Exhibition Match

Scotty Adams vs Tyler Debonair

The lights in the arena go out as a guitar riff starts up and the rock cover of “lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco begins to echo throughout the arena...

Everybody knows my name now
But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange
Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself
And seein' somebody else...

Tyler Debonair steps out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the crowd, then closes his eyes...

And everything is not the same now
It feels like all our lives have changed
Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down
But it's killin' me now...

He soaks up the crowds mixed reaction before beginning to slowly walk down the aisle as the music continues...

What if you had it all
But nobody to call?
Maybe then you'd know me
'Cause I've had everything
But no one's listening
And that's just fucking lonely

Tyler’s face paint glows dramatically in the dark as the songs chorus and rocky guitar chords slam over the speaker system whilst he slides under the bottom rope.

I’m so lo-o-o-onely...

He slides on his stomach all the way to the far ropes, before pulling himself halfway up and then staying there, head poking through the middle rope, tongue out and awaiting the match to start.

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Scotty makes it to the ring glaring at Debonair the entire way down. Adams slides in the ring and the bell rings... Tyler immediately springs into action and stomps the back of Scotty. Scotty fights to get out of dodge as Tyler continues the pummelling. Adams crawls to the corner and uses the turnbuckle to lift himself back up... and Tyler calmly walks over to the corner and he moves Scotty's arms out of the way and delivers a vicious knife edge chop! And another.... Tyler rears back and a third chop to the chest of Adams!

Mike Fisher: Give the man a damn chance!

Scott James: Tyler said he was going to treat Scotty just like anybody else.

Tyler lifts Scotty Adams up to the top turnbuckle and Tyler climbs up with him... Tyler applies a front facelock on Scotty and leaps backwards...

Mike Fisher: Huge superplex! This one is over just like that...

Scott James: Tyler doesn't seem to think so...

Instead of pinning Scotty, Tyler hops up and sits atop the top turnbuckle and mocks being bored. Tyler waits for Scotty to finally come to and get back to his feet. Tyler hops down and Scotty charges at him... Tyler with a side headlock takedown! Tyler keeps the hold locked in but Scotty forces him back to his feet. Scotty tries forcing Tyler off, but Tyler holds the headlock tightly. He forces Scotty over, dropping him back first to the mat and Tyler follows with a knee drop to Scotty's skull! He brings Adams back to his feet...lifts him vertical...suplex, and Tyler floats over in to the cover!




Mike Fisher: What in the hell?

Tyler gets up and looks down at Scotty before he drops his knee, drilling Scotty in the skull again. Tyler grabs Scotty by the hair and lifts him to his feet. Tyler again goes for a vertical suplex, but Scotty blocks it with his foot! Tyler tries to suplex him again but again Scotty blocks it!

Mike Fisher: A little life here by Scotty and all might not be lost!

Scotty quickly reverses the momentum and is able to lift Debonair high in the air for a vertical suplex of his own! NO! As Scotty releases Tyler, he twists in air, grabbing Scotty for a flying snapmare. Scotty crashes to the mat, and Tyler instantly drops the leg across the throat! The champ leaps to the top rope...CORKSCREW SENTON!

Scott James: So much for that fire! Tyler breaking out the big stuff!

Mike Fisher: Showing off is more like it.

Tyler hits the far ropes. Rolling senton off the rebound...and he makes the cover, hooking the leg!




Tyler grabs Scotty to slam him face first in to the corner, but Scotty blocks it! The crowd erupts in anticipation for the comeback by Adams! Scotty with drops Tyler!...EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!

Tyler falls backwards and he leans across the top rope. Adams with the springboard...legdrop to the back of the neck, and he sends crashing back in to the ring! Adams quickly to the top! He's waiting as Tyler slowly gets back up. Scotty with a double knee takedown...

Mike Fisher: YES! GET HIM!

Scott James: NO!!!

Mike Fisher: He might be going for one of the patented Adams moves... THE MELBOURNE LIGHTS


Mike Fisher: Yes, my sources
say it's one of the most devastating Northern Lights Suplex lifted and dropped into a brainbuster

Scotty goes to lift Tyler up for the suplex but Debonair struggles... and he flips over the back of Scotty and Scotty turns around... Tyler with another STARDOM STRIKE! NO! Scotty catches his foot!...

Mike Fisher: Great awareness by Scotty!

Scott James: NO!!! Not so fast...

