Mayhem 5th September

Match One
Women’s Championship Qualifying
Standard Single Match
Jessica Watson vs Kasey Vex

Das Me’ by Brooke Candy hits the PA system in the arena, bringing the fans to their feet as Mayhem is officially underway. Arriving first is Jessica Watson, strutting from behind the curtain with a large smile across her face as she makes her IIW debut in the first qualifying match to determine the #1 Contender for the IIW Women’s Championship.

Mike Fisher: Ladies and Gents, we are moments away from our opening match where we will take our first step towards determining the #1 Contender for IIW Women’s Championship.

Jessica Watson climbs onto the apron before slipping one leg over the middle rope, and before entering, she pauses, twerking to the beat of her theme song, eliciting a loud reaction from the fans in attendance.

Mike Fisher: Oh Jesus

Scott James: This is the best match already!

With a giant grin on her face, Jessica finally enters the ring, warming up as we await the arrival of her opponent. We do not wait long before ‘Night on Fire’ by JT Music and Andrea Storm Kaden plays in the arena, prompting cheers from the audience as Kasey Vex storms through the curtains, stopping for a moment to take in the energy of the arena.

Scott James: And here comes Kasey Vex! We saw this young lady make her intentions very clear two weeks ago.

Mike Fisher: A former champion in several promotions, Kasey Vex is finally making a full-time return to in-ring competition and these fans are excited to see what she’s got.

Kasey wastes no time as she rolls into the ring as Jessica Watson stares a hole through her. As the music fades, the bell rings and the match is officially underway. Both women circle each other to start things off, and despite favouring a faster style of wrestling, Kasey opts for an old fashioned lock-up as she raises her hand in the air. Jessica, full of herself, scoffs at the smaller opponent but accepts the challenge. Both women lock up, but Jessica is quick to bring her knee crashing into Kasey’s midsection, causing her to double over before falling to her knees. The referee scolds Jessica for her unsportsmanship as the fans shower her with boos, but the leggy blonde pays them no mind as she boots Kasey right in the face, sending her crashing down on the mat. Capping things off, she attempts a nonchalant pin by placing her boot on Kasey’s chest as the referee slides in to count the pin:




Kasey quickly raises her shoulder off the mat, catching her breath as she does so. Unamused, Jessica reaches down and grabs a fistful of Kasey’s hair, pulling her back up to her feet while running her mouth, trash-talking the debuting former champion. As a cherry on top, Jessica winds her right hand back before slapping Kasey right on the cheek, eliciting further boos and jeers from the fans.

Mike Fisher: Such disrespect!

Scott James: This lady’s got a lot of attitude, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately for the blonde, all the slap has done is anger Kasey as she slowly turns her head to face Jessica. The blonde’s eyes widen as she takes a few steps away from the rising Kasey Vex. Jessica decides to wind back for another slap, but Kasey swiftly blocks the incoming strike with her left forearm before smashing her right forearm against Jessica’s jaw, stunning the taller woman! Feeling the energy of the crowd’s cheers, Kasey unleashes one, two, three successive forearms to her opponent’s face, but Jessica stays on her feet despite her legs beginning to wobble. With the fans behind her, Kasey retreats, sprinting at the ropes, and as she rebounds, Watson desperately attempts to cut her opponent off with a big boot, but Kasey ducks under it, running the opposite set of ropes as Jessica awkwardly tries to regain her balance. Turning around, the blonde’s eyes widen as Kasey soars, wrapping her legs around Jessica’s head as she lands a beautiful Jumping Hurricanrana!

Mike Fisher: Kasey’s starting to show off her athleticism!

Scott James: This girl can move!

