Mayhem 16th May Results

Osh, Sean and Jason are sat backstage as there is a knock on the door

Osh: Come in!

None other than Osh’s nephew Jay Vaughan strolls in

Jay: Alright guys, how we all doing?…We all ready for the War Games match, it’s time to take back the company for Osh!

Jason Fenix: That’s the plan Jay

Jay Vaughan: Any sign of Rixton?

Jason Fenix: Unfortunately not

Jay Vaughan: Damn, so what? Does that leave us one man short? Who we thinking?

Sean Raines and Jason Fenix look at each other before panning to Osh

Osh Vaughan: Well the thing is….

Jay Vaughan: Yeah I’ve been doing some recruiting for us Osh, I’ve looked at a few guys, you know, and narrowed it down to one

Osh Vaughan: Jay, you’re not on the team.

Jay Vaughan: Sorry? What?

Jay stares on in disbelief, before smiling

Jay Vaughan: I get it, your ribbing me Osh, standard Osh…

Osh Vaughan: Sorry man… After last year and the mistake you made, I can’t have you be part of the team, I’ve found a team to join us as our final members, I just need confirmation

Jay begins to get enraged and walks towards Osh, but on seeing Jason Fenix and Sean Raines stand up… he stops shakes his head and heads out the door

Jay Vaughan: You’ll regret this!

(Danny Dannger makes his IIW debut against Veteran Ryan McCann. Danny looks to get off to a hot start with his wildcard wrestling style but will it be enough to take down the pure technician McCann?)

Match One

Standard Singles Match Danny Dannger vs Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann who acts first in this one. He goes from zero to a hundred in short order, exploding across the ring into a dropkick that launches Danny Dannger into the ropes. Danny holds on with his arms, his feet leaving the ground as he almost falls to the outside, and Ryan is there to meet him with a storm of punches! With his opponent tied up, the slightly smaller man is able to maintain the upper hand, and leaps up onto Scott’s shoulders, spinning around to hit a reverse Huracanrana to the outside!

It’s blocked! Danny rips his arms free, holds Ryans legs in place, and drops to his knees, firmly introducing his skull to the apron. Ryan ragdolls to the outside, landing in a sickening fashion but slowly clawing to his way upright with a determined gaze as Danny remains in the ring, hunkered down in the center in a squat, staring a hole through his opponent.

The count reaches five and they’re still in a staredown, each willing the other to move first. Six… he remains steadfast. At the count of eight and a half, Ryan curses and slides back into the ring, right to his feet where they meet in the center and trade strikes. Ryan goes under a sharp clothesline, drives an elbow to the midsection, and then spins out to take Danny down with a hip toss. rolls through it, and turns to catch an onrushing Ryan with a huge spine buster into the corner!

Mike Fisher: Wow, look at the power there from Danny Dannager!

Scott James: That’s gotta take a hell of a lot out of Ryan McCann!

Danny ctually has the crowd behind him, shooting them an amused glance as he mounts the middle rope and rains down heavy blows on Ryan. Ryan manages to block the last of these, slides between his legs and catches him with a backslide pin!


Danny Dannager surges straight to his feet, rears back into a superkick that Ryan barely evades, wide-eyed. He scooches back and whips his own body into a brutal spin, his heel going high as he lashes out with his own 666 kick, looking for the surprise knockout– but he doesn’t get all of it, as Danny turns into the momentum of the blow, rotating off his feet momentarily but landing to rush straight in with a spear that about breaks Ryan in half! He takes mount, and digs in with body blows before roaming back toward the head, but his opponent is ready…

Ryan catches an arm, hyper-extends it and uses it to lever Danny from off of him, sweeping into an armbar and then floating over to seize a chicken wing on the second arm. With Danny all tied up, he flips over to apply a crossface! Danny is in trouble! His grunts exude pure pain as he fights back, struggling to slide the pair of them across the canvas, inch-by-inch…

His hand closes on the bottom rope! The referee dives in to make the break. Ryan holds to the count of four before releasing, wiping his mouth as he stands, right into another bloody-minded staredown with Danny. They come face-to-face, head-to-head, shunting each other into the middle of the ring…

Mike Fisher: Things getting really heated here between Danny and Ryan!

Scott James: The fans getting their money worth tonight.

Danny breaks the stalemate, seizing a grapple and gaining the upper hand, trying to force Ryans head down between his legs. Ryan drops FLAT, falling out of the hold before it’s established, whipping a leg out to trip Danny then kipping up to his feet. Danny shoves himself upright, and eats a kick to the head that he takes with a grunt and a stagger, holding onto the offending foot! He surges forward, pushing Ryan ,McCann toward the ring post. Ryan falls away, and Danny almost collides with the turnbuckle, barely catching himself in time!

Ryan hits the ropes, storms in on the recovering Danny with a kick to the gut, preparing to set up an end to this match. Danny powers right into the kick, cutting it short and bringing his head in for a thudding collision with Ryans! He follows up with a thrust to the throat, then rears into another superkick! Ryan is LAUNCHED. Danny dives after him, railing in with stomps, pausing with his hands on the ropes, staring at the ramp for a second before he bends to scoop Ryan up over his shoulders. Powerfully, purposefully, Danny steps into the center of the ring…

And swings Ryans around, head towards the underside of the opposite arm, keeping hold of the legs as he drops his foe brutally onto the back of his neck! Dannger Zone!!! (Double Underhook Package Piledriver)

Danny leans back, rolling Ryan over, and runs a hand across his throat as he makes the cover.


Bell rings

Alice Goldier:” Here is your winner by pinfall The Wildcard Danny Dannger!!!!!

The Show cuts out with a birds eye view of O2 Arena, where a sell out Crowd is jammed in, to witness what can only be…A Massive MAYHEM! Suddenly # KINGDOM # blasts through the announce system the fans are greeted by Crush! The fans get to the feet as Crush  walks out onto the stage with his wife Jessica, wearing his casual attire. He has the United Kingdom Championship on his shoulder and an unfamiliar Title around his waist as fireworks go off behind them.  Crush makes his way down the ramp, looking at the fans as he looks in a good mood as the fans cheer. Once in the ring, Crush grabs a mic and ushers for his music to be switched off.

‘The UK Champion’ Crush: You Know what…I don’t usually come out here and run my mouth. I like to let my fists do the talking. I’ve had an up and down last couple of weeks in this business. I lost to Chronic Chris Page, in a match I thought I had in the bag..Respect to him for pulling one out, Then two days later, I competed in an Elimination Chamber for a company called Extreme Championship Entertainment to become the ECE World Champion, an 18th World Title to add to my resume.

The crowd cheers as Crush continues

The UK Champion’ Crush: Ya see… I’m the BELT COLLECTOR for a reason. Not only do I have this ECE World Title around my waist, but I have this IIW United Kingdom Title over my shoulder and pretty soon I wi…

Just as Crush is about to finish his sentence, the lights darken and HERO by Skillet! The fans jump to the feet as Crush’s eyes widen.. Crush looks toward the entrance area as he stands in front of his wife, Jessica. Suddenly from out behind the curtain steps the newest member of the IIW roster, PG-13.. He is accompanied by a man who’s name we haven’t gathered yet. Crush, seemingly knows who this person is, looks at the ramp in frustration.

<P>Mike Fisher: That’s PG-13! He has signed an IIW contract! But who is the man with him?

<P>Scott James: Oh Mike, That’s Michael Hill! He’s the Co-President of ECE and runs The Enterprise over there. I’m guessing He was a condition to PG-13 getting hired.

<P>PG-13 and Michael Hill walk down the entrance area as Crush readies for a fight. PG hops up on the apron as Hill goes and grabs a microphone. Hill passes the mic to PG as he climbs in the ring.

