Mayhem 11th July


The crowd settles down as the opening package for Mayhem has completed when suddenly…

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The crowd erupts with boos as Shaun Hart emerges out to the top of the ramp in a fire red suit flashing his three-million-dollar smile before holding up one finger on his left hand and motioning toward the curtain with his right hand. The asshole chant starts to pick up as we see walking out to the top of the ramp is the Number One Contender for the IIW World Heavyweight Championship, and one-half of the IIW World Tag Team Champions, Chris Page. Shaun applauds as Chris stands at the top of the ramp with his tag title over his right shoulder. He’s dressed in a charcoal grey three-piece suit with a white button-down. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and black shades cover his eyes.

Chris Page and Shaun Hart start to make the walk toward the ring.

The crowd is all over them every step of the way as the duo reaches ringside. Shaun climbs up on the apron while Chris makes his way up the steel steps where Shaun sits on the middle rope and hoists up the top rope for CCP to step through the ropes and into the squared circle under a single spotlight followed by Shaun Hart. Shaun struts ass across the ring calling for a microphone while Chris takes his rightful place center ring.

Shaun brings Page the microphone and hands it over as the music fades away leaving massive boos from the crowd that breaks into a “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chant directed toward the ring. Chris hands his tag title over to Shaun as he slowly removes his shades, exposing his cold blue eyes to the hard camera while raising the microphone to address the crowd.

CHRIS PAGE: I wish I could say that any of your views or opinions matter, but I’d be lying.

The crowd breaks out into boos as Chris simply talks over them.

CHRIS PAGE: The harsh truth is that right now you all have your eyes locked on your future IIW World Heavyweight Champion… the only question that is unanswered rests with who I am beating for it.

Shaun laughs obnoxiously as the crowd’s boos only seem to get louder.

CHRIS PAGE: Ya know two weeks ago, Shaun, Justin, Fred, Bam, and I all stood in this ring, and we told you all that in order to get to that top tier within the IIW pecking order that road runs through The Welcoming Committee. Late on that same night Justin York officially took claim to the IIW International Championship to go right alongside the IIW Tag Titles.

Chris takes a moment before he continues on as the crowd finally quiets down.

CHRIS PAGE: The movement has already begun and the movement is going to continue because effective right now the Welcoming Committee has officially claimed FREEBIRD RULE when it comes to the Tag Titles!

The crowd immediately erupts with boos once more as Chris talks over them.

CHRIS PAGE: What that means is any members of the Welcoming Committee can defend these straps. It could be me and York, me and Fred, me and Bam, or any combination of the mentioned. We are not going to stop tearing through this federation until we’ve collected ALL the gold!

Chris passes the microphone over to Shaun Hart.

Shaun Hart: As The Iconic Chris Page said business for IIW is doing damn good under my guidance. Since being GM of Monday Night Mayhem I’ve created more buzz across the world and have us trending on Social Media. I’ve taken the necessary steps that Bob and Jenny never have the balls to do!!!

The fans boos Shaun Hart who just smirks before putting a finger to his lips and telling the fans to shush.

Shaun Hart: How dare you people of Turin Italy boo me! I’m the one that got Monday Night Mayhem on the road and in the air to travel and to be able to come here and show you, people, what Intense Sports Entertainment looks like. We are the very best promotion in the business today and you can roll your eyes at me and mention Level Up Wrestling, The XWF, or hell even IWF or Cult for all I care but they don’t measure up because they don’t have me or the Welcoming Committee!

Shaun smirks.

Shaun Hart: We’ve been running things for a long time behind the curtain but now with us at the front of this new era it’s time to put our stamp on it and I will do that on August 9th in my hometown of Los Angeles, California from the Staples Center Monday Night Mayhem will be live for our first United States show and what better way to deliver a Hollywood like show with an Elimination Chamber Match!!!

Shaun Hart with a sinister smile.

Shaun Hart: Russell Wayne and five other men will enter this Chamber of unforgiven steel and beat the HELL out of each other like it’s the GOD DAMN Roman Arena!!! All for a chance to become IIW World Heavyweight Champion and after that all that they will defend the Championship against Chris Page at our next PPV event but there is more when it comes to the the Elimination Chamber and I know your wording what that can be.

Shaun smirks as he paces.

Shaun Hart: Will you see I was thinking what could make this match more Hollywood than it already is and then like always a light bulb went off in my brilliant head. This match needs a special guest referee but someone that can command the attention and respect of the superstars in the ring. Someone that will call it right down the middle, someone like me!!!

Shaun gets ready to toss the microphone but stops and brings the microphone back to him.

Shaun Hart: Also one more thing for the first Elimination Chamber qualifying match Mike Fisher and Scott James, you can take a piss break. I and Page will show you what great commentary looks like.

Shaun and Page exit the ring where they drop down to the floor and look toward the commentators who quickly bail out of their positions and exit the table. Chris and Shaun take their seats putting on the headsets.

CHRIS PAGE: Shaun, this is the best idea.

SHAUN HART: What better way to bring us into the new era than showcasing all of our talents; including the commentary table.

CHRIS PAGE: There’s not a lot we can’t do, and to prove that let’s take this to the ring for our opening contest!

“Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match!”

“Blind” by Korn hits the speakers.

“Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring, “THE FRANCHISE” JOHN TOLLY!”

There’s a mixed reception as John emerges out to the top of the ramp.

SHAUN HART: I don’t want to hear that Shaun Hart doesn’t give opportunities.

CHRIS PAGE: Opportunities, or charity?


Tolly makes the walk to the ring, he reaches ringside before climbing up on the apron and entering the ring. Tolly looks over at the announcer’s table as Chris and Shaun give him a thumbs up!

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t know why the hell he’s looking our way. He’s got bigger fish to fry at the moment. I don’t like the way he’s looking at me, Shaun. Can I smack him?

SHAUN HART: No Chris, we are doing commentary.

CHRIS PAGE: Damnit! Why can’t I have some fun?

The music fades away.

“And his opponent…”

“One for the Money” by Escape the Fate hits the speakers immediately drawing boos from the crowd.

SHAUN HART: The fickle fans are already showing their true colors.

“About to make his way to the ring, he’s being led by BAM MILLER, he is representing the WELCOMING COMMITTEE, and is the IIW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION… “THE CASINO KID” JUSTIN YORK!”

The boos increase as Bam and York emerge out to the top of the ramp as Justin has the IIW International Championship strapped around his waist. Justin and Bam start to make the walk toward the ring. The crowd is all over Justin who in kind flips off ringside fans. York and Miller reach ringside where Justin removes his leather jacket and the International Title handing his strap to Bam and his jacket to the ring attendant before climbing up on the apron where he slingshots over the top rope and into the ring.

CHRIS PAGE: Nobody is prouder of what Justin has accomplished in sure a short period than I am. This kid has all the tools to be a primetime player, he isn’t afraid to branch out and create a brand for himself, and now that he is the International Champion all eyes are on him.


The bell sounds as we are officially underway. Tolly and York circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring where they jockey for position before York snaps Tolly over to the mat with an arm drag takeover before popping back up to his feet flipping Tolly off as he reaches his knees.

SHAUN HART: York telling Tolly he’s number one!

The crowd boos intently as York backs away and Tolly gets up to his feet. They circle each other a second time, and as they look to lock up York drives a boot to the midsection before opening up with a series of right hands backing Tolly up into the ropes. York fires Tolly across the ring, Tolly bounces off the ropes ducking under a clothesline attempt, York spins around where he is laced across the chest with a knife-edge chop followed by an open-handed chop, a spin kick to the midsection doubling over the International Champion for Tolly to kick in the face that stands York back up for Tolly to take down with a discus lariat! Tolly presses the cover.




York escapes with a kick-out.

CHRIS PAGE: Look at Tolly getting some hope spots in.

SHAUN HART: You said it because he doesn’t have a hope or a prayer.

Tolly locks in a rear chin lock as the referee slides into position asking Justin to surrender. York refuses as he instead starts to work his way back up to his feet where he locks a side waist lock and hoists up Tolly and drives him down into the mat with a Side Suplex. York is the first back to his feet where he sizes up Tolly and delivers a running knee strike as he is getting to one knee knocking him back down to the mat.

York follows up by showing his agility with a standing moonsault down across the back of Tolly. He rolls him over making a cover.




Tolly escapes with a kick-out.

SHAUN HART: Impressive cover by Justin York.

