IIW Red Alert 2022

Mike Fisher: Here we go the first match on this glorious night here in Detroit Michigan as Jessica Watson takes Apathy.

Scott James: Both these ladies came up short and are looking to bounce back with a statement win.

Music sounds, Jessica struts from behind the curtain and walks onto stage but Apathy comes from behind her and knocks her down with an elbow.

Mike Fisher: Thats uncalled for!

Scott James: Just getting an edge before the match.

She then stomps Jessica out and then lift her up high above her head and walks over to the edge of the stage and then powerbomb off the stage and down through some tables!!!

Mike Fisher: We need security out here, this is disgusting.

Scott James: I don’t think there’s going to be a match here tonight.

Security and Shaun Hart come out to get Apathy from off the ramp and check on Jessica Watson who looks lifeless.

(Sebastian Hamilton must defend his newly won Hardcore Championship against a field of competitors that could dethrone him in a competitive match like this. Who will walk out as the King of the Hardcore division when these competitors collide?)

Hardcore Championship

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Lenny Diego vs Max Stone vs Eoin O’Rourke vs Sebastian Hamilton (c)

Match Two
Hardcore Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Lenny Diego vs Max Stone vs Eoin O’Rourke vs Sebastian Hamilton (c)

Chingon’s After Dark plays through the house speakers as Lenny Diego starts to make his way do to the ring. Climbing up onto the apron, Lenny steps through the ropes and into the ring.
Mike Fisher: “Well there you have it. The first man in the Hardcore title match here tonight. All four are walking into this thing with one thing on their mind, and that is leaving with the Hardcore Title.”

The arena lights dim as guitar riff echos through the arena. Then as the music reaches it’s high point….
A sole light shines on the stage with Eoin O’Rourke standing on the stage with his eyes closed, arms stretched wide and hands open.
“Its a smoke and mirror’s. It’s a day in day out prison. You’re living in, it’s smothering the power in you.”
Eoin opens his eyes and lowers his arms and begins marching down the ramp.
“When the world’s out of control. And time is always racing. Everybody has a place. Where they can let it go”
Eoin makes it to ringside and he stands in front of the ring. He begins cracking his neck and hopping on the sides, then he dives into the ring and rolls to stand back up with his arms stretched again with a green spotlight over him.
“And fall into the feeling. Take a breath and never leave it. When the world is overwhelming. Just close your eyes, you’ll find the strength to seize the day.
Nothing standing in your way. Just fall into the feeling. Take a breath, it’s time to let it go. It’s time to let it go”
Eoin lowers his arms and walks around the ring, taking off his jacket and readying for the match.

The opening bass line of N.I.B. by Black Sabbath plays quietly as an image of a smiling Max Stone slowly fades in. The guitar plays as golden pyrotechnics shoot from the stage floor.
“Oh yeah!”
Max Stone emerges from the curtain with a smile on his face and walks down the aisle pointing to the fans and singing the lyrics to his theme song. He enters the ring and slowly raises his arms, expecting the energy of the crowd to ascend. He removes his jacket and gets ready for his match.

Scott James: “All three challengers now in the ring, only one person left. The current Champion Sebastian Hamilton.”

The lights dim ever so slightly and “When the man comes down” by Robert J. Walsh hits the speaker system. Sebastian Hamilton steps out from behind the curtain dressed head to toe in formal attire consisting of a three piece suit, with tie and a long thick black tweed coat and just stops at the top of the ramp, his brothers Edward and Benjamin stood behind him. The three men make their way down the aisle, fixated on the ring and who the next victim of the Establishment is going to be. Sebastian steps methodically up the ring steps, climbs through the ropes removing the coat, which he hands to one of his brothers before undoing his tie and removing his shirt, waiting on the bell to ring.

Mike Fisher: “Do you think Sebastian Hamilton is in the right state for this match Scott? After the brutal battle with Sean Raines only a couple short weeks ago, he can’t be at 100%.”

Scott James: “And I am sure former champion Sean Raines feels a bit cheated given that Sebastian Hamilton had some help from his brothers to pull off the victory.”

Max Stone is the first to attack. Jumping in with a massive haymaker to Lenny Diego. Sebastian Hamilton throwing a knee to the stomach of a distracted Eion O’Rourke.

Max Stone with Lenny Diego backed into the corner, throwing a series of heavy punches. Taking a couple of steps back, Max Stone throws a few big kicks to Lenny’s side as he falls to the mat.

Eion O’Rourke has gained control of the attack from Hamilton, throwing his own punches and forcing Sebastian to back off, dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring. As Eion turns his attention towards joining the ongoing attack on Lenny Diego, Sebastian Hamilton decides to turn this match towards the nature in which it was intended. Grabbing a chair from under the ring, Sebastian rolls back into the ring, swinging it wildly at the three men fighting in the ring. Max Stone takes the first chair shot to the back, Eion turns at the sound only to receive his own directly to the forehead. Lenny manages to get a foot up and delivers a kick to the groin of Hamilton forcing him to drop his chosen chair. Lenny jumps up, grabbing Sebastian by the back of the head and driving him face first into the chair laying on the ring mat.

Max Stone now back to his feet, takes a running start at Eion. Hitting him hard with a spear and taking the two men tumbling out of the ring. Sebastian Hamilton is back up on his feet and locked up with Lenny Diego, the two men struggling to get the upper hand.

Eion and Max, trading fists outside of the ring. A couple of big punches landed by Stone, but Eion lifts a driving knee into his stomach and grabbing Stone by the head, dropping down and driving him face first into the ring post. Max Stone, stopped dead in his tracks and falls backwards landing flat on his back, now with blood starting to trickle out of his forehead. Eion takes the opportunity to drop down for the cover.


Kick out by Stone.

Mike Fisher: “This isn’t going to end that quickly. I don’t think any of these guys will take a loss if they can help it.”

Sebastian taking every frustration and bit of anger out on Lenny Diego. Hamilton over powering Lenny with every move in his ability. With Lenny down on the mat, Sebastian rolls out of the ring grabbing his coat at ringside. Sebastian with a sinister smirk on his face reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small shiny metal object, placing it into the pocket of his pants. Before climbing back into the ring Sebastian grabs another chair from ringside, tossing it into the ring and rolling inside. Hamilton doesn’t pick up the chair right away, instead making his way over to Lenny and pulling the small metal object from his pocket. Sebastian pulls out a set of handcuffs, showing it to the crowd before handcuffing Lenny to the top rope. The champion makes his way back to the chair, picking it up and starting what can only be described a barbaric attack on Lenny Diego.

Scott James: “And that is why he is our current IIW Champion Mike.”

After a vicious attack, Lenny lays helpless being propped up by the ring rope. Sebastian, knowing he cannot pin Lenny returns to his coat to find the handcuff keys to release his opponent so he can get an easy pin. As he digs through his pockets, he comes to the realization that the key is missing and he has no way of pinning Lenny on the actual ring apron. Realizing it is a waste of time, the champion looks around, trying to get an eye on his opponents. Max Stone and Eion O’Rourke have been battling back and forth and have made their way up the ramp to the backstage area. Sebastian Hamilton starts making his way through the arena to find the match, trying to make sure he retains his Hardcore Title. A bloody and broken Lenny Diego left defenceless and handcuffed to the top rope.

We catch up to Max Stone and Eion O’Rourke backstage; the two men are fighting in one of the catering rooms. Chairs, tables and a few trays scatter around the room on the floor. Eion manages to get a hand on the throat of Max Stone. Picking him up and slamming him through one of the catering tables with a choke slam. Stone rolling over in pain, grabs a metal tray in desperation and slamming it into the side of the head of Eion. Eion stumbles back before running with a huge kick to the face of Max Stone.

Sebastian Hamilton, has now found the remaining two opponents joining the fight as the two men fight their way out of catering. Eion and Max turn their attentions towards the champion; both men know that winning the title by pinning the champion is just that much more impressive. Sebastian Hamilton grabs at Max Stone, slamming him against some travel road cases piled high in the hallway. Sebastian picking up Stone, he throws him with everything he has into an office door. Barrelling through and breaking the door, Max Stone lays on the office floor as Eion attacks Sebastian from behind. Stone gets back to his feet and joins the fight once again. Eion and Sebastian turn their attention towards Max Stone. The two men punching, kicking and over powering the lone Max Stone. As Max gets beaten down on the floor, Eion breaks off and climbs up onto one of the road cases. Sebastian Hamilton pick up the beaten Max Stone and lays him across one of the tables standing in the hallway. Eion cracks his neck, crosses himself and dives off with the Diving Irish, driving Max Stone through the table. Instantly Sebastian Hamilton takes advantage and starts to attack the unsuspecting O’Rourke. Sebastian with a low blow, grabbing Eion by the head and slamming him down to the concrete floor with a DDT. Eion’s blood pours all over the floor as he rolls over in pain. As the momentary daze starts to fade, Eion starts to become aware that something is not right. Sebastian should have covered for the pin while he had the chance. Eion makes his way to his feet. As he rises he sees Sebastian Hamilton standing in the corner, barely standing as he struggles to breathe. Directly behind him stand Sean Raines, clinching a chain tightly around Sebastian Hamilton’s throat.

Mike Fisher: “Well I guess this is Raines getting even for the beat down he took at the hands of the three Hamilton brothers during his title fight.”

Eion realizing Hamilton is no longer a threat he turns away to find Max Stone. Stone standing, waiting for his moment delivers a stomach kick and throws Eion O’Rourke into the Renegade Spike onto the cold concrete floor.

Scott James: “Eion is out! Eion is out!”

Max Stone covers the unconscious Eion.



Max is dragged off, by SEAN RAINES. Raines shaking his head no. Raines pointing towards Sebastian Hamilton. Max Stone to his feet, he picks up Hamilton. Another Renegade Spike. Sebastian lay bleeding on the concrete as Stone covers.




Max Stone has done it! The winner and NEW IIW Hardcore Champion Max Stone!

*The sounds reverberating off the old concrete cannot be coherently described. Thousands of different voices screaming, cheering, crying, in unison, intermittently, and randomly. It is a dull, incomprehensible roar as the scene goes deeper into the concrete jungle.

Fading into a shimmering echo, seemingly grasping to be heard, the noise of the fans is replaced by what could only be described as mumble singing.

We see Mr. Determination, sporting large, red, wired headphones, jamming out to some sort of music. He is dressed in slightly baggy dark jeans, a black t-shirt with ‘Addiction’ written on the chest, and a light beige zip-up hoodie.

On his lap is a small black and white cat, currently in the pleasure throws of a belly rub.*

The Vance – 🎵 Better not be so quick to test us, cause we come to kill ya now…🎵

Oh hey there fellers, didn’t see ya there. May have been a bit into me music eh?

*The big man gives the camera a sheepish grin and continues petting his only companion in life*

The Vance – I can’t believe Im actually here. This was way too much traveling to start our time in the IIW, but kitty and I are troopers.

We have been through so damn much, this ain’t no sweat. She may be small, but ole Skittles has her claws. Mostly cause she won’t friggin let me get close enough to cut em. Bahaha.

*After his hearty laugh, Mr. Determination looks around for a moment, spotting a very new looking cat carrier.*

The Vance – Okay kitty kitty, time to goes to your fancy new home, my love. I don’t trust havin ya out in a place neither of us knows. Plus, if I know fellers in this business, and I do, I can’t be too careful with the things dearest ta me.

I think it’s about time I started to get to know some of my competition; and I don’t think watchin on a TV back here is gunna do it. Let’s go miss princess.

*The Vance shuffles the cat easily into the oversized carrier, with enough room for about five more. Compared to a duffel bag, this cat is in a luxurious penthouse.

He starts to walk towards the enveloping sea of noise, but stops short. With a facial expression that conveys a dire sense of emergency, the large human being looks around in panic.*

The Vance – Oh by geezus that airplane food is not enjoying its new home. Probably shouldn’t have had that lobster dip at the bar before boarding too.

You boys please point me to the shitter? I really don’t want to have my first appearance to be me painting the town brown.