<P>’The Beast’  PG-13: Well Well Well… It’s good to see you again….Brother. So this is the IIW that I’ve heard so much about. So many victims, so little time.

<P>’The UK Champion’  Crush: Ya see Mike… That’s where you’re wrong.. You may do what you want in ECE but here, it’s a different ballgame. You don’t have a President in your back pocket here…And brother or not, I will stop you.

<P>’The Beast ‘ PG-13: We’ve been down this road before Aaron.. What is it, 20 years now? We always end up in the same place and I always end up taking you out.. See, here’s the thing.. That ECE Championship will be mine soon enough….What I am here for NOW…Is that UK Championship over your shoulder.. Then I Can be the Belt Collector… While also finally ending your career.

<P>’The UK Champion’ Crush: Listen up, Mike.. You’ve broken my neck, hit me with a car, wrecked an ambulance and I’m still here.. You will never get rid of me.. Not now…Not Ever.

<P>PG-13 drops the mic as Michael Hill jumps up on the apron.. Crush goes to swipe at Hill but Hill jumps off, Crush turns around as PG-13 lifts him up on his shoulders and drops him with a REVELATION!

<P>Mike Fisher: PG-13 strikes first with a Huge Revelation!

<P>Scott James: I bet Crush won’t pop off at his brother anymore after that!

<P>PG-13 rolls out of the ring as PG and Michael Hill back up the ramp smiling as Jessica tends to her husband. Crush pulls himself into the turnbuckle and stares daggers into PG-13 on the ramp. Crush picks up both of his Titles and places them beside him as he uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. What does this mean for Crush’s future in IIW?

(AJ Prince looks to get a debut win but a desperate Robert Ace who’s been on a losing streak looks to rebound. Who will win when these two collide?)

Match Two Standard Singles Match

AJ Prince vs Robert Ace

The bell rings and the crowd is buzzing. AJ Prince soaks in the electricity as he stares right at Robert Ace. The two lock up in the center of the ring, AJ getting the advantage. He hip-tosses Ace halfway across the ring and he bounces hard off of the mat. AJ , not wanting to revel in the moment too much, takes a run at Ace to kick him swiftly in the ribcage. Smartly, Ace rolls out of the ring. AJ gives chase, exiting the ring himself. He grabs Ace and lifts him up with a side suplex right on the hard ring apron, the back of Ace ribs smacking the surface. He winces in pain as AJ Prince rolls him back in. He slides in, himself, and returns to work. He picks Ace up and whips him into the corner. AJ charges after, looking to drive a shoulder into Ace stomach. But Ace leaps over the top rope and to the apron and watches as AJ’ shoulder smacks hard into the ring post! Ace grabs his arm and puts him into a crucifix armbar through the ropes. The referee begins his five count. Ace releases at about 4.99 seconds, risking disqualification and the referee surely lets him know about it.

Mike Fisher: AJ Prince came out hot in this one, but Robert Ace has quickly taken the advantage.

Scott James: Yeah, AJ’ shoulder looks to be in pretty rough shape after that one, that ring post is the hardest part of the ring and he felt it!

Robert Ace continues to celebrate his actions as the referee scolds at him, AJ Prince makes it back to his feet and takes the opportunity to bounce off the ropes and hit a running DDT as Ace turns around. The impact could be heard in hte nose bleeds adn AJ shakes his shoulder that still feels the effect from earlier. AJ now hits a standing moonsault and then starts stalking Robert Ace as he stumbles to hisd and as quick as a cat AJ Prince connects out of nowhere with the PrimeTime Finish (RKO), and Ace head bounce sof the mat with impact, AJ turns him over and hooks both legs as the referee gets in positon.




Bell Rings.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall PrimeTime AJ Prince!!!!

Mike Fisher: Great debut win for AJ Prince, I see bright things for this young man.

Scott James: Well lets not talk to high on him, its alot of difrrent and tougher compettion in the IIW ranks, lets see how he does going forward befoe saying how bright his careerr can be.

Mike Fisher: Whatever Scott I see talent and this kids got it.

Jonny C is walking round backstage towards his locker room, he’s got his world title draped over his shoulder, looking on top of the world as he knows he has El Landerson to face later on in the evening.


Jonny C is smashed square in the face by Russell Wayne holding a steel chair! He drops to the ground holding his face as the title flies off along the floor.

Russell Wayne: Evening.

Russell puts the chair down and continues on his way


(Crush looks to defend his Championship after coming off a loss to Chris Page, but Stoner looks High and ready to become the new UK Champion. Who’s will walk out as Champion?)

Match Three

UK Championship MatchStandard Single MatchBig Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner vs The King of Extreme” Crush (c)

Mike Fisher: Up next is a United Kigdom Championship match between the challenger Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner and the reigning UK Champion The King of Extreme” Crush.

Scott James: Yeah this match has potential to be a real Classic. Stoner earned his shot after beating Sean Raines and El Landerson in a triple threat match.

Mike Fisher: Stoner has a lot of momentum heading into this match but Crush is no joke and will make it hell for anyone to take the UK Championship off him.

Scott James: Agreed but we won’t have to wit long as that match is up next.

I Hope You Die” by Bloodhound Gang starts to play and Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner starts making his way down the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 200lbs, from La Marque, TX I give you Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner!!!!

Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner makes his way into the ring and waits on his opponent.

Crush emerges out to the top of the ramp to a roar from the IIW crowd as he stands in his glory

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 265 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia
I give you the United Kingdom Champion Crush!!!!

. Crush slowly raises up the UK Title to a pyro display garnering a louder ovation from the crowd. The UK Champion starts to make the walk toward the ring.Crush reaches the ringside area.

He puts the UK Title his corner before rolling into the ring where he reaches his feet and hypes the crowd to an even louder ovation. The music fades away leaving a solid “CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH!”

Bell Rings

Crush and Stoner meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down for a minute, as Vruah gets ready to lock up Stoner throws his has up in a pause motion as he walks over to the corner and reaches down to grab something.

Scott James: Is that what I think it is?

Mike Fisher: Classic Stoner.

Stoner has a blunt in his hand and lights it up and starts smoking during the match. Crush looks at the referee and he just shrugs his shoulders. Stoner notices and offers Crush a hit but he smacks it away and right out the ring. Stoner. Stoner fires back with a slap to the face of Crush.

Mike Fisher: You never mess with a man’s weed.

Scott James: I don’t blame Crush, Stoner is unprofessional.

Crush rubs his jaw for a moment and then fired back with a punch to the face of Stoner, they continue to trade blows in the middle of the ring, Crush lands a knee to the gut and then slings Stoner to the ropes, as Stoner bounces back towards himCrush meets him with a thunderous
Spine Buster! Crush goes for the quick cover.


Tw… No Kickout

Crush starts hammering Stoner with hard blows to the head and then lifts him up and slings towards the turnbuckle but Stoner is able to hit a backflip and come behind Crush who was following close behind. As Crush hits the brakes to avoided running into the pole he turns around and gets hit with a closeline from hell. Stoner starts shaking the ropes and gets the fans riled up.

Mike Fisher: Crush was in control early but Stoner has taken control in this UK Championship match.

Stoner now hits the ropes and cones down on Crush with a huge leg drop and quickly goes for the cover.



Kick out.

Scott James: Not enough to put away the Champ.

Stoner now climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, he steady his balance and looks around at the fans with a smile but this allows Crush to get back to his feet and make an athletic jump to the top turnbuckle and hit a belly to belly suplex from the top the buckle!!!

Mike Fisher: GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!

Scott James: What an incredible move!

Crush is making his way back to his feet…he grabs Stoner and delivers his new move….THE CURSE BREAKER!!!!




Mike Fisher: Crush has done it! He’s retained his title in a fiercely fought match with Big Poppa Puff!

