With Noreaster two weeks away, a cold wind blows as General Manager Jolie Vexx reveals herself as aligned with Mercedes, the new Women's Champion! The question on everyone's mind is... Why??

Also, Alessia Capello takes her shot at Evolution Championship Stephanie LaCroix...

Each match tonight given a special dose of flavor in First Class' first ever...

Wheel of Stipulations!!!!!

Stipulation to be revealed!
Ichunko vs. Latoya Hixx

Women’s Title #1 Contendership
First Blood

Nova Skye Vs. Cristina Cano

#1 Contendership for Evo Title
Last Blood Match (Last to bleed wins.)

Denise DiMarco Vs. Jamie Riott Vs. Anya Sharapova Vs. Ariel Dixon

Parking Lot Brawl
Lien Xinya / Katia Fyre Vs. Robin Vengeance / Edda Wilcox

Falls Count Anywhere
Jolie Vexx / Mercedes Vs. Ada Pierce / Solace Tatum

Two out of Three Falls

Leanna: Welcome everyone to IIW First Class!!!!!!! I'm Leanna and next to me is the notorious Nyssa and what a go-home show we have for you here tonight!

Nyssa: New Women's Champion, Mercedes will be here tonight!

Leana: Faux Women's Champion, Mercedes, Yes... and FC GM, and turn-coat, Jolie Vexx will also be with her!

Nyssa: You seem a bit salty about one of the greatest moments in professional wrestling history that happened last week...

Leanna: You can't be serious!

Nyssa: Well, take up your complaints with the boss because she is coming out here right now with the FC Women's Champ!!!! 

Mercedes and Jolie Vexx enter the middle of the ring, a chorus of boos as they do so. Jolie reaches out of the backend of the ring for a microphone and lifts it to her lips as the music stops.

"Well, well, well..."

Jolie's words are drowned by the chorus of boos that shake the IIW arena.

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Jolie erupts over the crowd's distain.

"I have a job to do and sometimes the job gets dirty, but that's why I'M THE ONE GETTING PAID MILLIONS TO LISTEN TO YOU CRY AND MOAN... and why you are paying half of your paychecks to RENT... THOSE... SEATS.. for your fat, lazy ASSES."

Nyssa: Wow... A new side to Jolie, and I think I'm in love!

Leanna: Jesus, Nyssa, have you no shame... she sold out!

Nyssa: Give me a break!

'I'm not surprised that you ignorant people can't get on board with the BOSS and her BOSS MOVES but I'll give you benefit of the doubt, and just assume you lack the intellectual mindscape to understand WHY."

Leanna: Tell us then, damnit!

"At first, I was a little pissed off that Mercedes was putting my roster on the shelf, week after week, she surely gave me a headache... but then, I realized something... Mercedes wasn't just some reckless woman without reason... she was a savage, FEARLESS go-getter that was missing a TRUE support system that wouldn't hold her back... but EMPOWER HER... just look at what our union has led to in such a short time... with me behind her, she ALREADY HAS THE WOMEN'S TITLE THAT SHE RIGHTFULLY DESERVES!!"

Nyssa: FACTS!

Leanna: Bullshit.

"Oh, come off it! There is NOBODY on this roster that deserves THIS BELT more than Mercedes Debon-"


Leanna: The crowd isn't buying it.

Nyssa: Oh, what do they know!

"Bullshit? I'll tell you what's bullshit... the fact that Casie Debonair thinks because she beat a washed up hag like Moira Arches, that she deserves it? Or was it because Fred Debonair looms so large? Or is it because of Casie's time here? Nah, the truth of the matter is... she wouldn't have even WON THAT TITLE without Mercedes WINNING IT FOR HER!"

Leanna: Now, that IS bullshit!

Nyssa: Haters gonna hate.

"How many days has Mercedes taken off work? NONE. This business is survival of the fittest and as these weaker competitors fell to her will, Casie and Steph picked and choosed when they would compete and how often... wow, some support system... even the people's favorites like Katia Fyre... spending half of her time OFF WORK... Lien Xinya... barely showing up... and don't even get me started on Solace Tatum... 'owwwww my leggg, my leggg'

The audience turns up the heat as Jolie and Mercedes laugh together.

"Hey, you people don't have to like it... you just have to accept it! Because whether you like it or not, it's the truth! Whether it's the Chinese-based KNOCK-OFFS like the Triumvirate... or the OVER-RATED Casie Debonair and Steph LaCroix... there's only one power team in this company, hell, in this BUSINESS, that can get the job done... and there's nobody who is going to stand in our wa-


Suddenly “Salute” by Little Mix erupts throughout the arena followed by the crowd erupting in unison. Casie Debonair and Stephanie LaCroix step out from behind the curtains and just stand there glaring at the two ingrates inside the squared circle. A small chuckle escapes Casie’s lips as she lifts her arm revealing a microphone. “The true champ, the true champ” rings out around the arena as Casie speaks.

“You know… Looking back at things, I’ve got to say that Mercedes, doll, I’m not the least bit surprised that this is the kind of shit you would pull! It doesn’t shock me in the slightest, that you would drag people into your schemes and going into our match I should have known you’d have something up your sleeve… But YOU, Jolie?! I never believed for a second you would ruin your reputation and make yourself look a complete fool, like this!”

Nyssa: Casie is SUCH a sore loser!

Leanna: Are you kidding right now?!

“But I somewhat get it now, if you can’t beat them join them, right? You are WEAK! You’re A COWARD! You have absolutely no backbone because after you “set the perimeters” for The Coven and for Mercy there and she just laughed in your face and broke those rules you decided you couldn’t handle it anymore! But that’s okay… You’ve also proven that Mercedes hasn’t got what it takes to beat me or Solace herself… She DESERVES MY Belt? She works hard? No, look at this girl to my left! Stephanie LaCroix, the Evolution Champion! THAT is a hard worker! And that little rat faced sociopathic niece of mine, in the ring right there? She couldn’t lace Steph’s boots, let alone hold a candle to me…”


Mercedes is clearly getting angrier and angrier in the ring and snatches the microphone from Jolie… But before she can say anything “Black Sheep” slams through the speakers and the crowd go nuts once again… Both Steph and Casie take a cautious step to the side, but stay on the ramp as Solace Tatum makes her way from behind the curtain, followed by Lien, Katia, and Ada Pierce.

Nyssa: Oh what does she want now?!

Leanna: Shhh!

Solace: Ah, I guess a congratulations are in order... but not to you Mercedes, everyone knows you don't deserve that belt, let alone the shot at it... but no, congradulations to YOU, Jolie! You, of all people, somehow managed to lower yourself beyond the level of a bottom-feeding algae-eater like Mercedes, and now stand alone as the... LOWEST LIFEFORM IN THIS DIVISION!!!

The crowd explodes as Jolie and Mercedes have a fit in the ring.

Solace: But I'm not out here to bury you on the microphone... I did that for free when I rented out space in my day to drop a live video on the internet... no, today, I come to tell you that no matter how much of a master-manipulator you think you are, no matter how masterful your mindgames and masterplans seem to be, apparently... you aren't such a evil genius after-all...

Nyssa: What does she mean by that??

Leanna: Would you shut up and listen? Maybe you'll find out!

Solace: You see, if it's one thing I'm good at besides kicking Mercedes' ass, it's... research. And something just didn't seem right about what transpired last First Class so I hit the books, you know, Jolie... those things with pages, and in this case, pages of rules and regulations regarding First Class that was drafted up by IIW's Osh Vaugn himself... and it's truly interesting what I found there, turns out... if a referee interferes in a Championship match... whether it's the GM or just a lowly official... the match result is to be conisdered VOID, and thus, off-the-record... which means...

The crowd explodes!

Nyssa: What does that mean?!?!

Leanna: I think it's some great news!!

Solace: Which means... if the championship match didn't happen on the record, then the championship match didn't HAPPEN... and so, STILL...

The audience roars in happiness as Jolie tries to reassure Mercedes in the ring.


Jolie: Now, wait a second, WAIT A SECOND!

The audience boos as Casie heads for the ring, stopping as Jolie's hands go up in the air.