CHRIS PAGE: There is a reason why the Welcoming Committee is calling the shots. Shaun, you and Osh tasked me with changing the game in the IIW, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Fred, Bam, you, me, and Justin York baby!

York is back up to his feet where he picks up Tolly. He drives him back into a corner where he lands a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection before hoisting Tolly up to a seated position on the top rope. York steps up to the middle rope where he locks a front face lock. Suddenly Tolly starts hammering away with shots to the ribs before breaking free of Justin’s grasp as he slips down to the mat and brings York out of the corner with a running Liger Bomb!

Tolly holds the cover.




York escapes the near fall!

SHAUN HART: You can’t keep a good York down!

CHRIS PAGE: I am very familiar with John Tolly, and when I tell you that he’s a guy that confuses efforts with results I am not lying. Think about it.

Bam Miller jumps up on the apron taking Tolly’s attention. The referee makes his way over to Bam instructing him down to the floor. Tolly approaches Bam, and as he does Bam drops down to the floor. Tolly has words with Bam before turning back around and walking into a Spinning Heel Kick from York!

SHAUN HART: And that right there is why you never take your eyes off the ball, folks!

CHRIS PAGE: You’d think someone who is as experienced as Tolly wants us to think that he’d know that.

The crowd boos Justin as he gets back to his feet. The International Champion gets himself back up to his feet where he yanks Tolly back up by the hair locking in a front face lock. He hoists up Tolly with a vertical suplex, he holds Tolly up in the air before driving him down with a Brainbuster! Justin floats over into a cover.




Tolly escapes with a kick-out to the shock of York who immediately barks at the referee for a quick count.

CHRIS PAGE: Shaun, are you going to have to show these officials how to count?

SHAUN HART: I mean if I must.

York gets back to a vertical base where he reaches down to pick Tolly up off the mat where he’s caught with an inside cradle by Tolly!




York escapes with a kick-out!

CHRIS PAGE: Not today satan!

York beats Tolly to his feet where he charges at John with a lariat, Tolly ducks and it sends York bouncing off the nearside where Tolly catches him with a Spinbuster Slam! Tolly gets to one knee before stepping back up to his feet. He seizes the moment as he picks up Justin, he positions him, and delivers a Flip Piledriver!

SHAUN HART: Tolly just spiked York with a Flip Piledriver! Can he do it? Can he defeat the International Champion!?!?!

Tolly starts to feel it as we see Justin roll over to his chest where he starts to push himself up off the mat. Tolly bounces off the ropes where he nails a Shining Wizard to the temple of York! Tolly makes the cover hooking the near leg!




York escapes with a kick-out to a collective gasp from the crowd!

CHRIS PAGE: York says, nope.

Tolly starts working his way back up to a vertical base where he starts picking up Justin York where he sets him up for the Champaign DDT! Suddenly it’s York who counters by spinning out of the DDT attempt while taking Tolly up into the air in the Torture Rack before delivering the GFB!

York rolls over Tolly making the cover hooking the near leg.




“The winner of this contest, and advancing to the Elimination Chamber, JUSTIN YORK!”

CHRIS PAGE: I wish I could say I am surprised by the outcome.

SHAUN HART: John Tolly just got introduced to the new era of the IIW by the Welcoming Committee.

Justin York grabs the microphone and flips the middle finger to the crowd who are booing the shit out of him.


The crowd continues to boo Justin drowning out his chances to speak. He pauses and soaks it all in.

Justin York- Now that you assclowns are done making yourself look foolish there’s something that needs to be addressed.

Justin takes a walk around the ring listening to more of the fans and their hatred for him.

Justin York- I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you people wouldn’t know greatness if it spit right in your face! Go ahead with your chants you idiots, it’s the only voice you’ve got!

‘F*CK YOU Justin’ chants break out amongst the passionate fans and Justin smirks taking it all in!

CHRIS PAGE: The lack of respect for one of the frontmen for what the new IIW is all about is a little disheartening

SHAUN HART: Not like York cares about their respect.

Justin York- Last week I took this very Championship away from Liam Cain and Jason Fenix just like I said I would.

Justin takes the title from his wife who is standing on the outside of the ring with Bam Miller watching for anyone trying to interfere from the outside. He throws it over his shoulder.

Justin York- Now there seems to be some controversy over maybe the fact that I didn’t beat Jason Fenix with a clean one two and three. In my opinion, the way I beat him was cleaner and in spectacular fashion but hey most people that watch this program have a below-average IQ. So you all think I should put the title on the line against Fenix because he got his ass handed to him in a match that none of you could ever in your life set foot in and not get killed and that’s not satisfactory?

The crowd gives a little pop.

Justin York- What makes you think I give a shit what any of you people want?

Justin laughs into the microphone and the enraged crowd begins booing once again!

CHRIS PAGE: What the hell!?!

SHAUN HART: is that… IT IS! Jason Fenix is rolling out on the opposite side of the ring from Bam Miller and Justin’s wife.

Fenix slides into the ring with a chair and has now been noticed by Bam and Stacey who jump up into the apron which prompts Justin to turn around. WHACK!! The crowd begins the chant HOLY SHIT after Justin York has been laid clean out with a vile chair shot. Fenix bounces off the ropes and Bam Miller swings his brick right towards his face and it’s ducked by Fenix who slides out of the ring as Page and Shaun Hart hit the ring.

Fenix jumps the barrier as he points at York. Justin can be seen grabbing the microphone off the mat.

Justin York- FENIX!! You stupid son of a bitch! You like all these people want the clarity of an ass-kicking and a clean one two three count .. YOU GOT IT AND YOUR SHOT AT THE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Only one little twist that you just added to this whole thing, it’s going to be a good ol’ classic STREET FIGHT! prepare for the beating of a lifetime Fenix, this will be the last chance you ever receive at MY title! See you next mayhem you slimeball!

Shaun and Bam help Justin up off the mat as Chris Page hasn’t taken his eye off Fenix.

[hr] Match Two

Tag Team #1 Contender

Standard Tag team match

The Excellence vs Supah Sound [hr]

Bitch stop lying by Gangsta Rp plays throughout the arena as Big V and Craig Johnson step out form behind the curtain. Craig Johnson raps the whole way to the ring and is followed by BIg V.

Alice Goldier- The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the number one contenders match for the IIW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first at a combined weight of 666 pounds the team of Craig Johnson and Big V… SUPAH SOUND!!!

The crowd cheers as both members of Supah Sound make their way into the ring and await their opponents.

Mike Fisher- These guys certainly look ready for tonight’s matchup and the crowd is hyped to see them.

Scott James- They better be ready for what’s next if they win tonight because they will be facing two members of The Welcoming Committee Fred Debonair and Chris Page as they are the reigning champs right now.

Swags Like Us by TI blares through the arena speakers as Jermaine Finley and Zabian Wells burst from behind the curtain with a ton of energy hyping up the already cheering crowd. They rush the ring and jump up on each corner and once again motion the crowd to cheer even though they haven’t stopped.

Alice Goldier- Introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 470 pounds, this is the team of Jermaine Finley and Zabian Wells, this is The Excellence!!

Mike Fisher— The crowd are really into this one and lets get things underway here Scott!!

Scott James- Couldn’t have said it better myself Mike!

The referee calls for the bell as the match officially begins.

Zabin Wells and Big V are starting the match for their respective teams as Jermaine and Craig wait on the apron watching on. Zabian and V circle each other in the ring for a moment before locking up and Big V sends Zabian flying across the ring.

Mike Fisher- What a display of power by Big V.

Scott James- He certainly is an imposing figure and its going to take a lot more than a collar and elbow tie to take him down.

The crowd applauds the show of strength from Big V but Zabian is quickly back to his feet and runs at Big V and hits him with a basement drop kick.

Scott James- Now that’s more of the work you have to do to get Big V wobbled and off his feet.

Zabian hits the ropes and is hit with a tag in the back by his partner, Zabian hits another drop kick to the knee of Big V taking him down now to one knee. Jermaine comes running directly behind his partner and drills Big V in the face with a viscous running boot!

Mike Fisher- Well they finally did it, as a team they took Big V off his feet!

Scott James- They have the crowd totally amped up too Mike.

The crowd applaud the efforts of The Excellence getting Big V down on the canvas but he is quickly making a return to his feet. Once he reaches his feet he is met by the stiff right hands of Jermaine Finley. Big V eats a few rights before he grabs Jermaine by the back of his head and earns forward into a hadbutt that sends Jermaine telling. Big V runs forward and hits Jermaine with a spear sending him crashing through the ropes and outside the ring. The crowd erupt into HOLY SHIT chants.


