler rises upwards, grabbing Ryan's left wrist as he does. Inadvertedly enabling Ryan to whip him chest-first into the turnbuckles. Winding him as he falls back atop the mat.

Scott: Nice awareness there by Ryan. Tyler was too lax with the wrist clutch; left himself wide open to the simple yet effective whip.

Mike: *nodding*

Both men barely able to sit up - let alone stand at this juncture. Inhaling and exhaling, the 2 attempt to regain their bearings - both knowing this match is another step towards making their names. Their identities known within the fabric of IIW. Their means to showcase to the fans what they are all about.

This time, it's Ryan who is able to rise up first. Allowing him to grab both of Tyler's wrists - raising his boot; striking him with a move not too dissimilar to an inverted curb stomp. The impact of which is essentially enough to cause a concussion.

Mike: I felt that stomp from here. Yikes.

Scott: Vicious by Ryan, but hey - he didn't get to where he is without this nasty streak. Especially when you wanna prove your pure ways are what wrestling need.

Mike: You can say that again.

Scott: I don't like repeating myself. Especially if you're too lazy to pay attention.

Mike: *sighs* It's a figure of speech, Scott ... I thought you'd know that.

Scott: *sarcastically* I know. I was being facetious.

McCann however, maintains control of the wrists before hoisting The Alchemist up; dropping him down with a spinebuster. Falling forward into a pinfall with his arm draped across Tyler.

Mike: Apologies for my partner and his snobbiness, but McCann with a sickening Spinebuster.

Scott: The finest spinebuster I've seen in a long time.

Mike: You know ... I actually agree with you there.




Mike: Is it over ---

At a count of 2 and a half, Debonair is able to raise his right shoulder, pushing McCann off him.

Mike: --- No, Debonair manages to kick out.

Scott: Tyler trying to prove he's just as much a gladiator as Ryan is.

Mike: I think he may have already proven that. Dude doesn't know how to say quit.

Scott: As admirable as it might appear, you do need a sense of self-preservation to survive in this industry. Live to fight another day.

Or more like forcing McCann to shoot another glance at the ref, who simply responds by raising 2 fingers in the air. A cheer of relief rising among the fans at this point.

Mike: Ryan letting his frustration get the best of him here. He needs to turn his focus back to Tyler.

Scott: Ryan, I like you, but you should've expected this. Tyler isn't Lucifer or TLS. He actually is willing to fight back.

Slowly rising, Tyler allows himself a look out to the fans, before pivoting around and looking down at the battered and bruised McCann.

Knowing that he can slowly feel a way back into this bout. A way to arrest the momentum Ryan has started to attain. Bending over, Tyler slides his body under McCann's body, before rising up; dropping McCann over his body with a release Northern Lights Suplex. A short burst of searing pain preventing the bridge from Debonair.

Rolling about two inches to the right, Tyler manages to push himself up before taunting out to the fans. Indicating that the end is nigh - or at least, he intends for that to be the case. Leaping into the air, Debonair lands atop McCann's right leg. Causing him to scream out in agony before grabbing both legs and locking in his "Satori" manuver, turning McCann onto his stomach.


Scratching and clawing, McCann attempts to escape but as he attempts to crawl - Tyler simply leans back. Increasing the torque and pressure on his lower back and legs.

Scott: Executed to perfection too. Ryan has to dig deep if he wants to escape this.

Kneeling over, The ref attempts to check if Ryan wishes to submit, only for the purist to try and obtain a grasp of his shirt. Hoping that it'll act as a means to escape the hold. Yet it doesn't work and after 37 seconds within the hold --- Ryan is left with no choice but to submit.

Mike: Ryan taps. The Alchemist has done it. He's taken the win on debut.

Scott: I'll tip my cap --- Tyler proved that he *can* wrestle the traditional style just as proficently as Ryan. Just as he said he would.


Melanie: Here is your winner --- TYLER DEBONAIR.

The Scene shows up and Netflix Representative Connor Briggs is leaving Bob Mitchell’s office, he turns around and shakes his hand

Connor Briggs: Mr Bob, don’t you worry sir, I’m glad you listened to everything I had to say, I’ve spoken to Osh Vaughan and he will be staying out of your business

Bob Mitchell: I should hope so, it’s finally about time we saw some real businessmen around here

Connor Briggs: Any more issues, come to me Mr. Bob, I’ll happily sort a few things out and pull some strings, we at Netflix are more than happy to have your clients The Commander and Blade Alexander here in the business, as a result I’ve issued my power to include your two clients in the IIW Tag Team Tournament, they will be facing Anthony Phoenix and Dan Distoner in the first round at Mayhem! Now can we consider this lawsuit done with?