He hooks it again and this time he delivers…. THE MELBOURNE LIGHTS! And goes for the pin




Scotty James continues on the attack, he whips Tyler Debonair into the ropes, he swings for him….HE ducks under….KICK TO THE MIDSECTION….. TRANSFIGURATION!

Scott James: HES GOT HIM!!!!




Melanie Jackson: Your winner……….. TYLER DEBONAIR!!!!

We're at a local bar where Dan DiStoner, MJ and Lynn, as well as Deane and Phoenix amongst others are celebrating Dan's birthday. There's a bag of weed, amongst some unopened presents on a table. Lynn and MJ are showing Dan a video on their phone as he laughs;

''Shit, I gotta say that that is one hell of a birthday gift''

''Yeah Dan we knew you'd love it''

''You should've been there, it was priceless''

At that point a couple of the bar staff wheel in a giant cake in the shape of a bong. They begin to sing 'Happy Birthday'

''Cut that shit out right now. Shit guys, you didn't have to do this for me''

''Do what?''

''Yeah, we didn't order no cake for you''

''You didn't? Hold on a sec''

Dan then stands up and grabs a knife as he cuts through the cake, but hears a noise from within the cake;

''I knew it!''

''Hey, watch what you're doing with that knife you piece of shit!''

Dan lifts the top of the cake off to unveil a scanticaly clad woman in black lingerie who steps out of the cake before pushing Dan on his seat as she chuckles;

''I only wanna be stabbed by one thing haha''

The woman then begins to give Dan a lapdance as he takes a hit of his blunt. She then teases taking her bra off but before it gets good, a bang on the door is heard when one of the bar staff shouts out, ''This is a private party! We're closed!'' For a moment, there'a a pause until another bang is heard. ''I told you we're closed!'' Dan then signals for Phoenix to go see what the bang was but just as he approaches the door, an axe strikes and goes through the door.

Just as the axe strikes the door more and more the wood is ripped away as the party guests look on in horror as the image of Jason Myers stood there holding an axe, gazing through the broken door and staring daggers at DiStoner as the women scarper, Myers then throws the axe down before kicking the door and entering the bar, punking out Phoenix with a jab to the throat and then grabbing a baseball bat and slamming it into Deane's stomach, before pointing at Dan as he mutters ''Son of a bitch'' as Myers swings the bat in attempt to give Dan a concussion, but Dan quickly moves out of the way but then from out of nowhere Phoenix slams a glass bong off the back of Myers' head as he kicks into him, but then the same woman who was giving a lapdance to Dan earlier comes out from the back and punches Phoenix square in the dick with a low blow.

Myers then gets to his feet as he sees Deane and DiStoner trying to escape but he grabs Deane and throws him over one of the tables. Myers then grabs DiStoner by the scruff os his neck as he lands lefts and rights square into the face of DiStoner before staring at him dead in the eyes, screaming at him ''Happy Birthday you Son Of A Bitch!You're about to get cream pie'd!'' Before dumping Dan through the cake as Myers dumps all of the weed and booze he can find on top of a broken down DiStoner. Before he can go any further Myers hears the sound of sirens in the distance, he looks at the woman, ''Come on Lilith, best we get out of here'' as the two quickly escape from the back, leaving a scenery of carnage in their wake.

Exhibition Match


No one will survive begins to blast out as the loud revving of a motorcycle is heard…. The crowd break out into cheers as Bam Miller makes his way out to the ring on said motorcycle, revving continuously as he heads down to the ring.

the lights on the arena dim and start to flash blue and green. An 8 bit version on Jonny C appears on the screen with an ax and swings in at the screen cracking it and yells here's Jonny. #1 by Nelly blares over the pa system. Jonny C bursts through the curtain with his arms out. Jonny looks around the arena and laughs and walks down the ramp. Jonny climbs the ring stairs stopping on the top step. He grabs the top rope and jumps over it. He immediately climbs the ropes and yells "You're looking at the greatest to ever set foot in a wrestling ring."

Bam and Jonny quickly lock up, not wasting a moment of time playing to the crowd. The crowd is heavily pro-Bam, surprising no one and becomes even more so as Jonny trips his up and lays a stomp into his stomach. Jonny is certainly not giving the crowd a good show as he quickly applies a rear chin lock and drags Bam to the ground, converting to a side headlock. It doesn't last long though because Bam rallies to his feet and takes Jonny to the mat with a headscissor takedown. Jonny attempts to rebound but Bam dropkicks him clear out of the ring.

