Name of Wrestler: TJ Alexander

Nicknames: “Game Changer” “KIDD KRAZY”, “Aerial Assassin”

Picture Base: Will Ospreay

Wrestler Height: 6’1

Wrestler Weight: 188 LBS

Age: 20 (DOB: 10th June 2000)

Theme Music: “Demi-Gods” By Lab-Rats and Slim J

Hometown: London, England

Style of Wrestling: High-Flyer/Technician

Face| Heel| Neutral: Neutral

Signature Move(s):

1. Crash Landing
2. Perfection 10
3. KKD – Kid Krazed Driver
4. The Game Changer

Signature Description:

“Crash Landing” – The Standing shiranui
“Perfection 10” – Fireman’s Carry Cutter (TKO)
“KKD – Kid Krazed Driver” – One-Winged Angel
“The Game Changer” – Superkick/Brainbuster

Finisher Move: “Game Over”

Finisher Description: Angel Wings

Common Moves:

1. Suplex Variations
– Overhead Belly-To-Belly
– Leg Hook Belly-To-Belly
– Stalling
– Snap
– German
– Tiger
– Half and Half
– Tear Drop Back
– Swinging Fisherman
– Fisherman
– Northern Lights
– Straight Jacket
– Capture
– Saito
– Exploder
2. Jumping Arm Breaker
3. Fireman’s Carry into a Neckbreaker
4. DDT Variations ( Snap, Tornado, Float-Over, Swinging, Falling Reverse)
5. Russian Leg Sweep
6. Head-Scissors Takeover
7. Japanese Arm-Drag
8. Inverted Atomic Drop
9. Corkscrew Neckbreaker
10. Hurricanrana Variations (Standing, Reverse, Frankensteiner, Diving)
11. Strikes (Knee Strikes, elbow strikes, discus forearm, open palm, uppercut)
12. Roundhouse Kick
13. Missile Dropkick
14. Shooting Star Press
15. Phoenix Splash
16. 450 Splash
17. Wheelbarrow Bulldog
18. Enziguri
19. Hook Kick
20. Moonsault Variations (Top Rope, Asai, Springboard, standing, corkscrew)
21. Dragon Screw
22. Fujiwara Armbar
23. Tope Con Hilo
24. Corkscrew Dive
25. Blockbuster
26. Slingblade
27. Sharpshooter
28. Crossface
29. Dropkick Variations (Standing, Running Rebound, Corner Dropkick)
30. Spinning Wheel Kick

ECWF Horror-Core Champion (x1)
ECWF 2021 Gold Rush Briefcase Winner


Background| History: Born and raised in the county area of Essex which is just outside of London. TJ was raised by a hard-working middle class family. To parents Marie and James, TJ belongs to a big family with being the youngest child of seven children. TJ was most part left to his own devices. TJ Who didn’t really excel in school academics growing up and was seen as an loner for liking other things than the other children. TJ was good at most sports, but found his passion in wrestling. Building his own wrestling ring in the back garden, wrestling kept TJ out of trouble. He would practice everyday until a few other children from the area decided to join in and befriend TJ. They would put on shows for themselves and train each other. It wasn’t until a local wrestling promoter by the name of John Dixon heard of these kids and decided to watch the shows they put on.

After watching just one show John Dixon signed TJ Alexander and a few others to his wrestling school in London called Wrestling Underground. When TJ and his friends went to the Wrestling Underground, they saw a massive difference in just how professional it was. And they only got better. While training and putting on weekly shows for Wrestling Underground drawing over five hundred people a show each week, it was clear that TJ was the main attraction of the shows which rubbed people the wrong way especially the veterans of Wrestling Underground.

After being spurned by some of the Wrestling Underground locker room for being better than them, TJ has took the leap and decided to try the International scene.