Bob Mitchell: Thankyou Conor, yes consider it all sorted

Key 2 Success
Scotty Adams vs Blake Alexander vs Jesse James vs Hale Cassidy vs Russell Wayne vs Stoner
vs vs vs vs vs

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Melanie Jackson – Coming to the ring first, Fighting in the Key 2 Success Ladder match…SCOTTY ADAMS

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

[Blake Alexander Entrance]

Field of Diamonds Johnny Cash begins to play as the crowd start to pop as Jesse James makes his way down to the ring through the crowd, the camera pans round until it spots him in the crowd…He continues down through the crowd eventually hopping over ringside and into the ring


The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out to a pop from the crowd. He walks down the ramp ignoring his fans as his focus lies solely on his opponent. He climbs up the ring steps, not taking his eyes off of his opponent. He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his arms in the air, the crowd cheering in response.


ll of the lights, including house lights, fade off. The sharp tones of a forest flute ring through the arena as red lights flash to the beat of the song. As the vocals hit the words Hale Cassidy fade onto the screen in textured white lettering. Slowly, a cloud of fog forms around the top of the ramp. Penetrating through the fog, Kayby Hale Cassidy walks backward onto the stage being led by Taylor-Made Ms. Arden Taylor.

Melanie Jackson: "[Introducing first, / And his/her/they're opponent], from the Centre of the Damn Universe in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 90 kilograms. Accompanied to the ring by Taylor-Made, Ms. Arden Taylor; he is the Better Than You-ligan, Kayby Hale Cassidy!

As Melanie announces them, Taylor leans in toward Cassidy's face and kisses him on the cheek. Immediately, he whips around, seemingly energized by the young lady's kiss. Cheating to the camera, Cassidy brushes off his abs and fixes his hair as he walks down the ramp. When they make it to the ringside, Taylor-Made Ms. Arden Taylor turns left toward the stairs while Kayby Hale Cassidy pulls himself onto the apron. He brushes off his feet before walking to the right ring post. He pirouette around the post and grabs the ropes. The bridge of the song hits with Kayby Hale Cassidy climbing the opposite turnbuckle to the beat. He hops into the ring and slav squats in the corner with his manager beside him.

The lights dim as copious amounts of fog begin to billow from the entrance area. As the music picks up Stoner emerges from the fog, smile a mile wide. He makes his way down the ramp and claps hands with anyone who wants one before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope. He takes a final drag from the small object in his hand before tossing it out into the crowd and turning to prepare for his opponent.

Melanie Jackson – Making his way to the ring… IIW Legend … STONER!

The match starts and Russell Wayne and Scotty Adams look at each other and then run across both taking out Jesse James and Blade Alexander with clotheslines. Russell Wayne looks round and slides out to pick up the first chair of the night, he slides back into the ring with it and stares down Jesse James below him and goes to slam the chair down at his head but Jesse rolls out of the way as Wayne feels the whiplash on his wrist and drops the chair.

Hale Cassidy is strutting round the ring keeping out of the action laughing as the other wrestlers get involved, he turns around and see’s Stoner who was just chilling sat in the side of the ring apron, he slides off and grabs Hale Cassidy and delivers THE ROACH CLIP

Mike Fisher – It’s been a long time since we saw that move!

Scott James – That Vertebreaker combo move, Stoner delivers it with such a laidback style

Meanwhile Scotty Adams keeps hitting blows off on Blade Alexander as he whips Blade Alexander into turnbuckle he glances up as the titles above before dropkicking Blade Alexander off his feet to a sat down position at the turnbuckle. He takes a few steps back and baseball slides into Blade Alexander hitting him down low as Blade Alexander crumples up.

Wayne picks up Jesse James and goes to try and lift him up for a vertical suplex but Jesse blocks it and goes to bounce off the ropes and back but Wayne just ducks down and lifts Jesse up and high over his back over the top rope and through one of the tables on the outside

Mike Fisher – Oh Dear God!

Scott James – Now that is what IIW is all about

The fans start up a small holy shit chant as Russell Wayne looks on impressed with what just happened, he turns around to see Scotty Adams beating away at Blade Alexander, he pauses for a second playing up to the crowd before grabbing Scotty Adams by the head and dropping him with a DDT, he picks up the chair once more and begins to jab it into Scotty Adams’s knee joints which are greeted by screams of pain as he does it. Blade Alexander now gets up behind Russell Wayne and pulls him back and drops him with a quick faceplant as he slides out of the ring and picks up one of the smaller ladders sliding it into the ring.

