IIW World’s Collide

The Show starts up panning to the the skies above Wembley Stadium as we see a plan being flown past welcoming us to IIW World’s Collide

The crowd inside Wembley Stadium are going nuts as the Worlds Collide PPV goes live! The cheers and roars invested in the fact that IIW have finally started taking to the road. All of a sudden that enthusiasm for seeing the superstars suddenly turns to an avalanche of boos and jeers, as the big screen at the top of the ramp comes to life.

The curtain shifts as Fred Debonair steps into view at the top of the ramp, he’s dressed an all white, Tom Ford suit and shoes and carrying his IIW tag belt over his shoulder. He’s shaking his head and smirking as the boos continue and chants of “Fred’s an asshole” start up. He climbs up the steps and through the ropes, microphone already in hand. He waves his hand like a conductor, as the boos and jeers continue but once the music dies off, he takes the microphone and begins to speak.

Fred: “Alright let’s just cut to the chase already because I’ve been hearing it since Mayhem “Oh why Fred?! Why did you turn on Tyler?! Why did you join up with Chris Page?!” Well let me just be matter of fact with you all! I really wanted to do this face to face with Tyler after all the shit he spouted this week, but surprise surprise he hasn’t even shown up yet tonight! So here’s the deal, I didn’t “turn on” Tyler ok? Regardless of whether or not he’s disowned me, which is great because now I don’t have to deal with his constant whinging! I’m still his father and what happened at Mayhem was discipline! I disciplined my son for being a disrespectful little shit in MY HOUSE, under MY ROOF! And this wasn’t some off the cuff moment, Tyler, I want you to know that this has been in the works for quite some time!

I have quite literally shed BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS for both you and your sister Ty! I worked my ass off even before either of you were born; but especially since and this is how you repay me?! Growing up you were one strange son of a bitch! Everybody told me, everybody kept saying how I need to get you looked at, but I defended you every step of the way, even when you were dissecting cats, when you were following other students home from school, going way out of your route home too! And then I spoke to Doctor Hankem and I realised man… YOU ARE A FREAKING BASKET CASE TYLER!”

Fred shakes his head and feigns shock and sadness at the “revelation” as the crowd continue to boo. He shuffles the belt on his shoulder, holds his hand up and continues.

Fred: “Wait seriously?! The boy was cutting up pets and following girls and boys home, I’ve got an official diagnoses for his psychosis and YOU’RE booing ME?! I continued to defend the boy, to make excuses for him even to HIS OWN MOTHER! Who, by the way Tyler remember all those times I said you weren’t the reason your mom left us?! I LIED! YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY THE REASON MY WIFE LEFT, MY WIFE FILED FOR A DIVORCE AND MY WIFE DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET! Kid she even made excuses on how Mercedes, who isn’t even her proper daughter got leeway over you! But even then, I stood by you because you’re my blood.

But then came Resnick, I had considered getting you an outpatients appointment there but something within you decided you wanted to stay there! And then came the real puffer of the situation… You see I gave up everything for you, I stopped wrestling and opened up an Academy, gave you a chance to help me out there and to train yourself. Once you went to Resnick I got my life back and I’m sorry, if you dislike hearing that… In fact no I don’t give a shit Tyler! My life was practically null and void until you went to that facility! And that’s when I got into contact with Osh Vaughan about signing up with IIW… And I was lucky at the time too because there was some overseas quota they were running and I’d got the last spot and then that’s when Resnick called me!”

Fred listens to the crowd chanting “asshole, asshole” and he furrows his brow and snarls his lip.

Fred: “Yeah! You keep calling me the asshole!! You keep stanning for an inconsiderate, egotistical, self centred spoiled little brat! Open up your bleeding hearts for that jumped up little shit and see where it gets you. At least I know that I’m not playing games, I’ve always been upfront and I’ve done whatever I felt necessary just like now! But as I say Tyler, boy… Yet another time that I was getting back on with my life, Doctor Bracewell calls me and he tells me how you’ve been training to Wrestle and it’s all you want to do… Is there somewhere I knew about that would take you?! Cue me getting back on the phone to Osh, explaining the situation and getting YOUR name on the contract instead of my own.

Once again, Fred Debonair sacrifices for his son…

And it isn’t that I’m asking anyone what I got in return, I didn’t want anything in return it’s just the fact that what I did get in return was your CONSTANT ME, ME, ME! Your INSESSENT WAH WAH WAH!! I even had your friend Darius, your sister and your aunt here watching out for you! And all I’ve had in return rather than gratitude, or a simple thank you! Was a blatant finger prodding me in the chest and accusations but you know what Ty? You were in fact right! Oh this didn’t just happen at Mayhen as I’ve already mentioned before. Oh nah, this happened even before your ass had been knocked sideways by Thad and the chair! WE were never taking those tag-titles back at KKND, son! It was never our intention, mine at least… You see I would always be saying WE were bringing them back to IIW, yet you were once again, as always “I’m doing this” and “I’m doing that” there’s only so much a father can take before he has to… Cut the cord!”

Fred laughs as he gets the belt comfortable on his shoulder again pursing his lips, listening to the heavy boos and soaking them in.

Fred: “Ironic that’s your little entrance theme isn’t it?! Because it’s exactly what I did and no, I want to make it clear I wasn’t brainwashed or hypnotised or whatever by Page, I just knew deep down that everything he had said was correct, astutely put and as accurate as Hawkeye with a bow! We’d spoken long before our title match Tyler! I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I knew I had to cut you off! You’re a freak and you have zero respect for those who raised you! You are so far gone even I can’t help you, but you do need to be taught a lesson, boy… Because ever since I finally managed to get myself into IIW around the time that John Cavanagh took that belt from you… You spoke out like YOU were in charge here. Ultimately Tyler you’ve forgotten your place.

You’ve forgotten who was the blueprint and who was the copy…

You’ve forgotten who is the shining star and who is the shadow…

You forgot who was the father and who was the son and Mayhem was just the beginning. I disciplined your ass and showed you why you don’t disrespect your own and I will KEEP teaching you, until you’ve learned your lesson!

And the same goes for the rest of the locker room too… I’m not a member of CCPE, I’m Fred Debonair, The Sole Schematic, but I do understand and appreciate what Chris Page has and still is, bringing to the industry and to that end, yes I’ve shook hands on an agreement and an alignment that will stay in place until the time calls for it to end IF it does… Chris Page knows exactly what he’s doing and so do I. We will be carrying these belts for a long, long time to come and I will be changing the very foundation of what IIW is!

You think the outcome of Wargames tonight is the big deal?

WE. Are the big deal…”

He drops the microphone as “Money” by Pink Floyd hits the speakers. He drops the belt and rolls under the bottom rope, grabbing it and chucking it back over his shoulder before making his way up the aisle, sharing a few choice words with fans in the crowd as he exits through the curtain.

( A new Championship gets debut at Wordls Collide in a over the top Battle Royal Match. Who will make history at Worlds Collide and become the first Uprising Champion?)

Match One
Uprising Championship
Battle Royal
EL Landerson vs Adam Williams vs Robert Ace vs Knox vs Griff Warner

The bell sounds at the Uprising Championship Battle Royale is underway! EL Landerson vs Adam Williams vs Robert Ace vs Knox vs Griff Warner kicks off with Knox and Warner doubling up on Ace while William’s bum rush El Landerson! Warner drives Ace back into a corner where Knox stomps away at him with Warner joining in on the attack! Williams drives shoulder blocks into the midsection of Landerson before looking to hoist him up over the top rope! Landerson fires back with a series of elbow strikes to the forehead that breaks the grip of Willams! Warner pulls Ace out from the corner where he hurls him over the top rope! Knox and Warner high-five, but perhaps a little too early as Ace has landed on the apron and is able to step back through the ropes! Warner and Knox turn around where they are taken down with a double lariat from Ace! Landerson kicks away at the right leg and quad of Williams taking him back into the ropes. Landerson looks to lariat Williams over the top rope only to be elevated with a back body drop out to the ring apron! Williams spins around where he’s met with a step up kick to the temple knocking him backward toward the center of the ring. Landerson springboards off the top rope with a missile dropkick to Williams taking him down to the mat! Ace has Knox and sends him sailing over the top rope and out to the floor! 


Landerson comes up behind Ace and dumps him over the top rope! Ace hangs onto the top rope with only one foot touching the floor before managing to pull himself back up to the ring apron! Landeron is blasted from behind by Warner! Warner takes him and sends him over the top rope only to have El Landerson skin the cat! Warner comes forward only to be caught in a head scissors before being pulled over the top rope and out to the floor! 


El Landerson gets back up on the ring apron where his attention is on Warner as Griff starts to get to his feet! Williams comes up from behind blasting El Landerson off the ring apron! Landerson lands a double foot stomp into the chest of Warren driving him down to the floor where he springs off Warren’s chest and latches onto the security barrier like goddamn spiderman! The crowd roars as Landerson straddles the barrier while in the ring Ace has re-entered the ring! 

Suddenly Adam Williams is attacked from behind and it’s JOHN TOLLY!

Mike Fisher: HE wasn’t even in this match???!!!

John Tolly grabs Adam Williams and pulls him over the top rope!


El Landerson finds himself in a precarious situation as he now gets himself into a standing position on the railing. He walks the rail down toward the steel steps where he leaps from the railing to the steps landing on the middle step! Ace smirks as El Landerson reaches the ring apron and steps back into the ring! The crowd applauds the efforts as this has quickly come down to Robert Ace and El Landerson to crown the very first Uprising Champion. The two men circle each other before looking to lock up only to have Ace boot Landerson into the midsection doubling him over! Ace hooks up Landerson where he hoists him up and delivers a Pump Handle Slam on the much smaller Landerson! 

Ace reaches both knees’ throwing out both arms getting nothing but boos from the crowd! 

Ace steps back up to a vertical base as he starts to wash his hands together. He picks up El Landerson where he runs him toward the ropes and throws him over the top rope where once again El Landerson lands on the apron! Ace comes forward where Landerson drives a shoulder block to the midsection of Ace where he follows up with a slingshot DDT! The crowd pops big for Landerson as he kips up to his feet.

