Osh, Sean and Jason are sat backstage as there is a knock on the door

Osh: Come in!

None other than Osh’s nephew Jay Vaughan strolls in

Jay: Alright guys, how we all doing?…We all ready for the War Games match, it’s time to take back the company for Osh!

Jason Fenix: That’s the plan Jay

Jay Vaughan: Any sign of Rixton?

Jason Fenix: Unfortunately not

Jay Vaughan: Damn, so what? Does that leave us one man short? Who we thinking?

Sean Raines and Jason Fenix look at each other before panning to Osh

Osh Vaughan: Well the thing is….

Jay Vaughan: Yeah I’ve been doing some recruiting for us Osh, I’ve looked at a few guys, you know, and narrowed it down to one

Osh Vaughan: Jay, you’re not on the team.

Jay Vaughan: Sorry? What?

Jay stares on in disbelief, before smiling

Jay Vaughan: I get it, your ribbing me Osh, standard Osh…

Osh Vaughan: Sorry man… After last year and the mistake you made, I can’t have you be part of the team, I’ve found a team to join us as our final members, I just need confirmation

Jay begins to get enraged and walks towards Osh, but on seeing Jason Fenix and Sean Raines stand up… he stops shakes his head and heads out the door

Jay Vaughan: You’ll regret this!