He picks up Scotty Adams and delivers a swinging neck breaker before setting up the ladder in the corner of the ring

Scott James – Hey he isn’t going to win nothing with the ladder over there

On the outside Jesse James is recovering from the table plant, he stumbles to his feet and locks eyes on Hale Cassidy whose sat down against the barrier not looking too pleased with himself. James takes a stumbling run and punts Hale Cassidy across the face as he slumps down to the ground again.

Blade Alexander picks up Russell Wayne and whips him into the steel ladder into the steel ladder following it up with a shoulder barge forcing Wayne’s face into the steel. Blade Alexander goes to pick up the chair that is on the floor in the middle of the ring and walks back over to Russell Wayne who is still staring it square on, he goes to swing the chair at Wayne but is stopped as Scotty Adams manages to grab the chair stopping Blade Alexander from smashing it into Wayne’s face

Mike Fisher – Wayne’s night was almost over then.

Scotty Adams manages to wrestle the chair from Blade Alexander and quickly flings it back into his face as he bounces back off the ropes and hits a spear on Blade Alexander causing him to drop the chair. He slides in two tables as he looks at Jesse James who is slowly making his way to his feet, Adams kicks Jesse in the midsection setting him up and nails [Scotty Finisher]. Scotty Adams then slides Jesse into the ring. He slides back into the ring and sets up one of the tables, as he goes to set up another of the tables Wayne gets in from behind and throws Scotty into the turnbuckle before lifting him up and placing him on one of the tables. Wayne looks across as Jesse on the other table and then rolls Adams off. He then picks up the table and places it ontop of Jesse. He picks up Adams and places him on top of the table on top of Jesse on top of the table. He takes in a breath and goes to climb up the ladder in the corner. He stands on top and looks down. He signals to the crowd and then drops a HUGE LEG DROP onto Adams as all the tables crumple down going through Adams and Jesse.

Mike Fisher – OH MY GOD!!!

Scott James – I’m going to throw this one out there and say I’m glad that wasn’t me where Jesse was.

The fans are going nuts as the 3 men are laid out on the floor and Blade Alexander looks at the carnage with a sickening grin on his face, he slides out side and goes to the biggest ladder he slides it back into the ring and looks to set it up in the middle of the ring but there is too much carnage in the way

Scott James – he’s going to need a bulldozer to get rid of the pile of superstars in the middle of that ring!

Blade Alexander shakes his head before picking up Russell Wayne and throwing him out the way, he then picks up Scotty Adams and tosses him over the top rope before doing the same to Jesse James. He kicks away most of the wood as he tries to set up the ladder and begins to climb it. He gets about half way up as Wayne stands up and starts to try and rock the ladder trying to throw Blade Alexander off, Blade Alexander swings a kick out at Wayne catching him as Blade Alexander continues to climb the ladder, he stands at the top trying to grab the title but Wayne runs back at the ladder shoulder charging it which knocks it over sending Blade Alexander crashing to the outside.

Mike Fisher – Russell Wayne has a chance now he’s all alone!

At that moment a weary looking Hale Cassidy slides into the ring with a chair in hand

Scott James – How the hell is this man still standing?

Hale Cassidy wearily swings the chair but Russell ducks under it and boots Hale in the midsection, who drops the chair, it’s picked up by Russell Wayne who sets it up, he hooks Hale Cassidy and lifts him up into the air…..THE LAST RESORT!!!!! ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR which crumples under the pressure

Scott James pulls out his phone and begins dialling

Mike Fisher – Scott what are you doing?

Scott James – Ringing the cops, there has been a murder!

Russell looks down at Hale on the mat taking in a second to realise what he’s actually done, he looks up at the Keys and begins to focus again.

Stoner and Scotty slide back in from one side of the ring each as they pounce on Russell hitting a version of the Hi/Lo, knocking him to the ground while simultaneously taking out his legs, Stoner picks up the ladder and drops it onto Russell Wayne, Scotty looks at Stoner and motions to the top rope… Stoner jumps onto the turnbuckle

Scott James – I think we’re seeing something ingenious here from Scotty Adams….

Stoner leaps off the turnbuckle SWANTON BOMB onto the Ladder that is on top of Russell Wayne!!!! Stoner immediately rolls around in agony clutching his back while Wayne remains lifeless

Scotty Adams grabs Stoner and throws him over the top rope, he lifts the ladder up off Russell and begins stomping away at him

Scott James – GENIUS! I Told you!