(John Tolly went through hell last Mayhem in his I Quit match with Russell Wayne, but after coming up short he now looks to bounce back against the Trend Setter Kenny Pryce.)

Match Four

Standard Singles Match John Tolly vs Kenny Pryce

Tolly and Pryce shoot across the ring but Pryce picks him up and has him on his shoulders..

Mike Fisher: WHOA WHOA WHOA!

Kenny hits the Trend Setter

Scott James: OH MY GOD ITS OVER!!



Tolly KICKS OUT AND GETS RIGHT BACK UP AND STARTcombinations of kicks and punches to overwhelm Kenny!


Kenny is caught off guard with a right hand, a left hand, a right hand, a right hand and a left hand, and then an uppercut sends Pryce to the canvas!

Mike Fisher: OH MY!

Kenny gets up and Tolly hits theChampaign dream ddt TO END ALL DDTS!!






( The Hamilton Establishment looked good in their debut, but now the competition gets more challenging as they take on the very confident The Excellence . Who will in this clash of tag teams?)

Match Five

Standard Tag Team MatchThe Hamilton Establishment( Edward and Benjamin vs The Excellence (Jermaine Finley and Zabian Wells)

Swagga blasts through the house PA system of the O2 Arena. Jermaine Finley & Zabian Wells take the stage as the crowd gets loud for the new tag team looking to make some waves in the tag team division.

Mike Fisher: “Scott, I am excited to see what these guys can do. Both of these teams are new on the scene in IIW and looking to make a name for themselves.”

Scott James: “The only difference is that The Excellence hasn’t really made any waves yet, while the Hamilton Establishment made some bold moves early that really seemed to piss off some of the IIW roster.

“When the man comes down” begins to play as the lights dim. Edward & Benjamin walk out onto the stage and strut down to the ring.

Mike Fisher: “Which is why we are seeing Edward & Benjamin, without their brother Sebastian by their side.”

The Hamilton’s pull themselves up onto the apron and through the ropes, before taking off their waistcoats, shirt and ties, the lights come back up and the music dies.

Scott James: “Ok lets see what these two teams can do.”

The bell rings as Edward and Zabian are selected to start off the match. The two men take a moment to sight each other over before the eventual lock up. The two men struggle back and forth before Edward’s strength gives him the advantage and he pushes Zabian back. After Zabian stumbles, and Edward, thinking quickly, delivers a quick kick to the stomach sending Zabian crashing to the mat. The pause in action is only temporary as Zabian quickly pops back up to his feet ready to go again.

Zabian fakes going for a lock up once again before dropping down to one knee and driving an elbow into the stomach of Edward Hamilton. Both men showing aggression and both showing they can get the upper hand, they return to their feet and again stare each other down.

Edward makes the next move as he jumps at Zabian with a right hook, catching the man off guard and quickly following up with a second and third punch. Edward grabs Zabian by the arm and whip him into the ropes. A quick clothesline attempt, but a quick thinking Zabian ducks it and continues to bounce off of the opposite ropes before launching into a dropkick, Edwards goes down with the momentum. Zabian stand in the ring watching and stalking his opponent waiting for him to rise to his feet. Edward lays on the mat grabbing dazed from the sudden dropkick.

Edward slowly gets back to his feet, the frustration of being dazed is loud and clear by the expression on his face. The two men lock up once again, this time Edward getting the upper hand rather quickly with a side headlock. Zabian shakes himself free, whipping Edward to the ropes. Zabian drops down with to the mat, Edward jumping over him to bounce off the opposite ropes. Edward with the high knee, flipping Zabian head over heels and crashing to the mat. Edward tries for the quick pin…


Zabian kicks out. The London audience not surprised by this doesn’t overly react.

Mike Fisher: “Well I hope things get more interesting than this.”

Frustrated Zabian rolls to his corner tagging in his partner Jermaine.

Jermaine and Edward quickly lock up, with Jermaine pushing Edward back into the corner. Jermain jumps in quickly with a few punches giving him the upper hand. Edward is taken off his game by the punches but quickly recovers and delivers a few of his own. Both men now exchanging fists back and forth as they make their way back across the ring.

Edward with a heavy push back sending Jermaine stumbling before hitting him with s devastating clothesline dropping Jermaine crashing down to the mat. Edward takes a second to bask in the moment before jumping onto Jermain and raining down a fury of right hands. Picking up Jermain slowly to his feet, Edward looks over at Zabian before slamming his partner down with a monsterous powerslam. Zabian starts to mouth off to Edward, but only gets a cocky smirk in return. Edwads once again grabs Jermaine and lifts him to his feet, this time sending him flying into the corner of the Hamilton Establishment. Edward distracts the ref as Benjamin rains down a repeated run of right hands. Jermaine falls flat to the mat as Edward tags in his brother.

Benjamin steps through the ropes to continue the beating on Jermaine, a confidant strut across the ring before picking Jermaine up and quickly slamming him down again. Elbow drops pounds down onto the sternum of Jermaine, Benjamin sits up and smirks out at the crowd. The ego showing through as he takes his time getting back to his feet. As Benjamin shows off to the packed house in the O2 arena Jermain takes a desperate measure of self preservation and delivers a low blow dropping the Hamilton to his knees before reaching out to tag Zabian back in.

Zabian gets in and lifts Ben up while Jermain gets in position…Ghetto Sweepers!!!!



The Excellence have done it!

Alice Gouldier: Your winners The Excellence

(The King of The Hardcore Divison looks to unleash his frustration on Phoenix and Warner after losing out on an opportunity at the UK Championship. Will Raines prove why he runs the division, or will there be a new Hardcore Champion after the bell?)

Match Six

Hardcore Championship Elimination Tables MatchSean Raines(c) vs Anthony Phoenix vs Griff Warner

Anthony Phoenix and Griff Warner are already in the ring awaiting the arrival of the hardcore champion

Mike fisher- Raines looks ready to destroy everything in his path.

Scott James- this spells bad news for Phoenix and Warner.

Raines immediately throws a hellacious clothesline to Warner, sending him crashing hard into the mat and rolling out of the ring. Phoenix attempts to attack Raines with a flurry of punches and Raines grabs him by the throat and tosses him into the corner. Raines runs and slams his whole body into Phoenix sending him to the mat in a heap! Raines hypes the crowd.

Scott James- You we’re right Mike Raines is ready to wreck everything tonight.

Raines slides outside the ring and goes under the ring for a garbage can and lid. He smashes Warner over the head with the garbage can making a sickening noise and denting the trash can beyond what was thought possible. Raines lays the trash can on Warner and leg drops it crushing it into his face.

Mike fisher- Warner has been busted wide open.

Scott James- No doubt about that Mike and he’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

Raines slides back into the ring with garbage lid in hand and cracks Phoenix right square in the skull as he is running toward him and beats him with it while he is on the ground. Raines tosses Phoenix over the top rope to the floor. He then follows him outside the ring and grabs a steel chair and cracks it right across the back of Phoenix. Raines goes underneath the ring and begins pulling out a set of tables. He puts both inside the ring and climbs in as well. He sets up both tables and heads back outside the ring to grab something else from underneath the ring.

Mike fisher- someone is going to get seriously hurt tonight.

Scott James- you can almost guarantee anytime one of these matches takes place someone is going to get hurt… however Raines is on fire tonight.

Raines pulls out a black bag and receives a cheer from the crowd. He tosses the bag into the ring and walks over, grabs Warner and tosses him into the ring. Raines upon getting into the ring pour the contents of the bag into one of the tables receiving a shocked reaction from the crowd.

Mike fisher- it’s LIGHTBULBS?!?

Scott James- this is SICK but I love it!!

Raines picks up Warner in a power bomb position and slams him through the table filled with lightbulbs, glass shattered everywhere and Warner is bleeding from small cuts as a result of the broken glass. Raines drags him off the table, picks him up and tosses him out of the ring with ease.