*The entire scene moves slightly, indicating a bathroom down the hallway with a sway of the camera. The Vance gives a quick thumbs up, grabs the cat, and heads towards where the camera indicated. 

Mr. Determination moves quickly, but gingerly, as if the slightest misstep would end in nuclear disaster. A slight, high-pitched, hum of panic escapes his lips as the intensity of his pace increases.*

The Vance – Out of the way people! We don’t want a freakin code brown on our hands!!!

*The camera crew decides not to follow Mr. Determination into the washroom; intelligently offering him plenty of space. Further down the hallway with the washroom, there are a series of doors on either side, with a sharp right turn at the end.

As the camera is focused on the entrance to the washroom, a blurred figure can barely be noticed rounding the far corner of the hallway.

Suddenly a noise erupts from the washroom. 

The Vance – By the power of all thats good. Get this out of me!

*It ends with a primal sounding scream, a noise so heinous that every single person in the immediate vicinity was startled. The perfect distraction for the shadowy figure to slip into the bathroom.*

The Vance – Hey there bud, plenty a other stalls free if ye can take er. Ha ha ha!

*There is a sudden crash, yelling and raised voices, and we see a group of people with ‘Security’ on their shirts rush into the bathroom as they pull the guys away it’s revealed to be none other than…

( After coming up short in the battle royal Iron Wolf makes his singles debut when he takes on Harpinder Singh. Who will reign supreme when these two athletes collide? )

Standard Singles Match

Iron Wolf vs Harpinder Singh

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen, IIW Red Alert continues with the following match up, set for one fall with a twenty minute time limit.

“Iron Wolf” by Beastwars begins as Iron Wolf walks out from the back. He howls, something that is mirrored by a few fans. He makes his way down to the ring while growling and snarling for the fans. He rolls into the ring and climbs to the nearest corner, howling again for the fans.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way down the aisle, hailing From the Road, weighing in at 245 pounds and standing at six feet, two inches tall…he is IRON WOLF!!!!

Music hits and Harpinder Singh makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: And his opponent…HARPENDER SINGH!!!!

Mike Fisher: This one should be quite the battle, two young and relatively new stars in the IIW fighting to move up the ladder.

Scott James: Both of these guys could be future challenges to the winner of Chris Page and John Cavanagh later tonight if they play their cards right.

Mike Fisher: Well, let’s get this one started then.

The bell rings and the two fighters come to meet in the center of the ring and lock up in a collar and elbow. After a bit of moving back and forth Singh sends Wolf to the ground and begins to flex in a show of strength. Singh charges Wolf and goes for a big boot but Wolf gets underneath it and connects with a heel kick to the chin. Singh wobbles but comes right back to be met with another before falling through the middle ropes and to the floor.

Mike Fisher: Iron Wolf might have caught Harpinder Singh by surprise with those heel kicks.

Scott James: Ya think? It looks like Singh is trying to shake the cobwebs off at the moment.

Wolf hits off of the far ropes as if he is going to take flight but stops right before the ropes as Harpinder runs from the area and slides into the other side of the ring. Wolf turns to meet Harpinder but Singh turns him inside out with a clothesline. Harpinder points to his mind to show his mental strength before he begins to land the boots to Wolf’s midsection.

Mike Fisher: Scouting report says that Iron Wolf doesn’t take flight much, I’m wondering why he teased it or even thought about it there.

Scott James: Maybe he thought he wasn’t luchador enough for his mask.

Singh pulls Wolf up by the mask and motions to take the mask off as the crowd boos. Singh lands a clubbing forearm to Wolf’s back before sending him hard into the corner with an Irish Whip. Wolf pops out of the corner dazed to be met with a high back body drop from Singh. Singh hits the ropes and drops a knee over Wolf’s face. Singh covers without a hooked leg …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Harpinder looked as if he was sure he had this one in the bag with that knee drop.

Scott James: It was devastating, who else could drop a knee so amazingly?! ONLY HARPINDER SINGH!!!!

Harpinder allows Wolf to get to his feet and goes for another clothesline but Wolf ducks and grabs him from behind pulling him down with a backstabber that gets a pop from the crowd. Wolf capitalizes with a kick to the face, followed by a running knee strike. Wolf hooks the leg …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Iron Wolf almost had the victory right there.

Scott James: You’re going to need quite a bit more to get a win over Harpinder Singh.

Wolf and Singh get to their feet and Singh is met with a stiff kick to the gut, followed by a jab to the jaw, then a knife edge chop to the chest which produces a “wooooo” from the crowd, followed by another. Singh is backed up into a corner when Wolf hits a dropkick. Wolf takes a few steps back, runs for moment, and crashes his elbow into the side of Harpinder’s head. Harpinder moves from the corner dazed, he swats at Wolf but comes up empty.

Mike Fisher: I’m not one hundred percent sure Harpinder has any idea where he is at the moment.

Scott James: Come on Singh, I’ve got some money on you in Vegas!

Singh stumbles and is met with a Ground and Pound from Wolf who begins to lay the punches into the side of Singh’s face as the referee begins his five count with Wolf getting off his victim at a count of four.

Mike Fisher: That Lou Thesz Press from Iron Wolf, I’m not sure if Harpinder knows what to do with himself right now.

Scott James: Well if the official would get in there and do his damn job!

Wolf gets to his feet and motions the number one in the air. One more time he goes for the Ground and Pound when SIngh gets to his feet. Wolf leaps into the air but he’s intercepted and Singh lands him flat, face first with a flapjack. Singh pulls at Wolf and then begins to unlace the mask as the crowd begins a chorus of boos.

Mike Fisher: Now come on, if this were Mexico going after Iron Wolf’s mask would be a disqualification.

Scott James: Yeah, last I checked we’re in the good old U.S. of A, a little city called Detroit…home of the Tigers and Lions…maybe you’ve heard of it?

Singh continues to unlace the mask before Wolf grabs him by the head and brings him down with a jawbreaker. Wolf holds onto his mask and charges for a spear but Singh side steps in sending Wolf crashing shoulder first into the steel post through the buckles. Wolf gets up holding his shoulder and turns around into a vicious spinebuster from Singh. Singh goes for the cover …1 …2 ….kickout!

Mike Fisher: Someone please tell me how the hell Iron Wolf got his shoulder up after that?

Scott James: I don’t know, immaculate conception?

Singh argues with the referee over the count before he goes to pull at Wolf’s mask once again. Wolf comes to his feet pulling back at his mask so as to not expose his identity. Wolf pulls Singh down into a schoolboy for the …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Singh needs to forget about that mask before it costs him the match.

Scott James: My man Harpinder is just toying with Iron Wolf right now, this is going to be a joke of a win when all is said and done.

Harpinder gets to his feet in shock and goes for a big boot but Wolf ducks. Wolf runs from behind and connects with a Takedown (Spear). Wolf covers …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Are you so sure about that? It looks like that was almost the end of the match right there!

Scott James: Looked like, but wasn’t.

Wolf gets to his feet and hulks up as the crowd erupts for him. Singh gets to his feet and is met with a Wolf Strike (Superman Punch). Singh wobbles as if he is about to fall but doesn’t. Wolf can’t believe it but signals for another one. The crowd respond in kind as Wolf gets prepared and hits another Wolf Strike that sends Singh to the canvas. Wolf drops to his knees and makes the cover …1 …2 …3!!!

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…IRON WOLF!!!!

( After picking up a big win on last Mayhem over The Bum Squad as they get ready for the upcoming Tag Team Tournament Bear-O-Dactyl must now get ready to face a team that will be in the tournament themselves in the form of the debuting ATG. Which team will get the win and build momentum before the first round of the tournament?)

Tag Team Match

Rhett Dawson & Sawyer Wade (ATG) vs Bear-O-Dactyl

Announcer : Now on their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 375lbs, the team of Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio…. Bear-O-Dactyl!

As the ring announcer finishes up, a booming voice from nowhere fills the arena, like an excited chihuahua with no social filter, the unseen speaker tries to sound tough despite the like a childlike inflection to his voice.

Lil’ MC : Yo! Yo! Yo! You ’bout to witness a Mother Fucking Origin Story, let’s go!

The house light’s dim as ‘The Motherfucking Pterodactyl’ by Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal starts to play. Fans, especially the younger ones, begin clapping along to the silly, but infectious beat of the song. Spotlights pan across the crowd and strobe lights fill the arena.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Here to

Ptear you a nnnnnneeeeewww… asshole

The spotlights settle on the stage as Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio burst through the curtain to an explosion of green, blue and red pyro.

Mike Fisher: Next we wait for our… oh

Rhett Dawson and Sawyer Wade slide under the ring behind the men as Beckett waits on the outside, just as they’re about to attack the referee spots them and calls for the bell


Both men run in to the now aware Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio , who sidestep the attack. The referee gets between the four men and orders one from each team to the apron. Rhett Dawson looks at Sawyer Wade and Sawyer Wade points to the outside, he nods and heads over. Pequeño Dinosaurio  simply walks to the ropes and steps through, taking off his long coat and letting it fall to ringside.

Mike Fisher: The referee managing to keep order here at the outset. He’s going to needt hat attitude with ATG and especially Sawyer Wade

Union Jack stares across the ring at Rhett Dawson, and signals for Sawyer Wade to tag him in. Sawyer Wade shrugs and walks up to his corner, Rhett Dawson goes to slap his outstretched hand but Sawyer Wade pulls it away at the last second, he turns to Union Jack and shakes his finger, the crowd laugh as Sawyer Wade steps up to Union Jack once more, only to receive a huge double axe handle, knocking him down. Sawyer Wade scrambles backwards and raises to his feet, the smile no longer there. He runs in and ducks Union Jacks second Axe Handle attempt, and slides through to take Pequeño Dinosaurio ‘s legs out, sending him to the concrete

Mike Fisher: That was sneaky

Scott James: That was brilliant, these two are going to show you that our group is more than weapons, it’s a state of mind.

Sawyer Wade quickly gets to his feet and locks up with Union Jack, buck takes him in to a hammer lock, then a head lock, reversed in to a backdrop by Sawyer Wade. He takes the downed Union Jack over in to an ankle lock, Union Jack reaches out for the ropes and grabs them, the referee starting his five count. Sawyer Wade immediately let’s go and holds up both hands, before running in with A boot to Union Jacks head. The recovered Pequeño Dinosaurio  reaches over the ropes to try and get the tag, Union Jack reaches out, but Sawyer Wade kicks Pequeño Dinosaurio ‘s arm away. Pequeño Dinosaurio , looking pissed off, tries to step in to the ring, but the referee blocks him bodily, telling him to get to the outside. Sawyer Wade, laughing, lifts Union Jack up, but his arms are knocked away by Union Jack who throws rights and lefts in to his opponent’s face. The crowd mostly boo, but there are a few UK supporters on Union Jacks side, making the noise for him. Sawyer Wade is knocked in to the corner and Union Jacks runs back and in with a high knee, knocking Sawyer Wade to his ass, he then runs back again, and keeps going, turning with a vicious short arm clothesline to Rhett Dawson, knocking him  to the turnbuckle on the outside, and down to the floor. He then saunters over to his partner and hold his hand out for a tag

Mike Fisher: And Pequeño Dinosaurio   is now the legal man, and he’s straight on Sawyer Wade with boots to the midsection. Payback for earlier

The referee starts the corner 5 count, and Pequeño Dinosaurio  lets it go all the way until he is dragged off by the referee. No sooner is he pulled away than he runs back in with more mudhole stomps. Sawyer Wade is ready though, and grabs the incoming boot, using his leg to trip the mysterious Pequeño Dinosaurio . Sawyer Wade flies from his seated position to on top of Pequeño Dinosaurio  hitting him with a flying elbow drop to his face


Mike Fisher: Oh what a shot, that hit him straight in the cheekbone

Scott James: Great shot, that’ll welt up nice

Sawyer Wade looks to his corner, but Rhett Dawson is on his knees on the outside, holding the side of his head where he made contact with the steel post. Sawyer Wade shakes his head and screams at Holly to give him a weapon

Mike Fisher: Well that’s a sure-fire way to get disqualified

Scott James: I don’t think Sawyer Wade cares

Mike Fisher: OUT OF NOWHERE! HOLY SHIT. And a cover



The referee grabs his hand in agony after slapping it down on the mat on instinct, nursing it close to him. Pequeño Dinosaurio   gets up from the mat and approaches the referee, listing him to his feet. He doesn’t yell, doesn’t get in the referee’s face.