Jesse James is show fighting on the outside with Blade Alexander, they duck out the way as Stoner comes flying out from over the top rope as Jesse starts to deliver vicious blows to Blade’s face beating him down, he takes a second and sets up for the superkick..BLADE DUCKS IT, hooks his arms around Jesse’s shoulders and T-BONE SUPLEX’s Jesse into the barrier which collapses around them. Blade springs back up keen to keep up his momentum sliding into the ring and coming face to face with Scotty Adams

Mike Fisher– This is the stand off we’ve been looking for

They continue to stare as they both look up at the keys above them, Scotty takes that moment to kick Blade in the gut and sets him up for Hollow Point, but Blade slips out of it, he picks him up ORIGINAL SIN!!!!

Mike Fisher – SCOTTY IS OUT!

Blade Alexander looks round he is the only man in the ring, he sets up the ladder, but as he begins to climb it….

Two hooded men rush the ring pushing the ladder over, they grab Blade Alexander, the bigger man picks him up as he lifts them up and delivers a Powerbomb into a Codebreaker as the other man jams his knees into Blade’s back as he writhes about in pain in the middle of the ring

Mike Fisher – OH MY GOD!

The larger man orders the other guy to get a chair from the outside, as he slides it in Russell Wayne has made his way back to his feet, he wearily slides into the ring watching what’s going on, he squares up to the masked men, there is a push too and fro. They swing a chair at Russell who catches it, he threatens the two men who back off a little

Scott James – Russell Wayne having to spoil all the fun!

Russell looks at the chair then drives it straight onto Blade Alexander with his elbow, he picks up Blade and throws him to the masked men, together they deliver a vicious TRIPLE POWERBOMB onto the chair as they gesture to each other


Commander comes running down the ring, he comes out swinging lefts and rights taking on all 3 men at the same time, slowly though the numbers take over as they pummel Commander down to the ground.

Commander gets a second wind as he scratches and pulls at anything he can get his hands on…HE PULLS OFF ONE OF THE MASKS!

Mike Fisher- ITS JAY VAUGHAN!!!!!!

Scott James – I Told you!!!

Mike Fisher – When?

Scott James – Earlier, you were not listening!

Mike Fisher – But who is the other one?

Scott James – My guess is Jonny C, you can see the blonde hair!

Jay and the other masked man guard the ladder as Russell Wayne makes his way up to the top, he looks at the two keys dangling, he picks the one on the left as he unhooks it and makes his way back down.

He celebrates and gets a few more kicks into Blade Alexander as he, Jay and the 3rd man leave the ring.

Melanie Jackson – The winner of the First Key 2 Success Key…. RUSSELL WAYNE!

The masked man rips off his mask to reveal Zack Steele!

Mike Fisher: MARK STEELES SON!!!! I saw that he had signed with IIW!!!!!
The 3 Men make their way to the back as the other 5 men now have to regroup and look for that last key

Stoner is the first man back into the ring as he looks around at all the mayhem around, Scotty Adams comes flying into the ring jumping a flying shoulder block at Stoner knocking him off the ground, Jesse James is quick behind again though SUPERKICK…He knocks Scotty off the ground, Stoner is back up with a chair and he swings cracking it over the back of Jesse James as he falls to the floor

Jesse tries to take this opportunity to set up the ladder again in the middle of the ring but Scotty is back up , Scotty tries to throw Jesse into the ladder but Jesse blocks it and tries the same with Scotty, who dodges and slips underneath

Mike Fisher: Well, that’s bad luck!

Scotty smirks to himself happy with what he’s achieved and gets clothelined by Stoner for his troubles, Stoner grabs him hooks his arms and Suplexes him over his shoulders, he holds on to Scotty regaining his composure to stand up holding Scotty, he goes to do it again but Jesse SUPERKICKS STONER! Sending him over the top rope.

With all the men down Jesse now begins to climb the ladder, the key is insight for him now

Scott James: Just 3 more steps!

Scotty Adams jumps to his feet and springs up the ladder to catch up with Jesse James, the two of them begin exchanging blows, the crowd cheer and boo as they continue to exchange

Scott James: This is gonna be it who has the resilience here to hold on?

Big right from Scotty

Big Left from Jesse

Big right from Scotty

Jesse begins to wobble, Scotty leans in..HEADBUTT!!! Jesse goes crashing down towards the ground!

Scotty looks up, his path is clear….he strolls to the top of the ladder and pulls down the 2nd key!!!!

He jumps off the ladder holding the key as he celebrates and his music begins to play

Melissa: Your winner of the 2nd Key To Success….SCOTTY ADAMS!

