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Hello and welcome to the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ show where the stakes can’t get any higher and the talent can’t get any dryer. I’m your host and kind of a big deal Justin York and I’m join by my drop-dead gorgeous wife Stacey and we’re here to throw some predictions for this dreadful event upcoming on April 17th: IIW’s K.K.N.D. Let’s just jump right into this mess, shall we?

Match #1

Singles Match

Standard Rules

Kameron Yates vs Ryan McCann

The newcomer in Kameron Yates who probably doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to a wrestling ring and some jack-off that’s apparently been around for a while, but I’ve never heard of in Ryan McCann. To be quite honest without caring enough to look into either guy I’m going to have to go with Kameron Yates on this one. The debut hype will be too much for McCann to handle. But let’s not be mistaken if they stepped into the ring with me that’d be the end of their careers.

Winner – Kameron Yates

Hardcore Championship

Triple Threat Falls count anywhere match

Sean Raines vs Adam Williams vs John Tolly

This match to me is an absolute joke. The kind of match they put the worst talent in to make them feel better. With that being said I feel like John Tolly is going to pull this one out. As long as he gets rid of the Team Friendship whiney, Lovey bullshit and comes prepared he’ll walk out the Hardcore champion. as if that means a god damn thing.

Winner: John Tolly

Singles Match

Standard Rules

Brandon Hendrix vs Kenny Pryce

ANYONE that’s with Crush is against me. I’d bet the entire house Kenny Pryce is taking this one home and redeeming himself after his loss @ Mayhem to Bam Miller. He damn well better!

Winner: Kenny Pryce

Singles Match

Standard Rules

Knox vs El Landerson

With both men coming off losses @ Mayhem I’m going to take old head El Landerson to win this one. Knox came off an embarrassing loss to Robert Ace while Landerson contended with Russell Wayne. Not that any of that shit matters. Landeron gets the W!

Winner: El Landerson

Singles Match

Standard rules

Liam Cain vs Jason Fenix

YAWN…. Liam Cain, I guess? Why did I agree to do this crappy show? Who even cares about this match? Regardless Liam Cain mops the floor with Jason Fenix.. NEXT!

Winner: Liam Cain

TV Championship

Dog Collar Match

TJ Alexander vs Anthony Phoenix

HAH! I love this one! The guy I beat the holy hell out of @ Mayhem and the guy I would’ve loved to beat the hell out of @ KKND. My prediction here Phoenix will scrape by for the win like he’s done his whole career and send TJ back to performing at carnivals where he belongs. I hope they beat the piss out of each other either way! Keep that title shiny Phoenix you’re next!

Winner: Anthony Phoenix

UK Championship Match

Standard rules

Crush vs Justin York/w Mrs.York

Do we really need to speak on this? Me, the man hosting the very show you’re glued to right now ‘The Casino Kid’ Justin York taking home the IIW UK Championship. It’s a formality.

Winner: Justin York

Tag Team Championship Match

Standard Tag Team Rules

CCPE vs Debonair Inc

As much as I’d like to smack the shit out of Debonair Inc myself, I think they take home the IIW Tag Team championships back to our fed and away from two apparently world renown stars In Chris Page and Thaddeus Duke (CCPE) that I’ve never heard a damn thing about. Thaddeus has an extremely punch able face though so this ought to be fun to watch! This match is however irrelevant because The High Rollers crush both teams at the same time!

Winner: Debonair Inc

Main Event

World Championship

Triple Threat Ladder Match

Jonny C vs Bam Miller vs Russell Wayne

Jonny No Balls, now I’m predicting your future! You should’ve kept your damn mouth shut instead of running it to me. I think Bam Miller and Russell Wayne Individually beat the shit out of Jonny C even though they both suck! As much as it pains me to say this, I think that ass clown Russell Wayne walks out of KKND with the IIW World title on his shoulder leaving Bam Miller and Jonny No Balls down and out! I may just make a stroll out to the ring and show ol’ Jonny what a real champion is capable of!

Winner: Russell Wayne

I’d like to hear your predictions my lovely lady!

Well, I agree with everything you said babe except John Tolly will not win the hardcore Championship the Team Friendship way has gotten the best of him and I think Raines retains the belt! Also I’m predicting a win for Jonny C.. and I know what you’re thinking. I would just like to see him win so you can take that IIW World Championship off him and his beating isn’t meaningless. Regardless of these matches no one else on the card matters except you and everyone knows damn well that’s the truth!

Never bet against the house haven’t you learned that? .. Well, that’s going to wrap up the show for the evening. Be sure to tune in to the next episode of the Go Big or Go Home show with me your host Justin York and Co-host Stacey York next Wednesday April 20th for the sloppy mess that will be Mayhem predictions. Until then don’t forget I’m the best to ever grace a professional wrestling ring and there’s not a god damn thing anybody can do about that!

Bank On It!