Mayhem 22nd August

The Pyro goes off on stage as Mayhem takes the air live from Anaheim, California from The Honda Center with the house lights dimming to darkness, bringing an immediate pop from the crowd with anticipation as the hard cam falls on the commentary team of Mike Fisher and Scott James.

Mike Fisher: Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!!! I’m Mike Fisher and with me as always is Scott James and ole boy do we have a stacked card here tonight, with many of your favorites in action tonight.

Scott James: Yes indeed as we got Curtis going one on one with TJ Alexander for the first time, Caleb Scott and John Tolly team up tonight to take on Stoner and Phoenix, and in the Main Event The Welcoming Committee takes on The Celtic Club after the controversy that unfolded last Mayhem.

Mike Fisher: Yes many more major things happening tonight but right now we are going to start things off with Shaun Hart!

The hard cam shifts to the ring and zooms in on a serious-looking Shaun Hart.

Shaun Hart: Two weeks ago in Los Angeles California, my hometown I was upstaged and embarrassed in front of my people! A low-level senior referee played spoiler to me making sure The Welcoming Committee walked out with the IIW World Heavyweight Championship.

Shaun pauses as fans in attendance cheer loudly at his displeasure. He waits for them to calm down before speaking again.

Shaun Hart: SHOW ME SOME DAMN RESPECT!!! When I speak you all shut your mouths and listen to me! I had the perfect night going and was making it historic until Jim Michaels showed up and ruined everything… and only because Osh gave him not only a new contract but put in there that he could reverse all referee decisions if the wrong call was made, which for the record I did not get it wrong and all this is Bull shit!!!

The fans BOOO loudly at Shaun, whose facial expression seems annoyed as he waits for them to stop.

Shaun Hart: Well you can sit there and boo all you want but the fact remains I am the GENERAL MANAGER of MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!!!  So with that said let me get down to business and address the elephant in the room. On September 18 live from Detroit Michigan we will be having our PPV event Red Alert where the IIW World Heavyweight Championship will be defended and this time we will have a winner I can guarantee you that and I can also guarantee it will be between Chris Page and John Cavanagh.

Shaun pauses for a moment.

Shaun Hart: The reason I can say that is because earlier today Justin York retired due to undisclosed injury and therefore the International Championship has been vacated and we will have a Open Challenge Battle royal to ALL and yes that means the International Championship can be fought by all genders going forward in the IIW.

The fans erupt with cheers.

Shaun Hart: But that’s not all, The Tag Team Championship division is now open to all genders, this is a change that I and network executives thought would be good for the IIW as we continue to grow the IIW brand and that’s why on October 3rd the IIW World Cup Tournament will begin as eight team’s will try to make it through three rounds to earn themselves not only a damn good looking Trophy but also a shot at the Tag Team Titles. 

The fans are super excited as they cheer on.

Shaun Hart: Yea I know I’m the beat damn General Manager you could ever have but that’s all the news I have for you tonight 

Shaun Hart gets ready to exit the ring Shaun Hart when the lights go dark bringing a huge ovation from the California crowd. The blackout lasts for 5 or 6 seconds yet it feels like eternity…

The crowd erupts upon hearing the sounds of the keys of the piano… 

Upon the guitar hitting the lights draw up revealing the very man who confronted the seemingly unstoppable Chris Page on the last edition of Mayhem. Shaun Hart seems shocked to see his face as he stares down toward Hart seemingly cutting through him. It’s a GLORIOUS site as the unknown starts to walk toward the ring. Shaun starts looking around as he isn’t sure how to react as he watches this man make his way down the ramp with a methodical stride. 

He reaches ringside, taking his time as the last thing he seems to be impressed by is anything Shaun Hart has had to say. We see Shaun scream off the microphone. 


The man climbs up on the apron as he takes a moment while leaning on the top rope to cut his eyes around the sold-out arena. The ovation reaches a fever pitch as he steps through the ropes and into the IIW ring where he stands opposite Shaun Hart. The music fades away leaving a solid ovation from the crowd while Shaun raises the microphone. 


The crowd starts to turn on Shaun as he continues. 

SHAUN HART: You are not under contract here and have NO business being… 

The crowd pops huge as this IIW unknown snatches the microphone out of Shaun’s hand. 

“The last thing anyone needs to hear is the sound of your voice.”

He states emphatically drawing a louder response from the crowd. 

“And you’re one hundred percent right when you say I’m not under an IIW contract but what you’ve neglected to share is while you were off signing anyone with a pulse to this federation over the last two weeks is WHY you didn’t elect to sign me.”

The unknown shifts his attention toward the hard camera before quickly stating. 

“Some of you know me, others of you don’t…”

The unknown pivots his attention back toward Shaun while he continues on. 

“I didn’t come here to jump any lines or pretend I care about a lot of the ongoings unless your name is “Chronic” Chris Page.” 

The crowd boos intently upon hearing the name drop. 

“Shaun, why don’t you tell them why you didn’t sign me?” 

The unknown raises the microphone towards Shaun’s lips. 


The unknown yanks the microphone away from Shaun’s lips to applause from the crowd as he raises it back towards his. 

“Because Chris Page told you not to!”

Shaun shakes off the unknown allegations while being head saying. 

SHAUN HART: That’s not true!

“Oh, that’s completely true; and do you want to know why he doesn’t want this face anywhere near this federation? OF COURSE, you do!!! And we’re going to get there but before we do let’s talk about a statement Mr. Page made two weeks ago.”

The unknown motions toward the video wall…


CHRIS PAGE: Six men are going to step into that structure a little later tonight, and all of them have the same aspirations of leaving Los Angeles as the new IIW World Heavyweight Champion.

There’s a moderate pop from the crowd as Chris nods his head in acknowledgment before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: It doesn’t matter who leaves as the Champion because they will be getting into the ring with the ONE guy that’s BEATEN EM’ ALL!


The replay closes as the line Beaten Em’ All is stated as we return to the ring. 

“Mr. Page likes to run around talking about fun facts, right? Here’s a GLORIOUS fact that is exactly why you didn’t do YOUR job. Chris Page hasn’t ever beaten me.”

The statement from the unknown brings an ovation from the crowd.

The crowd erupts with massive boos as all attention directs toward the top of the ramp. The disdain echoes throughout the arena as emerging through the curtain in street clothes with his IIW Tag Title slung over his right shoulder is the Number One Contender and your next IIW World Heavyweight Champion, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE.

The unknown waves at Chris from the ring before blowing him a kiss. 

Chris Page starts to make the walk toward the ring as he walks down the ramp. Once he reaches ringside he removes the shades covering his eyes where he locks on the unknown. It’s clear Chris knows who he is and clearly why he is here. Chris Page makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron where he doesn’t hesitate and steps through the ropes. 

Shaun Hart calls for a second microphone. He is handed it by the announcer as he hands it to Chris Page as the music fades away. 

CHRIS PAGE: Let me make sure I understand you correctly. You’re blaming me because Shaun Hart didn’t sign you? 

The unknown rolls his eyes at Page and then responds.

“Listen Page, don’t play coy with me because unlike all these people you have fooled into believing your overdrawn hype I know that Shaun Hart is your own personal puppet… but I’m actually glad that your ego couldn’t allow you to sit in the back like a good little boy because at least now I can talk to the horses mouth and not the horses ass.”

The unknown elicits a response from the crowd. 

“Christopher, I know you won’t dare just step into the ring with me so I tell you what; rumor has it that the Tag Team Division within the IIW is well, not to be disrespectful, but it’s weak as fuck. I also heard a rumor that a tournament is being put together to determine a set of challengers.”

Chris interjects.

CHRIS PAGE: Get to the point because you’re wasting this airtime.

“Hold on cupcake, I’m getting there but if you want me to ruin the surprise then fine… Sign the GLORIOUS NEW BREED up! And let me tell you this you smug, arrogant,  son of a bitch. We are going to win that tournament, and then we’re going to take those titles… and IF you do become the IIW World Champion… I’ll take that one to! I’m looking you in your eyes and I’m telling you that the days of you treating everyone like they’re inferior has just run out…”

The unknown takes a step to Page. 

“Because the only one inferior in this ring right now… is you.”

A huge pop from the crowd is heard! 

“I am THE GLORIOUS TRISTAN SLATER, and I’ve come to IIW to end your Chris Page Problem.”

THE GLORIOUS Tristan Slater slams the microphone into Page’s chest as he pushes him away. Shaun Hart can be seen whisper into Page’s ear which garners a headnod from CCP. He raises his microphone as he responds. 

