Mayhem 8th August

Upon the “Welcoming” hitting the speakers the cheers immediately divert into massive boos.

“Ladies and Gentleman, THE WELCOMING COMMITTEE!”

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp upon Chris Page, garners louder boos from the crowd. The spotlight starts to expand revealing Shaun Hart, next to Shaun is the IIW International Champion Justin York while next to Page is Bam Miller and beside Bam is Fred Debonair with the tag titles; one draped over each shoulder. The Welcoming Committee starts to walk toward the ring with Chris in the lead. The faction makes their way to ringside, none of them paying attention to the crowd. Bam Miller storms around the ring toward the timekeeper’s table where he snatches the microphone as Chris Page makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron. He steps through the ropes as he is followed by the rest of TWC.

The Elimination Chamber hangs high above the ring as Justin’s eyes fixate upon the massive structure knowing just how big tonight can be in his career. The music fades away as Bam Miller slides into the ring where he hands Chris the microphone. The boos from the crowd echo throughout the arena as Chris stands poised to speak yet puts his fingers to his left ear signaling that he hears the crowd. He raises the microphone as he states.

CHRIS PAGE: Can you all do me a solid by taking your seats, shutting your mouths, open your ears because all of you are in the presence of greatness in its purest form…

The Los Angeles crowd isn’t having any of it from Chris Page as they boo louder before breaking out into an “ASSHOLE!” chant that merely brings a smirk to Chris’s face.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s true, I am an asshole… I’m THE asshole that you paid to see! Soak it up and DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!

Chris throws his arms out while throwing his nose up in the air garnering the heat he’s looking for. He lowers his head as he raises the microphone.

CHRIS PAGE: As much as you fickle fans want this to be about you this is about the group of talent that you see standing in this ring right now. Yet another Mayhem, only this one is actually special as the IIW has FINALLY made the big time by debuting in the United States!

There’s a mild pop from the crowd as Chris mouths the words “It’s true, it’s true.” before emphatically stating.


The crowd boos intently as Chris passes the microphone to the NEXT IIW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin York.

JUSTIN YORK- The only way this event could have been any bigger is if it was held in the great white north, specifically Toronto!

The Californian crowd is having none of it and erupts with boos louder than you have ever heard before.

JUSTIN YORK- Thank you, I’ll be here all night folks! If a comment about a city better than this one chaps your ass, imagine how you’re going to feel when I walk out of here tonight with the World Heavyweight Championship in that structure.

Justin points to the chamber above the ring. The crowd murmur amongst each other before beginning a F*CK YOU JUSTIN chant.

JUSTIN YORK- No no, you all wish you could! Before we arrive at the main event we have more important business to handle in the form of Page and Fred disposing of The Excellence, keeping the Tag Titles where they rightfully belong.. An easy 2-0 for us tonight.

Justin flips the bird to the angry crowd only enraging them further. He has a cocky smirk on his face as he hands the microphone over to Bam Miller.

Bam Miller: You know if it wasn’t for me taking out Wayne you people wouldn’t even be getting an Elimination Chamber match where anyone that wins is the brand new IIW World Heavyweight Champion but to be honest it won’t be a big mystery about who wins tonight.

Bam smirks as he oaces back and forth.

Bam Miller: Because if you had been paying attention to the product you would know Justin York is one of the best in the business right now and is going to prove it tonight when he walks out IIW World Champion, just like Fred and Pge will still walk out as IIW Tag Team Champions!

The fans boo at Bam and he just talks some trash towards the fans as he passes the microphone back to Page.

CHRIS PAGE: I’m not going to pretend that you all came out here to see me… because tonight, before you now are not ONE but TWO of your hometown heroes. Ladies and Gentleman, FRED DEBONAIR!

Chris hands the mic to Fred who in turn passes him, his IIW Tag strap. The crowd boos slowly begin to turn into huge cheers as Fred paces the ring, looking at the rest of TWC and raising his eyebrows.

FRED DEBONAIR: AND – HERE – I – AM! Yep those comments recently were right. It doesn’t matter what I do when I’m in New York City or here in L.A, you guys really can’t stop loving me! I mean I could pie this chubby chick in the front row and you would all still chant my name! But I know why that is, simply put it’s because the Los Angeles and New York crowds are the best in the world! You should have seen and heard the monotony over in Sydney on the last Mayhem! I mean you had Chris Page putting on quite a show! Justin York right here pulling double duty and yours truly also doing the business and still those absolute heathens didn’t appreciate what we had to offer!

The crowd chant Fred’s name and even “TWC! TWC!” As he struts around the ring.

FRED DEBONAIR: But tonight, tonight you’ll see The Welcoming Committee bringing a name to your attention in The Excellence, when Chris and I line their caskets, place them inside and bury them high and dry! Because that’s what we do! Just like Billy the Kid, we make people famous! Fred Debonair has been doing it his entire life! I mean, just look at my darling boy! He’s been getting absolutely nowhere here, in IIW! But step forward dear old dad and he’s got a World Title shot, right here, tonight! I mean he isn’t going to win it, of course; that’s there for Justin to take… But he’s there and it’s all thanks to me!

FRED DEBONAIR: No, no I’m here because I’ve got these babies to defend with Chris and I’ve got to say I’ve never said this before about any match I’ve had but this? This WILL be a cake walk for TWC. But also I’m about to make someone else’s name a household commodity because the guy likes to talk tough and he likes to think he’s full of smarts, but as I said the other day Crush has been hanging on to a belt that he doesn’t seem to want to defend, for far too long! So… Once he’s done messing around with PG-13 he’d better be prepared for something big to come his way… But I digress! I know you lovely bastards can’t get enough of Fred, but this handsome son of a bitch is also a hometown hero, so keep that love going for The Welcoming Committe’s very own name taker, the visionary of the group if you will… Mr. SHAUN HART!

Fred hands the microphone off to Hollywood Shaun Hart who gets a massive positive reaction from the fans who applaud him and rain down cheers on him as he smiles and raises the microphone to his lips.

Shaun Hart: Thank you city of Los Angeles, California you really do know how to treat a star and that’s because you are a custom to them. The people of the city knows what a true star is and what it takes to be one. This city right here can make or break you and God damn it this city made me the Star I am today.

The fans continue to cheer Shaun Hart on.

Shaun Hart: So now to repay you all I bring you a historic night here in IIW as I choose this city to be the first US city to host Monday Night Mayhem since IIW return to Mainstream, but this not all as you’ve heard leading up to this event and even see now above us. I brought the Elimination Chamber with me.

Shaun points up as the hard cam zooms in on the steel structure that hangs above.

Shaun Hart: Justin York and five other competitors will do what so many people try to do when they come to this city and that’s be a winner and more importantly a Champion just like The Dodgers, The Lakers and most recently The LA Rams!

The Fans give Shaun more cheers.

Shaun Hart: So tonight the city of LA is going to crown a new IIW World Heavyweight Champion tonight and when I strike the mat for the final three count I can guarantee that Justin York will be bringing that Championship back home to the Welcoming Committee.

Shaun Hart: Now Let’s get this night started!!!!

Match One IIW Tag Team ChampionshipStandard Tag Team MatchThe Excellence vs The Welcoming Committee (Chris Page and Fred Debonair)(c)

The bell sounds as Zabian Wells starts things off for The Excellence while Chris Page and Fred Debonair are both in the ring having a discussion on who is going to start things off. Chris turns toward the sold-out crowd asking if he should start garnering loud boos from the crowd. Fred then asks the crowd if he should start which clearly garners a huge ovation for the hometown of Debonair. Zabian Wells calls for the referee to start the match. It catches Page’s ear as he spins around pointing at Wells. Page flips off Wells before shifting attention back toward Fred where the two settle the debate with a rousing game of Paper, Rock, Scissors. Paper covers Rock, Chris Page loses! The crowd responds with another huge pop as Page steps out to the ring apron Fred throws his arms up in the air celebrating his victory over Page. Wells is sick of waiting as he storms up behind Debonair where he rolls him up with a quick School Boy!




Fred escapes the near fall as both he and Zabian quickly get to their feet where Fred swings on the larger Wells who blocks and counters with a series of right hands backing Fred up into the ropes where Debonair is sent across the ring with an Irish Whip, Fred bounces off the near side, he ducks under a lariat, Wells spins around where Fred thumbs him in the eye to a pop from the Los Angeles crowd. Debonair starts hammering the larger Wells with forearm smashes to the jaw of Wells, Fred looks for a body slam only to have Wells counter with a clubbing blow across the back.

Wells drives Debonair back into the corner of Excellence.

Finley tags in where he unloads with a series of right hands to Debonair who is pinned against the buckles. Wells steps out at the three counts as we see Finely bring Fred out from the corner where he takes a back waist lock! Fred counters with a side elbow to the temple breaking the grip of Finely. Fred spins around with a roaring elbow strike rocking Finely back into the ropes. Fred charges toward Finely who elevates him over the top rope and out to the ring apron. Finely spins around where he swings at Fred, Fred ducks while driving a shoulder block into the midsection!!

Fred leaps over the top rope with a sunset flip that Finely rolls through and connects with a knee strike to the face of Debonair!

Finely makes the cover hooking the inside leg.




Fred escapes as Shaun Hart pounds on the ring apron rallying Fred from the floor. Finely is the first to his feet where he reaches down to pick up Fred who fires him into a neutral corner. Finely rushes in after Fred who sidesteps him sending Finely crashing sternum first into the turnbuckles. Finely staggers backward where Fred lands a side suplex.

