Mayhem 30th May

Mayhem takes the air live as the crowd cheers wildly as Tyler and Fred Debonair are entering the ring! Fred has a microphone in hand as he addresses the sold-out crowd. 

FRED DEBONAIR: I know this isn’t the way we were scheduled to start things off tonight but Tyler and I have waited long enough to be crowned IIW Tag Team Champions…

Fred and Tyler both turn towards the entrance ramp. 

FRED DEBONAIR: CCPE! We know that you’re back there… why wait? Let’s get this done right now! 

The crowd explodes!

The crowd erupts into boos as all attention diverts toward the top of the ramp. Several seconds pass before we see Chris Page emerge out to the top of the ramp with both IIW Tag Titles, one over each shoulder. Chris isn’t in his ring gear, he’s in his street clothes; jeans, white sneakers, and his fresh new CCP t-shirt from This is Awesome Promotions. Chris stops at the top of the ramp where he lays one title down on the ramp. He then reaches into his back pocket where he retrieves a microphone. 

CHRIS PAGE: Hey boys, how’s life? 

Chris Page is wearing the wages of war over the last twenty-four hours. 

CHRIS PAGE: I love the passion wanting to do this right now, and if I had my way about it I certainly would; but part of the downside of being world renown, wrestling four, five times a week can prove to be quite troubling. 

The crowd starts to quiet down. 

CHRIS PAGE: As you can see I am here… but my partner, Thaddeus, unfortunately he was injured last night in Dubai and couldn’t make it as he undergoing emergency surgery as we speak.

The crowd roars with boos as Chris takes a moment before he states.

CHRIS PAGE: I guess I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but there’s not going to be a match here tonight. 

The boos are infactic.


The crowd pops as Jenny emerges out to the top of the ramp where she stands directed at Chris Page who turns around to see Jenny! 

JENNY: I don’t know what you are accustomed too, Mr. Page… but here in the IIW if we say there’s going to be a Championship match then we fully intend on delivering. 

Chris interjects. 

CHRIS PAGE: Did you not just hear what I said? Thad isn’t here, jackass! No tag team means no tag match. It’s simple mathematics. 

Jenny smirks as she comes back. 

JENNY: That sounds like a personal problem, champ.

The crowd roars as Jenny stands up to Chris Page. 

JENNY: The way I see it… 

She looks around Chris to the ring at Tyler and Fred. 

JENNY: I happen to agree with Fred by saying that this Tag Team Title match SHOULD start right now! 

The roof explodes as Jenny continues. 

JENNY: Get me a referee out here because this NO DISQUALIFICATION match for the IIW World Tag Team Championship is on! If you refuse, Mr. Page, not only will you forfeit those titles… but your spot in War Games goes up in smoke too!

The crowd roars Chris Page is completely beside his self as he exclaims! 


JENNY: I just did. 

A referee sprints out past Jenny and CCP running down to the ring. He dives in under the bottom rope. 

JENNY: Chris, they’re waiting. 

Chris turns toward the ring. He drops the microphone and picks up the other tag title and starts to make his way to the ring! Fred and Tyler are stoked in the ring! Page makes it down to the ring as he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. The referee reaches out for the titles as Page reluctantly gives them over to him before removing his shirt as he’s forced to go this alone! The referee hoists up both the titles to a huge ovation from the crowd. He then shows them to the challengers. The official passes the titles out to the time keeper! He calls for the bell! 


The crowd explodes as this now No Disqualification Handicap Tag Team Championship match is officially underway. Page stares across the ring from Fred. They walk out toward the center of the ring where they being to circle each other. Suddenly Page rolls out to the floor as the crowd boo intently. The referee starts to lay the count to CCP as is can be seen coming around to the time keeper. He snatches the IIW Tag Titles as the referee counts him out! 



The fans are PISSED! Fred and Tyler are beside themselves in the ring! 


Chris, a smirk etched on his face reaches the top of the ramp where Jenny isn’t happy. He can be heard saying. 

CHRIS PAGE: You got your match.

He winks at Jenny as he walks past her headed to the back. 

JENNY: Hold on Chris. 

Chris stops and turns back toward Jenny. 

JENNY: You’re not done here tonight. 

The crowd explodes! 

JENNY: I’m not going to waste a lot of time because that seems to be your thing, so you might want to get to finding a partner… because later tonight you’re going to DEFEND those Tag Titles against DEBONAIR INC, and this time you can’t beat the system because there’s NO DISQUALIFICATIONS and NO COUNT OUTS! 

The roof explodes as Chris Page snaps at Jenny off microphone while in the ring Tyler and Fred are elated in the ring as this this issue between Debonair Inc and CCPE is FAR from over tonight on Mayhem.

JENNY: No partner? No problem… It will be a Handicap Match!

Match Three
Fatal Four Way Match
John Tolly vs Adam Williams vs Danny Dannger vs PG-13

Mike Fisher: “Ladies and gentlemen what we are about to witness is set to be a war among wars. A fatal four way between four men that all want to walk out with the prize up for grabs. A shot at the IIW Hardcore Title at a future date sometime after the upcoming PPV. The Franchise John Tolly, The Specialist Adam Williams and new comers Danny Dannger and PG13 battle to see who will take on the Hardcore Champion who will be determined later tonight as Sean Raines goes to war with Sebastian Hamilton.”

Scott James: “That is for sure Mike. Nobody involved in this entire situation is known to back down from a fight so we are going to see something intense.”

Adam walks out of the curtain as the Gothic and beautiful sound of his theme, wearing a leather vest, as the lights flicker black and white to the beat of the music as small, yet intense fireballs sporadically shoot from the side of the stage to the beat of the opening synthesizers at the 37 and 42 second mark. He points to himself, shouting things to boost his confidence as he walks to the left and then right of the stage. He makes his way back to the middle of the stage and makes his way to the ring, diving in with a sinister smirk on his face. He walks to the closest turnbuckle to the announce table and climbs to the top rope, looking the crowd over with his arms raised, before jumping off tossing his vest to the outside official and positioning himself in the middle of the ring.

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Wildcard starts playing as the word Wildcard flashes across the scene, then smoked feel the stage as Danny Dannger comes out on stage. He stares down the ramp before running down towards the ring, he slides underneath the ropes and stands up on the top turnbuckle as he looks over the crowd with a smirk before jumping down and waiting on the match to start.

Hero by Skillet blasts over the house pa as the light go low in the arena. PG13 enters through the curtain, walking out onto the stage and pausing. With closed fists, he jumps foot to foot before making his way down to the ring.

