Mayhem 27th June

Monday Night Mayhem

The show starts off with video footage detailing events over Worlds Collide showing how Team Osh came to win and the shocking turn of events afterward.

Sean Raines is now in on the attack as well as he grabs the last standing member of Team Jenny; Crush. He picks him up and delivers the RAINMAKER, before Liam Cain is coming in swinging lefts and rights, literally fighting on empty. He swings a heavy hand at Sean who stops him, he passes him to Jon Cavanagh as he lifts him up and delivers THE CELTIC BOMB, laying out Liam Cain.

There is mayhem across both rings as the referee asks each member if they would like to continue… there is no reply from any member as the referee makes the decision that this match can not continue

Alice Goldier: The winners… and controlling the IIW… TEAM OSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Fisher: Osh Vaughan has done it! He’s got control of the IIW back… the cage begins to rise as BAD BOY FOR LIFE Plays and Osh makes his way down to the rings.

He shakes the hands of each member of team Osh giving Ethan Rivers a welcome back as Ethan, Jason and Sean Raines make their way slowly to the back. Justin York meanwhile is in the ring and takes a running charge with a chair at Crush, smashing him across the face one last time before Chris Page pulls him off

Chris Page: Enough.

The CCPE Music begins to play as Shaun Hart, Fred Debonair and Bam Miller make their way out to the ring.

They stand tall in the middle of the ring with Osh Vaughan, Justin York, and Chris Page as we slowly fade to black on the new era of the IIW.

After the video footage comes to an end we go live to the AccorHotels Arena in Paris France as the fireworks go off on stage and see a sold-out arena of 30,000excited for tonight’s show. The Hard cam circles the audience as they show off their signs.








The hard cam then brings us to the commentary table.

Mike Fisher: Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!!! Tonight is going to be action-packed with man people speaking on the turn of events that happened at Worlds Collide.

Scott James: That’s correct Fisher but more importantly Osh is back in power and all is right with IIW again and we will be hearing from him shortly I am being told.

Mike Fisher: Yep but will be starting things off with Shaun Hart who awaits our attention standing in the ring.

Shaun Hart stands in the ring wearing a very bright red blazer suit. He smiles confidently as he receives a mixed reaction of cheers and boos in the arena. As they settle down he slowly raises the microphone to his lips.

Shaun Hart: Well.. Well well don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

The fans erupted again with a mixed reaction.

Shaun Hart: With a single Tweet I help change the direction of this company. When I had our media intern send out a Tweet asking for any team to come to face Team Friendship I was hoping to catch the attention of someone that could help shake this company and I did.

Shaun smirks as he gives himself a pat on the back.

Shaun Hart: You see it was not an accident that Chris Page was brought in here, it’s not an accident that he’s dominated the single roster and it’s not an accident that he found himself on Team Osh. It was all part of a grand master plan that I, Chris, and the man of the hour Osh came up with.

Mike Fisher: Shaun is really enjoying himself right now.

Scott James: Hush up and listen to this Hollywood speech.

Shaun Hart: So what you saw at Worlds Collide wasn’t something that began just a couple of weeks ago this was a plan put in place months ago for us to make sure Bob and Jenny would be out of power. This company is now in the best set of hands it ever could be with me and Osh working as a team but let me introduce them to the man that will take us into what I like to call The MainStream Era. Give it up for “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!!!!!!

The lights dim as a set of spotlights hit the top of the ramp and the boos start to echo throughout the arena. The only escalate is when we see the emergence of “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE as he saunters out in his ring gear, IIW Tag Title slung over his shoulder. He stops at the top of the ramp with a smirk on his face. The boos resonate even louder as Fred Debonair emerges out with his tag title in his hand, Justin York who is dressed in his gear, and Bam Miller who sports a Miller Light in one hand with a brick in the other.

The four men bump fists at the top of the ramp before starting to make the walk toward the squared circle. The IIW is still reeling over what transpired at Worlds Collide with the coming together of this collection of talent being led by one Chris Page.

They all reach ringside. Fred and Bam climb up on the apron entering the ring as Shaun Hart applauds them while Chris makes his way up the steel steps. Justin York slingshots over the top rope and into the ring as Page stands on the apron looking out over the sold-out arena.

Fred, York, Miller, and Hart applaud Chris as he steps through the ropes entering the ring.

The music starts to fade away leaving the massive boos ringing out from all over the arena as Shaun hands Chris Page the microphone. He raises it his lips as he starts to address the hard camera.

CHRIS PAGE: Oh happy day.

CHRIS PAGE: Don’t get all pissy with me because Team Jenny didn’t get the job done. Blame CRUSH, blame LIAM, and blame TYLER!

The boos mix with a chant of “YOU SUCK” blends in from the crowd.

CHRIS PAGE: They did not have a prayer when they weren’t holding the ace up their sleeves.

Chris turns his attention towards Justin giving him a head nod before redirecting his attention back toward the camera.

CHRIS PAGE: Team Jenny was dead on arrival before World’s Collide, and all I had to do was in sure a victory so that Osh could retake the power that he never should have lost to be gifted a shot at the IIW World Heavyweight Championship. Mission accomplished.

Shaun Hart starts laughing as he applauds Chris Page.

CHRIS PAGE: Shaun knew what he was doing when he sent out that tweet, he knew that once I answered that I was the answer to his prayers…

There’s a pause from Chris before he states.

CHRIS PAGE: Thus far I have not disappointed.

Chris lowers the microphone listening to the crowd’s negative response as he simply shakes his head before continuing.

CHRIS PAGE: But this isn’t about me… this is about US!

Chris motions toward the men standing in the ring with him.

CHRIS PAGE: I am but a vessel while the men in this ring have been held back for far too long, and now that the time is right WE are going to strap this company to our backs, doing what NONE of you in the back could do by making the IIW great again. Fred Debonair, Justin York, Bam Miller, and Shaun Hart not only have the passion, but they also share the same drive for success that I do!

Chris steps back while handing the microphone over to the other ½ of the World Tag Team Champions, Fred Debonair.

FRED DEBONAIR: AND HERE – I – AM! Did you all really think that I was just coming out at “Worlds Collide” to talk? Did you really think that I just turned up in IIW, took one half of the IIW tag-titles, by the way Thad? We hope you get better buddy, and would just I don’t know disappear into the ether? Then maybe even after all these years, you guys don’t know Fred Debonair as well as you thought you did.

Fred laughs and soaks up the boos and subsequent “asshole” chants, making the conductor motion with his hands.

FRED DEBONAIR: Oh, I’m an asshole? Is that what you really all think? Why, because I took initiative?! Because I took my career back into my own hands, rather than play babysitter to that jumped up, arrogant, selfish little prick?! But wait I’m actually kind of getting ahead of myself here, so I just wanna take this opportunity to give my condolences if you will to team Jenny. You guys tried valiantly, you tried very hard and I think we should give you all a hand, especially Tyler because he’s gonna need another one now after what I did to him!

Fred once again laughs along with the rest of those in the ring. as the crowds boos escalate.

FRED DEBONAIR: Yeah yeah, I get it! Vous les grenouilles, vous n’aimez pas quelqu’un qui travaille comme un fou pour ce qu’il veut accomplir! And what I basically said there to the ingrates back home who don’t speak French like these guys in the stadium, is they don’t like somebody who works his ass off to accomplish what he wants because you’re all no good, lazy, slobs. And speaking of Work, team Jenny had a former International champion, the current until later tonight, International Champion and the current United Kingdom Champion in their corner… And do you know who the hardest working member of that team was?! It was this man right here!

Fred walks toward Justin and pats him on the shoulder, as Justin smirks and the two shake hands.

FRED DEBONAIR: Oh it’s definitely true, I mean you had a former champion, two current champions and they couldn’t get the job done, while Justin right here was working his ass off so hard, he was fighting for both sides ha ha! But anyway I digress but like the great John “Hannibal” Smith once said, don’t you love it when a plan comes together? And this plan has been going on for quite some time… You remember at “Worlds Collide” when I came out to address you all and tell you about how Tyler sucks basically? About how the end of the War Games match was not gonna be the big deal, that WE were going to be the big deal?! I know you all thought I was talking about me and Chris, the Tag-Team Champions. But alas I was talking about this entire group you see standing before you right now! Myself, Justin York, Bam Miller, Shaun Hart and Chris Page. I said WE were going to be the big deal and I was absolutely correct!

You know when Chris came to me and laid out his plan, just like Thaddeus laid out my son with the steel chair, you would normally think someone like myself would be sceptical right? But as they say, real recognise real. I knew exactly what kind of wrestler Chris Page was, I knew exactly what kind of businessman Chris Page was. So when he approached me with an idea, when he told me his plan, I knew there were only good things in Fred Debonair‘s future! Because up until that point I have been keeping tabs on my son who has kept me away from what I love doing, which is beating peoples asses in this ring. When I sacrificed my contract here with Osh Vaughan and gave it to my arrogant little child, I went back into a state of not knowing where to go or what to do, then I got my chance to finally come here and I took it with both hands but I was still on the back burner to that little bitch. So after Chris had spoken to Shaun and Bam, then came to me and told me what was gonna happen, what I could expect and so on I said Chris let’s do this… because I knew that I was going to grab each and everyone of your attention and I did, didn’t I?!

Fred walks around bumping fists with every member in the ring; talking incoherently with them about the state of the IIW fans and their grasping at what was going on with all eyes and ears, making puppet motions with his hands.

FRED DEBONAIR: There has been more said about Fred Debonair in the past two, perhaps three weeks than there has in the past year! I have had you guys on goddamn strings, I’m like Geppetto to Pinocchio. We, as a collective, are the Pupper Masters whilst all of you as well as those in the back, are dancing little Marionettes! And we are gonna have you tip tapping your feet for as long as we feel necessary! You know there are levels to this game, but we don’t find those levels, we don’t hit those levels… We, SET those levels and just when you think you are catching up, just when you think you are reaching where we are… We rise once more!

Now, I have been in groups before, I have led groups, before. I have been in groups with people like Riley Andrews, Mike Arches, even the great Shaun King. I have partnered up with legends of the industry such as Drake Macon, I even worked alongside John Cavanagh BUT I can tell you now I have never ever been in a group so in sync, so united in their efforts and their goals, as this group of men in the ring with me right now. I mean you’ve got as I said the hardest worker in the War Games match, Justin York! This kid is young, he is hungry, he’s already proven what he can do and tonight? He is walking out of here taking Liam Cain’s International belt! Then we have this guy right here, Bam Miller. Now I have never really had any full on interaction with Bam but I know exactly what he’s capable of, what kind of man he is, this is a guy that should have been World Champion by now, he deserves that title, but of course the dillydally dancing of Jonny C and Russell Wayne made sure he couldn’t get his hands on it! Those two are passing that thing back-and-forth like a couple of frat boys with a hooker. But Bam has held titles before, he knows exactly what it takes to be a champion, another of the hardest working roster members there are. And then of course Chris Page everybody, my partner in crime and my partner with the Tag-Team Titles. This man has got such a head on his shoulders he is making waves and breaking bodies in every single promotion, that I’m aware of anyway. CCPE is not just a brand as far as I am concerned it is a way of life and although I am not strictly a member of CCPE… I’m halfway there!

Fred smirks and bumps fists with Chris Page again before he turns back to the crowd.

FRED DEBONAIR: Now Chris knows exactly what he wants and he knows exactly what those he comes to and speaks to want. Chris doesn’t just make a plan, Chris makes a portfolio, A roadmap if you will and he has a very, very good insight into what should go where. And this is why I believe he brought in this man Shaun Hart, another man I haven’t really had too many dealings with but have kept a close eye on him of course as you do in this industry. Like Chris, Shaun has a brain for this kind of thing, a knack! Something that Chris has clearly recognised, Shaun recently also proved that he can wrestle! But this is all it boils down to, this is what you see before you, this is the brain and the brawn behind what will be dictating how things play out in IIW. There isn’t a single athlete, tag team, or group in the back that can even remotely touch what we have done, what we’re doing and what we are going to do.

Fred holds the microphone high in the air, then feigns a bow before handing the microphone over to Justin York.