Landerson picks Ace up where he takes him to the ropes and attempts to get him up and over the top rope but Ace uses his size and strength to drive elbows into the back of the neck of Landerson! Ace breaks free as he backs away, he runs toward where Landerson low bridges Ace sending him spilling over the top rope and out to the ring apron! El Landerson sizes up Ace who is getting to his feet, Landerson springboards off the middle rope with a dropkick to the face of Ace sending him spilling off the apron and down to the floor! 


Wembley Stadium erupts for El Landerson who gets to his knees as the realization that he’s just become the first-ever IIW Uprising Champion sinks in! A referee slides into the ring where he awards El Landerson the Uprising Championship and hoists his arm in the air! 

He’s coming soon
( Caleb Scott makes his IIW in-ring debut at Worlds Collide and looks to leave with a win against veteran Michael Hunter who stands in his way. Who will win when these two clash in the ring?)

Match Two
Singles Match
Michael Hunter vs Caleb Scott

The lights go dim around the whole arena as “Blow Me Away” hits on the sound system. As the first words hit in the song Hunter makes his way onto the stage. He walks to the end of the stage just before the ramp and crosses his arms. He closes his eyes and lifts his head up as if he is absorbing the atmosphere. Then he raises both hands in the air as pyros go off behind him. Afterwards he opens his eyes and makes his way down the ramp looking at the fans with disgust. He walks up the steps to the ring and wipes his feet on the canvas. Then he hops through the ropes and walks into the center of the ring and then across to the other side. Hunter climbs the turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air with arrogance. He hops down as his music stops and waits for his opponent.

Lights go black as Ze Nigmar plays. Lights stay off as song intro plays. Once the drums in the song start, a single beam of light from above the ring shoots to the stage as Caleb Scott rises from the floor through a ring of white smoke. Caleb stands there for a few seconds looking at the crowd before he begins to slowly walk to the ring as a short row of fire ignites on either side of the entrance ramp. As Caleb goes up the steps and into the ring, the single beam of light following him the entire time. He stands in the middle of the ring, facing the camera, as the ring fills with smoke before the lights turn back on.

Scott James: “Well Mike, tonight we get to see what Caleb Scott is all about. We get to see what this rookie brings to the table as he faces off against a man who has made his rounds here in IIW, The Blue Print Michael Hunter.”

Mike Fisher: “Well The Blue Print has the obvious size advantage, but you never know the rookie just might surprise us.”

Both men step towards the center of the ring, Caleb goes for a lock up but the more experienced Hunter kicks him in the stomach. Caleb is only taken back for a second before delivering a solid right hook directly to Hunter’s face. The two men start brawling back and forth trading punch for punch. The London crowd erupts, as the IIW crowd loves a good slugfest.

Caleb drops down and hooks Hunter’s legs. The veteran is taken off guard and Caleb pounces at the opportunity. Standing to his feet, Caleb grabs Hunter by the feet and throws a series of kicks into the thigh of Michael Hunter.

Scott James: “Looks like the rookie has a game plan here. Take Hunter down, and make sure he has trouble getting back up.”

Mike Fisher: “Not a bad plan actually. Size advantage isn’t worth shit if you are on the mat.”

Caleb grabs Hunter by the head and starts to pick him up. Hunter slams him with a right forearm, quickly followed up by another. Hunter gaining the upperhand whips Caleb to the ropes. A bounce off the ropes Caleb runs directly into a monster clothesline from Hunter. Hunter capitalizing delivers a few punches before picking his opponent back off the mat. A dazed Caleb Scott struggles to stand as The Blueprint tosses him flying into the corner. Hunter climbs the ropes standing over Caleb and looks out at the crowd. A battered Caleb Scott dazed in the corner. Michael Hunter starts to throw punches as the crowd counts on.


Hunter stops punching for a moment. Huge mistake as Caleb musters up enough clairvoyance to get himself out of the situation. Grabbing Michael Hunter by the legs, he drops him from the middle rope with a thunderous spine buster. Hunter is now down as Caleb is now the one climbing to the middle rope. Taking a moment to breathe, he dives off slamming his knew into the forehead of the downed Michael Hunter.

Caleb goes for the cover.



No, the kick out from Hunter.

Mike Fisher: “I think it was a little too soon for that Scott.”

Scott James: “I don’t know Mike, a few more hits and a beating like that. I think the rookie has a shot here. Very impressive in his debut.

Mike Fisher: “Very true but The Blueprint has made big come backs before. I wouldn’t count Michael Hunter out of this thing quite yet.”

A sudden right hook by Hunter forces Caleb Scott to step back for just a moment. Hunter with the midsection kick. And another, followed by a massive right hook. Caleb whipped into the far corner, Hunter turns on the booster as he runs full tilt at Caleb with a spear.

Scott James: “If Hunter connects with this it will be the end for Caleb Scott.”

Just in time, sheer moments before impact of the powerful corner post spear, Caleb regains his senses and after grabbing the top rope he pulls his legs up onto the rope. Michael Hunter slams full into the metal ring post, sending him crashing to his knees in pain. Caleb drops his legs down in front of Hunter. Hunter still groggy reached up and grabs Caleb by the side to try and help stand up. Caleb throws on a headlock looking like he is going for the DDT. But no, Caleb swings Hunter completely vertical. Holding Hunter in the air to show his strength, he swings him in the air and slams him down in a power bomb.

Scott James: “What hell was that!?”

Mike Fisher: “I believe he calls that the Reaper’s Reach”

Scott James: “As good as Michael Hunter is I don’t know if he can get up from that one.”
Caleb goes for the pin.


Alice Goulder: YOUR WINNER……………. CALEB SCOTT!

( Anthony Phoenix returns to the ring to take on a monster of a man in PG-13 who’s off to a hot start in this company, now they both look to get a win and become the Number One Contender to The United Kingdom Championship.)

Match Three
Number One Contender to The UK Championship
Singles match
Anthony Phoenix vs PG-13

Hero by Skillet hits the sound system of Wembley Stadium as PG13 walks out from behind the curtain after a few brief moments. PG13 heads to the ring with a no nonsense walk shortly followed by his manager Kyle Ervin. He leaps onto the apron and fireworks come out of the top of each ring post. PG13 enters the ring and awaits the arrival of Anthony Phoenix whilst getting a pep talk from his manager.

Chrome Cartel” by begins to play as Anthony Phoenix walks out in his wrestling gear, his long black hair in a tight pony tail and dark shades on his face; a spotlight is shown on him. He takes a look around at the IIW universe and scowls.

Phoenix then begins to walk deliberately towards the ring not even paying attention to the fans in attendance, staying laser focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and makes a b-line to the center of the ring. Phoenix raises his arms and holds them up in an ‘X’ symbol with his fists closed.

As the music fades, Phoenix starts to prepare for the match.

Scott James- Both men seem prepared for this contest, at least well i hope Phoenix is prepared.

Mike Fisher- PG13 is certainly looking like an animal in there but lets give Phoenix the benefit of the doubt here, he is a former champion after all.

The referee calls for the bell


Right off the hop Phoenix hits PG13 with two straight punches followed by a back elbow and a spinning heel kick.

Mike Fisher- See i told you, benefit of the doubt.

PG13 is reeling from the flurry of strikes Phoenix landed on him. Phoenix kicks the rocked PG13 in the gut and sets him up for a fisherman suplex.

Scott James- Anthony Phoenix has lost his damn mind if he thinks he’s hitting a fisherman suplex on a man that size.

Mike Fisher- As I’ve said twice previous to this, give the man the benefit of the doubt.

PG13 overpowers Phoenix and shoves him off sending him stumbling back. PG13 runs at Phoenix full speed and drills him with a clothesline that sends him spiraling to the mat in a heap. PG13 stands over the mess he just made of Phoenix on the canvas before picking him up in a reverse waist lock and throwing him halfway across the ring with a release German suplex.

Scott James- What was that Mike? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of being right.

PG13 goes for the cover with just his foot on the back of Phoenix.



Phoenix kicks out.

Mike Fisher- Look at the resilience shown by Phoenix here Scott.

Scott James- Mmmhmmm.

PG13 has a sadistic smile on his face as kneels down on top of Phoenix and starts raining ruthless elbows into his face. PG13 breaks the count at the very last second much to the dismay of the referee who he chases off.

Scott James- Well this isn’t good news for Anthony Phoenix, He’s busted wide open!

After chasing the referee off PG13 has begun toying with Phoenix who is trying to make his way back to a vertical base. Phoenix from his knees shoots the middle finger to PG13 who attempts to throw a straight kick to the face of Anthony Phoenix but its caught! Phoenix sweeps the remaining leg of PG13 and quickly locks up a figure four leg lock.. PG13 is writhing in pain.

Mike Fisher- See I told you, don’t count Phoenix out so fast.

Scott James- You did say that Mike but this thing is far from over and he’s losing blood every second that passes.

PG13 flips Phoenix over and reverses the hold putting all the pain back on Phoenix who immediately grabs the ropes right next to him forcing the referee to break the hold.

Scott James- Both men are feeling the effects of that figure four leg lock but I think PG13 got the worse end of that exchange.

Mike Fisher- It’s all about which man gets to the feet first at this point!

Phoenix gets to his feet first followed by a wobbly PG13. Phoenix hits a drop kick to the knee sending PG13 to the. Canvas on one knee. Phoenix drills him with a DDT and quickly zips to the top rope.

Scott James- What in the hell does he have in mind here? He’s bleeding all over the place.

Mike Fisher- EL SAPO MAS FUERTE!!!!

A bloody Phoenix drills PG13 with the El Sapo Mas Fuerte (10 star frog splash.) and goes for the cover.



PG13 powers out of the cover sending Phoenix well into the air and off of him.

Mike Fisher- I really thought Phoenix had the win there Scott.

Scott James- So did he Mike, he’s laying on the canvas in a pool of his own blood and exhaustion while PG13 is quickly making his way back to his feet.

PG13 with a huge smile on his face walks over to the exhausted and bloodied Anthony Phoenix and picks him up off the mat and drives him back down with a stiff pump handle slam. He picks him up once again and sets him up for a powerbomb which he executes twice before letting go of Phoenix. PG13 smiles at the crowd and signifies he’s going for one more powerbomb which he does and drives Phoenix to the mat harder than the first two.