Grudge Match
Chino vs Dan Distoner vs Jason Myers
vs vs
Scott: You ready for this one Mike? The in ring returns of not only "The Bitter One" Jason Myers but also The Extreme Icon, our very own GM and commish, CHINO!

MF: Every fan is on the edge of their seats, Dan Distoner may have bitten off more than he can chew with his Legends title on the line in a no DQ falls count anywhere match!

Scott: Yeah, lets get that bad boy started!

*Melanie Jackson is in the ring ready to introduce the first participant as the music begins she begins to speak

Introducing first weighing 249lbs, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

As The Frayed Ends Of Sanity by Metallica fills the arena from the PA system, ''The Bitter One'' Jason Myers walks out to a blackened out arena. As he approaches the middle of the ramp, he stretches out his arms as the lights begin to turn on. He then runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms, making the sign of the devil with his hands.


*The fans pop loudly for the returning Myers as its near record level response for the return. The arena once again goes dark as the intro to Indestructible by Disturbed is beginning, Melanie Jackson back in the ring with Myers gets ready to introduce Chino.

MJ: Introducing next, From Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 280lbs, he is The Extreme Icon, CHINO!!!!

As the smoke fills and Chino steps out with his barbwired kendo in hand he throws his fist into the air as the crowd gives a mixed reaction of loud cheers and boos for the return. Suddenly without warning a chair can be seen striking Chino in the back, Myers is in the ring looking confused as another chair can be seen striking Chino sending him to a kneeling position. Out comes Dan DiStoner who grabs Chino's kendostick, He cracks Chino in the forehead multiple times busting his open as Myers begins to make his way out of the ring.

Dan DiStoner sneaking up and taking advantage, Typical!

Either you love it because you admire it, or you hate it because you didn't think of it first, give DiStoner credit where credits due, can't hate him for being the opportunist.

*Myers starts to make his way up the rampway as DiStoner continues his assualt on Chino, he levels him in the back with forearm shots as Myers inches closer. Dan can be heard shouting

"Fuck this guy, lets end him!"

*Myers shrugs and doesn't really put up much arguing as the two men grab Chino and launch him off the entrance ramp through a table below as the fans let out a "Holy shit" Chant to start the match as the bell officially rings.*

And NOW its official!

*DiStoner and Myers begin to trade lefts and rights at the top of the entrance as Myers gets the upper hand with a knee to the gut of DiStoner, he quickly follows it up with a running bulldog taking Dan down at the entrance way, Chino lays motionless in the wreckage below as IIW officials attempt to clear him out, Myers gets up and grabs Dan by the neck and begins to walk towards the backstage area!*

This match never even made it to the ring! What a shame!

*Myers and DiStoner find themselves backstage behind the curtain with Myers slamming Dan's head on nearby storage containers, Myers stops at a catering table and takes a quick drink, he goes to slam the pitcher over Dan's head but Dan quickly dodges and nails Myers with a shot to his nuts, we can hear the crowd let out a captive groan as Myers falls to the ground, Dan looks at the available items at the table, he grabs a apple pie, sticks his hand in it and takes a mouthful. "Delicious, like Stacy Robinson I bet!" Dan then proceeds to smash the pie into Myers face as pieces fly all over. Dan grabs Myers and body slams him through the table and the remaining bakery items fly all over. Dan gets up and slips on a Danish but somehow recovers and lands a perfect elbow to the sternum of Myers.*

Two men through tables! This match is starting to pickup!

Dan grabs Myers and executes a classic suplex onto the cold hard cement, Dan rolls over for a lazy pinfall throwing his hands in the air to count along but there is no ref to be found. Dan looks around in disbelief as the fans count 1....2.....and Myers kicks out much to the displeasure of DiStoner. A referee finally appears as Dan shakes his head in disgust. Dan grabs Jason and the trio are seen navigating the backstage area hitting numerous vending machines along the way, Dan and Jason trading off shots with even a random soda coming out of a machine. Chino is seen getting to his feet as the IIW medical team advise him not to continue, Chino brushes them aisde as we see DiStoner and Myers now fighting their way back towards ringside. At the top of the ramp Myers and DiStoner trade right hands once again before Dan steps on Myers foot and nails him with a reverse ddt. DiStoner gets up and poses for the fans who boo him.

Chino climbs the rampway and spear tackles DiStoner and begins to unload with mounted punches, as Chino is landing blows to the body of DiStoner a vicious boot comes flying in to the side of Chino's head. Jason Myers regains his balance after nearly taking Chino's head off. Myers walks to the curtain and comes back out with a trashcan, Myers hits Chino then DiStoner, then Chino then again with DiStoner, the trashcan is now unrecognizable and mangled. As DiStoner and Chino lie in a heap Myers stands over top of them with the remains of the garbage can in hand, As Myers grabs Chino's neck Chino sweeps Myers off of his feet and takes him down, Chino manages to get up before Myers and is almost met with a clothesline from DiStoner but he ducks last second, Dan ends up nailing a recovering Myers who gets taken down once more.