Justin York shoots a cocky grin as he grabs the microphone and takes a long pause allowing the crowd to get in their booing.

Justin York- You people wouldn’t know greatness if it walked up and kicked you right in the teeth!

Justin flips the middle finger to the crowd and a ‘Hate you Justin’ chant breaks out in the arena.

Justin York- What stands before you is a collection of talent you have never seen in the entirety of your miserable lives! With all of us gracing your presence at the same time you should be goddamn thankful!

Justin turns the microphone towards the crowd who are booing him!

Justin- We’re feeling extra charitable this evening as two of us are going to put on a performance you have never seen before and walk out of Mayhem undefeated! First Chris is going to dispose of that no-good piece of trash Scotty Adams with ease.

Justin walks over to Page and gives him a fistbump before continuing on to the enraged crowd.

Justin York- Show some appreciation for what stands before you, pissants. Right after the disposal of Scotty, I am going to put on a show as you have never before seen in a ladder match. In the process, I am going to brutalize Fenix and Liam Cain with absolute pleasure! When I decide that they have had enough, I will climb the ladder and take what is rightfully mine in the IIW International Championship and begin a reign never before seen in this shithole company! That’s a message to all the jackasses in the back, all of you dirtbags here in this arena tonight, and everyone watching around the world. We’re leaving victorious tonight and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about that. You can be as mad as you want but it is what it is and you will accept it! Soon all the gold will reside with us! Bank on it!

The crowd’s boos continue to echo throughout the building as Bam Miller steps forward.

Bam Miller: Worlds Collide was not only the end of Jenny and Bob but it was the end of a dying era after Worlds Collide you can clearly see a new era has begun that is being led by everyone in this ring right now and let me make it clear my loyalty is to one man and one man only.

Bam points in Chris Page’s direction.

Bam Miller: You see he is the only reason I aligned myself with everyone in this ring and don’t take it as a slight because it’s not it’s just another highlight of how great Page is and how he can make us all a little better and how we are going to make IIW better as a whole and for those that cant move to the side. I advise you to look at Worlds Collide and ask yourself do you want to go down the road? Because you can either lay down and Obey or get PUT DOWN!!!!

Bam raises a Brick into the air.

Bam Miller: For those that can not listen and understand what is happening I advise you to prepare yourself for the Welcoming Committee.

Bam steps off to the side and Shaun Hart takes back over.

Shaun Hart: Thank you for that Bam, always such a poet with words but everyone in here is important to the New Era but none as important as the man of the hour. The man that would not stop until this company was back in his hands and I think I speak for all of us when I say I am happy to have him back. Stand on your feet and put your hands together for The Boss OSH VAUGHAN!!!!!

BAD BOY FOR LIFE Plays and a red carpet is laid out down the ramp as Osh makes his way down to the ring with a smirk on his face. As he walks up the steps he pauses and takes it all in before stepping into the ring and shaking everyone hand and then Shaun turns the microphone over to him.


Everyone in the ring claps for Osh as the fans give a mixed reaction.

Osh: It’s been too long since I’ve been in control of my baby, this company is my child I’ve started it and made it great but then snakes like Bob and Jenny took it from me!, but I never gave up not even when my own flesh and blood let me down. I sought out Shaun Hart, I put my faith in him to help me get back what rightfully belongs to me.

Shaun is shown mouthing the words “It’s true.”

Osh: Shaun not only brought me an icon like Chris Page but he allowed CCP to do what he needed to do to get me back control of MY company, so Shaun, Chris… Thank you, dearly.

Justin, Fred, and Bam applaud while the crowd roars with boos.

Osh: Chris, I am a man of my word. I told you that if you led Team Osh to victory that I would grant you a shot at the IIW World Heavyweight Championship; and now you are officially the Number One Contender for that very championship.

The crowd roars louder with boos as Page acknowledges his opportunity.

Osh: And seeing as we know that you are the Number One Contender, I suppose we should find out just who the World Champion is going to be. We all saw at Worlds Collide that Russell Wayne has dethroned Jonny and the reigning, defending Champion… but before he gets to get into the ring with Chris Page he must first defend the IIW World Title… inside the ELIMINATION CHAMBER!

The crowd gives a surprise pop as Chris smirks at the announcement from Osh.

Osh: On the next Mayhem Qualifying Matches will be had, and in just four short weeks 6 men will enter, and one will survive. Seeing as I’ve worked so hard to get back my company I feel it imperative to announce the effective immediately… I am going on vacation!

The crowd erupts with louder boos!

Osh: And since Shaun Hart has done nothing but deliver, you all answer to him now.

Osh looks into the camera.


The crowd boos Osh as he hands the microphone back over to Chris Page.

CHRIS PAGE: Osh, if anyone deserves a vacation, it’s you. Enjoy it because with Shaun Hart calling the shots, and with this group of talent standing in this ring it’s not a matter of IF we are going to be successful, it’s a matter of how successful we are going to be.

Chris turns his attention toward the camera as he then states.

CHRIS PAGE: If anyone in the back wants to take that step to the next level or if you think you deserve to be in the upper echelon of the IIW there is only one thing that you can do… Step to the Welcoming Committee because the last thing we are is entertainment.

Chris lowers the microphone as the boos fill the arena. He looks around the ring at the sharpshooters that he has put together before directing his attention toward the top of the ramp.

CHRIS PAGE: Scotty Adams, I don’t get paid by the hour… and as you can see I am in my gear. I’ve made it clear that if I am not on last… I am on first. Get your ass out here and meet your maker so you can be cast back into the shadows where you fucking belong

‘In the court of the Dragom’ can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black ‘Adidas’ hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue ‘Asic’ sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance — to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

*Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall, about to make his way to the ring… he is the NEW IIW World Television Champion, SCOTTY ADAMS!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right-hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

Chris Page removes his ring jacket on the floor as he is surrounded by Shaun, Osh, York, Miller, and Debonair. Chris has some words with everyone at ringside. He fist-bumps everyone as Osh leads Fred, Bam, and Justin back up the ramp leaving Page and Hart at ringside. Shaun whispers something in Chris’s ear.

Page nods as he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping into the ring.


The crowd erupts into a massive “LET’S GO SCOTTY! LET’S GO SCOTTY! LET’S GO SCOTTY!” causing Page to roll his eyes as he emerges out toward the center of the ring where he and Scotty circle each other. They lock up with Page immediately taking a back waist lock where he hoists Scotty up in the air and drives him down into the mat onto his chest. Page floats over into a front face lock before paintbrush slapping Scotty across the back of the head to loud boos from the crowd! Page smirks as he backs away getting back to his feet while Adams gets to one knee. He reaches for the back of his head before stepping up to his feet where Page gives him a wink. Scotty shakes off the nonsense from Page before they circle each other in an attempt to lock up which sees Scotty drives Page back into a neutral corner where the referee calls for a clean break. Scotty holds Page back against the buckles before breaking away and backing out to the center of the ring at the three counts. Chris Page walks out from the corner slapping Scotty across the face to a massive gasp from the crowd!

Scotty immediately fires back with a stiff right-hand dropping Page where he stands! Chris rolls out to the floor where Shaun Hart is there. Page is livid as he kicks the ring steps out of sheer frustration while Shaun tries to calm him down. Scotty has a smirk on his face as he waits for Page to look into the ring to see Scotty wink at Page that only pisses Page off further. Chris climbs back up on the apron ignoring Shaun as he steps into the ring and rushes towards Scotty who takes Page down with a drop toe hold! Scotty floats over into a front face lock where he paintbrush slaps Page several times across the back of the head garnering a huge ovation from the Paris crowd as Scotty gets back to his feet!

Page is quickly to his feet where he charges towards Scotty who snatches a side headlock! He snaps Page over to the mat forcing his shoulders down on the canvass!




Page rolls a shoulder off the mat as Scotty maintains the side headlock. Chris starts working his way back up to his feet where he backs Adams into the ropes, he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip breaking the side headlock. Adams bounces off the near side ducking under a Page lariat where he once again takes a back waist lock as he drives Page into the ropes and rolls him up!




Page kicks out a second time as he is quickly back to one knee where Scotty shows him inches with his fingers! Chris steps back up to his feet where he answers Scotty’s inches with a middle finger to boos from the crowd, the middle finger then goes into a full crotch chop by Page garnering louder boos from the crowd. Scotty doesn’t cater for the mind games as he and Page circle each other once more. They look to lock up where Page thumbs Adams in the eye gaining the upper hand! Chris drives Adams back into a neutral corner where he lays repeated shoulder blocks to the midsection as the referee lays the count to him.

He steps back at the four-count before coming right back with a series of reverse elbows to the temple once again with the referee laying the count to Page who again breaks at the four-count. Chris steps forward lacing Scotty across the chest with a stiff knife-edge chop across the chest that echoes throughout the arena. Chris takes Scotty and shoots him across the ring and into the opposite set of buckles with such force Scotty bounces off the buckles walking back out toward the center of the ring where Page laches a front waist lock and delivers an Overhead Belly to Belly release suplex!

Chris opts not to cover.

Instead he picks Scotty up off the mat where he drives him sternum first into a neutral corner exposing Adams back to Page. Chris starts laying in stiff clubbing blows to the back of Adams going after the previous injuries to the IIW native. The crowd boos intently with each strike as Page lands six within the count from the referee. He then starts driving shoulder blocks to the lower spine of Adams! The referee lays the count to Page who lands four within the four seconds as he brings Scotty out from the corner delivering a back breaker!

Now Page forces the lateral press.




Scotty shoots a shoulder up off the mat. Shaun Hart shouts out some instructions toward Page who simply looks at Shaun shooting him a “Really” look before shifting his attention back toward Scotty who has rolled over to his chest, pushing himself up to all fours. Page comes forward with a stomp across the spine driving Scotty back down into the mat. Chris taunts the crowd as he points down at Scotty while cupping one hand to his ear listening to the boos from the crowd.

Page picks Scotty up off the mat where he delivers a second back breaker!

CCP is back to his feet where he rolls Scotty over to his stomach where he drives an elbow across the lower spine before transitioning into a Stiner Recliner! The referee slides into position asking Scotty to surrender! The Television Champion refuses as Chris screams out “ASK HIM” repeatedly. Scotty shakes off the referee’s question as Page cranks back on the hold!

The referee continues to ask Scotty to surrender who continues to refuse as the crowd starts chanting his name! Page looks around screaming for the fans to “SHUT UP!” which does the exact opposite! Scotty starts feeding off the crowd as he begins to work his way back to his feet with Chris Page now on his back! Scotty has Page in a piggyback position where he walks forward and then falls backward crashing down on top of Page sandwiching Page between the mat and Scotty’s body! The crowd roars in approval as the Television Champion clutches at his lower back.

Shaun Hart pounds on the mat trying to rally Chris Page as we see Scotty using the ropes to start pulling his way up off the mat and back to his feet. He clutches at his lower back as the crowd rallies behind him. Chris Page rolls over pushing himself up to his feet where he staggers backward while spinning around where Scotty peppers Page with a series of jabs before delivering a Bionic Elbow dropping Page down to the mat!

Scotty measures Page who starts negotiating his way back to a vertical base, Scotty comes up from behind where he locks in a Million Dollar Dream! He hoists up Page and drives him down into a back breaker completing the Dream Catcher! Scotty executes the cover!




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat to a huge gasp from the crowd! Scotty starts working his way back up to his feet. Scotty reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he rocks him with a European Uppercut sending Chris back into the ropes. Scotty comes forward firing Page across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the ropes and into an STO from Adams!

Scotty starts getting back to his feet as the crowd is at a fever pitch!

He reaches down picking up Page locking in a front face lock! Scotty hoist up Page where he delivers BURNING ATLANTIS! The crowd erupts as Scotty manages to make a cover.




Page escapes with another kick out to a gasp from the crowd.

Adams cuts his eyes toward the referee as he starts to get back to his feet. Chris rolls toward the ropes trying to create some space between himself and Scotty. We see Adams sizing up Page who is pulling himself up using the ropes! Page spins around where Scotty looks for a roaring elbow strike!