Scott James- This man is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with here in IIW.

Mike Fisher- He is very impressive I will say that but its not over until its over Scott.

PG13 goes for yet another simple cover with just his foot on Phoenix’s chest.





Scott James- Probably not the wisest choice he’s ever made.

Phoenix from his back with a last effort of strength raises his right arm off the canvas and flips PG13 once more.

Scott James- It’s been confirmed just now, Anthony Phoenix has lost his damn mind!

PG13 no longer has a smile on his face in fact now he looks extremely pissed off. He picks Phoenix up off of the mat and perches him on his shoulders and walks around the ring with his lifeless body.

Scott James- He’s got him setup for The Revelation (The F5) and is merely toying with him at this point.

Mike Fisher- All we can hope for is Phoenix to reverse this because if PG13 hits the Revelation, this whole thing is over

Unfortunately the Revelation is hit and PG-13 makes the cover




Your winner…. PG-13

( Scotty Adams finally gets his TV Championship match after weeks of build-up against reigning TV Champion TJ Alexander that will do anything to retain his Championship.)

Match Four
IIW TV Championship
Singles Match
Scotty Adams vs TJ Alexander

Mike Fisher: That plane is still about! It’s here in full support of Scotty Adams now!


As soon as the bell rings to begin this TV title match, Scott bursts out of the corner – as if he is going for his famed “Silver Bullet” knee strike, only to stop at the point he would leap up and smirk at TJ. For his part, TJ is less than pleased with this and simply scowls in the challenger’s direction. He doesn’t want to involve himself in any of the mind games or psychological warfare Scott is renowned for and would much rather simply focus on the task of retaining his championship. Noticing this, Scott extends his hand out, attempting to lure TJ into a lock up so that the battle can truly begin, but Alexander simply shakes his head at this. Knowing full well that a technically oriented battle isn’t going to end up working out well for him. Scott acknowledges this with a nod and glares right into TJ’s eyes before the latter manages to connect with a quick kick to the outside of his opponent’s thigh, followed by a running STO takedown to truly get the action started in this hotly anticipated contest.

Rising immediately, TJ follows with a quick kick to the chest of the seated Scotty, sending him back down to the mat before measuring him for a knee drop across the face. Though as he leaps into the air in order to execute the move, Scott craftily rolls out of the way, causing TJ’s knee to slightly jar as it impacts the mat. Using his hands to push himself back up from the canvas, Scott runs at the kneeling champion, sending him back first to the mat with a running knee strike. The impact of which causes a smacking sound to resonate throughout the arena. Smirking, the challenger grabs a hold of his foe’s wrist, hoisting him up and into a snap belly-to-belly suplex in order to plant him onto the canvas.

Maintaining control of the wrist, Scott causes TJ’s elbow to bend at a 90 degree angle before stomping on his bicep, causing TJ to wring his arm out as his teeth begin to grit in pain. Yet the challenger simply steps back, tilting his head downward so as to look into the eyes of the grounded champion and let him know that he is sending a message. That he intends on making this last as long as possible so that TJ understands what he had been telling him all along. Making his way back to his feet, TJ shoots Scott a look before managing to hook his arms and deliver a hip toss, causing Scott’s back to impact with the mat – followed by a snap elbow drop to his stomach to show him that if he thinks he can wear TJ down, either mentally of physically that easily, then he has another thing coming.

To empthaise this further, he Wraps his arm around Scott’s head after lifting him up and swings back, connecting with a DDT that has a jarring impact on the neck of the challenger who feels a jolt run down his body. TJ isn’t finished with the chain of moves however, and connects with a sharp dropkick to the temple of the man known as “Professional Wrestling’s Silver Bullet” as he gets onto his hands and knees. Causing him to drop to the mat and his eyes to feel as if they are rolling into the back of his head. Glancing down at his handiwork so far, TJ – well aware that he is going to have to break his challenger if he wishes to truly defeat him and retain his championship in front of the Wembley fans, drops a knee into the back of the downed Adams, followed by a second. Then a third in quick succession before mockingly running his foot across the back of his foe’s head.

Taking some time to look out at the crowd, TJ can feel the energy and passion of the stadium coursing through his veins. Fueling him to make them proud. To represent his home country in the way that they wish for him too. Yet he doesn’t notice Scott slowly making his way to his feet — at least, until he turns around and levels him with a superkick with enough force to almost take his head off and send him staggering and falling back into the mat. Grabbing Scott’s wrist, TJ lifts him up, connecting with a knee strike before hooking his head and hoisting him up and over for a quick snap suplex. He doesn’t let go however, and instead attempts to lift him for a 2nd, but is instead blocked and lifted up himself, falling to the mat owing to a back body drop, though Scott himself drops to a knee. Pain throbbing throughout his body after executing the move.

He doesn’t let it prevent him from turning and nailing a now standing TJ with a vicious spinning back elbow, causing him to stagger in the direction of the ropes before sending him to the mat with a roundhouse kick, TJ’s body turning 90 degrees in the process. Feeling his body slightly relax, the downed champion is helpless to prevent the follow up elbow directly to his spine before he is lifted back up. Even if it is only to take him down with a German suplex. Or rather, attempt to, as TJ manages to land on his feet after flipping over his challenger’s body. Watching as Scott falls back and leaves himself open for a standing moonsault by the champion. A move that pops an already intense crowd who have more than bought into the story these two are playing out for them here. Lifting his opponent up again, TJ this time manages to connect with his attempted suplex – a Butterfly Suplex before holding on for the pin.


Scott manages to raise his shoulder off the mat at the count of 1 and 1/2, kicking upward before the 2 men drop to the mat. TJ had expected him to do so, however. After all, it would have been disappointing to him if that was all he needed to do in order to put away a man who has prided himself on getting deep inside of TJ’s head this entire journey. Winning the race to their feet, TJ connects with a palm strike to Scott’s stomach, doubling him over before following up with a knee facebuster to cause him to teeter, though they are close enough so that Scott can use the ropes to prevent him from completely falling over. They cannot prevent TJ from simply grabbing him and Irish whipping him to the other side of the ring, hoping to connect with a running neckbreaker when he reaches the center of the ring.

That was the intention at least, until Scott- Who had noticed TJ racing in his direction, instead uses his own momentum to thrust himself into the air and drill his shoulder right into TJ’s jaw. Causing the champion to drop to the mat like a sack of potatoes as he manages to get his hands out to break his own fall. Pushing himself upward, he knows better than to waste any time messing around – the soft smile across his face showcasing that as he simply turns and like a machine, manages to ensure TJ stays grounded with a stiff knee to the stomach to wind, then a single underhook DDT to ground TJ just as he arose. Driving his knee into the back of TJ, he pulls his head back so as to allow him to look out at the adoring crowd – only to send his head crashing back into the mat with a brutal knee stomp.

Laughing, Scott looks out at the fans, gently shaking his head before turning back to TJ. As grateful as he is that he is experiencing this atmosphere, he knows that there is still a job for him to complete. A task that he has set about doing ever since KKND. Turning, he notices the slow, pain riddled rise of TJ – this time using a heel kick to double him over before wrapping his arms on either side of TJ’s hips and pulling him up and over with a gurwrench suplex, maintaining his grip and finishing off the chain with a suplex neckbreaker. The sound of TJ’s body hitting the mat causing a thud to reverberate throughout the arena and both men to lay atop the canvas once more.

Feeling a twinging sensation in his back as he attempts to stand, he lets out a soft grunt before managing to lift himself to his feet – this time before TJ. Running the ropes, he returns with a sliding forearm smash to the face of TJ, knowing him back down from his seated position before extending his arms outward, much to the chagrin of the fans. Regaining a vertical base, he then turns and wanders over to TJ – attempting to hoist him toward him by the wrist, only to instead have himself be the one who is hauled in and sent to the canvas via an arm drag.

Once more rising, TJ manages to shake off the pain racing throughout his body and connect with a stiff shining wizard to Scott before this time hitting his jumping knee drop to the chest and commando rolling through. Glancing over his left shoulder, he makes sure Scott is still face up on the mat before jumping into the air and connecting with a beautiful standing moonsault knee stomp, causing a cough to escape from the lips of the otherwise stoic Adams. Managing to lift up the relaxed body of his challenger, Alexander releases his grip to connect with a back spinning heel kick, before turning Scott’s body around and applying a heel hook.

Squirming, Scott attempts to claw his way towards the ropes but the manner in which TJ is torqueing the heel and foot back means he can’t get much further than about four inches. Just out of reach of the ropes, not helped by his relatively short wingspan and reach. His legs are long, and he is able to use his free leg to rapidly fire kicks into the chest of TJ in order to get him to release his grasp. Though he is unable to fully stand after – TJ had been smart in applying the hold to Scott’s stronger left leg, meaning that the shooting sensation causes him to groan as he attempted to – allowing TJ to use the opening to nail him with a rebound dropkick to the chest and send him tumbling onto the mat. Though TJ’s own wounds from this battle mean that he is a little but slower than he would like in making his way to his feet.

It is still quicker than Scott, which enables him to hit a sharp elbow strike to his temple, followed by a short-arm lariat to knock him down. His attempt at a stomp to the chest however, is turned into a dragon screw, sending TJ face first onto the canvas once more. Finally able to stand, Scott takes a very brief time to shake off his leg – not wanting to enable TJ to exploit his previous injuries to it before turning and delivering a stiff thrust kick to the temple. Tj’s body appearing to relax as if he was knocked out upon contact with the canvas – with Scott dropping down and electing to drill him with alternating forearms across the face. Standing over the body of TJ, Scott measures him up before dropping his knee into the dead center of Alexander’s chest, causing the champion to grunt in agony whilst the wind escapes from his body. He isn’t given much time to breathe following that as Scott hauls him right back up and into a Ranhei into pinfall attempt.



At a count of 2 and 1/4, TJ is able to elevate his shoulder off the mat and break up the count. Stoically, Scott rises – unphased by the kick out as he grabs TJ – dragging him into the corner before driving his head into the turnbuckle He knows the stakes – he knows how it must be to reclaim the title. Driving three back elbows into the side of TJ’s head, Scott then steps back and races in, looking for a stinger splash — only to land belly first atop the turnbuckle. TJ had moved out of the way at the last possible second, though his attempt to surprise Scott with a reverse DDT is thwarted when the latter spins out of the move and hits a crescent style knee strike to TJ instead. Even if the pain from both the move and the earlier heel hook to the same leg causes him to grit his teeth as he plants it on the mat.