Jolie: I don't give a shit about rule books! I'm the GENERAL MANAGER! That means I'M THE BOSS! So, as far as rules are concerned... I make em', I break em', and when it comes to championships in THIS company, I decide who can take em'!

Solace: That's all well and good... you know, I can't speak for Casie, but I think I would like a second opinion... maybe we should ask Mr. Bob Mitchell??

Jolie: Wait, wait, no, no... there's no need to bother Bob. Nobody wants that... I'll tell you what, I'm a fair person.. what if, consider tonight is a First Class based on... stipulations, what if we made a deal???

Solace: We're listening...

Jolie: If you guys can beat us tonight, we will give the belt back to Casie...

Mercedes pulls Jolie's shoulder to twist her, outraged..

Jolie: Don't worry! It's not going to happen... and then they can't do anything about it! So, Solace, smart ass... all you have to do is beat us tonight and Casie gets it back... deal?

Solace: That's definetly a start... but you know what, in addition to that, if we win... Ada gets a rematch for the Evo title that MERCEDES SCREWED HER OUT OF... at Noreaster.

Jolie: Whoa, that's a lot for you... but what do we get if we win??

Solace: Mercedes can keep the title... and... you know what, I'll put my career on the line...

Lien, Katia, and Ada attack Solace with worry but Solace assures them there's nothing to worry about.

Jolie: Ooooh, I like that! Fine, I like these odds... let's do it!

Solace: See you later, bitches...

Leanna: My god, what a night!! Career Vs. Title tag team match!!! What else can happen tonight?!?!

Nyssa: Goodbye SOLACE!

Leanna: We'll see, Nyssa..

Stipulation to be revealed!

Leanna: Well, I'm not expecting much to happen here, Nyssa.

Nyssa: Oh, you're not kidding. Someone should have just told Latoya to stay home, why waste her time!

Leanna: Nonetheless, here we go with our first match.. and what we know is... Ichunko is in the building and her pyro has been loaded... we also know that Ichunko is probably not going to actually wrestle... but what we do not know is... the stipulation for this first match tonight...

Nyssa: That's correct... unlike the the other matches that have been announced by the Wheel of Stipulations... our first match tonight has intentionally been kept secret!

Leanna: Strange.

Leanna: A fierce warrior in the ring right there, Nyssa...

Nyssa: She looks ready and willing to take on her opponent tonight... not sure her opponent feels the same.

Fireworks explode into the air and Ichunko's music hits to a huge crowd ovation. Suddenly, from above the screen, The O-Rated Superstar is lowered by cable in a gliding fashion, looking more like a falcon than human being as she lands on the stage to disassemble her harness.

Leana: And there she is!!!

Nyssa: And there she goes... is what we'll be saying soon enough.

Ichunko runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, bouncing back and forth as if preparing for a wrestling match.. and despite it being her third match, this would be the first one she didn't forfeit...

Nyssa: Maybe we will finally get to see... nevermind.

Ichunko reaches for a microphone and lifts it to her mouth.

Ichunko: Thank you for this warm welcome! I wanted to say, great job so far to my opponent... and I am looking forward to our match, but tonight, unfortunately...

The crowd is mixed with laughter and boos as a small sect of the crowd shouts "UNFORTUNATELY" in unison.

Ichunko: Unfortunately... un...

Leana: What's that on the screen?!?!


The wheel spins as Ichunko and the fans watch the matches fate decided... it lands on....

Leana: Cage match???!!!

Nyssa: Look!

The cage that was hidden in the dark top of the arena's ceiling begins to lower at a quick pace. It's nearly down before Ichunko sees it hereself and makes a b-line, but Latoya grabs her hair from behind, holding her as she runs in place.

Leana: Looks like Ichunko is finally going to have to fight here!

Nyssa: Let go of the O-Rated Superstar!!!!

Leana: What's the O stand for again???

Leana: Not sure, but tonight.. it stands for... O, too bad!

Nyssa: That was stupid!!

Leana: That may be so, but what was really stupid, was coming out here at all if Ichunko's ultimate plan was to run away!

The cage settles around the ring and Ichunko is released by Latoya, turning to her to see a shit eating grin.

The bell rings as the two face each other until, Ichunko turns again and runs up the cage to escape.

Leana: She's making a run for it!

Layota Hixx rushes to her as she nearly reaches the top bar, climbing up enough to reach Ichunko's leg and yanks on it, bringing the O-Rated superstar off the cage wall and down to the mat, back-first.

Nyssa: OH NO!!

Latoya Hixx turns as Ichunko crawls away, laughing at her opponent as she does so, and Ichunko tries to rush up the opposite wall of the cage but Latoya Hixx runs and with a fierce dropkick, knocks Ichunko face first into the metal, sending her backwards again to the mat.

Leana: Without a referee, I'm guessing the victor in this cage match must escape!

Nyssa: Ichunko's specialty!!

Leana: But will she succeed tonight!

Nyssa: Not so far...

Latoya grabs Ichunko's hair to pull her up, and Ichunko breaks out, chopping at Latoya's chest fast, over and over until she realizes Latoya is unphased. Ichunko runs back against the ropes and throws a superwoman fist that Latoya evades, grabs, and whips her over and to the mat. As Ichunko jumps up, she is met with Latoya's lariat, causing Ichunko to flip over and fall again.

Latoya pulls her up by her hair, and whips her against the ropes, Ichunko ducks a clothesline and runs against the opposite side, bouncing back in midair for a crossbody, but Latoya catches her.

Nyssa: I actually feel... pretty bad here.

Leana: Now, Latoya has her.. and is carrying her up the cage!!!

Latoya, with Ichunko in her arms, takes her to the top of the cage bar by bar until she reaches the top... from there, She easily handles the O-Rated Superstar and pokes each of her feet into the cage's holes, then bends her over the top of the cage so she is hooked by her own legs, helplessly hanging upside down.

Leana: I have never seen this before!!!

Nyssa: But.. the blood is going to rush to her head!!

Leana: Oh shut up!!!

Latoya leaves her hanging there and twists her body over the cage, descending down onto the outside to escape the cage, laughing the entire time. Both of her feet drop to the outside mats and the bell rings.


Shortly after the opening match of the night has concluded and the competitors have made their way to the back, in order to enable the ring crew to ensure that the ring is cleaned and ready for the next match to commence, the sounds of an unfamiliar song begin to play through the PA system, causing those in attendance, including the commentators, to turn their heads toward the stage. Appearing as if nobody was expecting anyone else but the first competitor for the next match to come out to the ring... and this isn't their song that is currently filling the air. Their eyebrows rising ever so slightly, the commentators are fixated on the stage as an unknown figure, wearing a black and white Nike hooded jacket is seen on the stage, a Microphone in her right hand, raised up to her pursed lips.

Leana: It appears we have an unscheduled visitor out here. We were supposed to be preparing for Nova Skye vs Christina Cano... it seems whoever this is has other plans.

Nyssa: No need to be such a stick in the mud about it. I'm interested to see what this person has to say.

The woman slightly pushes her hood back with her right hand, revealing that she has black hair and piercing chocolate brown eyes as well as a gentle smile across her face as the music continues to play. The crowd fixated on her as pockets of the crowd begin murmuring about who this unknown woman might be.

Leana: Well... Is she going to say anything? Or just stand there like a mannequin all day?

It is then that the woman opens her mouth.

Woman: If what I just saw in that ring is any indication of the talent that is here, then maybe I made the wrong decision in coming... if I wanted to watch the likes of those two, I'd go back to any high school back home.

The woman disapprovingly shakes her head before tilting it backwards and allowing the hood to complete fall off and drop onto her back.

Leana: Is that Lauren Edwards? I remember hearing a rumor that she had signed, but wasn't sure if it was true or just someone trolling.

Nyssa: Well, she's here now and it seems like she isn't pleased with what Latoya or Inchuko provided in the ring.

Leana: It appears so.

The crowd softly boo her, as they respect the talent that steps into the ring, which as of right now, Lauren hasn't done. At least, not to the level where her comments might hold any significant weight in their eyes. Yet she doesn't seem to care, even flashing a sardonic smile toward those in attendance.