Scott James- Big V is a big guy and all but Jermaine is 6’5” so that’s no small feat sending him flying like that!

Big V makes his way to his feet and heads over to tag in his partner Craig Johnson who immediately runs to the side of the ring where Jermaine FInely was just sent crashing and attempts a springboard moonsault to him as he is arising back to his feet. Zabian Wells is there and kicks the top rope sending Craig Johnson crashing to the floor right beside Jermaine Finley. Big V gets into the ring and heads straight to he corner of The Excellence, specifically after Zabian Wells who takes a chop straight to the top of the head from V dropping him to the apron. Big V is being counted by the referee to go back to his corner and he obliges happily. Jermaine throws Craig back into the ring and slides in behind him.

Mike Fisher- Jermaine is stalking Craig Johnson here as he gets back to his feet and this doesn’t look good.

Craig gets back to his feet and turns around to meet Jermaine who quickly pops him up into the air and drops him hard to the canvas with a pop up powerbomb.


Mike Fisher- I wouldn’t say that just yet Scott, Jermaine is going to tag his partner to potentially put an end to this thing but he doesn’t realize how close to his corner he has left Craig Johnson.

Johnson Tags Big V who comes into the ring at the same time that Jermaine has made the rage to Zabian. Big V runs full steam ahead and drills Jermaine with a clothesline sending him to the outside of the ring. Big V avoids a clothesline of his own from Zabian Wells, V runs off the ropes and runs right into Zabian body to body and sends him flying back into the turnbuckles. V leans on the turnbuckles opposite and is hyping up the crowd once again.

Mike Fisher- If Big V hits Zabian Wells in the corner he will flatten him there for the rest of the evening.

Big V runs corner to corner and attempts a splash!

Scott James- Zabian Wells saving itself there and getting out the way just in the nick of time.

Jermaine Finley makes his way back into the ring just as Zabian wells grabs the stunned Big V from behind and sets him up for a Russian leg sweep and calls for his partner’s help. At the same time that Zabian drives Big V to the canvas Jermaine hits him with a big boot making the impact of the Russian leg sweep that much higher.

Mike Fisher- AINT NONE FRESHER!!! And Zabian goes for the cover.

Scott James- Big V’s partner is still down too. You can tell the crowd is hoping Craig gets back to his feet in time to break the cover and keep this thing going just a little bit longer.




Mike Fisher: Its over and The Excellence will get a Tag Team Title shot on August 9th in Los Angles California.

Scott James: Big win for them tonight but now an even bigger test awaits them in the form of the Welcoming Committee!

[hr] Match Three

EC Qualifying Match

Singles Standard Match

Tyler Debonair vs Anthony Phoenix [hr]

Chrome Cartel” by begins to play as Anthony Phoenix walks out in his wrestling gear, his long black hair in a tight pony tail and dark shades on his face; a spotlight is shown on him. He takes a look around at the IIW universe and scowls. 

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 212lbs, from Mexico City, Mexico, U give you The Hardcore Aztec God Anthony Phoenix!!!!!!!

Phoenix then begins to walk deliberately towards the ring not even paying attention to the fans in attendance, staying laser focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and makes a b-line to the center of the ring.  Phoenix raises his arms and holds them up in an ‘X’ symbol with his fists closed.

As the music fades, Phoenix starts to prepare for the match. 

Mike Fisher: Phoenix looks ready for this match, with chance to enter the Chamber and become IIW World Champion I except nothing less from him.

Scott James: Phoenix will have to bring his best here tonight if he wants that opportunity because his opponent Tyler Debonair is another man highly motivated to enter the Chamber.

The start of Shinedown’s “Cut the Cord” sparks the speaker system as blue and white lights begin to navigate the arena. Tyler Debonair steps out onto the ramp and surveys the crowd.

As the tune continues to echo throughout the arena, 

Alice Goldier:Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 230lbs, from Los Angeles, CA. I give you ”The ZENsational” Tyler Debonair.

Tyler walks down the aisle, acknowledging the audience but fully focused on the ring. He jumps up onto the apron and front flips into the ring over the top rope, before leaning against the turnbuckle and waiting for the music to die down and house lights to return…

Mike Fisher: Tyler hasn’t had a World Title opportunity since his loss against Jonny FnC at Keys 2 Success but tonight has an opportunity to be back in the World Title picture.

Scott James: That he does but you have to wonder if he is even focused for this match with so.much going on between him and his father. 

Mike Fisher: Well he better let that go for now and focus on the match because Phoenix looks ready to go and the referee is ready to start this match.

*Bell Rings*

Phoenix comes out of his corner like a rocket, blazing across the ring at Tyler who ducks underneath his clothesline attempt, as Phoenix slams on the brakes at the ring pads, he spins around and catches three measured punches across the jaw from Tyler. Tyler sends Phoenix across the ring with an Irish Whip. He rebounds off the ropes and comes back, Tyler drops to his belly and Phoenix hops over Tyler towards the other ropes and bounces back looking for a shining wizard but Tyler side steps and kicks Phoenix in his knee.  After dropping Phoenix onto a knee, Tyler hooks the back of his calves and trips him onto his back. Both legs in hand, he quickly drops down with an elbow to his abdomen before popping back up Tyler boots his left hamstring and then drops down into a single leg grapevine. Phoenix however, is too close to the ropes and grabs them to force a break.

Mike Fisher:  Tyler with some chain wrestling early on, he has to keep this thing slow and calculating so Phoenix can’t get into his comfort zone”

Scott James: “I’d be in my comfort zone if they hurried up and got some fries down here…”

After having the hold released, Phoenix rolls out of the ring and slaps the apron in frustration But this was really just a ploy to draw Tyler out of the ring

A ploy that worked like a charm…

Tyler was out of the ring, but as he comes up behind him – He’s met with a back elbow across the face. This staggers Tyler and Phoenix spins with a DREADFULLY harsh discus clothesline that takes the zen master to the floor mats with a heavenly THUD

Mike Fisher: “OH! That’s gonna leave a mark!”

Scott James: “And just like that… Anthony Phoenix is in his playground”

The referee tries in vain to get them back into the ring, but Phoenix flips him off and drags Tyler up before whipping him hard into the barricade, his body crashing violently against it, knocking the wind out of him as Tyler rolls to his elbows, prone on the floor trying to gasp for air


The ring-out count begins


Phoenix boots him in the back of the head and drags him up once again before whipping Tyler into the ring steps


Mike Fisher: “Oh GOD”

Scott James: “No, no…. He’s the other guy. This is the devil’s thing”

Tyler  collides with the ring steps, yelping out in pain


Phoenix rolls back into the ring with a satisfied look on his face


Phoenix starts arguing with the referee and This distraction allows Tyler to regain himself and roll back into the ring. He rushes in from behind, cutting down Phoenix with a diving chop block from behind his knee!


Tyler grabs the sore leg and applies the Satori. (

Cross-Legged Boston Crab) – synching it on ,right in the middle of the ring


Scott James: He’s got him locked in firm!”

Phoenix screams out in pain…  But he wont give up.

Mike Fisher: “Phoenix is smacking himself in the face!”

Scott James: “Tap out! He’s GOTTA!”

Tyler uses his ocore strength to apply the maximum pressure to the hold, too much longer and he could do real lasting damage to Phoenix’s knee… And yet he still refuses to submit.

Mike Fisher: “He’s starting to fade!”

Phoenix tried desperately to claw his way to the ropes but Tyler brings him right back to the middle of the ring and Pheonix’s eyes start to fade as the pain becomes too much. The referee raises his hand and it drops straight to the mat, he picks it up a second time and drops again. One more time he lifts Phoenix’s hand and it drops and he’s unresponsive. The referee immediately calls for the bell.

Mike Fisher: “He’s out! Tyler Debonair has advanced to the Chamber.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by TKO Tyler Debonair!!!!

[hr] SEGMENT [hr]

Tyler is standing in the ring, hand raised by the official as “Cut the cord” by Shinedown rings around the arena… Suddenly the crowds cheers ignite into ferocious boos as Fred Debonair, not dressed to fight in jeans, sneakers and a plain black t-shirt slides into the ring behind him, carrying his baseball bat, Cindy-Lee, in hand…

Scott James: Woah! Business is about to kick off here, Mike!

Mike Fisher: Of course they are because the Sole Schematic has entered the building! And Tyler hasn’t seen him!