Pushing through the pain, he manages to sit TJ up before taking a few steps back and connecting with a violent double knee strike to the head, then standing and teasing that he is going to hit a jumping splash. Smirking as he places his arms out before stopping and instead elevating TJ into the air and connecting with a cross armed DDT. Remaining in top of TJ, Scott would then nail a listing DDT to plant TJ on the mat as if he was an ironing board, then keep his waist lock applied for a gutwrench suplex. Unlike when he was able to hit it earlier, TJ fights out of this attempt with elbow strikes to the stomach, followed by a spinning heel kick attempt when he manages to break free, which Scott ducks under before hitting TJ with a rising knee strike to the face followed instantly by a discus lariat before making the pin attempt.



With the referee’s hand hovering about a 1/3rd of the way to the count of 3, TJ manages to lift his shoulder enough off the mat in order to halt the count and cause Scott’s face to contort into a soft smile. Just the way he likes it – TJ wishing to prolong this match just as much as he does Though that slightly changes when TJ is able to swing his fist and connect with a sharp backfist to the jaw, causing the Australian to wince as he continues working his way upward. Much like TJ, who is equally motivated to walk out of this match does, before he simply looks at his challenger. Obvious frustration and annoyance hidden within his eyes as he attempts to let out a breath. An action prevented by a swift forearm to the face, which he returns the favour on before landed a jab and a hook unopposed.

Causing Scott’s eyes to appear glazed over as he spins him around, sending him to the mat with a neckbreaker. Stomps to the previously weakened leg of Scott follow, as TJ realises that if he is to walk out with the win, he needs to make it nigh on impossible for Scott to connect with the “Silver Bullet”. Grabbing the leg, he applies a half Boston Crab, though Scott is able to turn his body around; kick TJ off him. Somehow kipping up, Scott hops as his legs impact the mat, attempting to maintain the feeling in his left leg though continues to stare right in TJ’s direction. Unmoved in his desire to expose him. To make sure he knew his place on the totem pole so to speak. .He is shocked, however, when TJ ducks under his attempted lariat and pulls him into a bridging tiger suplex for the pin.



At 2 and 1/2, Scott is able to elevate his shoulder off the mat as the frustration and agony once again creeps onto TJ’s face. His emotions matching that of the crowd, who had thought it was over as well. Rising, he is able to land a kick to Scott’s stomach and drop him with a sit-out facebuster before pulling the arm back in the hopes of applying a fujiwara armbar. Scott had expected that though and maneuvers his arm so that TJ isn’t able to fully lock in the move. As such, the 2 men work their way back to their feet, where an attempt to set Scott up for the “Game Over” is spun out of, followed by TJ managing to hammerfist his way out of an attempted “Purity’s Calling” before another attempted TJ strike – this time a slashing forearm blow is ducked under and Scott is able to connect with a Northern Lights suplex, holding on for the pin.



Right as the referee’s hand goes to hit the mat for the third and final time, Tj lifts his shoulder. Raising 2 fingers into the air, the crowd breathes a sigh of relief. They had truly believed that it was over. Even if Scott himself had not. Stoically rising, he attempts to lift TJ up, only for it to turn into a situation of deja vu with TJ connecting with an arm drag, then a second as Scott charges back at him, Looking around, TJ jogs over to the corner; scaling the ropes before flying off with a senton taking both he and Scott to the mat. He attempts to ignore the pain running through his body as he stands, this time looking to connect with a reverse DDT, but feels his body screaming at him that it wants to collapse – either way, he knows he must push through.

He isn’t able to hit the move though, as Scott spins out once more – though TJ is able to side step the incoming axe kick, causing the two to have a stand off once more. Both knowing that they have pushed one another to the edge time and time again in this match up. It’s precisely what had been expected from them – what the TV championship has deserved to make sure its prestige is upheld. Something that both men desire – even if they have vastly different ways of going about reaching said end goal. As much as their looks aren’t showing it at this juncture, there is a clear respect of their competitive nature evident within their souls.

Extending his arms out, a worn and battered Scott invites TJ to finish him. Yet TJ doesn’t immediately oblige. He knows that this could very easily be a trap. Scott has been known as a mastermind after all, and TJ realises that at this point of the bout – he can ill-afford to slip up and make a mistake. A lapse in judgement. The commentary team, who all match have been back and forth about both guys and their approaches, think that this could be Scott’s way of indirectly stating this is TJ’s last shot. The final opportunity he will get in this match up. Yet TJ appears to hesitate. Well, appears to but is really positioning himself so that he can shower himself in glory. With his foe’s arms still extended, he drills him with a massive spin kick, sending him crumbling to the mat and seemingly knocked out, yet TJ elects not to go for the pin. Instead he scales the top rope. Looking to go big once more – give the fans a moment they will cherish. Leaping onto the top turnbuckle, he flies off — rotating his body as he goes for a shooting star press. The crowd roars in appreciation of the move, only for Scott to somehow get his knees up at the very last moment. Winded, TJ stands, but is soon knocked back down. This time with the “Silver Bullet”, his body spinning like a pirouette before he hits the canvas. Scott then drops on top of him for the cover.





( Jay Vaughan challenged Bam Miller to a match after weeks of Bam running wild on Mayhem and setting Adam The Monster on fire. Now Jay looks to get revenge for Adam but Bam has other plans in mind.)

Match Five
Singles Match
Bam Miller vs Jay Vaughan

No one will survive starts to play over the speakers as the sound of a motorcycle is heard as it rolls on stage with Bam Miller on it. He smirks at the crowd then riles up the motor on the bike and then starts driving down the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring from Detroit Michigan, he weighs in at 225lbs I give you THE SLAYER BAM MILLER!!!!

Bam Miller parkes his Harley at the end of the ramp he gets of slowly and jugs a Miller Lite beer then throws it into the crowd, he walks up the steel steps and then stops for a moment as he takes a Brick out his black leather jacket pocket and raises it in the air for everyone to see before sitting it down on the steps, he steps intot he rign and climbs up the turnbuckle and beats at his chest as he yells valgure language towards the fans. He steps down and hangs abc in the corner as he waits on his opponent.

Mike Fisher: Bam Miller looks ready to go to war tonight with Jay Vaughn who looks to try and put Bam in his place after setting Adam The Monster on fire on Monday Night Mayhem.

Scott James: Bam has been running around here like a mad man as he runs around here attacking people and doing unholy things to his opponents but I have confidence Jay Vaughan is going to show up and put Bam Miller in his place tonight.

Bad Boy For Life” by P Diddy plays over the speaker and Jay comes walking out onto the entrance, he points at Bam Miller and tells him to bring it, Bam mouths back at him and then Bam steps outside the rign and they meet each other in the middle of the ramp and start trading blows with one each other. Bam gets the upper hand and bounces Jay head off the barricade and trys to suplex Jay on the steel ramp but Jay reverses it and hits a suplex off his own and Bam back slaps against the unforgiven steel as he rolls around in pain, the referee finally gets out the ring to try and regain order but Jay pushes him out the way as he picks Bam up and trys to sling him into the steel steps but Bam reverses it and sends Jay crashing into the steps.

Mike Fisher: This match isnt even offically underway and these two are turning this into an anything goes type of match, the referee needs to regain order and get this match underway before they kill each other.

Scott James: Its Jays fault for setting off the hot head Bam, you know he doesnt back down from anyone.

Bam unloads punches intot he head of Jay so more before tosiing him inside the rign and the referee follows and calls for the bell so the match can finally start.

Mike Fisher: Finally this match is underway officially

Jay makes it back to his feet and,The two competitors slowly circle the ring. Bam is the first to shoot forward, but Jay scouts it and snaps him to the canvas in a flourish. he locks in a armbar but they’re too close to the ropes. Bam is able to snatch the bottom rope with a swiftness. Jay breaks the hold after a quick three count from the referee. Bam is slow to his feet but fights back as Jay comes at him. Another quick spin and this time it’s Jay on the mat locked into a Fujiwara armbar. Once again the ropes are too close and the rope break is called but Bam waits until the referee gets nearly all the way to five before releasing the hold. He gets to his feet and gives a disrespectful boot to the back of Jays head before giving him space to get up. He stays focused on the shoulder as they lock up in the center of the ring. He grips Jays arm into a hammerlock. Jay uses the ropes for balance before leaping into a reverse ddt attempt. Bam uses the ropes to keep himself off the canvas and Jay hoisted on his shoulder. Powerslam by the Miller. Jay is quickly back to his feet and Bam is able to catch him in a chickenwing crossface away from the ropes. Bam continues to works the shoulder and neck of Jay. Jay yanks back and blasts Bam in the face with a back elbow, stunning the man. It isn’t enough to break the hold so he goes for another. Bams grip loosens, but just as Jay is about to break free he pulls back and suplexes Jay out of the ring. Jay is just able to catch the top rope and land on the ring apron.

Mike Fisher: A fierce exchange between these two so far.
Scott James:These two are giving it everything theyve got tonight.

Bam gets to his feet and looks shocked to see Jay on the ring apron. He goes for him and takes a shoulder block to the midsection. Jay gets up and grabs hold of him opponent. It looks like hes going to attempt to suplex the both of them right out of the ring, but Bam flails his feet about to stop the action. He’s able to reverse it into a suplex of his own and holds Jay vertically in the air for several seconds. He resets his footing and is about to drop him down when he slips out of the hold and lands behind him. Jay with a roundhouse kick to the face!

Mike Fisher: Thats a new move from Jay!

Bam hits the canvas and rolls out of the ring furious with himself. Jay takes chase after him, pelting him with kicks to the legs and midsection as he stumbles toward the steel steps. He’s bent over the steel as Jay takes a few steps back. Jay charged forward for a knee strike, but once again Bam spins out of the way and Jay slams knee first into the steel hard. He topples over the steps and lands on his back on the other side. The crowd audibly winces at the action as Bam stumbles around toward his opponent. Jay just able to use the ring apron to get back to his feet as Bam grips him from behind. German suplex to the thinly-padded concrete. He spins up and slides into the ring, ushering the referee to start a ten count.