As the bell rings all four men immediately attack. John Tolly goes right for the lock up with Adam Williams, while PG13 delivers a kick to the stomach of Danny Dannger. PG13 follows up with a set of right hooks to Danny’s head.

Adam Williams gets the upper hand as he breaks the hold and throws a forarm at John Toll’s face. Tolly is taken back but quick recovers.

PG13 grabs ahold of Danny Dannger, quickly out powering the much smaller Dannger. PG13 whips Dannger into the ropes. Dannger bounces off the ropes before PG13 attempts a monsterous clothesline, Dannger ducks and after bouncing off of the opposite ropes hits a clothesline of his own. The full momentum takes PG13 off his feet and down to the ground. Dannger quickly takes advantage of the moment and jumps down onto PG13 and starts throwing countless punches.

Tolly and Williams lock onto each other both delivering punch after punch, an even matches slugfest being exchanged between the two. John Tolly follows up one punch by leaning back and smashing a headbutt to the bridge of Williams nose, his nose instantly explodes and blood starts rushing out of his face.

Danny Dannger continues to throw punches as PG13 comes to his sences and tosses Danny off of him, getting to his feet his kicks at the downed Dannger. Picking him up by the head PG13 picks up Dannger and slams him down, stopping to pose showing off his power.

As PG13 shows his ego, John Tolly takes the opportunity to attack him from behind with a forearm smash to the back of the head. Tolly and PG13 continue to fight back and forth as Adam Williams and Danny Dannger battle it out across the ring. Tolly goes for a quick pin on PG13


Kickout by PG13, John Tolly rolls back to his knees and the two start to send punches at each other once again.

A bloody Adam Williams picks up a beaten Dannger and drops him with a piledriver, covering for the pin.


The pin is broke up with a big boot from John Tolly to the head of Adam Williams. PG13 was on the outside of the outside of the ring as Dannger rolls outside to try and take a moment to regroup but is met by PG13. PG13 runs at a dazed Dannger in an attempt to grab ahold of him, but Dannger sees it coming and ducks aside, grabbing PG13’s head and slamming him headfirst into the ring post. PG13 now leaning against the post, blood running down his face.

Mike Fisher: “Wow Scott, that was pure desperation.”

Scott James: “That may be true but it was defiantly effective.”

Dannger picks up PG13 by the head, picking him up off the ground. A run down PG13 doesn’t have a lot of fight in him at the moment so it is fairly easy for Dannger to lay him out on the commentator table.
Mike Fisher: “Oh come on! What the hell is Dannger doing?”

Dannger rolls into the ring, Adam Williams has gotten the upperhand on Tolly. John Tolly lay on his side off to the side of the ring as Williams kicks him in the back pushing under the rope to the arena floor. As Adam Williams turns around he makes eye contact with Danny Dannger, as Dannger stands in the corner with his hands on the top rope.

Williams knods his head at Danger who returns the gesture. Williams runs the the opposite corner on the same side of the ring as Dannger, both men climb to the top ropes. Pausing once again to make eye contact before both men dive from their perpective corners, Williams crashing down with a leg drop while Dannger a swanton dive onto PG13 sending all three men crashing through the commentator table. A battered PG13 has been beaten until he has nothing left in the tank, the double team taking everything out of the man. He lays defeated on the broken table.

Williams rolls around on the floor for a few moments before making his way back to his feet, Dannger took more damage in the encounter and remains laying on the arena floor. Adam Williams makes his way back around the ring where John Tolly was left laying. As he makes his way around the corner a waiting John Tolly levels him with powerful clothesline. Tolly stands back up with a smug smirk plastered across his face, knowing damn well that he outsmarted his opponent in the attack. Tolly picks up Williams and rolls him into the ring. Crawling up on the apron himself before entering the ring and going for a cover.


Axe handle smash to the back of the head by a bloody and beaten PG13. PG13 and John Tolly once again go on the attack towards each other. Dannger regains his composure and getting to his feet, climbing back up on the apron before making the surprising move to climb to the top rope once again and sends himself flying and crashing down onto Adam Williams with a massive elbow drop. The arena audience goes crazy, everyone know this could be the moment. Dannger with the pin.


He is grabbed from behind by John Tolly. Tolly throws Dannger up in a powerbomb, crashing him hard into the ring mat. In a surprising turn of events Tolly does not go for the cover, instead deciding to go after Adam Williams. Tolly grabs Williams by the legs, looking up at the crowd before applying a sharpshooter. Williams screams in pain, contemplating tapping to the submission move but PG13 stops the hold wit ha thunderous big boot to the face. A now bleeding John Tolly lay battered in the ring.
Dannger from behind rolls up a small package and attempts the pin on PG13.


Somehow PG13 kicks out of the attempt before going on the attack again.
All four men are now battling it out in the ring. John Tolly and PG13 grab their opponents and irish whip them at each other. Williams and Dannger crash into each other as both men fall flat to the mat. Both are covered for the pin by Tolly & PG13.

1… Williams kicks out.

2… Dannger does the same.

PG13 tries to pick up Dannger by the throat but I kick to the groin stumbles PG13 and sends him to his knees. As the other three men take notice of the moment, John Tolly, Danny Dannger and Adam Williams climb the ropes. What do these three have in mind. And in a moment that can only be described as instinct, PG13 starts to make his way to his feet, all three men dive with a dropkick. All three connecting with PG13 sending him down beaten to the mat, as he falls covering John Tolly




Alice Goulder: Your winner…. P … G … THIRRTEEEN!

Referee calls for the opening bell, and it appears the TJ Alexander and Noah is going to start this one off. However, as they circle and prepare to lock up, Noah blindsides TJ Alexander with a Clothesline to the back of the head. Curtis immediately gets out of the ring. Noah then picks up TJ Alexander. he hits him with a weak punch, but then he returns a HARD Reverse Knifehand Chop that just lights his chest up! The crowd boos.

Noah then puts him in his corner, and hits him with yet another loud chop. TJ Alexander grimaces in pain. Noah then kicks him in the gut, applies a Front Facelock, and takes him up and into a Vertical Suplex… from which he escapes in mid-move. he lands behind Noah, then uses a School Boy Rollup…



No! Noah kicks out. TJ Alexander had him surprised for a second. They both get to their feet. Noah immediately locks up into a Collar-and-Elbow, and he uses his significant strength and weight advantage to muscle him back into the neutral corner nearest to the Carnage corner. The ref calls for the break, and Noah obliges, only to kick him in the gut, and then pummel him down with a hard Forearm.