Debonair is back to his feet where runs toward the ropes delivering a springboard moonsault down on top of Finely! Fred makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Finely kicks out. Fred starts getting to his feet where he picks up Finely where he twists the right arm before backing up into the corner of TWC where Page tags in. The crowd immediately starts echoing out with boos as Page steps through the ropes where he fakes a kick to the ribs but rakes Finely’s eyes! Fred steps out to the ring apron leaving Page to lace Finely across the chest with a stiff knife-edge chop! Page follows up with a European Uppercut sending Finely back into the ropes. Page hurls him across the ring, Finely bounces off the ropes and into a front waist lock!

Page snaps off a Release Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex!

Chris steps back up to his feet where he turns and blasts Wells off the apron sending him crashing down to the floor. The crowd boos Page, Chris pays them little attention as he turns back around and directs his attention toward Finely who is at a seated position. Page comes out from the corner where he flips over Finely while snapping his neck forward! Page forces the cover.




Finely escapes with a kick out to a pop from the crowd as Chris locks in a rear chin lock. The referee slides into position in front of Finely asking him to surrender, Finely refuses as he instead starts working his way back up to his feet turning into the chin lock where he takes Page back into the ropes allowing Wells to make the blind tag as Finely shoots Page across the ring, Page bounces off the far side, Page bounces off the ropes into a Pop-up Powerbomb that’s met with a Diamond Cutter from Wells! The crowd pops huge for the challengers as Wells makes the cover!




Page escapes the near fall to a gasp from the crowd as Wells glances toward the referee holding up three fingers before stepping up to his feet. Wells starts stomping down on the injured ribs of Page who screams out in pain upon each stomp. Wells picks Page up where he drives him back into the ropes. He lands an open-handed chop across the chest before firing Page across the ring, Page bounces off the ropes and into the sweetest-looking Spinbuster that would make Arn Anderson pop! The crowd erupts as Wells makes another cover!




Debonair is there to dive on top of Wells making the save and possibly saving the titles in the process to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. The referee motions and has words with Fred that are met with a middle finger before he steps back out to the apron. In the ring, Wells gets back to his feet with fury in his eyes as he runs toward Fred and catches him with a running boot to the face just as Fred spins around on the apron sending him sailing off the apron and down on top of Shaun Hart!

The referee’s eyes are on the floor as Wells spins around and makes his way back over to Page and walks into a low blow!

Wells drops to his knees as Page steps back up to his feet, clutching his ribs before delivering a straight mafia kick to Wells knocking the human slinky backward to the mat! Page immediately snags the ankle and locks in an Ankle Lock Submission! Wells screams out in pain as the referee starts asking Wells to surrender! Zabian refuses as he starts to use his large frame to crawl toward the bottom rope only to have Page pull him back out to the center of the ring! Finely can be seen rooting on Wells! Zabian begins to push himself up off the mat where he’s able to leverage himself and rolls through the ankle lock sending Page forward spilling through the ropes and out to the floor!

Zabian rolls toward his corner where Finley is able to make the tag! He runs down the apron where Fred and Shaun are helping Page get back to his feet. Finely scales up to the top rope where he leaps off with a Rolling Senton crashing down on top of Page, Debonair, and Hart! Finely pops back up to his feet rallying the crowd as he picks Page up and hurls him back into the ring! Finely slides into the ring executing the cover and hooking the near leg.




Page escapes with a kick-out!

Fred is seen pulling himself back up on the ring apron while Finley pops back up to his feet. He picks Page up off the mat taking him back into the ropes where he shoots Chris across the ring, Page bounces off the ropes into a blind tag by Debonair, Page baseball slides between the legs of Finley, and Finley spins around as Page is back to his feet where he ducks a Juda’s effect and takes a back waist lock on Page! Fed slips into the ring as he comes up behind Wells with a gouge to the eyes causing the grip on the waste to be broken.

Page spits at Wells which brings him into the ring only to have the referee cut him off which in turn leads to Fred spinning Finley around where he shoots him into the ropes, Finely bounce off the ropes into a single-man flapjack that Page delivers a Code Breaker to Finely on the way down! Page rolls out to the floor as Fred makes the cover hooking the leg! The referee gets Wells out to the apron before turning around and seeing the cover.




The Los Angles crowd lets out a gasp as Zabian dives on top of the cover breaking the count at the last second and saving the match for his team! The referee quickly gets Wells back out to the ring apron while Fred is getting back to his feet. He picks Finely up off the mat where he rocks him with a series of European Uppercuts that takes him back into a neutral corner. Fred comes forward where he looks to shoot him across the ring into the opposite buckles, Finely reverses back into the initial corner where Fred smashes into the referee!

Unknown to Finely he charges into the corner with a Stinger Splash into the back of Fred which sandwiches the referee between Debonair and the corner!

He rolls Fred up but there’s no referee as he collapses to the mat. Page slides into the ring with a chair in hand as he waffles Finely across the back breaking the non-counted pin attempt which brings Wells into the ring! Page raises the chair over his head only to have Zabian yank it from his hands and toss it to the mat! Page spins around where he’s grabbed by the throat! Wells hoists up Page high into the air for a 6’8 Chokeslam! Fred chop blocks the right knee out from under Wells causing him to drop Page as he drops to the mat!

Fred reaches down picking up the steel chair…

Los Angeles explodes! Fred and Page both pivot toward the ramp expecting the arrival of TYLER DEBONAIR!

Tyler comes from the crowd behind Fred and Page! Tyler slides a pair of brass knuckles over his fist before sliding into the ring behind Page and Fred. Chris Page is the first to spin around where his lights are turned out by a vicious right hand with the Brass Knuckles! Fred spins around where he’s met with a double leg takedown! Tyler looks to nail Fred with the loaded right hand! Fred catches his hand and manages to slip the knuckles off as they are sent into a corner.

Tyler and Fred roll out to the floor where Tyler drives Fred lower back first into the ring before hurling him over the barrier and into the front row!

Back in the ring Finely is getting back to his feet! Tyler hops the barrier as he and Fred continue to brawl through the crowd where they disappear into a tunnel on the floor! In the ring Finely see’s Page out! Shaun Hart is beside himself on the floor! Finely makes a cover on Page hooking his leg! There’s STILL no referee!

WAIT A MINUTE! A Second official slides into the ring to start making the count!




Page’s left foot gets across the bottom rope breaking the count! Shaun Hart is completely beside himself as there’s no Fred to assist Page! Finely works his way back to his feet where he calls for Wells! Zabian steps back into the ring where Finely picks up Page taking a front face lock! Wells also locks in a front face lock when suddenly Shaun Hart jumps up on the apron taking the attention of the referee! Wells releases his front face lock making a play at Hart!

This allows Page to counter with an overhead throw to Finely!

Wells takes a swing at Hart who evades as he drops down to the floor! Wells spins back around toward Page where CCP lands the Judas Effect elbow strike sending Wells through the ropes and falling out to the floor! Page spins around and as Finely is getting back to his feet he’s met with a boot to the midsection that’s followed by a PAGE PLANT!

Page rolls Finely over making a lateral press with no leg hook.





Shaun Hart comes around the ring snagging the tag titles from the timekeeper as we cut away to the backstage area in CATERING as we see Tyler Debonair powerbombing Fred through a table! Trainers and agents flood the area pulling Tyler away from his father as we fade back to the ring where Shaun Hart is in the ring with the tag titles as he awards them to Chris Page before raising his arm in the air.

Chris Page stands in the ring where he demands the microphone. The crowd boos as he’s handed the live microphone via Shaun Hart. Chris also takes the Tag Titles, and slings one over his right shoulder and the other on his left. Chris Page takes center ring as he raises the microphone and starts addressing the crowd.

CHRIS PAGE: Not to say I told you so… but I told you so. The Excellence bites the dust, better luck next time.

Chris removes the tag titles from his shoulders handing them individually to Shaun Hart. Chris then points up at the Chamber hanging high above the ring.

CHRIS PAGE: Six men are going to step into that structure a little later tonight, and all of them have the same aspirations of leaving Los Angeles as the new IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

There’s a moderate pop from the crowd as Chris nods his head in acknowledgment before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: It doesn’t matter who leaves as the Champion because they will be getting into the ring with the ONE guy that’s BEATEN EM’ ALL!

Suddenly the lights go pitch dark! The crowd starts to roar with anticipation…

The unfamiliar tune hits the speakers as the crowd pops upon seeing the expression of Page shift from cocky to fear. A figure is seen emerging out to the top of the ramp!

Los Angeles smart marks KNOW who they are seeing and respond with an ovation! The unknown man stands at the top of the ramp with his eyes fixated on Chris Page who now looks like he’s seen a ghost!

The unknown man starts to make the walk to the IIW ring. Chris squares up as the man reaches the ringside area not taking his eyes off Chris Page. He climbs up on the ring apron before he steps through the ropes entering the ring. Chris Page and this unknown figure go face to face, nose to nose as the intensity starts to build between the two. Shaun Hart pats Chris on the shoulder before whispering something in his ear while the unknown man hasn’t blinked.

No words are exchanged between either man as Chris takes a powder from the ring to boos from the crowd alongside Shaun Hart.

Chris Page starts to walk back up the ramp looking at the ring as the man in the ring stares Chris Page down the entire way.

Who is this dude? What is his deal with Chris Page? Why is he showing up now?