Suddenly the official catches Fred out of the corner of his eye and moves out of the way, pointing to him in a warning as Tyler spots him, but it’s too late! Fred nails the Bat into Tyler’s gut, doubling him over and then nailing him across the back once… Twice… Three times as Tyler drops to his knees.


Fred drops Cindy-Lee and begins to put the boot into Tyler’s head. He grabs him and pulls him to his feet then nails him with the ENIGMA DIVIDE (Double-Knee Facebreaker) and the younger Debonair bounces off into the corner.

Scott James: What’s this now?! Fred is taking his belt from his jeans, he’s shouting something at the crowd!

Mike Fisher: He’s grabbed Tyler’s other hand, not the one he damaged at Worlds Collide! He’s tying it to the bottom rope!

Scott James: Tyler won’t be able to release it even if he does clear the cobwebs, he can’t use the other hand properly!

Fred steps away, goading Tyler, as he picks up Cindy-Lee again… He points the bat toward Tyler’s good hand and then sets up to swing. All of a sudden, Tyler’s girlfriend and former First Class Evolution Champion, Stephanie LaCroix, slides into the ring from the crowd and stops on her knees in front of Tyler, pleading with Fred to not do what he’s about to. Fred stands there for ages, breathing heavily and feeling the weight of the bat in his hand. He then drops the bat and holds his hands up.

Scott James: Surely Fred isn’t going to relinquish that easily after everything he’s done!

Mike Fisher. I doubt he will Scott, look at him as he backs away. Stephanie now turning back towards Tyler who’s pretty much still out of it.

Suddenly Fred runs towards Stephanie and Tyler and punts Tyler in the chest. Quickly grabbing Stephanie by the hair and throwing a couple of forearms at her. He quickly scoops her up and nails her with the GOD COMPLEX (Rolling Death Valley Driver) the crowd erupt into disgusted boos as Fred looks down at Stephanie and a smirk crosses his face. He looks up at Tyler still tied to the rope as he rolls out of the ring and snatches a microphone from the ring announcer. He continues to glare at Tyler as he points are Stephanie.

Fred Debonair: You see this, SON?! You see what your belligerent attitude and blatant disrespect for your father gets you?! What happened to poor old Steph here tonight? That’s YOUR fault! Everything that happens from here on out? YOUR fault! Oh… But where are my manners? I am of course representing The Welcoming Committee… So Stephanie? WELCOME TO MAYHEM!

Fred drops the microphone and walks around the ring grinning from ear to ear as Pink Floyd’s “Money” hits the PA system. He backs away toward the ramp, watching the ring as he heads up and behind the curtain.

[hr] Match Four

Singles Standard Match

Alex Kincaid vs Knox [hr]

The pounding opening drums to Leaf Xceeds cover of “Storm Eagle” hit the speakers and the lights dim inside the arena. As the guitars in the song kick to life proper, Alex Kincaid explodes from the back. He pauses at the top of the aisle and steps back and forth, staring out over the crowd. He then makes his way to the ring like a ball of nervous, twitchy energy, shaking feeling into his fingertips and his head snapping back and forth to look at random fans in the crowd as he’s announced.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, from Bearing, Alberta…weighing in at 240 pounds…he is Infinite….Alex….Kincaaaaaid!

By now he’s climbed to the apron. He makes his way to the top rope, resting one foot on the top buckle and raising one hand high in the air. He perches there for a moment, looking like a superhero in his gleaming white gear, before he hops down to the floor. He gives the ring announcer a quick nod of thanks and then slowly turns in a circle, pointing to each section of the arena and then finally raising his hand high again. He heads into the corner and begins warming up against the ropes.

Mike Fisher: Alex Kincaid making his IIW debut tonight, a man that’s Born in Northern Canada and has competed in many promotions and has won Championship gold all around the globe but tonight he clashes with one of IIWs toughest competitors Knox.

Scott James: Yes Alex Kincaid has a great resume and reputation coming into his first match but now he must showcase his talent and back up everything he’s said.

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait long as Knox is already in the ring.

*Bell rings*

Knox comes over and hits a few punches and knees to the ribs and goes to whip Alex Kincaid but Kincaid turns and whips Knox into a Shoulder Block knocking him down!

Mike Fisher: What a shot!

Kincaid now kicks at the head of Knox and then bounces himself off the ropes and nails a Hurricanrana on Knox who had gotten back to his feet and is now aligned to the opposite side of the ring.

Scott James: Kinxaid looking great early in this match.

Mike Fisher: He’s definitely living up to the hype so far.

Kincaid plays to the crowd and Knox looks to take advantage as he charges at him with a spear but Kincaid stops him in his tracks with a super kick then follows it up with a Brainbuster as he plants him in the middle of the ring. Kincaid now heads for the top turnbuckle and smirks before leaping off with great height a she lands the From On High!

Mike Fisher: What a beauty!

Crossbody frog splash on top of Knox and the referee gets in position as Kincaid hooks both legs.




*Bell rings*

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall “Infinite” Alex Kincaid!!!!

Alex Kincaid celebrates in the ring as Knox rolls to the outside.

Mike Fisher: Great win by this young man tonight, he back up his hype tonight and can’t wait to see what he does next in IIW.

Scott James: Agreed, anytime you get a debut win like that, you know you’re off to a great start and have everyone else watching. 

Kincaid walks up the ramp with a smirk on his face as heads behind the curtains. 

[hr] Match Five

Singles Standard Match

Ryan McCann vs Caleb Scott [hr]

Lights go black as Ze Nigmar plays. Lights stay off as song intro plays. Once the drums in the song start, a single beam of light from above the ring shoots to the stage as Caleb Scott rises from the floor through a ring of white smoke. Caleb stands there for a few seconds looking at the crowd before he begins to slowly walk to the ring as a short row of fire ignites on either side of the entrance ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 195lbs, from St. Cloud, MN

I give you Caleb Scott!!!!!!

 As Caleb goes up the steps and into the ring, the single beam of light following him the entire time. He stands in the middle of the ring, facing the camera, as the ring fills with smoke before the lights turn back on.

Mike Fisher: Caleb Scott looks to bounce back after losing to Anthony Phoenix in a hard fought match last week.

Scott James: He was definitely impressive in defeat and maybe if he did two different  moves he walks out the winner that night but like you said he has an opportunity to get a bounce back win and great more opportunities for himself with a win over a veteran technician kike Ryan McCann.

Mike Fisher: Yes and you can see Ryan already in the ring ready for this match to begin.

They meet in the middle of the ring and they instantly trade blows that sees Caleb Scott take control and then follows up a close line that lays Ryan out but Scott doesn’t stop as he slings him into the corner and hits a big body splash in the corner.


Ryan cones stumbling out of the corner and swings at Caleb but it’s a wild shot and he misses as Caleb kicks him in the gut and Lifts Ryan onto shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Swinging his head down behind the back to the opposite side of my body while falling, landing on the opponent’s neck Final Resting Place!!!!

Mike Fisher: HOLY SHIT!!!

Scott James: Ryan never even got out of ten gates.

Caleb pins him with both legs hooked and ten referee gets in position to make the count.




*Bell rings*

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall Caleb Scott!!!!!

Mike Fisher: Thats got to be a new record for getting a quick win here in IIW, my God Caleb Scott didn’t come to put a clinic he came for the victory and got it record breaking time.

Scott James: Ryan McCann doesn’t even know what hit him but damn did Caleb Scott just show that loss last Mayhem was a fluke and that he’s a top threat in this company. 

[hr] Match Six

Uprising Championship Match

Singles Match

El Landerson vs Robert Ace(c) [hr] 

Booyaka 619 by POD plays through the arena speaker as El Landerson appears at the top of the stage on one knee praying. He takes off to both sides of the stage raising his arms in the air for the crowd while pyro goes off. He makes his way to the ring clapping hands along the way and giving a luchador mask to young kid in the front row before entering the ring.

Alice Goldier- Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Uprising Championship match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 160 pounds, the former Uprising Champion EL LANDERSON!!!

Mike Fisher- El looks to take back what he lost to Robert Ace tonight.

Scott James He does Mike but Robert Ace is not a small mountain to climb for El.

El is in the ring and awaiting the arrival of Robert Ace when I Come From Money plays throughout the arenas sound system and Robert Ace walks out for behind the curtain with his IIW Uprising Chhampionship on is shoulder much to the crowds dismay. He makes his way casually to the ring.