The pinfall attempt is broken up by Scotty. Noah begins brawling with him, and the referee goes to break them up. Curtis tries to help out but TJ Alexander punts him in the groin, The ref turns back around, to see Curtis crawling out of the ring, holding his groin. Of course, it could’ve been the fabled ‘lower abdomen’, so what can he do? Nothing. Noah grabs TJ Alexander by the hair, but TJ Alexander kicks him in the lower abdomen then uses a DDT on Noah. Both are down! Referee puts in the count…

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… TJ Alexander starts to get up… 6… Noah begins to get up now… 7… TJ Alexander is almost up… 8… Noah is up. He stumbles over, and grabs him, but she manages to slide right under his legs. he dives forward, and tags in Scotty! He takes turns decking Noah, then Curtis, and then Noah again, and then Curtis again… he then grabs Noah from behind, and hits a Russian Legsweep. He covers…




No! Curtis dives forward and breaks up the pin. The referee removes Curtis from the ring, as Scotty picks up Noah. He whips Noah to the ropes, and then Leapfrogs him on the return, Scotty begins to build momentum now as he suplexs Noah, he follows that by hitting a Northern light suplex on Noah..

Mike Fisher: Scotty has this under control

Noah out of nowhere hits a desperation enziguri knocking both men to the gruond

TJ rallies Scotty from his corner while Curtis does the same with Noah. Scotty can be seen starting to work his way back to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up. Curtis sees something from the apron that he tries to warn the referee, he gets his attention to tell him… but it’s too late as TJ decks Scotty in the jaw with a pair of brass knuckles! 

The crowd erupts with boos as Scotty crumbles to the mat! 

The referee spins around as Curtis tried to do the right thing but in ended up being detrimental. 

TJ tucks the knuckles back in his tights before dropping down to the floor while Noah can be seen crawling into a cover hooking the near leg. 






The crowd boos TJ as he has a sly smirk on his face as Scotty has been knocked out!

We cut backstage where Chris Page can be seen chatting it up with fellow CCPE talent BAM MILLER. It’s unknown what the two men are discussing, yet it ends with the two men fist bumping with nods of the head. 

Has Chris Page just found his partner?

We return to commercial break and open back up in the parking lot of the Croke Park Stadium here in Dublin, Ireland as we get ready for the next match on the lineup. Adam The Monster is heading for the entrance as he looks to make his way inside but as he gets close to the door Bam Miller comes flying out the door as he hits Adam with a steel chair that sends him stumbling back through the door. Bam takes the same chair and shoves it into the stomach of Adam, which causes him to bend over. Bam now takes the chair and slams it over his back and now Adam is on one knee.

Mike Fisher: The action has picked up from commercial break as I have now been informed this street fight is underway and an official is on their way to keep up with action in case a three count is needed.

Scott James: Bam Miller clearly cheating by attacking Adam The Monster before he could even get to the ring.

Mike Fisher: I guess Bam wanted to make sure this was a real street fight where anything goes.

We return to the action and Bam gets a running start and looks to hit Adam in the face with a knee but Adam catches Bam by the throat and lifts him up and then slams him against an RV. He then headbutts Bam and tosses him onto the hood of a BMW car. Bam rolled over in pain and Adam The Monster follows him as Bam crawls around the corner, As Adam goes after him and hits the corner Bam blindsides him with a spare tire he got out of someone’s trunk. Bam now spears Adam into the side of a pickup trunk and then delivers some knees to the gut. Bam looks to suplex Adam onto the top of a station wagon but Adam reverses and slings Bam from side to side of both cars before throwing over the car.

Mike Fisher: Things not going well for Bam Miller tonight, Adam has taken control of this match and has not let up yet.

Scott James: Serves him right for how he started this match.

Bam crawls away from the cars looking to go to the door that leads to inside the arena but Adam grabs his ankle but Bam finds a glass beer bottle on the ground and Adam grabs his face in pain and Bam uses the opportunity to escape through the door.

Mike4 Fisher: Bam Miller is on the move, leading to the halls of the backstage arena.

Scott James: Well don’t look now Adam is back on the trail as he hunts down Bam.

Adam pushes the door to the halls open and Bam is nowhere in sight. Adam walks down the hall with anger in each step as he comes across a stage crew member and tosses him up against the wall.

Adam The Monster: WHERE IS BAM!!!

The crew member shakes his head as he lets Adam know he doesn’t have a clue and then upsets Adam and he tosses the Crew member through a catering table. Adam continues his hunt for Bam, As he makes it to an open area, Bam comes out of a room and blindsides Adam literally with a mustard and ketchup gun that he shoots into the eyes of Adam, Bam then hits him upside the head with a hotdog pack.

Mike Fisher: Now who would waste a good hot dog like that.

Scott James: Only Bam apparently, he’s turning this match into a joke.

With Adam covered in mustard and ketchup, Bam hits him with a knee to the temple and follows up with a DDT onto the concrete floor. Bam gets up and calls Adam a SON OF A BITCH before stomping him down on the ground and then takes off again towards the entrance area.

Mike Fisher: Looks like the action is making its way out here.

The referee checks on Adam as he gets back up and follows in the direction that Bam went to, as he comes out to the stage and through the curtains, he looks around for Bam but Bam is nowhere in sight. Adam with a confusing look. He goes to look back behind the curtain and is met with Bam spraying a fire extinguisher in his face that sends Adam falling down as he tries to whip his eyes. Bam now uses the extinguisher to come down on Adam’s back repeatedly. As Adam lays down there he goes down to the ring and starts bringing out a table with barbed wire and followed by a black bag and a brick.

Mike Fisher: Seems like Bam has bad intentions for Adam The Monster.

Scott James: Don’t speak so fast Adam is back on his feet.

Adam comes storming down with a pissed-off look as the giant of a man no longer has a smile on his face. Bam goes to meet him in the middle of the ramp but Adam hits him with a big boot that sends Bam rolling down the hard steel. Bam goes to get up but Adam kicks him in his bruised ribs and Bam gasps for air.

Scott James: Kick his ass, Adam!

Mike Fisher: Way to stay unbiased Scott.

Adam now sets the barbed wire table up on the ramp. He goes back to pick Bam up but Bam pokes him in the eyes and then hammers away at him but Adam knees him in the chest and sends Bam into the steel steps with authority. Adam looks at the steps and remembers how Bam smashed him with them. Adam lifts the steps way above his head and slams the steps into the back of Bam who now rolls around in agony as Adam raises his arm up and roars at the crowd.