Jonny doesn't give his opponent the opportunity to fly though and cuts his off. He doubles his over with a kick to the stomach and quickly plants his with the Flatliner for a two count. Jonny is not amused and resorts to stomps and a chokehold, flexing the rules to their extreme and testing the referee's dedication to the book.

Miller manages to fight him off and hit a pair of arm drags to slow him down before unloading a flurry of chops, punches and kicks to the arrogant Jonny. “MILLER TIME” shouts Bam as he measures his opponent for superkick as he rebounds off the ropes, but he ducks and hits a swinging jawbreaker followed by a snap DDT for a two count of his own. Back to their feet and...Bam begins to taunt Jonny, Jonny is looking on and is taken aback when Bam suddenly transforms into an enziguri!

Mike Fisher: Bloody hell, Jonny was 100% caught off guard there!

Bam scrambles up top and patiently waits on Jonny, hitting him with a crossbody... no! Jonny manages to duck it and nails a buzzsaw kick! Bam eventually staggers to his feet and right into a superkick. Jonny wastes not a moment and goes up top, nailing a beauty of an elbow drop for another nearfall. Jonny. Is. Angry. He bickers with Harold Bishop and insists that it's over and Bam has lost this match.

Jonny takes the time to jaw jack with unruly fans, and makes a crude remark about some Dank stoner’s mother.

Mike Fisher: Terrible is that Jonny C.

Scott James: Haven’t even seen this Dank guy turn up? Maybe he’s late

Jonny grabs Bam Miller, pulls him close and plants him down with a power slam in the middle of the ring, he goads at the fans before jumping up to the top rope…. C SECTION!

Mike Fisher: What air Jonny C gets on his version of a frog splash!



No! Bam Miller manages to kick out, proving just how tough he is. Jonny is Harold Bishop that had be been allowed to use the chair, this would be over. Jonny shakes his head and puts Bam up top, calling for the Avalanche Powerbomb. He scales the buckle and pulls Bam up but he manages to slip behind into a crucifix and in one fluid motion he destroys Jonny with a second rope crucifix driver! AND he manages to fold him into the pin!




Mike Fisher : I thought that was over then!

Scott James: Well it’s not Mike

Mike Fisher: Cheers for that input Scott!

Bam is the first man to get to his feet groggily he stands and composes himself as he waits for Jonny to recover. Bam hits the ropes and nails a bulldog, then a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Rolling with his flurry of offense, Bam goes to the apron for a springboard Starbreaker... and gets caught in a snap suplex for his trouble. Jonny C shakes off Bam's offense from earlier and begins smacking him around for it. After awhile of generally kicking Bam while he was down, Jonny C goes for a snap suplex but Bam Miller gets a small package!



No! Jonny C barely kicks out and goes for a lariat but Bam Miller ducks it, springboards backwards but Jonny catches him in a german suplex for a two count. Jonny pulls Bam Miller up again and goes for another german suplex, but this time Bam lands on his feet, catches Jonny with a swift kick and staggers him. Bam bounces off the ropes right into THE F’N POINT! Jonny C hooks the leg...




KICKOUT!!! But it’s too late! The Referee has already counted to 3 as Jonny C’s music begins to play

Jonny slowly makes his way back to his feet, as he does he watches Bam Miller getting back to his feet as well, Bam looks at Jonny and starts to head out of the ring but Jonny C stops him….He stares down Bam Miller…..Bam stares back ready to fight again…but Jonny C grabs Bam Miller’s hand and lifts it high….. HE points at him while doing so and gives him a nod…..He lets go and slides out of the ring leaving Bam Miller standing there hand held up high

Mike Fisher: That’s a real sign of respect there from Jonny C

Scott James: That was the least likely thing I saw coming tonight Mike!

Exhibition Match

Mr Blonde vs Joe Barone

Darkness envelops the arena when the house lights dim.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the feature presentation”.

The intro to ""I Made It" (Cash Money Heroes) by Kevin Rudolf plays signalling the arrival of a true wrestling superstar Joe Barone struts onto the ramp, with his shades on of course. He stands at the top of the ramp to give his ‘adoring’ fans a chance to bask in his greatness. A single gold star spotlights lead the way to the ring; when they are all lit up, he begins his slow walk to the warzone.