Pequeño Dinosaurio  covers once more as the new ref slides in to the ring






Kickout by Sawyer Wade, Pequeño Dinosaurio  rolls off and to his feet as Sawyer Wade crawls his way to his corner where the beefed up and angry Rhett Dawson is leaning over the ropes to get the tag


The crowd react with disappointment as Pequeño Dinosaurio   grabs him by the ankle and drags him back, before lifting him to his feet and walking him by the back of the head to his corner. He tags Union Jack and holds Sawyer Wade’s arms behind his back as Union Jack takes huge swings at Sawyer Wade’s ribs, trying but failing to bend over and protect himself after every shot. The ref reaches his five count and Pequeño Dinosaurio  lets go, going back to the outside and letting Sawyer Wade sink to the mat.

Mike Fisher: Good teamwork there

Scott James: Union Jack knows how to take advantage of a situation

Union Jack, with one hand, reaches over to the turnbuckle cover and rips it off in a fluid motion, exposing the corner ring underneath. He lifts Sawyer Wade to his feet and drags him back a few steps, turning it to an irish whip towards the exposed steel. Sawyer Wade though falls to the mat, tripping Union Jack, who’s momentum sends him head first in to the corner

Union Jack holds his hands to his head and turns in anger to Sawyer Wade, who is halfway across the ring, scrambling to make the tag, Union Jack leaps up and runs, coming in with an elbow drop to Sawyer Wade’s spine, his fingers just short of the tag

Mike Fisher: I don’t get it, he wanted Rhett Dawson in this thing

Rhett Dawson gets in Union Jacks face, over the ropes, and Union Jack starts screaming back, Rhett Dawson pushes Union Jack in to Sawyer Wade, waiting behind on his hands and knees

Mike Fisher: Schoolboy roll up!













Scott James: Kick out by Union Jack, damn

Union Jack reaches out quickly to the scrambling Sawyer Wade

Rhett Dawson, completely fired up comes in with a clothesline, taking down Union Jack, the crowd are on their feet as Pequeño Dinosaurio  steps through the ropes only to receive a stiff clothesline himself for his trouble, Union Jack is back up to get a body slam and he turn back to Pequeño Dinosaurio


To receive a kick to the nuts by Pequeño Dinosaurio , who hooks Rhett Dawson’s head as he bends over and uses all his strength to drive the big man’s skull to the matt. Sawyer Wade grabs the ring ropes on the apron and makes it back to his feet, shouting over to the referee about what happened.

Mike Fisher; The referee claiming he didn’t see anything

The referee sends Pequeño Dinosaurio  back to the apron, where he goes willingly, as Union Jack is back on his feet. He smiles down at Rhett Dawson and looks out at the crowd who boo

Union Jack grabs Rhett Dawson by the hair and lifts him to his feet, sinking a knee to his ribs as he does so, keeping Francesco doubled over, he grabs his head in a bulldog position, but instead runs him full force, head first, to the second turnbuckle, swiftly kicking Rhett Dawson as he falls to the matt. He grabs his legs and drags him to the center of the ring, covering him







Mike Fisher: Hard Kickout, Rhett Dawson isn’t done yet

Shaking the cobwebs off, Rhett Dawson turns to a knee, and dodges the incoming boot of Union Jack, rolling to his left and to his feet. He goes in fast for a tie up and Union Jack and Rhett Dawson jockey for position

Mike Fisher: Union Jack putting up more of a fight here than Rhett Dawson was expecting from the him. This is faith in action

Sawyer rushes the ring but is quickly taken out from the side by Union Jack, quickly tagging his partner in they set up Rhett Dawson on the top rope….

Flight Of The Bear-O-Dacty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Alice: Your winners… BEAR – O – DACTYL!

( The Women’s division looks to steal the show when they put four of the best on display in a chaotic fatal four-way match. Which one will stand out and get the win?)

Fatal Four Way Match

The Venomous Pixie Kayla Collins vs Ryleigh Ruin vs Beckett Marisol vs Jessica Banks

Mike Fisher: Up next the women’s division looks to steal the show and show these guys how it’s really done in the ring as four of the very best clash in a fatal four ways match.

Scott James: These are four of the very best in-ring workers we have in this company, they very well could be the talk of the show when it’s all said and done.

Mike Fisher: This has all the making of a classic with Kayla Collins, Ryleigh Ruin, and Beckett Marisol making their in-ring debuts tonight along with Jessica Banks who looks to bounce back after a defeat at the hands of Capello. All of them have something to fight for tonight but which one will leave with a win and one step closer to being a contender for the Championship? Will find out in just a moment.

The bell rings and all four competitors stand in the ring as they talk some trash to each other before circling each other then Banks makes the first move as she hits Ryleign with a quick closeline and then follows up with an elbow drop. Kayla goes after Beckett but she’s met with a knee to the face and then followed by a DDT. Beckett then turns her attention to Jessica Banks as she grabs her by the back of her hair and throws her face first into the turnbuckle. Jessica Banks grabs her face and looks horrified.

Mike Fisher: Seems like Banks doesn’t like her face getting damaged.

Scott James: Of course, she doesn’t and neither do I or the fans for that matter.

Banks slaps Beckett in the face with fury and then slings her outside the ring, but Kayla sneaks up behind her and hits her with a codebreaker followed by a cross-face submission lock. The referee checks on Banks as Kayla keeps the pressure on. Banks looks like she’s ready to tap but Ruin comes diving on top of Kayla and breaks the hold. Banks rolls out of the ring while Ruin gets on top of Kayla and raisin down punches on her and then tosses her into the turnbuckle corner and delivers some hard shoulder thrust before tossing her to the ground and then Ruin bounces off the second ropes and hits a moonsault and hooks both legs of Kayla and the referee gets in position.



Kayal pos the shoulder up and Ruin slaps the mat with frustration and then lifts Kayal up by her hair then kicks her in the gut and hits a snap suplex with authority. Ruin gets up to continue the assault but Beckett comes back in and hits a quick superkick to Ruin and then lifts her up on her shoulders and hits a soman drop. Shen then scoops up a staggering Kayal and slams her on top of Ruin. As she stacks them on top of each other she looks ready to hit the ropes for another big move but Jessica Banks springboards off the ropes and looks for a hurricanrana but Beckett uses her strength to pull Banks up in a Powerbomb position and then drops her on top of the other two ladies.

Mike Fisher: The power of Beckett is unreal and is dominating this match in her debut.

Kayla and Ruin roll out the ring as Beckett pulls Banks up but Banks fights back and as she unloads with a combination of punches and then rocks Beckett with a headbutt that sends her falling back in between the ropes but comes back and blasts Banks with a brutal closeline. Beckett quickly makes it back to her feet and picks Banks up in a hurry and hits her with the Tooth and Nail!!!

Mike Fisher: A very devastating death valley driver.

Scott James: You can see the eyes roll back in Bank’s head.

The referee gets in position to make the count.




Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall Beckett Marisol!!!

Beckett celebrates in the ring as the referee raises her hand and the crowd gives her a great ovation.

Mike Fisher: Great Debut for Beckett Marisol tonight, this should really help her stand out in the division moving forward.

Scott James: Definitely; have to like how she was able to come in and dominate this match and put the division on notice.

( Anthony Phoenix the former TV Champion and the only man on the roster with a win over current TV Champion Caleb Scott looks to defeat him again and get back his TV Championship but Caleb Scott who looks to get even with Phoenix and prove how great of a Champion he is by knocking off two former Champion. Who will leave with the TV Championship?)

TV Championship

Standard Singles Match

Anthony Phoenix vs Caleb Scott(c)

Mike Fisher: And we’re underway, both men straight in to a tie up, Caleb forces Anthony Phoenix to a knee, but Anthony Phoenix quickly back up, forced to a knee again, back up and forced to a knee again

Anthony Phoenix breaks the tie up and retreats to his corner, looking at Caleb, sizing up his options. He approaches for another tie up and Caleb tries to use his strength once more, but Anthony Phoenix is ready and takes Caleb over in a modified Monkey flip, using Calebs leverage against him

Mike Fisher: Smart move by Anthony Phoenix

Both men skip around each other before coming in again, Caleb Scott is quick to switch to a waist lock, trying to take Anthony Phoenix over in to a belly to back takedown, but Anthony Phoenix ties his leg around Caleb, stopping the manouvre, Caleb steps out, keeping the waist lock held, and successfully takes Anthony Phoenix down. Both men are quick back to their feet and Caleb heads straight to the ropes, ducking Anthony Phoenix’s clothesline attempt, hitting the opposite rope and flies in with a forearm smash, taking Anthony Phoenix down as the crowd cheer and Caleb flips back to hiis feet. Anthony rolls up and Caleb throws an elbow, which Boride blocks with his left, swinging his fist with his right and landing, and again, and again, he forces Caleb Scott against the ropes and chops down hard on to Caleb’s bare chest


















Mike Fisher: Hard chops there from Anthony Phoenix, this crowd feeling every shot as they echo throughout the arena

Anthony Phoenix runs away from Caleb Scott a few steps and applies the brakes, running back in with a high knee, but Caleb grabs it

Scott James: Ouch, Phoenix thrown STRAIGHT over Calebs head to the concrete outside, and he landed with a terrible impact on his back

Anthony Phoenix arches in pain and Caleb Scott plays to the crowd, pumping his hands up and down, getting the crowd to turn their empathetic oooh’s to cheers and claps, Anthony Phoenix gets to a knee as Caleb runs to the opposite rops, Anthony Phoenix forces himself up and turns just as Caleb returns, flying clean over the top twisting in midair in to a moonsault and cleanly taking Anthony Phoenix down

Mike Fisher: Fantastic move there, both men are down and the crowd are loving it

Scott James: See back when we were great all Caleb needed to do was throw an arm over Anthony Phoenix right now and get the count, but now he has to make sure they’re both in the ring and not touching or under the ropes. Are you telling me that’s a change for the better?

Scott James: Sure thing, on with the match

Caleb rolls to a knee, holding his stomach, he then reaches for Anthony, grabbing him by the head and lifting as he gets to his feet. Mike is beside Caleb, directing him to roll Anthony in. Caleb nods and does this, so Anthonys top half is slightly out over the floor, facing down. Caleb backs up and swings in a knee, grabbing the back of his head as he does

Mike Fisher: Damn, that may have broken his nose

Anthony writhes on the canvas, holding his nose as Caleb Scott rolls to the inside, he picks Anthony Phoenix up, but is countered with a jawbreaker. Anthony gets to the ropes, wiping tears from his eyes and checking his nose for blood As Caleb raises, holding his jaw

Mike Fisher: Back to square one, both of these men facing off in the center of the ring once more

Anthony Phoenix wastes no time, coming in with a stiff kick, followed by and arm drag, and landing a dropkick on Caleb as he gets back to his feet, Anthony Phoenix locks in a sleeper hold but he’s too close to the rope as Caleb grabs it quickly

The referee asks Anthony Phoenix to release the hold, which he does, rolling to his feet, still checking his nose, he goes back to Caleb Scott and lands an elbow drop, back to his feet for another, back form a repeat performance

Scott James: Caleb Scott catches Anthony Phoenix’s arm and applies an arm bar, what a counter from our Champion

Anthony Phoenix tries to reach over Caleb for the ropes, But Caleb keeps kicking Anthonys free arm away, refusing to let him get near. He wrenches in the arm bar as the crowd cheer. Bridie screams and rolls in to the arms bar, rolling up Caleb in the process for the pin. The referee refuses to count as both men as on the ropes. Caleb releases his now tenuous grip and Anthony Phoenix gets to his feet as Caleb makes a dash for his legs from his downed position, hoping to cut him out.