CHRIS PAGE: We’re going to see about that. 

THE Tristan Slater winks at Page before turning his back to the veteran as if he seemingly dares Chris to attack him. Chris and Shaun opt to exit the ring behind Slater’s back to boos from the crowd. 

( Max Stone looks to impress in his IIW in ring debut but the former NFL tackle looks to stand in his way and welcome him to the IIW with his fist. Who will win when these two collide on Mayhem?)

Match One

Standard Singles Match

Knox vs Max Stone

His music plays over the speakers and he walks out with hardcore look on his face as he marges to the ring and stomps on the steel steps before entering the ting. 

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 334lbs, from Brooklyn New York. I give you Knox!!!!!

He walks over to the corner and waits on his opponent.

The video board comes to life and we see a calendar ON FIRE descending from the sky over the sound of ticking clocks. The burning calendar lands on a beach and a wave CRASHES over it. The wave departs and the calendar is gone. 

The screen goes black and a groovy bass line starts to play. The ticking clocks get louder and louder until the guitar for N.I.B. by Black Sabbath kicks in. Max Stone emerges from the entrance way with a huge smile on his face. He makes his way down the ramp towards the ring and showing gratitude for a crowd praise that isn’t there. He heads over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a microphone and slides into the ring.

Max slowly lifts his arms and walks in circles as he looks over the crowd in attendance. The music cuts out.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 278lbs, from Los Angeles, CA

I give you Max Stone!!!!!

Max Stone: I would like to welcome each and every one of you to HISTORY in the making! If you don’t already know who I am, my name is MAX STONE and none of you yet have truly realized how BLESSED you are. Years from now you will remember where you were when the old world ended and the new one began. Everything you knew about the IIW before this very moment has been left behind to allow for the STONE AGE to begin! Your entire family history will include a chapter about how you were in this very arena ushering in the start of something beautiful in the world of professional wrestling. WELCOME TO THE STONE AGE!

Mike Fisher: I’m very muched eager to see what Max Stone is all about.

Scott James: he’s definitely been a mystery since leaving those encrypted videos but now in just a few minutes the smoke and mirrors will be lifted and we will see who he really is.

*Bell rings*

Max Stone comes out the gate hot as he wraps his arms around Knox legs and take shim down with a Double leg takedown and transition into strikes that he lays into Knox repeatedly with punches and elbows. The referee tells Max to get off him but he refuses as he lays in some more before he finally gets off.

Mike Fisher: This Max Stone has a mean streak about him. 

Scott James: And I love it, a real killer intensity with this one.

Knox gets back to his feet and tries to trade strikes with Max but it is clear he is outmatched as Max shows off his impressive striking skills as he hits know with a combo of punches and elbow then followed by a Spinning Heel Kick that sends Knox stumbling into the corner. Max keeps the momentum going as he comes flying in with double knees to the chest of Knox and then throws him down to the mat and jumps up on the top turnbuckle and comes down with a double foot stomp to the chest!

Mike Fisher: Max has not shown down since the bell has rang and he been in total control throughout this match, I’m not even sure of Knox has even gained any offense.

Scott James: A very impressive performance so far tonight from Max Stone and I have to say the rest of the roster should be nervous.

Max Stone now stalks Knox as he make it back to his feet and Stone locks his arms around his neck and performs the Kata Ha Jime a childhood that has won him many matches in his past and that continues tonight as Knox begins to tap out and the referee calls for the bell.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall, MAX STONE!!!!

Mike Fisher: I’m very impressed by what I saw tonight IIW fans and Scott, I can’t remember a debut so impressive in a long time. 

Scott James: I have to agree, it’s pretty clear right now that this could be the beginning of the Stone Age!

The Following segment has been dubbed over so that you can understand whatever poor excuse of a dialect they call English.

PC McGhee and Stabby Joe are sat outside in a raggedy old tent

PC McGhee: Hey Stabby… Do you think we’ve finally made it?

Stabby Joe: Why do you think that PC?

PC McGhee: Well look at us, we have a job as professional wrestlers, we have a roof over our head, we even have a fan club these days, I think Benz would be proud wherever he is now, It really is a personal best for us, you haven’t even stabbed anyone in the last 2 weeks!

Stabby Joe: You may call that a personal best, but I call it a personal worst! But PC McGhee… If we’re sooo good, why doesn’t our job pay?…. The roof you speak of you just pulled out of the dumpster

PC McGhee: Well it’s an improvement!

Stabby Joe: An Improvement? We had a good thing going with Bob Mitchell! He fed us! He clothed us! You had to go and piss all over his office didn’t you?

Pc McGhee: When you gotta go you gotta go!

Stabby Joe: But we had potential!

PC McGhee: We are the longest reigning Tag team in the IIW yet still we’re not in the IIW Tag Team tournament! It’s not fair

Stabby Joe: Someone’s gonna get stabbed for this!… Bring on next Mayhem!

We return from a commercial break and see a smiling Jay Vaughan in the ring with a microphone in his hands as the fans give him a big ovation. He smiles and interacts with them before waiting for them to settle down as he lifts his microphone.

Jay: Last Mayhem you saw me return in only the most controversial way I knew how, You see Bam Miller thought our situation was over and he no longer had to look over his shoulder but after what I did to his precious Motorcycle.

Jay smiles and then gives a laugh as the fans cheer with approval.

Jay: Glad you all enjoyed it because I loved it as well when he locked shocked and confused to me again but Bam should know that I don’t quit after one loss and that he owes me another match and the fact he needs to be checked since Shaun Hart doesn’t have the balls to do it himself, he’s just a puppet that Chris Page controls.

The fans breakout into a chant.


Jay laughs it up in the ring.

Jay: So with that said I am officially challenging Bam Miller to a match for RED ALERT in his own hometown of Detroit Michigan and not just any match oh no I’m going to beat Bam at his own game. We are going to do this in a Motor City Street Fight, so what do you say Bam, will you accept?

The big screen on stage flickers on and shows the outside parking lot of the arena where Bam Miller is seen smoking a cigarette while he sits on top of the hood of a car. He takes a couple of puffs before blowing the smoke out.

Bam: Jay you amuse me really rich boy! You talk a tough game but the last time I saw you was when your back was on the mat and I pin your ass for the one, two, and three but I understand you are hard-headed and always used to winning and getting your way so I can see how that match still haunts you and now you want another round with The Slayer.

Bam takes another puff from his cigarette.

Bam: I’ll grant you your wish and sign you up for another ass beating, especially in my hometown! Jay you must be stupid to think you can beat me in my home and especially in a Motor City Street Fight! Boy, you have no idea what you are in for but that no surprise after what you did to my bike and now its time to pay the price.

Bam gets off the hood of the car and reveals it to be Jay’s Dodge Viper.

Jay: I swear to god if you do anything to my baby im going to come out there and make you suffer!

Bam smirks and then starts directing a dump truck to back up towards Jays Dodge Viper, after a few moments Bam gives the signal for the driver to stop and then turns back to the camera and gives a smirk as he gives a thump downs signal to the driver and the back of the truck opens up and thousands of bricks with Bams name on them as they come pouring out right on top of Jays Viper! Jay looks livid as he kicks at the ropes and rolls up his sleeves as he jumps out of the ring and runs to the parking lot.

Mike Fisher: Bam Miller just totally destroyed Jay’s Viper with those bricks,and Jay is now ready for a fight.

Scott James: Well serves Jay right after what he did to Bam’s motorcycle.

As we return to the parking lot we see a pissed off Jay walk up on his destroyed viper that now has just bricks on top of bricks on his car and then looks around for Bam……… Who comes out of no where and spears Jay to the ground and starts rolling around as they trade punches and then finally get to their feet and take turns throwing each other into cars before security comes rushing out to separate them. They alk trash and kick at each other as the scene fades and we go to commercial break.

(Another group of new talent make their IIW debuts as both Shooter and Singh look to impress the fans and put everyone else on notice but only one can make an impressive impact. Who will be victorious and starting thing off right in IIW with a win?)

Match Two

Standard Singles Match

Harpinder Singh vs Shooter Landell

Shooter Landell is waiting in the ring as Punjabi MC begins to play as the crowd start to viciously boo as THE GREAT Harpinder Singh makes his way out to the ring on an Elephant, he waves to the booing crowd as the elephant led by his minions escort him to the ring.

Getting off the elephant he gets in the ring and sizes up Shooter Landell. Shooter doesn’t wait for the Bell he launches himself at Harpinder Singh with a running clothesline knocking both men to the ground as the bell rings.