Melanie Jackson: Making his way to the ring... weighting in at 200 lbs, from Hollywood, California, he is 'Superstar' Joe Barone!!!

One by one he walks up the ring steps, stops at the top to wipe his boots on the apron then steps between the ropes. He spins in circles with his arms aloft celebrating his arrival.

Scot James: The founding member of B.B.C makes his way to the ring.

Mike Fisher: They’ve got to change that name its NSFW.

Having reached the ring 'Superstar' Joe Barone takes a bow, ready to perform.

Goodbye horses plays and Mr. Blonde walks through a wall of fire to come down the ramp. Red, purple, and white strobes alternating colors randomly.

Melanie Jackson: Making his IIW debut... weighting in at 196 lbs, from Chicago, IL, he is Miiiiiister Bloooooooonde!!!

Dripping with confidence the enigmatic Mr. Blonde steps into the ring. He walks to the middle jaw-jacking at Joe Barone. Ding ding.

Mr. Blonde dives in for a Thesz Press. Barone simply side steps, leaving MB to faceplant on the mat. Without missing a best Joe Barone rolls up his opponent up with a La Magistral cradle.




Scott James: Barone actually won!!!! How much must Blond suck to lose to Joe Barone.

Mike Fisher: Joe Barone is a great talent.

Scott James: Says you and his mom.

The ever-gracious victor dives over the ringside barrier to run victory laps.

No One Will Survive Song by CFO$ booms over the speaker system heralding the arrival of The S.O.B. Bam Miller.

Scott James: Ittttt’s Miller Time. Bam isn’t wasting time. His bike is parked and he’s in the ring. What is he up to?

Mike Fisher: What a gent, the self-professed S.O.B. is consoling Mr. Blonde… Snake Eyes DDT!!!!

In a world of his own Joe Barone slides back into the ring, shoulder checking Bam as he runs past to jump onto the middle turnbuckle. Miller is pissed and it shows. He stands fuming before slowly turning around. Bam stomps over to Barone.

Scott James: Joe is an idiot; he is about to die and is so busy celebrating he doesn’t even see it coming. Oh, finally he sees Miller.

Mike Fisher: I don’t think he is going to celebrate with you Joe… a handshake that’s nic…. MILLER TIME!!!!

Scott James: Bam Miller is the only real winner in that ring, he is destined for big things here in IIW. Blond and Barone are lucky to appear on Combat.

Hollywood Title Open Invitational

Adam The Monster vs Ultimate Destroyer vs Open Invitational

As the clock has now turned 9.30 Charlie Schmidt walks down to the ring holding the message he received earlier in his hand….and his mop and bucket in the other

Charlie – Well the message said to be here at 9.30….

Charlie slides into the ring and looks around

Charlie – Now What?


Charlie Schmidt – GOD DAMN IT!.. I’m leaving!

Before Charlie can leave Adam The Monster makes his way down to the ring and keeps Charlie from leaving!

Melanie Jackson – The following contest will be an OVER THE TOP BATTLE ROYAL, with the winner of the match receiving the HOLLYWOOD TITLE! There will be a 10 minute limit for people to announce themselves into this match!

Charlie Schmidt throws the Mop bucket at Adam the Monster as he darts out under the ring and slides underneath… As the Monster starts to look for him, Adam The monster is cut off by Bam Millers Motorcycle flying down to the ring, knocking the Monster flying.

Bam looks at the big dent that Adam The Monster has now put into his bike as he grabs him and throws him into the ring. Bam slides in and takes some clobbering blows at the towering monster who tries to cover the blows but Bam keeps working away at him

Ultimate Destroyer runs down comes down to air raid/police sirens jumping up the ring bounces around (ultimate warrior style) and then starts to beat the hell out of Bam Miller!

Mike Fisher: Here’s The Ultimate Destroyer

Scott James: We’ve heard a lot about him be interesting to see what he’s got

The two men trade blows as The Ultimate Destroyer gets an advantage over the overly tired Bam Miller, lifting him up and slamming him back down

The big screen comes to life with imagery of the Atlanta Skyline, which soon changes into one of four people [3 men and a woman] each standing in a row as the arena lighting starts to go out. Followed by the image fading and being replaced by letters. Each slowly appearing one at a time.

Scott James: Here comes another newcomer in Kasey Miles! I’m tipping this guy, he’s my pick this week!

