Question Time – Alessia Capello

Welcome to the first edition of IIW Question time with me, Michael Morrison as we get to know indepth the characters of IIW and what makes them tick.

Our first guest of this blockbuster week is IIW First Class superstar, Alessia Capello

1.Favorite wrestler of all time?

Chris Jericho

2.Most overrated wrestler?

Kenny Omega

3. What got you into wrestling?

Seeing the Undertaker almost kill Mankind

4. Who is your favourite opponent so far in IIW?

Ada Pierce, she was a real equal

5. If you were to get into a bar fight which IIW Wrestlers would you like by your side?

Jonny C!….Maybe

6. Do you think Curtis is really Jonny C’s kid?

One Hundred Percent

7. What do you want to achieve in IIW?

Have a First Class match that makes it into the Hall of Fame Famous matches.

8. Who is your favourite backstage IIW Character?

Sally Bird

9. What is your dream IIW Matchup?

Jonny C vs Alessia Capello in an I QUIT match

10. Most missed IIW Superstar

Ada Pierce

Quick Fire Questions

11. Jake E Dangerously or Jonny C?

Jonny C

12. Osh Vaughan or Bob Mitchell?

Osh Vaughan

13. Tyler Debonair or Fred Debonair?

Is Neither an Option?

14. Mayhem or First Class?