Match TwoIIW Uprising ChampionshipTriple Threat MatchEl Landerson vs Big Poppa Puff” Scott Stoner vs John Tolly (c)

cott James: “Let’s get this one underway.”
Mike Fisher: “The Uprising Title up for grabs in this one, El Landerson, the former champion gets another chance to take back the title he lost not too terribly long ago.”
When Booyka 619 hit’s he walks out on stage and kneels down on one knee and prays. He gets up and points to the Fans in Pyro fireworks burst open and switch to the other side of the stage in does the same thing in after he was done he slowly walks down the ramp in slaps some little kids high fives and he stops and stares at the kid in hands him his Luchdor Mask to him and heads straight towards the ring and hops on the turnbuckle and pose both fingers in mid-air and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing mid finger in the air in he gets down and wait for his Opponent arrive.
Scott James: “This was originally scheduled to be a triple threat. But earlier today as I was arriving in Los Angeles I was informed that Scott Stoner was taken off the card for undisclosed reasons.”
Mike Fisher: “Well I hope Scott is alright, let’s hope he is just feeling a bit under the weather and isn’t serious injured.”
Blind hits over the house PA as John Tolly makes his way out from the entry way, Jenny standing by his side. Tolly stops mid stage as he cracks his neck. From the entry appears Sean Raines dressed in jeans and a new America’s Most Hated t-shirt. Raines stops next to Tolly, the two look out over the crowd and start to make their way down to the ring. Tolly rolls into the ring and makes his way to the closest corner. Raines still standing at ringside. Tolly climbs up onto the second rope and poses for a second, holding his IIW Uprising Title above his head with one arm before jumping back down into the ring.
The bell rings as El Landerson and John Tolly lock up in the center of the ring. The much bigger Tolly over powers Landerson with ease, sending him flying backwards with a heavy push. Landerson quickly gets his footing and speeds forward with an attack towards John Tolly. Tolly with the dodge, grabbing El Landerson by the back of the mask and whipping him chest first into the corner post. Landerson has the wind knocked out of him on impact, dropping him to his knees. Resting against the second rope with both arms, Landerson struggles to beathe as Tolly takes advantage and runs at him with a running knee smashing Landersons head into the corner. Tolly grabs Landerson by the mask and starts to pick him up to his feet. El Landerson with the attack, wrapping his arms around the top of Tolly’s head and dropping to his knees. Tolly bounces up as his jaw connects with the top of Landerson’s head. John Tolly falls back, grabbing his mouth as blood starts to pour out of it. Laying on his back on the ring mat Tolly begins to get back to his feet, the two men locked onto each other’s line of sight.
Tolly is the first to attack this time, a low kick followed by a powerful right hook. A quick sequel of a punch as Tolly takes control of the match. El Landerson backed against the ropes as Tolly delivers a clothesline sending Landerson tumbling to the floor. Tolly just leans against the top rope, looking down at Landerson and smirking over towards Sean Raines. Raines makes his way over to Landerson, picking him up to toss him back in the ring. As he regains his footing Landerson throws a quick back elbow into the gut of Sean Raines. Landerson jumps up on the apron and dives off hooking Raines in a hurricarana and crashing to the arena floor. Landerson quickly rolls into the ring and goes on the attack against John Tolly. Landerson with a jumping dropkick, backing Jolly up and throwing him off balance. Landerson to the ropes launching off with a forearms smash, taking both Landerson and John Tolly crashing to the mat. A series of pushes thrown to the head of John Tolly, one after another. Landerson quickly to his feet, jumping up and throwing his legs over the top rope, bouncing and rolling off landing a body splash to Tolly.
Landerson quickly to the corner, climbing the ropes signalling to the crowd for the Frog Splash. Landerson setting his feet, but suddenly crashes to the mat from the rope. Raines stands on the apron by the corner and is seen jumping back to the arena floor.
Scott James: “What the hell was that?”
Mike Fisher: “Sean Raines had to get involved in the match?”
Scott James: “I don’t know if it was about getting involved. Given what we know about Sean Raines, this may have just been about that hit from El Landerson about ten minutes ago. Landerson is probably lucky Raines didn’t do what he is known for best.”
John Tolly now back to his feet, throws a few kicks at the downed Landerson. Tolly makes his way over to the ropes towards Raines, leaning over the rope he yells at Raines.
Tolly: “What the hell was that?”
Raines: “What? He hit me first!”
A sinister smirk shows up on Raines face. The two men laugh. But from behind El Landerson grabs Tolly and rolls him up.
Tolly kicks out, rising to his knees he looks over at the ref. A frustrated and now angry Tolly gets up and charges at Landerson. Tolly runs at Landerson driving a knee to his chest. Picking up his opponent, Tolly locks Landerson in a side headlock. Flipping Landerson around Tolly lifts his opponent up holding him vertical in a suplex, he slams his body down. Tolly sits up in the ring, smirks out at the crowd and lifts his arms into a pose. Tolly
Once again get to his feet, picking up El Landerson. Tolly throws up a couple lethal knees to landersons chest before hooking his head under his right arm. Landerson’s head bounces off the canvas from the Champaign Dream. Tolly rolls over for the pin.
And your winner. And STILL IIW Uprising Champion. John Tolly!
Sean Raines and John Tolly both in the ring standing over El Landerson. John Tolly grabs a mic as Sean Raines grabs a can of spray paint. As Raines spray paints AMH across El Landerson the crowd begins to boo.
Tolly drapes the Uprising title over his shoulder.

John Tolly: “I mean what did you expect? When you treat us with such disrespect? You hate us because you are jealous, you hate us because you know deep down we are better than you. And you hate us because we are the resistance. We are the guys pushing back. We are America’s Most Hated.”
The crowd boos even louder

“Yeah you boo but you all know DAMN well I’m telling the truth!”

A who are ya? Chant starts

“Who are we? Who are we? I am the best technical wrestler on this planet and YOUR Uprising Champion John Tolly, and this?”

He smiles as he slaps Raines on the back

“This is the most sadistic bloodthirsty mother fucker on God’s green earth and the next World’s Heavyweight Champion! Sean Raines and this…is just the beginning

A WALL CLOCK ticks away the morning seconds. We pull back to reveal a classroom full of students in mid lecture. The TEACHER, an older lady with thick glasses, finishes a drawing on the chalkboard.

Teacher: Here in the United States, we use the Gregorian calendar which most of the world uses as well.

The teacher points to “B.C.” on the board.

Teacher: B.C. or “Before Christ” is the time that exists before the birth of Jesus Christ. This is also referred to as “B.C.E.” or “Before Common Era” since there are different views across the world and this can be a more broader term. Can anyone tell me what comes after “B.C.?”

A student raises her hand.

Teacher: Yes, Cassandra?

Cassandra: A.D?

Teacher: Great! Yes, “A.D.” or “Anno Domini” which is the Italian translation for “In the year of our lord” is the era we are currently living in. It is also referred to as the Common Era for the same reasons I mentioned earlier.

Another student raises his hand.

Teacher: Yes, Nicholas.

Nicholas: I’m confused about what you have on the board here. I understand everything about “B.C.” and “A.D” but why do you have that part after “A.D?”

Nicholas points to the board where the words “STONE AGE” are written under “A.D.”

Nicholas: I thought the Stone Age was like.. cavemen and stuff but your diagram has it happening here in 2022.

The teacher removes her glasses and casts an intense stare at her class.

Teacher: The Stone Age is almost upon us. Nobody can predict what the Stone Age will bring but it’s coming and it’s coming sooner than we think.

We go back to the ticking wall clock as the scene fades to black.

Match Three

IIW TV Championship

Singles Standard Match

Caleb Scott vs Scotty Adams (c)

In the court of the Dragom’ can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black ‘Adidas’ hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue ‘Asic’ sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance — to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 185lb, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I give you the IIW Television Champion The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams!!!!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

Mike Fisher: The Television Champion looks ready to defend his Championship and show the world why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world but in order to do that he must overcome a hungry and motivated Caleb Scott.

Scott James: While Caleb Scott has been looking impressive lately, this will no doubt be his toughest challenge here to date.

4 hooded figures come out onto the stage before the music hits. 2 on each side, holding torches.

Scott James: Who the hell are these guys?

Mike Fisher: No idea but I’m guessing they have some ties to Caleb Scott

Lights go black as Ze Nigmar plays. Lights stay off as song intro plays. Once the drums in the song start, a single beam of light from above the ring shoots to the stage as Caleb Scott rises from the floor through a ring of white smoke. Caleb stands there for a few seconds looking at the crowd before he begins to slowly walk to the ring as a short row of fire ignites on either side of the entrance ramp.

Alice Goldier: And the challenger, making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 195lbs, from St. Cloud, MN I give you Caleb Scott!!!!

As Caleb goes up the steps and into the ring, the single beam of light following him the entire time. He stands in the middle of the ring, facing the camera, as the ring fills with smoke before the lights turn back on.

Mike Fisher: Caleb looks focused and ready to take that Championship belt off Scotty Adams.

Scott James: Looks can be deceiving Mike, idk if Caleb has what it takes just yet to hold Championship gold here in IIW.

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait long.

*Bell Rings*

They circle each other before shaking hands and begin to lock up and Caleb Scott gains the advantage and puts Scotty Adams in a headlock but Scotty gets out of the hold and uses his momentum to push Caleb into the ropes but Caleb comes back with a shoulder block and sends Scotty down to the mat and Caleb hits the ropes again looking for an elbow drop but Scotty moves out of the way and looks for a diamond cutter but Caleb blocks it and pushes Scotty away and they both stare each other down.