Woman: I mean, I'm sure you think they were trying. Or that they deserve credit for stepping into the ring and giving it their best, but that's not how life works. There's no such thing as a participation trophy and those who prove themselves to be weak... like those two, shall be culled. Slayed and kicked to the curb when somebody better comes along and supersedes them.

The woman purses her lips, her thumb in the air and her left eyebrow raised.

Woman: That is why I am here. That is why I have come and joined First Class, for somebody needs to make that name mean something. Somebody needs to take the mantle and show that they are truly first class. That when it comes to stepping into the ring and competing, there are none better. That there will be nobody better than them. Soon, you will see that there is not a single soul on this roster. In this company that can come close to what I offer.

Nyssa: I hope somebody checks her attitude sooner rather than later. I don't know how much longer I can take of this.

The woman then laughs, admiring the crowd's jeers and bowing for them as some look as if they are ready to throw objects in her direction, irrespective of any potential consequences.

Woman: Soon, the goddesses here shall be slayed and all that shall remain will be me... Lauren Edwards. It won't matter who you are, you will fall and you will see that from the moment I made my decision, I instantly became the one to watch. The one who is creeping behind you, waiting to cast you aside and take your place.

Lauren then giggles as she turns around, jutting the right side of her hip out.

Lauren: I'll leave you be for now, but I hope the rest of the talent here can show me why this is the place to be, as they so eloquently put it. Why this is supposedly the greatest collection of talent in the world.

Dropping the microphone, the same song from prior to her arrival begins to play once more as Lauren heads backstage.




Casie Debonair Vs. Mercedes Vs. Solace Tatum

[ archive ]


Women’s Title #1 Contendership
First Blood

Nyssa: This is the match for all the marbles folks!! Win this and you get a shot at MJ!! Not only that but the wheel of fun has landed on Sylvester Stallone’s favorite match….First Blood!

Leana is seen visibly head in hand, a living facepalm emoji

Nyssa: What I said nothing about puppies or anything! I was good!

Leana: You know what never mind let’s get to it…

RA: This match is a first blood match for the number one contendership to the First Class Women’s Title!! Making her way to the ring...Nova Skye!!


“Inferno” by Bella Porch kicks over the sound system and Nova makes her way to the ring sliding between the ropes waiting for her opponent.

RA: And her opponent for tonight’s match….Cristina Cano!!!

“Reassemble” by A Day to Remember crackles to life as Cano eyes Skye and makes her way to the ring with a determined look on her face…

Leana: For those of you that don’t know the premise of this match is to be the first one to draw blood. You bleed and you lose.

Nyssa: Yes Carnage!!

Leana: Venom 2 : Let there be Carnage out now on most streaming services!!

Nyssa: Shameless plug over, it looks like Cano is going right at it!

In the ring Cristina is pounding Nova repeatedly trying to end the match here and now. The ref repeatedly checks as all of the sudden the tables flip and Cano is the one being dragged across the ring by her hair. Skye placing Cristina on the ring apron, rummages under the ring and comes up with a chair and kendo stick. Climbing back in the ring she takes time to position Cano on the chair, climb the corner and leg drop her head through the chair to the floor.

Chants of Holy Shit echo throughout the arena

Nyssa: If they thinks that’s crazy just wait!! Oh and buy my BBQ Sauce!

Leana: Oh for fuck’s sake!!

Back in the ring Cano is lying flat as the ref checks for blood, amazingly nothing!! Nova, frustrated, picks her up and drops her into a sit-out powerbomb. Grabbing the kendo stick Nova begins beating on the prone Cano who is still rolling on the ground. Nova turns toward the crowd as they cheer. Seeing an opportunity Cano gets up wobbly and russian leg sweeps Nova into the bent up steel chair. While Cano wheezes off to the side the ref checks Skye for blood and motions to continue.

Skye gets up brushing her long hair out of her face staring Cano down. Breaking the stare down Cano drops Skye to her knees with a hard punt kick.

Leana: You have to give Cano her due. We thought she was dead in the water and they haven't even gotten out of the ring! She just landed a perfect KTFO

Nyssa: Skye is holding her side now but her gears are turning!

Skye clears out the broken chair walking toward the ropes. Cano follows her outside of the ring. Both begin looking for weapons. Skye positions the barricade looking as though she is measuring Cano up for a body bag. Meanwhile Skye finds the hammer used to ring the bell. Both circle each other smiling. Cano rushes her opponent hammer high. Skye counters with a spinning heel kick. The ref runs checking on both, clearing the opponents, they carry on. Wobbly on her feet Cano turns around as we see Nova mounting the turnbuckle with a wicked grin. Jumping off the turnbuckle she catches Cano in a diving Famouser!! Bouncing off the barricade both women are down. The ref rushes up…

Nyssa: Oh my gawd!! A lunar Flare bouncing Cano off the barricade it has to be over folks!!

The ref turns to the announce table as Cano flops over blood streaming from her scalp!!

Leana: We have a winner Nova Skye your new number one contender!!




Ash Quinn: I always ask this in all my interviews. Dream match. Who are you up against and what type of match? Cage? First blood? Give me all ya got

Alessia Capello: I think My dream match is against Solace…in a loser leaves match of course….not because I look up to her or anything but because she needs to die a hero and stay gone

Check out the full interview here!




#1 Contendership for Evo Title
Last Blood Match (Last to bleed wins.)


“Bite Your Kiss” by Diamante sounds on the speakers. As soon as the singing starts, Ariel steps into the entrance. As soon as the refrain builds green pyro bangs and lights flicker and flash. Ariel runs to the ring rolling under the bottom rope and mounts the turn buckle banging her head to the music her dreads flying. The music begins to fade out and she hops down, turning to the entrance as....


Dead Girl Superstar by Rob Zombie blares over the PA system. Jamie Riot explodes from behind the curtain. She runs back and forth across the stage trying to hype the crowd up. She walks down the ramp highfiving fans. She slides under the bottom rope jumps to her feet and climbs the ropes in the corner taking in all the excitement. She pops down, bouncing in place as she grins over at Ariel. Her music cuts out and it is quiet for a few seconds until....

CFO$s “Roar of the Lion” fills the arena.

The lights dim down to a deep red, as the ferocious entrance music booms on the speakers. Met with boos from disdained fans, Anya Sharapova steps onto the stage. She slowly does a spin with her arms outstretched, letting the negative reaction rain in as if she was feeding onto it. Anya then makes her way down the ramp, red and gold leather jack flowing as she struts confidently down to the ring. Up onto the apron, she orders the referee to sit down on the middle rope to make getting inside easier. While inside the ring she does another spin like the one she did on the stage, letting out a cackle to mock the fans that just love to hate her. She ignores the other two completely, walking over to an open corner to stretch.


The song comes to a slow end before “Boss It” by Def Rebel explodes over the arena. The crowd erupts as Denise struts out onto the stage. She strikes a pose before sauntering down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron and plays to the crowd before slowly stepping through the ropes, looking from each one of her competition to the next. She wanders over to the only open corner, raising her hand up to cheers as the music slowly stops.

All four ladies are now in the ring, waiting in their respective corners as the ref calls for the bell.


NYSSA: And here we go!

LEANNA: Ariel and Anya are wasting no time here!

Before the bell had finished ringing, Ariel and Anya rushed out of their corners, straight at one another. They met in the middle of the ring with simultaneous, vicious forearm strikes and immediately began trading blows back and forth. Every shot seemed harder than the last, and neither woman was willing to give an inch.

The two were so wrapped up fighting one another, that they seemed to have forgotten about the other two women in the ring. Jamie and Denise have merely watched so far, before glancing at one another. They smirk, and charge right into the fight. Anya and Ariel look up in time to be leveled by a clothesline each.

NYSSA: You have to have eyes in the back of your head when you have this many opponents.

Ariel pops nimbly to her feet, but Denise grabs ahold of her and whips her hard into the turnbuckle. She crashes into the corner and slides down to a seated position. Denise dashes forward, leaping into the air, twisting to slam the full force of her body weight behind the vicious splash. She faceplants out of the corner as Denise gets to her feet.

Meanwhile, Anya and Jamie have been battling it out in a game of one upmanship, and Jamie was getting the upper hand, slinging Anya into the ropes. She bounces off and slides under a big boot attempt by Jamie, getting to her feet only to end up staring at Denise, and getting acquainted with a running bicycle knee to the face! She drops to the mat with a thud, blood leaking from her nose.