Scott James- Raines has eliminated Griff Warner.

Mike Fisher- Yes he has but, he still has to focus on Phoenix.

Phoenix comes flying from behind with a shot from a steel chair to the back of Raines to which seemingly does nothing. Raines turns around and points at his head, telling Phoenix to crack him with the chair. Phoenix lays a brutal shot on Raines which makes him take a few steps back but he is smiling and eventually laughing. He takes a swipe of the blood that now is slowly dripping down his face and licks it. Phoenix attempts to lay another chair shot on Raines but before he can swing the chair, Raines kicks it into his face making him drop the chair and stumble back a little. Raines picks up the chair and smashes Phoenix in the face with it, the sound echoes throughout the entire arena.

Mike Fisher- Well, Phoenix is now busted wide open. Is anyone ever going to be able to take the Hardcore Title away from Sean Raines.

Raines makes his way to the outside once again and this time what he grabs from under the ring shocks everyone.

Scott James- Ohhhhh! The little yellow bottle that is recognized around the world.


Raines grabs a bottle of lighter fluid and tosses it into the ring but he also goes back under the ring and grabs yet another black bag. He climbs into the ring and pours the contents of the bag into the table which happens to be thumbtacks before returning his attention back to Phoenix who is barely stirring. He firmly plants Phoenix face first into the chair on the mat with a DDT. He then walks over and picks up the bottle of lighter fluid and sprays it all over the table. He then reaches into his tights and grabs a pack of matches and sets the table ablaze. The crowd is silent watching in amazement of what could happen next!

Scott James- Well Mike this is about to spell disaster for one of these men.

Mike fisher- This is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. No way one of these men is going to go through that table… Most likely Phoenix but there’s no way he survives a flaming table with thumbtacks on it.

Raines walks over and picks up the lifeless body of Phoenix and sets him in position for his finishing maneuver The RainMaker (Double Underhook Brainbuster) and he drives Phoenix sickeningly into the table before they both roll away from the flames. The crowd chants holy shit!!

Mike Fisher- What in the blue hell did i just see? Aside from the obvious end of the match.

Scott James- Raines is one sick SOB and I think I like it. Also Mike, Raines has retained his IIW Hardcore Championship once again.

Raines makes his way over to Phoenix after grabbing his title and rubs it across his bloody face before he exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp with his Hardcore Title that seemingly nobody can take.

(TJ Alexander has been on a roll since winning The TV Championships but he must keep his momentum going heading towards his TV Championship match against Scotty Adams but Brandon Hendrix and Adam Williams look to get a win and maybe even get themselves a future TV Championship shot, who’s momentum will continue ?)

Match Seven

Non Title Triple Threat Match Brandon Hendrix vs Adam Williams vs TJ Alexander

The Three men circle each other before Adam Williams attacks Brandon and Tosses him out of the ring. TJ Alexander turns Adam Williams around and the two wrestlers exchange punches. TJ Alexander gets the advantage and hits the rolling Vertical Suplex combo; Hendrix hits TJ Alexander from behind just as TJ Alexander finishes the third one. Hendrix with a step sidekick to the head takes TJ Alexander to the corner and starts to pummel TJ Alexander. Adam Williams regaining his senses grabs Hendrix from behind as Hendrix reverses and moves behind Adam Williams then puts him in a waist lock as he tosses Adam Williams back into a German Suplex attempt however Adam Williams lands on his feet and Drop kicks Hendrix’s knee out from beneath him, and then punches TJ Alexander (Still in the corner) straight in the mouth. TJ Alexander staggers out of the corner. Adam Williams then picks Hendrix up and Slams him knee first into to the corner. Hendrix is hung up on the corner and TJ Alexander goes for a Dropkick on Adam Williams, who moves and the kick connects with Hendrix who is knocked out of the ring again; holding his knee; Adam Williams grabs TJ Alexander and hits a snap neck breaker on TJ Alexander, Adam Williams goes up top on the turnbuckle. Hendrix staggers up and climbs the turnbuckles and he and Adam Williams start trading punches up on top. Hendrix knocks Adam Williams to the mat however before he can do anything TJ Alexander is up and hits a Hurricainerana off the tope rope into the mat; Falling Hendrix does a Swanton on Adam Williams on his way down; all three wrestlers are down on the mat as the crowd is chanting “Holy Shit”… after a few moments TJ Alexander gets back up and grabs Adam Williams, Adam Williams reverses TJ Alexander sending him down to the mat with a Northern Lights Suplex.




Brandon Hendrix Dropkicks Adam Williams in his side disturbing the almost near pin fall; Hendrix Lifts Adam Williams up for a backdrop and connects, TJ Alexander is up and takes Hendrix down with a series of German suplex’s. He hits three perfectly and bridges on the fourth however before the ref can even count, Adam Williams hits a double Axe handle on TJ Alexander breaking the pin. Hendrix is up and Adam Williams drops TJ Alexander with a Suplex, Adam Williams then turns quickly to Hendrix and starts punching him and performs what he calls BULLET STORM kicking Hendrix until he is Dazed as he goes for the final punt taunting Hendrix like he was actually drinking however; as he goes for the final Punch he is interrupted from TJ Alexander who climbed the turnbuckle and hit a Missile Dropkick on Adam Williams knocking him out of the ring. TJ Alexander then delivers the GAMEOVER to Hendrix and then he covers him



Adam Williams jumps into the ring to break the pin but is too late.


Adam Williams looks frustrated as he heads to the back while TJ celebrates before making his way to the back….

Brandon Hendrix is left in the ring…suddenly, Adam The Monster appears from beneath the ring!!!

Adam The Monster: HUNGRY!!!!!

Adam grabs Brandon my the feet dragging him under the ring

Mike Fisher: That doesn’t look good for Hendrix!

Adam pops his head out….

Adam The Monster: Anyone got any ketchup?

(Fenix makes this return since his match with Liam that ended in a no contest. Now he looks to bounce back against the hardcore maniac and former IIW Tag Team Champion Chris Nitro. Will Fenix walk away with a win, or will Nitro spoil his return?)

Match Eight Standard Singles MatchFenix vs Chris Nitro

Lucifer by Jay hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd high fiving fans. He hops the guard rail and slides into the ring under the bottom rope.

Mike – Nitro looks calm and ready.

Scott – He has been here before. He is always ready.

Jason Fenixs music hits and he walks through the curtain onto the stage. He gets a mixed reaction from the fans but doesn’t seem to care. Jason is staring down Nitro as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Scott – Jason Fenix is staring daggers at Nitro.

The ref calls for the bell. Both men walk to the center of the ring. They are staring at each other but neither is saying a word. Jason Fenix throws a huge punch connecting hard with Nitro.

Mike – Jason looking to make a statement early.

Scott – He isn’t afraid of Nitro.

Nitro stumbles back holding his jaw. He stops and smiles then walks back to the middle of the ring and throws his own punch. Fenix takes a few steps back holding his jaw and smiling.

Scott – And Nitro returns the favor. Neither man is scared.

Mike – This will be a hard hitting match.

Fenix walks back to the center of the ring and both men start unloading punch after punch. Neither man is willing to back down. Fenix attempts to throw a clothesline but Nitro ducks it. Nitro jumps in the air hitting a huge dropkick that sends Fenix flying through the ropes.

Mike – We are watching a legit fight here tonight.

Scott – These 2 really don’t like each other.

Fenix hits the outside mats hard but manages to get right to his feet. Nitro runs hard diving through the ropes but Fenix catches him. Fenix then runs still holding Nitro and drives Nitros back into the corner ring post. Fenix drops Nitro. Fenix lifts the ring skirt and pulls out a steel chair. He turns looking down at Nitro and smiles.

Scott – Things are escalating really fast here.