Kasey revs the crowd up as Jessica nurses her back, scrambling back up to her feet. She soon wishes she stayed down however, as upon turning around, Kasey Vex instantly dropkicks the tall blonde against the corner, sending crashing back-first against the padded turnbuckles. Kasey’s still feeling the adrenaline coursing through her veins, pushing her to sprint to the opposite corner before turning around and sprinting directly at her opponent. Somehow, Watson instinctively lifts her foot up, catching Kasey right in the jaw with a brutal kick that cuts her offense right off. Kasey staggers, covering her mouth, and Watson quickly shakes it off before once again grabbing a fistful of her opponent’s hair as she turns the tables, slamming the smaller woman against the corner. With Kasey dazed, Jessica capitalizes as she presses her foot against her opponent’s neck, choking her in the corner. Kasey’s feet leave the mat as she kicks at the air while the referee begins a five-count. Jessica waits until the very last agonizing second to release the choke as Kasey collapses to the mat, her back against the bottom turnbuckle as she clutches her neck.

Mike Fisher: Jessica Watson waiting until the very last second to break it there.

Scott James: She’s as smart as she is brutal!

With her opponent stunned and seated in the corner, Jessica Watson takes a moment to trash talk the crowd to further anger them as they continue to let their disapproval at Watson’s behaviour be heard. She decides to fuel the fire further as she locks-in on the stunned Kasey before sprinting with a full head of steam, leaping into the air to land a Bronco Buster… but Kasey instinctively rolls out of the way as Jessica crashes and burns!

Mike Fisher: Big time misfire!

As Watson attempts to register her miscalculation, Kasey, willed on by the fans in attendance, crawls to the ropes, pulling herself up before exiting the ring, now on the apron. Fighting through the pain, Kasey makes her way to the corner where Jessica is stunned against before climbing up the ropes and onto the top turnbuckle. Vex reaches down, pulling Watson up by the hair. It’s Jessica’s instincts that kick in now as she throws wild strikes at Kasey’s midsection, but her weakened strikes are stopped when Vex responds with a thunderous headbutt that stops the tall blonde dead in her tracks. Realizing Kasey has her opponent right where she wants her, she grabs her arms, hooking them as she sets up for something big as the crowd’s murmurs loudly crescendo before she flies in the air, smashing Jessica Watson down with an electric and brutal Top Rope Angel Wings!!!

Mike Fisher: Little Miss Vex!!!

Scott James: That has to be it!!!

The crowd explodes with deafening cheers as Kasey crawls over Jessica, draping one arm over the blonde’s chest as the referee slides in for the count!




Mike Fisher: Kasey Vex wins!!! What a debut!!!

Scott James: A hell of an effort by Jessica Watson but it’s Kasey Vex whose path to the women’s champion has just opened up!

Match Two
Triple Threat Match
Max Stone vs Michael Hunter vs El Landerson

The arena lights come down and the building becomes bathed in golden light. An antique clock appears on the video board. The hour hand is pointed at the “I” on the Roman numeral clock face.

Mike Fisher: What’s this?

Scott James: I’d be willing to bet it’s another one of these Max Stone messages!

The bass line to N.I.B. by Black Sabbath plays as the image of the clock ZOOMS OUT until it gets tiny and then GOLDEN PYRO shoots from the stage as the guitar to the song kicks in.

Scott James: Gahh! That was startling.

Mike Fisher: You were right! Here he is.

Max Stone emerges onto the stage with a smile on his face. He walks down the entrance way and turns to look at the video board. He holds up a “I” with his index finger and makes his way down to the ring.

All three men are sharing stares as the bell sounds. El Landerson rushes and hits a big dropkick on Michael, Michael flops over the top rope to the ground. Max comes up from behind on Ninja and hits a big German suplex. Max hits a series of stomps on El Landerson as Michael sits on the outside.

El Landerson rolls to the ropes and slides out. Max follows. El Landerson catches Max with a solid chop.Chop, chop, chop! Jumping heel kick to Max. El Landerson lifts Max and whips him into the corner barrier. El Landerson hits a series of stomps to Max in the corner.

Mike Fisher: Here comes Michael!

Michael is up and he has a chair! Michael charges and smacks Ninja with a chair! Michael picks up El Landerson and hits a flapjack onto the mat. Michael dusts his hands off and looks smug. Max comes out of the corner and hits a chop block on Michael.

