Monday Night Mayhem returned from a commercial break to the sight of the FCPW Canadian Championship. As the camera panned out it was seen to be wrapped tightly around the waist of John Cavanagh. Shannon Riley leaned up against John, her arms wrapped over his shoulder—the power couple was flanked by John’s brother Trigger and protege Andy Donahue both with their FCPW Tag Team Championships proudly displayed—Trig around his waist and Andy over his shoulder. The white brick walls behind them showed that we were in the hallways of the locker room.

John Cavanagh: “What a difference a month or so makes, huh? Just about a month or so ago Osh Vaughan was in control of this shithole and Tyler Debonair was fighting to be crowned the inaugural International Champion—meanwhile The Celtic Club was finishing up business elsewhere. Now? Osh lost all control, but not before he gave us guaranteed deals that Bob Mitchell now has to pay. Tyler? He succeeded in being the first ever IIW International Champion.”

John laughed as Shannon began to rub the championship on John’s waist.

John Cavanagh: “What’s that saying? Oh yeah, all good things…must come to an end. Well, I don’t particularly give a shit about if its Osh Vaughan or Bob Mitchell signing our checks—money is money, it all goes to the same place anyway. BUT, I do give a shit about some young punk walking around like their hot shit. Tyler Boy, you know me better than most of the IIW roster and that’s mostly because of your father. See, Tyler, your father and I had a shit ton of history together back in a place called Fearless Championship Wrestling—and its only right that over a decade later Johnnie Boy takes care of the Debonair family one more time. I won’t get into it all right now, there is plenty of time for the IIW Universe to be enshroud in the Cavanagh-Debonair rivalry and friendship but for now…I’ll try to keep it as short and simple as possible.”

John reached behind his back, unbuckling the FCPW Canadian Championship and holding it in the air.

John Cavanagh: “IIW Explosion…FCPW Canadian Champion John Cavanagh defends against the IIW International Champion Tyler Debonair…title verse title…generation verse generation…legend verse novice…folks, you don’t want to miss this one.”

John walked off screen, Shannon gave an evil smirk and followed him, Trig followed right after as Andy, FCPW Tag Title in hand, looked at the camera, snorted back and began to flex his pecs as the scene cut to the ringside area.

Brandon Hendrix vs Scotty Adams
'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

The bell rings and Adams and Hendrix circle around each other before locking up. Hendrix pushes his right arm away from the lock up and wrenches the left overhead and into a wristlock. Adams rolls onto his back and kips up to his feet before he grabs onto Hendrix's arm with his free hand and uses both arms for a makeshift arm drag! Hendrix gets up to his feet and Adams grabs a side headlock. Hendrix pushes him against the ropes before shoving him off the other side. Adams comes back into a shoulderblock that sends him down. Hendrix runs off the ropes and jumps over Adams, who kips up to his feet. Hendrix comes off the ropes again, and Adams hits another arm drag! He gets up holding onto the arm, and the Sivler Bullet wrenches it over his head and into his own wristlock!

Hendrix winces in pain at the wristlock, and looks a little surprised at how tightly applied it is, he puts his hand down on the mat. He brings his legs up in the air while he does a handstand and then brings them down onto Adams's arms to escape the hold! Hendrix lands on his feet and jumps back up into a side headlock and then a takeover. He pulls the headlock in tight, but Adams counters into a headscissors. Hendrix kips up and out to his feet, and Adams also gets up. Hendrix grabs the wristlock again, but ABC cartwheels over his arms and catches Hendrix with a headscissors takedown as he lands! Hendrix gets back up and sidesteps Adams as he runs off the ropes. Adams comes back with another Flying Headscissors takedown! Hendrix gets up against the ropes and he catches Adams with a boot to the stomach when he comes in. Hendrix turns him around and sends him off the ropes. ABC ducks a back elbow and he runs off the other side for a Crossbody!


Hendrix kicks out!

He grabs a headlock as Adams gets up, but Adams shoves him off the ropes. He leapfrogs Hendrix and then immediately drops down when Hendrix comes off the other side. Brandon runs over him and Adams jumps to his feet and hits a beautiful standing dropkick to the face!

Scott James: God DAMNIT, that's beautiful.
Mike Fisher: I thought you were over The Silver Bullet?
Scott James: I don't like how much he cares now, but Jesus Christ, that's the prettiest dropkick I've ever seen.