LEANNA: And first blood drawn goes to Denise!


Denise and Jamie eye each other up now, circling around like a pair of sharks. Denise breaks the stalemate and goes for her, only to eat a superkick to the face. She drops. The ref checks, but waves her hand, no blood. Jamie scowls and laces into her with some hard stomps, laying the boots to Denise as she covers up. Jamie, kicks her over onto her belly and steps over her, one foot on each side. She looks like she is going to set up for a move, but something draws her attention.

Too late!

Ariel sends her flying off her feet with a spear!

NYSSA: Where did she even come from!?

They tumble to the mat together, and begin to grapple, rolling over until Jamie gets the upper hand thanks to her size and straddles Ariel. She grips her by the hair and starts to pound the back of her head into the mat, over and over. Ariel reaches up out of desperation and rakes her in the eyes, causing her hands to fly up to her face.

Taking advantage, lifts her legs, trapping Jamie between her knees. Showing incredible strength, she twists, rolling them over to take the dominant position.

Ariel begins to swing with hard rights and lefts, alternating between dropping elbows on Jamie’s sternum and swinging her fists into her head. Jamie tries her best to deflect and block her, but Ariel has a canny eye, watching and waiting for her perfect moment. She spies it, and a nasty right hook has Jamie’s lip splitting, a trickle of blood dribbling down her chin.


Ariel has no time at all to enjoy the sight, as she is ripped off of Jamie and flung across the ring by Denise. She scampers across to bounce off the ropes, she runs back to meet a back body drop by Denise.

Denise hauls her back up to her feet, a European uppercut sending her stumbling back. She follows the up with a knife edged chop and Ariel’s back hits the turnbuckles. Denise hops up onto the middle, motioning to the crowd to count with her as she drops her fist onto Dixon’s head.






They chant all the way to ten with her, an ovation going up as Denise plays for them before hopping down, letting Ariel slump in the corner.

Denise grabs ahold of her arm, whipping her across the ring once again.

Ariels back hits the turnbuckles in the opposite corner, and she stumbles out, clutching it in pain, as Denise comes flying in with a spinning heel kick, knocking Ariel onto her belly on the mat. She shakily gets to her hands and knees as Denise hovers back, hands on her thighs as she crouches, patiently stalking her prey. As soon as she's up...


The axe kick connects and has Ariel seeing stars.

Denise gladly helps her to her feet once more, letting Ariel wobble before taking aim and whirling with a back elbow...

That connects solidly with Ariel’s nose.

Nothing happens for a moment.

And then the blood begins to gush from both nostrils.

LEANNA: Denise has done it!







Leana: Welcome back everyone and we are just about to take you to the parking lot where...

Nyssa: Festive...


Nyssa: I have no idea... but the lights are back on so, I feel better... and wait, we're getting word that the next match is about to get started!

Parking Lot Brawl

 Nyssa: Time for the Panties and Bra tagmatch! Puppies all around!

Leana:.....Do you do these things to upset me?

Nyssa: What do you mean its gonna be a First Class match!

Leana: Well i agree but its a parking lot brawl Tag match, fully clothed

Nyssa: Well its a good thing i car pool...and you laughed.

Leana: Yeah yeah...lets get the viewers out there

The scene shifts to the rather pricey parking lot of the First class roster, Lien Xinya and Katia Fyre standing on one side of the lot with Robin Vengence beside Edda Wilcox across from them.

Leana: A very diffrent sort of match for all these ladies involved, no ring ropes to jump off of and alot of cold hard cement...

Nyssa: But no rules! We could see it get wild out there folks, get your popcorn its gonna be a slobber kn-

Leana: If i pay you would you stop?


The bell dings echoing in the parking lot as the camera pans out to show a number of expensive vehicles as the competetors size each other up, slowly stalking forward inaudible banter being swaped

Leana: Some juicy banter shame n-

A loud smack cuts her off as Vengence sends a hand across Fyre's cheek before shoving her to one side getting a early advantage as they lock up.

At the same time Wilcox attemps the same on Xinya only for her arm to be slapped aside by the Crimson Lotus, her stike speed astounding.

A smirk forms on Xinya's face as she stalks forward throwing several jabs towards Wilcox mostly just showing the difffence in reflexes as she pings her a few times before Wilcox catches her arm having gotten the timing down.

Leana: Veteran manuver there! Are we already about to see the magic?!

The potential crippling hold is stopped in its tracks as Vengence crashses into the two, Fyre follwing right after with a clothesline to the Bionic one sending her back first into the windshield of a ice white Spyder.

Nyssa:I dont think you can buff that out! Someone go ask if Solace if she has wrestling insurance!

Leana: I dont think anybody covers that..

Nyssa: Either way...glad I car pool

The action picks back up as Xinya and Fyre are putting the boots to Wilcox in a savage display seemingly forgetting about the downed Vengence

Leana: When is this one done....?

Nyssa: When the puppies come out to play! or someone isnt getting up...its real free form in chaos like this!

The ass kicking lets up as Xinya calls for Fyre to pick up the groggy Wilcox and moments later a deep green mist spews directly into her eyes causing her to scream out in agony before she promptly dragged towards a large Jet black Harley Davidson Road King, a Greek flag painted on the wheel cover.

Nyssa: Now im Glad im not in the match....OR agree with such disorganized matches.....Dont hurt us Capello...

Leana: For once....i agree....we here at the First class annouce team just want to remind all effected parties we dont plan the matches!

The humour is overshadowed quickly as Fyre sets Wilcox up for a Tiger driver slamming her into the leather seat of the bike sending it crashing to the ground along with her crumpled opponet.

Leana: Thats it! they cannot have anything left in the tank

Nyssa: I see what you did there! like Gas tanks for cars.....because all the insurance claims soon to be sent out

Xinya and Fyre stand over Wilcox smirking and nodding to themselves as Vengence comes flying in with a Pele kick to the skull of Xinya sending her into a lovley purple Corvette's side the mirror being yanked off as both women dont get up.

Fyre would look around for a moment at the wreckage of the match as a group of of medical personel show up.

Leana:...It would appear Xinya and Fyre have won this one

Nyssa: No puppies but a hell of a display....Soooooo glad I carpool

Leana: Yeah yeah.....Well anyway First Class fans! Stay tuned in because next up we have a real good one....where is it going to end?!

Nyssa: Hard to say when it's FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE...its gonna be a slobber kno-

Leana: Its been miserable working with you

Nyssa: Love you too!


Falls Count Anywhere


The intro cut version of Battle Cry by Little V blasts through the PA system, bringing the fans to their feet as the lights go out in the arena. The song builds and builds, and as Little V’s first line echoes through the arena, a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp, revealing Ada Pierce standing, solid as a rock, with her head bowed down. With the fans cheering, Ada stands still, her eyes closed, taking in every single cheer from the crowd, motivating her to follow through on her statements she made on the previous show. It’s when the chorus begins when Ada raises her head, letting out all of her energy and adrenaline with a fiery battle cry before making her way down the ramp with a purpose as the spotlight follows her to the ring. There’s a visible limp to her step, but not one that’s enough to keep her from bringing her A-game tonight. With a motivated and passionate expression on her face, the Karateka wastes no time climbing up to the apron, slightly wincing as she does so before kicking her flip-flops off and entering the squared circle. Pierce has no more time to waste as she paces back and forth, forgoing any crowd-pleasing poses. She’s here to leave everything she’s got in the ring.

Nyssa: Ada’s looking more pissed off than ever. You wonder if it’s possible for her to keep her cool or if Mercedes is already in her head.

Leana: You certainly can’t blame her for rushing to the ring to get down to business, but I also wonder how her leg injury is going to factor into this match.