Max hits two more big rights and then slams his head into the mat. Michael pushes Max backwards into the side of the ropes, bouncing back he goes for the HUNTERS PEAK but misses as Max reverses it into a hard clothesline

Landerson and Maxlook at each other, and both swing. They hit each other in the face at the same time, and both fall. All three men are now on their backs on the mat. Hunter throws his fists back and hits both of them in the face. Landerson and Max shrug off the blow and send their own blows at Hunter, all while still on their backs. The three men all kip up at the same time.

THIS IS AWESOME chants begin.

Landerson and Max look at each other and then hit a double Russian leg sweep on Hunter, and then roll through. Max turns and hits an enziguiri on Landerson, and Landerson falls , scrambling away back to his feet. Max points and laughs at Landerson and then turns around to see Hunter right behind him. Hunter kicks him in the stomach and looks around at the crowd as Max bends over. He charges at Max to go for an HUNTERS PEAK.. But misses again… Max grabs him and FISHERMAN SUPLEX….




Landerson clubs on the back of Max Stone as he writhes a bit, Landerson grabs hmi and ties to go for an over the head jawbreaker but Max catches him…. A quick roll of the hips!


Scott James: RENEGADE SPIKE!!!!!

And he nails it!!! …. Max pins him



Hunter breaks the pin!… Max is looking furious!..He grabs Hunter ragging him into the corner as he wails into him

Mike Fisher: Landerson is still out while these two duels!

Hands are flailing everywhere as they brawl…then Max getsa good lock in….

Scott James: HES GOT THE HOLD!!!

Mike Fisher: he calls this Kata Ha Jime!

Scott James: What the hell does that mean?

Mike Fisher: I don’t know but Michael Hunter is fading!

The referee grabs his arm….. it drops…….

Mike Fisher: This one is over!

Max gets to his feet and looks at each of his opponents and smiles while he tries to catch his breath. The lights in the arena dim once again and the video board lights up with the clock that was shown earlier. Max’s theme song stops playing.

Mike Fisher: There’s that clock again!

A gold spotlight shines down in the middle of the ring where Max is standing. He reaches his arm out towards the video board. He points at El Landerson with the index finger of his other hand.

Scott James: What the hell is this?

Max moves his arm as if he’s pulling the hour hand of the clock. It moves to the “II” position.

Mike Fisher: I don’t know, Scott! It’s definitely unorthodox.

Max points to Michael Hunter with his index finger and then reaches his other arm towards the video screen again then repeats the same motion. The hour hand moves to “III.”

Scott James: What do you think happens when that clock gets to twelve?

Mike Fisher: I guess we’ll find out but the question is: do we even want to find out?

Match Three
Women’s Championship Qualifying
Standard Single Match
Alessia “Domina” Capello vs Jessica Banks

The arena goes dark and Demons Are a Girl’s best Friend by Powerwolf begins to play before a spotlight comes down as Alessia Capello steps out slowly bathed in the single light looking out at the crowd her familiar confident smirk large. Then she rushes down to the ring pyro going off down the ramp as she slides into the ring. She would hop up on a turnbuckle and throw her hands up before she waits for the match to start.

Mike – These women are back with a vengeance.

Scott – They really are.

Mike – Can’t wait to see who grabs that brass ring and comes out at the forefront of the division.

( Bossy Song by Kelis) Plays over the speakers as a 3D Queen Crown floats over the arena as Jessica Banks makes her way down the ramp and then up the steps as she flexes towards the fans before flipping her hair and slowly getting in the ring and points to her ass as she tells the fans to kiss it and then steps into the middle as he poses and then walks to her corner for the match to start.

Scott – Let’s get ready for some girl on girl action.

Mike – I can’t with you sometimes.

Scott – That’s what all the girls say to you isn’t it?

Mike – Let’s turn our attention to the ring shall we.

The ref calls for the bell and Capello and Banks meet in the center of the ring. They are staring each other down then lock up. They begin pushing each other back and forth neither willing to budge but finally Capello spins out of lock up holding the wrist of banks. Capello is smiling as she starts to twist the arm of Banks. Banks grabs her shoulder with a grimace on her face but immediately flips forward landing on her feet and grabbing the wrist of Capello.

Scott – Capello is not smiling anymore.

