Grainger Report 1
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Hey there and Welcome to the first edition of the "Granger Report". I, of course, am your 'host' for this little show. Well, more like article but you get the drift. Anyway, I plan on giving you all the inside scoop on what's going on in the IIW, as well as some of my own opinions on topics that tickle my fancy.

Don't worry, the tea as the children call it these days will be hot and the popcorn nice and buttery. Just the way popcorn should be. None of that overly salty stuff they sell in the supermarket. Make your popcorn at home, children. That's the best advice I can give you.

Though this isn't meant to be about me rambling on about menial things, so let's get on with the actual purpose of this, shall we?

First of all, let's discuss the recent influx of new talent that have graced the IIW with their presense. And no, I don't just mean myself. Don't worry. I mean the -wrestling- talent. More specifically, the ones I find most interesting.

Starting with Russell Wayne. Is he by any chance related to Bruce? I hope so, because imagine how awesome it would be to be related to "The Batman". I wish I could say I was related to the Dark Knight himself. He's also a former CIA agent. Does that mean he has friends in all the right places? Does he know what they want? Does he know if they want him to stay?

Anyway, I saw he had a history with a brother who betrayed him and a hellacious match that resulted in him being presumed dead before resurfacing and signing with us at IIW. With his CIA experience, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall durimg the interrogation --- sorry, I mean negotiations.

I can imagine him pressing Osh's buttons and Osh trying to hammer home the deal. Would have been a sight to see, for sure. I wonder if anyone recorded it by any chance. I will say, I am intrigued to see what he has in store for us. Could he be the next big thing and see gold in his future?

Next up is Rouge --- no, that's the colour. Sorry about that, though Rouge would be a cool name for a wrestler. Imagine the catchphrase "I can beat you a million different colours, including Rouge". I'd pop for that. But the wrestler's name is Rogue. No, it wasn't intentional that I went from a former agent to someone named Rogue. That's just how it worked out.

Anyway, he seems like the sort of gothic kid that you'd see sitting behind the workshop shed at school, smoking weed with his girlfriend. You all know the sort of person I mean, we all had them at high school. Yes, even in Australia we had them. But there's this aura to him that draws me in. That sort of grungey style that you wouldn't normally be attracted to, but just are. Much like his girlfriend, Cora.

They seem to thrive off being that persona too, which is good for them. Be you. After all, that is what we should all strive for - whether it be the societal norm or counterculture like the 2 of them, we are all born in our own, unique image. Embrace it.

I'm very much interested to see how he deals with Joe Barone, who is almost the polar opposite to him. And as we learnt in science, opposites are attracted to one another. Which makes this weeks bout one of the most hotly anticipated. At least in my opinion. Which is what matters most here, after all.

Speaking of things that interest me, the Hardcore title scene is as wild as the hallways at high school. Both in terms of bickering and the fact the belt is being passed around like --- uhh, lemme stop myself. You get the drift though.

The 24/7 rules mean you have to have thousand of eyes surveying around at all times. Making sure nobody blindsides you like a project during your last week at school.

Yes, this happened once to me.

I aced it, so all good. But I'll be keeping a close eye on the hardcore title; will strive to bring you coverage on any going ons that occur. So, stay tuned because I'm sure things there will only heat up as we go on.

Anyway, time for some gossip, because who doesn't love a bit of gossip. Channels our inner high-schooler after all.

- Reports have it that IIW is planning an I(IW) Care(s) A Lot charity drive to take place immediately following Mayhem this week, with certain superstars planned to attend, although no names are confirmed just yet.

Well, it's not exactly IIW, but rather - Scotty. I won't reveal my source, but I know it's something he's extremely passionate about; especially with Adams Enterprises. That's all I can say for now though.

- Reports also have it that The James Gang were seen entering a strongman competition on Wednesday. However, other reports stated that it was just people who looked like the James gang and not the genuine article.

Though @archboi21 on Twitter stated he got a snapshot of Jessi James and posted it to twitter, so who knows what's true or not.

As much as I like gossip, I don't wanna draw the ire of the James Gang by speculating on this. Good on them if they did though.

- Reporters (including myself) spotted Ryan Hawkins at a recent signing event in Bury, where he participated in a game of capture the flag with some of the families who attended. Good for him, getting out there and allowing our fans to see him in the flesh. Helps bring eyes to the product too - sorely needed eyes at that. You love to see it.

And finally.

- Rogue apparently signed a deal with starbucks to be the face of their coffee alongside Cora Black. Details will be forthcoming in time, if it even is true, that is.

Either way, you know we'll be on top of all the gossip and goings on - so stay tuned.

I'll talk to you again later, but for now - ciao.

-Amelia Granger.

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