Who Were The FWO?

Hi I’m Ste Davies and today we’re looking back at who exactly were the FWO?

The FWO Was formed in 1999, consisting of some of the great names the wXw had ever encoutered. The UK Based faction starting really making a name for themselves igniting there first major fued with The One and Armageddon.

The English Bad Ass was the enforcer of the group, reguarly getting involved in big situations and turning the tie in favour of the FWO, He was the first to exit from the group leaving in the early 2000s and he hasn’t been seen since.

The Tag Team that FWO had was consisting of Now IIW Head of Security The Commander, then known as The Armed Commander, and his trusty team mate Dan “The Man” Matthews. These two would have numerous Tag Title reigns before Dan The Man gave up his love of professional wrestling and took a back seat, while the The Commander would go on to have multiple tag reigns and even an undefeated International title reign in the IIW.

Finally there were the two major players in the FWO, the former IIW Boss Osh and his at then time wife Jenny Fletcher, from which the group took it’s name from

Jenny, though her name sake was the name behind the group would always take a backseat here as Osh lead the faction for over 10 years taking them from federation to federation causing, damage and destruction wherever they went.

Osh propelled to fame and gold thanks to the backing of the FWO really built his reputation that he still has today of being the ultimate ring general and they were the foundation of the IIW (Then SXCW) as it was formed and began the empire in 2004 that you see today.

It’s been 17 Years since we last saw the FWO working under the famous Red and Black colours but in late 2021, Jenny Fletcher rechristened Stabby Joe and PC McGhee as the New FWO! This new generation are already ripping through teams having won the Tag Team title tournament and are due a title shot should they survive the furious onslaught that seems to be on the way from Osh as he seems destined to get his faction name and the IIW back.

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