Mike – She definitely isn’t. I think I see one on Banks face though.

Banks, still holding the wrist of Capello, kicks her hard in the side of the face. Capello drops to her knee. Banks kicks Capello in the face once more, sending her to the mat. Banks jumps up high landing a huge double stomp to the chest of Capello. Banks drops down to make the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.



Banks gets to her knees smiling and shaking her head. He grabs the hair of Capello and stands up. Banks throws a few vicious forearms to the head of Capello then whips her into the corner.

Mike – Banks is going for broke here. Throwing everything she can at Capello.

Scott – Capello needs to do something here because there is no way she can take anymore abuse.

Banks gets a funding start and delivers a huge big boot to Capello in the corner. Capello falls to her butt in the corner. Banks runs to the other side of the ring than runs full speed at Capello then does a front flip causing her bank to Slam into Capello’s head. Banks rolls off of Capello and pulls her from the corner before making another cover. The ref again drops down to make the count.


Banks smacks the mat. She gets up and into the face of the ref. She is screaming that it was 3 holding up 3 fingers. The ref is yelling back saying 2 holding up 2 fingers. Banks grabs the ref’s shirt and keeps yelling.

Mike – Banks needs to be careful or she will get herself disqualified.

The ref yells it was 2. Banks lets go of the ref, turning her attention back to Capello. Banks leans down and grabs the hair of Capello but Capello rakes the eyes of Banks causing her to let go. Capello kicks the knee of Banks and hits a fireman’s carry then gets to her feet. Banks gets to her feet but Capello quickly grabs her and hits a hip toss.

Scott – Shouldn’t ever take your eyes off Capello. Arguing with the ref is never a good idea no matter how much you want to.

Mike – You’re right.

Capello grabs banks off the mat standing her up and kicks her in the stomach and drops her with a DDT. Capello quickly makes her way to the top rope and dives off and hits a picture perfect elbow. Capello makes the cover and the ref starts to count.


Capello gets up looking frustrated and grabs banks by the back of the head and stands her up. Capello looks for an arm drag but Banks rolls out of it and run directly at Capello who throws and connects with a huge right hand. Banks stumbles but stays on her feet. Capello hits and arm drag but holds on standing Banks back up hitting another arm drag flowed by another huge arm drag.

Mike – Best arm drags in the business.

Scott – Absolutely.

Banks is down on the mat and Capello grabs her arm and bends it back. The ref slides down to check on Banks. Capello is really pulling on Banks arm but Banks refuses to give up.

Scott – Veni, Vidi, Vici. It’s got to be over very few can survive this hold.

Mike – Arms shouldn’t bend that way.

Capello is screaming and pulling on the arm of Banks like a wild woman. The ref asks but Banks screams no. Banks is trying everything she can do to dig her feet in and push herself to the ropes but to no avail.

Mike – Banks has got to tap out Capello is going to break her arm off.

The ref checks on Banks and banks is passed out. The ref pushes Capello off and calls the match.

Scott – Capello did it. What an ending I can’t believe Capello managed to pull out the bog win here.

Mike – What a warrior Banks is. She refused to quit and didn’t care what happened. Both women showed tremendous heart tonight. No quit in either one.

Capello jumps up, throwing her arms into the air. She climbs to the middle rope and is taking in the big win as her music hits.

Match Four
Tag Team Match
Bear-O-Dactyl vs The Bum Squad

Alice Goldier: The following is a tag team match. Currently in the ring, weighing in at a combined 550lbs, the team of PC McGee and Stabby Joe… The B.U.M Squad!

Scott James: The B.U.M Squad look less than happy tonight!

Mike Fisher: I saw these new guys backstage before the show Scott, and I don’t envy them one bit! They are coming into this match at a staggering 175 pound weight disadvantage!

Scott James: and the guy in the dinosaur mask barely comes up to Stabby Joe’s chest!

Mike Fisher: That’s right, this is going to be a real David vs Goliath affair.

Alice Goldier: Next, on their way to the ring making their IIW debut, the team of Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio; Bear-O-Dactyl!