Mike Fisher: Evenly matched early in this match-up.

Scott James: Neither one willing to give the other an advantage.

The both meet in the middle of the ring and Caleb tells Scotty to bring it on as he leaves his chest open for assault and Scotty lights him up with a few stiff chops to the chest but Caleb doesn’t look fazed as he yells in the face of Scotty Adams followed by a series of choose to the chest and then a series of punches that land home as the rock Scotty Adams into the corner. Caleb keeps the pressure on as he uses his shoulder to thrust into the guy of Adams, knocking the air out of him as he falls out of the corner.

Mike Fisher: Caleb Scott is in full control of this match right now.

Caleb Scott goes to pick Scotty Adams up but he was playing possum and goes for the quick pin roll up.



Before the count of Two Caleb Scott kicks out and they stand back up and stare each other down before locking up again and this time Scotty Adams gains the advantage and pits Caleb Scott in a deadlock before bringing him down to the mat and lays some shots in before transitioning into a crossface in the center of the ring.

Mike Fisher: Gut check time for Caleb.

Scott James: Is he going tap out early in this match?

Scotty Adams leans back as he applies more pressure on the face of Caleb as he really has that cross-face locked in good. The referee keeps asking Caleb if he want to tap out but he yells out no and ye fans get behind him as he uses the energy of the crown to get back to his feet and elbows Scotty into the ribs and then lifts him up and drops him with a back body drop. Cable hits the ropes and comes down with a big leg drop across the chest of Adams and then heads up top to the top turnbuckle.

Mike Fisher: This looks like uncharted territory for Caleb here.

Scott James: When a Championship is on the line you pull out everything you’ve got for a match like this.

Caleb Scott makes it to the top and gets his balance. Someone walks onto the stage with the four hooded figures.

Mike Fisher: I think that’s Amon!

Amon just stands there as Caleb Scott looks on for too long as Scotty Adams gets to his feet and leaps up on the turnbuckle and wraps his arms around Caleb Scott and hits a belly to belly suplex from the top turnbuckle and down to the mat below, the impact shakes the rings and the fans are on their feet and Scotty Adams gets his arm over Caleb Scott as the referee gets in position.




Caleb Scott kicks out at the very last second and this place just became unglued from the shock. Both men get to one knee and begin trading punches as they make their way up back up. Caleb, Scotty, Caleb, Scotty, Caleb, and then Caleb again and again and now Caleb Scott is rolling and Scotth Adams looks dazed as he gets sling into the corner and then Caleb follows up with a big body splash in the corner and Scotty drops to the floor and Caleb Scott goes back to the top of the turnbuckle and leads with a flying headbutt and connects. He then beats on his chest and lifts Scotty Adams up and hits Final Resting Place!!!!




*Bell rings*

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner and new IIW Television Champion Caleb Scott!!!!

As Caleb Scott is posing with the TV title the arena goes dark as the Oshtron changes to a picture of an hour glass. Clapping sounds can be heard as a familiar voice begins to speak.

“Congratulations are in order, champ; now you have to prove yourself worthy of being El campion del televisor. To be honest, you just walked into the title… it was practically handed to you, and you; mi amigo, did nothing to earn it. I hold a W over you and until you beat me you will be nothing but a place holder.”

The hour glass is set on fire and fades out to a slide that reads:

Phoenix returns next Mayhem.

A face that hasn’t been seen since World’s Collide makes his way onto the stage for the first time in nearly two months.

Bob: You didn’t really think I’d be gone after that did you?

He raises his arms in triumph only to receive a mixed reaction from the IIW faithful.

Bob: For more than a year I kept this company afloat and in front of each and every one of your beady little eyes, and this is the thanks I get? That’s typical.

The reaction starts to lean a little bit more towards jeering.

Bob: Now for almost two months I sat back with each and every one of you drooling simpletons and watched this promotion slide from the pedestal I kept it on for months. See I heard each and every one of you cry out “where oh where has our little Osh gone!” For months when I was in charge you lavished yourself on that old moron despite everything I gave to you.

I put up with each and every barb from you keyboard bookers whining about how great the glory days were like I was Disney buying your precious space movies out from underneath you, and in the little time he’s been back what did he do? He went on vacation to spend MY hard earned profits on cheap, dirty trollops from Scotland and let that snake in the grass Shaun Hart snatch his company away from the inside whoring out his creation to the bottom rung of every other company on earth.

But I’m not bitter.

No, you see I took a page from your lord and saviour of Vaughan, Osh’s playbook… And maybe cross referenced it with Jonny C and signed myself to one of those iron-clad lifetime contracts. I worked my ass off for you ungrateful heathens, so why not treat myself.

The crowd boos at the idea of being called heathens, and just at Bob Mitchell in general.

Bob: But my problem is after only a few weeks of not being in my safe hands this company is already circling the drain. I gave you the biggest Pay-Per-View extravaganza of all time and to thank me for all my hard work you idiots named an outsider out to rip us off as number one contender to the World Championship without so much as lifting a finger.

But don’t worry about that because we got a rock solid champion that had built himself up over the course of the last year right? Oh wait, nope that guy IMMEDIATELY broke his leg and now tonight you’re going to settle the whole thing by throwing some nobodies into the mix in a Elimination Chamber match because without me here no one can come up with an original idea, and to top it all off, you don’t bother putting that coward… I mean contender in the chamber to win the title, that’s not good enough for the man you want to fuck this company in the ass!

But enough! Enough about this blunderous fall. Once again I’ve arrived from my forced exile to pull this company out of the trash and make sure there actually is a future for myself to draw a paycheck from.

For weeks you’ve seen everyone from self absorbed assholes to lying cheats, to the fucking mid-card bullshit of other shitty companies without a fraction of the success I brought IIW to be allowed to jump our freshly crowned World Champion on our biggest show of all time effectively making us look like the biggest fucking laughing stock in professional wrestling since they tried to put Curtis’ virginity on a pole!

So how do I plan to accomplish this cleansing of the trash from IIW? Well what’s more cleansing than a storm? For over a year now each and every one of you have been warned of an Oncoming Storm here in IIW and each and every time those warnings have fallen on def ears! Well the warnings have stopped and it’s time. IIW the storm has arrived, and that storm is none other than: ANTHONY TUDOR!

The Oncoming Storm stalks to the stage beside Bob Mitchell. Grinning like a psychopath, Tudor has grown out his hair some, but his imposing frame still cuts a mean look dressed in a fine English suit, black suit with white shirt, his tie undone. He takes the microphone from Bob Mitchell.

Tudor: For well over a year I’ve been grinding away in IIW and where has it gotten me? Time after time I see people who have no business in this company placed ahead of me and getting opportunities that should be MINE! Where’s my spot in the Elimination Chamber? Where’s MY gifted Championship match? I have been passed over time and again after busting my ASS every single time I step in that ring.

I’m tired of getting shit on by people who can’t lace my boots. I’m tired of coming up short and empty handed. I’ve seen every single person in the back whine and cry and complain to any and everyone in the back about not getting what they want over the smallest little problems. I spent months in a hospital bed and I asked nothing from nobody and you no where it got me? People don’t fear the storm.

A storm is a force of nature and it’s high time every single one of you pays your respects to a force of nature because I’m going to make every single one of you bow before me and I’m going to start TAKING everything I WANT! I’m tired of being passed over time and again, so I did something about it. Trying hard wasn’t enough. I went to a man who has proven results, this man right here, Bob Mitchell. Each and every one of you ungrateful idiots talked shit every minute of every day while he took this company by the reigns and led it to the promise land and the first fucking chance you got you all laughed at him.

He tried to give you the world and you ungrateful idiots turned up your noses at it. Now that paradise he built you is being ripped away and each and every one of you are cheering as you lose everything. No more. I’m taking this world and I’m going to take it by force. The Oncoming Storm has arrived.

He drops the mic and the pair walk off to a chorus of boos.

Match Four

ECE Championship

Ladder  Match

PG-13 vs Crush(c)

Hero by Skillet plays throughout the arena as PG-13 steps from behind the curtain and walks to the ring with his no nonsense attitude. The crowd isn’t pleased to see him and they’re making him aware of it. PG jumps onto the apron and pyro shoots out of the ring posts.


The Crypto arena quickly changes from boos to cheers as Kingdom by Downstait plays throughout the sound system. Crush appears through a tunnel in the top of the crowd with his UK Championship as the ECE title is above the ring. The crowd is loving him and he’s soaking up every second of it. He begins to make his way to the ring fist bumping fans as he goes.


Crush jumps the barrier where his wife is awaiting him. He takes a walk around the ring gazing at all the ladders surrounding it before getting in. Crush drops his title on the floor and slides into the ring and rushes PG 13 who was laughing like a maniac previous to Crush getting into the ring.

Mike Fisher- and just like that we’re under way!

Crush hits PG with a flurry of right hands sending him back into the ropes. Crush Irish whips PG into the ropes opposite and hits him with a massive clothesline on the rebound. PG hits the mat but rises again very quickly only to be hit with another clothesline. He stands once again and this time ducks the clothesline from Crush and delivers one of his own devastating clotheslines. Crush hits the mat and PG is right on top of him, picking him up off of the canvas and delivering a stiff right hand before tossing Crush out of the ring to the floor. PG is pointing and laughing at Crush which only adds to the crowd’s displeasure.