Hendrix kicks out!

Scotty pulls him off the mat, and sends him into the corner. Scotty runs in wiath a clothesline across the chest, and then snapmares him back out to a sitting position. He runs off the ropes again to try a kick, but Hendrix ducks under it and he pulls Adams into a schoolboy. Adams rolls through onto his knees and Hendrix reaches up to kick him in the side of the head! Adams falls down to a knee, and Hendrix has enough time to get up to his feet and dropkick Adams in the side of the head.

Mike Fisher: Adams has learned SO much, but that was a small mistake, and Brandon Hendrix will capitalize on anything!

Hendrix shakes out the cobwebs, and he pulls Adams up before hitting a Snap Suplex. He hangs on and rolls through before lifting Adams up off of the mat. He rams him backwards into the corner, and begins to throw chop after chop into his chest. He whips him across the ring to the far corner and runs in, but Adams brings his knee up into the jaw of Brandon Hendrix. The veteran takes a few steps back and Adams runs to him, but Hendrix hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! Adams holds his back on the mat, and Hendrix puts on a rudimentary rear chinlock. He holds the energetic Mayhem competitor down as he tries to squeeze the air out of him and wear him down. He holds on for several moments before Adams begins to fight up to his feet. He jumps up and down for a Jawbreaker, but Hendrix lets go and Adams lands on his knees alone. Hendrix hits a stiff kick to the back and reapplies the chinlock.

Scott James: Veteran move from Hendrix. I guess.

Hendrix manages to hold him in a sitting position for a while again before Adams fights up. He throws elbows and slaps into the stomach of Hendrix to break the hold, and throws a hard chop to the chest too. He runs off the ropes and he tries a Flying Headscissors. Like Kingdom Come, Hendrix throws him off of it, but Adams lands on his feet now! He does a handspring backflip to Hendrix and hits a headscissors out of that! Hendrix rolls to the apron and gets up to his feet before Adams springboard off the middle rope and hits Hendrix with an Enzuiguri to knock him down to the floor! Hendrix gets up to his feet, and Adams runs off the ropes AND HITS A HUGE FLIP DIVE OVER THE TOP AND ONTO HENDRIX!

Mike Fisher: Adams taking to the air!
Scott James: Terrible.
Mike Fisher: That was beautiful!
Scott James: Ugh, I know. I can't NOT be amazed at some of this stuff, it's the worst.

Adams gets up to his feet after crushing Hendrix with it, and he pulls him off the floor before sliding him back into the ring. Adams climbs to the apron as Hendrix gets up and he hits a Springboard Flying Dropkick! Hendrix rolls away to the corner and up to his feet and runs straight into THE SILVER BULLET!!!!

Mike Fisher: Scotty used this for the first time last mayhem to pick up the victory, will he get it again now?




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… SCOTTY ADAMS!

Bam Miller and Curtis vs Jonny and Russell Wayne

All four wrestlers stand in the middle of the ring before going back to their corners. Curtis waves politely before bouncing back to his corner and getting on the apron.

Mike Fisher: What was that about?
Scott James: I don’t know, but I hated everything about it.

Jonny C and Bam start things out by circling each other briefly before coming forward and entering into a test of strength. They push on each other until Jonny C gains the advantage by moving his leg behind Bam’s and shoves his back, knocking his down to the mat. Jonny C hits a pair of kicks as Bam gets back to his feet, and hits his in the chest with a forearm smash. Bam returns the forearm with one of his own, which Jonny C returns. They go back and forth with forearms to the chest until Jonny C brings down Bam with a snapmare takeover. Jonny C wraps his arms around Bam, looking to get his into a chinlock. Bam gets back to his feet and spins out of the hold, getting Jonny C into a front headlock, before twisting down to the mat, straddling Jonny C, and pulling back with the front headlock.

Mike Fisher: A very good technical back and forth between these two to start this match off.
Scott James: Well that’s all well and good, but after that open, I want to see the other one beat up Jonny C. He’s just the worst now that he’s got Gremlinitis.