Mike Fisher: How many Picks are you going to make?

Scott James: A Good 4 or 5!

The light go out and a big spot light from A helicopter appears over the arena as Jake Ryan repeals down from the helicopter. As he safely reaches the ring he cuts lose from the rope and stands there in the ring waiting for his opponent.

Kasey launches himself into the ring springboarding off the top rope and flipping his way onto the grounded Bam Miller, quickly springing back and throwing a shoulder At Adam The Monster.

The lights in the arena go out as a guitar riff starts up and the rock cover of “lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco begins to echo throughout the arena...

Tyler Debonair steps out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp looking around at the crowd, then closes his eyes...

He soaks up the crowds mixed reaction before beginning to slowly walk down the aisle as the music continues...

Tyler’s face paint glows dramatically in the dark as the songs chorus and rocky guitar chords slam over the speaker system whilst he slides under the bottom rope.

He slides on his stomach all the way to the far ropes, before pulling himself halfway up and then staying there, head poking through the middle rope, tongue out and awaiting the match to start.


Mike Fisher: GOD DAMN IT!

Tyler rushes the rest of the talent in the ring, along with Bam Miller, Kasey and Total Destroyer, they manage between them to lift Adam The Monster up, he lets out a deafening roar as they push him over the top rope


Stoner now runs down to the ring keen to jump into the Battle Royal as a late entry, as he’s about to slide into the ring Chris Nitro dives out from underneath and starts attacking him with Charlie’s mop! He dips it in the wet bucket and smashes it around Stoners face as the water sprays everywhere. He keeps jabbing Stoner with the handle of the mop as he backs up the ring entrance, he takes a large swing of the mop as the two of them disappear backstage

Melanie Jackson – Stoner has been eliminated!

Back In The Ring Jake Ryan has snuck up behind Bam Miller and delivers a swinging neckbreaker, he motions to Tyler Debonair that they need to work together to eliminate Bam, as Tyler bends down to pick up Bam, Jake delivers a vicious SuperKick to Tyler’s chin and goes to eliminate him, Tyler ducks out of it and slides down below the ring, Jake Ryan looks at Tyler before turning round and ELIMINATING TOTAL DESTROYER!

Melanie Jackson – Total Destroyer has been eliminated!

Jake Ryan is celebrating after that move, but suddenly Zack Steele runs down to the ring slides and and throws Jake Ryan over the top rope

Melanie Jackson – Jake Ryan has been eliminated!

Zack Steele jumps out the ring and continues to attack Jake Ryan before shouting ‘THIS IS FOR BREAKING INTO OSH’S HOUSE!’

Zack looks at Jake Ryan down on the floor and laughs before leaving up the entrance

Mickey and Tyler meanwhile have locked horns as they’re having a real battle of strength in this match, Mickey gains the advantage with Tyler slamming him down to the mat, he steps ontop and delivers a standing moonsault!

Scott James: What a show of athleticism!

Mike Fisher: He’s a bit dreamy isn’t he?

Bam is back into the mix again here, swinging away at Mickey who fights back, Kasey joins in the battle and now we have 4 men swinging away at each other, it breaks down as Kasey squares off against Mickey and Tyler squares off with Bam, there is just pure fists of fury being thrown down! Kasey is getting the upperhand on Mickey now, MICKEY ducks! He grabs Kasey and hangs him over the ropes!

Tyler snapmares Bam to the ground, he takes a run up and punts Bam right in the back as he spins round and looks at Mickey on the ropes….He walks up behind him and LOWBLOW!! Mickey drops to his knees letting go of Kasey, Tyler laughs and he bundles Mickey over the top rope


Mike Fisher: Now we’re down to 3!

Mickey is NOT looking happy on the outside, he’s stomping around, he grabs a chair and slides into the ring with it, he charges Tyler Debonair with it IT ALL GOES DARK!

The lights of the camera’s from the crowd start to illuminate the arena…..as they try and see what’s going off…. It waits….the lights return…

Mike Fisher: Where’s Tyler?

Scott James: Where’s Mickey?

Neither of them are to be seen in the ring, it’s literally just left with Bam Miller and Kasey Miles!

Bam and Kasey are battling hard the last two men left in the ring! They’re bother teeting the other over the top rope!

Mike Fisher: This could go either way here!!!