Page ducks taking a back waist lock! He peels off a German Suplex! Page doesn’t release his grasp, he rolls through picking himself and Adams up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! Chris rolls through picking himself and Adams up off the mat where a third and final Release German Suplex is delivered seemingly silencing the crowd!

CCP rolls out to the ring apron where he pulls himself up using the ropes. Chris walks toward the nearest set of turnbuckles where he starts climbing up to the top rope! Page reaches the top turnbuckle where he looks down at Scotty, he sets sail with a Diving Headbutt that’s right on the collar bone of Adams! Page makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Scotty escapes with a kick-out that blows the roof off the arena!

Page is to both knees where he gets to a vertical base and backs the referee up into a neutral corner throwing up three fingers while Shaun Hart gives the referee an ear full from the floor! Page turns his attention back towards Scotty as he picks him up off the mat. He laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop before driving a boot to the midsection!

Page looks to hook Adams up for the Page Plant!

Adams spins out and lands a roaring elbow that drops Page to one knee, Adams bounces off the ropes delivering a bicycle knee strike to the jaw of Page to a massive ovation from the crowd! Adams manages to make the cover!




Page escapes with another kick-out to a huge gasp from the crowd. Adams is the first to one knee as he starts questioning what he has to do to defeat Chris Page. He steps up to his feet picking up Page where he drives a boot to the midsection doubling him over. Adams bounces off the ropes where he looks to deliver an Axe Kick across the back of Page’s neck! CCP throws his head out of the way evading the kick!

Adams spins around where he catches a Judas Effect to the jaw that drops Adams where he stands! Chris Page falls on top of him making the cover with a back press seeing Page hook the inner leg.




Scotty kicks out!

Page is completely beside himself as he is to both knees. CCP steps back up to his feet where he stomps away at the Television Champion before picking him up off the mat. Page drives Scotty back into a neutral corner before looking to shoot him across the ring into the opposite set of buckles! Scotty reverses and its Page is sent crashing into the buckles with Scotty charging in after him landing a Stinger Splash!

Page staggers out from the corner as Scotty hops up to the middle ropes where he leaps off with a bulldog headlock driving Page face-first into the canvas to a huge pop from the crowd! Scotty rolls Page over executing the cover as he hooks the inside leg.




Page escapes with another kick-out! Scotty is back to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base. The crowd is solidly behind him. Scotty screams out toward the crowd which pumps them up even more! He picks Page up and he rocks him with a European Uppercut that sends Chris back into the ropes.

Scotty comes forward with an Irish Whip, he shoots Page across the ring, Page bounces off the ropes where he ducks under an Adams lariat, Scotty spins around looking for Page who drives boot to the midsection doubling Scotty over! Page underhooks the arms of the Television Champion before hoisting him up into the air and driving him down into the mat with a Page Plant!

Page rolls Scotty over onto his back where he executes the cover hooking the far leg.





“Your winner, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE”

Shaun Hart climbs up on the ring apron where he enters the ring and pushes the referee back away from Chris Page who stands to his feet. Shaun Hart raises his arm in victory over a game Scotty Adams. Chris Page listens to the crowd boo intently. Shaun Hart steps back applauding Chris as he looks directing into the camera pointing to his wrist and checking the time before running his hands across his waists signaling for the World Heavyweight Championship.

CCP glances back at Scotty who has rolled toward the ropes. He shakes his head before Shaun Hart leads the way for his exit. Chris pulls in the camera as he screams into the lens.


Chris throws up a middle finger toward the lens before exiting the ring, joining Shaun Hart as they make the walk back up the ramp, disappearing behind the curtain.

It’s an old school setting for a wrestler who likes to consider himself part of the last of a dying breed. A blue and black IIW backdrop sets the scene for Alex Kincaid to make his first address to the fans of his new home. They call Alex Kincaid “Infinite”. And it might just be an Infinite supply of energy that fuels the veteran today as he paces back and forth in front of the backdrop, trying to come up with the first words he’s going to say. He’s not dressed to compete. Instead, he wears a pair of blue jeans and hiking boots. He’s got a white Llewellyn Wrestling Academy t-shirt on and a pair of aviators to hide his eyes from the camera. The problem is, of course, it’s not his eyes giving away his nerves. It’s the fact he’s become a perpetual motion machine pacing back and forth in front of the camera. He finally forces himself to stop and turns to the camera, trying to smile like he hasn’t got a care in the world, but the expression is false and he knows the people can sense it so with a displeased grunt he clicks his tongue and his expression hardens.

Kincaid: At Worlds Collide, I sat inside Wembley Stadium and I watched one of the finest pro wrestling events I’ve seen in a long, long time. Whether it was Landerson coming through against all odds and winning the Uprising Championship, or Caleb Scott somehow muscling Michael Hunter into the damndest spinebuster I’ve ever seen or yes even that scumbag Jon Cavanagh getting that big win to take this company somewhere…well, remains to be seen doesn’t it?

He paces back and forth again. Every once in a while he’ll shake his shoulders, or his hands will open and close involuntarily. He’s a tiger pacing the cage. Each word he delivers to the people at home teases the tantalizing possibility of him returning to the ring.

Kincaid: I eat, I sleep, I breathe pro wrestling. It is the fuel that runs me through my day. It is the muse that inspires me when I’m falling apart. It. Is. Mine. And I’m not talking about it like I own it, no, don’t get that twisted. It is mine because I am committed to it. I will never give up on pro wrestling no matter what direction it goes, how it twists around, or whatever dark clouds seem to be gathering on the horizon. There are people backstage, watching the monitor and they know who Alex Kincaid is. Troublemaker. Professional malcontent. ‘Locker room cancer’ I heard someone call me on twitter when the rumors of me coming to IIW started to hit the sheets. Well, I won’t apologize for it. I won’t apologize for being the guy who is willing to hold people to account. I won’t apologize for being the guy who shows up at every company he walks into, looks the man setting the pace dead in the eye and tells him ‘show me you deserve to be that guy.’ That’s who I am. That’s who I always will be.

He takes a deep breath and seems to find his center. This time when he smiles, it seems to be genuine. He stops pacing and turns to look directly at the camera.

Kincaid: But I guess some of you don’t know, do you? Some of you are looking at the screen right now and going ‘Who does this guy think he is?’ Well, my name is Alex Kincaid. I have been around the block. My next step in this madcap little odyssey I’m living is on the doorstep of IIW. I am coming to show you professional wrestling the way it was meant to be, I am coming to push everyone there to be the best possible version of themselves, I am going to remind everyone why when that bell rings there is nothing else in the world quite as magical as professional wrestling. If you agree with me, if you see what I see? You and I are gonna get along like Ralph Wiggum and a bottle of glue. If you’re one of the people I saw bust their ass in Wembley, one of those amazing, special talents who wanted to go out there and change the world for people for just a few minutes I can’t wait to get an opportunity to match up with you. But if you’re on the other side? If you’re the kind of person who exploits what I love, who damages what I care about, who makes my industry worse every little day just to put an extra few zeroes on your paycheck? Then I’m going to make a meal out of you. Under the brightest of lights, I am gonna lay an absolutely mythical ass kicking on anyone who would exploit us. And if you don’t believe me? Try to stop me.

By the time he’s done speaking, the conviction in his voice is clear. The nerves are gone. He looks to the IIW banner and pulls his glasses off. He stares into it, like he can see through it, just long enough for the dead air to get uncomfortable. Then he walks off screen. The camera stays on the banner as we fade…

John Tolly vs Adam Williams

Mike Fisher: Here we go a grudge match between Adam Williams and John Tolly, after Tolly attacked Adam at Worlds Collide.

Scott James: He not only attacked him but cost him a chance to be the first IIW Uprising Champion.

Mike Fisher: We’ll they’ll get to settle the score right here and right now.

Adam Williams and John Tolly circle each other as they try to get the advantage of one another. Adam Williams makes his move first as he gets behind Tolly, takes him down to the mat, and puts him in a side headlock. Adam applies more pressure, but John uses his upper body strength to get himself back up to a base, hits Addam in the gut with multiple elbows, and then picks up and hits a back body drop. He then bounces off the ropes, hits a back flip right into a standing moonsault on Adams, and goes to hook the legs.



Miek Fisher: Beautiful move by Tolly but not enough to get the win just yet.

Tolly pics Adams up and slings him into the ropes as Adams come back Tolly looks for a closeline but Adams ducks and bounces off the ropes and hits a back elbow to the face of Tolly. Adam kicks and slaps at the head of Tolly ten locks in a crossface on Tolly in the middle of the ring.

Scott James: Adams continues to work Tolly with different submission holds, this time a cross face.

Mike Fisher: Showing off his submission specialist skills.

Adam pulls back on the submission applying more pressure on the face of Tolly, but again John Tolly is able to push himself to the ropes and get his foot on the bottom rope but Adam doesn’t let go until the referee gets to a four count and then breaks the hold and taunts towards the crowd.

Mike Fisher: Adam Williams is playing loose with the rules tonight.

Scott James: Nothing wrong with using any advantage to get a win.

Adam picks Tolly up by his hair and slings him into the corner, Adam follows it up looking for a splash in the corner but Tolly rolls out of the way and Adams eats the turnbuckle and finds himself in a daze. As he turns around John Tolly hits him with a super kick to his knee that drops Adam down on one leg, Tolly hits the ropes and come back with a vicious knee to Adams temple and then picks him up for the Champagne DDT and hooks both legs.




The bell rings and the referee raises his hand in the air and John Tolly smiles with a smirk as he embraces the moment.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall The Franchise John Tolly

Mike Fisher: Good win by Tolly here tonight, great bounce back win.

Scott James: Adam Williams on the other hand takes another loss and will need to go back to the drawing board and see what he can do differently.

As the chaos dies down, for a swift moment all that can be heard is the fans screaming and yelling, but that is soon interrupted by # KINGDOM # as the fans are greeted by The ECE World Heavyweight Champion and IIW United Kingdom Champion, Crush! The fans get to the feet as Crush walks out onto the stage along with his wife, Jessica Huttman, wearing his usual attire. Crush makes his way down the ramp, looking at the fans as he looks in a foul mood. Once in the ring, Crush grabs a mic and ushers for his music to be switched off.

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Ya know.. I guess I should’ve known this would happen. I was hesitant to join this War Games fight but I knew I had revenge I needed to get. So I let my need for vengeance cloud my judgment.. I paid a very hefty price for that.

The crowd boos as Crush looks like he is trying to keep his composure

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Even though I have successfully retained this ECE Championship and I am STILL the IIW United Kingdom Champion, I haven’t really had a good month. Naturally, I knew my brother would be here so I brought back up in case he tried any of his games again but OF COURSE, Osh would not allow them into the building because “They don’t work here”.

Just as Crush is about to finish his sentence, the lights darken and HERO by Skillet! The fans jump to the feet at the sound of PG-13’s Music. Crush stops in frustration, and turns towards the stage as PG-13 walks out holding a mic along with the Co-President of ECE, Michael Hill. Crush’s face turns from frustration to aggressive as PG just stares down at the ring, with his music dying down.

‘The Beast’ PG-13: Well Aaron.. I would be very careful how you finish that sentence. I guess you didnt get the memo the last time we were on IIW Mayhem together when I laid you out with that Revelation! I don’t need help to get rid of you, brother. All I need is an opportunity. Now that I am the number one contender for THAT United Kingdom Championship, I have that opportunity.

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Ya see Mike… That’s where you’re wrong.. I got your message loud and clear but whether it’s ECE or IIW, you will never be good enough to take my titles. You have had a pretty good run of luck lately but trust me.. Anytime and any place, you can get what is coming to you.

‘The Beast’ PG-13: The only thing coming to me are those two titles you wear so proudly. I’ve made it my life’s mission to rid the wrestling world of the man known as Crush. Why do you think only your cousins and your wife can stand you? Our father abandoned you, Me and Jake despise you, and you have ZERO friends in IIW.

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: You’re right. I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and fractured friendships. Unlike you, I have NEVER claimed to be something i’m not. I’m a tough son of a bitch who will get his receipts and you are first on my list.