As the ring announcer finishes up, a booming voice from nowhere fills the arena, like an excited chihuahua with no social filter, the unseen speaker tries to sound tough despite the like a childlike inflection to his voice.

Lil’ MC : Yo! Yo! Yo! You ’bout to witness a Mother Fucking Origin Story, let’s go!

The house light’s dim as ‘The Motherfucking Pterodactyl’ by Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal starts to play. Fans, especially the younger ones, begin clapping along to the silly, but infectious beat of the song. Spotlights pan across the crowd and strobe lights fill the arena.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Here to

Ptear you a nnnnnneeeeewww… asshole

The spotlights settle on the stage as Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio burst through the curtain to an explosion of green, blue and red pyro.

Lil’ MC follows Jack and Dinosaurio out through the curtain and excitedly does a lap of the stage, stopping in both corners to rhythmically thrust his hips and shake his little rubber penis toward the crowd.

Scott James: OH MY GOD! Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?!

Mike Fisher: Lord help us all, I think you are!

Yes, it’s true

He ate 10,000 lightning bugs

Kissing his bowels like a million hugs

He shat them oooouuuuut

One phosphorescent night

Painting it like

Christmas liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhts

Jack is hyping up his partner, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

The small bear drops to his knees and skids across the stage, stopping right in front of the ramp before the Luchadors.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Here to

Ptear you a nnnnnneeeeewww… asshole

He pops up to his feet and starts furiously strumming the plastic penis that hangs from the front of his costume, the sound of the little bell amplified by the megaphone he is holding close to his crotch.

Yes, it’s true

His plumage is the best in town

All the hoooeees

Touch his sexy Pteroid bone, oh!

Yes he do put the T-rex to shame

His pussy arms on that

Puuuuusssssy frrrrraaaaame


Both Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio rush forward and leap over Lil’ MC. Jack performs a split leg jump, while Dinosaurio dives under Jack’s legs but over Lil’ MC’s head.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Here to

Ptear you a nnnnnneeeeewww… asshole

Dinosaurio lands a split second before Jack, rolling once to clear the shared landing spot just as Jack sticks the landing where his partner had been.

Yes, it’s true

He enjoys his hobbies too

He smokes his pipe

Rollerblades and finds ladies to woo, oh!

The two members of Bear-O-dactyl sprint down the ramp toward the ring with Lil’ MC following as fast as he can.

Yes, it’s true

He rode with the Triassic crew

That includes Lystrosaurus, and Plateosaurus, toooooo

Ooh, ooh, ooh

Reaching the ring, both men leap from the floor to the ring apron before bounding over the top rope to enter the ring.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Here to

Ptear you a nnnnnneeeeewww… asshole

Both men go to opposite corners, posing for the loudly cheering crowd and hit all for corners in turn, playing up to the raucous reaction.

He is awkward on the floor

His feet are shit and

His balance quite poor

Lil MC rounds the outside, high-fiving anyone willing to reach out a hand.

He hooked up with a grizzly bear

They made love under the sea, and everrryyyyywhere

Continuing to pose, the crowd is laughing and eating it up. Both men look ready for action despite the fun loving attitude and unique entrance.

Yes that bear gave birth to a Motherfucking Bear-o-dactyl

Who just might tear you a new…

So beware, motherfuckers, beeewwwaaaarrreeeee!

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl

Remember him

Remember his song

Remember his tire iron and

His enccccchhhhanting thong

Both men move toward their corner and, after briefly conferring, Dinosaurio steps through to the outside.

Mike Fisher: It looks like Union Jack will be getting us started tonight, Scott!

Scott James: It’s probably a smart move letting the bigger guy start the match, but even he is giving up a significant size advantage to their opponents.

He is the Motherfucking Pterodactyl!

Stabby Joe charges across the ring, slamming into Jack’s back, crashing him against the turnbuckle.

Mike Fisher: Stabby Joe wasting no time taking the fight to Union Jack!

Scott James: And there goes any hope these new guys ever had, it’s a shame really, I quite enjoyed their entrance.

Joe grabs Jacks head between both hands, steps back and swings the LuchaBear through the air and releases him, throwing him clear across the ring. Jack tries to climb to his feet and Joe rushes him again, driving a knee into Jack’s head, flattening the Lucha.