The crowd start to go wild as they’ve seen Charlie Schmidt crawl out from under the ring, mop in hand


Charlie slides into the ring and charges at the two men, he swings his MOP at them…as the crowd drop into shock…..

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD…

Scott James: This is going to be played forever!


Charlie had got overeager and swung his map with such force, missing both Bam and Kasey, that his momentum had taken him flying over the top rope!

Mike fisher :Once again it’s down to Kasey and Bam


Bam starts to get the upperhand on Kasey and spins him against the ropes, he picks him up and delivers a snap powerslam as he begins to gain momentum, picking Kasey up he lines him up for a vertical suplex….But Kasey slips out, he turns him around STORMBREAKER!!!!!!

Bam is out here, but Kasey is struggling to get back to his feet, he takes his time setting himself up, he Grabs Bam by the head and throws him over the ropes!


Scott James: HODL!!!!!

Mike Fisher: You mean Hold right?

Scott James: Sureeeee!

Bam slides back in, and he’s grabbing Kasey, MILLER TIME!!!! HE grabs Kasey and quickly throws him over the ropes!


Bam Miller celebrates as Shaun Hart brings him the title…. Bam holds it up high….Then suddenly out walks Bob Mitchell

[img]https://www.iiw-efed.com/Roster/Bob Mitchell.jpg[/img

Bob: Bam Miller…. Amazing performance. I’ve been watching you a while, so I have an offer for you, this is the chance to join Team Bob at World’s Collide, think about it, the chance to get another shot at Jonny C as well as being on the winning team in the Main Event…. Enjoy your title and have a think, but you know what the right answer is!

Bob Mitchell heads to the back leaving Bam in the ring holding the title.

TV Title Match - Main Event

Anthony Phoenix vs Rogue


In an attempt to keep control, Phoenix rolls his opposition to his stomach before driving a knee into his back and intertwining his fingers under the jaw, pulling up. The ref checks to make sure Rogue wants to continue, to which he gets scoffed at. The combination of a knee in his kidneys and the torque being applied to his neck is an uncomfortable one, but Rogue isn't ready to go quietly into the night. Phoenix looks focused, trying to maximize the pain this hold is administering. Once satisfied with the damage done, Phoenix releases the hold and stands up. Rogue immediately rolls to his back, arching up onto one shoulder and his butt to try and find some relief from this pain.

Phoenix takes a few steps before dropping an elbow, which finds nothing but canvas as Rogue rolls to the ring apron. Rogue is struggling to get to his feet and capitalize on the lull in the action. Phoenix pushes vertical and closes the gap between the two, lifting Rogue to his feet. He gets a forearm for his efforts. After taking a step back, Phoenix charges forward, knocking Rogue off the apron with a double ax handle. Rogue collapses to the outside, Phoenix on his trail. Lifting Rogue up, Phoenix controls Rogue by his hair as the ref's count starts.

Scott James: Heads up Mike, these guys are getting kind of close.

Guiding him over to the barricade, Phoenix looks to wear Rogue down further. An attempt to slam Rogue face first into the barricade is blocked. An elbow to the gut grants Rogue some space from his opponent, allowing him a moment to gain his wits. Rogue turns to face Phoenix before lifting him up from the midsection and falling backward. Phoenix meets the barricade face first because of the flapjack by Rogue. His neck snaps back as he falls to his knees. The ref's count has reached four with both men on the ground. Rogue is able to push to his feet first, quickly taking to the task of getting Phoenix vertical.

Mike Fisher: I don't agree with this. Leave Phoenix outside, get the count out victory.

Scott James: Rogue might want every opportunity to get payback for the attack after Phoenix cemented this match. Deliver some extra pain, if you will.

Mike Fisher: You know what hurts? Collecting the loser's purse at the end of the night.

By the six count, Rogue has rolled Phoenix into the ring and returned to the squared circle himself. Phoenix has the wit to roll to the far side of the ring to create some distance. Rogue walks over to try and continue his offense, only to be entrapped in a drop toe hold. Rogue's face collides with the mat dazing him momentarily. Both men struggle back to their feet, refusing to let the other one gain control easily. Phoenix charges at Rogue with an outstretched arm, which is ducked by Rogue. The two face each other, Phoenix trying to sneak another clothesline attempt in. Instead of ducking, Rogue catches Phoenix, lifts him into the air and slams him down to the mat hard with a uranage. Phoenix bounces off the mat before clutching the back of his neck and kicking on the mat.