Mike – Someone is going to get hurt that’s for sure.

He holds the chair up high for a moment then brings it down as hard as he can. Nitro rolls under the ring causing Fenix to hit the outside ring mats with the chair. Fenix drops the chair and looks around but can’t see Nitro. Fenix drops to one knee and lifts the ring skirt looking under.

Scott – Nitro is running away like a coward.

Mike – No he isn’t. He avoided the chair and got stuck under the ring. Look, look there he is.

Scott – Fenix doesn’t see him.

Nitro rolls out on the opposite side of the ring. He is walking along the ring holding 1 finger to his mouth while doing so. As soon as he gets close to Fenix he picks up the pace then flips over the back of Fenix hitting a blockbuster. Nitro rolls off and grabs that steel chair. He drops it in the mats outside the ring. Nitro looks at the fans and points to the chair. Nitro picks up Fenix then shoves his head between his legs. Nitro holds his arms out then leans down blabbing Fenix and tries to lift him for a powerbomb. Fenix kicks his legs and manages to stay down. Nitro looks mad and tries to lift Fenix again. Fenix again kicks his legs and stays in the ground. Fenix then stands up launching Nitro into the air causing him to land hard on the chair that’s laying flat on the ground.

Mike – Nitro is going to be feeling that one for a long time.

Scott – I can’t even imagine.

Nitro yells out in pain holding his back and rolling around on the ground. Fenix picks up Nitro and whips him into the outside barrier. Nitro hits it hard. Nitro has his back to the fans leaning in the barrier. Fenix charges Nitro hitting a big boot sending Nitro backwards over the barrier into the fans. Fenix grabs a bottle of water from one of the fans at ringside and takes a huge sip. He leans over the barrier and spits it on Nitro. Fenix steps over the barrier and begins to lay stomps into Nitro. Fenix picks up Nitro and goes to throw him back into the ringside area but Nitro smacks his hands away and low bows Fenix.

Scott – outside the ring everything is legal.

Mike – Very true

Fenix goes down and Nitro falls into a fan’s lap. Nitro grabs the fan’s beer and slams it before getting up and kicking the back of Fenix’s head. Nitro grabs Fenix off the ground and DDTs him. Nitro slowly gets to his feet and throws Fenix over the barrier back to the ringside area. Nitro jumps up onto the guardrail and drops an elbow on Fenix. Nitro gets back to his feet, picks up Fenix and whips him into the ring stairs. Nitro slides back into the ring and sits down in the corner to catch his breath. Fenix is down on the outside but is still showing signs of life.

Mike – Not smart at all for Nitro to take a break here.

Scott – Nope. He is being overly cocky. I hope that doesn’t hurt him.

Fenix is starting to get to his feet as Nitro uses the top ropes to pull himself to his feet. Nitro is pacing in the ring yelling for Fenix to get in. Fenix grabs the chair lying outside the ring and places it on the apron before finally rolling in. Nitro charges at Fenix but Fenix slides out of the way causing Nitro to hit the turnbuckles. Fenix hits a big boot on Nitro who falls back into the corner draping his arms over the top rope. Fenix runs across the ring then straight at Nitro and jumps for a huge splash into the corner. but Nitro pulls the ref in front of him. The ref crashes to the mat. Nitro quickly leans down grabbing the chair Fenix put on the ring apron.

Scott – Fenix might regret where he left that chair.

Mike – It sure looks that way.

Nitro swings the chair hard at the back of Fenix. Fenix doesn’t even budge. He turns and stares down Nitro. Nitro smiles and lifts the chair high and tries to hit Fenix in the head with it but Fenix catches it. Fenix rips the chair from Nitros hands and uses it to ram into the gut of Nitro. Nitro drops to one knee as Fenix opens the chair, placing it down in the ring. Fenix grabs Nitro and shoves his head between his legs then lifts Nitro hitting a monster powerbomb onto the open chair. The chair gets flattened by Nitros body. Fenix goes to make the cover.

Mike – The Ref is still out cold there is no one to make the count.

Scott – Get another ref out here now.

Fenix looks up and sees the ref is out cold. He reaches up grabbing the ref’s wrist while still pinning Nitro and lifts it and smacks the mat with it.


Fenix stands up holding his arms up high as his music hits.

Mike – Is that legal?

Scott – Jason Fenix doesn’t care at all. He does what he wants when he wants. Plus his music is playing so I guess it’s all good.

Mike – I can’t believe this.

Sean Raines is walking backstage at the o2, after victory in his Hardcore Championship match. Suddenly out of nowhere, a door opens and he’s dragged inside the room. Once in we see the assailant is none other than Sebastian Hamilton who pummels on Raines until he falls back against a row of tables. Raines straightens himself up attempting to get his bearings, when Sebastian nails him across the head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Sebastian: “There were three of us to choose from Seany-boy!”

Sebastian nails Raines across the head again with the bat, he stumbles forward and Hamilton whips it across the back of his skull.

Sebastian: “Neither of us would have been a better choice than the other, but in targeting me you’ve sealed your downfall mate…”

Hamilton drags the bat down Raines’ back and and kicks the backs of his knees, grabbing him and wrapping the bat around his neck holding it in place as the barbed wire cuts the skin.

Sebastian: “You say you’re one of the most unstable minds or whatever it is you were waffling about mucker? I know exactly who you are Sean Raines but you haven’t got a Scooby-Doo who I am or what I’m capable of. Yet you thought you could challenge me…?”

Sebastian let’s go of Raines and takes a step back, Raines is quick to try and react but Sebastian nails him once more, this time with the butt-end of the bat before punting him straight in the head. He drops the bat and begins to walk out.

Sebastian: “Trust me, when I say… You thought very wrong, sunshine…”

He leaves the door open as passing medical staff see Raines laying there and rush to his aid as Sebastian Hamilton disappears back into the arena.

( Liam Cain makes his return to the ring since his Injury at KKND and has his sights set on the International Championship and plans on hanging a man to get it, but Russell Wayne is a new man or new men I should say after his I Quit match with John Tolly. After leaving last Mayhem with the belt can he do it again or will Liam Cain walk out the new Champion?)

Match Nine International Championship Standard Singles Match Liam Cain vs Russell Wayne (c)

Both men push back and forth, testing the willingness of their opponent. Liam Cain gives a quick shove, breaking the hold. He takes a few steps in but Wayne counters it with a drop-toe hold, taking Liam Cain down face first.

Mike Fisher: Liam Cain better try to be more careful with how he lands.

Russell Wayne floats over and puts Liam Cain in a headlock. Liam Cain stands up but Russell flips Liam Cain over hi hip, still holding the headlock. This time Russell in on top of Liam Cain and in control. The two come to the center of the ring and go for a collar and elbow tie-up, but Liam Cain ducks away from it and drop-toe holds Wayne and floats over but Russell quickly stands up and back drops Liam Cain back to the match. Russell stands and charges the ropes. As Liam Cain gets to his feet, staying bent over, Russell dives, connecting with a strange, but effective hurricanrana. Liam Cain whips across the ring, only stopped when he rolls into the ropes. Liam Cain looks surprised that Wayne is taking it to him like this. He stands and Russell charges, but Liam Cain connects with a spinning heel kick. Both men stand and Liam Cain charges, connecting with a spinning head scissors, sending Russell over the top rope and to the floor. Russell lands on his feet facing the crowd and Liam Cain charges across the ring. Russell turns to face the ring just as Liam Cain is diving over the top turnbuckle and Russell just manages to move out of the way, Liam Cain crashes and burns with a Suicide Plancha to the outside. Russell picks up Liam Cain and props his up against the crowd barrier. He pulls his right arm back and connects with a backhand chop across Liam Cain’s chest drawing a collective “WOOO!” from the crowd. Liam Cain covers up, but Russell exposes Liam Cain’s chest and draws back with another chop. The referee has counted to six. Wayne takes Liam Cain and rolls him into the ring, following him closely. He stands and picks up Liam Cain when out of nowhere Liam Cain jumps, connecting with a modified spinning heel kick! Russell drops and Liam Cain pulls him from the ropes with a pinning attempt. The referee gets in position and counts. 1! 2! Russell kicks out.