Both men slowly start to get to their feet, but Shooter jumps up first, runs forward, and plants his boot into Harpinder Singh’s face. Shooter stumbles around the ring and shakes the cobwebs out of his head, then pulls Harpinder Singh up off the mat and throws him into a corner. Shooter steps up and slams Harpinder Singh’s head into the top turnbuckle, then spins him around and whips him into the opposite corner, then charges after him, but Harpinder Singh tips up over Shooter and lands behind him, then Dropkicks Shooter in the back, sending him flying into the corner. Shooter turns around just as Harpinder Singh runs up and nails a hard clothesline into the corner, then grabs him and rolls him up into a Small Package.




Harpinder Singh stands up and waits for Shooterl to stand, then runs up and tries for a Hurancanranna, but Shooter catches him and plants him with a Sit-out Powerbomb. Shooter holds onto Harpinder Singh’s legs for the cover.




Shooter stands up and stumbles back into the ropes. Harpinder Singh slowly stands up and turns straight into a kick to the gut. Shooter lifts Harpinder Singh up onto his shoulders, then spins, hitting the powerbomb. Shooter jumps on Harpinder Singh for the cover.




Shooter sits up stunned. The ref holds up two fingers in front of Shooter’s face. Shooter screams, then slides out of the ring to the outside, grabbing a steel chair. Shooter slides back into the ring and lifts the chair up. The ref grabs the chair and tries to pull it away, but Shooter shoves the ref down to the mat. Shooter turns, but receives a kick in the gut, dropping the chair to the mat. Harpinder Singh grabs Shooter, then plants him with the SINGH-ALONG onto the chair. Harpinder Singh covers Shooter.




(As we saw on last Mayhem Bob Mitchell has return with a new client to enhance in the form of the The Oncoming Storm Anthony Tudor who looks ready to begin a new path of destruction, but Michael Hunter stands in his way and looks to send him back down a path of loses. Who will win when these two titans collide?) 

Match Three

Standard Singles Match

Michael Hunter vs Anthony Tudor w/ Bob Mitchell

Michael Hunter and Anthony Tudor are nose to nose as they talk trash into each others faces. Anthony Tudor slaps the taste out of Michael Hunter’s mouth, and the crowd ‘woo!’ Michael Hunter charges at Anthony Tudor, but Anthony Tudor dodges and sends him into the steel ring post. Michael Hunter hangs limply on the turnbuckle clutching onto his shoulder. Anthony Tudor pulls him out and goes for a pin attempt instantly. 1, and Michael Hunter gets his foot on the bottom ropes. Anthony Tudor picks Michael Hunter up, and whips him into the ropes, but Michael Hunter reverses. Anthony Tudor ducks the clothesline, and hits Michael Hunter with one of his own. Anthony Tudor bounces off the ropes with an elbow drop, but Michael Hunter moves and drops the elbow himself. Michael Hunter picks up Anthony Tudor and whips him into the ropes, and hits him with a high knee to the face. Michael Hunter picks Anthony Tudor up, but Anthony Tudor fights back with a series of punches to the mid section. Anthony Tudor gets up to his feet and nails Michael Hunter with a discus clothesline. The crowd boos Anthony Tudor as he holds up his arms.

Mike: This has been a close match up so far, with neither man gaining a clear advantage.

sCOTT: Michael Hunter looks dazed after that clothesline, and Anthony Tudor now picks him up and lands a DDT.

Anthony Tudor rolls Michael Hunter over for the cover, 1, 2 and Michael Hunter lifts up the right shoulder. Anthony Tudor looks a bit frustrated as he lifts Michael Hunter to his feet. Anthony Tudor hits him with a straight right, and Michael Hunter hits a left. Anthony Tudor ducks an Michael Hunter clothesline, only to be hit with a chop which sends him to the canvas. Michael Hunter stomps away, and plants a leg drop over Anthony Tudor’s chest. Michael Hunter now grabs Anthony Tudor by the shoulders and drags him to the centre of the ring. He hooks the leg, 1, 2 but Anthony Tudor kicks out. Anthony Tudor gets up and starts laying lefts and right onto Michael Hunter, whips him into the ropes, and nails him with a picture perfect dropkick right on the chin. Anthony Tudor picks Michael Hunter up, and sets him up for another DDT, but Michael Hunter pushes Anthony Tudor into the corner, and Anthony Tudor falls to the floor like a sack of potatoes on his stomach. Michael Hunter makes his way up top, possibly for his diving head butt, but Anthony Tudor gets up and hits him right in the face with an open palm shot.

Anthony picks him back up. He goes for a DDT, but that’s reversed into a THE HUNTED





Scott: How the hell did Anthony Tudor kick out?!

An angered Michael Hunter picks up Anthony Tudor and throws him out of the ring. He hits a Samoan Chokeslam on Tudor. He picks him up, readying him again for The Hunter

Mike: Looks like Anthony Tudor’s new era didn’t get off to the best start

But Tudor then ducks it!… He grabs Hunter….THE ONCOMING STORM!!!!




Mike: Bob Mitchell has done it! His influence on Anthony Tudor has seen him pick up his first win in months!

  ( After both Curtis and TJ Alexander came up short in the Elimination Chamber, they look to both bounce back when they square off with each other in the ring. With pride and better placement in the rankings on the line who will walk out with the win?)

Match Four

Standard Singles Match

Curtis vs TJ Alexander

Faith” by Limp Bizkit as Curtis steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says #1 Son on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, Curtis with a focused look like we’ve never seen before walks down the ramp and walks up the steps inside the ring. Curtis vows to the ref then backs into his corner awaiting his opponent. 

Mike- Both of these men are looking to get back on track after taking big losses in the Elimination Chamber. 

Scott – partners a few weeks back now opposite sides of the ring the last 2 shows. I fully expect an exciting and fast paced match. 

Mike – With these two that’s very possible. 

Demi-Gods” By Lab-Rats and Slim J and TJ Alexander comes out with a burst of excitement as he runs from.side to side of the ramp.hyping up.the fans as he makes his way down the ramp.

Mike – And here we go. 

Curtis walks to the middle of the ring and sticks out his hand looking for a handshake. TJ Alexander looks at Curtis’s hand then around the arena quickly. He shakes his head no saying you’re crazy. Curtis shrugs and steps back to his corner before the ref calls for the bell.

Mike – Curtis the consummate professional. 

Scott – He’s such an asshole no one wants to be this clown’s friend. We are here to wrestle, not play house. 

Curtis fires out of the corner as does TJ they Collide in the middle of the ring as Curtis gets his arm out hitting a huge clothesline. TJ goes down to the mat but gets right back up to his feet. Curtis grabs TJ and hits a hip toss followed by a standing leg drop. Curtis smiles looking down at TJ on the mat then grabs the hand of TJ and shakes it.

Mike – HA Curtis got the handshake.

Scott – That doesn’t count at all. That’s a statutory handshake. 

Mike – OK WOW moving past that.

Scott – No means no Micheal. 

Tj realizes what’s happening and pulls his hand away then smacks Curtis hard in the face. Curtis takes a step back allowing TJ to get to his feet. TJ throws a few punches all connecting with Curtis. Curtis takes a few steps back but TJ stays on him. TJ jumps hitting a beautiful drop kick that sends Curtis flying through the ropes to the apron of the ring.

Scott – Good TJ got revenge for that handshake.

Tj reaches over the top rope grabbing Curtis by the hair and standing him up. Tj punches Curtis then grabs his head and pulls him through the ropes so just his feet are on them. TJ drops fast planting Curtis with a nice DDT. Tj rolls Curtis over and makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.








KICKOUT Curtis gets a shoulder up.

Tj glares at the ref then stands up. Tj grabs Curtis by the foot and drags him near the corner of the ring. Tj jumps to the top rope. He calls for the 450 and jumps off doing a beautiful 450 splash but right before he lands Curits pulls his knees up. Tj crashes hard onto Curtis’ knees. Tj jumps up holding his chest and rolling around the ring in pain. 

Mike – High risk

Scott – High reward. 

Mike – This time is didn’t play out for Tj

Curtis is slowly getting to his feet. Curtis falls back into the corner to catch his breath a bit as TJ is hiding his chest. Curtis runs front the corner grabbing TJ by the head and hitting a swinging neck breaker. Curtis immediately picks up TJ again grabbing him by the head and holding him and hitting a running bulldog. Curtis drops down and locks in an arm bar on TJ. The ref slides down to look for a tap out. Tj is yelling, doing everything to roll out of it but Curtis is locked in deep. Tj is kicking his feet and slowly starting to push and pull himself closer to the ropes. Tj is reaching with everything he’s got and Curtis is pulling on that arm really hard. 