Mike Fisher: Quick thinking from Anthony Anthony Phoenix, who jumps Caleb’s attempt and brings both feet down on Caleb’s back instead

Caleb gets to his feet and stares down the newcomer before running in with a running knee lift… in to a neckbreaker.

Both men are recouperating at the back while there is a big cheer from the IIW crowd as Stoner has made his way slowly down to the ring.

Mike Fisher: What’s stoner doing out here?

Scott James: I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure he’s high!

Stoner strolls up to Anthony Phoenix’s side of the ring trying to give him a pep talk

Stoner: C’mon man, you can do this, I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in the High Men!

Caleb is watching on as Phoenix gets to his feet, he begins to square up to him, then Stoner jumps onto the side of the ring and taps Phoenix on the back of his shoulder, as he turns round

Stoner: Fancy a puff?

Stoner holds out the joint he’s smoking to Phoenix who pushes him away as Caleb Scott takes the opportunity to grab him in a small package




Mike Fisher: CALEB HAS CAUGHT PHOENIX OFFGUARD!!! He’s retained his title

Scott James: With help from Stoner?

Mike Fisher: I literally have no idea.

(Since aligning himself with Bob Mitchell Anthony Tudor has looked like a new man who’s found new success racking up wins and looks to become the next man in line for the IIW International Championship but the most positive man on earth Curtis looks to become the same thing Along with the former IIW Hardcore Champion Sean Raines. Who will be the next Contender after the dust settles between these three?)

International Number One Contender

Triple Threat Match

Sean Raines vs Curtis vs Anthony Tudor w/ Bob Mitchell

The referee checks our three competitors, then calls for the bell.


The bell sounds and duelling chants break out in both support of Sean Raines (WE WANT HARDCORE). Smile break out from Sean Raines an, Curtis tries to get in to the spirit but can’t manage a full smile as they begin to circle.. Before coming together in a three-way collar and elbow tie-up. Each man has his left hand on the collar of the man to his left, while his right grips the elbow to his right.

Mike Fisher:: I can honestly say in all my time calling IIW action I’ve never seen anything quite like that..

A struggle ensues, with the trio slowly whirling until Tudor is backed into the corner. A break is called by the official, which all three men make cleanly.

Scott James: Look where that got them.. NOWHERE.. So much for “better” ..

They reset, and meet for a second tie-up. This time they end up with Anthony Tudor backed into the corner, and break cleanly a second time…

Rather obviously, they complete the set, meeting once more with Curtis ending up the man backed into the corner. The first emotion comes from this, as Curtis gives a playful push to Anthony Tudor, feeling that he was slow to break. Tudor responds with a push of his own, which prompts Curtis to give a more forceful shove.

Sensing an opportunity, Raines dives in to schoolboy rollup Tudor. He gets barely a one count, with Curtis pulling him off straight into a schoolboy of his own. This too is met by a one count, with Curtis leaping over for a sunset flip pin. Raines’s straight back over, laying down and pulling Tudor back into a crucifix pin before the referee can even reset his position.. But himself fails to score a count as Tudor rolls backwards to a kneeling position. Raines spins to his own knees, while a now-standing Curtis spins around, all three men stopping suddenly, watching the other two.. Smiles cross their faces as the fans applaud.

Mike Fisher:: Curtis looks like he’s getting more in to the spirit, and what an opening few moments to this match.. It’s going to be tough to keep up with the action in this one.

Scott James: But can they keep it up? It might look pretty, but it’s much more efficient to just blast somebody with a chair..

The men tease a fourth tie-up, but Curtis quickly changes tact, kicking Raines in the gut before wrapping around him into a rear waistlock. Rushing forwards, Curtis drives Tudor chest-fist into the ropes, looking to pull him back into a pin. Tudor is ready for it, underhooking the ropes and letting Curtis roll backwards on his own.

Tudor barely has time to turn around before he has Raines charging at him. The X-Champ reacts fast, dropping a shoulder and flipping Raines over the top rope. The leader of the rainbowlution just about lands on the apron. Tudor pays no attention to this, choosing to charge Curtis, who ducks the swinging arm, racing at the spot Tudor just came from. This proves a poor decision, as Raines dives through the middle rope with a spear, taking out the onrushing Curtis. Sean gets up, and steps straight into a Tudor armdrag. Tudor gets up himself, turning to be met by a rising Curtis hip toss. He shoots straight back to a knee, turning to square off once again with Curtis & Sean, with the three engaging in yet another stalemate staredown into smiles.

Mike Fisher:: What will it take to separate these three men? We could be here all night at this rate..

This time it’s Anthony Tudor who makes the first move. He grabs Curtis by the head and tosses him between the top and middle ropes to ringside. Directing action, he points for Raines to get to all fours. Confused, he agrees. Tudor then runs the ropes, using Sean as a springboard for a swan-dive over the top rope, barrelling over to take down Curtis at ringside.

The fans pop, and you can see the cogs whirring in Raines’s brain as he tries to work out how to top that. He lets both men rise, then runs the ropes himself, going for a suicide dive….

But pulling up at the last second! He stands leaning through the ropes laughing as Curtis and Tudor flinch, anticipating the impact.


Mike Fisher:: Sean Raines giving the fans a laugh here with some trademark humour.

Curtis and Tudor both turn back, surprised at the lack of collision. They look at each other in frustration, then plant stereo slaps to either side of Raines’s faces, causing him to stagger back into the ring. A little annoyed that his friends didn’t like his joke, Raines steps back, taking a short runup before completing the suicide dive, wiping out everyone at ringside!

Mike Fisher:: There it is! Sean Raines going high risk, and it’s brought the fans to their feet.

Scott James: Of course it did, they’ll cheer for anyone doing something crazy and death-defying.. Because that’s HARDCORE..

Raines gets back to his feet, and picks up Tudor, sliding him into the ring. Following in, Raines faces at the far ropes, timing it so he returns just as Tudor reaches standing, allowing him to leap up and drop Tudor with a hurricanrana. Raines then hits the opposite ropes, springboarding back off into a corkscrew crossbody. He rolls straight off, then tries charging at a kneeling Tudor but gets avoided, sending Raines into the ropes… Except instead of hitting normally, Raines performs a handspring rebound, popping straight back to his feet, before immediately leaping with a twisting enziguri. Still not finished, Raines grabs Tudor by the foot, rolling him backward to his feet, before performing an irish whip. The rebound is met by a Moonsault Side Slam..

Scott James: Sean Raines looks as surprised as I do that he hit that…

Raines does indeed look surprised, but not so much that he forgets to cover..




Curtis dives upon the pin, breaking it. Tudor quickly rolls to safety at ringside, which is handy as the spaces he previously occupied is quickly filled with Sean Raines, dropped there by a stiff Curtis European Uppercut. Raines’s allowed up, right into a Curtis snap suplex. Curtis rolls through it, keeping hold to hit a second, before rolling once more, lifting for a delayed vertical suplex, completing his three amigos. He floats into a cover.




Seeking to capitalise on a close fall, Curtis keeps his offence upper-body based with a dropkick to a rising Raines’s jaw. The final move in his flurry comes in the form of a corkscrew neckbreaker that gets a big pop.

Curtis doesn’t immediately go for a cover, instead he chooses to charge at the ropes… Where he’s met by a kick to the back by Tudor!

Mike Fisher:: Tudor’s back! He’d been recovering on the apron, and now he sees an opportunity!

Tudor scrambles up to the top rope, then dives off with an axe handle that drops Curtis.. Tudor then sprints across the ring, clotheslining Raines over the top and to the floor at ringside. A running back elbow puts Curtis down again, with Tudor then hitting the ropes, using them for momentum into a leaping kneedrop to the prone Curtis. Rolling through it impact, Tudor stomps on Curtis’s gut, charging the ropes once more for a kick to Curtis’s chest, the sound of the shot reverberating around the arena. Tudor drops into a pin.




Tudor hauls his opponent up, before pushing him back into the ropes. Curtis staggers forwards again, right into an inverted atomic drop.

Mike Fisher:: Tudor Spe–

Instead, both he and Curtis both take a boot to the side of the head… FROM SEAN RAINES DOUBLE-DROPKICK!

Scott James: Where the bloody hell did he come from?

The screen quickly splits, the left showing all three men on the canvas, the right a replay from a better angle, showing Raines springboard off the top and taking out both opponents.

Mike Fisher:: Does that answer your question? Raines out of nowhere with a move that leaves all three men on the floor.

The fans pop wildly, which turns into a slow-burn clap as the three men are slow to rise..

After a few moments recovery, they all reach their knees, positioned in a triangle in the middle of the ring. Curtis reacts first, driving a forearm into Tudor’s head. Tudor responds by doing the same to Raines, with Raines acting in turn to forearm Curtis. A second wave of forearms goes around the group, this time the other way, with each man moving upwards while making his strike.

When it reaches Curtis again, he chooses to instead chop Tudor, bringing a loud “WOOOO” from the fans. Tudor chops Raines, who in turn chops Curtis, both also getting “WOOO”s… Very quickly it starts to sound like a train, with the men chopping each other faster and faster and faster around their circle…

That is, until Curtis hits Raines with a codebreaker out of nowhere!

Sean takes a crazy backflip-bump from the impact, bouncing under the bottom rope.

Curtis makes it halfway to his feet, then gets hit by a step-up enziguri by Tudor.

Tudor pushes himself to one knee, looking around to survey the scene. He sees Raines seemingly out cold half on the apron, half falling onto the floor at ringside. And then there’s Curtis, laid perfectly on his back near the corner.

The fans reach the same idea he does at about the same time.. He nearly trips over his own feet as he races to the corner. Swinging through the ropes, he takes a brief second to tease a louder pop, before climbing up to the top… He sets himself up.. But Sean Raines springs up…. He hooks his arms!





















Alice Goulder: Your winner……. SEAN RAINES!

( Fred Debonair has set his sights on the UK Championship and has made his goal clear when he laid out the UK Champion on last Mayhem and raised the title in the air but his goal won’t be easy as The UK Champion Crush has been on a roll during his Championship reign and doesn’t look to have it come to a stop. Which one will go the distance to become UK Champion?)

UK Championship

Fred Debonair vs Crush(c)

The lights in the arena dim as a montage of New York City and its skyline appears on the big screen and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17” quote from Pulp Fiction plays to completion. At the end the gunfire blends in with the sound of cash registers opening and closing, as Pink Floyd’s “Money” smashes through the speakers and Fred Debonair makes his way out onto the top of the ramp.

He closes his eyes and soaks up the roar of the crowd as they chant his name. Opening them again, he smirks and walks down the aisle to the ring, climbing the steel steps, he enters between the top and middle rope, hopping onto the turnbuckle and raising his arms. He drops back down and waits for the music and lights to return.

Mike – Fred and Crush have quite a history now.

Scott – Fred and Bam from CCPE made their presence known at the last show leaving Crush laying in the ring.

Mike – And you know crush didn’t forget that.

Scott – Absolutely now. Crush wants payback.

Mike – Fred wants that title.

Crushs music hits as he walks through the curtain Holding up the UK title. Crush pauses taking it all in as the fans cheer for him. He smirks than walks down the ramp. He walks up the stairs wipes his feet than enters the ring.

Mike – Crush looks ready and pissed off after last week’s attack.

Scott – He should be. I fully expect this to be a war for the UK title tonight.

The ref calls for the bell. Both men stay in their corner for a moment waiting to see who makes the first move. Crush walks to the middle of the ring holding his arms out yelling let’s go bitch. Fred smirks then walks to meet Crush in the center of the ring. Fred throws a punch connecting with Crush’s face. Crush rubs his chin for a second then responds with a huge punch of his own. Fred stands his ground. Both men begin teeing off. Punches are being thrown like crazy.

Mike – There is no love lost between either of these two guys.

Scott – Not at all. They want to kill each other tonight.

Mike – They are starting out strong here.