PG-13 starts to speak but ECE Co President Michael Hill grabs a microphone.

‘The ECE Co-President ‘ Michael Hill: Where the hell do you get off thinking you run shit around here? This man is a BEAST. He’s already left you laying, left your cousins laying, even left your buddies the BMFs laying. Then he walked into IIW and punked you out AGAIN. Yet, for some odd reason, you still think You can beat him.

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Oh, but I can. When It’s just ME and Mike, he doesn’t stand a chance. Which is why he enlists help in The Enterprise or Osh and his cronies, because He KNOWS… Deep down in that black heart of his, That one on one, He can’t touch me. That kills him.. it has since we were kids.

‘ECE Co-President’ Michael Hill: Well that time is coming, Crush.. Because PG here has a date for that IIW United Kingdom Title.. And if your other brother, Maniac, can’t get the job done at Sign of Victory, PG may just take your ECE Title, too!

Suddenly Michael Hill smiles as does PG.. The crowd boos as Crush lifts his head up with a sly smirk.

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Ya know Mr. Hill… As Co-President of Extreme Championship Entertainment, it is written in your contract that nobody on the ECE roster can lay their hands on you or they’re fired. Am I right?

‘ECE Co President’ Michael Hill: Exactly! Which is why you can’t touch me

‘The IIW United Kingdom Champion’ Crush: Well we aren’t exactly IN eCe right now….Are we?

Crush grabs Michael Hill by his shirt as Hill’s eyes bug out. PG-13 then hits a chop block on Crush’s leg. PG-13 and Michael Hill put the boots to Crush. Hill tells PG 13 to finish him as PG-13 lifts Crush up. He puts him on his shoulders for the Revelation but Crush rolls off his back. PG-13 turns around and Crush NAILS him with a Superkick. PG-13 falls backwards and out of the ring as Hill can’t believe it. The crowd is cheering as Hill starts to realize he is in the ring ALONE with Crush. Hill closes his eyes as he knows Crush is behind him as Crush squats down in the corner, waiting, stalking. Hill slowly turns around as Crush runs toward him and hits a HUGE BONE CRUSHER! Crush has laid out the Co-President of ECE! The crowd erupts as PG-13 pulls Hill out of the ring. Crush begs him to get back in the ring as KINGDOM hits again. Jessica Huttman tells crush to calm down as PG-13 is beside himself as he puts Hill on his shoulders and backs up the ramp. Crush screams “THIS AINT OVER” as he raises both of his Titles in the air and lets out a roar as we go to the next scene.

Uprising Championship Triple Threat Match
Ryan McCann vs Robert Ace vs El Landerson

El Landerson, Ryan McCann and Robert Ace are all in the ring awaiting the referee to ring the bell.

Mike Fisher- this ought to be a good one Scott. Im looking forward to seeing El Landerson in his first title defense since winning the Uprising Championship.

Scott James- This should be a good one Mike and the fans seem into it, let’s see if El can hang onto that newly minted Championship for just a little longer.

The referee rings the bell and immedietly Ryan McCann jumps all over Robert Ace, hitting him with lefts and rights sending him rocking into the corner. McCann turns around right into a flying crossbody from El Landerson who is caught in mid air and slammed straight to the mat with a sidewalk slam!

Mike Fisher- That rattled the ring! El landerson is writhing in pain as the crowd is cheering him on Scott!

Scott James- McCann might want to get himself focused back on the task at hand instead of feeling so overconfident already.

Robert Ace steps from the corner with a hard clothesline to the back and neck of McCann who tumbled to the mat. Ace picks him up and hits him with a vertical suplex followed instantly by a German suplex. Landerson drills Ace with a springboard moonsault and has him reeling. Landerson hits the ropes a drop kicks Ace in the back sending him down into the ropes.

Mike Fisher- well the fans here in Paris tonight seem to know what time it is!

Scott James- it’s time for the Landerson six one nine.

Landerson once again hits the ropes and runs toward Ace who is still perched on the middle rope and he hits him with the Landerson six one nine sending him back first nearly to the centre of the ring. Landerson is standing on the ring apron and attempts a flying crossbody and is caught by McCann who drills him with with the MyCanIze (power bomb into the top turnbuckle) sending Landerson to the mat who rolls outside the ring in a heap. McCann turns around right into Robert Ace who was waiting patiently. Ace grabs his arm and pulls him right into The Money Drop (End of Days) and hooks the leg for the cover!

Mike Fisher- We’re going to have a new champ Scott!






Scott James- I’ll be damned Mike we have a new Uprising Champion!! El Landerson tried to get into the ring to bust up the cover but he couldn’t get there in time!

Mike Fisher- Congrats to the new Champ Robert Ace

Standard Tag team match
The Bum Squad vs Supah Sound

Mike Fisher: Up next is the debut of the Tag team known as Supah Sound, a very young and physically imposing and high flying Team of Craig Johnson and Big V.

Scott James: Well they’ll have their hands full with The Bum Squad PC Mcgee and Stabby Joe two solid ring veterans that have given Teams a run for their money in the past.

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait long to find out if the new guys can make a name for themselves off The Bum Squad as that match is up next.

The Bum Squad waits in the ring towards their corner as they wait for their opponents.

Bitch Stop Lying by Gangsta Rap hits the speakers and Supah Sound comes behind the curtain. Craig raps the song to the ring and encourages the crowd to sing along while Big V is behind him.

Alice Goldier: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 666 lbs Craig Johnson and Big V I give you Supah Sound!!!!

They both enter the ring and pose.

The bell rings and Big V and Stabby Joe start things off for their teams, they circle each other before doing a test of strength as they inlock their fingers together and press palm to palm. Stabby Joe tries to push Big V into the corner but Big V holds his ground and uses his momentum to push Stabby Joe back into the corner and then performs a hip toss as he sends Stabby Joe to the another side of the ring.. Big V flexes as Stabby Joe gets back up and looks for a closeline but Big V side steps him and responds with a right hand to the face of Joe then ;lifts him up on his shoulders and hits a soman drop then hooks th elegs for a pin.



Mike Fisher: Big V has the strength of a semi truck.

Scott James: Well looks like thats not enough to get the win, so hes tagging the high flyer of the group.

Stabby Joe gets the shoulder up and Big V tags in Craig Johnson who jumps to the top of the turnbuckle and then Big V uses him like a spear as he throws him at Stabby Joe and spears him to the ground and hits a series of punches before getting up and bouncing off the ropes and hitting a leg drop across the chest of Joe. Craig then pics him up and throws him into the right corner of the turnbuckle and then follows up with a cross body splash in the corner but Joe catches him and then hits a running body slam and hooks the leg for the pin.




Mike Fisher: The Match was almost over for the debuting duo.

Craig kicksout and Joe tags in PC McGee whos runs in and hits one hell of a closeline on Criag that turns him inside out.

Scott James: Craig probably has no idea where hes at right now.

PC looks for a suplex but Craigh lands on his feet and hits a superkick that sends PC falling to the mat, Stabby joe comes in looking to intervene but Big V meets him with a thunderous spear that sends them both to the outside. Craigh heads to the top of the turnbuckle.

Mike Fisher: Craig looking 2 High to Fly, Bake Me A Pie.

He points to the sky and thenb launches himself and hits a beautiful Shooting star double foot stomp to the chest of PC and Craigh hooks both legs.




The bell rings and Big V enters the ring with Craig as they celebrate in the ring witht he fans cheering them on as they do a dance.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall Craig Johnson and Big V The Supah Sound

Mike Fisher: Impressive debut for Supah Sound in the tag team division.

Scott James: Agreed anytime you can come in and get a win over a veteran team you a threat right out the gate.

Supah Sound makes their way up the ramp as they hive five a few fans as they go to the back.

Shaun Hart sits behind a desk in his brand new General Manger office as Noah Frost sits back in other chair off to the side.

Shaun Hart: Yes Noah everything is finally as it should be in this company, we’ll not everything just yet but lucky enough that will be solved by the next PPV but first we to make sure we sell out the Crypto Center in Los Angles California.

Noah nods his head as he chews on some gum.

Shaun Hart: Bright lights, big names and big money awaits us when we make our United States debut in my city Los Angeles California and we are doing it big with the Elimination Chamber.

Shaun Hart smirks.

Shaun Hart: Now don’t worry Noah why you won’t be in this match, I’ll have something special for you for our big night in LA, I’m going to make that night so Hollywood Epic that every major network and media platform will be talking about IIW and all I have to do is sacrifice a few body’s in a Chamber for entertainment.

Shaun Hart sits back in his chair and puts his feet on the desk and lights up a Cuban Cigar.

Shaun Hart: It feels good to be the boss.

Shaun smriks as the camera fades out and returns back to the arena.

Hardcore Championship
Triple Threat Falls count anywhere Match
Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner vs Sean Raines vs Sebastian Hamilton ©

Mike Fisher – “This one promises to be nothing outside of insane. All three of these men are going into this one with purpose.”

Scott James – “They all want that Hardcore Title. Stoner hasn’t been back here very long, and is looking to add a title to his newest IIW run. Sean Raines, the former champion, is getting his shot at redemption as he tries to take back a title he lost only a few weeks ago. And Sebastian Hamilton, he is going to try and keep both of these men from walking out as new champions. Let’s not forget, he is a new champion and is proving tonight that beating Sean Raines was not a one time thing. He is here to prove he is the rightful Hardcore Champion.”

Fire it up blasts through the house speakers as Sean Raines makes as an appearance through the curtain following a shopping cart full of items. Raines is not dressed in his usual apparel, tonight dressed in jeans and a white Raines brother t-shirt. Raines hands covered in black tape, and his hair hanging loose over his shoulders. Raines stops on the ramp looking out at the crowd with a sinister smirk on his face. He then continues to push the cart towards ringside. Raines kneels up on the ring apron and pulls himself up, stopping one more time to look up towards the ceiling he climbs through the ropes into the ring.
Scott James: “Raines looks like he is on a mission.”

Mike Fisher: “You mean other than his general want to break people?”

The lights dim ever so slightly and “When the man comes down” by Robert J. Walsh hits the house speakers. Sebastian Hamilton steps out from behind the curtain dressed head to toe in formal attire consisting of a three piece suit, with tie and a long thick black tweed coat and just stops at the top of the ramp. Hamilton makes his way down the aisle, fixated on the ring and who the next victim of the Establishment is going to be. Sebastian steps methodically up the ring steps, climbs through the ropes removing the coat, undoing his tie and removing his shirt, waiting on the bell to ring.

Scott James: “The champion, Sebastian Hamilton. Mike, Sebastian comes into this thing as his first title defence. He defeated Sean Raines the last time these two met, but I don’t think either one was done. It should be a pretty good battle between these two tonight.”

Stoner’s music starts to hit as everyone’s attention changes towards the entrance ramp. A few moments pass, but no Stoner is seen entering the arena.

Scott James: “Where is Stoner? He does remember he has a match tonight doesn’t he?”

Mike Fisher: “We know he is in the arena, he is bound to show up somewhere,”

Sean Raines takes the opportunity to run at Sebastian Hamilton and tackle him to the ground, sitting up and leaning over him, hammering down right hook after right hook. Sebastian after a momentary daze flips Raines down to the mat and delivers his own set of right hands. Raines rolls away and the two men stand once again staring each other down in the ring. Both men are exchanging words, obvious that neither is going to back down from this fight. They lock up again, exchanging fists until Sebastian throws in a low blow kick, Raines falls to his knees. Sebastian throws a few more punches and whips Raines into the corner. Here comes Sebastian with a thunderous clothesline, slamming Raines into the corner.”

Mike Fisher: “He almost took his damn head off!”

Scott James: “We knew there was no love lost between these two, but I think we are only seeing the beginning of it.”

Raines now holding onto the top rope while taking a knee against them. Sebastian walks across and grab Raines by the back of the hair, he appears to have yelled something at him as his starts to pick him up. Raines capitalizes and uses his shoulder to flip Sebastian over the rope to the arena floor. Sebastian is hurt after crashing head first down onto the arena floor, he has his arms up holding his head as he rolls over in pain. Raines climbs out of the ring and down on onto the floor walking towards Sebastian.