Mike Fisher: This has taken a bad turn for Bam,

Adam now lifts Bam up by his throat and walks him over close to the barbed wire table. Adam smiles with sick intentions and lifts Bam up and puts him through the barbed wire table but at the moment Adam lets go of Bam, Bam sneaks a cheap shot on Adam with THE BRICK! Adam starts to bleed from the side of his face as he falls down to his knees but lays lifeless on the broken-up table and barbed wire. The referee checks on them both but then the theme song of Chris Chronic Page begins to play and Adam pushes the referee off him as he gets ready for a conflict with Icon. Adam walks up to the ramp and gets ready to throw hands but Page never comes out and the distraction gives Bam enough time to attack Adam from behind with another shot to the head with a Brick and more blood drips down the face of Adam. Bam now takes control and hammers Adam with several punches. Adam retreats to the top of the stage and Bam follows him and now they exchange punches by the edge of the stage. Adam goes for a big swing but Bam ducks and hits Adam with a low blow and then hits MILLER TIME.


Scott James: NO!

The stunner sends Adam falling off stage and crashing through some equipment and tables, but Bam doesn’t go for the cover. He starts climbing up a pole that’s connected to the top of the IIW sign.

Scott James: What is this psycho about to do?

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD!!!

Bam has now climbed up to a height of 40 feet as he looks down with a sick smile and does a slit throat sign and then LEAPS OF THE IIW SIGN AND CRASHES DOWN ON Adam WITH A ELBOW DROP!!!


Bam goes for the cover and the referee gets in position,




Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall BAM MILLER!!!

Mike Fisher: What a win for Bam Miller, one hell of a fight we just witnessed.


Suddenly a flatbed truck starts backing in from the side entrance of the stage and has a dumpster attached to it.

Mike Fisher: I have no idea what is going on but I don’t like it.

The driver door to the truck opens up and it is revealed to be Peter Vaughn of CCPE, he walks over to Bama and helps him up and starts pointing at the dumpster. Bam shake his head and then smirks as he lays some more punches into Adam before having Peter help pick Adam up.

Scott James: Where is security? Why the hell is someone not signed to IIW able to drive a damn dumpster in here?

Mike Fisher: I have no idea but things look grim for Adam right now.

Bam and Peter double suplex Adam into the dumpster, Bma then walks over to the driver side and grabs a black bag out of the truck. Peter watches over Adam to make sure he can’t get back out. Bam walks up on stage and looks over the dumpster that Adam lays out in. Bam slowly pulls something out of the bag….. And its Liter fluid.

Scott James: What in god’s name is Bam about to do?

Bam smiles with an evil grin and begins squirting the lighter fluid into the dumpster and on Adam.

Mike Fisher: Please don’t do this Bam, you already won the damn match. Where is security!?

Bam empties the bottle and then throws it into the dumpster, He then slowly pulls out a Newport cigarette and lights it up, he takes a few puffs and then with a smirk he’s tosses the damn thing into the dumpster and a damn inferno emerges. Bam laughs at his work.



Security comes rushing out with fire extinguishers and starts sprayign to put the fire out and EMTS are not far behind. Bam continbues to laugh until Jay Vaughan comes rushing out to get some of Bam, but Bam jumps off stage and hightailes it out of there with Peter as they cut through the crowd to escape. Jay looks very upset and checks on Adam for a moment.

Mike Fisher: Jay is not happy what just transpired here tonight.

Jay gets a microphone and looks towards Bam and Peter as they head through the crowd.

Jay Vaughan: Whipe that damn smile off your face Bam, and listen up good beacuse Im sick of you and your buddy Peter coming into my familys company and doing whatever you feel like. Tonight was the final straw and right now Im challanging your bitch ass to a match at Worlds Collide!

Bam Miller just shakes his head in a yes motion then shoots Jay a bird as him and Peter walk off towards the exit. Jay just looks on with a furious look as we head to commercial break.

A camera slowly moves through the grass of a cemetery. It’s a cold night and there is a mist in the air. The camera continues to move along the grass in the dead silence within the cemetery gates. It eventually stops and tilts up to reveal Caleb Scott, head down and sitting cross-legged with his hands resting on his knees, in front of a gravestone. He is wearing his tattered black plants and a black t-shirt that is covered by a beaten-up black leather jacket. His long stringy black hair draped on the shoulders of his jacket. He slowly begins to look up and stares into the camera, his eyes a dark, piercing black. Before he says anything a light rumble of thunder is heard approaching in the distance.

“For years I have been waiting to make my presence known to the world. I have kept quiet and bided my time until I could no longer sit back and just watch. I have waited and waited for this moment, and it is finally here. Everything I have done in the past, all the things that everyone else has done to me, all has led to this. Nothing could have prepared me for the torment I have experienced in my life and now I am going to unleash that same torment on IIW.”

Caleb begins to stare off into the distance past the camera in a trance-like state, thinking about everything that he has gone through to make it to this point. His hands clenching into fists. He regains his focus and looks back at the camera.

“That storm that is approaching behind me is just like me. You know I’m coming. You can run, you can hide, you can attempt to prepare as best as you possibly can, but you can’t escape the inevitable destruction that is about to be brought down upon you. All you can do is hope and pray that you survive the pain and misery that you are about to experience.”

The thunder in the distance rumbles again. This time louder and accompanied by a faint flash of lightning, letting everyone know the storm is getting closer. Caleb glances back and smirks before looking back at the camera again. Now uncrossing his legs and getting up onto one knee, arms resting on his leg, as he leans in closer to the camera.

“You see, it will never matter who I face in IIW. Like this approaching storm, I have no prejudice, I do not care who you are or what you’ve done, if you are placed before me then I will be relentless in defeating you and clearing you from my path to the top. I am a man of few words and I prefer to let my actions, or rather, my path of destruction do the talking for me. Whoever my first victim in IIW is will be made an example of. You will be used to send a message to all of IIW that whoever decides to go against me will end up here, six feet under. It’s only a matter of time before everyone in IIW begins to tremble when they hear the name Caleb Scott.”

A loud clap of thunder roars throughout the cemetery revealing that the storm has finally arrived. Seconds later a bolt of lightning strikes behind the gravestone, setting the grass on fire. Caleb glares into the camera as the flicker from the flames behind him continue to grow as the camera fades to black.

The match starts off hot with a plethora of sharp and brutal clubbing forearm strikes from Jon Cavanagh onto Stoner and AJ Prince. Jon Cavanagh is quick to pick up AJ Prince and drop him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Stoner walks into Jon Cavanagh giving him a pump handle slam.