With purple lights flashing, "The Quiet Storm" Solace Tatum makes her way out to a large pop from the audience, as they watch her descend down the ramp with an unrelenting focus in her eyes. Her hair is wet with the water she doused from her water bottle prior to making her entrance, and the lightning bolts seem to blink along with the lights as the bright strobes behind her reach around her moving body to light up her white/purple tights. She is a walking hurricane, determined to make a name for herself as she picks up the pace and slides into the ring as Ada Pierce applauds her, signaling the fans in the crowd to follow suit. She grabs the ropes to stretch against their pull, her dark purple boots firmly planted on the First Class ring mat to counter the rope's resistance before turning to face the Karateka, fist-bumping her as they both look towards the stage, awaiting their opponents.

Nyssa: You gotta wonder, with all the attacks both women here have suffered, just how much do they actually trust each other?

Leana: Enemy of my enemy, no?

“Beautiful Dangerous” by Slash hits the PA system as strobes flash like camera flashbulbs before Jolie Vexx walks through the curtains to a chorus of boos. Before long, Jolie stops on the stage and a spot light focuses on her as the arena lights lower, revealing Porcelain accompanying her to the ring. Twinkling lights appear up and down the ramp as Vexx makes her way to the ring, ignoring the jeering fans as Porcelain mean mugs them. Getting to the ring, she stops short of entering the ring, simply staring at Solace Tatum as her music fades down.

Leana: You could cut this tension with a friggin’ knife.

Nyssa: Smart decision by the boss to stay out of the ring. Those two ladies in there are wild. I doubt they’re interested in waiting for the champion, they’d probably just attack the boss lady!

Leana: Oh please.


“Daisy Bell” begins to play over the speaker system in the arena as Mercedes makes her way out from behind the curtain all smiles and bouncing up and down, the First Class Women’s Championship wrapped tightly around her waist. She skips towards the ring but then suddenly stops mid aisle and freezes, her head flopping down to the ground as the music slightly stutters... As it slowly begins to pick up again, Mercedes lifts her head up with an extremely serious look on her face and she stalks towards the ring, prompting Jolie Vexx to follow her as Porcelain stays outside of the ring. The champion slides under the ropes and clambers up a turnbuckle backwards, tilting her head and keeping her eyes fixated on Solace & Ada as the music fades...

Nyssa: There she is! Our champion!

Leana: Like she earned that title!

Solace charges forward to attack MJ, but Ada immediately grabs onto her, holding her back as the champion cackles to herself. No doubt urging Solace to wait for the bell to sound, Ada pulls the Queen of the Ring back to their corner as Jolie Vexx takes her place next to Mercedes-Jane Debonair. The commentators refrain from speaking over the fans as the atmosphere in the arena can only be described as electric. The occasional late bleep can be heard as Solace Tatum, held back by Ada Pierce, screams several obscenities at her opponents, having had enough of them. Seconds after the referee retrieves the women’s championship, handing it off to a member of the ringside crew, the bell sounds as the match officially kicks off!

Leana: I have a feeling we’re about to experience one hell of a war between these four ladies…

Ada Pierce, surprisingly, is the first to bolt out of her corner, making a beeline for Mercedes, only for the champion to instantly take cover behind Jolie Vexx, stopping Ada dead in her tracks. As words are exchanged between the boss and the Karateka, this attempt at mind games fails to work on Solace, who takes advantage of this opening by landing a running dropkick on Jolie that sends her crashing back against Mercedes in the corner! What follows is one of the loudest pops of the night as Solace wastes no time putting the boots to Jolie in the corner as the champion rolls out of the ring, but it appears to be futile as Ada immediately rolls out as well, giving chase. Mercedes scurries away, crawling underneath the ring, and as Pierce attempts to pull her out, Porcelain makes her presence known as she blocks the Karateka’s path.

Leana: We should’ve known she was gonna get involved at some point.

As Jolie Vexx wonders when the stomping is gonna end, Ada warns Porcelain to stay out of her way. This doesn’t phase Jolie’s bodyguard, but the tides instantly shift when Mercedes, having crawled out behind the Karateka, runs in and lands a brutal Chop Block to the back of Ada’s injured knee. Pierce yells out in agony as she collapses, grabbing the same knee Mercedes had targeted when she interfered in her opponent’s Evo title match. The champion crouches down, reveling in her work as she cackles in the pained face of the Karateka. Ada claws at her, but Debonair quickly steps away, wagging her finger at Pierce. The fans suddenly pop big, and as Mercedes wonders what’s got them riled up, Solace Tatum flies over the top ropes and crashes down on the champion with a beautifully executed Suicide Dive!

Leana: Yes! Get her, Queen!

Nyssa: The champion was clearly distracted!

Leana: Shut up!

Solace lets loose with a flurry of punches as the champion has no choice but to cover up, wildly kicking at the air in hopes of catching Tatum and forcing her away to no avail as the fans’ cheers grow louder and louder with every strike that lands from the Queen of the Ring.

Nyssa: Solace is a woman possessed!!!

Leana: She’s been forced to fight off more than one woman ever since she won the Queen of the Ring! This is what they asked for and she’s giving it to them!

Solace breaks away from the champion to catch her breath, but she can’t held but let out a battle cry as adrenaline courses through her veins, the fans brought to their feet once more. Sadly, this momentum is cut short by the boss who lands a picture-perfect baseball slide that sends Solace crashing against the barricade. Jolie is incensed after taking what felt like a hundred stomps in the corner as she rolls out of the ring, returning the favor to Solace as the boos come raining down. The situation looks dire as Mercedes returns to her feet, backed up by Porcelain approaching Jolie and Solace against the center of the barricade. But much like last time, the cheers from the fans alert the champion and the boss to something they’re most likely not gonna like as Ada Pierce, having sprinted to the steel steps in the corner, jumps off of them before coming crashing down on Mercedes with a flying Karate Kick that turns the champion inside out! The cheers grow louder as we get a glimpse of Solace Tatum’s pained face giving way to a big smile, urging her to her feet as she runs at Jolie, tackling and smashing her back first against the apron.

Leana: The momentum has shifted once again!

Nyssa: I feel like I’m gonna miss half the match if I blink!

With Mercedes attempting to figure out where she is as she lays on the concrete, Ada and Solace force Jolie back into the ring as they attempt to give chase, but due to Jolie barking orders as she was being rolled in by her opponents, Porcelain finally interferes, grabbing onto Ada’s leg, preventing her from chasing the GM back into the ring. Jolie takes this opportunity to recover, nursing her back as Solace snaps, rushing Porcelain as they exchange blow after blow. Mercedes begins to stir as Ada leaps off the apron, crashing down with her knee aimed right for Porcelain’s skull as both women hit the ground hard. Sensing an opening and wanting to upstage Tatum, Jolie Vexx begins to psyche herself up in the ring, most likely looking to fly as the fans make their voices heard, booing her at the top of their lungs. Eventually, with the courage mustered up, Jolie runs to the opposite ropes as they bounce her back, only for Ada and Solace, in perfect synchronicity, slide into the ring and jump up into the air to meet the GM with dual-dropkicks to the boss’ face!

Leana: Wow!

Nyssa: Our poor GM!

Leana: I said shut up!

The First Class crowd pop big as Solace and Ada exchange smiles, their chemistry beginning to flow beautifully. Not wanting to double-team the GM and leave themselves open, both women realize that Mercedes and Porcelain have made it back up to their feet outside of the ring, prompting them to risk it all once more. Once again, with picture-perfect synchronicity, Ada and Solace hit the ropes before being sent back to their enemies as they leap to the outside between the top and middle ropes, but unfortunately for them, the aforementioned synchronicity is broken as Porcelain catches Solace out of the air while Mercedes, having pulled a kendo stick out, blasts Ada Pierce in the skull as she comes flying out of the ring, causing her to drop like a sack of potatoes as the boos rain down once more. With a tight grip over the Queen of the Ring’s neck, Porcelain tosses Solace against the corner of the barricade, weakening it as Tatum yells out in agony. Meanwhile, Mercedes drives the edge of the kendo stick against Ada’s neck, pressing it down while laughing like a maniac as the Karateka hopelessly claws at the champion’s cheshire-cat-like face.

Leana: Solace and Ada have been isolated and this can’t be good for them.