Mike – We could see TJ tap here tonight. 

Scott – I highly doubt that. Tjs got no quit in him.

Finally Tj manages to get his fingers to the bottom rope. Curtis breaks the hold and stands up. Tj rolls out of the ring to the floor outside still holding his arm. Curtis gets to his feet and steps through the ropes onto the apron. Curtis hops off dropping an ax handle to Tjs back. A fan starts yelling at Curtis and Curtis smiles and blows him a kiss. This enrages the fan who spits at Curtis. Curtis walks over and begins trying to help the fan. Curtis is telling him that he is blessed and can be a great person if he tries.

Mike – Don’t engage the fans Curtis keep your eyes on TJ

TJ gets to his feet then hits Curtis with a low blow. Curtis drops to his knees. 

Scott – Yup that’s why you don’t turn your back on someone like TJ

Tj grabs Curtis by the head and whips him into the ring. Tj quickly follows him into the ring. Tj quickly gets to his feet grabbing Curtis off the mat and spinning him around hitting a huge German Suplex. Curtis hits the mat hard. Tj jumps to his feet throwing his arms out screaming that he is the best. Curtis rolls to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope. Tj tries to drag Curtis away from the rope but Curtis won’t get go. Tj tries to stomp on Curtis but Curtis pulls himself out onto the apron causing Tj to miss. Curtis gets to his feet as Tj tries to grab him again. Curtis drives a shoulder through the middle rope catching Tj in the stomach. Tj stumbles back Curtis steps through the ropes kicking TJ in the gut then setting him up and hitting a huge powerbomb. 

Mike – C – bomb

Curtis makes the cover as the ref slides down to make the count. 










Scott – OH MY GOD I didn’t see him kicking out of that. 

Mike – Wow we agree something Scott. 

Curtis immediately gets to his feet standing Tj up hitting another huge powerbomb and making the cover. 










Mike – Curtis did it. It took 2 C combs but he got it done. 

Scott – I didn’t know if Curtis could beat Tj but he managed to do it. Tj didn’t make it easy that’s for sure. 

Mike – He did not.

Curtis leans down and pats the chest of Tj saying almost Tj you did great buddy. Curtis throws his arms up scream Mama I did it.

( The former IIW TV Champion and Tag Team Champion makes his return to IIW and looks to start things off right with a win but the former Uprising Champion stands in his way and look to play spoiler. Who will win when these two former Champions collide?)

Match Five


Standard Singles Match

Ryan Hawkins vs El Landerson

When Booyka 619 hit’s he walks out on stage and kneels down on one knee and prays. He gets up and points to the Fans in Pyro fireworks burst open and switch to the other side of the stage in does the same thing in after he was done he slowly walks down the ramp in slaps some little kids high fives and he stops and stares at the kid in hands him his Luchador Mask to him and heads straight towards the ring and hops on the turnbuckle and pose both fingers in mid-air and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing mid finger in the air in he gets down and wait for his Opponent arrive.

Scott James: “Well Mike, let’s see if Anaheim is a better turn out than El Landerson had in Los Angeles a couple of weeks back.”

Mike Fisher: “I don’t think it could really get any worse. John Tolly showed this kid why he is the Uprising Champion.”

Scott James: “Let’s not forget that only a month or so ago El Landerson was the champion, as a matter of fact he was the first Uprising Champion.”

Mike Fisher: “Unfortunately no one told that to John Tolly, or he didn’t care because he put a beating into El Landerson and went home still as champion. But that is neither here nor there. Tonight El Landerson gets the chance for some redemption as he takes on a man we are all too familiar with, the returning Ryan Hawkins.”

For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica blasts through the house speakers. As the song continues its iconic introduction, upon each toll of the bell appears a flash of strobe lighting, revealing a figure in the darkness standing in the centre of the entrance stage, his appearance now revealed by the flashing strobe. Ryan Hawkins remains still on the stage, his face covered by his intimidating entrance mask, his eyes focused intensely on the ring. Upon the 4th tolling of the bell, he slowly unbuttons his trench coat without breaking his intense gaze on the ring, revealing “The Dream Killer in blood-stained writing across the chest of his T-shirt.

Scott James: “We have seen Hawkins before…but this is new.”

As Ryan Hawkins makes his way into the ring the ref calls for the bell.

Mike Fisher: “And this thing is underway.”

El Landerson makes the first attack buckling down and running full tilt towards Hawkins. Ryan Hawkins, the veteran of the ring realizes the move and brings up a boot to the midsection of Landerson, taking two steps back on impact before lunging forward in an almost decapitating clothesline, Hawkins climbs back to his feet looking down at his fallen opponent, and then out at the audience.

Scott James: “Landerson thought he had a plan going there. That didn’t work out too well for him now did it?”

Hawkins turns back away from the crowd, back towards El Landerson who is now back to his feet after the massive clothesline. The two men lock up with Hawkins quickly overpowering and tossing El Landerson through the air landing against the corner post.

Scott James: “If El Landerson wants a chance at winning this thing he is going to need a new game plan. Overpowering this man is not an option on the table at this time.”

El Landerson pausing for a moment, backs into the ropes with some force and bounces and runs at Hawkins. Hawkins shifts his weight and lifts his right foot as Landerson approaches, big boot attempt but Landerson drops to the mat and baseball slides under the boot. Jumping back to his feet and quickly jumping high to deliver a dropkick to the back of his opponent. Hawkins stumbles forward into the rope, Landerson runs and dives with a cross body, both men spill over the top rope to the floor.

Mike Fisher: “I think El Landerson may have found a way to get ahead in this one. If you can’t beat them with power, out manoeuvre.”

Both crash to the floor, both taking some damage from the fall. Landerson is the first to scramble back to his feet, throwing a quick series of kicks to the side of Hawkins. Hawkins starts to get back to his knees as Landerson backs up to the opposite corner post, a sprint and running dropkick sends Hawkins barrelling into the ring steps knocking them apart. The referee continues his count.



Landerson back into the ring, he runs to a corner on the opposite side of the ring and jumps up on the second rope, posing and showing off to the crowd. The live crowd goes crazy and the sound level in the arena hits a high.



Hawkins is back to his feet and rolls into the ring. In an attempt to get the drop on his opponent he runs at the corner and attempts to surprise Landerson with an attack, however Landerson takes flight climbing to the top and jumping into a flip landing on Hawkins, taking both to the mat. Landerson capitalises and after climbing over Hawkins starts to rain down a series of punches. Jumping up, Landerson once again shows off to the crowd, lifting his arms in celebration. He turns back towards his opponent but it met with a kick to the stomach, grabbing Landerson by the mask Hawkins tosses him shoulder first into the corner post.

Scott James: “I think that severely pissed off Hawkins. He looks to be on a mission.”

Ryan throws thunderous punches to the face of Landerson followed by an uppercut. He then lifts El Landerson and puts him on the top turnbuckle in a seated position. He then make this way up there and puts El Landerson head between his arms and hits THE DREAM KILLER (RKO) off the top rope and instantly goes for the cover.




Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall, The Dream Killer Ryan Hawkins.

The lights go dim and a spotlight falls on Ryan Hawkins who lifts El Landerson up and then tosses him to the outside of the ring and then takes a microphone, sits indian style in the middle of the ring as a spotlight falls on him.

Ryan Hawkins: EL fought hard but now his dreams belongs to me now and he will not be the last. So many of you sit comfortably thinking you can not be touched, but in due time I will find every single last one of you and leave an everlasting message that will haunt you until the day you take your last breath. Hannabell has showed me the way and my path leads to a smiling fool.

The lights flicker off and the arena goes dark and once back on Ryan Hawkins is nowhere to be found.

(The new IIW TV Champion Caleb Scott must team with IIW Uprising Champion John Tolly and find a way to work as a team as they take on two men that could both be their new challengers for their respective titles as Anthony Phoenix makes claim to be next in line for the IIW TV Championship while Stoner looks to get another shot at John Tolly. Who will win when these two teams meet?) 

Match six

Standard Tag Team Match

Anthony Phoenix and Stoner vs Caleb Scott and John Tolly

Mike Fisher: Welcome back from commercial break as Caleb Scott The Television Champion and John Tolly the Uprising Champion must find a way to work together against two-man that could possibly challenge them for their respective Championships.