Jay stirs on the ground, getting to one knee.



Jay jolts to his feet and slides into the ring. Bam is right there rushing him, but he catches him with a snap ddt out of nowhere. He yanks both of his legs up for the quick pin attempt.


Bam kicks out with authority. Jay is, however, much faster to his feet. He goes to pick Bam up and walks right into a small package.


Jay is able to readjust the pinning predicament into his favor. Now it’s Jay on top of Bam


Bam kicks out again. This time he’s a little swifter on his feet and catches Jay in a school boy.


Bam snags a handful of tights!


No! Kick out by Jay just in the nick of time.

Mike Fisher: A handful of back and forth pinning attempts there.

Scott James:: As it should be.

Bam slaps his hand sat the mat and gets up in the referee face to ague about the call.

Mike Fisher: Bam better watch it here or he might get disqualified.

Scott James: I have a feeling he doesnt care.

The referee tries to be the alpha by pointing his finger into Bams chest letting him know hes in charge of this match. Bam looks down at the finger then back at the referee and hit shim with a Miller Time stunner!!!!!

Mike Fisher: He cant do that, he can not put his hands on an official.

Scott James: Bam Miller thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Bam now talks trash to the fans as he walks past a struggling Jay Vaughan who pulls on the ropes as he tries to make it back to his feet, Bam grabs the brick front he corner and sizes Jay up as he turns around and looks to hit him in the ehad but Jay ducks and comes back and hits Bam with a beautiful diamond cutter that leaves both men laid out int he ring.

As both men make their way back to their feet Jay is ready first and he kicks Bam in the stomach… V-BOMB… NO…. Reverse…. MILLER TIME!!!!!




Your winner… BAM MILLER!

( Russell Wayne and Jonny FnC will finally get to settle who the better man is when they do battle inside the ring with the IIW World Championship on the line.)

Match Six
IIW World Championship
Singles Match
Russell Wayne vs Jonny FnC

Mike Fisher: It is almost time for our World Championship match between Russell Wayne and reigning Champion Jonny FnC as this rivalry has had all twists and turns to get here going all the way back to KKND when Jonny FnC stole the belt from Wayne at the last minute in their triple threat Ladder match with Bam Miller. Since then Wayne has made a strong case to be the number one contender and gets one more shot to become IIW World Champion.

Scott James: Not to mention Jonny costing Russell Wayne the International Championship as well during this time and has only added more fuel for Wayne to come into his match ready to knock the smirk off Jonny’s face and Take The IIW World Championship tonight.

Mike Fisher: Agreed with you that Russell Wayne is walking into this match full to an unlimited amount of motivation to win here tonight but make no mistake about it folks, Jonny FnC is The IIW World Champion for a reason ever since he won the Championship back in December he has taken on all challengers and successfully done it. It’s going to be an uphill battle for both men here tonight and we won’t have to wait long to find out who will walk out as Champion.

Scott James: Also have to wonder if the No Good Batsrads from the XWF will show up tonight looking to make another example out of our Champion after the beat down they gave him when he competed against Brandon Hendrix in a grudge match at XWF Leap Of Faith.

Mike Fisher: It was a disgusting act to what they did to Jonny but I’ve been told Jenny has done her due diligence to make sure the Head Of Security Commander and all of his men are on standby by for any invasion that might come during this match or later on in the night.

Scott James: Yeah we can really count on Commander with all the fin work he’s been doing.

Mike Fisher: Well will just have to wait and see but our World Title match is up next.

The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out to a pop from the crowd. He walks down the ramp ignoring his fans as his focus lies solely on his opponent. He climbs up the ring steps, not taking his eyes off of his opponent.

Alice Golider: introducing the challenger, from Indianapolis, IN, he weighs in at 250lbs, I give you RUSSELL WAYNE!!!!!

He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his arms in the air, the crowd cheering in response.

Mike Fisher: Fans seem to be behind Russell here tonight despite his actions lately and he looks focused and ready to go tonight.

the lights on the arena dim and start to flash blue and green. An 8-bit version of Jonny C appears on the screen with an ax and swings in at the screen cracking it and yelling here’s Jonny. #1 by Nelly blares over the pa system. Jonny C bursts through the curtain with The IIW World Championship around his waist with his arms out. Jonny looks around the arena and laughs and walks down the ramp. Jonny climbs the ring stairs stopping on the top step. He grabs the top rope and jumps over it.

Alice Goldier: Introducing THE CHAMPION, from Greenwich Connecticut, he weighs in at 260lbs I give you THE IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION JONNY FnC!!!!!!!!

He immediately climbs the ropes and yells “You’re looking at the greatest to ever set foot in a wrestling ring and points to the IIW Championship belt, he smirks towards the camera and walks to his corner as he waits for the match to start.

Mike Fisher: The Champion looks very confident and almost cocky like he knows he has this one in the bag.

Scott James: Jonny never lacked confidence that’s for sure but now he has to back it up once again with the most Prestigious Championship in our company up for grabs tonight.

Mike Fisher: You just know a lot of talent in the back have their eyes on this match as many can make a good case to be next in line like Chris Page who hasn’t been shy about being the next man up.

Scott James: Agreed on that but he’ll have to wait and see who comes out of this match first and won’t have to wait long as the referee is ready to ring the bell.

The referee raises the IIW World Championship up in the air as the fans erupt with cheers, he then takes the Championship and hands it to the ring announcer who places it on a podium on the outside.

Mike Fisher: Here we go IIW universe.

The referee rings the bell and both men meet in the middle of the ring, Jonny laughs in the face of a serious Russell Wayne. Jonny sticks his chest out, begging for Wayne to give him a chop to the chest, Wayne accepts and lets go with a series of chops to the chest of Jonny, who takes the chops like a Champ, and then Russell Wayne offers him the same and Jonny returns the favor with chops tot he chest of Wayne who doesn’t flinch either. The fans erupt with cheers and They circle a few more times before finally locking up, tightly. They battle against one another hard, neither man getting an advantage at first. Wayne begins pressing Jonny back, gaining three steps, but Jonny gets his feet under him and presses right back to the center of the ring. Waynes Turn to lose some footing, Jonny pressing him back an equal amount of steps before suddenly dropping down and hip tossing him across the ring. Wayne scrambles back to his feet and intercepts an incoming Jonnyl, hip tossing him this time. Jonny scrambled up quickly. Wayne gets caught rushing in, Jonny dropping to a knee and ankle picking him, dropping him face first to the mat. Wayne pops back up quickly, using the ropes to stand, and turns on a bearing Jonny, putting a boot to his knee, then taking a step in delivering a knee to the side of the head. Jonny hits the mat, but fends off a boot and gets to his feet quickly as well. Wayne gets a hold of free arm as he stands and sends him into the far side ropes, and as he rebounds, leap frogs over him. He drops down and Jonny clears him, hitting the ropes again. On the second rebound, Wayne hits a big power slam, snapping his hips and dropping Jonny swiftly and forcefully. Jonny arches his back but again gets to his feet quickly. Wayne pursues, but as he gets a hold of Jonny, Jonnyl shoves him back and hits a big drop kick.Wayne still stands, but Jonny drops him with another drop kick. Wayne scrambles back up again, but this time Jonny snatches him in a front face lock, hooks a leg, and drops him with a suplex. Jonny attempts a bridge, but Wayne reaches under him and picks his ankle and breaks the pin. Wayne slides his way into his corner, and Jonny allows him the chance to get back to his feet. For the first time since the match began, both men pause a moment and the crowd, having literally been on their feet the entire time, explodes into applause.

Mike Fisher : Holy hell, these two men are in perfect form tonight.

Scott James: You love to see competitors so in synch.

The two get into a rhythm again and circle one another, both shooting a time or two, looking for an opening but not finding one. Finally, Wayne jukes in but Jonny turns it around, getting a waist lock from behind and holding it in tightly. Wayne looks for an escape and finally finds it by stomping on Jonny foot, reaching up, and grabbing Jonny neck. He maneuvers for a neck breaker, but Jonny shoves him away and he hits the ropes, bouncing backward. Jonny grabs him around the waist and pops his hips, jerking back for a German but Wayne flips out of it and lands on his feet, backing into a corner. Both men glare at one another and make a pinching motion with their fingers, indicating a “THIIIIS close” taunt.

Mike Fisher: They both tried pulling the trigger but were denied by the other!

Scott James: Great minds think alike.

Both men come to the middle of the ring again, and before any lock-up or clinch can happen, Wayne throws a hard right hand right into Jonny’s face. He is rocked, kicking his head back hard from the blow, before turning back and throwing a right of his own, clocking Wayne right in the jaw. A right from Wayne, then a right from Jonny, Wayne,, Jonny, Wayne…

Mike Fisher:: Someone is going to buckle here… how many haymakers can a man take?!

…Wayne ,Jonny, Wayne,Jonny, Wayne….then Wayne again. And again, and then a knee to the midsection. Jonny backs several steps and Wayne takes advantage. Taking a step up onto his opponent’s knee, he leaps up and cracks his other foot right off Jonnys skull. He goes down hard. Wayne capitalizes, dropping an elbow on the back of his neck, then standing a dropping a knee onto his back. He jerks Jonny up off the mat and whips him across into the far corner, running in and hitting a big body splash. Jonny stumbles forward, and Wayne doesn’t waste a moment, repeating the body splash in the opposite corner. Jonny stumbles free again, but this time Wayne dropkicks him and grounds him. Jonny attempts to sit up and stand, but Wayne rolls over and snaps his neck in a blockbuster maneuver, using the corner to get back to his feet.

Denzel Porter: Jonnyis down! and out after a flurry from Wayne

Scott James: He overwhelmed him alright and looks like we could have a new World Champion!