Mike Fisher: Jon Cavanagh starts off the match hot, dominating both of his opponents in a matter of seconds!
Scott James: I think I’m going to like this creepy moth—
Mike Fisher: — he’s known to be quite intelligent and methodical.

AJ Prince surprises Jon Cavanagh with a dropkick! Jon Cavanagh is quick to get up to his feet, only to fall down to the mat again after a spinning heel kick by AJ Prince. But alas, Jon Cavanagh gets up to his feet in seconds. Stoner has gotten up to his feet, running onto Jon Cavanagh with a knee. This about gets Jon Cavanagh to fall down, with both AJ Prince and Stoner picking him up and giving him a double back suplex.

Scott James: This teamwork won’t last long. Wa—see?

Stoner gives AJ Prince a clothesline out of nowhere.

AJ Prince gets up to his feet, only to be picked up and body slammed to the mat. Stoner softly bounces off the ropes, only to get SPEARED by Jon Cavanagh. Quick chokeslam to AJ Prince by Jon Cavanagh!


AJ Prince   kicks out.

Jon Cavanagh gets on top of AJ Prince relatively quickly, delivering a flurry of punches. Stoner has gotten up to his feet and gives Jon Cavanagh a knee.

Mike Fisher: Stoner  has an affinity for delivering knees to his opponents. This probably won’t be the last.

Shortly after the knee, Stoner gives Jon Cavanagh a clothesline.

And then a spinning clothesline.


Sleeper hold.

Scott James: AJ Prince is just abiding his time until he can get in there. What a sneaky bastard!
Mike Fisher: Stoner just did a headbutt.
Scott James: Not illegal.
Mike Fisher: … not exactly, but –
Scott James: Not illegal.

Jon Cavanagh gets himself to the ropes.

Stoner lets go of the sleeper hold at three and a half.

AJ Prince is right there, circling around Stoner. Both get into a punchfest. The first to get the advantage is AJ Prince, who delivers a DDT out of nowhere. Stoner gets up to his feet frantically, like he’s in a spazzed out state, before being met with an enziguri.

With Stoner down, AJ Prince quickly jumps onto the second rope and jumps backwards with a beautiful lionsault. Just as he gets up, Jon Cavanagh is right there with a yakuza kick!

Scott James: Jon Cavanagh is playing this smart, only getting involved when he absolutely needs to.

Jon Cavanagh and AJ Prince get into a hold-up for several moments. In the hold-up, Jon Cavanagh delivers knee strikes, getting the advantage. Picking up AJ Prince, Jon Cavanagh drops him to the mat with a half-nelson slam.

Stoner   jumps onto Jon Cavanagh with an elbow smash, and doesn’t stop with the elbows until getting to the corner. He switches it up with chops, and then delivers a knee to the gut. With Jon Cavanagh slightly bent over, this makes it easy for Stoner to deliver the underhook facebreaker. Pinfall.


Jon Cavanagh kicks out, just as AJ Prince was about to dive in.

Stoner and AJ Prince trade rights, with AJ Prince getting the advantage by delivering a quick and easy side suplex. As Stoner gets up to his feet, AJ Prince gets a sleeper hold locked in for several seconds, before executing a modified backbreaker. Pinfall.


Jon Cavanagh kicks AJ Prince on the right side of his face hard.

The assault continues as Jon Cavanagh continues stomping on AJ Prince’s head. Going to Stoner, Jon Cavanagh gives him a hard kick to the midsection, before dropping him with the spike DDT.

Mike Fisher: Stoner and AJ Prince are doing their best, but Jon Cavanagh just may be too much for them to take.
Scott James: They oughta grow a brain.

Jon Cavanagh ponders about going for the pinfall, but simply picks Stoner onto his shoulder before power slamming him to the mat. Stoner rolls underneath the bottom rope, landing on the floor below with a small thud.

AJ Prince jumps off the top turnbuckle and gets Jon Cavanagh with a flipping neckbreaker. He awaits for Jon Cavanagh to get up his feet, preparing to hit one of his finishers.

However, Stoner   jumps onto the apron ready to dive in…

… but AJ Prince is right there with a dropkick. Turning around with a smirk, he is met with a hell of a LAAARRIAAAATTTT~! Though AJ Prince looks to be done for, Jon Cavanagh isn’t finishing the match like that. Getting AJ Prince in a gutwrench hold, Jon Cavanagh lifts him high and drops him to the mat with the Hell’s Kitchen Drop! Pinfall!




Six Man Tag Team Match
Jonny FnC, Crush, and Liam Cane vs Fenix, Russell Wayne, and Justin York

Jonny C & Justin York will start.

Scott James: And we are off! This is a SINGLE FALL match. Two men legal at once, you can tag either partner in. The first pinfall or submission wins.

Jonny locks up with Justin. Justin overpowers Jonny and pushes him down. Justin laughs out loud as Jonny grabs Justin with a small package!



THRE-NO! Kickout!

Mike Fisher: Whoah! That was almost three!

Justin ducks a clothesline by Jonny and hits Jonny with a big powerslam. Justin covers Jonny.


Jonny grabs the wrists of Justin and hits a twisting spin into a neckbreaker. Jonny tags in Liam Cain. As Liam gets in the ring Justin tags in Jason Fenix.

Mike Fisher: Here comes Liam Cain… and Jason Fenix!

Cain charges Jason Fenix but Jason Fenix reverses with a hard power slam

Scott James: What a slam!

Mike Fisher: Jason Fenix covers Cain!



THR-NO! Out of nowhere Crush bounces off the top rope and hit a diving dropkick to break the pin! Jason Fenix charges after Crush but he darts towards the rope but he slides out. Jonny tags himself in on Liam Cain!

Mike Fisher: Smart! Jonny tags himself in on Liam. Now it’s Jonny and Fenix.

Scott James: Wow… these guys have HISTORY!… multiple times the world title has been fought between these two

Jonny Whips Fenix into the ropes, on the return he slams him down head first, he turns around and taunts Justin York before looking back at Fenix

Jonny walks over and tries to cover Fenix.




Scott James: Too much time has elapsed!

Fenix hits a low blow on Jonny while the referee wasn’t looking and tags in Russell Wayne.

Mike Fisher: Here comes Russell Wayne!

Russell gets in and starts swinging at Jonny and lands a few good shots. Russell Wayne jumps on Jonny’s head and starts clawing, but Jonny flips him on his back and hits a stunner!