Scott James: Well they better come up with something while they’re in the ring because Anthony Phoenix and Stoner are on the same page and are looking to make an impact.  

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait long as it looks like the referee is ready to start this match.

*Bell Rings*

Stoner and Phoenix talk among themselves as they try to decide who will start things off first but John Tolly get impatient and hits Stoner from behind and then knock Phoenix off the ropes and then starts hammering punches down on Stoner for a minute and then gets up and walks around the ring taunting.

Mike Fisher: The Uprising Champion not wasting any time getting this match underway.

Scott James: Smart move by Tolly to break up their strategy meeting, not giving the time to get a plan together. Caleb Scott should be happy to have Tolly as a partner tonight.

Back in the ring Tolly stomps down on Stoner’s back and waits for him to get up to one knee. Then Tolly hits the ropes and bounces back and connects with a beautiful shining wizard, then bounces off the ropes again looking for an elbow drop to the back. Still, Stoner rolls out of the way and Tolly’s elbow hits hard against the mat and tries to shake the pain off as he gets up but Stoner hits him with a closeline but Tolly gets back up and Stoner again hits him with another big closeline and follows by an elbow drop of his own. Stoner now picks Tolly up and swings him into the ropes and waits for him to come back and then lifts him up on his shoulder before performing a soman drop.

Mike Fisher: Stoner has turned the odds back into his team’s favor.

Stoner whips Tolly back into his team corner and Phoenix holds his arms back while Stoner delivers some hard chops to the chest, the referee has his back turned as he deals with the TV Champion Caleb Scott that looks to try and get into help his partner. Stoner now makes the tag to Phoenix and they hit a double suplex out of the corner. Tolly rolls around in pain as Stoner goes to his corner and Phoenix takes over as he continues to lay shots into the head of Tolly and then puts him in a headlock and applies pressure as he pulls back in the middle of the ring. Phoenix laughs into the camera as Tolly struggles in pain and shouts towards Caleb Scott that this is his future.

Scott James: Phoenix letting it be known to The Televsion Champion that this is what awaits him in the future.

Mike Fisher: Well Phoenix better stay focused because it looks like Tolly has found some new life.

Tolly uses his strength to get himself off the mat and then uses his elbows to hit Phoenix in the gut but Phoenix lets go of the headlock and grabs Tolly’s hair and sling him back down to the mat with authority. Phoenix wipes his hands together and then kicks away at Tolly before heading to the top rope. He points down to Tolly and then taunts a little towards the fans before eloping off and looking for a big leg drop but Tolly rolls out of the way and makes the tag to the Television Champion Caleb Scott who jumps over the top rope and hits Phoenix with a thunderous closeline followed by a hard right to Stoner that drops him on the outside and Tolly follows it up with a suicide dive taking him and Stoner out at one time.

Mike Fisher: This crowd has come alive for Caleb Scott as they get behind him.

Scott James: Phoenix looks to be in trouble right now.

Caleb swings Phoenix into the corner and hits a big body splash on Phoenix who stumbles out of the corner looking dazed for a moment but as soon as Caleb walks up on him to perform another move Phoenix hits a superkick out of nowhere that drops Caleb in his tracks and Phoenix goes for the cover.




Caleb Scott gets his shoulder up at the last minute and Phoenix shows his frustration as he slaps the mat and puts three fingers up in the referee’s face as he argues with the count, back on the outside Tolly and Stoner trade shots on the outside for a minute until Tolly gets control and swings Stoner into the barricade and follows it up with a closeline that sends them both falling into the crowd. 

Mike Fisher: This thing is breaking down, it’s chaos in the arena.

Scott James: And I love it!

Back inside the ring Phoenix still argues with the referee for a moment and then turns around from a spinebuster from Caleb. He beats on his chest and then heads to the top rope and gets the crowd on their feet and then with a flying headbutt and connects. He then lifts Phoenix up and hits Final Resting Place!!! Caleb hooks both legs as the referee gets in position.




Stoner  tries to break the count but Tolly hold ahi leg and the match is over. Stoner rolls Phoenix out the ring to him while Caleb Scott The TV Champion and John Tolly The Uprising Champion celebrate in the ring.

Alice Goldier: Here are your winners by pinfall The Television Champion Caleb Scott and The Uprising Champion John Tolly!!!!

We fade backstage into the CCPE Locker Room to find Shaun Hart, Bam Miller, Fred Debonair, and Chris Page. The crowd is split with their reactions’ mainly because of Shaun and Fred’s ties to California. Bam leans against a wall with a brick in his hand while Shaun and Fred are each pacings back and forth across the locker room floor in a state of panic.

SHAUN HART: You still don’t have a partner, Chris! The match with the Celtic Club is still on, you have guys from your past showing up unadvertised! What are we going to do?

FRED DEBONAIR: Shaun, calm down. I’m sure Page has something on deck

SHAUN HART: Calm down? How do you expect me to calm down when everything that we have been working for can go up in smoke?

Bam comes off the wall where he hands a seated Chris Page his brick.

BAM MILLER: Problem solved.

Shaun is unamused.

SHAUN HART: Not funny.

Chris finally stands up which garners the attention of the room. He takes a moment before he states toward Shaun.

CHRIS PAGE: I am going to ask you a very simple question.


CHRIS PAGE: Have I ever let you down?

Shaun isn’t sure how to respond.

CHRIS PAGE: Think about that for a second. Since I’ve made my presence felt in the IIW, have I ever let you down? I showed up and took the tag titles, I’ve brought you CCPE, and we’ve all collectively taken control of a product that was boring and have made it into a destination.

Shaun responds.

SHAUN HART: Then no Chris, you’ve never let me down.

Chris nods his head as he then addresses Fred and Bam.

CHRIS PAGE: Have I ever let either of you down?

Both men shake their heads “no” as Chris hands Bam his brick back and address the three of them.

CHRIS PAGE: Guys, I’ve got a partner. Tonight CCPE will successfully retain the IIW Tag Titles. Bank on it. Freebird Rule is the best rule.

The scene cuts back to ringside.

( After coming up big last Mayhem when he beat Crush for the ECE World Championship, he must now turn his attention to one half of the IIW Tag Team Champions Fred Debonair who looks to insert himself in the UK Championship picture. Who will win when these two Champions collide?)

Match Seven

Standard Singles Match

PG-13 vs Fred Debonair

The lights in the arena dim as a montage of New York City and it’s skyline appears on the big screen and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17” quote from Pulp Fiction plays to completion. At the end the gunfire blends in with the sound of cash registers opening and closing, as Pink Floyd’s “Money” smashes through the speakers and Fred Debonair makes his way out onto the top of the ramp.

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 224lbs, from Hells Kitchen, New York I give you one half of the IIW Tag Team Champions, Fred Debonair!!!

He closes his eyes and soaks up the roar of the crowd as they chant his name. Opening them again, he smirks and walks down the aisle to the ring, climbing the steel steps, he enters between the top and middle rope, hopping onto the turnbuckle and raising his arms. He drops back down and waits for the music and lights to return.

He is accompanied by Kyle Ervin, the current President of Extreme championship entertainment. 

Alice Goldier: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 280lbs, from Marietta, GA. He is the ECE World Heavyweight Champion PG-13!!!!

PG doesn’t pander to the crowd and just walks to the ring. As he jumps up on the apron, pyro shoots out of the turnbuckles. 

Mike Fisher: PG-13 looks focused and ready for this match-up.

Scott James: He better be because Fred Debonair is on a mission to challenge for Crush UK Championship.

Mike Fisher: That’s true but Fred better hope Tyler isn’t around after his actions on last Mayhem when he helped but his own son through a table.

Scott James: I wouldn’t worry about I’ve been told Tyler is medically not cleared to be here tonight, so Fred can focus and put all his effort into earning his UK Title shot.

Mike Fisher: Well he wont have to wait long as it looks like the referee is ready for the match to begin.

*Bell rings*

Fred and Pg lock up in the middle of the ring and instantly the larger and stronger PG throws Fred across the ring who takes his time getting up as he looks surprised by the difference in strength. They lock up again and this time Fred transitions into a wristlock and then looks for an arm drag but PG uses his weight to keep him grounded and then pulls Fred into a thunderous closeline and goes for a quick cover.



Fred gets the shoulder up and PG goes to lift him up the mat but Fred pokes him in the eyes and then delivers multiple chops to his chest as he backs him into the corner and follows up with some punches and then chops again. Fred then gets on the second rope and starts hammering punches down on PG but PG catches Fred’s fist and then grabs him by the throat and tosses him outside the ring.

