About Us

IIW Created Wrestlers Only E-Federation

Shows One show every 2 weeks Monday Mayhem with a 2 RP Limit

One Supershow every 8 weeks (PPV) with a 2 RP limit

About the IIW

The IIW is a long running E-Fed whose core members have been together for over a decade, we focus on creating a fun environment and fictional wrestling federation. We are always on the lookout to expand our federation with new members joining our old members creating interesting new stories and settings.

IIW Environment

A lot of us have been doing this a long time and we still really enjoy it, but we have to face facts that we arent teenagers anymore, we all have jobs, kids, wives, husbands. The time fact we used to have to bust out roleplays isnt there, so we take a laid back approach to it. We run 1 Show every 2 weeks, with a Supershow (PPV) culminating every 8 weeks. We feel this allows us to have fun without having to stress about getting any roleplays up and meeting tough deadlines.

Basically we want to be able to do what we enjoy doing but without the stress you may come across in other federations

Hopefully if this is to your liking you will come and join us and enjoy the Journey with us

IIW The Journey begins here!


First Step is to Register to our Roleplay Boards and Submit an Application… It only takes a few seconds!