Raines grabs Hamilton and stands him up, throwing a few fists as he continues to pick him up to his feet. Raines seeing a moment slams Sebastian’s head into the ring apron, not once but twice, he then tosses him head first into the metal ring steps. The steps divide on the impact of Sebastian’s head, both upper and lower sections go flying.

Raines is ready to get this thing going, he walks over to his shopping cart and pulls out a garbage can. Taking a moment to examine it he starts to make his way over to where Sebastian lay on the floor, but as he makes the corner Sebastian Hamilton crouches lying in wait and slams the garbage can with a chair, driving in back into the face of Sean Raines. Raines drops to the floor, dazed and not really sure what just happened. Raines lays still on the cold arena floor, trying to refocus the lights as the blood starts to pour out of the fresh wound on his forehead. Sebastian jumps in and starts sending lefts and rights into the bloody cranium of Sean Raines.

Mike Fisher: “That’s is, there is the blood. We knew it would happen when this type of match is in play.”

Scott James: “Not only the stipulations of this type of match, but both of these men want to leave here tonight with that IIW Hardcore Title. Only one can, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure it is them. But again I ask, where is Stoner? There are supposed to be three men in this match.”

Sebastian picks Raines up again, walking around the ring leading him by the back of the head. He tosses Raines head first into the shopping cart, sending him tumbling over the side of it as it tips over onto the arena floor. Weapons and items now scattered across the arena floor, Raines body almost broken lay across the tipped shopping cart. Sebastian kneeling on the outside mats, feeling the effects of the match. A falls count anywhere match means Sebastian can go for the cover, but he instead decides to grab something to beat on Raines a little more. Knowing Raines is laying across the cart and most of its contents, Sebastian grabs the ring apron and throws it up. He kneels down to look for something he can use, but out of nowhere a huge blast of powder comes tunneling towards his face as he looks under the ring. Sebastian temporarily blinded by the blast covers his eyes and tries to breathe through the mysterious cloud now around him. As he stumbles around trying to get some fresh air, Stoner climbs out from under the ring with fire extinguisher in hand. As he stands up he slams the fire extinguisher down onto the head of Sebastian Hamilton.

Scott James: “Stoner was waiting there the whole time! He was waiting for his opportunity to attack. Agree with the strategy or now, it was a good plan.”

Stoner continues to beat on Sebastian Hamilton, punches and kicks from every direction. On the other side of the ring, Raines has rolled off of the cart and is now kneeling and making his way to his feet. He is obviously hurting from the attack and is limping pretty badly.

Stoner grabs Sebastian by the neck with his right arm and quickly executes a snap suplex. Raines has dug a barbwire wrapped baseball bat out of his pile of destruction and is making his way back around the ring, unbeknown to Sebastian and Stoner. Stoner is one again picking up Sebastian after the snap suplex, and rolls him onto the commentator table. Stoner throws in another serious of punches on the Hamilton brother before rolling into the ring. Stoner goes into the corner and signals that he is going to head up top, before he can he is met by Sean Raines and that barbwire bat. Stoner gets slammed across the back and falls into the ring post. Raines swings wildly a few more times, Stoners back becoming pitted and bloody from the barbwire. Stoner get a moment and turns back around to face his attacker, throwing his back into the corner he picks up both legs and kicks the bat with both feet back into the chest of Sean Raines. Raines falls backwards from the impact, and Stoner takes the moment to climb to the top as he originally planned. Sebastian exhausted and hurt still lays across the commentator table. Stoner plans his footing getting ready to dive and he is surprised by Raines who pushes him off the corner, wildly and uncontrolled flying off the ring ropes landing across Sebastian Hamilton as the two crash through the table. Both men lay helpless and battered holding their ribs and arms. Raines smirks at the damage caused, he quickly climbs the ropes with everything he has left and dives with an elbow drop down onto both opponents lying on the broken table across the arena floor.

Mike Fisher: “Ok, seriously there has to be something seriously wrong in the head of Sean Raines. He just completely sacrificed his own body, and for what?”

Scott James: “Well it looked like it was to inflict more damage to both of his opponents, which I think he accomplished.”

Mike Fisher: “At the risk of self-injury?”

Scott James: “Mike I don’t think any of these guys has their own well-being on their mind during this thing. All they want to do is walk out of here as the Hardcore Champion.”

Stoner manages to crawl away from the wreckage, the freshest man in this battle but still feeling the effects of the damage caused in the match so far. Sebastian Hamilton starts to make his way to his feet, using the guardrail as leverage. After having both opponents crash down onto him through a table, he is pretty slow to his feet. The blood soaked Sean Raines starts to sit up as he tries to focus and get back to his feet. Stoner and Sebastian are the first to meet again face to face and start exchanging punches while backing their way up the ramp. Two two exchange punch after punch as they head towards the curtain. Stoner stumbles and trips on the curtain to give Sebastian the upper hand. Sebastian throws a few extra punches before grabbing a chair, but before he can deliver the chair shot Sean Raines catches up and the grabs the chair before tackling him to the ground. The two stumble around exchanging punches. The two are throwing punches at each other back and forth before Raines notices a catering table. He pushes Hamilton with all his strength, Sebastian takes a few steps back before regaining his footing and turns back towards Raines, at which point he is slammed across the head by a silver catering tray. Sebastian falls to the floor holding his head, Raines looks around but Stoner seems to have disappeared once again. With the lack of another opponent the bloody mess turns his attention back towards Sebastian Hamilton. Sebastian is using the wall as leverage to help stand himself up. He is obviously damaged and beaten, but the lack of quit is the only thing keeping him going at this point. Raines approaches and throws some right hooks into Sebastian’s ribs. Sebastian returns a few elbows himself at the head of the bloody and beaten Sean Raines. The slight screech of tires on the arena floor are enough to grab Raines’ attention, grabbing Sebastian by the head and hurling him towards the speeding golf cart driven by none other than Stoner. Hamilton slams off of the side of the golf cart, falling to the floor as Stoner steps out and 2×4 in hand, swings at the back of Sean Raines. Stoner goes for the cover on Raines.



Raines gets a shoulder up.

Scott James: “I don’t know how he has anything left in the take Mike.”

Mike Fisher: “He has the heart of a lion, but the brain of a stump if he keeps subjecting himself to this kind of beating. How do any of these guys have any fight left in them? We have seen these guys through just about everything at each other but nobody wants to admit defeat.”

Raines makes his way up onto one knee, he leans again a half wall to try and help get a steady footing before getting back up. Just above Raines back is a window into an arena office. As Stoner approaches he throws from punch down onto the kneeling Raines. The employee in the office walks towards the window to get a closer look that has now spilled into the inner halls of the arena. Stoner reaches down and grabs Raines by the hair, but as he starts to pick him up, Sebastian Hamilton comes out of nowhere and connects with a dropkick out of nowhere. Stoner is sent face first into the glass of the office window, cracking it but not putting it all the way through. Sebastian gets back to his feet as he picks up Raines by the hair. The sickening thud is heard across the room as Sebastian Hamilton is flipped over Raines back and through the broken window.

The camera changes to the curtain from perspective of the inside of the area main floor. Raines and Stoner are exchanging punches again as the two make their way down to the ring area again. Raines gets the upper hand as he whips Stoner into and over the separated sets of ring steps. His hip and shoulder crashes down onto the carnage left behind from earlier in the match. Raines picks up Stoner and slams him down with a DDT to the outside of the ring. With Stoner now down Raines goes for a cover.



Stoner gets a shoulder up, energy he pulled out of nowhere. He continues to lay there battered and beaten looking up at the arena lights. Raines reaches under the ring and pulls out a table, setting it up he makes his way over to the tipped shopping cart and pulls out a canvas bag. Raines notices Sebastian coming back through the curtain and tosses the bag onto the set up table. Raines, now turns his attention now towards the limping Sebastian Hamilton. Raines starts making his way up the ramp and is met by a huge right hand from Sebastian. Both men start exchanging punches once again, Raines bleeding pretty heavy from his forehead and Sebastian from going through the window. As the two continue to trade punches they are slowly making their way back towards ringside. Sebastian throws a punch into Raines’ throat stunning him for a moment, followed up by a kick in the stomach. As Raines bends over from the kick Sebastian pushes him into the metal barrier. Sebastian reaches through the metal barrier and up over the back of Raines’ neck. Pulling Raines down onto the metal railing, Sebastian starts to choke the life out of his opponent. As Raines chokes and struggles for air, Stoner is not back on his feet and making his way towards the pair carrying a glass container. As Sebastian continues to choke Raines, you can see the consciousness leaving the eyes of Sean Raines. Sebastian keeps hanging onto his hold as Stoner slowly walks up behind him. Stoner pauses for a moment before slamming the glass into the back of Sebastian Hamilton’s head. Blood instantly starts running out of the back of his head as Sebastian falls to the floor, his hands instantly covering the back of his now swelling head.

Mike Fisher: “Scott? Was that a bong? Did Stoner just try to knock his head off his shoulders with a bong?”

Stoner picks up Sebastian and starts dragging him back around the ring. Dropping him at ringside, Stoner picks up a chair and swings it down with as much force as he has left on to Sebastian’s beaten body. Stoner makes his way over to the table to retrieve the canvas bag Sean Raines tossed there earlier in the match.

Scott James: “If history has taught us anything, Sean Raines has a bag of tacks ready for that table.”

Just as Scott James is finishing his sentence, Stoner pours the contents of the canvas sack out onto the table.

Shards of broken pour glass onto the tables, covering the top with tiny pieces that shine in the light of the arena roof. Stoner heads back over to the shopping cart and pulls out a barbwire covered 2×4. He turns back towards Sebastian Hamilton and heads towards where he is laying. Stoner places the 2×4 on the ring apron and picks up Sebastian helping him to his feet. After driving down a couple heavy elbows Sebastian is rolled up onto the glass covered table. Before Stoner can make another move he is caught by a chair in the side of the head. Raines is back on his feet. Raines rolls Stoner into the ring, and turns back towards the motionless body of Sebastian Hamilton. Raines with a sadistic smirk walks back towards the shopping cart and grabs a bundle of barbwire. Looping the barbwire around the table, he secured Sebastian down to the glass covered table, bound by barbwire. Raines then picks something else up from the cart and rolls back into the ring. Stoner has begun making his way back to his feet and catches Raines off guard with a low kick, he then picks up the item Raines was carrying and just takes a moment to look at it shining in the lights. As the crowd notices the stapler they go crazy, the energy in the arena is insane. Stoner, standing over the now kneeling Sean Raines, pushes the stapler against his opponents head and looks out at the crowd. He then proceeds to slam four staples into the head of the already bloody Sean Raines. Raines grabs his forehead in pain as Stoner hammers down a few kicks to his side. Stoner grabs Raines by the head and starts to stand him up, the battered Raines is very unbalanced and struggles with standing up. Stoner now with the big man standing hooks him in a power bomb, but before he can lift Raines up he changes his own plan. Stoner makes his way to the corner with Raines and props him up on the top rope. A groggy Raines sits there as Stoner climbs the ropes and hooks up both of Sean Raines arms. Stoner starts to pry up Raines arms and goes for a double under hook power bomb off the top. But Raines finds enough clairvoyance to flip Stoner up on his shoulder, Stoner still gripping the double under hook and both men fall off the rope. The crash of the two bloody combatants crashing through the barbwire and Sebastian Hamilton on the table echoes through the building. An eerie silence spreads across the arena as the crowd can’t believe what they have just witnessed. All three men are in a bloody piled heap, broken table and strands of barbwire are everywhere as the crowd just looks on at the blood soaked battle in front of them.

Scott James: “I don’t know how they are going to do this, but one of these guys needs to get enough life back to pin someone else.”

Sean Raines lays on the mat bleeding heavily out of his head and a few slashes across his body from the barbwire. Stoner’s back still bleeding from earlier, now has fresh wounds added to the mix. His arms and chest bleeding from the table and wire. Sebastian Hamilton lays motionless. Blood running from all over his upper body from being strapped down with barbwire, his head now running with a fresh blood stream from the impact, his back shiny in the lights and covered in blood from the glass shards being driven in.