Mike Fisher: My lord! The power of PG-13 is unreal.

Scott James: He’s definitely showing Fred that he needs to hit the weight room, my god what strategy can Fred put together to overcome this beating?

Mike Fisher: I’m not sure but its not looking good right now.

PG steps outside of the ring now as the referee starts his count and Fred makes his way back to his feet and as soon as PG approaches him he rakes the eyes and slams his face into the turnbuckle pole and then sends him crashing into the steel steps and hammers some shots into his head. Fred rolls back into the ring and back out to break the count and continues his assault.

Mike Fisher: Looks like Fred has found a strategy alright and it involves playing dirty by the looks of things. 

Scott James: Any way to get the win, if your not cheating you’re not trying.

Fred with a cocky smile now lifts PG up and gets ready to lift him up but PG sends shots to the back up Fred and then lifts him and rams him into the barricade and then slams him on the ground. PG then lift Fred back up and tosses him inside the ring, PG takes his time getting back in and as soon as he steps inside the ring Fred hits him with a leg chop that brings PG down to one knee and Fred follows up with a DDT, Fred now drags PG into the middle of the ring and locks in a sharp shorter and applies pressure on the injured knee.

Mike Fisher: Fred seems to be in full control of this match right now. 

The referee asks PG if he wants to give up but he shakes his head no and begins to pull himself to the ropes with his forearms. Fred applies more pressure and tries to makes it more difficult but PG continues the fight and the fans begin to cheer him on.

Scott James: Obviously the fans hate Fred Debonair much more than PG if they are willing to cheer for a man that had his brother jumped and took his ECE  Championship at last Mayhem.

Mike Fisher: I think you’ve forgotten about the list of disgusting actions Fred Debonair has done to his son lately, I think that’s why the fans are cheering for PG instead of that Son Of A Bitch in the ring right now.

PG is just inches now from the ropes and keeps fighting to get their until finally his fingertips touch the ropes and then grabs it and the referee tells Fred he has to let go but he shakes his head no and keeps the hold locked in as the referee begins to count.

Mike Fisher: Fred better break this hold before the count or give or he’ll be disqualified.

Scott James: I don’t think he cares much about that right now.

As the referee gets to four, Fred breaks the hold and walks off with a smile as the fans boo at him and then walks back to PG and starts to lift him up but PG hits him with a brutal headbutt and sends Fred stumbling back and PG spears him into the corner and begins thrusting his shoulder into his gut and then hits a big body to body Suplex out of the corner. Fred uses the ropes to get back up and turns around to PG who kicks him in the gut and lifts him up on his shoulders and spins around real fast and Fred’s legs catches the head of the referee and knocks him down as PG hits the The Revelation ( F-5) and goes for the cover  but nobody is around to make the count. 

Mike Fisher: We need a referee!!!

PG gets frustrated and goes to wake up the referee but he’s still out and barley makes a move. PG throws his hands up in the air and turns around to Crush sprinting at him but he moves out the way and Crush hits Fred instead with a The Bone Crusher!!!! (spear) Crush looks down at Fred and shakes his head as he turns around to PG who tosses Crush out the ring as the refere comes through and PG hooks both legs as the referee slowly makes the count.




The Bell rings and PG stands tall victorious as Crush makes his way up the ramp starring down PG-13.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner by pinfall PG-13!!!!

Mike Fisher: PG got the win but got an assist by accident from Crush who was looking to spear the hell out of PG but Fred was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Scott James: This will definitely put Crush in the path of CCPE after this mistake and he may oy with his UK Championship 

We return from commercial break to see Shaun Hart and the IIW Womens Champion Aaliyah Landerson standing in the ring. Shaun Hart takes center stage as he raise the microphone to his lips.

Shaun Hart: We’ll I hope you’ve enjoyed the great Intense action I brought you here tonight but it’s time to get down to business. You see over the past few weeks I’ve traveled all across the world to bring the very best women competitors back to IIW. The Women’s Division hasn’t been focused on in quite some time but with me being in charge of Monday Night Mayhem I plan to change that.

The fans in attendance cheer loudly for this.

Shaun Hart: Thank you I know I’m great but as I was saying the Women’s Division has new life in it and it’s about time we put the attention on it that it deserves so on September 18 at Red Alert The Champion Aaliyah Landerson will defend her Championship in a ladder match against multiple competitors that will compete next Mayhem in qualifying matches. 

Aaliyah Landerson claps to the announcement and takes center stage as she lifts her title up in the air and then speaks into a microphone of her own.

Aaliyah Landerson: I am grateful for what Mr.Hart has done to bring talent back to this Division and I am even prouder to be the Champion of this Divison and on September it doesn’t matter who I have, I will retain my IIW Women’s Championship!!!!

The fans chant loudly for her and then Shaun Hart takes center stage again.

Shaun Hart: Now with that said let me introduce the Women’s Division!!!!

The arena goes dark as the soft violin intro of The Light That Binds by Shadows Fall begins to play. The stylized AC logo fills the screen as Alessia Capello steps onto the ramp as a spotlight flicks on. She smirks as she looks towards the ring and flexes her muscles as the rift of the song begins. After that she would head down to the ring slapping a few rough highfives but not being too friendly. She would hop up on a turnbuckle and throw her hands up before taking a microphone.

Alessia Capello: IIW did you miss me? Of course you did, you’ve been deprived of the most dominant athlete in the business today from your live viewing but that’s all about to change. You see I was the FIRST to get a call from Shaun Hart because he knows value and knows this Woman’s division would-be NOTHING… Without me!

   She lets that hang in the air for a moment as she soaks in the energy of the IIW faithful basking in the mixed cheers and boos.

Alessia Capello: I was a Champion in First Class and after I qualify for the Ladder match I’m going to be a Champion again! I won’t sit here and let such….mediocrity carry the belt into this new era of women’s wrestling.

She steps right into Landerson’s face looking down at her to show the sheer difference in size as she pats the belt before slowly raising the mic to her lips again.

Alessia Capello: And there is nothing anyone…not even you champ….can do about it because I AM the apex of the division going forward and nobody can out class me! So you might as well just hand the belt over now.

Alessia takes a step to the side as she continues to eye the Champion as the next big signee makes their way out.

Mike Fisher: I wonder who Shaun Hart will have coming out next?

Scott James: I don’t know who it could be but you have to think it’s someone that’s going to make an impact in this division.

The lights in the arena switch to a neon glow of blue and pink as “Night On Fire” hits the speakers and a dark figure takes the entrance stage. At the first bass drop, a red kitsune mask lights up on the figure as it slowly looks around to stare out at the crowd. Soon, a lone spotlight shines down as the mask is pulled off to reveal Kasey Vex with a mischievous smirk gracing her face. The crowd cheers wildly for her as she heads down the entrance ramp, reaching out to slap some outstretched hands as she goes along. She stops in front of the ring and stares up at the three people in the ring, smirking again before she runs around the side and jumps up onto the apron and slides along on her knees. She kips up to her feet and jumps to the second rope on the outside of the ring, balancing one foot on the top turnbuckle. The crowd’s cheers increase at her athletic display and she grins out to them again before she launches herself over the top rope and lands in a crouch in the ring. She straightens up and walks around the ring, sizing up the two women that are already in the ring before stopping in front of Aaliyah Landerson and looking closely at the title belt draped across her shoulder. She gives the Women’s Champion a nod and taps the title belt, before she steps away and requests a microphone. 

Kasey Vex: So, this a private party or can anyone crash?

She gives a wink, which makes the crowd laugh in amusement.

Kasey Vex: I was just in the back admiring the catering spread, and I just happened to overhear something about a Women’s Championship Ladder Match in September. So I’m back there munching on some cheese and I said to myself, “Self, maybe this is something you wanna be a part of, seeing as how you’re freshly signed to this company and you’re kinda a big deal and all.” So I marched my happy butt out here to the ring, and…well, here I are.

She threw her hands up in the air to a massive cheer from the crowd. 

Kasey Vex: Now, normally I’m not really one to toot my own horn or anything, as I’m someone who prefers to let my actions in the ring speak for themselves…but I’m trying something a little different here in IIW. I’m not standing by and being a wallflower anymore. I’m ready to step up and take the opportunities that I know I deserve. Starting with this ladder match…where I will become the new IIW Women’s Champion. And that’s a guaran-damn-tee.

She smirked confidently at the other two women in the ring.