With the Karateka nice and weakened, Mercedes grabs her by her gi, pulling her back to her feet before sending her crashing against the steel steps as the fans continue to boo this turn of events. Pierce arches her back in pain as she fights to stay conscious while Porcelain guards Solace in the corner of the barricade, making sure she can’t stop what Mercedes has planned. Jolie, having recovered, rolls out of the ring and decides to assist the champion as they look to permanently remove Pierce from the equation. Barking orders at the GM, MJ flips the ring skirt up before she pulls out a tall, full-sized mirror. Dread fills the arena as they realize exactly what’s about to happen to Ada Pierce. They’re immediately reminded of Mercedes Vs. Lien Xinya back in September when the champion executed her brutal “No Mercy” swinging reverse STO finisher on Lien directly on the mirror, destroying it and Xinya in the process. The GM and the champ lay the mirror flat on the floor before Mercedes grabs a fistfull of Ada’s silver hair, slamming her head on the mirror as it slightly fractures, forming a cut above the Karateka’s brow.

Leana: Someone needs to stop this! Not again!

Unable to defend herself, Pierce is helpless as Mercedes pulls her up above the mirror, no doubt setting up “No Mercy” as a “Solace!” chant breaks out in the arena. The Queen of the Ring spots what’s about to happen to her partner at ringside, and as the memories of what MJ did to Xinya come flooding back, another battle cry escapes from the Not-so Quiet Storm as she flies up into the air, smashing her skull against Porcelain’s with a headbutt! The fans explode with the loudest pop of the match as Solace pulls Porcelain by her tights, slamming her against the barricade before stumbling over to the kendo stick used by Mercedes earlier on. MJ, meanwhile, has Ada set-up for the Reverse Swinging STO, taking a moment to caress the Karateka’s bloodied forehead before slamming her face-first down on the mirror… but not this time. This time, Mercedes eats the full brunt of the kendo stick as it splinters over her head, courtesy of Solace Tatum as the fans pop once more!!!

Leana: Yes!!!

Mercedes has no choice but to drop Ada as she stumbles away, collapsing down to her back as Solace stares a hole through Jolie Vexx. Tatum begins to approach, step by step as Jolie steps away, attempting to plead for her life. The time for talk has seemingly ended, however, when Solace gives chase, swinging with the splintered kendo stick as she keeps up with Jolie who attempts to run for her life, smacking her over and over as they run a marathon around the ring! Desperation begins to set in as Mercedes crawls to the bellkeeper, tossing him away before retrieving the women’s title. The one-sided Solace and Jolie marathon is about to end when Porcelain returns to her feet, hoping to cut the Queen of the Ring off, but Solace yells out in anger as she drops the weapon before shifting her focus away from the GM, spearing Jolie’s bodyguard THROUGH the weakened barricade!!!

Nyssa: Oh my god!!!

Leana: There goes Porcelain!!!

As the fans attempt to come to grips with what they just witnessed, Mercedes rolls into the ring with the title in her arms, but suddenly, Ada Pierce grabs onto her foot, revealing herself as Mercedes looks back on the bloodied and enraged Karateka, the fans losing their minds in the process. For the first time in the match thus far, Mercedes has nothing to laugh about. Ada’s face is downright homicidal at this point after narrowly surviving being put on the shelf by Mercedes courtesy of her mirror ritual. As Solace, Jolie and Porcelain lay on the floor, Mercedes kicks Ada’s hand away before scurrying to the center of the ring. Ada slowly climbs up to the apron, shooting daggers at the champion the entire time. Mercedes stands her ground, having had enough of Ada’s pursuit. She drops the title in the center of the ring, almost challenging Ada to take it if she has the guts to do so. As blood continues to leak from her brow, Ada enters the ring before tearing off her uwagi and tossing it at the fans, eliciting another explosive pop from the fans as both women scream in each other’s faces before coming to blows! They exchange forearm strike after forearm strike, the arena coming unglued as they find themselves firmly in Ada’s corner. The encouragement adds to the adrenaline and anger coursing through the Karateka’s veins as she becomes numb to the pain, forcing Mercedes against the corner of the ring, unrelenting with her forearm smashes until Debonair’s arms go limp, swaying side to side, barely standing at this point.

Nyssa: My god, relax Ada!!!

Leana: I think Ada has snapped!

The Karateka sweeps her bloodied hair back before letting out a battle cry, sprinting to the opposite corner, turning around before leaping up into the air, smashing Mercedes with an explosive “Flying Karateka” Shotgun Dropkick! Despite the rough landing, Ada is immediately back up on her feet, running to the opposite corner once more before returning with even more momentum, landing yet another Shotgun Dropkick! Mercedes collapses at this point before crawling to the center of the ring, running out of options as Ada stalks her, only breaking for a moment to announce to the fans that she is about to “kick her head off”, prompting yet another pop from the fans as Mercedes slowly returns to her feet. It’s at this moment that Jolie Vexx climbs the apron, running her mouth at Ada in an attempt to distract her. The attempt is a successful one as Ada turns to face her, but before long, Solace reveals her presence as she grabs Jolie’s legs, pulling her off the apron and crashing down on the tall mirror she’d set up earlier with Mercedes! Solace wastes no time climbing the apron, but Mercedes sneaks in, attempting to land her “Merciless” Double-knee Backstabber on Ada! Ada plants her feet down on the mat, refusing to buckle before sending several elbows back, catching Mercy in the face, breaking her grip. Ada rolls away, leaving Mercedes stunned and defenseless in the center of the ring as Solace rushes in and lands the “Sol-Searcher” Superkick, perfectly catching Mercedes in the jaw! The champion is forced to turn a 180 degrees, only to walk right into Ada Pierce’s “K.O.!” Spinning Heel Kick that finally brings the champion down!

Nyssa: Sol-Searcher!

Leana: K.O.!

As Solace Tatum stands guard, Ada Pierce wastes no time hooking MJ’s legs as the referee slides in for the count:


Winners: Solace Tatum & Ada Pierce!!!

With the fans on their feet, Solace and Ada hug in the ring as they celebrate their hard-earned victory. A measure of justice has finally been dealt on this night as Mercedes rolls out of the ring, grabbing the Women’s Championship on the way out. We cut to Jolie Vexx throwing a fit at ringside as she crawls away from the fractured mirror she was sent crashing down on earlier on as Ada and Solace turn their attention to Mercedes-Jane, now on her feet with the championship in her arms. Both in agreement that Mercedes stole this championship, Solace and Ada decide to take it back. They begin to make their way out of the ring, prompting Mercedes to make the smart decision as she runs away! As Solace and Ada give chase, we cut back to Jolie Vexx with a microphone in her hand…

Jolie: Um, You know what? I changed my mind! I am the General Manager and I don't have to do ANYTHING I don't feel like doing, so as far as I'm concerned... STILL WOMEN'S CHAMPION... MER-

Just then, Casie has appeared from behind the curtain and behind Mercedes who is protecting the belt from Solace and Ada... Mercy hears the audience cheering and slowly turns around to see her Aunt, but before she can react- Casie throws a right handed fist into her Niece's eye, sending her backward and the belt into the air for Casie to catch. As Mercedes rolls down the ramp, Casie holds the belt high...

Jolie: Fine! Fine! Whatever, but you know what else! There is no way Ada is getting a shot her rema-

Mercedes rolls right into Ada and Solace's legs who are waiting for her. Mercedes looks up slowly but before she can react, Ada pump kicks her in the head, sending her backwards.

Jolie: Hey! You know what, you want a shot at the Evo title at Noreaster, FINE!

But Ada shakes her head.

Jolie: What! What do you want!

Ada thinks about it for a moment but then looks down at Mercedes to a huge pop from the audience.

Jolie: What? No! Absolutely not!!

Ada shrugs and prepares to deliver another vicious kick to Mercedes...

Jolie: Fine! fine! Noreaster, you Vs. Mercedes, WHATEVER!!! But you know what... on one condition...

Ada cups her ears to listen...

Jolie: I was SCREWED tonight! My hopes were shattered by getting so close to what I wanted and having it stolen from me! I will book you in that match against Mercedes AND I'LL EVEN MAKE IT FOR THE CONTENDERSHIP FOR THE EVO TITLE... IF...

Leana: If what???

Nyssa: Shut up and maybe you'll find out!!

Leana: Nice...

Jolie: If Solace puts her career on the line... against MUAH!

Solace runs down the ramp and grabs a microphone of her own.