Alice Goldier- Making his way to the ring now, weighing in at 100 kilo’s he is the reigning and defending IIW UPRISING CHAMPION.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.. ROBERT ACE!!!

Mike Fisher- Wonderful introduction by Alice tonight but the crowd just hates RObert Ace.

Scott James- He doesn’t seem to mind Mike. Let’s get this thing underway already!

The referee brings the two men close together to show them what’s at stake in this match, being the Uprsiing Championship.. before the referee can ring the bell Robert Ace drills Landerson with a high boot to the face sending him to thhhe canvas momentarily. The crowd boos Robert Ace and his underhanded tactics. Ace yells at the referee to start the match and he does.

Mike Fisher- I guess the champion decided he would grab himself an early advantage here to kick things off.

Ace turns around to a full steam ahead Landerson who hits him with a drop kick to the midsection curling him over. Landerson hits the ropes again only this time with a drop kick to the head of Ace who is now reeling. Landerson once again hits the ropes only this time is caught in a huge sidewalk slam and driven to the canvas hard. Landerson writhes in pain while Ace stands up and admires his handywork.

Mike Fisher- The crowd continues to boo the champion here tonight.

Scott James- They want Landerson to really make an impact and take his worl title back but right now the only impact he is making is on the canvas beneath him!

Ace picks Landerson off the canvas and tosses him to the outside of the ring and begins his way over the top rope to meet him outside, Landerson slides back into the ring quickly as Ace reaches the outside and Landerson dives through the ropes hitting Ace with a suicide dive sending him crashing into the barrier. Landerson runs back into the ring with a full head of steam and hits the ropes once more.

Mike Fisher- He’s gong for another suicide dive Scott? I’d say he was lucky that the first one paid off.

Scott James- High risk high reward when going for the championship i guess. I’d say you have to take chances against a guy nearly double your size as well Mike!

Landerson jumps out of the ring with a suicide dive once more and is caught by Robert Ace who launches him into the barrier at an awkward angle. Ace picks up Landerson and tosses him back into the ring after gesturing the angry crowd. Upon both getting back into the ring Ace picks up Landerson and drives him to mat with a scoop slam and hits the ropes and lands a splash on Landerson.

Mike Fisher- Holy smokes, he squished Landerson with that splash!

Scott James- yea Robert Ace isn’t playing around here tonight Mike. He wants to leave with his Chanpionship this evening!

Ace picks up Landerson once more and Irish whips him into the corner and attempts a heavy clothesline but Landerson moves and Ace hits his heads in the turnbuckle sending him stumbling backwards into a roll up pin from Landerson.




Mike Fisher- It seems all Landerson did was anger The champ with that pin attempt.

Ace stands quickly and kicks Landerson in the gut and drives him quickly to the mat with a snap suplex. Ace stands and runs is hand across his throat signifying the end of Landerson to the crowd. He picks up LAnderson and sends him into the ropes and grips him for The Money Drop (End of Days) but Landerson reverses into a Hurricanrna sending Ace into the middle ropes. The crowd begins cheering as Landerson signifies he is going for his Landerson Six One Nine before hitting the ropes opposite Ace.

Mike Fisher- If Landerson connects here he will be taking back his Uprising Championship

As Landerson comes bback towards Ace he trips over his foot and allows Robert Ace to catch him with a HUGE BIG MONEY DROP!!!!! 

Scott James: What a devasting end of days!!!!

Robert Ace makes the cover as the referee gets in position.





Alice Goldier: Here is your winne by pinfall and still!!! UPRISING CHAMPION ROBERT ACE!!!!!

Robert Ace raises the Championship belt high in the air as he celebrates his impressive win.


Match Seven

EC Qualifying Standard Singles Match

John Cavanagh vs PG-13 [hr]

The house lights go down, and PG-13’s music starts to blast through the house speakers. The lights go on as PG takes to the stage. His monster frame appears as the lights flash and two spotlights shine down over him. PG stops for a moment bouncing between feet before making his way down to the ring.

Mike Fisher – “This is another qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber. Both of these guys want a spot to challenge for the IIW World Title against champion Russell Wayne.”

A guitar chord is heard following by a voice “Behold the Kings. The King of Kings.” Lights begin to flicker with the music “on your knees, dog”. At the 0:13 mark, out from the darkness of the tunnel emerges the “One Man Dynasty” John Cavanagh in a hooded black robe with green trim, he heads down towards the ring accompanied by his valet Shannon Riley who is wearing a tight fitting and revealing dress. The two walk to the ring arm and arm they ignore the fans and Cavanagh trash talks to the camera. They reach the ring and Cavanagh walks up the steps, outstretches his hand for his valet who carefully walks up the steel steps. Cavanagh grabs the middle rope and raises it while simultaneously pushing the bottom rope down with the foot allowing Shannon to easily enter without revealing anything much to the chagrin of the men in the front row. Cavanagh steps in to the ring and outstretches his arms as Shannon grabs him from the side. Shannon takes his robe off as Cavanagh helps her out of the ring. Cavanagh turns his view to the inside of the ring as he prepares for the match.

Scott James – “Both men want I, but only one can have it. Who will walk out as winner and into the Chamber? Only time will tell.”

The bells rings as both men stare at each other across the ring. Each sizing the other up. PG making the first move as he lunges towards Cavanagh for the grapple. Both men locked up, a competition of strength being laid out between the two. The two heavyweights struggling to get the upper hand before PG get the knee up and drives into Cavs gut. Cave now winded, loses strength and PG capitalises with a side headlock before tossing him into the ropes. Cav bounces off the ropes, PG with the clothesline attempt but it is ducked by Can. Cav stops dead in his tracks as he gets under the clothesline, jumping up and grabbing the back of PGs head….neck breaker!

Cav doesn’t take long jumping on the now downed PG. Throwing a series of punches before standing up and resting his forearms across the top rope. Cav just takes in the cheers from the lively Italian crowd. He turns to engage his opponent once again but waited a moment too long as PG, now on his knees throws an elbow into his stomach. PG follows up by grabbing the sides of Cavs head and hammering down a bellowing head-butt.

Scott James – “Damn Mike I didn’t see that coming!”

Mike Fisher – “More importantly, neither did Cav.”

PG grabs Cav by the head, pulling him up to his knees before slamming in a few good punches and lifting him the rest of the way. Holding Cav up, PG sets over his head and while standing there over Cav looks around at the crowd who are going nuts knowing they are about to see the raw power that is PG-13’s triple powerbomb. PG wraps his around Cav and hoists him high into the air. Slam! First one down, using his monsterous power he lifts him up a second time, but Cav throws his weight forwards sending PG stumbling a couple of steps. Cav reaches down behind the giant and grabs the ring rope with both hands. Pulling him down, PG stumbles back and both men go tumbling over the rope to the arena floor. Both men are hurt, Cav laded face first on the mats while PG landed square on the back of his head.

Daze the two men lay on the floor, but PG is the first to try to attempt to stand back up. Both men have been down there for a time, referee continues his count.


PG pulls him self up to the apron.


PG now realizing the count out is coming. He pulls himself up on the apron and rolls in.



PG rolls back out ending the count. As he puts his feet back on the ground he looks up at the referee. The ref obviously very confused looks down at PG who sums up the entire situation in one line.

PG – “Not this way.”

PG picks up the still slightly dazed Cav. And the new count continues.



PG rolls tries to roll Cav into the ring, but Cav lands a right hook as he lands on his back on the apron.


Cav rolls into the ring, using the ring ropes to pull himself up. PG shakes off the punch and climbs up aswell. Both men back in the ring, and we are back to where we started the two men staring at each other from opposite sides. Both now a little worn from the first part of the match. A running dive and spear. A series of punches begin being thrown by both men. PG finally gets the upper hand and pushes Cav back allowing both men to stand up again. PG with a kick to the gut, followed up by a thunderous forarm smash to the back. PG grabs Cav as he turns, reacting to the smash to his back. PG grabs him with both arms and with a tremendous amount of power throws Cav completely over his back with a german suplex. Cav lands violently on his neck as his body goes limp.

Mike Fisher – “Oh My God! He may have just killed him!”

Scott James – “He came down on his neck pretty heavy there Mike. We really hope he isn’t seriously injured. A Neck injury like that can end a career.”

PG capitolizing on the moment walks over and steps over the back of Cav. A few heavy kicks to the spine and he bends down picking up Cav by the arms and lifting him to about waist height. PG then puts Cav’s arms across his knees and grabs his chin, dropping his weight and pulling back into a camel clutch. Just heaving back on the chin, placing a pile of pressure on that already injured neck. Cav screams in pain but refuses to give up to such a primitive submission move.