Mike Fisher- It looked like it at first but not a great start for the ECE champion.

Scott James- Still mighty early Mike, Crush has proven he is resilient before and I’m sure he’s far from through here.

PG follows Crush to the outside of the ring only to be met with a quick kick in the gut and a DDT attempt that is reversed by PG sending Crush crashing hard to the floor with an overhead suplex of some sort. Jessica Huttman looks very concerned.

Mike Fisher- The power of PG-13 is incredible!

Pg is pointing at Jessica and laughing much like he has every second that he’s hand his hands on Crush, he follows her around the ring as she runs away in fear. PG begins his way back around the ring to turn his attention to Crush and WHACK!! Crush drills PG with a chair which seemingly does nothing.

Scott James- PG just took that chair shot like it was nothing and it sounded rather vile!

Crush swings the chair a second and third time across the head of PG finally bringing him down to one knee. The crowd is cheering Crush on. He drops the chair and picks Pg up off of the floor and is immediately overpowered. PG pushes Crush all the way back into the ring steps and he slams into them hard knocking them over. Crush lays on the floor beside the stairs as PG grabs a ladder and throws it into the ring, he also grabs a ladder and folds it up and lays it on the floor. PG turns his attention back to Crush as he pulls him up off of the floor and slams him back first into the apron a few times before tossing him into the barrier. PG goes underneath the ring and grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring as well as a garbage can and lid.

Mike Fisher- He’s tossing around Crush who is no small man. Is Pg too much for him here this evening?

Scott James- Look at all the hardware that has been dispensed through the ring at the hands of PG and it looks as if he’s going back underneath the ring.

PG pulls out a table and sets it up right in front of Crush and then grabs him and tosses him back into the ring. PG points at Jessica once again laughing at the concerned look on her face. PG kicks the steel chair to the spot in the ring in which he wants it and then picks Crush up off the mat and onto his shoulders setting him up for The Revelation (F5) but Crush spins out of it in a weird way and drills PG with a Bone Cutter (Diamond Cutter)

Mike Fisher- What a reversal by crush, this is about the point he could make the cover for the one two three but ladder match rules save PG on this occasion.

Scott James- These men have wasted no time getting right into action here tonight, this has been a brawl already.

Crush makes his way back to his feet and takes the garbage can and places it between the turnbuckles in one corner and does the same with the steel chair in the opposite corner. Crush picks PG up off of the canvas and hits him with three stern right hands followed by a knee to the gut and then Irish whips him into the corner that has the garbage can placed in it. PG puts the brakes on rather quickly and turns around right into a Bone Crusher from Crush which he side steps sending Crush head first into the steel garbage can leaving a massive dent, pretty much pushing it back to the ring post. PG picks Crush up as he turns from the impact in the corner and PG picks him up and hits The Revelation!!

Mike Fisher- Revelation by PG .. now’s as good of a time as ever to get the ladder set up and get climbing.

Scott James- Couldn’t have said it better myself and that looks like exactly what he’s going to do.

PG grabs the ladder in the ring and places it upright and begins his ascent toward the championship. He notices Crush begin to move and smiles as he jumps off the ladder, grabs Crush by the hair and tosses him out of the ring once again following quickly behind him with the garbage lid placed in the ring earlier in hand. Once outside the ring PG hits Crush several times across the back with the garbage lid denting it all up beyond use. PG opens the ladder on the outside of the ring and puts crush inside and slams the ladder down on the ribs of crush several times before giving it one final stomp. Crush rolls out from in between the ladder and lays on the floor writhing in pain.

Mike Fisher- PG-13 didn’t come here to mess around tonight and that’s become very very apparent!

Scott James- When does he ever especially with a championship on the line, one that he wants desperately!

PG intimidates the referee who is checking on crush and then points at the table and once again at Jessica Huttman mocking the pain he is putting her husband through and picks Crush up off of the floor and hooks him for a belly to belly suplex.

Mike Fisher- There’s no way PG is going to slam crush through a table to the floor with a belly to belly.. this is INSANE!

Crush reverses the situation quickly and sends PG crashing through the table with the same belly to belly that he was about to receive. The crowd pop before beginning a HOLY SHIT chant!

Scott James- Quite the opposite actually Mike!

Crush rises to his feet and steps quite a few feet back as PG is rising to his feet, this time slower than previous times. Crush runs and hits the Bone Crusher on PG smashing him to the floor with a sickening thud. Crush wastes no time inflicting some punishment on PG as he tosses him back into the ring and throws him head first into the corner that has the steel chair placed in it. PG’s head rings off the steel chair and can be heard clear as day throughout the arena. The crowd is going absolutely bananas!

Mike Fisher- There’s no time like the present and these people know it, Crush needs to climb that ladder and quickly!

Scott James- I can’t argue with that Mike but it looks as if he has something else in mind.

Crush stands at the ring ropes opposite where PG is laying on the canvas and as he slowly starts to stir, Crush sinches down in the position to deliver another Bone Crusher and he’s waving his hand at PG signifying him to get up. Pg makes it to one knee and Crush runs and delivers a second earth shattering Bone Crusher sending PG backward to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Crush rushes the ladder and begins his climb slowly as the effects of this match are taking their toll.

Mike Fisher- That’s it, Crush is going to retain his ECE Championship.

Scott James- Sure looks that way doesn’t it Mike?

Crush is climbing the ladder rung by rung inching closer to his ECE title and the crowd is roaring. As soon as Crush makes it within arms reach the camera gets a shot of three men jumping the barrier and rushing the ring as fast as they can. The taller of the men pulls Crush off the top of the ladder and gives him a power bomb into the turnbuckle sending him to the mat in a heap and then all three men lay the boots to Crush while the crowd is confused and unhappy at the actions of these unknown men.

Mike Fisher- DAMN IT! That’s Mike Sanders, Real Deal and Maniac, known as The Enterprise in ECE! PG brought his boys with him to do his dirty work.

Scott James- He certainly didn’t come into this thing without a game plan.

Mike Sanders slides out of the ring and stirs up PG and gets him back into the ring. While PG slowly starts to his feet Sanders grabs the same steel chair that has PG’s head dent in it and lays it down beside Crush. Maniac picks Crush up off of the Canvas and hits him with yet another buckle bomb this time Crush rebounds and lands right into the arms of Real Deal who drops Crush head first on the steel chair with a DDT. Crush lays motionless on top of the steel chair in the corner of the ring while Sanders has got PG back to his feet and set to the task of climbing the ladder.

Mike Fisher- There’s no way these outsiders are about to cost Crush this match and his ECE Championship!!

Scott James- Looks that way Mike but if you look on the bright side he will still be our UK Champion.

PG climbs the ladder rung for rung slowly as the crowd boo and begin to toss garbage over the barrier. Maniac kicks Crush out of the ring and onto the floor and then the members of The Enterprise stand in front of the ladder that PG is climbing, taunting the booing crowd. PG makes it to the top and unhooks the ECE Championship.

Mike Fisher- DAMN IT!!

Scott James- This crowd are as angry as you are about this!

PG falls down off of the ladder in exhaustion and is picked up by the members of his group and they all celebrate in the middle of the ring.


Mike Fisher- What a crock! Something needs to be done about PG bringing his group of outsiders in to get the job done!

Main Event IIW World Heavyweight ChampionshipSpecial Guest Referee: Shaun HartElimination Chamber MatchTJ Alexander vs Sean Raines vs John Cavanagh vs Tyler Debonair vs Curtis vs Justin York

The lights flicker and the Elimination Chamber begins to come down as the fans in attendance get on their feet with excitement.

Mike Fisher: Here we go everyone, The Main Event is about to begin and we are going to crown a new IIW World Champion and just so everyone remembers former World Champion Russell Wayne had to vacate his Championship after suffering a gruesome leg injury at the hands of Bam Miller.

Scott James: It’s a shame that Russell could not be here tonight to defend his Championship but like Shaun said the show must go on and tonight the Championship will have a new owner and a new era in IIW will begin.

The start of Shinedown’s “Cut the Cord” sparks
the speaker system as blue and white lights begin to navigate the arena. Tyler Debonair steps out onto the ramp and surveys the crowd.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 230lbs, from Los Angeles, CA.
I give you The ZENsational” Tyler Debonair!!!!

As the tune continues to echo throughout the arena, Tyler walks down the aisle, acknowledging the audience but fully focused on the ring. H steps into the Elimination Chamber and looks around at the steel and then steps inside the ring as the fans chant his name, he takes in the moment before being locked inside his pod.

Mike Fisher: The hometown hero getting a great ovation as he steps into the Elimination Chamber and hoping to walk out as the new IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

Scott James: He’s definitely got the home field advantage here tonight and is looking for the big win to prove to his father and all his doubters that he can win the big one when it matters most.

Mike Fisher: This could be the night for Tyler to finally become IIW World Champion!

Behold the Kings. The King of Kings.” Lights begin to flicker with the music “on your knees, dog”. At the 0:13 mark, out from the darkness of the tunnel emerges the “One Man Dynasty” John Cavanagh in a hooded black robe with green trim, he heads down towards the ring accompanied by his valet Shannon Riley who is wearing a tight fitting and revealing dress. The two walk to the Chamber arm and arm they ignore the fans and Cavanagh trash talks to the camera. They reach the Elimination Chamber and John Cavanagh steps inside and looks at the steel before stepping down inside his pod.

