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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Reporter I am your host Shaun Hart, and I will give the latest rumors and storylines from this past week now let us get started.

Monday Night Mayhem would start out with the appearance of The Conven the group of women that consist of Mercedes, Steph and Casie that have been causing chaos on First Class and now had brought their attention to Monday Night Mayhem leaving everyone curious to why they were there, but that curiosity would be short lives as Darius would walk out confidently with a wide grin on his face as The IIW International Champion Tyler Debonair would appear from the shadows and take responsibility for the destruction that The Conven had been causing on First Class but would also explain that they are just small chess pieces as the real threat to IIW is THE KINDRED! The new formation of q stable that consist of Tyler, Darius, and The Conven. A new immensely powerful group that has now descended on IIW. What madness will this bring. Tune in next Mayhem to find out.

The next segment that kickoff would be Eddie Zam as he would make his way to the ring and inform us of his new talk show THE 33rd Degree which he has been doing on Combat, but now has decided is the right time to bring it to Mayhem. His first guest or victim I should say would be Mrs. Grace’s mother of Savage Grace as Eddie would humiliate her in front of the fans and Grace himself which would lead to a match between the two. Which Zam would end up winning in convincing fashion.

Now Zam night would not end there as many may not know Eddie Zam had been taking shots at Tyler for weeks now and he would finally get a response in the form of Darius Enill who would spear Zam in the backstage area crashing through the locker room and laying out Zam sending a message to him to keep Tyler’s name out his mouth.

After that little mayhem Eddies night still would not be over as he would go to the aide of Destroyer well try to anyways as Zam would interfere in the Destroyer vs Tulia match. As Zam would try to persuade Destroyer to let him be his ally but his pitch did not go over we'll which would anger both Destroyer and Tulia as Zam would run for his life before being saved by Tulia from Destroyer but Zam would still come to Destroyer’s aide and use his steel clipboard to knock Tulia out and secure the win for Destroyer.

Now the third match of the night would see Mike James and Mark Lawson representing The Prestige take on Andy and Trigger of The Celtic Club. This match couldn't even officially get started before The Prestige and Celtic Club would have a brawl before the match would begin. The prestige would end up gaining the upper hand, but Cav would rally his troops and use any tactics possible to help give his guys the edge, but Jesse James would finally make his way from backstage, and we would see the two leaders brawl into the crowd and Jesse would deliver a Perfection to Cav, but his efforts would be for a waste as The Celtic Club would end up an impressive debut win.

The next match of the night would see the grudge match between Ryan McCann and Venom. Ryan has been itching to get his hands on Venom for his sneak attack he did on him at Worlds Collide but even though Ryan would take it to Venom his effort would not be enough as Venom would take Ryan the distance and make him submit to the Reaper lock.

A video package would play of Jonny FnC in a hospital bed as he would let the fans and Bam Miller know that his efforts to end Jonny career when he speared him off the top of the cage was all for nothing because Jonny is still alive and breathing and come next week, he's going to come looking for Bam at Mayhem. This rivalry sure is becoming more heated and bloodier as the weeks go by.

We would also see former FCPW Chaos Champion Eron Hunter get a big victory over Tudor in his debut match putting the rest of the locker room and notice and earning himself a number one contender’s match for the Hollywood title against Venom on the upcoming Mayhem card.

The next Segment we would see Michael Morrison do a sit-down interview with new signing The Doctor Jack Hill. Jack would explain his actions on Combat on why he bloody Lance Strong up so bad after their match. Jack would also go on to explain on why he is a Doctor in the ring he is not the executioner or alone as his longtime friend Acheron would appear. The two pair of gentlemen together look like a new terrifying force ready to wreak havoc on IIW.

We would see Tyler fend off Zack Steele in their International Championship match up as Tyler would get the victory and remain Champion.

In the TV Championship match up between Rogue and Tolly which would end up being a closer contest then many people predicted as Tolly would bring everything he had to try and win the Championship, but Rogue would prove to be the superior wrestler on this night keeping his undefeated streak intact and staying your Television Champion.

Zack Steele would reappear in the night as he would challenge Rogue for The TV Championship.

Now next segment we would see are very on agent Russell Wayne go down to the nursing home in which Curtis spends his time taking care of in his spare time but yes Russell did indeed have different plans for the old folks as he would insult them and let them know how extraordinarily little they matter in this world. This will surely upset Curtis happy heart.

Now the next match up is my what I'm calling the match of the night. Now there was no gold on the line or in the main event this match stole the show for me and yes, I'm talking about Blade vs Phoenix as both men brought everything, they had to this match up as it would be a highly contested back and forth encounter that would see Blade come out on top after getting the pinfall victory over Phoenix.

Speaking of Phoenix, he is now the longest reigning Hardcore Champion.

Now the match up everyone had been waiting for Miles vs Miller 3 for the Hollywood Championship as this had been one of the best title match rivalries in IIW today, but Bam would do everything in his power to secure the victory and become the first server two times Hollywood Champion.

Now before the show would go off the air, we would get video segment from Jay Vaughan revealing that the brown envelope that Osh had given him was in fact the last contract Osh signed why still in power. The details state as followed as said by Jay Vaughan (Firstly, this contract confirms the match between Jake E Dangerously and Donny Allen next Mayhem for the IIW World Championship!

Speaking of which, this contract also confirms I, Jay Vaughan as the number one contender for the IIW World Heavyweight Championship at IIW Explosion PPV!... Thank you very much Osh!

The biggest point we must concentrate on though is the smartest move by Osh Vaughan. He has officially dismissed Chino as the Commissioner of the IIW… as a result it was a vacancy that needed filling and given what was at stake Osh acted quickly…he would now like me to officially welcome the NEW IIW COMISSIONER OF THE IIW in what I believe is an IRON CLAD CONTRACT!!!!)


Now Match of The Night goes to Blade vs Phoenix.

Performance of the Night goes to Blade Alexander.

Now before you go, I will give you my Power 8 rankings for the week.

Honorable mentions- Osh Vaughan, Eron Hunter, The Celtic Club, Curtis, Phoenix and The Prestige

1. Rogue takes the top spot from Jake E. Dangerously this week after another impressive TV Title defense and staying undefeated.

2. Now Jake falls to. Number two for no fault of his own as he has still been impressive and is your IIW World Champion.

3. Tyler Debonair stays at number three after impressive debut of his new stable.

4. Blade Alexander stays at number four as he continues to stay red hot after Worlds Collide as he picked up another big victory.

5. Bam Miller returns to the top five after an impressive Hollywood Championship victory.

6. The Purge come in at number six falling from their previous rank at number four for being absent lately on Mayhem but find themselves still in the Power 8 for holding The IIW Tag Team Titles.

7. Jonny FnC and Russell Wayne hold down the number 7 spot after delivering great segments on IIS.

8. Now the final spot goes to Eddie Zam who has been making waves as of late as he continues to make his presence felt in IIW.

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