Stoner is the first to start moving after the destruction of the table fall. As he crawls away from the pile, Stoner starts heading for the shopping cart once again.
Mike Fisher: “We haven’t seen anything like this out of Stoner for a very long time.”

Scott James: “No we have not. Both Sebastian Hamilton and Sean Raines had stated that Stoner had been away from the game for a long time, and unsure if he still had it in him. But from what we have seen, I don’t think Stoner has even lost a step. He just hasn’t been given the opportunity, but here it is.”

Raines is back up onto his knees, holding the ring apron to balance himself. The crimson mask dripping onto his pants as he starts to lift himself back up. Stoner now digging in the cart. Sebastian, in surprise of everyone has started to shift, and is making his attempt to get back on his feet. Using the guardrail as leverage.
Stoner pulls a torch and some lighter fluid out of the shopping cart, laying it on the ring apron before going back to grab a spade shovel. Stoner picks up the shovel and looks at it with a demented stare. He grabs the handle and in one quick motion breaks the handle off over his knee, kicking the spade of the shovel aside. Now armed with the handle he heads towards Raines gets surprised as Stoner starts slamming him across the back with the wooden handle. Raines quickly drops back to his knees, bracing himself off the floor with his forearms.

Sebastian Hamilton is now rolling into the ring, at a much slower pace than normal. All three of the men are moving at reduced speeds, they all seem to be feeling the effects of the brutal match. Stoner, seeing Hamilton entering the ring decides to go for it. Before entering the ring Stoner turns towards and audience member, noticing the cigarette package in his shirt pocket, Stoner grabs the pack and opens it. Inside is half a pack of the left and a lighter tucked neatly into the empty right side. Stoner takes out the lighter and disposing of the package by tossing it into the ring.

As Stoner climbs up into the ring, he is greeted by a running tackle from Sebastian Hamilton. The lighter bouncing out of Stoner’s hand. Sebastian throws a series of rights as he gives everything left in the tank to try and stop Stoner in his tracks. Sean Raines now back to his feet once again is found pulling another table out from under the ring, as he starts to set it up on the arena floor Stoner and Sebastian are still battling it out, trading punches. A steel chair still sits on the ring mat, noticed by Sebastian he kicks Stoner low before grabbing his hair and landing a sit down face plant directly onto the chair. Sebastian stands back up looking down at Stoner and just shakes his head.

Scott James: “Sebastian Hamilton isn’t done here Mike. You can see the wheels turning about how to finish this thing.”

Sebastian Hamilton rolls Stoner over and goes for the cover




Mike Fisher: “Stoner kicks out! How did he muster the energy to kick out?”

Stoner grabs Sebastian hy the feet and trips him to the ground. The two are back at it exchanging punches. But, the quicker thinking Hamilton throws a low blow stopping Stoner in his attack.

Sean Raines can be seen pouring fluid all over the table he set up at ringside. Zippo lighter in one hand bottle of fluid in the other, he looks up to the fight happening in the ring.

Sebastian takes advantage of the situation, Stoner still bent over in pain. Sebastian grabs Stoner by the hair and back into the corner. He sits up on the top rope, leaving his feet securely in the second. Bringing in Stoner to set up a DDT, Sebastian hesitates for a moment to the reaction of the crowd. He reaches down and pulls Stoner up before jumping to his knees on top of the steel chair. Stoner’s body goes limp after the modified tombstone piledriver. Sebastian pretty proud of himself starts to stand back to his knees. As he gets back to standing, his back against the rope he doesn’t notice Raines standing on the ring apron, with the lighter in hand. Raines reaches out and grabs Sebastian’s shoulder, as he turns around Raines raises the lighter and spits the fluid through the open flame sending a fireball into the face of Sebastian Hamilton. Raines then tosses the still flaming Zippo down onto the table, which erupts into flames from the fluid that was soaked into it a minute earlier. Raines grabs Sebastian who is still holding his face, punches him in the stomach and hooks both arms as he bends towards the ropes. Raines picks up Sebastian, dragging him over the ropes and slamming him head first through the flaming table with the Rainmaker. Sean Raines, rolls over and puts an arm across Sebastian Hamilton.




Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner. And NEW IIW Hardcore Champion. Sean Raines!

Mike Fisher: “All three men battled it out with everything they had tonight Scott. From barbwire, to chairs, to bats to boards. They beat the living hell out of each other.”

Scott James: “That’s what made it dangerous Mike, none of these three know the definition of the word quit. Look at all of them, they are all cut and battered. It’s is going to take some time to heal from this one. They pulled out all the stops tonight.”

Raines struggles to get to his feet, grabbing the lighter off of the wreckage of the table. He grabs the cigarette package Stoner tossed to the corner earlier in the night and pulls out a cigarette. Placing it in his mouth, he uses the Zippo lighter to light it. Putting the lighter into his front pocket Raines holds the Hardcore Title high in the air with his right arm.

Stoner now pushed up onto his elbows, lying face down on the ring lifts his head to look over at Sean Raines. As the two men make eye contact, Sean Raines takes a puff of his cigarette and blowing the smoke into the arena air. An evil smirk shines across his face. Stoner now sitting up, just signals with a raise of his hands. As if to say well that was that. Raines grabs the cigarette package off the ring and tosses it in the ring next to Stoner. He then reaches into his pocket and tosses the lighter in as well. As Raines turns away he starts to limp his way up the ramp, blood soaked and barely walking.

Mike Fisher: “Was that a moment of respect between Stoner and Sean Raines?”

Scott James: “Well it wasn’t the first time these guys fought in this sort of match. I am willing to bet it won’t be the last either. There may be a bit of respect in there. Maybe not for the other person, but for what each bring to the division itself.”

An IIW camera comes to life backstage as it shows Anthony Phoenix warming up for his match. He stops all of sudden and looks at the crimson glove on his right hand. Phoenix flashes a sunister smilel as he makes a fist. While doing so Phoenix looks towards the camera and begins to speak.

AP: Madames y messieurs, tonight you will all be witness to the rebirth of the Hardcore Luchadore. Tonight, I will step forth from the flames and take my rightful place as one of the eternal Gods of the IIW. Tonight, you all will see the true Anthony Phoenix.

Phoenix stops as he raises his right hand and makes a fist with it. The scene fades out to the ring for the next match.

Standard Singles Match
Anthony Phoenix vs Caleb Scott

Lights go black as Ze Nigmar plays. Lights stay off as the song intro plays. Once the drums in the song start, a single beam of light from above the ring shoots to the stage as Caleb Scott rises from the floor through a ring of white smoke. Caleb stands there for a few seconds looking at the crowd before slowly walking to the ring as a short row of fire ignites on either side of the entrance ramp. As Caleb goes up the steps and into the ring, a single beam of light follows him the entire time.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 195lbs, from St. Cloud, MN I GIVE YOU CALEB SCOTT!!!!!

He stands in the middle of the ring, facing the camera, as the ring fills with smoke before the lights turn back on.

Mike Fisher; Caleb Scott made an impact in his in ring debut at Worlds Collide with a win over the big man Michael Hunter.

Scott James: Was a great win for him but now he has to take on another IIW veteran with a ton of accolades in this company Anthony Phoenix.

“Chrome Cartel” by begins to play as Anthony Phoenix walks out in his wrestling gear, his long black hair in a tight pony tail and dark shades on his face; a spotlight is shown on him. He takes a look around at the IIW universe and scowls.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 212lbs, from Salisbury, England I give you The Hardcore Aztec God ANTHONY PHOENIX!!!!!!

Phoenix then begins to walk deliberately towards the ring not even paying attention to the fans in attendance, staying laser focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and makes a b-line to the center of the ring. Phoenix raises his arms and holds them up in an ‘X’ symbol with his fists closed.

As the music fades, Phoenix starts to prepare for the match.

Mike Fisher: Phoenix looks ready to go in this one as he looks to get back on track after a few bad matches.

Scott James: Well one thing we know about Phoenix you cant keep him down for long, and I bet he will give Caleb Scott one hell of a fight.

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait to find out because the match is ready to begin.

As the bell rings the two circle each other slowly. Phoenix eems unafraid of Calebs frightening appearance and nature. He proves this by charging in and laying the wood to Scott right out the gate! He backs him up to the ropes and keeps throwing punches until the ref reaches a count of four! Phoenix whips him into the ropes and levels him with a sling blade as he comes back. Phoenix s on fire as he bounces off the ropes and nails a moonsault . He stands to raise his arms to the crowd…AND Caleb SITS UP!!

Mike Fisher: Caleb didn’t need a lot to win his last match, but the Phoenix s a lot different than Hunter.

Scott James: But not as creepy.

Mike Fisher: Something like that, yeah.

Caleb gets up and waits for Phoenix to turn around before he lays him out with a big throat thrust! Phoenix s up quickly but Scott stays on him, raining punches and knee strikes onto the other man until he is in a corner. Caleb rabs onto the top rope and begins raining down hard right hands until Phoenix s driven into a seated position. Caleb then sets to stomping a mudhole into Phoenix!!

Mike Fisher: Phoenix looks like he’s in trouble now.

Scott James: Looks like Caleb trying to stomp him through the mat.

Caleb then backs up to the opposite corner and charges in, all but crushing Phoenix ead with a running knee strike! He then lifts him up and with a grunt of effort he launches Phoenix rom the corner with a belly to belly suplex!! Caleb stalks Phoenix s he slowly gets to his feet. As he stands its on rubber legs but he has his dukes up! He turns unsteadily only to get his throat snatches by Hendrix and..CHOKESLAM! Caleb goes for the pin!



TH–NO! Phoenix icks out! Caleb stares down at him but pays it no mind as he pulls Phoenix up with him..but Phoenix breaks free! He begins laying the wood intoScott , whipping him into the ropes..SPINEBUSTER!! Phoenix NAILS SCOTT SPINE ON THE PINE!! Phoenix then bounces off the ropes and hits a standing shooting star press and then a standing double foot stomp to the chest. Phoenix then climbs up the turnbuckle and points to the sky and then launches himself at Scott as he hits El Sapo Mas Fuerte.

Mike Fisher: Look at the height Phoenix got with that Five Star frog splash.

Scott James: Has to be over with.

Phoenix hooks both legs as the referee gets in position.




Mike Fisher: Phoenix with a great bounce back win this week on Mayhem, my god that was impressive.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall Anthony Phoenix!!!!

Phoenix stands on the top turnbuckle and poses in front of the fans.

Scott James: Caleb Scott looked great despite that lose, he came in against a former Television Champion and made Phoenix have to push his limit tonight.

Caleb Scott walks up the ramp but looks back at a celebrating Phoenix in the ring with disgust before heading to the back.

Standard Singles Match
John Cavanagh vs Curtis

A guitar chord is heard followed by a voice “Behold the Kings. The King of Kings.” Lights begin to flicker with the music “on your knees, dog”. At the 0:13 mark, out from the darkness of the tunnel emerges the “One Man Dynasty” John Cavanagh in a hooded black robe with green trim, he heads down towards the ring accompanied by his valet Shannon Riley who is wearing a tight fitting and revealing dress. The two walk to the ring arm and arm they ignore the fans and Cavanagh trash talks to the camera. They reach the ring and Cavanagh walks up the steps, outstretches his hand for his valet who carefully walks up the steel steps. Cavanagh grabs the middle rope and raises it while simultaneously pushing the bottom rope down with the foot allowing Shannon to easily enter without revealing anything much to the chagrin of the men in the front row. Cavanagh steps into the ring and outstretches his arms as Shannon grabs him from the side. Shannon takes his robe off as Cavanagh helps her out of the ring. Cavanagh turns his view to the inside of the ring as he prepares for the match.

Scott – As always Cavanagh looks calm, cool and collected.

Mike – Always ready for a war. A truly frightening man

“Faith” by Limp Bizkit hits the PA system as Curtis steps out onto the ramp. He walks to the center of the stage and falls to his knees with his arms outstretched. He looks around the arena as the fans boo him. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp Curtis jumps to his feet with a huge smile on his face and begins making his was down the ramp. He high-fives the fans that are cheering for him and pays no attention to the ones booing. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet off before stepping through the ropes.