Mike Fisher: Bear-O-Dactyl already find themselves in extreme peril in this match!

Scott James: That’s it, it’s over! Ring the damned bell!

Joe pulls Jack to his feet and throws him back into the ropes. Jack staggers, holds his hands up in panic and screams “WAIT! LOOK!” pointing behind Stabby and waving manically. Confused, Joe stops and turns to see what the desperate bit is worried about. Jack seizes the opportunity, grabs two handfuls of Stabby’s beard, jams his feet into his gut and monkey flips him across the ring.

Scott James: Monkey Flip! I cant believe that worked!

Mike Fisher: And now Pequeño Dinosaurio with the tag!

Union Jack and Dinosaurio quickly move to opposite corners as Stabby Joe starts to regain his feet. Both members of Bear-O-Dactyl charge at their opponent, Jack sweeps Joe’s legs as Dinosaurio leaps through the air hitting a flying European Uppercut.

Mike Fisher: The Fall Of Beasts!! Bear-O-Dactyl shook the ring with that move!

Scott James: Forget the ring, Joe’s impact shook the entire arena!

Dinosaurio goes off the ropes without slowing, coming back like a bullet he leaps through the air and nails Joe with a vicious Dropkick, rolling him toward the ropes.

Mike Fisher: Dinosaurio moving like a heat seeking mistle!

Dinosaurio stands over Joe, grabs the top rope and leaps into the air pointing his feet directly toward the sky, he swings back and again drives his feet into Joe’s midsection, scuttling him to the outside.

Mike Fisher: Did you see the height he got on that pendulum dropkick?

Scott James: Yeah, Joe probably still would have been taller than him if he were upright! Haha!

Dinosaurio races across the ring rebounds off of the ropes and back toward Joe. He leaps through the ropes and… Joe snatches Dinosaurio from the air, uses his blistering momentum to execute a deadly fall away slam.

Scott James: GOD DAMN!

Mike Fisher: I’m not sure who came off worse after that!

Scott James: Your not sure?! Dinosaurio damn near broke that security railing in half!


Mike Fisher: The referee is starting the count!


Scott James: Neither man is moving after that!

…3 …4

Joe starts to stir, crawling toward the ring steps.

Scott James: Stabby Joe is showing signs of life!

Mike Fisher: It looks like instinct alone!

…5 …6

Joe gets slowly to his feet.

Scott James: Instinct or not, the big man is recovering Mike!


Dinosaurio uses the security railing to pull himself up. Joe rolls into the ring.

Mike Fisher: Dinosaurio getting back to his feet as Union Jack desperately encourages him from the apron!

Scott James: But Joe is already back in the ring and heading for his partner!


Joe tags PC McGee.

Scott James: And the B.U.M Squad bring in the fresh man!


Mike Fisher: COME ON KID!

Dinosaurio rolls quickly into the ring.

Mike Fisher: Dinosaurio is safe!

Scott James: I’m not sure that’s the term I’d use!

McGee charges at Dinosaurio and connects with a brutal clothesline as the little dinosaur gets back into the ring. The two men crowd around the fallen Lucha and start brutally stomping on the much smaller man.

Mike Fisher: Oh God this is a massacre!

Scott James: Sometimes David Vs Goliath ends exactly as you’d expect Mike; with David completely fucked up!

Union Jack climbs quickly to the top rope, leaps through the air and lands a split leg drop-kick to the back of both his opponents.

Scott James: Union Jack illegally in the ring!

Mike Fisher: As was Stabby Joe, Scott! You get five seconds on a tag, not unchecked freedom!

Jack hops through the middle ropes, grabs Stabby and drags him to the outside trying to even the playing field for Dinosaurio.

Mike Fisher: Jack helping the referee restore order!

Scott James: I don’t know this Union Jack guy well, but I don’t think that’s a line we will be using often for the LuchaBear!