Fisher: These men, hate each other, I'll be surprised to say I expected more violence, more blood!

Chino went through a table before the bell rang!

Chino superkicks Dan in the face causing him to stumble by the ledge of the rampway, teetering above a table not 20 feet below them. Chino goes to once again superkick DiStoner but Dan blocks it, he hops around with Chino positioning his back to the ledge, Dan smirks and kicks Chino in the nuts, Chino almost instantly falls to his knees, Dan grabs Chino and shouts out "Round two!" Dan lifts Chino up and sends him crashing down below through another table! DiStoner looks down at Chino broken in half as he turns around hes met by yet another superkick this time from Jason Myers! This kick sends Dan backwards as Myers looks at the fallen Chino he notices yet another table beside him, Myers gets a sinister look on his face and then clears his hair from his face. He looks at Dan and punches the ground, he charges, spearing DiStoner and sending both men crashing through the table below!

My god! We got three dead men! They're dead!

Scott: Happy?!

Chino is the first man to start moving at Dan and Jason finally show signs of life. Chino clears the broken table from his way and begins to stumble towards the ring, Jason gets up before Dan and gives chase after Chino, both men enter the ring an Chino charges at Myers but gets taken down with a stiff dropkick unexpectedly. Dan is now to his feet and heading to the ring as Jason plants Chino with a sick spinning DDT. Myers points to the top rope, and shouts out "No Remorse"

Is he gonna hit Chino with his finisher!? From the top!?!

Myers grabs Chino and attempts to position him in the corner, He gives Chino a few chops to the chest and then attempts to lift him onto the top turnbuckle. Chino fights it off and as the two men almost straddle the ropes. Chino grabs Myers and out of pure desperation launches Myers with a insane belly to belly overhead suplex off the top rope and crashing through a table nearby ringside. The fans let out an incredible "holy shit chant as Chino looks on at a broken Myers. Suddenly as Chino hops down from the top rope he is met in the ring by two men at first their faces can't be seen but the men unload on Chino, after a brief moment its non other than Anthony Phoenix and Kevin Deen! The begin to attack Chino as Dan DiStoner begins to run down to the ring area.

DiStoner for the save!?

Dan slides into the ring and quickly mauls Chino putting a quick end to any speculation. Chino does his best to fight back but is easily out matched, Jason is back to his feet and slides in with a chair! He nails Deen and swings at Phoenix but gets taken down by DiStoner and a chop block! The crowd erupts as Scotty Adams comes rushing down the isle attempting to make a save but the numbers game quickly catches up to Scotty as Dan lands a CashOut on Adams planting him in the middle of the ring face first into a chair. Myers, Chino and Adams are all laid out as DiStoner points at Chino, "One FUCKIN MORE!" Dan yells as Deen and Phoenix grab Chino and set him up for a powerbomb, Dan stops them and points to the top rope. Dan climbs the ropes and then yells to pass Chino. He then with help from Phoenix and Deane send Chino crashing through one final table as the ref looks on in horror. Dan spits on Chino's chest and puts a boot on his face as the ref counts




The scene shows up and Connor Briggs getting into his Netflix sponsored limo as he is looking to make an exit from the IIW Arena, there is a knock at the window

He winds down the window at there is Bob Mitchell

Connor Briggs: Mr Bob….

Bob Mitchell: Connor, Did you see what just happened? What is this crap? You promised me this would be sorted, then this happens!!!! THIS WILL NOT DO, I am re-issuing my suit, I expect damages covered for the destruction of my office on multiple occasions, the theft of property, and the psychological damages as well as financial implications this has had for me.

I expect a resolution, I demand remuneration! Be it in the form of Money or IIW Shares, I demand you take this seriously!

Connor Briggs: Let me make some calls Bob, just stay out of Osh’s way for now…..