Solace: You know what? I just did that, so you know I have no problem doing that... especially against your bitch ass... but since I already did it once, I think you should put something up too...

Jolie: What's that??

Solace: Your career! No, better yet... your title!

Jolie: Pshh, someone tell Solace for the 10th time, I'm not a competitor! I'm a dancer! I don't have ANY title...

Solace: oh yeah you do... I'll put up my career... you put up your title... as GM.

The crowd explodes...

Solace: Unless, you are too spineless!


Solace: Can't wait, hunny. See you on the 12th!

Leanna: MY GOD!!! WHAT STAKES!!!

Nyssa: WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS?!?!? i Mean, i'm not worried, but WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS?!!?!

Leana: I don't know but it's going to be amazing! We have one last commercial break but don't worry, we'll be back after this short, short pause!!!



The lights in the arena go out as a golden hue takes over the ring. A cloaked figure, very feminine in posture stands in the ring as a female voice comes over the loud speaker.

"There comes a time in our lives where we must make a choice. Will we play the hero or the villain. In my life and my career I have been both. My last name may change but my feelings and morals stay the same. Miller is gone. Vayden is gone. I am GERI!"

The following image shows on the tron.

The female figure is gone. GERI is coming.

2/3 Falls

Leana: Stephanie LaCroix has been the Evolution Champion since Malevolence, though some believe that Ada Pierce should be defending the title this week instead of Stephanie.

Nyssa: Mercedes definitely gets the “assist” for Stephanie still being the Champion. If I were Steph, I’d be sending MJ a “thank you” basket.


“Boss It” by Def Rebel plays over the loud speakers as Denise DiMarco emerges to a mixed reaction. She looks irritated as she makes her way down to the announce table, sitting down beside Nyssa.

Leana: Denise, welcome! To what do we owe this…

Denise: Don’t waste your breath, Leana. I’m only here to scout my opponent for Noreaster.


“Legions Are Marching” by SPQR as Alessia Capello, she stands at the top of the ramp looking solely at the ring.

Nyssa: Here comes my pick for the next Evolution Champion!

Leana: She definitely looks the part, Nyssa.

Denise: She’s nothing but a musclehead, all brawn, no brain.

Alessia makes her way down to the ring, eyeing up Denise, before stepping into the ring and waiting patiently in the ring.

The lights in the arena go out completely and then just as quickly blue and white strobing fills the arena…


“Fire up that loud
Another round of shots!
Turn down for what?!”

An explosion sounds as the base hits and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” fills the arena as the crowd gets completely hyped up. Steph steps out onto the top of the ramp carrying the Evolution Title on one shoulder and pumping her fist in the air with the other whilst jumping up and down before skipping down to the ring as the song continues.

Leana: I’m really digging this new theme music from Steph!

Nyssa: Apparently she thinks that Lil Jon can make us all forget about her past transgressions with the Coven.

Denise: Talk about your identity crisis, she’s gone from wicked witch of the west to club carouser of the commonwealth.. .

She chucks the belt onto the canvas, slides into the ring and picks it backup before grabbing the top rope and stepping on to the middle one, bouncing whilst holding the title up. She then hops back down and dances around as the song begins to slowly fade out and the house lights come up, taking herself to a corner and waiting for the bell…

She begins to walk down the aisle in almost complete darkness, except for the spotlight following her, as she climbs the steps to the ring, between the ropes then up onto the turnbuckle as the music fades and the house lights return slowly…

Stephanie LaCroix shows no fear as she raises the title high above her head as Alessia Capello glares at her. Steph hands the title over to the referee as the official goes over the rules of the 2-out-of-3 falls match.

As the bell rings, Steph immediately goes for the legs of Alessia, hitting her with a series of Low Dropkicks to her knee. Capello hobbles around as LaCroix sends her into the ropes, catching her on the way back and locking in a Canadian Maple Leaf.

Leana: Steph trying to take Alessia off her vertical base.

Nyssa: Smart game plan.

Denise: Meh…

Steph pulls back on her legs as Alessia drags herself to the ropes, grabbing a hold of the bottom rope and forcing the break. LaCroix bounces up and waits for Capello as she gets up to a knee, only for Steph to slam into her with a Spinning Forearm Smash!

Leana: What a shot by the Evolution Champion!

Nyssa: Any lesser woman may have just been knocked out by that blow but Alessia is unlike any other wrestler we’ve seen.

Denise: She’s not any better than me.

Steph quickly went for the pin fall…




Leana: You called it, Nyssa!

LaCroix quickly tries to take advantage as she pulls Alessia up as she interlocks her hands onto her opponents neck, setting her up for the “Sunny Daze” (Hanging Dragon Suplex)! Realizing she was in trouble, Capello quickly broke her way out of the hold, rotated around to behind Stephanie, wrapped her arms around her waist, and dropped her viciously down onto the back of her neck with the “Judgment” (German Suplex)!

Nyssa: What a counter by Alessia! She just hit her finisher!

LaCroix bounced hard off the mat and rolled to the outside as Alessia clawed her way over, trying to stop her before she made it to the outside. Capello was irate as Stephanie lay on the outside, trying to recover.

Leana: Steph may’ve just dodged a bullet.

Denise: Some champion, fleeing at the first sign of trouble.

The referee starts the obligatory ten count as Alessia stands in the middle of the ring, hands on her hips…





Steph starts to stir as she begins to crawl her way over towards the announce table…




Capello gets tired of waiting and rolls out of the ring, walking over to Stephanie and throwing her into the steel ring steps.

Leana: Alessia may’ve just broken her back with that move!

LaCroix rolls around in pain as the official yells for Alessia to get her back in the ring. Capello ignores the officials demands as she gets into a heated argument with a fan that is eating KFC. Alessia snatches the bucket full of chicken out of their hands and dumps the greasy food all over the Evolution Champion!

Leana: Such blatant disrespect from Alessia!

Nyssa: Haha, I know, right? I love it!

Denise: They do say that you “are what you eat”.

Capello grabs a chicken drumstick and begins shoving it into Stephanie’s mouth as the Evolution Champion gags on the food. Alessia laughs at LaCroix as she pulls her up and then tosses her over the announce table, slamming her right into Denise! DiMarco falls to the ground as Capello laughs at the chaos.

Leana: Bodies flying all over the place!

Denise takes exception to this as she gets up and goes to confront Alessia, only for Capello to knock her teeth down her throat with a Big Boot!

Nyssa: Alessia is going full “beast-mode”!

Alessia looks to track down her opponent, noticing that Stephanie has rolled back into the ring. Capello slid in and followed, rushing at her only for LaCroix to spin around and hit her with a Leg Wheel! Alessia hit the mat hard as Stephanie crawled into the cover…




Leana: Stephanie with those quick strikes, catching Alessia off-guard!

Nyssa: Who cares about that; we need help out here for Denise!

LaCroix quickly rolled off of her opponent as she went to the corner turnbuckle, pulling herself up to the top rope. She set herself up for a Top Rope/Moonsault but Capello was quickly back up to her feet, cutting her off as she picked Stephanie up and lifted her onto her shoulders. Alessia backed away from the corner as she walked LaCroix into the center of the ring, before falling down and slamming her into the mat with an Electric Chair Facebuster! Capello rolled Stephanie onto her back as she went for the cover…




Leana: I thought that was it!

Alessia stalks after her opponent, yelling for her to get up. LaCroix slowly rises to her feet, using the ropes to steady herself, as Capello charges in, looking for a Big Boot. At the last second, Stephanie ducked as she pulled the top rope down, tangling Alessia up in the ropes. LaCroix then bounced off the adjacent ropes, dropping down and hitting Capello’s exposed leg with a Chop Block!

Leana: Brutal shot by Steph there! Alessia might’ve torn something there!

Stephanie hopped up and went over the ropes, pulling herself up to the top. Slowly, Alessia staggered up as she turned to see LaCroix twisting off the turnbuckle, connecting on the “Stephacide” (Top Rope/Eclipse)! Immediately, Stephanie pounced on top for the cover…




Leana: Steph scores the first pin fall of the match!

Nyssa: Picture-perfect “Stephacide” from the top rope, enough to put anyone out!