Scott James:  stunner!

Jonny picks up Russell Wayne and sets him up for the F’N Point


Jonny covers Russell!



THR- NO! Justin jumps in the ring and pulls Russell out from under Jonny!

Scott James: Look at him drag Russell Wayne!

Justin drags Russell over and he hops out to the apron. Justin then leans in and tags Russell, tagging himself in.

Mike Fisher: Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!

Justin gets in as Russell Wayne rolls out. Justin flies in and nails a HELUVA KICK on Jonny! Jonny is reeling but he didn’t fall down. Justin sets up and nails a missile dropkick on Jonny!

Scott James: Jonny is down!

Justin covers Jonny.




Mike Fisher: Two! Two!

Jonny is crawling to Crush who is begging for the hot tag! But Justin has a hold of his ankle and drags him out to the middle of the ring. Jonny flips around with an enzuigiri of his own! Jonny dives and tags Crush! Crushjumps on top of the rope and hits a diving cross body on Justin and kips up.

Scott James: Here comes The Curse Breaker!!

Justin is up… CURSE BREAKER!!!! Crush nails Justin York, turning around he’s hit with THE LAST RESORT as Russell Wayne is in the break things up

Mike Fisher: Russell makes the big save!

Russell steps in the ring but gets caught with a clothesline sending him back over! Jonny is up… clothesline! No! Russell ducks, LAST RESORT!!!!

Fenix tags himself in blind but Russell doesn’t like this! He squares up to Jason Fenix


The two men start pushing each other then suddenly WACK….WACK…

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD

Scott James: Justin York has just taken out Russell Wayne and Jason Fenix with a steel chair.. his own team mates!!!

The referee see’s this and signals for the bell as this is ruled a Disqualification!!

Justin York: That’s right… I’ve signed up with Team Jenny to get rid of the crap in this federation once and for all… Liam! You know what to do

Liam looks up at Justin and smiles as he signals for the noose to be lowered from the roof towards the lifeless Jason Fenix

Mike Fisher: OH GOD he’s gonna try and hang Jason Fenix!

Jonny C is looking on on the outside, he thinks about it before grabbing Russell Wayne and pulling him out of the way, he grabs Russell and rams him into the barricade a few times before making his way out as the noose is down in the ring

Liam signals for Justin to help him grab Jason Fenix, as they slowly get the noose round him as Crush looks on from the side… Sean Raines makes his way down to the ring alongside Jon Cavanagh! They see off Team Jenny as they rescue Jason being hung before world’s collide

Mike Fisher: I tell you what… this is going to be one hell of a confrontation at World’s Collide!!!

We return from commercial break and inside the private Hollywood Penthouse office of Shaun Hart who sits behind his desk and on the phone talking to an unknown individual.

Shaun Hart: Yes I want to but the whole land, yep not renting buying it all outright.

Shaun listens a moment before responding back to the caller.

Shaun Hart: I don’t care who lives there Im buying them out, I need all of that land for a special event that would make even HOLLYWOOD Jealous! I have big plans for this company after Worlds Collide.

Shaun relaxes back in his chair with a smile and yells out a soft yes.

Shaun Hart: Good Ill make sure the money is transferred successfully, it’s nice doing business with you, have a great Hollywood day.

Shaun hangs up and lights up with a smile.

Shaun Hart: Well fans in just a couple of weeks, the landscape of IIW will change forever. This Summer we are going to shake this company up and come out on a new landscape in which this company will stand on. The IIW roster better get ready because in a few weeks a whole new era begins.

Sean strolls to the ring, steps through the entryway and into the cage. The officials get ready to quickly lock the cell behind him, but the champion has a change of heart and he exits the cage.

Mike Fisher: Now what in the hell? Coward. What a coward.

Sebastian yells at Sean who refuses to enter. After a few tense moments of yelling, Sebastian storms out of the ring and after the Hardcore champion. Sebastian exits the cage as well and gives chase to Sean. Sean instantly turns and high tales it out of there. Sebastian is right on his ass, but Sean is mocking the challenger.

Just as Sebastian is set to grab him, Sean leaps upward and scales the side of the cage. Sean climbs his way to the top of the cage and looks down, taunting Sebastian.

Scott James: Haha, come get it! Brilliant!

Mike Fisher: Oh my… I bet he wasn’t counting on this!

Sebastian starts to climb the cage as well and he makes it to the top just as quick as Raines. Once Sebastian gets to the top and stands the referee calls for the bell. Sebastian climbs to the top and Sean and he go toe to toe. Sean with a knife edge chop to Sebastian! Sebastian fires off a European uppercut! Now they’re just throwing haymakers! Rights and lefts and the crowd is loving it!

Scott James: These two have been waiting months to get their hands on each other!

Sebastian shoves Sean back… Sean goes for a kick to the head, but Sebastian meets him with a spear!!!

Mike Fisher: Jesus Christ, did you see the top of that cage buckle!?!

The crowd roars as Sebastian stands to his feet after the spear. Sebastian scoops Sean up from the top of the chain link roof and he puts him back down with a scoop slam!

Mike Fisher: Again… that thing is buckling under… that section isn’t going to hold much longer!

Sebastian grabs Sean by the head and lifts him back up into position…

Mike Fisher: Sebastian Hamilton has him in position for a powerbomb…

Scott James: I can’t watch! No! No! No!

Sebastian starts to run and drop Sean, but the champ fires away at the top of Sebastian’s skull with a fury of right hands. Sebastian stumbles backwards… he’s falling… SEBASTIAN FALLS BACKWARDS!!! The force of the fall breaks the top of the cage sending Sebastian along with Sean to the mat!


Scott James: Medical! Someone get medical out here!

Mike Fisher: I can’t believe what I’m witnessing… has the match even started god damnit?!? This one might be over before it even started.

Scott James: It looked like Sean just rode Sebastian to the mat on that one causing Sebastian to take even more of the brunt of the move.

Mike Fisher: Sean still took a spill there. He’s holding his knee in agony right now and I think it got wedged underneath Sebastian.

Scott James: Sebastian’s not moving.

Mike Fisher: And here comes medical, finally.

Scott James: Hey, at least they’re inside the cage now.

The stunned crowd doesn’t quite know what to make of things as the EMT’s rush in to check on both men. Separate teams of EMT’s load Black Sebastian and Sean Raines on stretchers, preparing to take them out of the cage.

Mike Fisher: I can’t believe THIS is how it’s going to end.

Scott James: Haha, Sean retains again. He might night walk again, but he retained.