Connor winds the window up as he leaves the arena

TV title
Anthony Phoenix vs Benz

Is this the tale of redemption? Or the crushing blow of reality? Benz has literally gone from rags to riches since he wont he TV Title, winning back his champagne lifestyle manager , but at what cost has it come? He has turned his back seemingly on his friends Stabby Joe and Pc McGhee, then on the flipslide Anthony Phoenix got screwed out of his chance of winning the TV Title and has fought tooth and nail to get back a chance to claim what he rightfully or wrongly thinks is his

Melanie Jackson: The following content is for the Television Title…

First the challenger…

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

"Step Up" - Drowning Pool rocks the arena as Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped-up jogging jacket and navy-blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

Melanie Jackson: Making his way to the ring... weighting in at 212 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada… this is the KING of Controversy Anthony Phooooooenix

The speakers come alive with the baseline of Puff Daddy’s “It’s all about the Benjamin’s”.

Money falls from the rafters as Benz dances onto the stage. He is looking clean and fresh with a sparkly robe. He pauses to open the robe, revealing his IIW TV title. He soaks in the moment closing his eyes as he raises his hands up high.

Melanie Jackson: Making his way to the ring... weighing in at 220 lbs, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, He is the TV champion…. James…. Benz, Benvetiiiii

The pimptastic manager of champions ‘Champagne’ Dwayne Dealins joins Benz in dancing down the ramp as his muscle-headed beach bums Power Trip follow behind flexing and making their pecs dance. CDD orders Trip Adams and Frankie Power to hold the ropes open so he can Benz can enter the ring.

Mike Fisher: The champ looks confident tonight. He’s recovered from his bloody ordeal during the week and looks ready to retain.

Scott James: But is he good enough? We all heard Anthony Phoenix claims that he only lost because of outside interference and that Benz doesn’t stand a chance in a one-on-one match-up.

Mike Fisher: It looks like he’s going to his chance to prove it Power Trip are taking positions either side of the ring watching out for any masked men this time.

Scott James: And the manager of Champions takes a seat at the bottom of the ramp. I’m not sure how much use he would be in a fight but that steel chairs he’s sat on would be a great equaliser.

Ref Harold Bishop takes the TV title belt from Benz, shows it to AP then holds it up high for the fans watching on Netflix, the bell rings and the TV title match is under way.

They start with some old school chain wrestling. Both men go in hard for a collar and elbow neither man can gain an advantage. Benz slips into a hammer lock, but AP quickly escapes with a back elbow and a boot to the gut. He hits the ropes, rebounding back with a spinning wheel kick levelling the current champ. Benz is up in an instant meeting his rising opponent with a high drop kick. It barely registers as Phoenix rolls to all fours to sweep Benz’s leg, he maintains ankle control looking for a cloverleaf but cannot stop Benz scurrying to the ropes.

1-2-3-4- Anthony lets go with a smirk he steps back letting his adversary get to his fit. The incumbent champ looks flustered already while Anthony Phoenix looks supremely confident.

Mike Fisher: The King of Controversy is firmly in control. Is Benz out of his depth here.

Scott James: In my opinion, yes, he is. ‘Champagne’ is ordering him back at it, but he seems hesitant. “Crash Landing” by Phoenix!!! Benz is out.

Mike Fisher: The ref is busy with CDD on the apron he has noticed… but Phoenix isn’t going for the cover. He just arrogantly stepped over Benz to argue with Dwayne Dealins, that could be a mistake.

Scott James: Anthony Phoenix is not the sort to make mistakes. He is too calculating. Look at him goading ‘Champagne’ to hit him, knowing the pimptastic manager is too scared to do it.

School boy by Benz! 1- kickout! Back elbow by AP cuts Benz off momentarily. Phoenix hits the rope, rebounds with a clothesline, Benz ducks crucifix pin 1-2 kickout. Kick to the gut by Benz… a DDT dives Anthony into the ground like a railroad spike. He is deadweight as Benz rolls him over 1-2- another strong kickout. Eager to maintain control Benz grabs a headlock, smooth as silk AP breaks the hold only to take his foe down into a Cross face.

Dwayne slams his hands on the mat urging Benz to breakout or reverse the hold. This time the ropes only a few inches away may as well be miles. AP shifts his weight to stop Benz dragging them both to the encased cables to force a break.

Mike Fisher: Phoenix has let go again, why is he allowing Dwayne to distract him, he’s better than that.

Scott James: He’s not distracted he’s playing with Dwayne, getting in his face. Power Trip come to defend their manager. The King of Controversy calls all three men into the ring, look he’s even holding the ropes open for them.

Anthony’s neck snaps across the top rope as Benz leaps over pulling him down, throat first. As soon as Benz’s feet hit the ringside mats the dives back under the bottom rope.

He hits a roll through dropkick, he is in firm control hitting a dropkick to AP’s knee in an effort to slow him down. Continuing to target the knee Benz laces in some kicks, stomps and dragon screw leg whips. Phoenix fights back with punches but can’t move fast enough to put any of his trademark offense together.