Fred ducks a punch then grabs the arm of Crush. Fred jumps in the air hitting a code breaker to the arm of Crush. Fred jumps to his feet as Crush stays on one knee holding his arm. Fred backs up then runs at Crush hitting a blockbuster. Crush hits the mat hard but immediately begins getting to his feet. Fred stays on the assault and begins throwing kicks at Crush. Crush gets to his feet but immediately takes a drop kick from Fred sending him into the corner.

Mike – Fred looks like a man possessed here tonight.

Scott – There is a title on the line. Fred wants to add more prestige to his already legendary career.

Mike – Fred is making a statement tonight that he wants that UK title.

Fred climbs to the second rope and holds his fist up then punches Crush in the head. The fans count 1. Fred begins throwing punches rapid fire. The fans count along.


Crush manages to get his hands up then stands up, setting up Fred for and delivering a monster powerbomb. Fred is down on the mat as crush falls back int9 the ropes shaking his head to clear it. Crush steps forward picking up Fred then whips him into the ropes. As Fred is running back at Crush he jumps connecting with a Lou Thez press. Fred lands hard on the mat with Crush on top of him raining down punches. Crush jumps to his feet fired up. He grabs Fred and throws him through the middle rope to the outside. Crush smiles looking around the packed arena then steps through the ropes and hopes to the outside. Crush grabs Fred off the mat and shoves him back into the ringside guardrail. Crush charges clotheslining Fred over the guardrail into the laps of the fans sitting ringside. Crush grabs a cup from a fan, takes a huge sip then spits it at Fred’s face then throws the cup at him. Crush quickly rolls into the ring then back out to break the refs count.

Scott – Crush has turned the tables here.

Mike – That was a 10 dollar drink Crush stole from that fan.

Scott – I would argue that cup is worth far more than that now.

Mike – That’s true it very well might be.

Crush grabs Fred’s head trying to bring him back over the guardrail but Fred pulls away, punching Crush. Fred gets to his feet then climbs onto the guardrail diving off hitting a crossbody causing both men to hit the ground hard. Fred uses the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet then climbs up to the apron. He jumps off, dropping a leg across the throat and chest of Crush. Fred stands up grabbing crush by the back of the head and lifts him, rolling him into the ring. Fred uses the top rope to get back onto the apron. He steps through the ropes then turns around jumping to the middle rope launching into a springboard moonsault. Fred immediately makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Fred slams his fist in the mat and immediately gets up and into the ref’s face. Fred is screaming that was 3 and that the ref is blind and can’t count. The ref is yelling back saying it was close but not 3 Crush got a shoulder up. Fred grabs the refs shirt.


The ref smacks Fred’s hands away saying one more move like that and he is calling the match and Fred Loses.

Scott – Can’t win the title if you beat up the ref.

Suddenly Fred gets pulled from behind into a school boy. The ref slides down to make the count.


Mike – That’s why you never take your eyes off your opponent. Especially someone as skilled as Crush.

Scott – A rare mistake from Fred. We don’t see them often.

Crush hops up to his feet with a grin on his face. Fred looks pissed off getting to his feet. They lock up and Crush spins out with hip toss. Fred doesn’t stay down and gets up quickly, locking up with Crush again. Crush once again spins around grabbing Fred by the waist hitting a German Suplex. Crush runs back hitting the ropes coming off looking for a clothesline but Fred ducks before jumping hitting a Pele kick. Fred gets to his feet as does crush but much slower. Fred throws a punch but Crush blocks it, kicking Fred in the gut. Fred stumbles back a step but stays on crush who punches him in the face. Fred and Crush once again begin throwing a fury of punches.

Mike – How much more can these men take?

Scott – The title is on the line you have to go all out or risk walking away empty handed.

Crush is the first to stumble back and Fred charges at Crush who moves causing Fred to collide with the ref. Crush spins and throws a beautiful super kick but Fred catches it then kicks Crush in the balls.


Scott – The ref was still getting up and didn’t see it.

Crush jumps back holding himself as Fred quickly lifts him and hits a huge Double Knee Facebreaker.


Mike – Not like this.

Fred makes the cover.


Fred jumps up demanding to be handed the UK title.

Scott – Fred didn’t even need the low bow just wanted to prove he doesn’t care. It’s Fred’s world and we are just living in it.

Mike – Insult to injury is what it was.

Scott – We have a new UK champion who will do whatever it takes is all I see.

Mike – That’s true.

Fred climbs the ropes holding the UK Title high above his head.

Crush lays in the ring as Fred leaves the ring… suddenly the arena goes dark

The lights come back on and stood there are none other than

Ryan smashes his Cane over Crush’s head knocking him clean out

Ryan signals for Knox to grab Crush as he sticks him over his shoulder and follows Ryan carrying Crush to the back with him.

( The bad blood between Bam Miller and Jay Vaughan has boiled over to the point that these can not be contained in a ring and must settle things in the Motor City Streets. Which one will go the distance to get the win?)

Match Nine

Motor City Street Fight

Bam Miller vs Jay Vaughan

Mike Fisher: Up next could be the bloodiest and most brutal match-up when Bam Miller takes on Jay Vaughan in a Motor City Street fight! Thes two have been at each other’s throats for months now.

Scott James: Yeah we thought it was over at Worlds Collide when Bam walked away as the winner back in Jay’s hometown of the UK but we saw a couple of weeks ago that this feud was far from over and that these will now try to end each other in anything goes fight in the streets of Detroit.

Mike Fisher: These two are going to try and fight everywhere tonight and under Motor City rules a pin count can happen anywhere, In the parking lot, in a Nike store, at the Ford Motor factory and etc. It doesn’t matter, where they end up in this match, can end anytime and anywhere tonight.

The hard cam switches from the commentary table and out to the Ford Field parking lot where a bunch of fans stands around a bunch of cars that are set up in a circle. A referee appears out of the crowd with black gloves on his hands and then Jay Vaughan comes out in a black sleeveless shirt and some blue jeans with a metal pipe in his hand. Some of the fans give him cheers but then is met with boos from most of the hometown fans. Bam makes his way out wearing a Detroit Pistons jersey which is met with an ovation of cheers front he fans that are gathered around. Bam smirks and then tosses his brick in the air and catches it in his hand.

Mike Fisher: Bam Miller definitely has the majority of the support from the fans here tonight.

Scott James: Well he is the hometown hero and Jay is now in enemy territory tonight.

They stare each other down as the referee steps out of the way, Jay clutches his metal pole tightly and Bam flips his brick in the air, and almost like in slow motion as the brick comes back down in his hand they instantly both react as they charge each other with their weapons in hand and connect with devastating impact as Jay smacks Bam with the metal pole that sends him flying back but not before Bam smacks Jay in his face with the brick and it sends Jay staggering back as well. They both bleed a little on the side of their heads, Bam wipes it off and looks at the blood on his hand with a smile as Jay does the same and then they rush each other again in the middle and began trading punches back and forth. Bam, Jay, Bam, Jay, Bam, Jay, Bam, Jay, and then Jay again as he starts to unload a combo of punches that backs Bam up against the hood of a car. Bam knees Jay into his gut and then bounces Jays head off the hood fo the car and the sound fo the impact makes some people in the audience flinch.

Mike Fisher: Jays probably seeing stars right now.

Bam walks around with a smirk on his face as he plays to the crowd while Jay pulls himself back up to his feet. Bam stalks him and waits for him to turn around before kicking him in the gut and then suplexes him onto the hood of the car and then rains down fist on his face and then tosses him off the car and kicks him in his ribs before walking towards a black pick up truck, he opens the driver side of the door and jumps inside and with a sinister look on his face he starts the truck up as Jay pulls himself back up by the hoo of the car and then Bam hits the gas and heads straight for Jay as he looks to crush him in between two motor vehicles but Jay rolls out of the way at the last minute and truck crashes into the car with a thunderous impact.

Mike Fisher: Bam just tried to clearly send Jay to the afterlife.

Scott James: Bams certainly not showing hell go to any length to win.

Mike Fisher: Im not even sure if he cares about winning, he just wants to see Jay lifeless!

The truck Bam was driving is totaled now as he falls out of the driver’s side door and shakes his head as he gets up looking for Jay and gets met with a kendo shot to his gut and then back as Jay surprises him. Jay hits the kendo stick against the concrete floor and then takes one final shot across Bam’s back as the kendo stick breaks apart on impact. Jay then picks Bam up and slams his body against the truck and then throws him to the ground and Bam rolls on the concrete until he’s close to the parking lot exit. As Jay tries to pick him up again Bam pokes him in the eyes then hits a headbutt that staggers Jay back while Bam exits the parking lot and into the streets of Detroit…

Mike Fisher: A maniac has just been set free in the streets, Lord help us all.

Scott James: Stop praying and start enjoying this popcorn because things are about to get good!

Jay makes it out and into the chill windy streets of Detroit as he looks for Bam throughout the group of people walking along the streets and then out of nowhere Bam comes flying in with a hotdog stand that knocks Jay down on the concrete as people move out the way while others try to record on their phone. Bam hammers down some punches and then tosses got dog buns and got dogs on him before picking him up and bouncing his head off the cart. Jay staggers away in front of a parked card and as Bam charges him he flips him over and Bam lands on the windshield and cracks it with his body. Jay walks over to the hot dog cart and graps some mustard and ketchup and sprays it on him then suplex him onto the concrete floor and then a fan that you can tell that’s not local to Detroit as he wears a New England Patriots jersey tosses Jay a hockey stick and then Jay holds in the air for the fans to see but as he turns around Bam kicks him in the balls then gives the fan that tosses the weapon to Jay a Miller Time stunner and then takes a sip out of someone’s else beer before pouring the rest on top of jay and then grabs him by the hair and they go back inside the stadium.

Mike Fisher: Bam Miller is going to pay a serious fine for that.

Scott James: Oh please that fan just got one hell of a moment that he can tell for a lifetime.

Back inside the building they’ve made it to the stands with the fans at the top as they fight their ways down the stairs as security tries to clear a path for them as the exciting fans try to get closer eyes on them and even touch them as they come by them. Bam lands one hell of a punch that rocks Jay and sends him down the steps. Bam follows after him and then kicks him in the ribs to send him down the flight of the stairs as his body tumbles until he reaches the floor and lands next to the barricade. Bam takes this time to celebrate with his hometown fans as he takes some pictures and even kisses a gorgeous woman before charging at Jay but all that time he wasted gives Jay the opportunity to flip Bam over the barricade and he lands onto the mat and then Jay climbs on the barricade and delivers an elbow drop to the chest.

Mike Fisher: Well they’ve finally found themselves to the ring.

Jay looks under the ring and grabs two light tubes as he stalks a dazed Bam that rolls into the ring. As Jay gets inside he smashes Bam Miller across and over his head With several light tubes in hand, Jay delivers a series of shots that send glass and dust everywhere. Soon the ring canvas is littered with tiny pieces of glass, Bam Miller is on his knees. He’s bleeding from multiple cuts, but he still looks ready to go.

Scott James: That damn magical is asking for more!

After a moment, Jay stops and marvels at his work, as Bam stays on his knees. Bloody, but not beaten, he rises to his feet as he tells Jay to come at him. He does, charging forward as he catches him with a Boot to the face! Jay stumbles backwards as Bam moves forward, catching Jay with a Clothesline that sends him tumbling over the top rope to the floor below!
Bam quickly follows this up with a Suicide Dive, colliding right into his opponent as they both spill onto the floor! The battle continues on the outside, with both Bam and Jay battering each other with anything and everything they can get their hands on. Jay is thrown into the steps, as Bam is soon tossed right into the barricade! It’s more of a brawl than a deathmatch, but that all soon changes when Jay dives from the apron with a Crossbody! Using the barbed wire across her body, it tears into Bam Miller! His face and chest are revealed to be torn up, Jay soon removes the wire from around him as he begins to whip the exposed back of Bam Miller!

Mike Fisher: Jay is whipping Bam good like a government mule.

His back is cut and torn from each strike, as Jay follows up with a Running Kick to the side of his head! Bam is soon down, as Jay looks to follow this up with an Apron Double Stomp! He lands nearly on the back of his head, his upper back taking most of the damage. With Bam nearly down and out, Jay looks to head back into the ring to finish things up. He pushes Bam back inside of the ring, using most of his energy doing so. He looks under the ring, finding several chairs and a black bag set aside for her.