Mike – Oh its time.

Scott – Look at that smug look on Curtis’s face.

Mike – I believe that’s just a smile.

Scott – There is more to it than that.

Both John Cavanagh and Curtis are standing across the ring from each other as the ref calls for the bell. Curtis walks to the middle of the ring extending his hand and says “Good luck Mr Cavanagh may the best man win.”

Mike – Curtis looking to start things off with a bit of sportsmanship here Scott.

Scott – That’s a bad idea. Cavanagh won’t respond well to that.

Mike – Never say never.

John Cavanagh smiles and walks to the center of the ring where Curtis is standing. He looks at his hand then smacks Curtis in the face.

Scott – Never

Cavanagh stays on Curtis and immediately locks up with him. Cavanagh spins into a side headlock. He holds his first high in the air and begins punching the head of Curtis. Curtis uses his arms to lush himself free. Curtis stumbles back holding his head but Cavanaugh comes firing across the ring hitting a huge clothesline. Curtis goes down hard, Johnnie laughs and begins yelling at Curtis for being a bitch. Cavanagh leans down, grabbing Curtis by the hair and standing him up then spinning him around. John grabs Curtis around the waist and lifts him up, hitting a German Suplex. John laughs again holding up 1 finger. Cavanagh bends down picking up Curtis and grabs him again, hitting a German Suplex. Cavanagh holds up 2 fingers and makes the pin. The ref slides down and makes the count.

Scott – Cavanagh looks like a man possessed.

Mike – He said Curtis was what’s wrong with society so he must be trying to send a message here tonight.


Scott – Curtis has some fight left in him.

Mike – There is no quit in that boy.

John Cavanagh gets up looking mad. He kicks Curtis hard in the stomach then rolls him out onto the ring apron. Cavanagh turns and begins to yell at the ref saying next time you count three. Curtis is slowly getting to his feet. Cavanagh turns back around he notices and charges attempting to punch Curtis. Curtis leans back avoiding the punch then uses the middle ropes to drive his shoulder into the gut of Cavanagh. John staggers back a few steps. Curtis grabs the top rope and jumps onto it using it to spring into the air delivering a forearm to the head of Cavanagh. Cavanagh drops to a knee but stays up.

Mike – How is John Cavanagh able to stay standing?

Scott – He dropped to a knee.

Mike – After a shot like that he should be out cold.

Cavanagh holds his left arm up flipping off Curtis and yells that all you got bitch. Curtis runs to the corner of the ring hitting it with his back and runs at the kneeling Cavanagh and drives his knee into the chin and chest of Cavanagh knocking him to the mat. Curtis flips his hair back and drops down locking in a crossface. Cavanagh yells out and immediately starts using his free hand to try and break Curtis’s hold on his chin. Curtis screams and leans back further. The ref asks Cavanagh if he gives up and Cavanagh spits.

Scott – That ref must not know who Cavanagh is.

Mike – Does he know how to tap out?

Scott – I don’t think either one of these men will ever give up.

Cavanaugh begins digging his feet into the mat and slowly starts pushing himself towards the ropes. Curtis is cranking back on Cavanaghs neck but Cavanagh reaches out with everything he has and grabs the bottom rope. Curtis immediately breaks the hold and stands up. Curtis is nodding then grabs the back to Cavanaghs head and drags him to the corners and lays him on the bottom turnbuckle. Curtis runs across the ring then directly at Cavanagh jumping and hitting a bronco buster. Curtis bounces 5 times before stepping off. Curtis stands up and sees a child at ring side. Curtis rolls under the bottom rope and walks over to the fan and high fives him. Curtis turns and poses for a picture with the child. Curtis fist bumps the child and turns back to get into the ring but John Cavanagh crashes down on top of him causing Curtis to crumble to the floor. Both men are down on the outside. The ref begins to count.


Cavanagh is beginning to stir. Curtis is still down.

Cavanagh gets up to a crawling position and reaches for the ring apron. Curtis has rolled onto his stomach and is reaching for the ringside barrier.


Cavanaugh gets to his feet and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope breaking the count. He then immediately rolls back out. He walks over to a now standing Curtis and hits him with a huge right hand. Curtis falls back against the barrier then fires back with a right of his own. Cavanagh returns the favor and both men throw hands like wildfire.

Mike – How are they standing?

Scott – No idea at all.

Cavanagh grabs the back of Curtis’s head and runs him into the ring apron then rolls him into the ring. Cavanagh rolls under the bottom rope and picks up Curtis. Cavanagh grabs Curtis and lifts him up for a powerbomb but Curtis drives a fist to the top of Cavanaghs head and sides out. Curtis kicks Cavanagh in the stomach and hits the V bomb. Curtis gets to the corner and climbs up. He takes each index finger and points to mouth showing a huge smile and he jumps off dropping a huge elbow on Cavanagh. Curtis makes the pin. The ref slides down to make the count.


Curtis jumps up, throwing his hands in the air.

Scott – Curtis actually did it. He beat John Cavanagh.

Mike – What a battle we saw tonight. Both men left it all in the ring. What a match.

Co Main Event
IIW Women’s Championship
Fatal Five Way
Denise Dimarco vs Hix vs Alessia “Domina” Capelleo vs Aaliyah Landerson vs Ada Pierce

Mike Fisher: Up next is our Co- Main Event for tonight but I’ve been told by Shaun Hart this match will be changing from a fatal five way to a singles match between Aaliyah Landerson and Latoya Hixx for the IIW Women’s Championship.

Scott James: What!? What’s going on Mike?

Mike Fisher: We’ll Shaun says the three other ladies had trouble with their flight and never made it here tonight but we promised the fans a Womens Championship match and we are going to get just that.

Scott James: Well as they say card subject to change and now we know either Latoya Hixx or Aaliyah Landerson will become the new IIW Womens Champion and that’s up next.

when the lights go out and saw some green and yellow lights flashes on in off they heard Rise From The Ashes hit’s and she removes her face mask off her face and starts yelling on stage and she walks straight down towards the ramp in gets on top of the ringside and pose with three fingers across her face and gets inside of the ring and raise her three fingers again and gets down and takes off her fear mask of her shoulder and lays it down at ringside and prepare for her opponent arrival Rise From The Ashes burst the P.A she comes out wearing a Championship around her waist and she wears a Fear Mask on her actual face and she removes it around her face and lays it onto her shoulder.

Alice Goldier: Making her way to the ring, she weighs in at 120lbs, from Dallas, Texas I give you Latoya Hixx!!!!

She heads straight down to the ring and climbs on the ringside and pose three fingers across her face and retrieve the Championship off her waist and hold it in the mid air and hands it to the Ref and waits for her opponent arrives

Mike Fisher: definitely looks focused tonight, could be looking at the next Women’s Champion.

When Vengo Por Ti hit’s she walks out on stage wearing a pink and black stripes with a hoodie and down on one knee and prays. she gets up and points to the Fans in Pyro fireworks burst open and switch to the other side of the stage in does the same thing in after she was done she slowly walks down the ramp in slaps some little kids high fives and she smooches in the kids and stares at the kid in hands her fake Luchdor Mask to her and heads.

Alice Goldier: Making her way to the ring, she weighs in at 114lbs from San Diego California I give you : Aaliyah Landerson!!!!

A straight towards the ring and hops on the turnbuckle and pose both fingers in mid air and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing mid finger in the air in he gets down and wait for her Opponent arrive. Feel free to include a championship entrance as well Feel free to include a championship entrance as well!

Mike Fisher: She looks ready to capture gold just like her father did at Worlds Collide.

The referee raises the IIW Women’s Championship in the air as the two
Lady stare off in the middle of the ring, the referee hands the belt down to Alice Goldier who places it on a podium and The ref calls for the bell. Landerson smiles and winks in the direction of Latoya Hixx. Hixx looks mad and runs across the ring jumping and hitting a drop kick sending Landerson hard into the corner. Hixx grabs the top rope and starts laying kicks into Landerson . Hixx leans down and grabs the hair of Landerson standing her up. Hixx locks up with Landerson hitting a beautiful hip toss. Hixx then immediately makes the cover. Landerson kicks out before the ref can even begin the count.

Mike Fisher: Far to early for a pin count.

Scott James: Hixx thought she could put it away fast here but thought wrong.

Hixx stands up leaning down to grab Landerson but Landerson hits a head but . Hixx stumbles back a bit as Landerson gets to her feet. Landerson catches Hixx with an elbow and follows it with another. Landerson grabs the wrist of hixx and sends her across the ring into the ropes. Hixx is coming back across the ring and Landerson leans down and sends Hixx high into the air with a back body drop. Hixx hits the mat hard, Landerson runs over and drops a quick elbow onto Hixx.

Mike Fisher: Landerson is on fire right now.

Scott James: That pin attempt really upset her.

Landerson grabs the arm of Hixx and locks in an arm bar. Hixx grabs her shoulder screaming. The ref slides down asking if she gives up but she shakes her head no. Landerson is really pulling Hixx’s arm but Hixx refuses to give up. Hixx uses her other arm and legs to slowly move herself across the ring. She is reaching for the bottom rope and finally grabs it. The ref calls for the hold to be broken.

Mike Fisher: Great ring awareness right there.

Landerson finally breaks the hold. Hixx rolls under the bottom rope onto the apron. Landerson jumps to her feet, grabs the top rope and kicks Hixx to the outside. Landerson follows her to the outside of the ring. Landerson grabs the hair of Hixx standing her up. Landerson goes for a whip into the stairs but Hixx reverses it, sending Landerson hard into the stairs. Landerson flips over the stands landing hard on the other side. Hixx rolls back into the ring to catch her breath.

Mike Fisher: Latoya turned the tables quickly there.

Scott James: She needed to do something.

Landerson s slowly getting to her feet outside the ring. Hixx runs diving over the top rope flipping landing directly onto Landerson . Both women crash to the floor. Hixx gets up fast picking up Landerson and rolling her back into the ring. Hixx slides in and makes a cover. The ref slides down to make the count.

1… 2… KICKOUT!

Hixx looks up in disgust.

Mike Fisher: That was close. We was just one count away from a New IIW Womens Champion.

Hixx stands up shaking her head. She leans down picking up Landerson off the mat. Hixx locks up with Landerson then spins out taking Landerson back. Hixx goes for a German Suplex but Landerson rops her weight stopping the move. Hixx tries to get a better grip and hit the suplex again but once more Landerson drops her weight not allowing it. Landerson rolls out of Hixxs grip grabs Hixx across the throat dripping back hitting a flatliner. Both woman are down on the mat. Both woman kick to to their feet. Landerson miles and holds her hands up calling for a test of strength. Hixx grabs her hands and Both women go shoulder to shoulder trying to win the test of strength. Landerson pushes Hixx back a few steps but Hixx digs her toes into the ring and pushes Landerson back. Hixx manages to slide Landerson head under her arm hitting a DDT. Hixx quickly runs to the corner and climbs the ropes. She jumps off looking for a leg drop but Landerson rolls out of the way and hits Hixx with a super kick and then hits a roll up pin.




The bell rings and Aaliyah Landerson
looks overjoyed as she jumps up and down as a shock Hixx looks on with a shocked look as the referee raises her hand in the air and puts the IIW Womens Championship around her waist.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner and new IIW Womens Champion, Aaliyah Landerson!!!!

Main Event
International Championship
Ladder Match
Justin York vs Fenix vs Liam Cain ©

One for the Money’ by Escape the Fate blares throughout the arena as Justin York steps out onto the stage with his wife and only a spotlight shines on them as they kiss at the top of the ramp and make their way to ringside arm in arm. Upon reaching the ringside area Justin hops up and holds the ropes open for his wife to step into the ring. He Hops over the ropes and poses in the nearest turnbuckle giving the middle finger to the fans who are relentlessly booing him! He walks back the centre of the ring and kisses his wife and escorts her outside the ring and awaits his opponents.

Jason Fenix nonchalantly makes his way to ringside area and hops into the ring.

