Disposed Owner

About – Osh Vaughan is the current Largest shareholder of the IIW. Osh is famous for his lust for money and manipulation. He will try and take advantage of the new talent for his benefit. Osh is trying to use this federation to help establish kids who have qualified from his wrestling school.

Managing Director

About –

Head Of Operations

About – Shaun Hart: Is the head of The IIW Talent Scout Department and the host of The Podcast Show and recently appointed to General Manager of Monday Night Mayhem

Head Of Security

About –

Play by Play Commentator

About – Mike Fisher is one of the leading Play by Play Commentators in the buisness, he has been doing this job since he was 21 and now has over 30 years experience… He was brought to the fed after being the one who advised Osh to open the federation and is Osh Vaughan’s 2nd hand man, when tough decisions are needed to be made.; Mike Fisher is also Osh Vaughan’s uncle.

Colour Commentator

About – Scott James is currently taking out time frmo the IIW Wrestling Circuit after being a close friend of Osh’s during his wrestling days Osh offered Scott James the spot as Co-Commentator after Scott James stepped in at the last minute at one of the shows and did a very good job. He is the colour commentator of the two and is quickly establishing himself as a top quality caller.

Backstage Interviewer

About – Michael Morrison was brought in to replace Larry Fishburg after Larry suffered his mental breakdown and ended up holding 20 people hostage in a bank. Michael is a lot more down to earth and has a lot more control about himself and his interview process.

Online Reporter

About – With the increase in online presence Osh has hired Ste Davies to head up all online activities. Ste is keen to get the best and quickest exclusives for the IIW

Interviewer / Cleaning and Disposal Manager

About – No one is too sure where he came from but he’s been around for a long time, a former associate of Donny Allen, Charlie was originally the janitor at the IIW Arena but has slowly worked his way up to self proclaimed Cleaning and Disposal Manager, he doesn’t like his job, he doesn’t like to clean, he doesn’t like anyone infact, he seems to have quite a big following even if he is very blunt at times when it comes to anything

About – After going missing for 14 years he was found locked away in a broom cupboard, Larry was previously the lead Interviewer, a very nervous individual and was rumoured to have had multiple nervous breakdowns when the pressure got to much, he’s back in 2021 to prove he’s still the top guy for getting the latest info!

Ring Announcer

About – Casie joined First Class as one of their first signings, dominating the roster with her stable “The Coven”. She became the second ever Women’s Champion and held on until Christmas and when given the opportunity after a string of mishaps in the organisation to take the reins, by Jenny Fletcher, she jumped at it.
About – Frankie met Casie when she was working as a boom operator for Netflix and had an assignment on The Coven’s reality show. She and Casie hit it off on a more personal level and Casie had her quit at Netflix, hiring her to be firstly her assistant and currently running her PR firm and yes, they’re dating.
About – Part of The Coven with Casie, Steph made her Pro Wrestling debut on First Class, winning the inaugural Evolution Championship and holding it for several months before losing out to Ada Pierce. In doing so she suffered a terrible long term injury, taking Casie’s offer to be part of the commentary team in the absence of in-ring action.
About – Nyssa joined IIW on a whim when she spotted Osh Vaughan on a night out in Manchester and asked him for a job. Previously having done both ring announcing and commentating for GBW (Great British Wrestling) in London, Nyssa began her First Class career as a commentator, until Casie took charge and made her an interviewer.

About – Leana had been both an Actress and Model, but those gigs haven’t really paid off yet. She saw an advert on a casting website on the Internet looking for a commentator for Wrestling with IIW: First Class and so she signed up and much like Nyssa, when Casie took over, she was moved to interviewer. (edited)