Mike Fisher: Jay is in full control of this.match right now.

As he enters the ring, Bam has recovered, he grabs him from behind and tosses him across the ring with a German Suplex! Jay lands harshly, folding up as Bam tries to get the match back in his control. Jay crawls towards the corner, but has no time to react. Bam grabs a chair and rushes in his direction, he sets the chair out in front of him and kicks it into the face of Jay with a Running Dropkick! The chair lands flush across his face, allowing Bam the chance to cover him for the pin. However, he kicks out before three, much to his surprise! Bam looks for something else to use, but his blood loss is working against him.

Mike Fisher: Fatigue is setting in for them.

Scott James: Coming down to who wants it more now.

He collapses to a knee, Bam takes a moment to catch his breath. Unfortunately, Jay does the same, as he tries to pull himself up using his pants. Bam grabs his hand, squeezing it in between his hands! He almost looks to start gouging her eyes out, but Jay delivers a low-blow that sends him down to his knees! Jay is up to his feet, grabbing a chair and tossing it into the face of Bam Miller! He then rolls out the ring and grabs a biker chain and gets back inside the ring.

Mike Fisher: Jay has evil intentions in his eyes.

He was the chain around Bama neck and starts to choke him out as he outs his foot into Bams bck stretching him out and choking him at the same time. The referee gets in front of Bam and seeing if he wants to tap but he refuses as he tries to fight his way out of the hold but the air being cut off takes effect as Bam loses fight and starts to fade and the referee lift a his hand up and it falls down these time forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Alice Goldier: Bam Miller can not continue this match so your winner Jay Vaughan!!!!!

Jay stands over Bam with a smile as the referee raises his hand in the air.

Mike Fisher: Jay did it! He got his revenge and took the fight to the Slayer!

Scott James: That he did but Bam Miller never tapped or gave up. He refused to give in but his body gave out on him.

Mike Fisher: Thats your narrative but tonight belongs to Jay.

( Joe Montuori shocked the world by becoming the IIW International Champion in his debut match but the celebration party will have to wait as he gets ready to defend his newly won Championship against the man that was one throw over the ropes away from becoming International Champion himself TJ Alexander. Who will win this time when these two face off one on one competition?)

International Championship

Standard Singles Match

TJ Alexander Vs Joe Montuori(c)

TJ comes and locks up with JMont. JMont goes behind with a waistlock but TJ Alexander is able to drop down and flip him off. JMont pops up and comes at TJ Alexander but TJ Alexander quickly drops down and trips him before quickly covering



JMont is up and tags the charging TJ Alexander over with an arm drag. TJ Alexander is up and does the same with an arm drag. He tries to apply an arm-lock but JMont is quickly flipped over and on his feet battling out of it and putting TJ Alexander in an arm wringer. TJ Alexander has had enough of this though as he scoops JMont into his arms and throws him with a Fall-away slam. TJ Alexander goes for the cover again



JMont is out but this time TJ Alexander gets him in a headlock. JMont fights and fights until they’re both able to stand, TJ Alexander however grabs a handful of hair and slams JMont back down and goes for another pin




TJ Alexander pulls JMont up and goes for a vertical suplex but JMont lands on his feet behind and hits a lungblower. A running bulldog and quick pin follow




Mike Fisher: Great sequence there, TJ Alexander really pressing for an early pin he knows he won’t get over the Champ, and JMont picked his moment to hit back hard, he’s really progressed in this ring since his debut

JMont locks TJ Alexander in a headlock and tries to pull him to his a DDT but TJ pushes out and jumps the top rope

TJ dives off, looking for a hurricanrana, but J Mont catches him and DROPS down with one of the sickest looking inverted atomic drops the world has ever seen.

The whole arena lets out a collective sympathy groan as TJ falls to the mat, clutching his lower abdominal area. J Mont stands, gasping for breath as he tries to recompose himself, but still manages to strike a pose for the fans. J Mont starts to reach for TJ, but notices him rushing him with a clothesline and, just in time, dodges out of the way. J Mont bounds off the ropes on the rebound and runs right into a powerslam from J Mont! J Mont hooks the leg for the pin!




Mike Fisher: “TJ showing the heart that he’s famous for! J Mont also in disbelief as he picks himself up from the mat…TJ WITH THE SLEEPER!! Blaze leaping onto the back of J Mont with that sleeper hold! Will J Mont go to sleep?”

Scott TJ: “J Mont never sleeps.”

J Mont drops to one knee as TJ wrenches back on the hold, but then Jackson surprises J Mont with a snapmare that breaks the hold and plants TJ firmly on the mat. J Mont rolls to his feet, charging in at J Mont with a clothesline, but Jackson catches it and ducks underneath with surprising finesse, securing an inverted headlock! J Mont quickly drops the spinning elbow, planting Blaze with the Eye of the Hurricane! J Mont with the cover!




Mike Fisher: “J Mont frustrated now, picking TJ up off the mat, looking to put him away for good. He has him, looking maybe for a powerbomb here slamming TJ down to the ground he poses again as he looks in control of this

TJ pops up to his knees, holding his chest. J Mont quickly grabs him form this position and suplex’s him over head with a belly to belly. TJ stumbles up and is met with another Belly to Belly. For a second time he gets up and AGAIN he’s met with a third suplex. A quick pin is made



foot on the ropes!

J Mont hauls TJ up and takes him up for a press slam but TJ slides off the back and shoves J Mont over the ropes. J Mont lands on the apron and meets the charging TJ with a big forearm to the face. J Mont begins to move up the corner from the outside but when he’s on the second rope he nails him with a big dropkick that sends J Mont crashing to the floor.

TJ poses himself now in the middle of the ring making a belt sign around his waist as he walks over towards the side J Mont is… J Mont though springs up JAWBRAEKER on the rope!

TJ bounces back stunned… J Mont sets himself up he springboarsd off the ropes JKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!





( The Women’s division is reborn with great and exciting talent as we saw on last Mayhem that Ada Pearce, Alessia Capello, and Kasey Vex each earned their shot at the Women’s Championship and each are highly capable of capturing the Championship but Aaliyah Landerson is determined to prove she is a Real Champion and not someone that is one and done. Who will climb to the top and become Champion?)

Women Championship

Fatal Four Way Ladder Match

Ada Pearce vs Alessia “Domina” Capello vs Kasey Vex vs Aaliyah Landerson(c)

Mike Fisher: Up next is going to be an exciting ladder match from the women’s division as Aaliyah Landerson defends her Championship against Ada, and Kasey Vex in a Ladder match that has the potential to steal the show and inspire many young people tongiht.

Scott James: I have to agree especially but we must update everyone on that Alessia “Domina” Capello suffered an injury during a training workout and will not be able to compete during tongith which is why this match is now a tripel threat Ladder match.

Mike Fisher: Horrible news for her, as everyone knows she wanted to be Woemsn Champion but now that time will have to wait and the reamining comeptitors in this match have to like their chances now with one less body in this match.

Scott James: It definitely strengthens their chances but they still have to bring everything they got to climb to the top of a ladder and bring down that prestigious IIW Womens Championship.

Mike Fisher: Well we wont have to wait long to find out who that is as that match is up next.

The intro cut version of Battle Cry by Little V blasts through the PA system, bringing the fans to their feet as the lights go out in the arena. The song builds and builds, and as Little V’s first line echoes through the arena, a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp, revealing Ada Pierce standing, solid as a rock, with her head bowed down. With the fans cheering, Ada stands still, her eyes closed, taking in every single cheer from the crowd. It’s when the chorus begins when Ada raises her head, letting out all of her energy and adrenaline with a fierce battle cry before making her way down the ramp with purpose as the spotlight follows her to the ring. As her long blonde hair flows with the wind, Ada slows her approach to the ring when she reaches the halfway point of the ramp, stopping to look at the fans at ringside who’re reaching out for the former First Class Evolution Champion.

Alice Goldier: Making her way to the ring, she weighs in at 130lbs, from Wolverhampton, England, I give you Ada Pierce!!!!

With a motivated and focused expression on her face, the Karateka wastes no time climbing up to the apron, kicking her flip flops off before entering the ring. Awaiting her opponent, sits cross-legged in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer her on.

Mike Fisher; The former FCW Evolution Champion looks ready to add more Championship gold to her resume.

Scott James: Shes definitely motivated to capture a Championship belt that
Has eluded her so much.

The lights in the arena switch to a neon glow of blue and pink as “Night On Fire” hits the speakers and a dark figure takes the entrance stage. At the first bass drop, a red kitsune mask lights up on the figure as it slowly looks around to stare out at the crowd. Soon, a lone spotlight shines down as the mask is pulled off to reveal Kasey Vex with a mischievous smirk gracing her face. The crowd cheers wildly for her as she heads down the entrance ramp, reaching out to slap some outstretched hands as she goes along. She stops in front of the ring and takes one last look around the screaming crowd, smirking again before she runs around the side and jumps up onto the apron and slides along on her knees.

Alice Goldier: Making her way to the ring, she weighs in at 120lbs, from Night City, I give you Kasey Vex!!!!

She kips up to her feet and jumps to the second rope on the outside of the ring, balancing one foot on the top turnbuckle. The crowd’s cheers increase at her athletic display and she grins out to them again before she launches herself over the top rope and lands in a crouch in the ring. She straightens up and paces around the ring a little as she sheds her ring jacket and places it along with the kitsune mask to the side of the ring as she hops in place and shakes out her limbs in anticipation of the upcoming match.

Mike Fisher: Kasey Vex made one hell of a debut and looked strong doing it, which is why the polls on IIW website have her as the favorite to walk out as the New IIW Woemens Champion.

Scott James: She defeintly got peoples attention and now the spotlight is on her to see if she can live up to the hype that follows her but Ada and The Champion have something to say about that.

When Vengo Por Ti hit’s she walks out on stage wearing a pink and black stripes with a hoodie and down on one knee and prays. she gets up and points to the Fans in Pyro fireworks burst open and switch to the other side of the stage in does the same thing in after she was done she slowly walks down the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making her way to the ring, she weighs in at 114lbs, from San Diego California, she is the Current IIW Womens Champion

She slaps some little kids high fives and she smooches in the kids and stares at the kid in hands her fake Luchdor Mask to her and heads straight towards the ring and hops on the turnbuckle and pose both fingers in mid air and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing mid finger in the air in she gets down.

Mike Fisher: The Champion looks super focused.

Scott James: She better be, because she has two competitors that are ready to take her belt.

The Bell rings the three competitors circle each other as they all look up at the IIW Womens Championship hangs from high above and they all let each other know theyll be the one to take it down and then Aaliyah makes the first move as she nails with a quick closeline and then looks to do the same to Katie Vex but Vex sidesteps Landerson and takes her out with a neckbreaker and then hits a standing moonsault. Ada makes it back to her feet and kicks Vex in the gut and then nails a suplex right on top of Landerson and then Ada climbs tot he top of the turnbucle and hits a swanton bomb on top of Landerson as Vex rolls out of the rign at the last second.

Mike Fisher: These women came out the gate ready and neither giving up an inch right now.

Ada tries to go after her but Vex pulls Adas head down on the ropes and she staggers back into the rign and Landerson takes advantage with a running bulldog that bounces Adas face off the mat and then hits the ropes to bounce off for momentum and comes back with a leg drop across the chest of Ada and then turns her attention to Kasey Vex who still stands outside the ring with her back turned as she interact with fans. Landerson bounces off the ropes and looks for a sucided dive but she dives out between he ropes Kasey meets her with a chair shot to the head that leaves Landerson lifeless on the ground.

Mike fisher: My GOD! Did you hear the impact front hat Chair shot?, steel meeting skull and the steelm wins.

Scott Jmaes: The current Champion js in big trouble and it looks like Vex is ready to get vicious with her offense.