Mike Fisher: The Leader of The Celtic Club looks great and really ready for this opportunity to become IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

Scott James: He’s held the IIW International Championship before and now looks to be the top Champion of this company and he’s got a good chance as any in here.

Faith” by Limp Bizkit as Curtis steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says #1 Son on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, Curtis with a focused look like we’ve never seen before walks down the ramp and walks up the steps inside the Elimination Chamber. He stares down Tyler and John before walking around admiring the steel and then is placed inside his pod.

Mike Fisher: Curtis is going to have to dig deep and do things he’s never thought of if he plans to follow in his father’s steps and become a IIW World Champion.

Scott James: Well he has one uphill battle to go through if he plans to do that. Curtis will have to step outside his element in order to be Champion.

Fire It Up by Black Label Society plays over the speakers and the IIW Hardcore Champion comes walking out on stage beating on his chest and then puts on an evil smirk as he walks down the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 260lbs, from Chicago, I give you the IIW Hardcore Champion Sean Raines!!!!!

Sean walks up the steps into the Elimination Chamber and steps inside and then shakes the steel wall and laughs at John, Tyler and Curtis before doing a slit throat remark as he steps inside his pod.

Mike Fisher: Sean Raines the IIW Hardcore Champion looks at home in this steel structure, I see no fear in his eyes as he looks around at this devilish steel structure.

Scott James: He’s the Hardcore Champion for a reason and is looking to turn that into the IIW World Champion.

Demi-Gods” By Lab-Rats and Slim J and TJ Alexander comes out with a burst of exitmenet as he runs from.side to side of the ramp.hyping up.the fans as he makes his way down the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 180lbs, from London, England, I give you the Game Changer TJ Alexander!!!

TJ walks up the steps aand stand sin the corner of the ring.

Mike Fisher: Not many respect how TJ Alexander made it into this match but he’s a former IIW Television Champion and has been waiting on an opportunity like this for a long time and belongs in this match.

Scott James: Well he might didn’t earn his way in but tonight he will have no choice but to fight and earn to become IIW World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

The lights in the Crypto Arena go completely dark and stay dark for a few short moments. The crowd begin to murmur amongst themselves as tension and anxiety are beginning to build throughout the arena.

One For The Money by Escape The Fate blares the sound system and the crowd erupt into aggressive boos and the lights remain dark.

Mike Fisher- This place sounds like it’s about to riot!!

Scott James- Justin York is about to make his grand entrance and the people are holding nothing back, they’re letting him have it.

Mike Fisher- Where the hell is he Scott?!

After a few moments of his music playing and the lights being dark a spotlight hits the rafters of the arena where Jusin York stands on a metal staging area, he’s flipping off the crowd as thy continue to boo him. The lights kick on finally and reveal York in white and gold tights befitting a champion with his International Championship strapped on his waist. York jumps from the rafters of the arena and soars through the air high above the crowd on a zip line. He’s holding up two middle fingers, one to the crowd and one to the men in the ring.

Mike Fisher- HOLY COW SCOTT!!

Scott James- Definitely a unique way to make your entrance! He’s one of a kind!

York lands on top of the elimination chamber where he unhooks from his harness and rips his title off his waist and holds it high in the air. He’s talking shit to the crowd and hyping himself up.

Scott James- York seems to be ready for this one, he’s got more energy than I’ve ever seen him have in his career here!

Mike Fisher- For his sake that best be true.

York climbs down the side of the chamber and holds his title in the face of a few fans taunting them before walking to the entrance of the chamber and dropping his title. York grabs ahold of the steel and gives it a stern shake before entering the ring.

Shaun Hart comes out on stage in his referee uniform while carrying the IIW World Heavyweight Championship with him. He smirks at the camera and holds the Championship belt up in the air as he walks down the ramp. As he makes it toward the Elimination Chamber he places the Championship belt on the podium that’s been set up and then Shaun takes a microphone.

Shaun Hart: Thank you, for the applause, you are all too kind but it is well deserved because without me you do not get this match. Without me being the genius I am you would all be left wondering what if? But instead, you get to see six of the best IIW Superstars compete inside the ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!! All for yuor entertainment and to become the IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Shaun taps on the Championship.

Shaun Hart: Sean Raines, TJ Alexander, Curtis, Tyler Debonair, John Cavanagh and Justin York will push each other to their limits and shed blood just to call themselves the NEW IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Shaun smirks.

Sahun Hart: But that all ahppends after I make the count for the one,two and three! So respect your referee boys and we will have no problems on me calling it right down the middle! NOW LOS ANGLES CALIFORNIA, LIGHTS,CAMERA, AND ACTION!!!

Mike Fisher: Here we go fans, the match is about to begin and all hell is about the break loose to crown our New IIW World Champion.

Scott James: Not to mention whoever wins this match will have to face Chris Page down the line for The IIW World Champion.

Mike Fisher: That is true but that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is seeing who will survivor this devilish structure and walk out as our Champion.

Scott James: Well we won’t have to wait long as Justin York and TJ Alexander are ready TO start this match off as Shaun Hart signals for the bell.

*Bell Rings*

Justin and TJ meet in the middle of the ring and look to shake hands before they begin but Justin shoots TJ a bird with a smirk and then Justin follows up with a slap and then pushes him away in the face and Justin starts to taunt at the crowd for a minute and as he turns around TJ meets him with a hard right punch tot he face and then they begin to trade shots back and forth. TJ, Justin, TJ, Justin, TJ, Justin, and then Justin again as he starts to overwhelm the former TV Champion. Justin slings TJ into the corner and meets him with a knee to the face and then hits a bulldog out the corner. TJ lays out on the mat as Justin walks around him, rubs his hands together like this is easy work, and then walks around the Chamber giving everyone the bird with a smirk on his face. He starts trash-talking with Cavanagh but the distraction allows TJ Alexander to catch Justin with a Tornado DDT right on the STEEL FLOOR!!!

Mike Fisher: What an epic move by TJ Alexander!

Scott James: Justin seeing nothing but Stars after that one.

TJ lifts Justin up into a suplex and bounces him off the ropes for more momentum as he slams Justins back on the steel floor. TJ gets back up and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and looks back to make sure Justin is still down and then hits a backward moonsault but Justin gets his knees up and TJ bounces off the knees and onto the steel floor and then rolls around in pain as Justin recovers.

Mike Fisher: Starting to see how brutal this Elimination Chamber can be on the human body.

Scott James: TJ and Justin are not being smart in my opinion, if you want to survive this mtach, you must be careful and not expose yourself to the danger of this steel structure.

Mike Fisher: Agreed especially when you start early in this match, you want to stay fresh as possible before others start joining the chaos.

Justin gets back up on his feet by the pod of Sean Raines and starts flipping him off and laughing in his face and then turns his attention back to TJ who stumbles to his feet and turns around into a punch from Justin who then slings TJ back into the ring. Justin uses the ropes to hit a springboard frog spalsh on TJ Alexander and goes fort he pin and Shaun Hart quickly goes for the quick count.




Mike Fisher: Shaun Hart was very quick with that count, any normal referee counting would’ve been a one count when TJ kicked out but with Shaun, you got to be faster with kicking out.

Scott James: Are you accusing the Gneral Mnager of playing favorites, Mike?

Mike Fisher: I’m just calling it as I see it, Shaun deftiely has an agenda in this match.

Shaun and Justin look at each other with frustration after TJ kicked out and then Justin starts punching and then stomping him down as the lights start to flicker and the countdown timer begins.






The spotlight jumps from pod to pod before finally stopping on one and the door pops open…. And out walks THe Hardcore Champion Sean Raines with a sinister look on his face as he points towards Justin and TJ and the fans chant loudly… KILL THEM, KILL THEM,KILL THEM. Sean Raines cracks his neck and knuckles and then proceeds to enter the ring.

Mike Fisher: Here comes the man I believe is the most dangerous man in this Chamber.

Scott James: Sean has a list of broken bodies hes left in his path and I have a feeling he’s about to add some more.

As Sean steps over the ropes he beats on his chest and yells towards them and then TJ Alexander makes the first move as he runs at him but gets hit with a big boot from Raines and Justin comes at him but Sean scoops him up easily and delivers a side walk slam. Sean then line sthem both up on the mat as he hits the ropes and comes back with a massive leg drop over both of them and the fans give him a huge pop as he walks around the ring and points to Cavanagh, Tyler, and Curtis that their next. Sean then picks TJ up and puts him over his shoulder and then gets a running start as he slams TJs back against all four turnbuckles before slamming him down right on top of Justin. He then picks Justin up by the throat and chokeslam him hard down to the mat and then makes the cover but nobody is there to count as Shaun Hart turns his back to them and pretends he doesnt know whats going on.

Mike Fisher: Shaun Hart knows damn well Sean has Justin pin, hes been down there longer than three seconds, Justin should be heading to the back.

Scott James: Leave Shaun alone, he is the only referee in there and he has alot to watch.

Mike Fisher: Watching everything but the match apparently.

Sean gets off of Justin and goes to confront Shaun who still has his back turn, Raines turns Shauna round quickly and violently as he gets in his face and starts yelling at Shaun as he points to Justin and slaps his hands together three time, letting him know he had the win. Shaun Hart looks intimidated but pushes Raines hands away from him as he points at his shirt to remind him hes in charge. Sean spits in Hart direction and then turns around into a double superkick from TJ and Justin, Sean Raines stumbles and leans on the ropes for support but they deliver another double superkick to Raines that sends him falling over the ropes and onto the steel floor. Justin points to the top turnbucle and so does TJ as they both climb to opposite ends of the turnbuckle. They both stand up high and then TJ and Justin leap off the turnbuckles as TJ hits a swanton bomb and Justin hits a leg drop across the face of Raines. They both catch a little impact of the steel and now all three men are down as the lights flicker and the countdown begins.