Mike Fisher: That kick came out of nowhere.

Liam Cain stands up and goes to the turnbuckle. He sizes up Wayne as Russell stands, but Russell dives and shakes the top rope, knocking Liam Cain down into an uncomfortable position on the top turnbuckle. Russell climbs up and hooks Liam Cain in a front face lock. He hooks Liam Cain’s left arm over his head and lifts Liam Cain, falling off the middle rope with a superplex! Russell lands funny and holds the back of his neck, kicking the mat in pain while Liam Cain just lies there motionless. Russell crawls over toward Liam Cain and drapes an arm over him.



Liam Cain kicks out! Russell stands up and motions for the THE LAST RESORT. Liam Cain stands and turns, Russell kicking him in the stomach. Russell sets up for the Last Resort, but it’s countered and Liam Cain just escapes it. Russell turns and faces Liam Cain and Liam Cain goes for a kick to the stomach but Russell jumps over Liam Cain’s foot and connects with a dropkick to the face. Liam Cain goes down hard on the mat holding his face, It’s been broken into six pieces. Liam Cain’s nose is quickly going from a shade of red to purple and blood starts flowing.

Mike: Uh oh! I think Liam Cain’s nose might be broken!

Liam Cain stands up, using the ropes to help himself up and turns away from the ropes and starts swinging blindly toward the middle of the ring. The camera zooms in on his face and we see blood has clouded his vision and he’s just swinging for the fences, not knowing what’s in front of him.

The Referee pauses this match as medics are drawn out to tend to the injury Liam Cain has sustained, Liam is trying to brush them away as he wants to get back to fighting Russell Wayne

Mike Fisher: What a true trooper Liam is!

The medic’s eventually leave the ring as the referee tells them to restart the match.

Mike Fisher: THAT’S JONNY C’s music!

Russell Wayne quickly spins looking towards the entrance for Jonny as Liam sees the opportunity and rolls him up




Russell kicks out hard on 3.01 but it’s not enough and Liam has the International Title!!!!!!

Scott James: Jonny C’s music has set off Russell Wayne here and he’s cost Russell the International title!

( After a heated back forth exchange on Twitter, the young talented and confident Justin York looks to launch himself into the next level when he takes on pro wrestling icon and One half of the IIW Tag Team Champions Chris Chronic Page who picked up a big against UK Champion Crush and looks to continue his run through the locker. Who will win in this clash of New School vs Old Skool?)

Match Ten Standard Singles Match Justin York vs Chris Chronic Page

“Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall….” 

The crowd breaks out into boos. 

“Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring from the Great White North… he is “THE CASINO KID” JUSTIN YORK!”

The lights in the arena go completely dark as ‘One For The Money by Escape The Fate’ hits the speakers. Only a spotlight hits the very top of the stage as you see a man standing with his back turned The back of the shirt reads ‘Casino Kid’. Pyro goes up into the air from both sides of the stage as all lights then come on and Justin York turns and begins his way down the ramp, Taunting fans as he goes. Once entering the ringside area he talks a walk around the ring rudely gesturing the crowd and taunting some more before getting into the ring and giving his signature middle finger to the camera with a cocky smirk while boos reign down from the arena. 

“And introducing his opponent…”




“About to make his way to the ring, now residing in Manhattan, New York, he’s being led to the ring tonight by CANDICE WOLF, ladies and gentleman he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!”

Attention shifts towards the top of the ramp as the lights go dark with a spotlight hitting the top of the ramp. Thick white smoke billows out from the ramp as we see the silhouette of two figures emerging out through the curtain to a decent pop from the crowd as they are hand in hand revealing Chris Page and Candice Wolf. Page and Candice stop at the top of the ramp where we see Chris take a good long look across the sold-out crowd 

There’s a cocky smirk from Chris Page as he tilts his head toward Candice, he has a few words that bring a smile to her face before they start making the walk toward the ring where Justin York paces back and forth like a predator waiting for his prey. Chris and Candice reach ringside. Chris gives Candice a peck on the lips as he releases her hand. Chris has yet to even direct any attention to York and starts to remove his ring jacket and hat as he passes them to the ring attendant. Finally, Page makes his way to the ring apron where the first time he gazes across the ring at the primed Justin York. Chris steps through the ropes and into the ring as the music fades away leaving the reception from the crowd to be heard. The fans are rabid, they’re ready, and now the wait is officially over. 


Justin York surprises the masses as soon as the bell tolls he rushed Page with a series of right hands driving Page back into his corner. York immediately steps up to the middle turnbuckle where he starts reigning down with right hands to the face of CCP! He lands four shots before biting Page across the forehead to a mixed reception from the crowd! The referee lays the count to York who stops the bite before jumping back down the mat. He looks to shoot Page across the ring, Page reverses and sends York crashing into the opposite buckles, Page runs in after York only to eat a reverse elbow from York! York comes out from the corner with a dropkick that takes Page down to the mat. York is the first to his feet followed by Page who eats a series of forearm smashes from York before being cut off with a knee across the midsection. Page follows up by with a knife-edge chop across the chest echoing throughout the arena while rocking the smaller York. Chris comes forward with a second knife-edge chop rocking York back several feet. He comes forward and walks into a thumb to the eye! 

York takes Page throwing him out to the floor! 

York drops down to the mat rolling out after the veteran where he stomps away at him on the floor garnering a louder mixed reception from the sold-out crowd. York shoots his attention to Candice Wolf who is around on the other side of the ring. He flips her off before turning back around where he finds Page to his feet returning the thumb to the eye to more cheers than boos! Page takes York and drives him face fist off the top of the ring steps before taking notice of the referee’s count. He slips back into the ring breaking the count before rolling back out to the floor. 

Chris takes Justin with a front waist lock before snapping off a Release Overhead belly-to-belly Suplex! 

York splats hard on the protective padding around the ring. Chris gets back to his feet where he turns his attention toward a cameraman. Chris yanks the camera off the shoulder putting it on his before turning it towards York. 

Page passes off the camera before reaching down picking York up off the mat. He drives him into the ring apron lower back first. He then laces him across the chest with another knife-edge chop before turning him and hurling him back into the ring. Page slides back into the ring and back to a vertical base. He reaches down picking up York as he takes him back into the ropes. Page shoots York across the ring with an Irish Whip, York bounces off the near side where Page swings with a Lariat! 

York ducks the attempt where he runs toward the nearside springboarding off the middle rope catching Page with a Cutter as he spins around! York rolls Page over making the cover! 




Page shoots a shoulder up off the mat! York gets to one knee as we get a shot of his chest that has turned a shade of bright red. He steps up to his feet, stomping down at the head and face of Chris Page before he snatches him by the hair. He drives a boot in to the midsection of Page before bouncing off the ropes with a running knee strike to the temple dropping Page back down to the mat. York drops down making another cover. 




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat! York gets back to his feet as Candice Wolf looks on from the floor rallying Page. York stands over Page where he kneels over flipping him off with both fingers to louder boos from the crowd than cheers. York soaks in the boos from the crowd before reaching down picking Page up off the mat. He locks in a front face lock before looking to deliver a DDT! Page counters as he drives York back into a neutral corner! Page drives a series of shoulder blocks into the midsection before lacing him another knife-edge chop across the chest echoing throughout the area! 

Page follows up with a stiff European Uppercut! 