Vex raises the chair and repeatedly hits chair after chair shot across the back of Landerson and then tosses it inside the ring as she wipes her hand off and then looks under the ring and after a couple of minutes the fans burst out with excitement as she pulls a ladder out with a smirk on her face. She slides it in the ring as it and then rolls in her self and begins to set the ladder up underneath the Championship belt but ebfore she can start her climb to the top Ada comes from behind her as she grabs Vex by the hair and slams her face intot he ladder and then throws her into the corner and hits her with some shoulder thrust before lifting Vex on the top turnbuckle as she gets ready to suplex her but Landerson slides in under her and powerbombs Ada while she suplex Vex off the top turnbuckle and the impact rocks the ring and causes the ladder to fall and lean the ropes.

Mike Fisher: These competiiors are showing just how much beocmign Champion means to them right now.

Landerson is the first one that makes it up to her feet and then resets the ladder under the Championship and starts to climb up as some fans cheer her on. She struggles a little but eventually makes it up enough for her fingertips to touch the belt but Ada gets up just in time to yank her down off the ladder and hits her with a series of punches before throwing her over the rope and out to the outside and then Ada begins her climb up the ladder and she quickly makes her way up and starts reaching for the Championship belt but Vex has made it abc to her feet and eyes Ada and the Belt with intensity and the quickly starts climbing up the opposite side. Ada notice and quickly trys to unhook the belt but she strguggles and finally gives up as Kasey Vex looks her int he eyes and the two women start trading blow on the top of the ladder.

Scott James: Its a long way down for whoever loses this battle of fist.

They trade back and forth on the ladder, as each competitor tries thriller best to hold on but eventually Vex gets the edge and bounces Adas face right off the ladder and then pulss her up some more on the ladder. Vex gets her balance and stands up as she puts Adas face between her legs and then you can see Vex take a deep breath before she hits a canadian destroyer off the ladder and down to the mat!!!

Mike Fisher: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

Scott James: Kasey Vex pulling everything out to win this Championship match, so much high risks move have been used that you just know nobody in this match will ever be the same again.

Ada lays lifeless in the ring and so does Kassy Vex as the impact from the move has taken them both out as Aaliyah Landerson has made it back to her feet and pulls two tables out from under the ring and stacks them besides together by the ramp. She then rolls back inside the ring and looks at Vex and Ada still down and out before she starts to climb the ladder but struggles a little from the punishment she’s taken as she climbs up. Her foot slips a little but a few of the IIW fans cheer her on and uses it as momentum as she climbs up each step as she almost reaches the top Kasey Vex slams a steel chair into her back with authority but Aaliyah doesn’t let go and still tries to climb up but Vex hits her again with the chair and then again… Again, again, again, and again until Aaliyah falls down lifeless to the mat as Vex looks down at her with a smirk and then climbs up the ladder herself as she smirks with each step and looks up at the Championship. She reaches the top and takes her time as she looks around at the crowd, embracing the moment as she puts her hands on the Championship but then she puts her hands back on the ladder to steady herself as she looses her balance from a smiling Ada who pushes the ladder off balance and it falls towards the ropes knocking Vex off the ladder and outside the ring through the two tables Aaliyah set up earlier. Ada now resets the ladder as the fans are on their feet and chanting her name as she climbs up the ladder. She looks down and makes sure Vex and Landerson are both down still before unhooking the Womens Championship to a high pop!

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner and NEW IIW WOMENS CHAMPION ADA PIERCE!!!!!

Ada holds the Championship high above her head as the fans give her a standing ovation.

(After months of uncertainty around the IIW World Championship and a controversial finish we will finally crown a new Champion when The One-Man Dynasty John Cavanagh looks to capture the IIW World Championship finally, but a highly motivated and focused Chris Chronic Page stands in his way. Who will when these two Icons collide?)

Main Event

IIW World Championship Match

Chris Page v John Cavanagh

“Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your RED ALERT Main event of the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall, with NO time limit for the VACANT IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The crowd completely erupts as over 80,000 fans that have invaded Ford Field completely erupt! The lights go down…


The crowd erupts with loud boos!

“About to make his way to the ring… he is “THE ONE MAN DYNASTY” JOHN CAVANAGH!”

The boos grow louder as John Cavanagh steps out in front of the crowd atop of the stage. He starts to make the long walk toward the ring, ever intense knowing that it’s a do or die situation. John doesn’t pay attention to any of the fans as he reaches ringside.

He climbs up on the apron before stepping through the ropes.

John throws up a middle finger to the crowd garnering louder boos for his actions. The music fades away.

“And his opponent.”

The boos quickly start to shift into a massive ovation from inside Ford Field which only intensifies upon the lights going pitch dark. The crowd starts chanting “CCP! CCP! CCP! CCP!” in unison while the blackout continues until suddenly the countdown clock starts to tick away.


“About to make his way to the ring, he hails from Tampa, Florida by way of DETROIT, MICHIGAN… He is UNDEFEATED in the IIW, and he is being led to the ring by SHAUN HART, he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!”

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp were standing with his arms extended out and his head tilted up in the air is the hometown hero, the main event, the greatest talent in the industry… Chris Page! Chris drops his head looking down at the ring to see Cav pacing back and forth. Chris blows him a kiss while being joined by Shaun Hart.

They start to make the walk to the ring as the crowd is red-hot!

Chris tags the hands of fans on the way to ringside. Once he’s ringside we see him cut over toward the front row where Candice Wolf-Page can be seen. Chris gives her a hug and a kiss before climbing up the ring steps to the ring apron where we get an even louder ovation. Chris looks across the sold-out crowd with a sense of satisfaction on his face knowing he packed this house. Chris starts to step through the ropes where Cav pearl harbors him while he’s getting into the ring causing the referee to immediately call for the bell as the crowd erupts into massive boos!


Cavanagh pummels Page back into a neutral corner not even allowing him to get out of his ring jacket. Cav starts choking Page with both hands across the throat forcing the referee to lay the count to him that sees him break at the count of four before yanking Chris out from the corner where he pulls the jacket over Chris’s head and starts hammering with short uppercuts before throwing Page down to the mat. Cav barks out at the referee who tries to admonish him while Chris can be seen getting out of his ring jacket before Cav starts stomping away at the chest and sternum of CCP.

John picks Page up off the mat where he drives him back into the ropes. Cav chops Page across the chest with an open-handed chop before shooting Chris across the ring, Page bounces off the far side where he leaps for a flying cross-body block! Cavanagh catches Page in midair before hurling him overhead with a Fallaway Slam! John scurries into the cover hooking the near leg with the crowd booing intently.




CCP pops a shoulder off the mat to a huge ovation from the crowd. John quickly starts choking away at Page with both hands across his throat! The referee starts laying the count to John, he breaks at the four count before immediately choking CCP again! The referee starts to lay the count to Cavanagh while Shaun Hart smacks his hands on the apron, Cav releases at the four count. John steps up to his feet where the referee admonishes Cavanagh.

John pays him no attention as he reaches down to pick CCP up by the hair. He fires Page across the ring and into a neutral corner. John charges in after Page who lands a reverse elbow to the jaw popping the crowd whilst rocking Cavanagh backward and out toward the center of the ring! CCP comes out from the corner blocking a right hand from Cav and countering with a thumb to the eye that brings another massive ovation!

Page laces John across the chest with a knife-edge chop followed by a right hand, and finally a double thrust to the throat!

CCP locks a front waist lock where he delivers a Belly-to-Belly Overhead release suplex bringing a huge ovation to the crowd as Page makes a cover on Cav hooking the near leg.




John kicks out while a massive “CCP! CCP! CCP!” chant echoes throughout Ford Field while Page steps back up to his feet. John is rolling over to his chest where he pushes up off the mat to all fours when Page lands an Oklahoma Roll!




Cav escapes with another kick out before escaping out to the floor to a chorus of boos from the crowd. John cuts his eyes over toward Shaun before spitting at him, missing but garnering loud boos from the crowd. Chris is back to his feet while Cavanagh is getting counted out by the referee. John paces the floor, snapping at the fans at ringside before he climbs back up on the apron at the referee’s seven count. He motions for the referee to get Page back.

Cavanagh steps through the ropes where he flips Chris Page off out of sheer disrespect getting louder boos which immediately roar with cheers as Page crotch chops Cavanagh! John charges in toward Page who takes him down with a drop toe hold before floating over into a front face lock before paintbrush slapping John across the back of the head to a louder ovation! Chris is back to his feet as John is quickly to one knee not taking kindly to the disrespect shown by Chris Page. John steps up to his feet, they circle each other and for the first time lock up in the center of the ring. Both jockey for position before Page snatches a side headlock. Cav wastes no time in backing up into the ropes before shooting Page across the ring, Page bounces off the nearside where he runs over Cav with a shoulder block taking him down to the mat. Chris runs toward the ropes, he bounces off while Cav rolls over to his chest, Page leaps over John bouncing off the far side of the ring, Cavanagh pops up to his feet catches Page with a Samoan Drop driving him violently down into the mat silencing the crowd.

Cavanagh makes the cover.




Chris escapes with a kick out to a pop from the crowd. Cavanagh starts hammering down with a series of right hands to the forehead of Page forcing the referee to start laying the five count to him. John breaks at the four count before getting back to his feet. He reaches down picking Page up off the mat and throws him through the ropes and out to the floor! John steps out throug the ropes dropping down to the floor where he picks Page up and drives him lower back first into the ring apron! Cav brings Page off the apron and drives him lower back first into the apron a second time followed by a third before unleashing a T-Bone Suplex on the protective padding!

The referee’s counting both men out as John is the first to his feet where he slides into the ring breaking the count and rolls right back out to the floor.

Shaun Hart comes around the ring checking on Page and unknowingly to him John Cavanagh is now behind him. The crowd roars with boos as John snatches up Shaun Hart where he spins him around and holds him by his sports coat! John starts screams at Shaun Hart in attempts to intimidate the General Manager of the IIW. The crowd erupts as Chris Page is back up to his feet where he blasts Cav from behind causing his grasp to be broken on Shaun Hart. Page spins John around locking a front waist lock and delivering a Release Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex on the protective padding on the floor to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Chris gets back to his feet checking on Shaun before turning his attention back toward Cav. Chris takes note of the count at eight before rolling into the ring and then back out to the floor breaking the count. Chris stomps away at the forehead of Cavanagh before picking him up by the hair, he brings John around the ring looking to drive him head first into the announcer’s table! John puts on the brakes using his hands! He delivers a side elbow into the ribs of Chris Page before countering the position and it’s Page who is bounced face first of the announce table! John drives Page’s face into the table a second and then a third time before spinning Chris around where he takes Page down to the floor with a double leg takedown before catapulting Page face-first off the ringpost! Page crumbles down to the floor while John slides back into the ring breaking the count. He doesn’t roll back out to the floor instead demands the referee start counting out Chris Page. Shaun Hart comes around the ring rallying Page to find Chris’s forehead has been split wide open and blood is pouring from the open wound.

The referee’s count reaches four before Chris reaches up grabbing the Red Alert ring skirt and beings pulling himself up off the floor to a road from the crowd.

The count hits six before Page is back to a vertical base only he staggers backward.

At the count of nine Page slides into the ring breaking the count but is immediately pounced on by John Cavanagh! Cav takes a mount position and hammers down with a series of hard right hands to the open wound of Chris Page repeatedly while the referee lays the five count to him! Cav steps back up to his feet on the count of four before walking to the ropes where he looks ringside at Candice Wolf-Page while showing Chris’s blood on his knuckles! Cav turns attention back toward Chris Page who is using the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. He slowly spins around where Cavanagh takes Page up over his shoulder and delivers a sitout Tombstone Piledriver!

John wastes no time in rolling under the bottom rope and out to the ring apron where he pulls himself up to his feet and starts scaling up to the top rope!

Canvangh is poised and sets sail driving an Elbow Drop into the sternum of Page! Johnny makes the cover hooking the inside leg.