Scott James – “That’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for him Cotton.”

Mike Fisher – “I th…wait…what?”

Scott James – “What?”

Mike Fisher – “What did you just call me?”

Scott James – “Mike? Are you ok?”

Mike Fisher – “Uh yeah….um let’s just move on.”

Cav gets an arm lose, reaching up and grabbing PG’s left hand, twisting violently at his fingers trying to break the hold. PG starts to lose his grip, trying to fight to hold on he rises to his feet and drops his legs from under himself. Dropping his entire body weight directly down onto the spine of Cav. Cav goes drops his defence and loses all ability to fight for a moment before regaining his composure and reaching up for the hand again. Starting to break the grip when PG drops the same way once again.

Mike – “Cav really seems to be in trouble here Scott.”

Scott – “If he can’t get out of this hold, I don’t think he will be able to last much longer. The pain in his back and neck is going to become too much.”

Cav starts reaching for the grip as PG tries to find his footing again, this time Cav breaks it just enough to drop his head and get a shoulder behind PG-13’s left leg. Pg-13 realizing there is going to be a problem relaxes his grip and start throwing frantic punches at the forearm of Cav. Slowly but surely Cav starts to rise to his feet, lifting PG with him. PG-13, not wanting to be up on the soulders of Cav rolls his weight forward away from Cav and sucsessfully off the shoulder. As PG-13 rolls off of the shoulders he rolls forward almost doing a complete barrel roll, but not before Cav grabs him midair and part way through the roll. Cav not vertical to PG-13 gabs onto his body and lifts his legs, dropping PG-13 perfectly into a sitout piledriver. Pg-13 slumps over, beaten and worn out. Cav falls over in the opposite direction. Both men are down once again.

Mike Fisher – “It doesn’t look like either of these guys have anything left Scott.”

Scott James – “If they do or not doesn’t matter! One of these guys is going to have to muster up some energy to finish this thing. Only one can get into the Elimination Chamber. Only one can have a title shot.”

Both men start to move, Cav in obvious pain is the first to rise. Using the ropes to lift his body, he gets to his feet. Once he stands he just leans his head into the corner turnbuckle, trying to get some breathe and regroup. On the other side of the ring PG-13 is really wobbly but slowly gets to his feet.

The two men turn towards one another, obviously running on fumes. PG-13 manages to get a bit of energy from somewhere deep down, he wants to end this thing right now. PG-13 sets his feet and starts running full tilt at Cav who is standing in the opposite corner, a running clothesline may be just enough to actually end this. Cav seeing the running attempt ducks the clothesline grabbing PG-13 by the back of the head and slamming him at full speed, shoulder first into the ring post through the space between the first and second rope. Cav turns around to see that PG-13 did not fall on impact like expected. No, PG is down, his feet came out from under him on the impact of the post, the only thing keeping him off the mat is that he managed to grab the top rope. As his body just lay there he keeps himself up using one arm holding the top rope. Needing to take advantage at such a pinnacle moment, Cav runs towards his cornered opponent and dives with a drop kick at the elbow of the arm still propping him up. The arm snaps inward, driving PG-13 back against the post, as he falls to the ground he instantly grabs at the possibly dislocated shoulder. Cav approaches his fallen opponent and rolls him over for the cover.



No PG-13 manages to get the shoulder up. What will keep this monster down?

As both men try their best to get back to their feet, all focus jumps to the enterance ramp. Crush starts to make his way down the ramp towards the ring. PG-13, now on his knees trying to stand, notices Crush getting closer to the ring and the two men lock eyes.

Mike Fisher – “What the hell is he doing here? That’s PG-13’s brother! Why the hell is he down here?”

Scott James – “Well these two aren’t exactly a close knit family. I really doubt he is here for moral support. They aren’t exactly going to go out for a beer after this.”

Cav not caring for the new spectator at ring side goes to step through the rope to rectify the situation. In seeing this the referee, trying to find control again in the match grabs his arm and prevents him from getting out of the ring. Cav and the ref are having words, and Crush takes full advantage. Pg-13 has his arm outstretched pointing at Crush, all while yelling and arguing with his brother. Crush jumps up on the apron and slams PG-13 with a giant right hook in the face. As Pg-13 instinctivly protects his face, Crush grabs the injured arm and wraps it backwards over the top rope, still holding the twisted arm he jumps down dropping an elbow on the injured elbow. Cav steps back into the ring and runs at PG-13 who is in a lot of pain and is now facing his opponent. Cav with the drop kick to the knee. PG-13 stumbles but does not fall. Cav jumps up grabbing the injured arm throwing the injured PG-13 into the Celtic Deathlock. It only takes a moment for the submission hold to be too much of the injured arm.

The referee calls for the bell. PG-13 taps out, not being able to bare any more of the pain.

Scott James – “Cav did it. He took full advantage of the damage to the arm and made him tap. The One Man Dynasty moves on to Elimination Chamber.”

[hr] Match Eight

Standard Singles Match

Chris Nitro vs Russell Wayne [hr]

Lucier by Jay hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd highfiving fans. 

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 235lbs, from Tampa, Florida I give you Chris Nitro!!!

Mike Fisher: Been a while since we’ve seen Chris Nitro in a ring but to remind everyone this is a former multiple time IIW Hardcore Champion and former IIW Tag Team Champion.

Scott James That is true but tonight he goes one on one with the IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

 He hops the guard rail and slide into the ring under the bottom rope.

The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out with the II W World Heavyweight Championship across his shoulder and raises it into the air and gets a pop from the crowd.

Alice Goldier:Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 250lbs, from Indianapolis, IN

I give you the IIW World Heavyweight Champion RUSSELL WAYNE!!!!!!

 He walks down the ramp ignoring his fans as his focus lies solely on his opponent. He climbs up the ring steps, not taking his eyes off of his opponent. He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his Championship in the air, the crowd cheering in response.

Mike Fisher: The Champion looks laser focused despite all the buzz around him and his IIW World Championship and  with the Elimination Chamber around the corner.

Scott James: He may look focused but one must wonder how locked in for this match he really is with not knowing who all he will be facing at Elimination Chamber. 

Mike Fisher: We’ll he’ll get a break from all that thinking as it is time for the match.

*Bell rings*

Wayne and Nitro meet each other in the middle of the ring as they stare each other down. Nitro smirks and then hits Wayne with a punch to the face but Wayne fire back with one of his own and now they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Wayne,Nitro,Wayne,Nitro,Wayne,Nitro Wayne… Wayne again and then follows it up with a kick to the gut of Nitro and goes for a snap Suplex but Nitro land something his feet and smiles at Wayne who charges Nitro but Nitro hits Wayne with an arm drag but instantly pops back up still connected to Nitro and hits an arm drag of his own that sends Nitro to the opposite side of the corner. The both shake their head and smirk at each other as the crowd cheers the start of this high paced match up.

Mike Fisher: These two are not backing down from the moment and given the fans everything they wanted to see.

They circle each other in the ring and then begin the test of strength match up that Wayne wins and back Nitro up into the corner and hammers him with punches to the head and then starts laying hard chips to the chest as Russell Wayne takes control of this match.

Scott James: Mr.Wayne looks like he’s in his way to a win.

Mike Fisher: I wouldn’t speak so soon….

Wayne delivers  chop after chop but Nitro fights his way out the corner and then flips the script as he puts Wayne in the corner and lights his chest up with hard chops now as he smirks and laughs with each strike. Wayne looking lifeless in the corner as Nitro taught him and then walks to the ropes to antagonize the fans for a moment but as he turns around Wayne comes blasting out the corner with a hellacious close line!!!!!

Mike Fisher: He got all of that and then some!!

Scott James: The World Champion fighting back and looks to be back in control after that one. 

Wayne leaps to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault and lands perfectly on Nitro but he doesn’t go for the cover; he lifts him up and perfectly hits Last Resort (  Delayed Brainbuster DDT Suplex).


Wayne hooks the leg of Nitro and the referee gets in position. 




The fans erupt with cheers as the referee raise Russell Wayne’s hand in the air. He then takes his IIW World Heavyweight Championship and raises it in the air up high….. But out of nowhere Bam Miller strikes Wayne in the back of the head with a brick. Wayne drops like a savk potatoes to the mat and Bam Miller gets down in his face laughing then talks some trash as the fans boo at him.

Mike Fisher: What the hell is wrong with the hell us wrong with this lunatic?