He takes York by the head where he starts driving him head first into the top turnbuckle! The crowd counts along as Page drives him repeatedly until he hits eight before taking ahold of a back waist lock where he delivers a German Suplex! Page rolls through not releasing his grasp as he rolls through picking himself and York up off the mat where he nails a second German Suplex! CCP rolls through picking himself and York up off the mat where he looks for the third, only to transition into a double underhook of the arms where he lands a butterfly suplex into a back breaker on York! 

CCP gets back to his feet where he looks down at York before running toward the ropes, he springboards off the middle rope delivering a Moonsault across the chest of York. It’s Page who makes the cover. 




York shoots a shoulder up off the mat as Page cuts his eyes toward the referee who shows him two fingers. Page steps back up to his feet where he walks toward the ropes, he steps out to the ring apron where he makes his way to the nearest set of turnbuckles. Page starts to scale up to the top rope but before he realizes Justin York can be seen calling the referee over only to shove him into the ropes causing Page to lose balance and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle! 

York gets back to his feet where blowing past the referee who admonishes him.

York steps up to the middle rope decking Page with a right hand before stepping up to the top rope where he picks up Page to a standing position before getting positioning where he comes off the top rope with a SPANISH FLY! The crowd explodes with a thunderous “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant at the impact of both men crashing into the mat! York manages to make the cover hooking the near leg. 




Page kicks out to a mixed reception from the crowd! York starts hammering down with right hands to the forehead as the referee lays the count to him! He breaks and gets off Page at the four-count as he steps back up to his feet. York reaches down picking Page up by the hair as he looks for a scoop slam! Page gouges the eyes of York as he is scooped up which allows him to slide down Justin’s back while transitioning into a Back Stabber! 

Both CCP and York are laid out on the mat as the referee starts to lay his ten-count. 

It’s not until the count of six that Page and York begin to stir. The count is stopped at the eight-count with both men reaching their feet. It’s then York swings with a right hand that’s blocked by Page and countered with a right! York swings again,and again it’s blocked and countered with a right hand by CCP that rocks York back several feet giving Page enough space to land a Code Breaker! 

Page rolls York over making the cover hooking the inside leg.




York escapes the near fall with a kickout as Chris Page slowly starts to get to one knee. Page is the first to his feet as the crowd remains split with their reactions. Chris picks York up off the mat where another stiff knife edge chop is delivered rocking York as he drops down to one knee. Page bounces off the ropes looking to deliver a Mafia Kick to the face! York throws his head out of the way countering with a School Boy with a handful of tights! 




Page narrowly escapes the nearfall. Both men are back to their feet with Pages swinging with a lariat, York ducks his head, he runs and bounces off the nearside, Page spins around where he ducks his head looking for a back body drop that sees York transition smoothly with a Canadian Destroyer! Page rolls out of the ring and out to the floor as York frantically tries to make the cover only to fall short with a look of dejection firmly etched upon his face. York takes a second before rolling out to the floor after Page. 

He picks him up off the floor and hurls him back into the ring. 

He turns toward Candice flipping her off to more boos than cheers before he climbs back up on the ring apron. York size up Page who begins pushing himself up off the mat, and as he stands York springboards off the top rope looking for a forearm! The crowd pops as Page times the Judas Effect elbow strike as York is on his way down with the forearm! York crumbles under this own weight with Page dropping down into a cover of his own. 




York barely escapes before the fatal count of three! Chris Page starts to work his way back up to his feet where he starts sizing up Justin York as York begins to push himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base and as he stands Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection doubling York over where he is poised ti deliver the Page Plant! 

York counters with a back body drop! 

York staggers forward where he reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he takes him up into a torture rack position! He looks to land his finish with the Casino Crusher! Page lands on his feet blocking the knee strike to his face as he catches the leg of York. He tosses it down to the mat, drives a boot to the midsection and disposes York with the Page Plant! Page rolls over Justin executing the cover hooking the near leg. 





Post match sees Candice Wolf entering the ring where she raises the arm of Page in victory as Justin York rolls out to the floor. Candice lowers Page’s arm as he runs his hands across his waist while mouthing the words “Tick Tock” before making his exit with Candice. 

We return from commercial break and see Adam The Monster walking backstage laughing after the carnage he’s caused tonight. With a joy on his face he walks out to the parking lot looking to leave for the night but a Limousine ride with the initials CCPE on the side as the doors slowly opens the commentary teams comments on the action.

Mike Fisher: Wonder who could be in there?

Scott James: Has to be the IIW Tag Team Champions Chris Chronic Page and Thaddeus Duke!

As the door swings all the way open a tall man in a nice suit steps out and looks around with a smile.

Scott James: Is that Charlie Schmidt?

Mike Fisher: No you fool that’s the former OCW, PVW, XWF, and TPW World Heavyweight Champion and was on the February cover of TIA Promotions magazine with Denzel Porter and is a client of Chris Page, Peter Vaughn!!!

Scott James: But why is he here in IIW and staring down Adam The Monster as we speak?

Mike Fisher: I’ll guess we will find out soon enough Scott.

As we return back to the parking lot Adam looks at Peter with confusion.

Adam The Monster: CHARLIE!!!

Peter Vaughn: I don’t know who this Charlie is, but I know two weeks ago you beat up a good friend of mine and now you’re about to learn what it’s like to be slayed by a Mechanic.

Peter Vaughn rolls up his sleeves as the sound of a motorcycle is head zooming through the parking lot and as the camera turns we see Bam Miller coming through the parking lot and heading straight for Adam , Peter uses this moment to pull out a black bag and takes a swing at Adam that makes him stumble back and right on cue Bam goes by and smashes Adam upside the head with a BRICK!!!

Mike Fisher: Good Lord!!!

Scott James: Call the medics!

Bam gets off the bike and grabs a long chain that he first attaches to his motorcycle and then starts tying it around the ankles of Adam The Monster who is still dazed from the blow.

Scott James: What the Hell is that degenerate doing?

Mike Fisher: I have to say he’s taking Adam for a ride.

Bam and Peter do a handshake as they smirk at one another.

Peter Vaughn: Long time no see buddy.

Bam Miller: You know how this business is, had to take care of some personal business but now I’m back in the mix with everyone but meet me in the ring I got take this garbage out.

Peter nods and makes his way to the arena as Bam jumps back on his motorcycle and fires up the engine as he looks back at Adam who’s started to come back through.

Bam Miller: Buckle up its Miller Time!!!!

Bam speeds off towards the entrance to the ring and drags Adam The Monster in the pavement ground at a high volume speed.

Mike Fisher: Hell hath no fury like Bam Miller.

Peter Vaughn has made it down to the ring and picks up some steel steps and waits for Bam to come down the ramp, still Dragging Adam The Monster down to the ring. As soon as Bam comes down Peter times it perfectly and smashes Adam with the steps!!!

Scott James: Where is Security!!!

Bam walks around to the commentary table and snatched a microphone from one of the staff as Peter holds Adam The Monster down with the steel steps. Bam Miller walks over and kicks at Adam in the head before kneeling towards him as he speaks into the microphone.

Bam Miller:You thought I let you get away with that you stupid BASTARD!!!

The fans begin to cheer and chant Miller Time but Bam stands up with a disgusted look.

Bam Miller: SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Every single last one of you fans are faker than the implant Jenny Fletcher has, I mean I can’t believe for how long I thought you all really cared about me.

Bam points down

Bam Miller: This BASTARD tried to end me and all I got from you people was chants of Miller Time, like that shit helped the concussion I received or the broken ribs I still have wrapped up but the pain I have inside here.

Bam points to head.

Bam Miller: Is far more WORSE than any physical pain. You see for so long I thought all I need was you fans but I see now that was a mistake and a mistake I regret so much, but one organization and one man has always had my back and it’s about time I return to the people that have my best interest at heart and don’t see me for a JOKE! Like many of you do.