Luckily a desperation Superkick stuns Benz putting him down in a corner. After a shotgun dropkick AP drops Benz with a bulldog then follows up with a standing moonsault that’s gets a long 2 count.

Mike Fisher: What a match Anthony Phoenix was firmly in control, but Benz caught him and hurt him.

Scott James: It will take more than Benz has to stop Phoenix; he wants this too much. That moonsault wasn’t as crisp as usual but you can see he’s getting the feeling back in that leg. Phoenix Splash!!!!!

Mike Fisher: How did Benz kickout???

Scott James: Perhaps he’s tougher than he looks. It wouldn’t be hard.

Benz is sent for a full flip with a high German suplex, this the champ has the sense to rollout to ringside. Undeterred Anthony Phoenix hits an amazing Suicide Corkscrew Plancha taking down Power Trip and Benz in one go. Clutching his back AP tosses Benz back in as he gives CDD the finger. The ref checks on Benz as the KoC gets back in the ring.

Mike Fisher: Huh?!?! What happened Anthony Phoenix is down on the mat. It couldn’t have been Benz he’s on the other side of the ring??? He’s saying Champagne hit him with his chair. I didn’t see anything?

Scott James: That’s because he didn’t do anything. AP is lying. that’s… that’s… brilliant!! Look the referee is ordering the Benz-tourage out of here. They may not like it, but they have to do what the referee says.

Mike Fisher: They could refuse, and Benz would be DQ’ed. He’d keep the title.

Scott James: After what Anthony Phoenix said about his being a paper champ. He doesn’t have a choice. Benz got played before the bell even rang and this is the icing on the cake. The King of Controversy has orchestrated a masterpiece, now watch him with his coup degras when he wins the belt.

Benz urges his team to go to the back, taking his eyes of his opponent. AP attacks like a rabid hyena. A forearm to the back of Benz’s head precedes a vicious barrage of forearms and elbows. Every time Benz drops to the mat, he is dragged up by his hair then beat down again.

Ap hits an over the knee brainbuster getting a near fall from a lazy cover. Anthony smirks as he winds up, Slingblade!!! Then a release fisherman buster. He goes up for the B.F.E. only to be cut off by Benz. The pair jostle on the top rope with AP prevailing sending Benz backwards with a forearm shiver. AP stays on the top rope screaming for Benz to get up.

Mike Fisher: "The Climatic Ending"!!!! This is it 1-2-

Scott James: Why did he let him up? I get it earlier he was setting CDD up and he did it masterfully, but why not go for the pin now?

Mike Fisher: I think he’s going for “Poetic Justice” as he calls it. He likes to beat his opponent with their own moves. Benz won the title with a “Crackhead”, it would only be fitting for the King of Controversy to take it from him with the same move.

Scott James: Benz avoided it… he must know how to avoid his own move. Now he’s fired up.

The angry former bum hits his trademark Bum’s Rush flurry peppering his floundering foe with kicks and jabs backing him into a corner. Not giving Ap a second to rest he launches him out with exploder DDT. He deftly springs to the top rope.

DOWN AND OUT!!! 630 splash!! He hooks the leg!!! 1-2- Phoenix powers out. Desperate to avoid any further damage he crawls away and slips out of the ring clutching his head. The ref leaps out after him to make sure he can continue. Benz stays back like a prize fighter, primed and ready.

Mike Fisher: Who the hell is that? Do you see that masked figure coming down the ramp? Once again masked man comes out during an Antony Phoenix match.

Scott James: Phoenix is at ringside with the referee, if masked man touches him this match is over.

Mike Fisher: Oh my god he just flattened Benz with the steel chair CDD left at ringside? Who is he? Did CDD send him? We heard he couldn’t be trusted.

Scott James: No look he’s waving Phoenix back into the ring, they’re in this together. Phoenix was playing possum he’s fine! "The B.F.E." The Best Frog Splash Ever!!!

Mike Fisher: Not like this!!! 1-2-3 bullshit!! After all he said about Benz needing help to win it was Anthony Phoenix who couldn’t get it done by himself.

The second the ref wraps the TV title around his waist Anthony Phoenix stands proud soaking in his victory, knowing that despite his ways part of the Netflix audience will be cheering his victory, however he achieved it.

Scott James: Who said he couldn’t get it done. Turn about is fair play. He was cheated out of the title, so he cheated to win it. It balances out in my book.

Mike Fisher: Benz has a solid case for a rematch. I’m sure CDD will be right on that. Well regardless of his tactics Anthony Phoenix is our new TV champion.