Jonny C pushes Bam away, and knocks his onto his back. Jonny C works his way around and pulls Bam down into a reverse leg leg, only for Bam to quickly kick his way. They each back to their feet and tie up in the center of the ring. Bam gets the upper hand and pushes Jonny C back into the ropes and whips his across the ring into the opposite ropes. Jonny C runs back across the ring and runs into a dropkick from Bam. Bam rushes over to his corner and tags in Curtis, and they both grab Jonny C, whipping his across the ring into the rope. They both kick his in the stomach on the rebound, run into the ropes, rebound back and hit his with a double bulldog. Bam goes to the apron, as Curtis stomps on Jonny C a few times before lifting his back up to his feet. Curtis grabs him by the hair and throws his across the ring. Curtis kicks Jonny C in the face, before tossing his back the hair again. Jonny C gets back up to his feet right as Curtis runs into his with a running dropkick, knocking his down to the mat.

Mike Fisher: Curtis’s come into the match and the aggression has picked up.
Scott James: Yeah! Death to fatherhood!

Curtis kicks Jonny C a few times and goes to whip him across the ring, only to have Jonny C reverse it and hit his with a Hurricanrana. Jonny C steps over to his corner and tags Russell into the match. Russell runs into the ring and hits Curtis with several Russell Smashes before spinning around behind his and pulling his down into a school boy.



But Curtis easily kicks out. Russell grabs Curtis and goes to whip his into the corner, only to have Curtis reverse it and toss his into the opposite corner. Curtis rushes into and hits Russell with a corner thump. Russell stumbles out of the corner and Curtis runs into the ropes, rebounding back and knocking Russell down to the mat with a spinning wheel kick. Curtis goes to lift Russell back up, but Russell tosses his back with a monkey flip. Curtis stands back up with an annoyed look on his face, and the moment Russell gets back up he knocks him back down

Curtis pushes Russell back into the ropes and tosses him into the ropes, hitting him with a back fist on his way over to his. Curtis pushes him back into the ropes and goes to whip his into the opposite ropes again, only to have Russell put the brakes on and bring Curtis down to the mat with a hugging suplex. Curtis stumbles back to his feet and turns around right into a running knee from Russell. Russell climbs to the top rope as Curtis gets back to his feet. Russell leaps off and hits his with a missile dropkick and knocks Curtis down to the mat. Russell crawls over to make a cover.



But Curtis kicks out with ease. Russell runs over to his corner and tags in Jonny C. How comes into the match and exchanges forearm strikes with Curtis. Jonny C runs into the ropes and rebounds back, hitting Curtis with a running elbow, running into the ropes and rebounding back with a roaring elbow to the face, that knocks Jonny C into the ropes. Jonny C rebounds back and hits Curtis with a calf kick. Jonny C runs into the ropes and runs over the top of Curtis who gets down to the mat on his stomach. When Jonny C rebounds back, Curtis pops back up and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Jonny C. Curtis then grabs him from behind, setting up for a Dragon Suplex. Jonny C fights against the move and pushes himself and Curtis back into the corner. Jonny C whips Curtis across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, before running across himself and hitting his with a corner splash. Curtis pushes himself out of the corner and headbutts Jonny C in the face. Curtis sets up for a Dragon Suplex again, but Jonny C is able to spin his way out of it. Curtis catches his, however and drops his on his head with a reverse DDT, before making a cover.

Scott James: Right on the back of the head!




Mike Fisher: Only two! Jonny C is able to kick out!

Curtis gives Jonny C several kicks while he’s down and hits his with several forearms strikes while he’s down. Curtis moves in on Jonny C, only to get a kick to the stomach. Jonny C runs into the ropes, only to have Bam run into the ring and hit his with a running elbow strike. Curtis walks over and kicks Russell on the apron, knocking his down to his knees. Bam spins Jonny C around before hitting his with a drop kick, knocking his back into Curtis, who pulls his down into a school boy, as Bam kicks Russell off the apron.




Jonny C kicks out, only to have Curtis spin out of it and pull his into an STF. Jonny C struggles under the hold, but is able to grab the bottom rope quickly. Curtis lifts Jonny C up and tags Bam back into the match. Bam kicks away on Jonny C, he rushes his, but Jonny C sends his crashing into the corner. Jonny C grabs his, and kicks off the top rope, dropping Bam on his head with a Tornado DDT! Jonny C hooks his up and drops his back down with a snap suplex. Jonny C gets back to his feet, runs into the ropes and lands a leg drop on Bam. Bam rolls back to his feet only to get taken down by a spinning heel kick to the face from Jonny C. Jonny C makes the cover.