Bam walks over to his motorcycle and looks into a compartment on the side and pulls out the Brick he used to take out Adam earlier. He walks around smoky holding the Brick up.

Bam Miller: Adam thought I was a joke when he tried to destroy me last Mayhem but homes on him because Bam Miller does not die for anyone and now I will do what he couldn’t do. I will end him right now with this brick and leave him in a poodle of blood!

A fan starts chuckling at ringside at the Brick and points at Bam as he whispers to his buddy, Bam notices with disgust and walks over towards him.

Bam Mileer: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!! Do you think my Brick is funny or do you think my LIFE IS A JOKE!!!

Bam grabs the fan by the collar and lifts him off his feet and gets ready to smash him with the brick!!!


Scott James: I always knew that degenerate couldn’t be trusted.

Before Bam can make contact with the face of the fan, Peter grabs his hand and shakes his head at Bam, then points to Adam who’s still laying there with a chain wrapped around his ankles and the steel steps still on top of him to pin him down. Bam smiles with evil intentions as he walks back towards Adam and then takes off his black leather jacket to reveal a shirt with the words CCPE on the front!

Mike Fisher: Well I be damn Bam Miller is a client of CCPE!!!

Bam gets ready to smash Adam with the brick, but all of a sudden, The fans explode as a man appears on the stage.

Mike Fisher: WELL I BE DAMN!

Scott Jamss: ITS JAY VAUGHAN!!!

Mike Fisher: What’s he doing out here?

Jay smiles towards the fans and then turns his attention to Peter and Bam Miller as he runs down the ramp and Bam meets him in the middle of the ramp. They trade blows for a minute before Peter comes in and helps out Bam but Jay counters with a Superman punch to Bam that sends him running up the ramp, Peter clocks Jay over the head with his fist and sends him rolling down ramp towards Adam and then goes to regroup with Bam. Jay manages to get himself back up and frees Adam The Monster from the chain and helps him up. Now both sides stand on the opposite end of each other, as they wait to see who makes the first move but Bam smirks and taps Peter on the shoulder for them to exit. Peter nods in agreement, and Bam shoots the middle finger at them as they escape through the crowd. Jay looks on as we cut to a commercial break.

Jenny Fletcher: Fantastic performance again today Crush

Crush: Thankyou

Jenny Fletcher: Be interesting to see where things are going now we’ve signed PG-13

Crush: Yes, I can’t wait to get my hands on him

Jenny: Yes, but before that, i’ve got an offer for you… Join me taking on Team Osh at World’s Collide

Crush: I can’t see how I could ever turn that offer down, consider me in.

Chris Page strolls into Jenny’s office freshly cleaned up from his match earlier against Justin York

Chris Page: Another complete performance there, so Miss Fletcher, Where do I go to claim my rightful spot as the number one contender to the IIW World Heavyweight title?

Jenny Fletcher: Chris Page, first off well done on the win, but that’s not how things work around here, you may have won some matches, but you are way off being the number one contender for the World Title, Especially after you’ve shown the company up by how you managed to retain your IIW TAg Team titles on a technicality! It’s not a good look for IIW, so no Chris, I’d concentrate on your match next week defending the tag team titles before we can even begin to think about the world title around here!

Chris Page clearly taken a back

Chris Page: Ok Jenny, I’ll see how you feel when Myself and Thad show why we are the true champions next Mayhem

Chris leaves for the door.

( Jonny FnC looks to continue his reign as a fighting Champion as he gives El Landerson a shot at World Title Glory, will El Landerson rise to the challenge? Or will Jonny FnC continue his dominant World Title reign? )

Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship Match

El Landerson vs Jonny FnC (c)

The bell sounds, and the two men circle each other. A collar-and-elbow tieup officially starts the match. El Landerson hits a sidewalk slam. He goes for a quick pin that only gets him a one-count.

Mike Fisher: Quick kickout by Jonny C.

Scott James: Way too early.

Jonny C gets back up and is jabbed in the throat. Landerson then goes for a suplex. Jonny C blocks it, and Landerson tries a second time. Jonny blocks it again. Out of nowhere, the champ hits a cutter

Mike Fisher: Nice reversal by Jonny C!

Scott James: Indeed, it was.

Both men are down, and Referee John Jackson starts the double ten-count.







Both men are back to their feet!!!

Landerson charges and is met with a Japanese armdrag. Jonny C holds onto the arm and puts Landerson in a reverse armbar. Landerson reaches out for the ropes but misses. The referee Landerson if he wants to give up, but he declines the offer. Shortly afterward, El Landerson manages to get the ropes.

Mike Fisher: Rope break here.

Scott James: And the champ obeys the rules and releases the hold.

Jonny C picks up his opponent and whips him into the corner. Jonny follows-in for a Stinger splash. El Landerson moves out of the way, and Osbourne eats turnbuckle. After he bounces off, Jonny C is met with a chinlock

Landerson lifts Jonny C onto his shoulders in an overhead position, but Jonny C rolls off his back. Jonny C then lifts him up for an angle slam that lands Landerson more on the head/neck area than the back.

Scott James: Amazing reversal by the IIW World Heavyweight Champion!

Jonny C crawls over to Landerson and makes the cover.






Back in the ring, Jonny C is surprised by the near fall. He doesn’t let this bother him as he quickly climbs to the top ropes. He dives off with a frogsplash. El Landerson lifts his knees up, and Jonny C rolls around the ring in-pain.

Russel Wayne is ringside!

Mike Fisher: Russell will be looking for revenge from earlier here!

Russell grabs a microphone from ringside as he stands ringside.

Russell Wayne: You think you can mess with me Jonny? You think actions don’t have consequences? You step up to me, be ready.

Jonny stares at Russell telling him to get out of here but suddenly he’s rolled up by El Landerson




Mike Fisher: NO!

Scott James: Jonny just got his shoulders up in time!

Mike Fisher: El Landerson was basically celebrating there he this one was done

El Landerson is going mad at the referee trying to explain it was a 3 count while Jonny pulls himself up by the ropes, SMACK

Russell Wayne catches Jonny on the back of the head with the microphone as Jonny drops to the ground, Russell proceeds to escape to the back through the crowd

Mike Fisher: This is really a tragic workplace accident!

El Landerson sees the opportunity and dives onto Jonny C once more!





Scott James :Dear God… El Landerson is the IIW World Champion

El Landerson looks on in shock and goes to the corner of the ring to ask for the IIW World Title.

Suddenly out walks Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell: Nope, we’re not having this, it’s clear as day there was some interference from Russell Wayne, the result of this match will be reversed due to outside interference

Mike Fisher: WHAT??? Why didn’t Bob come out after the International title match before if that’s the case

Scott James: Well what do you think? Bob Mitchell manages Liam Cain!!! Course he’s not going to his boy has the international title!

Alice Goulder: Your Winner by Disqualification and STILL the IIW World Heavyweight Champion…. JONNY C!

The scene shows up with Osh and Chris sat in the CCPE limo

Osh: Don’t worry Chris, I know Jenny said there was no way you were getting a title shot, that bitch will make every wrong business decision possible, it’s like a talent of hers when given two options she will always make the wrong one.

Chris: I See

Osh: So what I’m proposing to you Chris Page

Chris: Yeah?

Osh: You accept a place on Team Osh for the World’s collide match, and I GUARANTEE YOU! When we win and I’m back in control of the IIW, I Will give you your world title shot whenever you want it

Chris takes some time to think about it….

Chris: Osh, you’ve got yourself a deal.

Osh Vaughan: Perfect….

There is a knock on the window

Osh Vaughan: Ah that will be the last member of the team….Chris Page, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you

Osh gets out the car as Chris motions to the driver to move on not before he hears

Osh: Mister Cavanagh…It’s been a while.

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