The spotlight comes from pod to pod and finally lands on one as the door opens and out walks Tyler Debonair who gets a loud pop from his home crowd.

Mike Fisher: Here comes the Zen Master!

Tyler starts climbing up on his pod as Justin, Raines, and TJ make it back to their feet. Once he reaches the top he waits for them to turn around and then hits a crossbody on all three of them taking them down with one leap. Tyler gets back up and grabs Justin by the abc of his neck and tosses him back into the ring. Tyler jumps over the ropes and hits a rolling thunder on top of Justin and goes for the pin, but once again Shaun Hart turbns his back and goes to tie his shoes and the fans cheer him on for his antics. Tyler slaps the mat with anger and goes to confront Shaun but TJ Alexander hits Tyler with a slingblade from behind.

Mike Fisher: Is Shaun Hart not going to his job?

Scott James: The man cant make a three count if his shoes are untied. You wouldnt want him to trip and be knocked out would you?

Mike Fisher: Shaun being knocked out would be the best thing that could happen right now.

Scott James: Well we know who will be getting a pink slip soon.

TJ lays some kicks into Tyler for second and then rains down some punches on him before getting off and hitting a pose in the middle of the ring. As he turns around Tyler make sit back to his feet and the two square off, as they hammer each other with punches, during this time Sean Raines has made it back to his feet and enters the ring. Upon entry he takes both Tyler and TJ down with a closeline. Sean picks TJ up and hoist him over his shoulder and gets a running start before launching TJ Alexander like a spear right inot the STEEL CHAINS WALL!!!

Mike Fisher: HOLY SHIT!!!!

TJ Alexander trys to get to his feet but he wobbles and fall down as blood starts to run down his face from the blow he took.

Scott James: Weve got BLOOD!

Mike Fisher: Dont sound so happy about it, thats a human being in their.

Scott James: This is an Elimination Chamber match not a pillow fight Mike, blood will be drawn.

Justin shakes his head at what he just saw and starts to climb the steel chain wall to put some distance in between him and Sean but Raines follows and grabs hold of Justins leg trying to bring him down but Justin kicks him in the face and makes his way on top of one of the empty pods. Sean Raines kicks at the steel chains with frustration but then remembers someonebody else remains as he turns around and smiles as Tyler shoots him a smirk and tells him to bring it. Sean enters back intot he ring and Tyler meets him with a combination of kicks and punches but the larger and stronger man Sean Raines pushes TJ off of him and then hits him with a spinebuster in the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: TJ is a bloody mess and down, Justin is playing cat and mouse , and Sean raines has laid out Tyler Debonair.

Scott James: The field has almost been whipped out, but good thing we have two more fresh bodies.






The spotlight goes from pod to pod and finally lands on one as the door opens and out walks the leader of the Celtic Club John Cavanagh who gets an ovation of boos, and the bad ass irsishman smirks around at all the carnage and winks up at Justin before turning his attention to the Harcore Champion Sean Raines. Cavanagh enters the ring and goes nose to nose with Sean Raines as they talk trash to each other and then start going blow for blow in the middle of the ring, As they trade thunder like punches, Cavanagh gives Sean a knee to the guts and then hitsx the ropes and trys to clsoeline him down but Sean stays on his feet and gives Cavanagh a hard chop to the chest and hits the ropes looking to take the leader of the Celtic Club down with his own closeline but Cavanagh stands tall as wella dn they go abc tot alk trash to each other until they look up and gett taken down by Justin York who waited patiently on top of the pod and hit a front flip dive of the pod and down on them.

Mike Fisher: This man knows no bonds and continues to take big risk!

Scott James: But the rewards are worth it, just look at him.

Justin York smiles in the ring and shots a bird down to Sean and Cavanagh and spins aroudn to let the fans cheer him on but he doesnt notice that a bloody TJ Alexander stalsk him from behind and hits a snap german suplex on Justin. TJ wipes some of the blood out of his eyes and then slings Justin intot he corner and hammers away punches. TJ then sets Justin up on the top turnbuckle and then begins his climb up as he looks for a big suplex off the top but just as he gets in positions Tyler Debonair gets underneath him in a powerbomb postion and takes them both down from the top rope and right on top of Sean and Cavanagh.


Everyone is laid out and the lights start to flicker from pod to pod as the fans get excited for the last competitor in the match to enter the Elimination Chamber, the spotlight stops on the last pod with a person in it and once the door open the fans give him a loud pop as the friendly neighborhood wrestler Curtis steps out with a smile and then enters the ring and Tyler is the first one to meet him head on and Curtis takes him down witha snap suplex and followed by a arm drag takedown on TJ Alexander. Curtis hits a closeline on Justin York that sends him flying over the ropes an onto the steel floor. Curtis is on fire as he hits John Cavanagh a punch combo followed by a snap DDT. Sean Raines comes in with a big boot and Curtis ducks and Sean nails Tyler instead and send him over the ropes and onto the unforgiven steel floor. Curtis jumps on the back of Sean and puts him in a chokehold and locks his legs around him to cut off his air.

Mike Fisher: Smart thinking by Curtis, using the chokehold as a way to netrualize the Hardcore Champion.

Scott James: That will only get you so far though, eventually youll need a way to put him down for the three.

Sean looks to be fading but then he uses the last bit of strength he has to backpaddle and slam Curtis back against the turnbuckle repeatedly until he lets go and then Sean hammers him with elbows tot he side of the head and then grabs Curtis by the throat and lifts him up over his head throws him back first intot he steel chain wall of the Elimination Chamber, Curtis hits the floor with a thud.

Mike Fisher: Sean Raines has juts broken Curtis in half.

Back on the opposite side Cavanagh is raking Tylers face against the steel chain wall. Tyler yells in pain as his face is grated like cheese against the steel. After a few moments he lets him go and Tyler falls flat on his back John walks around him until he gets to his legs and takes hold of them and lines Tyler up with the empty pod. John lifts Tyler’s leg up and flips him face first into the Pod wall but it doesn’t break and Tyler stumbles before leaning on the Pod and a sinister smile comes over John’s face and he backs up and then starts running towards Tyler looking for s pear but Tyler dodges at the last second and John bust right through the pod and out the other side as the glass shatters and John is laid out with cuts all on his body and Tyler shakes his head thinking that could’ve been him.

Mike Fisher: We need to get medical attetnion for John, I think he’s cut up bad down there.

Scott James: The price you pay for a chance to become IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

Back inside the ring, Sean Raines is laying waste to Justin York and TJ Alexander as he lines them both up in the corner and hits them with a clsoeline and they both fall out. Sean Raines goes to pick up Justin but Justin pokes him in the eyes and manages to get away. A still bloody TJ Alexander tries to discuss a strategy with Justin for a moment while Sean tries to get his vision back. TJ and Justin agree on a double team move but as TJ starts to walk over towards Sean, Justin spins him around and gives him a bird and then kicks him in the balls and laughs in his face as Sean Raines now takes hold of TJ Alexander and puts him down with the Skyfall (Double Underhook Brainbuster). Sean Raines hooks both legs and Shaun Hart gets in position to make the count.





Mike Fisher: The first one to go and Shaun actually did a three count this time around

Scott James: Shaun is doing a great job, get off his back.

As they roll TJ Alexander out of the Elimination Chamber, Bam Miller comes running down the ramp and attacks the outside referees, and then waves for someone else to come down. After a few moments, Fred comes down carrying a ladder, while Bam gets a table and they make their way inside the Elimination Chamber.

Mike Fisher: What the hell is going on here, they have no business being in this match.

Scott James: Every match is the Welcoming Comitties business especially when one of their own is inside.

Mike Fisher: This just isn’t right and now they are added in weapons to an already chaotic match.

Shaun Hart starts pointing and shouting orders for them to do as Bam Miller sets a table up on in the ring and Fred sets up the ladder as well. Justin York regroups with them and then turns their attention to Tyler Debonair who gets in the ring on the opposite side of them. The three members of the Welcoming Committee smile sinisterly as they have the number advantage but then Curtis jumps in right beside Tyler and so does Sean Raines. There’s a hush over the stadium for a moment and then all hell breaks loose as Justin and Curtis lock up and start brawling around with each other on the ropes before spilling out the ring and onto the steel floor.

Mike Fisher: Things are breaking down quickly here, Shaun Hart is losing control of this match.

Scott James: I think Shaun is in absolute control and everything is going according to plan.

Bam Miller and Sean Raines trade blows on the outside and takes turns throwing each other into the steel chain wall. Bam gets the better of Sean and continues to launch him into the wall until a cut forms over Seans’ forehead and blood begins to pour down his face then Bam plants him with a DDT on the steel floor and makes his way back inside the ring to help out Fred who was taking a beating from Tyler. Tyler hammers away at Fred in the corner but finally, Bam pulls Tyler off Fred and then the double team begins as they beat down on Tyler until he is unable to move and then place him on top of the table they brought in. Fred lays some more punches down on him while he is on the table. Justin York makes his climb up the ladder and gets tot he very top as fans get excited for what’s about to come next. Fred and Bam hold Tyler in place and let go as soon as Justin leaps off the ladder and hits a 450 splash on Tyler and through the table!