As the team almost has Sebastian wheeled out, like a man rising from the dead, he rips free of the restrains and stands on his own! The crowd goes insane.

Mike Fisher: Sebastian’s still in it!

Sebastian Hamilton storms into the ring where Sean Raines is still attached to his straightboard. Sebastian picks it up with him strapped in and he tosses it right over the ropes and into the side of the cage!

Scott James: This isn’t fair!

Mike Fisher: He just… he just threw Sean like a damn rag doll!

The toss doesn’t help Sean get free. Sebastian quickly jumps out of the ring and turns the board over to reveal a steam of blood pouring down Sean’s face! Sebastian throws a combination of jabs and forearms that further exacerbate the open wound.

Mike Fisher: And Sean is human! He bleeds just like anyone else!

Scott James: I’ll say it again, this isn’t fair!

Sebastian unstraps Sean and rolls him back into the ring. The blood still leaking out of the forehead of Sean is giving him the crimson mask as Sebastian picks him up… Sebastian whips Sean into the ropes, Sean on the rebound… Sebastian drops him with a samoan drop!

Mike Fisher: Quick cover by Sebastian.



Mike Fisher: Sean kicks out of the pin, and Sebastian Hamilton instantly brings him to a seated position and applies a rear chin lock!

Scott James: Rear chin lock?!

Mike Fisher: Either way, he wastes no time to continue the attack!

In full control, Sebastian brings Sean back to his feet. He lifts Sean high in to the air with that sleeper hold…and he tosses Raines overhead!

Mike Fisher: JESUS! Sean crashed hard chest first on the mat! And again Sebastian follows up quickly!

Sebastian Hamilton lifts up Sean, and brings him up to his shoulder and makes his way over to the corner… snake eyes! Sean stumbles back as Sebastian hits the far ropes. Sean turns as Sebastian is on the rebound…SPEAR!!! NO!!! Sean saw it coming and leaped over Sebastian! Sean with a springboard as Black Sebastian gets back to his feet. Sean spins in mid-air…summersault senton…and he takes Sebastian to the mat!

Mike Fisher: That was pure desperation by the Hardcore champion. Other than two brief counters, the challenger has taken it to the champion!

Scott James: I think that’s about to change.

Sean struggles to crawl over to Sebastian and make a cover. After several seconds have pass he finally makes the cover.



Mike Fisher: Sebastian just threw Sean across the ring with that kick out!

Sean gets back to his feet… Sebastian runs in…

Mike Fisher: Superkick out of nowhere! Again, almost out of desperation!

Scott James: And Sean falls forward onto Sebastian! This is it!




Mike Fisher: SHOULDER UP!

Scott James: Phew, so close!

Both men take their time getting back to their feet. Sean uses the ropes to get back to his feet, but he has trouble standing, visibly not putting much pressure on his right leg. He hobbles over to Sebastian who has manage to get back to one knee. Sean fires off a kick to the chest of Sebastian with his good leg, and another, and a third… Sean steps back, bounces off the ropes and comes in with a flying knee… NO! Sebastian springs up and catches him… sidewalk slam!

Mike Fisher: High impact and Sebastian with another cover.




Sean kicks out and Sebastian helps him back to his feet… Sebastian tosses the champion into the corner… Sebastian follows in…. big splash in the corner! Sean stumbles forward out of the corner and falls face first on the mat. Sebastian takes the opportunity to slide outside of the ring. He flips the ring apron up and starts sliding out steel chairs. Sebastian starts to walk back to the ring with a steel chair in hand… he looks up and Sean slides in with a baseball slide to the face!

Scott James: That chair just smacked Sebastian right in the kisser!

Mike Fisher: He may have been concussed on that one.

Sean looks around, mocking the crowd before bouncing off the far ropes… Sebastian gets to his feet on the outside and Sean dives between the ropes with a suicide dive!!!

Mike Fisher: Sebastian taken out but Sean also ate steel on that one too.

Scott James: High risk, high reward!

Sean uses the side of the cage to climb back to his feet. Raines struggles for several seconds to pull Sebastian back to his feet. Sean pulls Sebastian into him and whips Sebastian into the steel steps! NO! Sebastian reverses it and Sean goes back and shoulder first into the steel steps!! Sebastian shakes his head and slowly moves towards the steps. Sebastian separates the steps and picks up the top set… Sean to his feet and Sebastian runs at him with the steps!

Mike Fisher: Sebastian slams the steps into the champs face! NO! Sean with a dropkick!

Sebastian falls backwards and the steps land on top of him! Sean pulls himself up using the cage again, he hobbles over to the ring apron and climbs to the top rope. Sebastian starts to stir and Sean dives off with a crossbody… but Sebastian quickly takes him to the floor with a snap powerslam!

Mike Fisher: That was a sickening thud! Did you hear that?

Scott James: This is a war. Back and forth.

Sebastian picks up the champion and puts him over his shoulder. Sebastian runs as fast as he can and slams Sean back first into the ring post! Sean arches his back in pain, Sebastian follows it up by rolling Raines back into the ring and making the cover.




Mike Fisher: WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!!!

Alice Gouldier: Your winner… And new Hardcore champion… SEBASTIAN HAMILTON!

We catch back up with Chris Page backstage. He seems talking to someone that is not picked up on camera. 

CHRIS PAGE: We have them right where we want them. I’ll see you out there. 

Chris extends his fist out toward someone. There is a closed fist that bumps Page’s as it certainly appears he’s found himself a partner for tonight’s Main Event. 

“Ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one-fall and has NO COUNT OUTS, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS… and it is for the IIW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.”

“Introducing first, they are the challengers! About to make their way to the ring, TYLER DEBONAIR, FRED DEBONAIR… they are DEBONAIR INC!”

The lights in the arena go out and “Money” by Pink Floyd rings around the arena. Both Tyler and Fred Debonair step out onto the ramp to the roar of the crowd, Fred wearing the tag title around his waist with Tyler’s across his shoulder. They swagger towards the ring with slight smirks on their faces, slapping the odd fans hands as they do.

Fred jogs up the ring steps and hops over the top rope as Tyler rolls under the ropes and both men hop onto turnbuckles, raising the belts, as the music fades and the lights come up.

“… And introducing their opponents.”

“About to make their way to the ring, the IIW World Tag Team Champions… CCPE!”