But Curtis breaks it up with a kick to the ribs of Jonny C. Referee forces Curtis back to his corner, as Jonny C lifts Bam back to his feet, and runs into the ropes, rebounds back and hits his with a running dropkick to the knee. Jonny C runs into the ropes again, and goes for THE C SECTION, only to have Bam avoid it. Jonny C tags in Russell who climbs into the ring and knocks Bam over with a big running push. Bam rolls back to his feet and gets to the ropes. Russell rushes his, but Bam drops down, sending Russell down, pulling the top rope down and sending Russell down to the floor. Bam climbs to the top rope and leaps off, landing on Russell on the floor with a flying crossbody!

Mike Fisher: WHOA! Look at Bam fly!

Jonny C then slides back into the ring and pulls Bam Miller out of it, the two of them begin exchanging blows as Jonny rams Bam Miller into the ringside before Bam replies and lifts Jonny over it into the crowd, Jonny C swings at Bam Miller who ducks and smashes Jonny over the head with a customers can of coke as Jonny drops down, Bam sits down for a second and eats some salted popcorn. Jonny dumps a carton of orange juice over Bam as the two continue to fight into the upper echelons of the crowd.

Back in the ring Curtis is looking round

Curtis: BAMMM??? BAM???

As he looks around Russell is unhooking the top turnbuckle, he grabs Curtis and whips him hard into it head first busting Curtis open.

As he’s bust open Russell keeps kicking away at him laying in the kicks, the referee tries to get in the way but Russell isn’t having any of it, he keeps going eventually the referee calls for the bell and it ends in a disqualification!

Russell mean while, grabs Curtis and sets him up ontop of the exposed turnbuckle…


Scott James: Here comes another workplace accident!

Before Russell is able to deliver the Last Resort a team of referees swarm the ring and break it up as Russell begrudgingly heads to the back

TV Title
Zack Steele vs Rogue
The bell rings and Zack immediately shoots in on Rogue, bringing him to the mat with a double leg takedown. He shuffles up and tries for a side headlock, but Rogue shoves him away desperately. Zack presses forward and manages to sink the headlock but Rogue slips free before he can hook it tightly and slides under the bottom rope, wagging his finger to say that he’s not fighting on anything but his own terms.

Mike Fisher: Rogue taking a break already.
Scott James: He’s playing it smart. Setting the pace of the match to suit him.

Zack beckons Rogue to get back into the ring as the ref begins his count. Rogue tells him to back up, so Zack makes his way to the other end of the ring behind the referee...where Cora Black trips him up! Seeing his chance, Rogue rushes back into the ring and pounces onto the downed Zack with a flurry of punches.

Mike Fisher: And now the dirty tricks from Cora Black.
Scott James: Hey, I didn’t see anything. I was adjusting my contacts.
Mike Fisher: You don’t wear contacts!

Zack tries to cover up from the punches, but Rogue takes the chance to drop a knee across Zack’s leg. Zack manages to shove him off, but limps slightly as he makes it back to his feet. Rogue brings him back down with a chop block. He looks to follow with a half crab, but Zack pulls himself to the ropes before he can sink it. Instead, Rogue just stomps away at the vulnerable leg until the ref reaches four, backing away...and leaving Zack to take a punch to the face from Cora Black.

Mike Fisher: They’re abusing the rules. This is wrong.
Scott James: Ain’t nothing wrong if the ref don’t see it.

Rogue takes advantage, dragging Zack up to his feet and grabbing his back and leg for a big kneebreaker! He holds onto the leg though and follows it with a Dragon Screw! STILL he keeps hold of it and drops back with a Knee-DDT! Zack’s grasping at his knee, trying to fight through the pain but Rogue gets a hold of the leg again and this time manages to roll Zack over into a Half Crab, digging his knee into Zack’s back!

Mike Fisher: Rogue is really keeping the pressure on that knee.
Scott James: Dog with a bone. Show him weakness and he hones in on it. That predator nature.

Zack struggles against the hold, first reaching for the ropes but then upon seeing the distance, trying to push against the pressure. Rogue keeps it locked tight and Zack grits his teeth, raising his hand desperately for a moment before biting down and rolling forward, bringing himself to his back once again. Rogue tries to roll him again but Zack uses his free leg to deliver a kick to the face. He goes for another, but Rogue catches the leg and flips over into a holding vertical suplex!




Scott James: Nearly got him!
Mike Fisher: I’ll give him this. Rogue knows how to capitalize.