Mike Fisher: Huge Uranage slam there from Rogue. I felt that one from over here.

Rogue doesn't allow for a moment of reprieve as he immediately grabs Phoenix and lifts him to his feet. Wasting no motion, Rogue takes Phoenix's head under his arm, grasps the tights and lifts him vertically. After holding Phoenix up for a moment, Rogue drops him forwards, bouncing him off the ropes and then using the bounce to complete a suplex. Phoenix arches his back and kicks around the mat after the suplex by Rogue. Rogue charges into the ropes, collecting as much momentum as he can before leaping up and delivering a knee drop squarely to the nose of Phoenix. Anthony Phoenix rolls to his stomach, clutching his face with both hands. Rogue stands over Phoenix before taking him into and rear headlock and delivering multiple closed fists to Anthony Phoenix's nose. The ref steps in to stop him, beginning a count which Rogue lets get to four before breaking the hold.

With his hands guarding his now damaged nose, Phoenix was rolling left to escape the line of sight of Rogue's nose hitting fetish, he exits the ring taking a moment to give his nose a break, no pun intended. He was walking over to the commentary table and kneels over the front of the table, his hand was cupped over his nose which was leaking blood between his fingers and dripping down the back of his hand onto the floor, the referee was at the count of five as Rogue taunted the nose bled TV Champion as he was kneeling in front of commentary trying to recover, the ref gets to the count of eight that is when Phoenix slid under the ropes and got back into the ring. Rogue threw fists at Phoenix's temple, He tried his best to dodge them with his forearm, they were coming quickly, left and then right, left and the right. He got the Ontario resident into the corner and began kicking him in the rib cage making Phoenix lose his guard on his head and turn his attention to protecting his sides, that gave Rogue a chance to give Anthony a headbutt on the broken nose of Phoenix.

Mike Fisher: This isn't looking so good, just hammering away on the nose of Phoenix not showing any remorse, using any body part to weaken that nose.

Scott James: He's playing the game smart, hammer down on his nose, eliminate the way he takes in air and boom! He has no way of building back any energy in this match and he will be perfectly set up for his finishing maneuver, I'm telling you Rogue knows what he is doing.

Mike Fisher: Looks like Rogue is setting up for a belly to belly sup- Phoenix delivering headbutts of his own getting out of the suplex!

Rogue backed away from Phoenix holding his forehead, blood from Phoenix's nose was dripping onto his chest as he approached Rogue like he wasn't bleeding. Phoenix throws a bunch of right hands to Rogue, He backs up into the ropes and Phoenix pushes Rogue's back into it and Irish whips him to the ropes across from him, when Rogue rebounds toward Phoenix, he jumps over Rogue and when Rogue came back towards Anthony for the second time, he gets caught with a dropkick knocking him on his back.

He picks up Anthony Phoenix…..FOREVER ALONE!




Rogue Celebrates straight away as he jumps in the air!


The Screen shows up and up pops non other than the Netflix Representative Connor Briggs.

Connor Briggs: Hello IIW Faithful, it’s been a while but since I’ve been around we’ve seen drastic improvements around here, the Netflix Commissioner as a result of my success has extended the IIW Contract another year, so you can all thank me for all the great footage you’ve been able to witness including the commissioning of a second IIW Show, Ignition… I, however can only put the pieces in motion, it is them up to the IIW Owner Osh Vaughan then screwed it all up and we had to run a re-run for the first Ignition show, IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!, We trusted him to hire his own staff, once again that backfired and from what I hear, Scarlett left with a very sizable signing on bonus, then was never seen again.

The mayhem has continued round here as well, now we haven’t seen Osh about, but his cronies have been getting involved and causing a lot of tension and problems here, the HR department has been flooded with issues!

So now a few weeks ago I told you about World’s Collide, that is happening in a months time…. Now however we get into the details….

We will be facing off Team Bob vs Team Osh… 4 on 4…. But it’s not just that… IT WILL BE UNDER WARGAMES RULES!

Of course… That means we need to see which team will get the advantage…so next week I am booking … The Commander vs Russell Wayne, where the winner of that match will get the advantage when we get to the World’s Collide match.

Now with what’s gone down, I have one last announcement to make…. The Board of Directors have Netflix have approved this, so here it is.


There is no two ways about this, failure to agree with this stipulation will see the IIW Funding and Programming pulled.

I’ve been Connor Briggs