Bam and Fred put Justin ontop of Tyler and Shaun Hart begins the count.





Scott James: Another one bites the dust, now its just Justin, Curtis, Sean Raines, and John Cavanagh left in this match.

Mike Fisher: Dont forget the two who have no business in this match.

The Welcoming Committee begins to celebrate early in the ring as if Justin has already won the World Championship, as they continue to celebrate the huge monitor screen lights up and a familiar face appears.

Scott James: Well I be damn.

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan is here!!!!

Jay smirks as the camera focuses on him and then reveals he’s standing by the motorcycle of one Bam Miller.

Jay: Hello Bam!

Jay pulls out a baseball bat and begins to beat on the motorcycle as parts of the bike begin to fall off and see the dents Jay is leaving on it. Back in the ring Bam is irate and kicks at the ropes and then makes his way out the Elimination Chamber along with Fred as the high tail it towards Jay. Justin and Shaun look on in shock but only for a minute as John Cavanagh comes from behind Justin and launches him outside the ring and onto the steel floor with a brutal german suplex. He then goes outside the ring and onto the steel floor to lay some shots into the bloody Sean Raines who was starting to come through. John throws him inside the ring and then hits a headbutt to Curtis and tosses him into the steel chain wall then follows it up with a body slam onto the steel floor. He pulls Curtis up by his hair and kicks him in the gut then lifts him up in a powerbomb position and backs up a little before running with Curtis and launches him into the ring.

Mike Fisher: The leader Of The Celtic Club is in full control of this match now.

John steps inside the ring and takes the pad off one of the turnbuckles and then turns back around to lay some shots into Curtis head and he starst to bleed a little. John pikc shim up and then slams his head into the expose turnbucle, over, and over again until the Irishman is satisfied and then lets a bloody Curtis fall in a puddle of his own blood. John taunt a little and motions for Shaun Hart to get read as he lifts a lifeless Curtis body up and hits The Hell’s Kitchen Drop(: Fisherman Brainbuster / Pittsburgh Plunge) He plants Curtis right on his head and then hooks the legs as Shaun Hart gets in postion for the count.





Mike Fisher: We are down to Justin York, Sean Raines, and John Cavanagh.

Scott James: One of these three are going to be our next IIW World Heavyweight Champion!

Sean and John go nose to nose again witth blood dripping between them and then they unlaod punch after punch again until John shoots a knee to the cut and follwed by a european uppercut. John sends Raines to the ropes and looks to flip him over but the big man Sean Raines shows off some athletic ability as he jumps over John and hits a northern lights suplex but John slips out of it and they continue to brawl from corner to corner of the ring until they meet in the middle again talking trash and just as they almost forgot Justin comes out of nowhere leaping off the ropes but this time his big move doenst pay off as Sean and John catch him by the throat and deliver a double chokeslam, Sean goes for the cover but once again Shaun Hart walks off towards the entrance of the Elimination Chamber and has someone hand him a bottle of water.

Mike Fisher: Now what the hell is that?

Scott James: The referee is thirsty, hes been working hard to control this match and make sure we get a fair ending to this match.

Mike Fisher: Shaun hasnt done anything fair this whole time and I have a feeling The Hardcore Champion is about to let him hear it.

As Shaun Hart steps back into the ring drinking his water a bloody and angry Sean Raines slaps the water out of his hand and jacks Shaun up by his shirt and looks like hes about to end his night but John Cavanagh comes in with the quick school boy roll up and Shaun does the quickest count in history.


Shaun hand hits the mat for the final time and Sean Raines has officially been eliminated after John took advantage of the distraction, but Sean doesnt leave quietly as he hits a big boot on John and then tosses Shaun Hart onto the steel floor before exting the Elimination Chamber.

Mike Fisher: Finally someone lets Shaun Hart have it.

Scott James: Well im glad your happy but now the final two competitors dont have a health referee avaible when a three count is needed.

Justin York goes to shake Shaun as he checks up on him and tries to wake him up but John comes from behind him and tosses him back into the ring. As John enters the ring Justin catches home ith a diamond cutter and goes for the pin but Shaun is still down and Justin slaps the mat with frustration as he gets up and kicks at John for a moment and then smiles sinister as his eyes lock on the ladder that lays outside the ring and the steel floor. Justin steps out the ropes and brings the ladder inside the ring. He walks around John and then uses the ladder as a weapon as he rams the back of John repeatedly with the ladder before walking towards the turnbuckle and wedging the ladder in between the ropes.

Mike Fisher: No telling what this kid has planned this time around.

Scott James: Just know it’s going to be epic.

Justin makes sure the ladder is steady and stays in place and then drags Cav bear the ladder and leans him up against it and hammers some punches in on him and then backs up to the other side of the ring and talks some trash before taking off looking to Spear Johns back into the ladder but John moves won’t the way and trips Justin up causing him to go face first into the ladder and instantly start bleeding down his face.

Mike Fisher: CRIMSON MASK!!!!

Scott James: Stacy going to have to get used to that scar, yikes!!!

Justin bleeds heavily down his face and stumbles around right into Cavanagh who kicks him in the gut and hits the Hell’s Kitchen Drop( Fisherman Brainbuster / Pittsburgh Plunge)!!!! He hooks both legs but Shaun Hart is still down and the fans in the arena count themselves.

Fans: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!!!

Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh should be IIW World Heavyweight Champion right now.

Scott James: Well maybe he should’ve thought of waking up Shaun before going all in.

Cavanagh shakes his head and gets up to go retrieve Shaun. John picks Shaun up and tosses him in the ring and then begins to slap him around in the face as he tries to wake him up but Justin York swings him around and pokes him in the eyes and hits the low blow on and follows it up with the Casino Crusher and then a German suplex pin. Both shoulders are on the mat as Shaun Hart finally comes back through and gets in position to make the count.




*Bell Rings*

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner and new IIW World Heavyweight Champion Justin York!!!

Mike Fisher: Well I be damn they pulled it off.

Scott Jmaes: I told you not to doubt the Welcoming Committee.

The Elimination Chamber begins to ascend and Shaun Hart motions for the belt as confetti comes down and a still bloody Justin York can’t believe it as Shaun Hart puts the belt around York waist and the great of the Welcoming Committee come down to celebrate in the ring with York. John Cavanagh looks on in shock in the corner as the celebration continues. Shaun Hart gets a microphone and looks like he going to speak as Justin holds the Championship in the air but then a familiar face comes running down the ramp and gets into the ring.

Mike Fisher: That’s senior official Jim Michaels and we haven’t seen him since Bob Michell fired him and the other referees Osh hired before Bob came into power.

Scott James: What the hell is he doing here now during this celebration ?

Jim Michaels gets in the ring and takes a microphone from ring side.

Jim Michaels: Sorry to rain on your parade Shaun and Welcoming Committee but I need to turn your attention to the big screen on the entrance.

The big screen lights up and replays footage of the pin and zooms in in it. As the picture comes into focus the fans gasp as it clearly shows both Justin and Cavanagh shoulders are both down during the three count.

Scott James: Oh man, does this mean what I think it means?

Mike Fisher: I believe it does Scott.

As the footage keeps playing, Jim Michaels returns to speaking.

Jim Michaels: So as you can see Shaun Justin’s shoulders were also down during the pin, so I have no choice but to reverse the decision as a double pin with no CLEAR WINNER!!!

Shaun Hart shakes hi head and kicks at the ropes while the rest of the Welcoming Committee talk among themselves.

Shaun Hart: Listen up here Jim, I don’t give a damn what you say or what that video shows, I’m the General manager and referee for this match and I say my decision is final and that Justin York is the New Champion!

The referee waves his finger in disagreement and pulls out a piece of paper that looks like a contract.

Jim Michaels: Sorry to break the news to you Shaun but you see this here is a new contract that I signed earlier today with Osh. This contract not only makes me the senior official referee but also gives me the power to overturn all referee match decisions and I say this match has no winner and ends in a no contest.

Shaun Hart is livid as he and the referee argue back and forth.

Mike Fisher: What a turn of events here tonight in LA California and we still don’t have a new IIW World Heavyweight Champion according to Jim.

Scott James: What was Osh thinking of giving Jim this much power and now we have nothing but confusion going on in the ring.

The controversy in the ring continues to rage on as Shaun Hart raises Justin’s arm in the air once again only to have the Senior official raise the arm of Cav!

Everyone’s head turns toward the ramp. The negative reaction from the crowd bellows out from all over the area as Chris Page emerges in his street clothes with his hair pulled in a ponytail. Chris starts to walk down the aisle with purpose in his eyes. He makes his way to ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron.

Chris adjusts his tie as his gaze shifts toward Justin York.

Chris sticks his right thumb out sideways and then turns it down. Almost immediately Fred Debonair hits the ring blasting Cav from behind knocking him down to the mat! Fred, Shaun, and York start stomping away at the fallen Cav.

Chris Page drops down to the floor and starts walking around the ring to the timekeeper where the IIW World Heavyweight Championship is on display. Page snatches it before sliding into the ring. Fred picks Cav up off the mat where he and York hold him in place for Page to smash in the face with the Championship belt!

The crowd boos as Chris Page kneels down pointing in Cav’s face as he’s heard saying.

CHRIS PAGE: You made your bed…

Chris stands back up to his feet where he glances at Justin, then at Fred, and finally at Shaun. He hoists up the World Heavyweight Championship as Mayhem leaves the air.