Dinosaurio and McGee climb to their feet. McGee grabs the Luchador’s mask and aggressively tugs on it. Dinosaurio grabs PC’s hand, trying to wrestle himself free. They stagger toward the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: PC McGee is a clear foot taller than Dinosaurio! This is a dangerous position for the little Luchador to find himself in!

Dinosaurio tugs desperately, trying to escape the bigger man’s grasp. Suddenly Dinosaurio kicks McGee’s inner leg as hard as he can, stunning the bigger man. Dinosaurio kicks again. And again. Slowly chopping the bigger man down until McGee’s leg crumples and he drops to a knee, releasing his grasp.

Scott James: How the hell did he manage that?!

Mike Fisher: It’s all heart Scott!

Dinosaurio bounces off the ropes, leaps through the air and brings his foot crashing down on McGee’s neck.

Mike Fisher: Moonsault Axe Kick on McGee!

Scott James: PC is seeing stars!

Dinosaurio tags Union Jack back into the ring and immediately starts climbing the turnbuckle.

Scott James: Bear-O-Dactyl with another exchange!

Mike Fisher: Looks like they are planning something big!

Union Jack grabs McGee as he climbs slowly back to his feet, pulls his head under his legs, hooks his arms and pulls him up vertical.

Mike Fisher: Jack could be going for the BearBuster!

As Jack spins around, Dinosaurio flies through the air, connecting with the back of McGee’s legs with a crossbody. McGee’s face slams into the mat with Dinosaurio’s weight coming down on McGee’s back.

Mike Fisher: NO! It’s The Phosphorescent Night!!!

Scott James: McGee is done!

Jack rolls McGee onto his back and hooks a leg as Dinosaurio hurtles himself into Stabby Joe knocking him off the apron.

Mike Fisher: Bear-O-Dactyl working in perfect unity!




Scott James: I cant believe it!

Mike Fisher: They did it! Bear-O-Dactyl got the win!

Alice Goldier: The winner of the match, the team of Union Jack and Pequeño Dinosaurio, they are Bear-O-Dactyl!!!

‘The Motherfucking Pterodactyl’ hits and Dinosaurio rushes to his partner and the two men embrace. The referee manages to separate the elated pair and raises their hands into the air as they celebrate.

Mike Fisher: A successful debut for the newest IIW Tag Team, this win will give them a huge momentum boost as we head toward the Tag Team Tournament!

Match Five
Standard Single Match
Eoin O’Rourke vs Lenny Diego

Alice Goldier – Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit!

“After Dark” by Chingon hits and a very serious Lenny Diego makes his way to the ring accompanied by his half sister.

Alice Goldier – Making his way down the aisle, hailing from New York, New York, he stands at six foot, four inches tall and weighs in at 260 pounds, he is “The Powder Keg”, Lenny Diego!!!!

Lights dim in the arena as guitar rifts in the arena. Then as the music reaches a high point- (“OH!”) A sole light shines on the stage with Eoin O’Rourke standing on the stage with his eyes closed, arms stretched wide and hands open- (“Its a smoke and mirror’s. It’s a day in day out prison, You’re living in, it’s smothering the power in you.”) Eoin opens his eyes and lowers his arms and begins marches down the ramp (“When the world’s out of control, And time is always racing, Everybody has a place, Where they can let it go”). Eoin makes it to ringside and he stands in front of the ring. He begins cracking his neck and hopping on the sides, then he dives into the ring and rolls to stand back up with his arms stretched again with a green spotlight over him (“And fall into the feeling, Take a breath and never leave it, When the world is overwhelming, Just close your eyes, you’ll find the, Strength to seize the day, Nothing standing in your way, Just fall into the feeling, Take a breath, it’s time to let it go, It’s time to let it go”) Eoin lowers his arms and walks around the ring, taking off his jacket and readying for the match.

Alice Goldier – And his opponent, hailing from Leitrim, Ireland, he stands at six feet, four inches tall and weighs in at 245 pounds, he is Eion O’Rourke!

The bell sounds as Lenny and Eion measure each other up in the center of the squared circle. The two men share some words back and forth as the tension builds to a fever before Lenny hits Eion with an open palm slap. Eion steps backwards before being pushed into the corner by Lenny. Lenny begins to drive his shoulder into Eion’s midsection repeatedly as the referee gets in between the men to get them out of the corner. Lenny reaches over the referee and delivers a quick sucker punch to Eion.