Scott James: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Bam Miller is a degenerate and a menace to society. 

Bam picks Wayne up and delivers a MILLER TIME STUNNER!!!!!

Mike Fisher: Where the hell is security!!?

Scott James: Something tells me Shaun Hart and the Welcoming Committee are letting Bam Miller loose and aren’t sending any help for Wayne.

Mike Fisher: Don’t say anything that will get you in trouble Scott, Shaun isn’t the merciful type.

Bam rains down punches into the skull of Wayne into which he’s busted open. Bam then picks him back up and delivers another MILLER TIME STUNNER!!!! Wayne drops down face first and Bam exits the ring and grabs a steel chair.

Mike Fisher: God what is this sick bastard about to do next!!!

Scott James:  Bam Miller has no limits to which he will go to punish someone. This is the same man that set Adam The Monster on fire. 

Bam rolls into the ring and repeatedly lay shots to the right leg of Russell Wayne’s knee. Wayne rolls around in pain but Bams not done he wraps the chair around Wayne’s knee and leans against the ropes as he looks to propel himself……. But his attention gets distracted by an incoming Curtis who runs down the apron and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and looks to hit a crossbody on Bam but Bam sidesteps and Curtis accidentally lands on top of Wayne’s leg that’s wrapped against the steel chair and it instantly snaps and Wayne yells around in pain as Bam makes his escape through the crowd as he puts on a sinister smile as he disappears. Leaving Curtis and a very badly injured Wayne who is now being seen by IIW medical staff and EMTs as they put him on a stretcher.

Mike Fisher: This is a very tragic situation to see and while Bam Miller is mostly responsible for this beatdown it was Curtis I’ll time cross key that might have taken Wayne out of action and leaves questions for the Elimination Chamber.

Scott James: I’m no doctor but No ifs about it that accident by Curtis might have been the crossbody that shattered Wayne’s knee and probably has put an end to Wayne’s run as Champion.

Curtis just shakes his head in the ring as they roll Wayne up the ramp as the scene cuts to a commercial break.

[hr] Match Nine

EC Qualifying Standard Singles Match

Curtis vs Adam Williams [hr]

“Faith” by Limp Bizkit hits the PA system as Curtis steps out onto the ramp. He walks to the center of the stage and falls to his knees with his arms outstretched. He looks around the arena as the fans boo him. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp Curtis jumps to his feet with a huge smile on his face and begins making his was down the ramp. He high-fives the fans that are cheering for him and pays no attention to the ones booing. He walks up the ring steps and wipes his feet off before stepping through the ropes.

Scott – I don’t know why but this guy just irks me.

Mike – No way he is a ray of sunshine in a dark place Scott. He is all that is good in the IIW and will never compromise what he believes in. I admire Curtis.

Scott – You would.

Adam walks out of the curtain 35 seconds into the Gothic and beautiful sound of his theme, wearing a leather vest, as the lights flicker black and white to the beat of the music as small, yet intense fireballs sporadically shoot from the side of the stage to the beat of the opening synthesizers at the 37 and 42 second mark. He points to himself, shouting things to boost his confidence as he walks to the left and then right of the stage. He makes his way back to the middle of the stage and makes his way to the ring, diving in with a sinister smirk on his face. He walks to the closest turnbuckle to the announce table and climbs to the top rope, looking the crowd over with his arms raised, before jumping off tossing his vest to the outside official and positioning himself in the middle of the ring.

Scott – Now this is a man I admire. Willing to do whatever it takes to win. Wants to be the best and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Mike – Hmmm you would admire that.

Scott – You’re damn right I do. A true winner.

Mike – Both of this men want and need a shot to enter the elimination chamber. A shot at the world title is on the line.

Scott – It sure is. Both men know the impact a win here tonight can have. They both want to be the champion and winning here tonight is that very first step.

The ref calls for the bell and Curtis walks to the center of the ring and holds his hand out.

Mike – This seems to be Curtis’ new thing. He is looking to start every match off with a handshake.

Scott – Yeah but he is choosing the wrong people to do it with.

Mike – You’re not wrong there.

Adam Williams looks at Curtis’ hand then spits at his feet and laughs. Curtis mouths “Why.” Williams walks to the middle of the ring to meet Curtis and the 2 men lock up. Curits immediately spins it into a side headlock then does a headlock take down after a few good cracks of Williams neck. Curtis lets go of Williams and both men get to their feet. They lock back up and this time Williams spins out holding the arm of Curtis. Williams starts twisting Curtis’ arm from the wrist. Curtis is yelling out and holding his shoulder with his other hand. Curtis then does a front flip to intwist his arm and takes Williams down in the process. Curtis quickly grabs the head of Williams standing him up then whips him into the corner. Curtis runs and jumps, hitting a huge hug splash.

Scott – Curtis would find a way to hug people in the middle of a wrestling match.

Curtis – He would yes but that hug looks very aggressive.

Curtis is stinging huge. He grabs the back of William’s head and pulls him from the corner and throws him to the mat. Curtis jumps to the second rope in the corner then jumps off dropping a knee to the head of Williams. Curits immediately make the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Scott – Come on Curtis you should have known that wouldn’t put him away.

Mike – It is very early for a pin but hey you never know.

Scott – With Adam Williams you do.

Curtis shakes his head and gets to his feet as he picks up Williams. Curtis smiles then smacks Adam right across the face and yells why won’t you let me help you. Adam takes a step back looking shocked then his eyes narrow and he hits Curtis with a huge clothesline from hell. Curtis goes down hard and Adam begins to stomp on him. Williams grabs the hair of Curtis and stands him up, shoving his head between his legs. Williams lifts Curtis and plants him with a huge powerbomb. Williams quickly grabs Curtis by the hair again doing the same thing and planting him with yet another huge powerbomb. Williams covers Curtis. The ref makes the count.


Mike – Curtis barely got his shoulder up in time. He is hurting.

Scott – How did he manage to kick out? Curtis has to be hurting.

Mike – It’s called heart Scott.

Scott – Or stupidity

Williams stands Curtis up and whips him into the ropes and attempts another clothesline from hell but Curtis ducks it running under Williams arm. Curtis hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and comes firing off the ropes with a drop kick. Williams falls through the ropes onto the apron. Curtis gets to his feet but it’s slow. Curtis gets to ropes as Williams is standing up. Adam Williams goes to punch Curtis but Curtis avoids it and delivers a punch of his own. Curtis grabs Williams by the head and Suplexs him back into the ring. Curtis quickly gets to his feet and stands up Williams. Curtis kicks him in the gut and hits a huge C-Bomb. Curtis immediately makes the cover.

Scott – Come on Adam kick out

Mike – Very few people are on that list.

The ref makes the count.


Scott – Add Adam Williams to that like Mike.

Mike – I absolutely win

Curtis runs his hands through his hair with a pulled look. He stands up grabbing the wrist of Adam and pulling him closer to the corner. Curtis climbs to the top rope. Curits uses each index finger to point to his mounts. He smiles large then jumps as high as he can. Curtis hits a huge elbow drop from the top rope.


Curtis immediately makes the cover.


Mike – Curtis did it with his new finger. Curtis is on quite the roll right now. He is moving on to the elimination chamber.

Scott – It will not be an easy road for him at all.

Mike – Curtis had a goal in mind and saw it come true tonight. Maybe that positive outlook isn’t all hogwash.

Scott – I hate you Mike.

Mike – Just saying it works for Curtis.

[hr] Fatal Four Way Main Event [hr]

The crowd roars as the bell sounds for the Main Event while all four men; Crush, Scotty, The Stoner, and Raines are each in their respective corners. All four come out from their corners toward the center of the ring where they all begin talking trash to each other; all with aspirations of qualifying for the Elimination Chamber. Before the match can officially get underway…

Video Placeholder

The crowd starts to boo intently as attention hits the top of the ramp where we once again find Chris Page sauntering out to the top of the ramp flanked by Shaun Hart who is carrying two chairs. They stop at the top of the ramp where Shaun gives Page one of the chairs. He opens it and places it at the top of the ramp before taking a seat. He motions for them to fight in the ring as Shaun plops down next to Page as they observe. Crush and Scotty glare up toward the ramp pointing at Page but leaving them open for Raines and Stoner to blast from behind! Stoner clobbers Crush while Raines blasts Scotty! The crowd roars with boos as Stoner drives Crush back into a neutral corner where he swings and lands heavy right hands while Raines spins Scotty around thumbing him in the eye before tossing him out to the floor. Raines drops down to the mat rolling out to the floor going after Scotty while in the ring Stoner fires Crush across the ring and into the opposite buckles. Crush bounces off the buckles exploding out from the corner with a lariat that takes down Stoner! Crush starts stomping away at Stoner while out on the floor Raines has Scotty where he fires him into the steel steps, Scotty reverses and it’s Raines who crashes right shoulder first into the steps to a pop from the crowd! In the ring, Crush picks Stoner up where he takes him up in the air with a Military Press! He holds him up in the air before dropping him and catching him as he drives him into the mat with a powerslam!