Chris Page emerges out with both titles as he looks concerned as he glances back toward the curtain where NOBODY emerges out with him. His partner has STOOD HIM UP! Page lets out a deep breath before he starts to make the walk toward the ring shaking his head along the way. Chris reaches ringside, he rolls into the ring where he hands over the tag titles to the referee. The music fades away as this No DQ, No Count-Out Tag Team Championship match underway with the referee signals for the bell. 


The crowd explodes as the bell tolls. Fred steps out to the ring apron as Tyler starts things off for Debonair Inc. Chris and Tyler circle each other, and they look to lock up see Page take a back waist lock where he hoists up Tyler and plants him down where he floats over into a front face lock before paintbrush slapping Tyler across the back of the head! Page gets back to his feet and laughs at Tyler who gets to one knee. 

Tyler steps back up to his feet where he and Page circle each other a second time. 

Tyler locks up with Page only to be forced back into a neutral corner. Page holds Tyler against the buckles where he swings with a right hand! Tyler ducks out of the way! Page spins around where Tyler starts peppering Page with left jabs before a strong right-hand dropping Page where he stands! Chris rolls out to the floor with Tyler giving him chase, Page takes off around the ring with Tyler running after him! Page cuts the corner rolling back into the ring with Tyler diving under the ropes after him only to have Page back to his feet and stomping down on the back of Tyler to boos from the crowd. Chris turns toward Fred where he flips him off! 

Chris reaches down to pick Tyler up off the mat, he laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop echoing throughout the arena. 

He takes Tyler back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Tyler bounces off the ropes, Page drops his head for a back body drop that Tyler counters with a swinging neckbreaker! The crowd roars as Tyler makes the cover.




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat! Tyler gets back to his feet picking up Page. He hammers Page with a right hand before being thumbed in the eye by CCP! Page latches onto a front waist lock where he lands an overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex! Page rolls back out to the floor where he tosses the ring apron back pulling out a steel chair. He slides back into the ring as he taunts Fred who frantically tries to warn Tyler but it’s to late as Page starts driving the chair across the back!  Shot after shot after shot! 

The crowd roars with boos at CCP as he holds up the steel chair for all to see with a smile on his face. 

Page drops the chair on the mat as he reaches down picking Tyler up off the mat. He takes him and positions him for the Page Plant while jawing with Fred on the apron, it’s with this taking the eye off the ball that Tyler counters with a back body drop onto the chair! Fred rallies the crowd from his corner before extending his hand out towards Tyler! Tyler starts crawling toward his father but before he can tag Page grabs him by the ankles and pulls him back out toward the center of the ring where he transitions into an STF submission! Tyler screams out in pain as Chris applies more pressure to the hold! The referee starts asking Tyler to surrender, yet he refuses. The crowd is solidly behind Tyler as he manages to break the hold with a gouge to the eyes! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tyler reaches for the chair, he takes possession of a huge pop from the crowd as he starts getting back to his feet. He hones in on Page with the crowd solidly behind him. Tyler looks to blast Page with a chair shot only to be met with a low blow! The crowd roars with boos as Tyler crumbles to the mat! 

CCP gets back to his feet where he reaches down to pick him up off the mat only to see Tyler counter with an Inside Cradle! 




Page escapes the near fall to a massive gasp from the crowd! Tyler crawls toward his father who looks for the tag only to be cut off by Page once again! Chris stomps away at the back of Tyler before reaching down picking up Tyler as he takes him back intp the ropes, he shoots him across the rng with an Irish Whip, Tyler bounces off the ropes and into a spinbuster slam by Page! Chris makes the cover! 




Tyler kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Page is the first to his feet. He picks Tyler up and shoots him into a neutral corner! Page charges in after Tyler, Tyler throws a reverse elbow to the jaw of Page rocking him back toward the center of the ring! Tyler explodes out from the corner with a spinning heel kick taking Page to the mat! The crowd roars as Tyler has the opportunity to get to his father! He’s crawling toward the corner and as he gets close Fred turns and rallies the crowd with a “TYLER! TYLER! TYLER!” chant! 

Fred spins around seeing he missed the opportunity as Page recovers and pulls Tyler back out toward the center of the ring. 

Page flips off Fred once again before stomping away at Tyler! 

Page picks him up off the mat where he sets him up for a Piledriver! Tyler drops to his knees where he returns the low blow to CCP! The roof explodes as Page crumbles down to the mat! The crowd chants wildly for TYLER as his father’s closed fist is extended as far out to the ring as it can be! The crowd gets louder and louder the closer and closer Tyler gets to the corner and as he is about to tag in his father we see Fred open his hand and blow some sort of substance into Tyler’s eyes!!


Tyler’s been blinded by his father as the crowd is in a state of shock and dismay! Fred drops to the floor, cockily walks around to Chris’s corner and grabs the tag string! In the ring Chris Page rolls toward his corner where he TAGS in FRED DEBONAIR! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SEEING?!?!?! Fred steps through the ropes as the crowd is still in shock. Fred looks at Page with a smirk, before turning to Tyler and screaming inaudibly down at his son. Tyler begins swinging at his father, still blinded by whatever Fred blew into his face.

The jeers and boos from the Dublin crowd get louder and louder, after a moment of confused silence. Fred tilts his head and raises his eyebrow as he pulls Tyler up by the head and neck, still screaming colourful but inaudible language at him. He slams his forearm into Tyler’s face once… Twice… Three times. Tyler still trying to clear his vision runs as his father throws him into the ropes the crowd still booing intensely as Fred lifts Tyler quickly up on the return and then drops him face-first into his knee!

GTFO! Fred Debonair has just laid out his own son, with the GTFO!!

Page on the apron is all smiles as Fred goes to cover Tyler, instead changing his mind and picking him back up as he shakes his head, he mouths to the crowd.

FRED DEBONAIR: The boy needs to learn!

Fred grabs Tyler by the head and neck once more, planting a headbutt on him, before scooping him up once more and loading him onto his shoulders. He throws Tyler over in a spinning Death Valley Driver.

GOD COMPLEX! Fred drops to his knees and places his hand on Tyler’s chest.


The crowd boos more and more…


Trash is thrown towards the ring as Croke Park erupts into a chorus of jeers.




What the hell have we just witnessed! Fred Debonair turns toward the corner that house Chris Page who applauds everything he’s just seen as he steps through the ropes where he demands the titles. The referee gives Page both sets of straps as he turns toward Fred. The boos reign out all over as Chris Page hands Fred Debonair ONE of the titles! Chris Page and Fred Debonair hug it out in the ring, both men grinning ear to ear. 

Chris Page raises the arm of his PARTNER! Trash floods the ring from all over the arena as Mayhem fades to black.