Rogue looks frustrated at the kickout, but drags Zack to his feet. He looks for a back body drop, but Zack slides off his shoulders and lands on his feet! His knee buckles though, so Rogue grabs his arm and shoots him into the ropes, but Zack comes off with the enziguril! He connects flush with Rogue’s face! He used the bad knee though! As he tries to shake it off, Cora Black comes onto the apron...but Zack falls back against the ropes knocking Cora off

Scott James: UNCALLED FOR!
Mike Fisher: Zack Black is rallying here

Zack is favouring a leg, but he signals for Rogue to get up. Rogue stumbles and Zack looks for the Go to Sleep...but his leg gives out… he hooks Rogue over with a T-Bone Suplex




Mike Fisher: SO close!
Scott James: Not even close! Rogue got out by miles!

Zack pushes up off the mat, firing himself up. Rogue is pulling himself up by the ropes in the corner, so Zack runs at him...CORNER DROPKICK! Zack is clutching his knee, but Rogue looks OUT. Zack stumbles, dragging Rogue into the middle of the ring. He hooks him up...Rainmaker! NO! Rogue drops, catching Zack with a low dropkick to the bad knee! Zack goes down hard and though Rogue still looks dazed, he hooks him up...FALCON ARROW! He holds the pin!




Mike Fisher: More than Rogue has, it seems.

Rogue is calling for the finish now, not put off by the kickout. He waits for Zack to get to his feet, grabbing a waistlock and shoving him forward chest first into the corner...GOING ROGUE! NO! Zack clutches the ropes to counter! Rogue rolls in the center of the ring...and gets NAILED with a Basement Superkick using the good leg! Zack signals for the end, looking for the Sky Blue Way again, but as he spins it out, Rogue lets fly with a punt to the balls for a DQ!

Mike Fisher: Dirty move by Rogue there

Scott James: But the title can’t change on a DQ!!!!!

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. By DQ….Zack Steele…but still your Television champion… ROGUE!

The scene opens to Bob Mitchells door. Curtis walks up with a towel over his shoulder holding his head. He knocks on the door.

Curtis - Mr. Mitchell it's me Curtis. You know the guy from your team at Worlds Collide.

Bob yells to come in from behind the door. Curtis opens it and walks in.

Bob - I know who you are Curtis. What's going on? I would assume this is about the attack from Russell Wayne tonight?

Curtis - Your refs are too good Mr Mitchell I wasn't done I wanted to keep fighting. This is the second show in a row Russell has attacked me and failed to finish me off. Your refs are stopping things and calling for the DQ way to early.

Bob - They are doing their jobs Curtis.

Curtis - I understand that and unfortunately they are doing an amazing job.

Bob - How can we fix this for you.

Curtis - I want Mr Wayne in a No DQ I quit match at Explosion. No rules, no time limits, no disqualification. I want to make sure we give the fans the match we have promised them.

Bob - Are you sure? Things could get out of hand very fast.

Curtis - I can handle my self Mr Mitchell I got this. Also if I Win Mr Wayne must be my shadow for a month. Where I go he goes. What I do he does. If he doesn't he is immediately fired. He must attend all my seminars and be by my side 24 hours a day. I want him to move in with me.

Bob - Curtis that's a lot and if Wayne wins?

Curtis - Than I will leave Russell alone and stop trying to change him and.......

Curtis pauses runs his hand through his hair.

Curtis - I will never volunteer for anything anywhere ever again and will never hold another seminar.

Bob - Wow that's huge. Now before I make this official you're positive you want this match.

Curtis - so badly yes. I need to change Mr Wayne and I know I can. This is a means to an end.

Bob - Done deal the match is made for Explosion. Curtis VS Russell Wayne in a No disqualification I quit match. I hope you know what you have just gotten yourself into.

Curtis - I absolutely do. Thank you very much Mr Mitchell.

Curtis runs out of the locker room than comes back in holding a gift basket with balloons tied to it.

Bob - Really? You didn't even know you would need to talk to me.

Curtis - I always keep a few gift baskets in my car just incase I need one. Just like I did right now. Always be prepared is what I always say.

Bob - You're something else Curtis.

Curtis laughs as he is walking out of Bob Mitchells office. The scene fades to black.