Crush makes the first cover of the match.




Scotty pulls Crush off the cover as he’s entered the ring. Scotty picks up Crush where he tosses him over the top rope and out to the floor. Stoner is getting back to his feet where he’s met with a series of jabs from Scotty before Adams lands a bionic elbow! Out on the floor, Sean Raines reaches under the ring pulling out a steel chair. Back in the ring, Scotty clotheslines Stoner over the top rope sending him out to the floor which allows Raines to slip into the ring undetected with the chair in hand. Scotty spins around where he’s jabbed in the ribs with the head of the chair doubling him over! Raines whacks Scotty across the back driving him down to the mat. Raines seizes his moment to try and score the win!




Scotty escapes with a kick-out! Raines is the first to his feet, he bounces off the ropes where Stoner yanks his legs out from under him and pulls him out to the floor! Stoner rams Raines lower back into the ring apron before slamming him on the floor! Stoner slides back into the ring while out on the floor we see Crush tossing the ring apron back where he pulls out a table to a roar from the crowd!

We get a shot of Chris and Shaun talking about what they are seeing while Crush starts to set up the table.

In the ring, Stoner snatches the legs of Scotty where he locks in the Texas Pot Leaf Submission! The crowd roars as the referee slides into position asking Scotty to surrender! Out on the floor, Crush sets the table up on the floor before taking notice of the submission in the ring! Crush slides into the ring where he blasts Stoner from behind breaking the submission attempt! Crush takes Stoner and shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Stoner bounces off the ropes ducking under a Superman Punch! Crush spins around into a Superkick to the right knee which sends Crush down to one knee where Stoner lands a Shining Wizard that he transitions into a Triangle Choke! The referee once again slides into position asking Crush to surrender as Stoner cranks on the pressure of the triangle choke! Raines gets back into the ring breaking Stoner’s submission attempt before picking him up and hurling him into the ring post through the top and middle rope causing Stoner to smack the post right shoulder first.

Scotty has rolled to the outside leaving Raines to pick up Crush where he snatches Crush by the throat!

Raines hoists Crush up in the air driving him into the mat with a Chokeslam! Raines points up to the skies as he steps out to the ring apron and starts to make his climb up to the top rope! Scotty climbs up on the apron where he shoves Raines off the top rope and sends him crashing through the table Crush set up previously to a massive ovation from the crowd! In the ring Crush is starting to push himself up off the mat, Scotty gets back into the ring where he comes up behind Crush and delivers a Sleeper Slam into a Backstabber! Scotty quickly makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Crush escapes with a kick-out to a pop from the crowd. Scotty starts getting back to his feet where he peeps Stoner still in between the top and middle rope. He comes up behind Stoner rolling him up with a School Boy!




Stoner escapes with a kick-out!

Scotty is getting back to his feet where he picks Stoner up and laces him across the chest with a Knife-edge chop followed by a European Uppercut driving Stoner back into the ropes. Scotty fires him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Stoner bounces off the ropes where Scotty looks for a back body drop! Stoner puts on the breaks, sets up Scotty, and delivers a Pump Handle Slam! Stoner makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Crush breaks the count as he yanks Scotty off the cover, he picks him up with Scotty pulling free from his grasp! Scotty lunges with a clothesline, Crush ducks sending Scotty bouncing off the ropes and into a Superman Punch! Scotty spills back out to the floor through the rope and middle ropes! In the ring Crush turns his attention toward Stoner where he calls for the Spear!

Another shot of Shaun Hart and Chris Page; now Page is munching on popcorn while Shaun drinks from a soda cup. Crush backs up into a neutral corner when suddenly Sean Raines is back on the ring apron with a kendo stick in hand where he has a kendo stick in hand! He cracks it across the back of Crush’s head to boos from the crowd! Raines enters the ring where he uses the Kendo Stick to assist in a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Crush! Raines makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Crush manages a kick-out! Raines gets back to his feet where he picks up the Kendo Stick and turns his attention toward Stoner as Stoner is turning around! Raines cracks him in the ribs! Raines breaks the Kendo Stick over the back of Stoner before sending him sailing over the top rope and out to the floor!

Raines shifts attention back toward Crush who is starting to get back to his feet.

Raines charges forward with the leaping leg drop bulldog on Crush! He is quick to make the cover hooking the near leg!




Crush escapes with a kick-out to a gasp from the crowd! Raines starts getting back to his feet where he calls for the Rainmaker! Crush starts to roll over and he pushes himself up off the mat and back to his feet. Crush reaches a vertical base where he turns around and is met with a boot to the midsection! Raines sets Crush up for the Rainmaker when Scotty Adams slides back into the ring blasting Raines from behind and breaking the Rainmaker attempt!

Stoner slides back into the ring where he comes up behind Scotty with a School boy!




Scotty escapes the near fall! Both Scotty and Stoner both get back to a vertical base where they take each other down with a double clothesline! All four men are down in the ring as the crowd roars loudly as they are highly invested in who is taking the final spot inside the Elimination Chamber. The crowd continues to roar as Crush starts to stir. He begins pushing himself up off the mat and back to his feet.

He eyes Raines who is also starting to stir!

Crush backs up into a neutral corner setting up for the Spear when suddenly jumping the barrier behind Crush is PG-13! He yanks the feet out from under Crush, pulling him out to the floor where he drives him back into the ring apron before hurling him over the barrier into the crowd! PG-13 gives chase into the crowd. In the ring Raines is back to his feet where Stoner is nearing a vertical base, Raines sends him over the top rope with a lariat! Raines shifts attention to Scotty!

As Scotty is getting to his feet he’s met with a boot to the midsection!

Raines lands the Rainmaker on Adams! He quickly makes the cover hooking the near leg!





It’s over! Raines has qualified for the Elimination Chamber as we see Chris Page and Shaun Hart stand from their seats and exit back through the curtain while Raines has his arm raised in victory.


Once the competitors have cleared the ring, Shaun Hart with a smirk on his face walks up the steel steps and inside the ring with a microphone in his hand. He walks to the middle of the ring and with a smirk rases the microphone towards his lips.

Shaun Hart: What a great night of Intense action we have seen tonight from the Mayhem roster, but tonight is not over yet because as General Manager it is my duty to make sure we have the best product on television and that we give you the best of the best and that’s what this Elimination Chamber match is going to be about when Justin York, Sean Raines, Tyler Debonair, Curtis and John Cavanagh step into the ring but if you can count you can see that only five names.

The fans look around in curiosity at Shaun.

Shaun Hart: As we all know it takes six to compete in the Elimination Chamber, and because of the brutal attack by Bam and the clumsiness of Curtis, The doctors say they don’t need an MRI to tell us Mr. Russell Wayne will be unable to defend the championship belt at the Elimination Chamber and most likely he will be out longer than that.

The fans let out an eruption of boos.

Shaun Hart: Now, now don’t get all pissy with me because I Hollywood Shaun Hart understands the show must go on, so I must inform you and everyone watching that Russell Wayne has been forced to vacate the IIW World Heavyweight Championship belt and on August 9th from the Staples Center in Los Angles California we will crown a NEW IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!!!!


Scott James: Russell Wayne is out and no longer Champion. Damn you Bam and Curtis but great job by Shaun to save The Main Event.

Shaun Hart: Now settle down and take it all in because we still ahve to fill a final spot for this match and now I could have gone the simple route of putting someone in the Welcoming Committee in there or giving someone that came up short earlier tonight another shot but no no no, I decided to give it to someone I know personally. I decided to give it to someone that was once my client and despite our differences, he still respects me and was grateful when I helped him last time around so without further wait I give you THE SIX-MAN IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!!!




The Game Changer TJ Alexander walks onto the stage and puts on a slick smile and then motions at his waist that he’ll be the next IIW World Heavyweight Champion as the camera fades to dark and the show comes to an end.

Thank You


Chris Page


Sean Raines

Justin York