Page escapes with a kick out to a huge pop from the crowd! The Detroit faithful start chanting “CCP! CCP! CCP!” in unison as Shaun Hart can be seen leading the charge. Cavanagh is back to his feet where he reaches down picking a bloody Chris Page up off the mat. He rocks him with a hard right hand that staggers Page backward several feet. Cavanagh then bounces off the ropes looking for a lariat that Page counters with a Spinbuster Slam that brings another massive reception from the crowd as both men are down. The referee starts to administer the standing ten count to both competitors, and it’s at the six count before both Page and Cav start to move. The count reaches eight before each hit one knee and nine before they stand up with Johnny swinging at Page, Page blocks the right hand and counters with one of his own! Cav fires back, Page blocks and lands another, Cav fires again that Page ducks completely while taking a back waist lock and landing a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!




Cav kicks out of his worst nitemare.

There’s a massive chant of “THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE!” directed towards the referee who displays two fingers while Page rolls over getting back to one knee before stepping up to his feet. He wipes the blood away from his eyes. Page picks Cavanagh up off the mat lacing him across the chest with a knife edge chop echoing throughout the stadium. Page lands a second chop across the chest followed by a third backing Cavanagh up against the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Cavanagh bounces off the ropes and into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Page!

Chris steps back up to his feet where he runs toward the ropes and springboards off the middle rope with a Moonsault down on top of Johnny! Page makes the cover.




Johnny kicks out to a huge gasp from the crowd! Page starts working his way back up to his feet. He picks Johnny up by the hair where he drives him back into a neutral corner. Page lays in several shoulder blocks to the midsection before hoisting Cavanagh up to a seated position on the top rope. Page decks John with a right hand before stepping up to the middle rope and then stepping up to the top rope. He looks out across the sold out crowd where he attempts to deliver a top rope Hurrincanrana that Cavanagh counters with a sitout Powerbomb driving Page violently into the canvass! John crawls into the cover hooking the far leg.




Page shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a huge ovation from the crowd. Camera’s catch Candice Wolf-Page at ringside cheering her husband on as the referee starts to execute the ten count to both men as they lay on the mat. It’s Cavanagh that begins to stir first at the count of five. He rolls over pushing himself up off the mat to one knee and steps back up to his feet. John stomps away at the bloody forehead of CCP, he reaches down picking him up off the mat hammering away with a flury of right hands to the forehead driving Page back into the ropes. Cav shoots Page across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the far side where Cav locks in a front waist lock.

He backs up toward a neutral corner and delivers an overhead release belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckles!

The crowd is silenced for the first time during the contest as John Cavanagh rolls out to the floor where he snatches the legs of CCP, he yanks Page forward crotch first into the ringpost! The crowd roars with boos as we see John lock in a figure four leg lock around the ring post! The referee starts to lay the count to Cavanagh who releases at the four count! Page squirms away from the corner clutching at his right knee! John Cavanagh backs down Shaun Hart before turning his attention toward Candice Wolf-Page flipping her off getting even more heat from the crowd before turning his attention back toward the ring. John sees Page attempting to get back to his feet where he slides into the ring behind Page, and as CCP stands to his feet Cavanagh delivers a vile chop block to the back of the right knee! Boos reign out from all over bringing a smile to Johnny’s face while he gets to a vertical base. Page clutches at his right knee as Johnny points down at him while riling up the crowd. John clicks into another gear as he reaches down taking both legs of Page, he steps through and locks in a Sharpshooter!

The referee slides into position starting to ask Page to surrender!

Chris shakes off the referee as John Cavanagh cranks back on the Sharpshooter!

The crowd chants loudly “CCP! CCP! CCP! CCP!” while Johnny barks out for them to “SHUT UP!” while cranking back further on the Sharpshooter! Shaun Hart comes around the ring where he’s now looking into the eyes of a bloody Chris Page willing him on! The referee asks Chris to surrender once again, and once again Page shakes him off! Chris starts to push himself up off the mat as blood flows from his forehead like a stuffed pig! The crowd gets louder and louder for Page as he starts to walk on his hands toward Shaun Hart and the ropes! Cavanagh senses the movement and releases the Sharpshooter while transitioning into an STF! Cavanagh looks directly at Shaun Hart cussing him with every breath while Hart slams his hands on the apron keeping the crowd chanting for Page. The referee starts asking Page to surrender once more, and once more he refuses! John cranks back on the STF as Page is seen starting to inch closer and closer to the ropes and Shaun Hart. John Cavanagh suddenly releases the hold and rolls out to the floor decking Shaun Hart with a hard right hand!

Shaun crumbles to the floor with John standing over him.

The crowd is all over Cavanagh as he turns and climbs back up on the ring apron. Page can be seen crawling toward a corner where he has to use the ropes to assit pulling him up to his feet. Cavanagh rushes toward Page looking to deliver a diving shoulder block, Page side steps at the last second sending Johnny diving through the top and middle turnbuckle where he smacks right shoulder first into the ring post! Page is able to pull Johnny back into the ring, spinning him  around and driving him into the mat with an armbar DDT that Chris quickly transitions into a Japanese Armbar! The crowd erupts as Page cranks back on Cav’s arm and shoulder while the referee slides into position asking Cav to surrender!

Cavanagh screams out in pain while shaking off the referee. Chris Page puts more torque on the right arm and shoulder as the referee asks him to surrender a second time that is shaken off once more by Cavanagh! Page cranks back further on the arm and shoulder forcing John to inch his way to the ropes where he reaches out grabbing a hold of the bottom rope forcing the break to a gasp from the crowd. The referee calls for the break but Page refuses to let go! The referee starts laying the count to Chris who breaks at the four count, and in the process allows for Cav to slide out to the floor where he clutches his right arm and shoulder. This time Page doesn’t play coy in the ring, he rolls out to the floor, he limps after Cavanagh where he spins John around hitting another double thrust to the throat! Page locks in a front face lock, he hoists Cavanagh up for a suplex, John flips over the back of Page where he lands on his feet while taking a back waist lock and delivering a Release German Suplex on the floor!

Both men are laid out with Page taking the brunt of the move.

The referee lays the count to both men but it’s Cavanagh that gets back to his feet first. John picks Page up and hurls him back into the ring. Johnny slides back into the ring, favoring the right arm and shoulder. Page is seen rolling back into a corner. Cavanagh sizes Page up and charges towards him with a full head of steam landing a running Cannonball into Page driving him into the buckles! John pulls Page out toward the center of the ring forcing the cover hooking the outside leg.




Page escapes with a kick out! Cavanagh transitions immediately into a rear chin lock while out on the floor Shaun Hart has gotten back to his feet where he starts pounding on the apron again rallying the Detroit crowd! The referee asks Page to surrender to which he shakes him off. CCP starts to work his way back up to his feet where he turns into the chin lock and lands a Side Suplex! Page starts to stir, he begins getting back to his feet where waits for Cavanagh who is getting back up. Page comes up from behind locking a back waist lock, he delivers a German Suplex! Page rolls through picking himself and Cavanagh up off the mat where a second German Supelx is delivered! Page rolls through picking himself and Cavanagh up off the mat a third time and delivers a third German Suplex with a release folding Cav in half!

Page, blood now dried on his face starts to negoiate his way back to a vertical base.

Page calls for the Judas Effect bringing Ford Field to their feet.

John Cavanagh is slowly starting to work his way back up to his feet, he turns around looking for Page who comes forward landing the Judas Effect! CCP drops down into the cover!




John Cavanagh escapes eyelashes away from the three count! CCP gets to one knee holding up three fingers while barking out at the referee. Chris Page stands back up to his feet where he calls for the Page Plant that blows the roof off Ford Field. CCP measures John who is pushing himself up off the mat, he reaches one knee before stepping up to a vertical base where Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection that doubles over Cavanagh, he underhooks the arms before before he can deliver his version of the Angels Wings we see John counter with a back body drop! Page crashes down on the mat before starting to get back up where he spins around and walks into Cavanagh who hoists Page up in the air dropping him sternum first across the top rope with a Stun Gun! Cavanagh follows up with a Backstabber completing The West Side Drive By!

Cavanagh scurries into the cover with a backpress hooking the inside leg of Page!




The roof explodes as Page escapes with another kick out! John gets to his feet barking out for a three count where intimidates the referee back into a neutral corner. The referee shows Cavanagh two fingers only to have them slapped away by John before he turns his attention back toward Page as a massive “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chant filters throughout Ford Field. John turns his attention back toward Page who is crawling toward the ropes. Page starts pulling himself back up to his feet using the ropes where he staggers backward before being spun around where CCP is scooped up and slammed down to the mat. John makes a move toward a neutral corner where he starts to climb up the turnbuckles from the inside of the ring. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and sets himself before leaping backward off the top rope with a picture perfect moonsault! CCP draws up his knees sending Cavanagh crashing down on top of them driving them into John’s sternum.

The crowd roars for Page as he is getting back up to his feet.

Page snatches Cavanagh up off the mat where he sets him up and delivers a Cradle Piledriver spiking Cavanagh head first into the mat! Page rolls out to the ring apron where he uses the ropes to get to his feet. He starts scaling up to the top rope while Cavanagh lays prone on the mat. Page stands up on the top rope where he comes off the top with a Shooting Star Press crashing down on top of Cavanagh to another massive ovation! Page has the cover!




John Cavanagh kicks out of the near fall to the loudest gasp of the evening! John starts slowly rolling toward the ropes where he rolls out to the ring apron. John starts pulling himself up to this feet on the apron where we see Page run toward the ropes, he springboards off the middle rope delivering a Missile Dropkick sending Cavanagh crashing on the apron before he falls down to the floor. The crowd roars for CCP while out on the floor Shaun Hart starts to measure Cavanagh for a cheap shot!

Page rolls out to the floor getting in between Hart and Cav!

Chris Page instructs Shaun to back off which Shaun reluctantly does.

CCP turns back around where he picks Cavanagh up only to be raked across the eyes! John drives Page face first off the ring apron. He drives CCP face first off the apron a second time before pulling Page back toward the guardrail. Cavanagh hoists Page up into a Military Press where he drops him sternum first across the top of the guardrail! John Cavanagh turns up the heat as he stomps away at the sternum of Page while the referee lays the count to both men on the floor. John turns and dives into the ring breaking the count only to roll right back out to the floor.

John reaches down picking Page up off the floor, he puts him up on the ring apron.

Cav climbs up in the apron where he looks out across the sold out Ford Field before reaching down picking Page up by the hair. John locks in a front face lock, he hoists Page up in the air vertically and then drives him down onto the apron with a brian buster! CCP lays on the apron, he pushed back under the bottom rope and back into the by Cav before Cav slides into the ring executing the cover with a back press hooking the near leg.




CCP narrowly escapes the nearfall to a massive ovation from the crowd! John Cavanagh starts to show signs of frustration as he pounds his right hand on the mat before arguing with the referee while getting back to his feet.

CCP charges into Cav knocking him into the referee and out of the ring, Page continues to goad John Cavanagh on the outside who is still fuming from the referee’s two count before, Cav grabs the IIW World title and slides back into the ring, he swings for Page who ducks it, left jab, right jab, he stuns John Cavanagh whose falling back, he see the ref getting back up as he’s falling he launches the title at Page and hits the deck as hard as he can holding his head.

The Referee looks up and looks round at the scene with Cav on the floor and Page holding the title….He looks at Page…AND SIGNALS TO RING THE BELL!!!!

Mike Fisher: WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!

The referee slides out the ring and speaks with Alice on the outside

Alice Goulder: As a result of using the IIW World Title belt, Chris Page has been disqualified and now we have THE NEW….IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… JOHN CAVANAGH!!!!!!!

Chris Page is looking on in shock as suddenly the rest of CCPE make their way out… Fred Debonair, Bam Miller and J Mont are fuming and get in the ring kicking away at John Cavanagh in the middle of the ring….


Mike Fisher: JONNY C!!! BLADE ALEXANDER.. we haven’t seen them in months!!!!

The three of them are quick to even up the sides as they push CCPE out of the ring who quickly retreat to the outside looking on at the 3 men infront of them.

The 3 of them raise their arms in a sign of unity.

Mike Fisher: Are we seeing the formation of the IIW Originals? What has the IIW got coming with Jonny C, Blade Alexander and Jay Vaughan on the same page.