Hollywood Title Match
Bam Miller vs Venom vs Eron Hunter
vs vs

The match starts and the three wrestlers begin to circle around the ring. Bam Miller and Venom give each other a look and a nod. Venom runs at Eron Hunter with a shoulder block, but Eron Hunter doesn’t budge. Bam Miller tries to do the same and gets the exact same result. Venom and Bam Miller both get up and shake it off. They confer for a moment and give Eron Hunter a double shoulder block! He goes down to the mat! Bam Miller starts to run off but Venom grabs him, turns him around, and dropkicks Bam Miller’s knees out. Bam Miller goes down hard onto his face. Bam Miller pops up onto his knees and Venom meets him with an enziguri straight to the back of the head. Both men forgot about Eron Hunter though who’s back on his feet, because it was only a shoulder block after all. He big boots a standing Venom right in the back of the head! Eron Hunter backs up before nailing a huge running knee drop to Venom’ back!



Bam Miller breaks up the pin attempt!

Mike Fisher: All three of these men really trying to get a win here
Scott James: That would’ve been the worst way there for Bam Miller to lose his title, there is no advantage here remember Scott!

Eron Hunter gets to his feet and immediately charges at Bam Miller. Bam Miller sidesteps and Eron Hunter runs face first into the corner. He hits the turnbuckles hard and stumbles out backwards. Bam Miller charges ahead of him, hits the ropes, and comes back and connects with a big flying forearm smash! Bam Miller poses for the crowd and begins to take in the cheers but he waits too long and Venom is flying off the ropes! He catches Bam Miller and hits a big Tornado DDT! Venom goes for the cover!



Thr- It’s Eron Hunter that breaks up the pin this time!

Eron Hunter picks up Venom and immediately just throws him from the ring. Venom hits the floor hard and Eron Hunter picks up Bam Miller. He whips him to the ropes and as Bam Miller comes back catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Eron Hunter goes for the pin!



Bam Miller kicks out!

Mike Fisher: And these three are really putting it all out there on the line tonight!
Scott James: I will begrudgingly admit that the future of the Hollywood division currently looks bright.
Mike Fisher: And I will admit the same with no grudging whatsoever.
Scott James: I hate you.

Eron Hunter picks up Bam Miller again but Bam Miller begins to fight back. He throws a few strikes Eron Hunter’s way and goes for a superkick… but Eron Hunter catches it and spins Bam Miller the other way! However, Bam Miller spins a complete 180 and hits a superkick with the other leg! Eron Hunter crashes to the mat. He points to the top turnbuckle and the crowd goes nuts as Bam Miller hops up top. He goes for British Airways (front flip double stomp) but Eron Hunter rolls out of the way! Bam Miller lands on his feet and is met with a perfectly timed roaring elbow from Venom. VENOM GOES FOR THE PIN!

Mike Fisher: THIS COULD BE IT!




Eron Hunter immediately begins throwing bombs at Venom. He throws him up on his shoulder and runs at the corner going for the Running DDT but Venom wiggles out and lands behind him! Eron Hunter stops short so he doesn’t run into the corner but Venom charges at him with a HUUUUUUUUUUGE SPEAR! Eron Hunter hits the mat and immediately rolls to the outside of the ring! Eron Hunter begins to walk around on the outside to shake off the Ranhei as Venom poses for the crowd. He turns around to see Bam Miller staring him down! Venom goes for a roundhouse kick but Bam Miller catches it and throws his foot down! Bam Miller immediately capitalizes and jumps up onto Venom’ thighs. He drops back down and delivers a huge monkey flip sending Venom to the outside of the ring….


Scott James: That can’t be good.
Mike Fisher: What a show of strength by Eron Hunter! And let’s not forget that Venom has been wildly impressive during this match but this could really spell the end of it here today for him!

Eron Hunter transitions Venom into a gorilla press position and stalls for a bit before dropping Venom to the ground on the outside of the ring! Eron Hunter slides back in. Bam Miller immediately tries to run at him with a clothesline attempt. Eron Hunter ducks it and Bam Miller bounces off the ropes and tries to rebound but is met with the Elephant Gun (Lariat)! Eron Hunter goes for a pin!




At this point Venom is on his feet but visibly shaken. He slides into the ring to try and go toe to toe with Eron Hunter but Eron Hunter begins stomping on him before he can get to his feet. Eron ducks under and lands Flame Desperado!!!!!

He pins the now down and out Venom




Jenny Fletcher: Your Winner and NEW HOLLYWOOD CHAMPION….. ERON HUNTER!