The Duel by Michael Ramir C plays throughout the arena as Liam Cain steps out from behind the curtain and the crowd erupts into cheers.

Mike Fisher- The roof just about came off this place when Liam stepped out from behind the curtain.

Scott James- These people sure do seem to love the International Champion don’t they?

Liam Cain is now in the ring with York and Fenix. The ring is surrounded by Ladders and the International Championship is strung high high above the ring. The referee rings the bell and immedietly Cain runs right towards York and hits him with a powerful clothesline right into the turnbuckles knocking him for he mat which pops the crowd! Liam turns around to Fenix who is running straight toward him, He ducks the attempted flying elbow by Fenix who goes crashing right into the turnbuckles. Cain takes advantage and runs to the opposite corner and all the way back crushing Fenix with a clothesline into the same corner he did York. Liam hypes the crowd.

Mike Fisher- Liam Cain is on fire here tonight, is anything going to stop him?

Scott James- it’s quite early still Mike but admittedly he is looking really good and the crowd is loving every second of it!

Liam makes his way over to York who is laying on the mat and goes to pick him up but York kicks him square in the face sending him reeling back. York jumps to his feet quickly and throws a spinning heel kick to the face of Liam Cain which is ducked and then Cain attempts a Double Aught (Discus Lariat) which is ducked by York who then connects with a perfect spinning heel kick putting Cain on the mat.

Mike Fisher- The crowd even had to applaud that little chain of moves!

Scott James- nobody notices Fenix bringing a ladder into the ring already.

Fenix slides a ladder into the ring and crawls in shortly after and he and York begin to toss right hands back and forth at each other until York gets the better of the situation and rebounds off the near ropes and Fenix hits hik with a back body drop directly onto the ladder!!

Mike Fisher- York is writhing in pain after that hard landing on the ladder!

Scott James- Yea that certainly didn’t look like it felt very good Mike!

York rolls out of the ring and leaves Fenix and The now rising Cain to face off in the ring. Cain smiles and motions Fenix to hit him and he does which is responded with a few forearm smashes from Liam which send Fenix back a few steps. Liam grabs him and positions him for a DDT right on top of the ladder and he connects!!!!

Mike Fisher- HOLY SHIT!!! Liam Cain just dropped Fenix head first onto the ladder! This is unbelievable!

Scott James- The forehead of Fenix has been split wide open!!

Liam throw the lifeless body f Fenix off the ladder and picks it up to begin setting it up. Justin York comes flying into the ring with a springboard dropkick into the half setup ladder which cracks Liam right in the face sending him back to the ropes. Justin quickly kips up and connects with a flying crossbody to Cain taking them both outside the ring. Cain somehow ended up on top of York and is laying heavy right hands on him before standing up and awaiting him to get to his feet. Once York arrives to his feet Cain drills him with a boot to the face sending him to the protective padding outside the ring. Fenix cokes flying out of the ring crashing into Liam Cain and both men fall down on top of and beside York on the floor.

Mike Fisher- well I guess Fenix has some life left after all doesn’t he!?

Scott James- it appears that way doesn’t it Mike? He obviously wants to take the Championship home and has no issue putting his body in the line!

Fenix gets back to his feet and throws a second ladder into the ring and slides in behind it. He sets up both ladders, one near the corner and the other in the centre or the ring underneath each the International Championship. Cain slides into the ring and is met by a drop kick from Fenix sending him to the canvas. York slides into the ring as Fenix is climbing the third rung of the ladder and hooks him for the Casino Crusher (Reverse Flip GTS) and drills him with it sending him to the canvas in a heap. Stacey slides the title in the ring and Justin picks it up and drives Liam Cain square in the face sending him once again to the canvas and this time he is motionless. York begins his way up the ladder for the title.

Mike Fisher- York is on his way up the ladder with both opponents down and out.

Scott James- He may wanna pay closer attention to Fenix as he is scaling the ladder opposite from him.

York reaches for the International title but is interrupted by Fenix who jumps from one ladder to the other taking Justin York off the top of the ladder with a spear all the way down to the mat below. The crowd immediately chants HOLY SHIT!

Mike Fisher- Justin York may be dead after that move!

Scott James- He certainly isn’t moving currently Mike but neither is Fenix!

York rolls to the outside of the ring and lays on the floor while Liam Cain goes to the outside for a table and slides it into the ring and also grabs a chair as well before pandering tot the crowd and jumping back into the ring. Cain sets up the table in the corner against the turnbuckles and awaits Fenix to arrive back on his feet. Cain swings the chair toward Fenix’s head very violently and very quickly but it’s avoided. Fenix kicks Cain in the gut which makes him drop the chair and he attempts a DDT which is also reversed by Cain and sets Fenix up for a powerbomb into the table which has been set against the turnbuckles.

Mike Fisher= This could spell the end for Fenix Scott.

Scott James- If Cain powerbomb him through that table I don’t see anyone stopping hom from scaling that ladder and retaining his IIW International Championship.

Fenix reverses the powerbomb with a hurricanrana and sends Cain crashing through the table that is perched in the corner. Fenix. Then picks up the same steel chair that was about to be used on him and lays a few good shots on the downed Cain forcing him to roll outside of the ring.

Mike Fisher- It’s all up to Fenix now all he has to do is climb.

Scott James- There is nobody to stop him from winning this Championship match. I’m sure the crowd will be happy that anybody besides York picked up the victory this evening.

Fenix has made it nearly half way up the ladder and is inching closer rung by rung to the the title that is suspended high above the ring. Upon reaching the top two rungs of the ladder we see Justin York springboards on to the middle section of the ladder and begins quickly scaling to the top to meet Fenix. Upon reaching the top the two men begin to trade right hands and Fenix begins to get the better of the situation with a few short elbow strikes. York takes a few steps down the ladder and Fenix begins reaching for the tittle which he now has in his hands.

Mike Fisher- We may have a new Champion right here in a matter of seconds Scott.

Scott James- Much like its looked all night to this point, it’s seemingly going to be Fenix picking up the win here this evening.

York quickly scales back up the ladder aand grabs ahold of the title that Fenix has a grip on with his left han and begins pitching right hand bombs to Fenix which he eats and continues his grip and pull on the Intrnational championship.

Mike Fisher- The title has come dislodged from where it hangs above the ring!!!!!

Scott James- Itt’s merely a matter of who lets go of that title first now Mike!!!!!!

Fenix and York both are pulling the title when Fenix decides to throw a head but at York which rocks him a little bit. Fenix notices that it was effective and attempts to drive him with a second headbutt but he is countered quickly by a kick to the face from York!

Mike Fisher- What a display of flexibility to even get his leg over the ladder to Fenix’s face.

York notices that the bloody and battered Fenix is nearing the end and he grabs him by the hair and begins to smash his face off of the ladder leaving blood all over the top of it. Finally York musters up one more kick to the face of Fenix and this time he falls directly off the ladder to the mat beloand relinquishing his grasp on the Championship!!

Mike Fisher- Justin York is left standing atop the ladder and he has the IIW International Championship in his hands!!

Scott James- He certainly did it Mike didn’t he? He’s been saying all week he would get the job done but now he’s really done it! I think it’s all starting to set in for him up there!

Stacey York enters the ring and stands next to the ladder that her husband is on top of and applauds him and his effort to win the Championship while the crowd tries to boo them practically out of the building!


Justin York sits atop the Ladder with the IIW International Championship in his hands. He has tears in his eyes as he clutches the gold.

York’s attention diverts toward the top of the ramp where the rest of The Welcoming Committee emerges led by Shaun Hart followed by Chris Page, Bam Miller, and Fred Debonair. All four men applauded the efforts of the new International Champion. Justin York climbs down the Ladder with the Title in his hands as The Welcoming Committee walks toward the ring. Fred has his Tag Title, Page has his tag title, Bam has his brick, and Shaun has a shit-eating grin the size of the United Kingdom.

Chris Page is the first to climb into the ring where he stands opposite York as the two engage in a stare down of sorts before Chris throws his arms out and the two hug it out!

Chris raises the arm of Justin York in the air as he is joined by Shaun, Bam, and Fred. Shaun takes the other arm of York and raises it in the air. We see Bam take the International Title as he places it around the waist of York while the crowd erupts with massive boos. Chris and Shaun lower the arms of Justin York as we see Bam and Fred hoist York up on their shoulders. Pyro starts exploding at the top of the ramp as massive amounts of confetti start falling from the rafters.

Tonight, has been the first night of many that you have been welcomed to the new era by YOUR Welcoming Committee, and that’s NOT entertainment.

The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out to a pop from the crowd as he hold up the IIW World Championship. He walks down the ramp and then climbs up the ring steps, n. He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his arms in the air, and along with the Championship the crowd cheering in response.

Mike Fisher: Russell Wayne enjoying his moment as new IIW World Champion.

Scott James: He earned it at Worlds Collide and now it’s his ear it’s Waynes World now.

Wow…it’s still not real…

Russell looks at the IIW World Championship in his hand.

Ever since I made my entrance into IIW a little over a year ago, it’s been nothing but a whirlwind. I won the Keys 2 Success match, I lost to Scotty and he got the World Title shot I deserved, I then was in the first War Games match where I did everything I could to win until it was thrown by Osh’s nephew, hit Hawkins so hard it changed his gimmick, lost to Curtis but truly gained a friend in the end. 

Yes Curtis, I may be different now but you’re still my friend…I just have some business to take care of with your Dad right now. 

Curtis and I won the IIW Tag Team titles together and I went on an eight month win streak where I also won the United Kingdom title and the International Title. I also killed a few…I mean…had a few tragic, unavoidable workplace accidents…lets have a moment of silence for all of the little people I had to kill to get here.

Russell goes quiet for a moment but the crowd is simply cheering.

Then, finally, I got the shot I deserved in a match I have never lost, a ladder match. Jonny, Bam, and I…going at it full tilt. Something changed for me that match though. I was hit so hard by Bam that my positive side and my psychotic, negative side completely separated into two distinct people within myself. However, thanks to Jonny…I am back baby!

Russell holds the IIW World Championship in the air to the roar of the crowd.

I really do have so many people to thank for this but right now I will just get to two. Curtis, my friend, you taught me so much and I’m sorry you feel betrayed right now but judging from what you’ve said to Cav…and what you did to him earlier tonight…I think I’ve rubbed off on you a bit. Good work on getting the job done. I do want to thank you though for everything you did, the amount of blood we’ve shed together, the people we’ve defeated. We’re the best tag team in IIW history and maybe sometime in the future we will be again…still need a rematch to get our tag titles back anyways.

Jonny…you and I have made each other shed buckets of blood…but dammit I respect the hell out of you and now we have a common enemy in place with these XWF idiots showing up at the end of our match. Looks like we get to shed blood together again. Let’s make it happen and hopefully we can give these people the same send off we did with The Commander. I’ve got your back.

Last but not least, you….the IIW Universe…you’ve always been by my side and I remember all throughout the last year everyone asking me, “Why haven’t you received a title shot yet?!” Well, that answer is simple…I don’t ask for anything, I earn it. I don’t go barging in to Bob or Jenny or, now, Osh’s office demanding title matches. I don’t whine bitch and moan because I haven’t been given what I deserve. Day in and day out I come out here, the last great gladiator, and show why I deserve this! Why I deserve to be the first IIW superstar of the new era to hold this most prestigious title and dammit I’m a fighting champion! I know now that I have a huge target on my back, obviously, but it is my goal to be the best IIW World Champion in history! All of these superstars who are going to earn the right to come at me for my title in the Elimination Chamber match I have just two things to say to you.

When you’re in that chamber with me just remember…I’m not stuck in there with you…you’re stuck in there with me!

Lastly, do you think you can handle it? 

Mike Fisher: A strong message from The World Champion to anyone that might be involved in the Elimination Chamber.

Scott James: Russell Wayne letting them know he does not fear the Chamber he embraces it.

Mike Fisher: That he does but that’s all the time we have for tonight, see you next week for a another epic Monday Night Mayhem as we find out who enters the Chamber with Russell Wayne.

Thank You
Russell Wayne
Sean Raines
Justin York
Chris Page