LaCroix rolled off of her opponent, raising her arms up in victory as she scored the first pin fall. The Evolution Champion got up and celebrated as Capello quickly pushed herself up, irritated. She assaulted Stephanie from behind, barreling down on her and beating her down to the mat. Alessia lifted LaCroix up and ran towards the nearby corner, slamming her into the second turnbuckle with a neck-shattering Lawn Dart!

Leana: What a move from Alessia! She may have broken Steph’s neck!

Capello crawled into the cover as she raked her elbow across the Champion’s face…




Nyssa: I have no idea how Steph kicked out of that! I thought she was out cold for sure!

Alessia stays on the offensive, pulling Stephanie up and immediately twisting her back down to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker. The moment they hit the mat, Capello rolled backwards and wrapped her arms around LaCroix, trapping her head into her body with a Guillotine Choke! Alessia cranks down on her opponent's neck as Stephanie screams out in pain.

Leana: The Champion is in a bad way, here!

Out of desperation, LaCroix manages to maneuver her body so she is able to push Capello’s shoulders down to the mat…



Alessia breaks off the submission hold, thus getting herself out of the pinning predicament. Stephanie gets to her feet and tries to move in on her opponent quickly but runs right into one Arm Drag, then two, then a third! Dazed from the moves in quick succession, LaCroix stumbles up as Capello goes on the offensive, dropping the Evolution Champion down to the mat and trapping her arm behind her back with the "Veni, vidi, vici" (Kimura Lock)!

Leana: Alessia locks the “Veni, vidi, vici” in!

Nyssa: Who cares about that? I’m just happy Denise is back up to her feet!

Denise shook off the earlier shot to her jaw from Alessia as DiMarco looked up to see Stephanie unable to free herself from the submission move, tapping out to Capello’s finisher move. The referee rewards the second fall of the match to Alessia but, even still, she refuses to release the hold.

Leana: Alessia got the Evolution Champion to tap but she’s refusing to let go!

Nyssa: We’re in the final stretch here Leana, she’s looking to soften up Steph for that final decision!

The referee tries to force Capello off of LaCroix but is unable to do so, resulting in Denise sliding into the ring and jumping on top of Alessia, breaking up the hold. DiMarco and Capello brawl for a bit until Alessia manages to shove her off. Denise sneaks in a shot to the gut, doubling Capello over as she bounces off the ropes and drops her leg down onto the back of Alessia’s neck with the “#FAMEMAKER” (Axe Kick)!

Leana: Denise with the “#FAMEMAKER” on Alessia!

Nyssa: I may not like that Denise is targeting my pick to win this one, but that move sure is a thing of beauty!

The official gets in DiMarco’s face, telling her that she has to get out of the ring, to which she reluctantly obliges. The referee indicates that we’re down to the final fall as Stephanie cradles her left arm close to her body, inching her way across the mat towards the fallen Capello. With the last gasp of breath, she collapses down onto Alessia as the referee makes the count…




Nyssa: Yes! Alessia kicked out!

Leana: Doesn’t get much closer than that!

LaCroix is in an immense amount of pain as she forces herself up, trying to shake feeling back into her wounded arm. Stephanie forces her way over to Capello as Alessia grabs LaCroix’s bad arm, wraps it around the top rope, and begins to wrench away on it. The Evolution Champion screams out in agony as the referee gives Capello until the count of five to break the illegal hold…




Alessia pulls LaCroix off the ropes, twisting her arm again and hitting her with a Short-Arm Clothesline! Stephanie crumples to the mat as Capello drops down to the mat and wraps her legs around the Evolution Champion’s arm, locking in a Cross Armbar!

Leana: Alessia looking to rip that arm completely off!

Nyssa: This is what a competitor of Alessia’s caliber is capable of! Completely dominating the opposition!

LaCroix fights against the urge to tap once more as she fights, claws, and scoots her way towards the nearest set of ropes. She finds herself within inches of breaking the hold, only for Alessia to sit up, pull her back towards the center of the ring, and reapply the hold.

Leana” Steph has nowhere to go! She needs to tap!

Realizing this very thing, Stephanie does just that, slamming her hand repeatedly down onto the mat but the official doesn’t notice it as they are too busy trying to keep Denise from getting back into the ring once again.

Nyssa: No! Denise! What are you doing!?

Irate, Capello releases the hold and gets up to confront DiMarco, who quickly drops off the ring apron before she can connect with her wayward punch. The two women exchange verbal barbs as LaCroix, cradling her arm close to her body, moves in on her opponent, rolling Alessia up from behind with a Schoolboy Pin…




Capello pops up, slamming her knee into Stephanie’s gut, doubling her over. Alessia traps her opponent’s arm in-between their legs as Capello rotates LaCroix up onto her shoulders, looking for a Pump Handle Slam. Desperately, Stephanie slipped out of Alessia’s grip and landed behind her opponent, looking for the “Sunny Daze” (Hanging Dragon Suplex) once more but her shoulder was too badly injured to securely lock Capello’s arms.

Leana: Steph wants the “Sunny Daze” but she can’t even lift her left arm!

Nyssa: And that’s why Alessia’s my pick to win! Her game plan has been solid throughout!

Alessia powers out of the move, rotating behind the Evolution Champion, and wrapping her arms around LaCroix’s waist. Capello falls backwards, looking for the “Judgment” (German Suplex) but Stephanie, somehow, manages to rotate through, flip out of the hold, and land on her feet!

Nyssa: “Judgm-”, wait!

Leana: Steph countered!

Alessia popped up, turning right into LaCroix, as Stephanie charged in and flipped over her opponent, rotating through and slamming Capello down with the “Stephide and Conquer” (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)!

Leana: Steph hits the “Stephide and Conquer” on Alessia!

Nyssa: No! Not like this!

With one good arm, LaCroix did her best to apply the pressure to Alessia, keeping her shoulders pinned to the mat while wrapping her arms around her legs…




Leana: Alessia JUST kicked out!

Nyssa: Never had a doubt…

Stephanie is up to her feet first, somehow managing to muscle the larger woman up onto her shoulders with the intent of connecting on an Argentine Backbreaker. Capello drags her nails across LaCroix’s face, raking her eyes and slipping off of her shoulders. Alessia lands behind her opponent, forcing her arms up and looking for a Full Nelson Slam. But as Capello lifts Stephanie off the mat, the Evolution Champion manages to rotate forward, wrap her legs around Alessia’s waist, and slam her face-first into the mat with a Modified Wheelbarrow Facebuster!

Leana: Counter-after-counter! Neither woman wants to quit here!

The impact busts Capello’s nose open as she stumbles up, right into LaCroix, who powers through the pain of her shoulder, traps Alessia’s arms above her head, and drops her right on her head with the “Sunny Daze” (Hanging Dragon Suplex)!

Leana: Steph did it! She hit the “Sunny Daze”!

Nyssa: Kick out, Alessia! Kick out!

Stephanie bridges her back, pinning Capello’s shoulders to the mat…




Winner and STILL Evolution Champion: Stephanie LaCroix

Leana: Steph pulled it off! She’s still the Evolution Champion!

Nyssa: Yet again, Steph manages to pull off the upset.

LaCroix stumbles up, still cradling her arm, as Alessia rises up and hits her from behind, knocking the Evolution Champion to the mat and stomping away on her injured shoulder.

Leana: And now Alessia is going after Steph!

Nyssa: Can you blame her? She had her tap twice in this match. She should be the new Evolution Champion right now!

Denise rushes into the ring as Capello turns, walking right into the “Diamond Mind” (Running Bicycle Knee) from DiMarco!

Leana: “Diamond Mine” from Denise!

Nyssa: I’m really starting to like her less and less.

Alessia hits the mat and rolls out of the ring as DiMarco turns her attention to Stephanie. She rolls out of the ring, grabs the Evolution championship from the timekeeper’s table, and slides back in. Denise stalks after her as LaCroix turns, walking right into DiMarco who blasts her right in the face with the belt!

Leana: And now Denise is taking out Steph!

Nyssa: Okay, I’m liking her again.

The fans boo as Denise stood over Stephanie, lifting the Evolution title belt high over her head as Capelo recovered on the outside while the show went off the air.