Mike Fisher: This Kasey Vex has some fire to her Scott! I’m telling you right now she’s going to be a major player in this Women’s division.

Scott James: She definitely has the confidence and why shouldn’t she be, from what the scouting report on her says she’s been a threat in every company she’s competed at and I can see right now it won’t be any different.

The crowd does not wait long before the lights in the arena go out, bringing the fans’ attention to the tron as the full version of Battle Cry by Little V plays over the footage. Most of the IIW faithful are quiet as the camera slowly pans up a mysterious figure’s white trousers in the footage, but when we see a pair of hands entering the frame to tighten a black belt around the person’s waist, the crowd now recognizing the theme song, the pop that follows is loud. After Battle Cry crescendos, Little V’s emphatic “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS” blasts through the arena’s incredibly loud speakers as the lights come back on to reveal none other than the “Karateka” Ada Pierce standing atop the stage. 

Mike Fisher: Well would you look at that! Ada Pierce!

Scott James: The former First Class Evolution Champion and Ice Crown Tournament winner in the flesh! These fans can’t believe it!

Clad in a leather jacket, a First Class-branded t-shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers, Ada Pierce closes her eyes as the fans shower her with cheers, breathing in her energy as we cut to several fans in the arena losing their minds at the sight of a woman they thought they’d never see again. 

Scott James: What a moment!

Mike Fisher: Shaun Hart’s shit-eating grin makes all the more sense now.

With Ada’s theme’s chorus in full swing, the Karateka finally begins to make her way down the ramp, shooting daggers at her former rival Alessia Capello. Despite the fans at ringside reaching out for high-fives from the returning former champion, Ada walks past each and every one of them with true purpose written all over her face… until she spots the only fan at ringside wearing an Ada Pierce t-shirt. This causes Ada to break, the serious and almost vengeful expression she had on her face quickly replaced with a genuine smile as she makes her way to the young girl before tightly hugging her, causing the cheers to grow even louder. Before long, Pierce takes a step away from the fan, patting her on the head before continuing to make her way to her original destination. She quickly rolls into the ring, taking centre stage as we aggressively zoom out to reveal the large majority of the fans in attendance on their feet.

Mike Fisher: I have a feeling this situation has become far more personal for Alessia Capello than she originally thought it’d be.

Scott James: She came in here to challenge for Landerson’s title but now she has to deal with the same woman who defeated her in the Ice Crown Tournament finals this year.

The music finally fades as Ada Pierce is handed the IIW-branded microphone. She wastes no time bringing it up to her lips to speak, but the fans’ “A-da! A-da! A-da!” chants cause her to let them get their money’s worth for a few moments before finally speaking.

Ada Pierce: …Surprised you lot still remember me.

The Karateka smirks as the crowd erupts with loud cheers once more.

Ada Pierce: It’s been… one hundred and sixty two days since I’ve stepped foot in a professional wrestling ring. On the 13th of March, I walked into the First Class ring hurt, both mentally and physically. A lot happened. I’d been through a lot. Just over a year ago, I made my professional wrestling debut for First Class and…

While Ada gathers her words, the fans give a round of applause for First Class, a brand that was must-see television before a string of unfortunate events led to its demise.

Ada Pierce: …I had to deal with a lot. Y’see, I didn’t have prior experience before I got here. I’m not a second or third generation talent. I’m not the daughter of some legend. I’m not even the apprentice of a legend of this sport. I just wanted to experience the rush. I wanted to know what it felt like to perform in front of every single one of you, and the only things I had to help me push through was my heart and my code.

As Ada nods, the fans cheer once more before she continues.

Ada Pierce: But unfortunately… this body couldn’t let me continue doing what I now know I was born to do. I always stuck by my code no matter who management put in front of me. I stuck to my code when I was outnumbered and beaten backstage by people who sought to end my career before it even proper started. But trying to stay honourable in the face of some of the most sadistic, downright evil women…

Ada lowers the mic for a moment as she slowly turns her head to stare directly at Alessia Capello…

Ada Pierce: …I’ve ever had to fight… it takes its toll. It makes you second-guess. It makes you doubt if trying to do the right thing in front of evil is smart. Possible, even. And while that was a difficult mental battle I had to survive and overcome, I couldn’t do much when I couldn’t move my leg after Jamie Riott stole my First Class Evo championship. I couldn’t do much when I was seeing double of everything for day after day after day… after day. And that… that is why I’ve been radio silent for 162 days.

The Karateka brings the mic down as the fans applaud her for everything she managed to accomplish in her seven month run. 

Ada Pierce: However… the other reason I’ve been gone for 162 days…

Pierce smirks, building the tension with her silence before turning to face the IIW Women’s Champion Aaliyah Landerson.

Ada Pierce: …is because I wanted to make sure that when I stepped back into this ring, my body wouldn’t dare prevent me from taking back what’s mine.

Ada shoots daggers at Landerson as a mixed reaction from the crowd takes over. While Ada’s fans are behind her, others are not taking kindly to her aggression towards the fan favourite. Cracking another smirk, Ada turns her attention to the newcomer.

Ada Pierce: Some of you may not be familiar with me… that’s fine. But there’s one thing you need to know about me… I always come prepared. I like to know exactly what kind of person I’m going to be sharing this ring with. And I hear that Kasey Vex over here was on hiatus from this life. And that’s fine too. I know something about that. But what you need to know is if you want someone to bring that spark back, if you want someone to light that fire in you again… then you’ve come to the right place and you’re looking at the right woman for the job. I bring the best out of anyone who steps into the ring with me. Just ask HER!

Ada yells as she points a finger directly at Alessia Capello, the woman she defeated for the Ice Crown, eliciting a loud reaction from the fans.

Ada Pierce: But you should also know that I don’t bring my opponents’ best without returning the favour. My best is on another level. Again… just… ask… her.

Feeling the intense energy in the ring, Pierce decides to wrap this up before Shaun Hart is forced to break up a fight.

Ada Pierce: In conclusion… that women’s title is coming home. You’re all going to see exactly what First Class talent looks like.

With her final point made, Ada drops the microphone before leaning back against the turnbuckles in the corner, smirking at the other women in the ring.

Mike Fisher: Things are certainly heating up out here as this Women’s division is full of top.talent that keeps on showing up tonight.

Scott James: You just never know who will show up tonight.

( Bossy Song by Kelis) Plays over the speakers as a 3D Queen Crown floats over the arena as Jessica Banks makes her way down the ramp and then up the steps as she flexes towards the fans before flipping her hair and slowly getting in the ring and points to her ass as she tells the fans to kiss it and then steps into the middle as she poses and then takes a microphone.

Jessica Banks: Yes applaud your Queen B and recognize who true will be running this division soon. 

She flips her hair.

Jessica Banks: I see all you females out here talking about how they going to reshape this landscape in their own image and go on to win the IIW Women’s Championship but its all lies.

She gives a fake smile to all the women in the ring.

Jessica Banks: You see they talk a good game but they don’t really know how to play it. You see I’ve been winning all my life, winning Mrs. America and being a top body builder every year has prepared to be what this company needs for this Divison…. And that’s a REAL CHAMPION!!!

She rolls her eyes at The Womens Champion.

Jessica Banks: So let this be a clear message to everyone out here and anyone else that thinks about signing up, you’ve got to be a real money player to cash check at this BANK! So make sure you have the collateral or that ass going to get REPOSSED!!!! 

Jessica Banks drops the microphone and rolls her eyes at everyone.

Mike Fisher: Jessica Banks just put everyone on notice just there’s

Scott James: She definitely has the look of a Champion and speaks a good game but now will see if she or anyone for that matter can back it up and take that Championship from Aaliyah Landerson.

Shaun Hart: We’ll there you have it IIW the pillars of this Division have been revealed and in the coming weeks they are going to show why I spent the big money on them.

Shaun Hart winks with a smile as he makes his exit out the ring and the remaking women in the ring stare each other down and then look at Aaliyah Landerson as she holds her Championship belt high in the air in front of them. 

(Following the controversy from the end of last Mayhem, The Welcoming Committee takes on The Celtic Club with a chance to pick the stipulation for their  PPV Championship match. Who will win with so much on the line?)

Main Event

Tag Team Match

Stipulation: Winning Team gets to pick the Match Type for the Main Event at the PPV

We return to ringside where the IIW World Heavyweight Championship is sitting on display next to the timekeeper. The Celtic Club is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Chris Page and his mystery partner for tonight’s Tag Team Championship Main Event. 