Wayne lifts Gabriel off the mat and whips him the few feet into the nearby corner. He lifts Jonny up onto the top turnbuckle, tucks his own head between Jonnys legs, and walks him out in the middle of the ring. Whipping Jonny hard onto the mat with an Alabama Slam, leaping over him and bridging in a pin attempt.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny kicks out with aggression, rolling to his side and up to one knee. Wayne is right on him, placing a well-measured boot into Jonny’s knee, but at the same time, Jonny wheels around with a spinning back fist and knocks Wayne to the mat himself. Both men get to their feet after a moment and rush one another, both ducking a clothesline. They both hit the ropes and Wayne throws a hard shoulder block, expecting another clothesline from Jonnyl and thinking to step to the inside of it. Instead, Jonny leap frogs right over Wayne and hits the far side ropes. By the time Wayne is able to get his footing and turn to face Jonnyl comes flying off the mat in a huge cross body block. Wayne scrambles back up, but Jonny is ready for him, lifting him up off the mat and dropping him across his knee in a backbreaker. Wayne rolls to the mat holding his spine as Jonny makes his way to the turnbuckles, sliding up to the top and waiting for his moment. Wayne refuses to stay down for very long, which is fine by Jonny, as he steps back, rushes forward slightly, and drops Wayne with a quick DDT. Wayne hits the mat but rebounds up slightly, his head wracked in pain. Jonnyl falls to the mat, clinching Waynes head with one arm, facing the side, and squeezing tightly.

Mike Fisher: Wayne is in trouble here. Not only has he been on the brunt of a seriously pinpointed attack by Jonny here, but now he’s in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go and along the way to the ropes, and no easy task with a grown man on him.

Wayne struggles and struggles, trying to pry at Jonny’s fingers. Jonny brings Wayne’s body closer to his, using pure strength alone to drag him toward his core. Kicking his legs, Wayne manages to bring himself closer to the ropes, but after a hard buck of his hips and kicking his legs up to slide closer, Jonny traps one of his legs with both of his own. Wayne flounders for a moment, concentrating only on breathing and keeping his senses about him, not struggling and wasting oxygen. Jonny realizes the tactic, and after another long few minutes, releases the hold and gets to his feet, shaking his arms a bit. While Wayne might not have tapped out, his Oxygen flow was greatly reduced, and now he can do no more than lie there and breathe deeply. Jonny lifts him off the mat a moment later and sends him into the ropes. Wayne hits and comes rebounding back, and gets caught in the midsection with a palm strike. It doubles him over, but doesn’t put him down. Jonny steps to the side locks in a double wrist lock and brings Wayne in a step closer. He switches his hands around, and uses the wrist lock to lift Wayne up in a suplex position. He holds him there a moment to get his footing, releases the wrist lock, and instead of just letting Wayne fall straight down, he grabs a cradle, ducks Waynes head, and hits a piledriver.

Mike Fisher : WHAT A COMBO!

Scott James: No kidding!

Jonny drops right into a pin from the extremely creative combo move and hooks the far leg

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Kick out by Wayne. Wayne rolls to his side and clutches his head, the target of Jonnys attacks. He begins using the ropes to get to his feet a moment later, Jonny right behind him, waiting for his moment to strike. Wayne seems to sense it however and, holding the ropes still, reaches back and executes a single-leg mule kick to Jonny’s midsection. It’s a weak move, and an out-of-character move, but it’s enough to double Jonny over and give Wayne time to breathe. Jonny takes a step forward in his doubled-over state, and Wayne grits his teeth and makes a sudden move. He grabs Jonny’s head and leaps through the middle and bottom rope and drops Jonny’s neck across the bottom rope. Jonny’s neck snaps off the rope and he hits the mat, coughing. Wayne takes a long moment to get himself together and slides back into the ring,, but it’s enough to double Jonnyl over and give Wayne time to breathe. Jonnyl takes a step forward in his doubled-over state, and Ace grits his teeth rebound a second time, but this time, just as Jonny is coming off the ropes, Wayne is there and meets him with a vicious Spear, immediately hooking the leg.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kick out by Jonnyl . Wayne goes right back into action, rolling down Jonnys body and snatching his ankle, standing, and latching in the ankle lock submission. Jonny yelps in pain, grabbing at his ankle but unable to reach. With extremely quick thinking, Jonny rolls free of the ankle lock, kicking Wayne away, but he is not to be deterred. As Jonny Gets to his feet, Wayne is right there and lifts him up and hits a Airplane Spin into a Running Death Valley Driver!!!!!!

Mike Fisher: That’s got to be it! NEW CHAMPION!

Wayne scrambles for the far leg and hooks it.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wayne and Jonny lay lifeless in the middle of the rign after that last series of moves.

Mike Fisher: Feels like first man up is going to win this match.

Both men make it to their feet and start exchanging punches back and worth. Jonny, Wayne, Jonny, Wayne, Jonny, Wayne, and Wayne again and this time when Jonny tries to fire back Wayne ducks and kicks Jonny into the gut and follows up with Last Resort!!!!!

Mike Fisher: What a devastating Delayed Brainbuster DDT Suplex!!!!

Wayne hooks both legs as the referee gets in position for the three count.




Alice Goldier: Here is your Winner and NEW IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION RUSSELL WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The referee raises Russell Wayne’s hand and then places the IIW World Championship around his waist. Jonny makes it to his feet and walks center to the ring to meet Wayne and shake each other’s hand as the fans erupt with cheers as these two fierce competitors show each other respect.

Suddenly, from across the barricade, we see a tussle as security tries to stop a group of men who have decided they were going to put everything to a screeching halt. They jump the barricade and enter the ring with Jonny and Wayne, they circle them and then going in on the attack. Jonny and Wayne try to fight back but they are too tired from the match they just had and the No Good Bastards from XWF stomp them down until they are unable to.move and then kicks them out the ring.

BB: These fans are the pure shit we expected them this whole fucking arena smells like the bottom of a portable toilet. Jesus Tapdancin’ Christ, it’s no wonder your World Champion wanted to wrestle in a better ring, in front of a better fucking crowd.

CN: It’s about to go down, like all y’alls syndromes! Are we in Asia? I’m seeing a bunch of mongoloid faces everywhere. Y’all are out here sharing the same third chromosome. This crowd is full of cousin-fucking inbreds!

MS: Nah man, this place is full of incels who have never even felt the touch of a woman, well, except for when these retards start ‘wrestling’ each other…

TK: I don’t know if people are going to really like us making fun of retards. I mean, I’m all for it.

BB: Nah, nah, we’re not making fun of retards. We’re here to entertain them.

Bobby smirks, thinking himself downright clever there.

BB: Well, fuck, look at that loser in the front row, how much did you pay for these tickets? One? Two? Three bottles of steroids to help the worthless shit-tier talent around this place? That guy’s a virgin, flat out, couldn’t get laid to save his life. Oh, look a mom and her daughter! Fuck, the past, present, and future of being a fucking whore of a ring-rat. I’ve seen better crowds outside of a fucking Apple Store.

A large fat bald man approaches the barricade and starts yelling into the ring at The Bastards. The fans support him. TK walks over, pulls out his microphone, and points at the camera.
Don’t think we’re not talking about you drolling fuck wits at home. You’re too poor to even afford the steroids to get into this place! What’s wrong, a plane ticket cost too goddamn much?

BB: Ooh, TK, I got a ticket!

Bobby reaches into his pocket and pulls his ticket to the show out.
MS: Looks like it was printed at home.

BB: I did print it at home.
TK: Just goes to show IIW can’t afford to pay for ticketstock. I mean, shit, they cant even afford rasslers you’ve heard of. The-
TK makes air quotes.

TK: “Talent” in this place smells like Charlie’s ass after he’s been running in the sun.

CN: What do you mean? I don’t run from anyone or anything!

BB: Don’t even act like you don’t smell the chaffe coming from yourself.
CN: Those are my natural pheromones, I’ve been letting them air out. I heard the IIW had a tooooon of slutty little ringrats ready to suck and fuck at a moment’s notice, but all these bitches are straight ugly! These damn mongoloid features man, I just can’t look past them, they look fucking diseased or something.

TK: Either fucking way it proves IIW supports bacteria-

TK pauses and let the boos rain down on him and his fellow Bastards.

TK: That’s right, you marks, they support bacteria because thats the only culture their fans will ever goddamn know.

BB: We almost brought some Bastards shirts to sell but realized that you’re not cool enough to wear them.
CN: We also don’t make em’ in XXXXL! That’s the size of our BOB condoms, aka BOBdoms, but these numbskulls probably can’t fit into those either!
MS: Guys, guy… We’re overlooking the obvious here. Even if they could fit, and even if they WERE cool enough, these broke bitches still couldn’t afford em’! I mean, SHEESH, have you seen the ratings they get for these shows? I bet their top talent is being paid in fart jars and All-dressed chip dust! I bet none of these losers have a damn X-buck between em’.

TK high fives Marf.

TK: Goddamn right they don’t! They’d have to prove their worth in a company the breeds fucking excellence. A place that we like to call home, THE XWF!
MS: The haven of hardcore and the land of X-treme.

BB: Ain’t no milk and honey at home, only blood and pain.

CN: Blood tastes a bit like honey though, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s cut fresh from a fucking pussy.

TK and Bobby look disgusted as Marf has a twisted smile plastered on his face.

BB: Nope. Blood, well, tastes nothing like honey. Cool thing is us Bastards don’t expect or demand sweet treatment, no. We understand how bitter this fucking business is. You, well, y’all fools in IIW are about to find out how bitter it is. We didn’t come here because we needed some impartiality to send it home and make it right, no. We get how fucked this business is. We get how unfair shit is. We all got sick of it, we took matters into our hands, and we got to giving ourselves the advantage instead of saying ‘sure boss, the other guy wants a fairer fight’. We didn’t go outside of our fucking ring to prove ourselves. We never had to. We went to OCW to dominate, because we knew we were better than the assholes there. We came here, tonight, to your ring, because there ain’t a damn one of the boys in the back who could lace our fucking boots. Now, to be fair, we could have shut down any company we wanted. Take a gander at Project Honor, they went and imploded on themselves because they’re a bunch of period blood sucking simps hoping they’re PC enough to exist without a care whether they can survive. Here? Well, y’all stepped into an XWF ring. A Bastard’s ring. Brave. Brave of every one of you! But, ultimately, foolish. If the ultimate authority is how you perform in an XWF ring, a real fucking ring, then not a single one of you fucks in the back has a chance, and it’s high time the IIW fans, the people who bought fucking tickets, paid parking, then paid twenty bucks for a warm beer, stale popcorn, and a chance to explain to their girlfriends that what they saw was good deserve real fucking starpower.