The countdown clock ticks away to zero before breaking into “Judas” by Fozzy. The crowd erupts with a mixed reception as we see walking out through the curtain with one tag title over each shoulder is Chris Page. Cav and Andy pace the ring motioning for Page to get to the ring. Chris starts to make the walk by taking several steps down the ramp. He puts on the breaks, holds up the index finger of his right hand, and waves toward the back. Walking out to the top of the ramp is… 

One of IIW newest signings and CCPE contracted talent JOE MONTOURI! Chris and J Mont bump fists as Chris hands him one of the tag titles. The duo starts to make the walk toward the ring and as they do Johnny and Andy slide out to the floor meeting CCPE on the ramp where all four men start to trade right hands. Page and Cav and J Mont and Donohue! Mont takes advantage of Andy as they brawl down to ringside to the right of the ring while Cavanaugh gets the one up on Page as he drives a knee across the midsection before driving him into the security railing! John drives a boot to the midsection of Page as he then snatches him by the hair and hurls him into the ring steps! J Mont lands a series of European Uppercuts to Donohue before sending him over the railing and into the crowd with a running lariat! J Mont screams out as he removes his ring jacket only to turn around and be met by Cavanaugh as he walks into a T-Bone Suplex on the floor! John pops back up to his feet where he picks up J Mont and hurls him into the ring under the bottom ropes. Cavanaugh slides into the ring as the referee officially calls for the bell on this World Tag Team Title Match! 


IIW Tag Team Championship Main Event

The Celtic Club vs CCPE w. Shaun Hart ©


The crowd is split as John Cavanaugh is to his feet where he starts stomping away at Montouri! He picks Joe up off the mat where he delivers a scoop slam. Donohue can be seen climbing back over the barrier to ringside while Page can be seen climbing up on the apron taking his spot in the CCPE corner. The crowd pops as Shaun Hart can be seen walking down the ramp to ringside taking his spot in CCPE’s corner. Andy Donohue climbs up on the ring apron in the Celtic Club corner. John drops an elbow across his sternum of Montouri as he makes a lateral press. 




Mont escapes with a kick-out as John immediately latches onto a rear chin lock. He cranks on his head and neck of Mont while the official asks Joe to surrender. Mont shakes off the referee as he immediately starts getting back to his feet, he turns into the chin lock where he takes John back into the ropes and allows Andy to make a blind tag as Mont shoots Cavanaugh across the ring, and John bounces off the farside, he latches onto the top rope as Andy enters the ring behind Montouri blasting him from behind with a clubbing blow across the base of the spine dropping Mont from behind. 

Shaun Hart starts pounding on the mat which actually starts to rally the crowd. Cavanaugh exits the ring to his corner as Donahuepicks Joe up off the mat. He shoots him into a neutral corner where he charges in after him, Mont throws a reverse elbow to the jaw rocking the larger Andy back out toward the center of the ring but Andy charges toward Joe again, and Montouri sidesteps Donahue sending him crashing sternum first off the buckles. Montouri spins Andy around cracking him with a European Uppercut that sends Andy back into the ropes. Mont looks for the Irish Whip, Andy reverses, Mont bounces off the far side ducking a lariat, and Andy spins around into a snap power slam by Montouri! Joe steps back up to his feet where he picks Andy up and drives him back into the CCPE corner. Tag is made by Page as he steps through the ropes and starts unloading with right hands while J Mont has Andy pinned against the buckles forcing a count by the referee. 

Mont escapes out to the apron at the four-count as Page brings Donahue out from the corner with a short-arm lariat.

Shaun applauds Page from the floor as Chris and Cavanaugh lock eyes from across the ring. Chris turns his attention to Donahue who has rolled over to his chest and is pushing himself up off the mat. Page lands a running punt kick to the ribs. Page picks up the larger Donahue taking him back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Donahue bounces off the ropes and into a front waist lock that sees Page deliver an overhead Belly to Belly release suplex! Chris scurries into the cover hooking the far leg.




Andy escapes with the kick-out. Page immediately starts choking Donahue across the throat forcing the referee to lay the count to him. Chris breaks at the four counts and gets back to his feet where he turns and blindsides Cavanaugh off the apron with a forearm blast. Chris spins back around where he turns his attention back towards Donahue and walks into a Spinbuster Slam! Andy makes the cover. 




Joe Montouri makes the save as he pulls Andy off the cover just as Page was kicking out. The referee gets Joe back out to the ring apron while Donahue is getting back to his feet. He picks Page up off the mat where he muscles him back into a corner where he lays in a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection! Andy pulls Page out of the corner where he takes him up in the air with a Military Press into a Powerslam Combo! 

Andy makes a second cover.




Page escapes with the kick-out. Andy starts getting back to his feet where Cav has made it back to the apron and is calling for the Tag. Donahue makes the tag as Cavanaugh who climbs up to the top rope. Chris Page starts getting back to a vertical base before Cav leaps off the top rope with a Flying Cross Body Block down on top of Page! 




Page kicks out of the near fall. John gets back to his feet where he sizes up Page who is once again starting to get to his feet. He stands and searches for Cavanaugh who scoops him up over his shoulder in an attempt to hit a sit-out tombstone! Page slides down the back John while shoving him forward into the ropes, Cavanaugh bounces off the ropes and into a Spinbuster Slam from Page! Chris rolls towards his corner where J Mont reaches over the ropes making the tag! 

Montouri enters the ring where he takes Cav by the head and throws him through the ropes while maintaining the front-face lock. He pulls Cav back into the ring where his feet are on the middle rope and the rest of his body is held up by the J Mont front face lock where he plants Cav into the mat with a DDT! 

Mont makes the cover! 




Donahue is there for the save just as Cav starts to throw his shoulder off the mat! The referee gets Andy back out to the apron as Montouri gets to his feet where he goads Andy back into the ring where he’s cut off by the referee. This allows Page to re-enter the ring where he and Montouri start stomping away at Cavanaugh. The referee finally gets Andy out to the ring apron which causes Page to escape out to the floor by Shaun Hart just as the official turns back around. 

Montouri sizes up Cavanaugh as he sets him up to deliver an RKO. 

John starts getting back to his feet and as he does Montouri looks to deliver the RKO only to see John shove J Mont forward sending him into the ropes, J Mont bounces off the ropes and into a Death Valley Driver by Cav! John rolls toward his corner where Andy Donahue tags back into the match. He picks J Mont up off the mat where he locks in a front face lock, Andy hoists J Mont up in the air in a vertical suplex where he displays his power by squatting up and down several times while holding Montouri vertically. 

Page slips into the ring blasting Donahue from behind causing him to lose his grip on J Mont and sees Joe landing on his feet where he snaps off a suplex! 

J Mont gets back to his feet with Andy not far behind him. Montouri displays an incredible vertical leap with a dropkick that sends Donahue back into the ropes. Montouri pops back up to his feet where he looks to send Andy over the top rope with a lariat! Donahue instead elevates Montouri over the top rope and to the ring apron! Andy spins around where he eats a shoulder block to the midsection from Montouri. 

J Mont steps back into the ring where Page makes a blind tag. 

Montouri looks for the RKO on the larger Donahue who shoves him forward and into the corner housing Cavanaugh causing Montouri to smash into Cavanaugh sending him off the apron for the second time! J Mont staggers backward where Andy, unknowing of Page’s tag, spins J Mont around where he looks to set him up for the Irish Car Bomb! Page clips the left leg of Donahue from behind! Chris doesn’t hesitate in landing the PAGE PLANT on Donahue! 

Page rolls him over making the cover hooking the leg. 




“The winners of this contest, and STILL IIW World Tag Team Champions, CCPE!” 

A mixed reception is heard from the crowd as we see Page getting back to his feet where he and Montouri start stomping away on Andy Donahue! Suddenly Fred Debonair hits the ring and joins in on the assault making it now a three-on-one. The crowd responds as TRIG hits the ring on one side while Cavanaugh slides back into the ring on the other side! Trig and Fred pair off spilling out to the floor while Cavanaugh disposes of Montouri! Page is setting up Cav who spins around and eats a boot to the midsection! Chris Page looks to land a Page Plant! Cavanaugh spins out of the attempted Angel’s Wings and counters with the HELL’S KITCHEN DROP! Shaun Hart is completely beside himself on the floor as Andy rolls out to the floor and snatches the World Title from its display. He slides into the ring where he awards the title to Cavanaugh. John hoists the title up in the air while planting a foot on top of Page’s chest leaving Mayhem fading to black for the first time seeing Chris Page laid out courtesy of an intense John Cavanaugh.