Just then Jenny Fletcher comes out with IIW security as they try to regain order, The No Good Bastards get out of the ring escape through the crowd as Jenny and security look on furious at what has happened as they check on Jonny and Wayne.

Scott James: Those punks from XWF think they can walk in here on our PPV and interrupt a great ending to a Championship match. I’m furious and hope there is something done about this.

Mike Fisher: I’m mad as hell too and not pleased at what has happened here tonight. The IIW will strike back I can promise you that.

Mike Fisher: Another message being displayed now, obviously in support of Team Osh who are about to take on Team Jenny for the controlling stake of the IIW!

( It’s been a year since Osh lost control of his company and now gets one final chance of getting it back when the Team he’s assembled goes to war against Team Jenny, with so much on the line which Team will rise to the occasion?)

Main Event
Four on Four War Games Match
Team Jenny( Justin York,Liam Cain, Tyler Debonair and Crush vs Team Osh ( Chris Page, Cav, Fenix and Sean Raines.)

We return as Bad Boy For Life plays as the whole of Team Osh make their way to the top of the entrance ramp, there is a discussion between the 4 of them before Chris Page announces ITS ME… and heads to the ring.

Mike Fisher: looks like it will be Chris Page starting first for Team Osh here

Scott James :Remember in war games, there can NOT be a winner till all men have entered the ring, that is when the match will officially start

Team Jenny look a more cohesive order here as Crush walks out to the ring following Chris Page without any discussions from his team.

Mike Fisher: That’s correct, another additional member will join the team every 3 minutes until the ring is ful, once that’s done it is till one team quits or can no longer compete

Scott James: No pinfals… no submissions!

Mike Fisher: So we will be starting with Crush and Chris Page here, Crush will surely be keen to avenge the loss he suffered to Chris Page recently as well as keep control of the IIW Away from Osh!

Chris Page stands up on the outside, but Crush leaps over the top ropes, catching him with a Slingshot Hurancanranna on the outside. Crush stands up and sliCrush into the ring as the crowd cheers. Chris Page slowly stands up on the outside and tries to clear the cobwebs out of his head. Chris Page stares in at Crush, then sliCrush into the ring. Crush smiles as Chris Page stares angrily at him. Crush and Chris Page lock up. Chris Page pushes Crush into the corner and kicks him in the stomach. Chris Page then starts to hit vicious rights and lefts on Crush. Chris Page pulls Crush up off the mat and whips him into the ropes. Crush comes off and Chris Page nails a massive Spinebuster

Crush stands back up and climbs out onto the ring apron. Chris Page slowly stands back up and turns to face Crush. Crush jumps up and springboards of the top rope and tries for a Springboard Hurancanranna, but Chris Page catches her and turns it into a Powerbomb. Chris Page doesn’t let go and picks Crush back up and hits another Powerbomb. Chris Page still doesn’t let go and yells as he picks Crush back up and sets up for yet another Powerbomb, but this time drops down with him into a Sit-out Powerbomb.

Chris Page stands up and walks to the side of the ring. Crush stands up and turns toward Chris Page just as Chris Page catches him with a Running Leg Lariat. Chris Page stands up and jumps to the top turnbuckle, then leaps off trying for an Flying Elbow Drop, but Crush rolls out of the way. Chris Page slams into the canvas and rolls around on the mat clutching his arm.

Mike: Crash and burn for Chris Page.

Crush stands up and pulls Chris Page to his feet, then whips him to the ropes. Crush tries for a Clothesline, but Chris Page ducks underneath, then comes off the opposite side and tries for Crossbody, but Crush drops down and rolls underneath him. Chris Page flies through the top and middle ropes and crashes into the other ring. Crush is quick to the outside where he grabs Chris Page and CURSE BREAKER!

As the Curse breaker is hit the timer hits 0 and it’s time for SEAN RAINES!

As Sean Raines leads his charge to the ring getting in the cage structure and jumping straight over to give Team Osh the advantage as he pummels away at Crush

Mike Fisher: Crush looked to have the advantage there but now with Sean Raines in the 2 v 1, I’m not sure he will be able to sustain that!

Sean picks up Crush and rams him into the steel cage on the side of the far ring repeatedly, slowly causing Crush to start bleeding as Sean laughs on while Chris Page sits recuperating

Scott James: Sean Raines is really showing his true hardcore upbringing, the man just loves blood!

He continues his attack on Crush grating his forehead against the steel cage causing a few of the fans to turn on him a bit here, but he doesn’t mind as he grabs Crush and throws him into the corner of the ring. Sean shouts to Chris to get him a chair, Chris slowly makes his way down to under the ring where he finds a chair and throws it back into the ring, Sean placing Crush down in the corner of the ring, he places the chair around his midrift as he pulls up to the other turnbuckle

Scott James: You can tell this is gonna be big!

Mike Fisher: He’s setting up for the Weekend Fuck Up!

Sean steadies himself on the top rope, prepares himself and WEEKEND FUCK UP! Sean jumps across the ring driving his feet into the chair into Crush who is now a completely crumpled human being.

Chris Page leaning against the ropes is laughing now as he surveys the mayhem that has gone on, he taunts towards the crowd as we await the next member of Team Jenny.

The Buzzer sounds as we have LIAM CAIN! Entering the ring, Liam paces down slowly, stopping just before we get to the ring as he looks at the two towering men in the rings above, he moves to the side and picks up his trusty noose as he enters the steel contraption with it.

Swinging it around his head to gain momentum he keeps Sean Raines and Chris Page at bay, providing a shield for Crush who is really struggling still.

Sean Raines is first to try and make a move as Liam whips him hard with the rope staggering him back, he looks at Chris Page who motions for him to go again, Sean takes another charge and is caught hard by the rope sending him down, while Chris Page charges Liam from the other side tussling him to the ground as they brawl, Liam starts to get the upperhand on Chris Page as he hits some fierce palm strikes to the CCPE Original, getting back up to his feet he grabs Chris hitting a fast snap suplex, turning his attention to Sean Raines he hoists him up as he charges bouncing his head off the ring ropes as the momentum has swung back to team Jenny!

Checking on Crush who is slowly getting his senses back, he hits with a blow from Chris Page as the crumpled chair makes its return knocking Liam Cain down as Chris sets the chair up around Liam’s ankle

Scott James: Chris is going to try and break Liam’s ankle here!

Chris jumps onto the ropes, he looks to crash down onto the legs of the chair but Crush pulls him out of the way as Chris rolls out of it

Sean Raines is back in it now fighting with Crush who still has a face of crimson as he exchanges blows trying to get the better of Sean Raines, but Sean is not someone you’re going to beat in a fist fight as he starts to take the advantage, eventually Crush changes tact and rolls under a punch, wrapping himself behind Sean and delivering a German Suplex!

He holds on…..

A Second German suplex!… he rolls for the 3rd but this time Sean manages to elbow his way out of it as all men are down!

As the Buzzer begins to tap down it looks like Jason Fenix and John Cavanagh are arguing in the locked cage about who is going to be next out, the referees are trying to calm them down as they both seem to be pushing and shoving each other, the timer ticks down the door is unlocked and BOTH the men jump out! They charge past the referee’s knocking them down as they both make their way into the steel structure!

Mike Fisher: Well that’s not very good news for Team Jenny is it

Scott James: That and it’s completely against the rules

Mike Fisher: What rules? This match doesn’t start until all men are in there!

The 4 Men of team Osh stand dominant in the ring as Liam Cain and Crush look on at the task they have in front of them, meanwhile at the top of the stage Tyler Debonair and Justin York are screaming at the referee’s that they need to be let into the ring, but the referees are telling them there is nothing they can do as they remain caged away. As they argue with the referee’s Fred Debonair strolls out and wraps Tyler Debonair’s outstretched hand with a steel chair…

Mike Fisher: WHAT! He’s probably broken his hand

Fred laughs as he heads to the back leaving Tyler in severe pain as Justin looks on in shock.

Justin checks on Tyler whose shouting ITS BROKEN… Justin is helping wrap it up with the referee’s using some bandage as Team Osh has really taken control in the ring.

The freshmen John Cavanagh and Jason Fenix are just playing with Liam Cain and Crush now who are both done in as they  are passed about, Jason clotheslines the fallen Crush as Cav suplexes Liam Cain, there is commotion at the top of the arena again as Tyler and Justin York have managed to break out and are heading down to the ring as fast as they can…. Chris Page calls for the tea to fall back as Debonair and York help the rest of their team to their feet

Liam Cain, Tyler Debonair, Crush and Justin York all stand side by side across the ring from John Cavanagh, Jason Fenix, Sean Raines and Chris page. They’re all staring each other down before Justin flips the bird to his own team and then to team Osh before starting in with heavy right hands on Sean Raines.

Mike fisher- this thing is under way!! Justin York staring off in Raines are we really surprised by this?

Scott James- let the wargames begin!!!

Liam Cain is squaring off with Chris Page, back and forth they go with right hands before Page gets the upper hand and clotheslines Cain outside the ring. Page turns his attention to York who is stomping down on Raines in the corner. Page grabs york from behind and plants him with a back body drop. page stares at Raines waiting for him to get off the mat which he does. Page points at your and Raines picks up and tosses him out of the ring hitting the steel cage. Raines and Page follows York outside the ring who is writhing in pain.

Scott James- things aren’t exactly going as planned for Mr York are they?!

We pickup the action to Cavanagh bouncing crushes head off the steel cage that encompasses the two rings. Crush lays on the floor while Cavanagh continues to put the boots to him. Tyler debonair has got the upper hand on Jason Fenix and runs drills Cavanagh with a massive clothesline sending him crashing to the floor on the other side of the ring Chris Page and Sean Raines are taking shot for shot with right hands on Justin before Page sends him into the grasp of Sean Raines with a hard right hand and Raines drives him to the floor with a standing vertical suplex. Page turns around directly into a steel chair shot from Liam Cain that sends him violently crashing to floor. Liam drops the chair and walks directly up to Sean Raines who is smiling.

Mike fisher- Liam Cain isn’t playing around here tonight is he?

Scott James- I can’t wait to watch these two throw down Mike and by he looks of things we aren’t gonna have to wait long.

Liam Cain after a few words immediately starts laying heavy right hands on Raines which has him reeling. Liam bounces his head off the steel ring post and then chucks him into the steel ring steps. Liam surprisingly helps York off the protective padding of the floor and York runs into the ring and flies over the top with a tope suicida and crashes into Tyler, Crush, Fenix and Cavanagh, popping the crowd.

Scott James- York truly doesn’t give a shit who’s on his team at all does he?

Mike fisher- well he said leading up to this things he didn’t and he’s just living up to his word I guess.

Everyone starts to return to their feet slowly, a bloodied crush from the steel cage has rolled into the second ring with cavanagh shortly following behind him. Tyler tosses Fenix into the opposite ring and slides in shortly after him. York lays in . the floor gathering himself. On the other side of the ring Psge has taken control of the fight with Liam Cain, walking him around the outside of the ring and talkshit shit before bouncing his head off the steel cage. Liam has begun to bleed. Page goes to bounce his head off the steel cage once more but it’s reversed and Cain throws a few elbows to the gut before being interrupted once again by Raines who throws a big boot to the back of his head sending him to the floor. Page grins and rolls into the ring. Raines picks up Cain and tosses him back into the ring as well. Raines grabs a few chairs and tosses them into the ring and then grabs a table and throws it into the ring. He walks all the way to the other ring and grabs a table as well and throws it inside. York attacks raines from behind with a clothesline that does nothing but merely piss him off. Raines turns around and hits York with a big boot to the face sending him to the floor. Raines signifies the end for York and his picks him up and step up onto the apron and jumps off with a power slam right into the steel cage and the side of the cage breaks sending York through outside onto the floor laying on the cage. The crowd erupts into HOLY SHIT chants once again.

Mike fisher- Sean Raines just killed Justin York!

Scott James- that was one hell of a move mike and you’re right, I’ll be surprised to see York moving again the rest of this match.

Raines stands over the broken mess that is Justin York and laughs maniacally. We catch up with crush and Cavanagh where crush is perched in the corner awaiting Cavanagh to get to his feet for what one can only assume is the Bome crusher. Cavanagh stands and Crush attempts thw bone crusher but is stopped abruptly with a kick in the face. Cavanagh sets him up for the Hell’s Kitchen deop (fisherman’s brain buster) and drops crush square on his head leaving him in a heap. In the other ring Chris Page has grabbed a hold of a beaten down and now bloodied Liam Cain and drops him to the canvas with a Page Plant.

Scott James- Tyler debonair is the only man standing for team Jenny and that spells bad news for him.

Mike fisher- or bad news for team osh with that steel chair in hand. Raines rolls into the ring with Page, Fenix, Cain and Tyler. Tyler runs and swings the chair like a mad man and connects on Fenix but then is immediately mauled by the other three members of team osh. After the beating, Raines picks up Tyler and hooks him for the Rainmaker (double underhook DDT) and drops him with it. Raines picks Tyler up and hand him to Jason Fenix who has recovered quickly after a vile chair shot. Fenix wipes some of the blood off his face and wipes it onto to Tyler’s before picking him up and hitting him with the dying day (turnbuckle power bomb) Tyler rebounds off the turnbuckles right into to page who flips him the middle finger and says ‘fuck you, ya little prick’ before dropping him with the page plant. Team osh stands with their arms raised over the destruction they have caused and Sean Raines begins to set one table up in each ring. He then heads outside the cage through the hole he put York through and sets three tables up at the base of the ramp.

Mike fisher- what a dominant performance by team osh this evening. Who would’ve thought they would walk right through team Jenny.

Scott James- Raines obviously has some violent plans ahead here.

Raines grabs Justin York from the cage where he is still lying, trying to recover and picks him up and hooks him for the rainmaker as well. York reverses and in one last rush of energy hits Raines with the casino crusher (reverse GTS). Team osh rushes to the outside to attack York but are slowed by crush who makes it to the other ring and Liam Cain who mount some offense on Page and Fenix. Cavanagh makes it to the outside after York who at this point has a steel chair in hand and hits Cav in the guts with it before crushing it across his back sending him down to his knees writhing in pain. York runs to the second ring which is currently empty and bounces off the ropes and dives from ring to ring catching the attention of Jason Fenix who had the upper hand on Liam Cain and tries to catch York in the air but gets dropped with a DDT.

Mike fisher- this match is unbelievable. These guys are putting it all on the line.

Scott James- not one cover to this point. Kind of surprising Mike.

Mike fisher- is it though? These men have been waiting forever to get their hands on each other!

York walks across the ring and slaps Tyler right in the face and Tyler responds with a slap back. Page runs and attempts a a double clothesline, both men move out of the way and hit a tandem drop kick sending page to the mat.

Liam Cain lifts fenixs head off the mat at the last second breaking the count. York motions his team to help him move Sean Raines while the remaining members of team osh are down. York, crush and Cain head to the outside of the ring and put the boots to Raines and move him to the tables he has set up at ringside, Debonair follows with a broken and battered Fenix and throws him onto the tables with Raines. York climbs the side of the cage and stops halfway up the cage and waves his finger to his head signifying he’s crazy as fuck before jumping off the side of the cage with a corkscrew moonsault crashing into Raines and Fenix sending both of them through the tables.

Mike fisher- the crowd wants to boo York so bad but how can you after a move like that? All three men and down and out.

Scott James- York must have caught a corner of that table Mike, his head is split wide open and he’s gushing blood everywhere.

Cain drags York off the broken pile of bodies and leaves him laying on the floor to recover in a pool of his own blood. Page and Cavanagh have made it to the outside now and fighting with crush and debonair. Cavanagh drops debonair with a headbutt followed by a quick scoop slam. Cav and Page pick up crush and suplex him into the cage, sending him crashing to the floor as well. Cain attempts to save his team and have both meant reeling back toward the inside of the cage but the numbers catch up and Cavanagh stops him dead with a knee to the guy while Page grabs a steel chair and cracks him across the head reeling him. Cain is holding himself up with the steel cage. Page tosses him back into the first ring and sets him up on the table while Cavanagh climbs the top rope.


Mike Fisher- most certainly a rare sight but k can’t wait to see what he pulls off here!

Tyler tries to get involved only to be driven across the head with yet another steel chair by Chris page who immediately jumps on top of him driving right hands into his face causing his forehead to open up and start bleeding. Crush and a battered Justin York slowly hit the ring with Fenix behind them. Page rolls out of the ring and awaits the right time. Crush drills Cavanagh who is just getting back to his feet with a bone crusher. Fenix hits crush with the rebirth (joker driver). Debonair hits Fenix with the Mayahana. Page rolls into the ring quickly and drills debonair with the Page Plant.

Mike fisher- everyone is down except for York and Page.

Scott James- this is the moment we all have been waiting for!! York and Page 2.

Both men are smiling amongst the carnage. York has blood dripping down his face and Page seating profusely with the blood of his enemies in his face and body. York flips him the middle finger and Page returns the favour to which the crowd pops!

Mike fisher- Page needs to turn around!!!

Scott James- he won’t like what Is waiting for him!

York is laughing and points behind Page who turns into a discus Lariat from Liam Cain. Page ducks and York hits Liam Cain with a spinning heel kick!

Mike Fisher- excuse the language but what the FUCK?!?

The cameras are flashing as the crowd are all looking up… The plane that has been circling Wembley all day is slowly getting lower and lower

Mike Fisher: What is going on here????

The Plane continues to get lower… then someone drops out with a parachute!!!!!

The person gets slower eventually getting close to the caged ring and he drops the parachute and seems to be breaking his fall with a….

Mike Fisher: IT CANT BE!!!!

Scott James: IS THAT AN UMBRELLA????

Mike Fisher: That can only mean!!!!

The crowd go mental as ETHAN RIVERS MAKES HIS RETURN!!!!!

He instantly hooks the umbrella around Liam Cains neck as he pulls him in and rags him around the ring, he yanks him close and No Stars Over Bethlehem!

Mike Fisher: this match has taken a big turn now with Ethan Rivers parachuting himself into the ring, and he looks like he’s well and truly on Team Osh!

Crush is quick to pull Liam Cain back to their side of the ring as the two teams now unevenly matched stand in either ring.

On the left Team Jenny; Crush, Tyler Debonair, Justin York and the grounded Liam Cain, on the Right… Team Osh; Chris Page, Jon Cavanagh, Sean Raines, Jason Fenix and now the newly returned Ethan Rivers.

The crowd are chanting away





Team Osh jump the ring rope in between as Team Jenny begin to advance, they trade blows before Justin York pulls Crush away, he whispers something into his ear, Crush nods….WHAM. CASINO CRUSHER TO CRUSH


Mike Fisher: This match I can’t even keep up with it?

Justin York walks over to Chris Page who has a big smile on his face as he motions Justin to grab Tyler Debonair, they left him up and double brainbuster drop him between the rings as he smashes his head on the way down.

Sean Raines is now in on the attack as well as he grabs the last standing member of Team Jenny; Crush. He picks him up and delivers the RAINEMAKER, before Liam Cain is coming in swinging lefts and rights, literally fighting on empty. He swings a heavy hand at Sean who stops him, he passes him to Jon Cavanagh as he lifts him up and delivers THE CELTIC BOMB, laying out Liam Cain.

There is mayhem across both rings as the referee asks each member if they would like to continue… there is no reply from any member as the referee makes the decision that this match can not continue

Alice Goldier: The winners… and controlling the IIW… TEAM OSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Fisher: Osh Vaughan has done it! He’s got control of the IIW back… the cage begins to rise as BAD BOY FOR LIFE Plays and Osh makes his way down to the rings.

He shakes the hands of each member of team Osh giving Ethan Rivers a welcome back as Ethan, Jason and Sean Raines make their way slowly to the back. Justin York meanwhile is in the ring and takes a running charge with a chair at Crush, smashing him across the face one last time before Chris Page pulls him off

Chis Page: Enough.

The CCPE Music begins to play as Shaun Hart, Fred Debonair and Bam Miller make their way out to the ring.

They stand tall in the middle of the ring with Osh Vaughan, Justin York, Chris Page as we slowly fade to black on the new era of the IIW