Mike Fisher – Lenny Diego taking full advantage of the official in that situation.

Scott James – When are you going to understand that sometimes you have to capitalize on any situation presented to you.

The official backs Lenny away, Lenny with a smug look on his face taunts the crowd. Eion, being a hot headed Irishman, charged from the corner, Lenny turned just in time to be met with a Lou Thesz Press. Eion begins to land right hands to Lenny’s face as the crowd begins to pop and count with each strike. The official again is able to break up the hold. Eion goes right back to the attack as Lenny gets to his feet and is met with a German Suplex from behind. Eion holds the bridge and the official gets to the mat ….1 ….kickout!

Mike Fisher – Eion taking the opportunity to get the win but it may be a bit too early to get a decision here.

Scott James – Yeah, but, you have to realize each pinning attempt is just more energy used by your opponent, you’ve got to tire them out before they tire you out.

Eion and Lenny get back to their feet, Eion goes for a lariat but misses and Lenny catches him on the back with a neckbreaker. Lenny gets to his feet and hits off of the ropes, building momentum to deliver a dropkick to the side of Eion’s head as Eion gets to his knees. Eion falls to his back clutching his head as Lenny executes an elbow drop. Lenny pops back up to his feet and connects with a leg drop. Lenny hooks the near leg …1 …kickout!

Mike Fisher – There must be a lot more fight in Eion O’Rourke than Lenny Diego realizes.

Scott James – Hey! You better not be writing off the Powder Keg he might explode all over you!

Lenny demands a faster count before kicking Eion in the gut as he begins to get up. Lenny pulls Eion up and sets him up for a suplex. Eion is lifted off of the air but is able to hook his leg. Eion lands a few stiff shots to Lenny’s midsection before reversing the hold and hitting a snap suplex. Eion and Lenny roll over with both men getting to their feet at about the same time. They turn to one another and begin to exchange fists in the center of the ring as the crowd chants with each strike–Lenny receiving the boos and a smattering of cheers for Eion. Eion begins to gain the advantage as he blocks one of Lenny’s right hands and begins to unload sending Lenny to the ropes. Lenny holds the top rope before being sent over with Eion in a Mick Foley style clothesline. The two men drop to the arena floor as the official begins to administer the ten count.

Mike Fisher – Eion and Lenny are looking like a car wreck right here in front of us.

Scott James – This is nothing, Lenny Diego is just buying his time to strike at the right moment.

Eion gets to his feet a moment before Lenny. Eion grabs Lenny with an Irish Whip to send him into the guard rail but Lenny is able to reverse sending Eion crashing. Lenny walks over and delivers a few stiff shin kicks and chops to Eion’s chest. Lenny motions towards the opposite side of the ring and waltzes over.

Mike Fisher – Hey now, kid, let’s not take our time, Eion O’Rourke is a fierce competitor.

Scott James – Not as fierce as Lenny Diego or that half sister of his…did we even catch her name? I don’t need to know it. Foxy will work for me.

Mike Fisher – You dog! Try to keep your tongue in your mouth!

Scott James – Huh? What? Look at her, she’s gorgeous!

Lenny motions towards Eion and runs full speed, taking into the air for a splash but Eion moves out of the way sending Lenny’s ribs crashing into the guard rail. Lenny holds his ribs as Eion begins to deliver closed fists to the ribs. Eion grabs Lenny and lifts him into the air before ramming the now damaged ribs into the ring post. Eion drops Lenny to the ground and lets out a big roar which gets the crowd behind him. Eion reaches down for Lenny but Lenny pulls Eion down with a jawbreaker on the arena floor. Eion pops up clutching his jaw as Lenny rolls into the ring to break the count at six.

Mike Fisher – Eion O’Rourke needs to get his bearings he’s only a few moments away from losing this one via countout.

Scott James – And if he does get his bearings he’s only a few moments away from losing this one via pinfall!

Lenny hits off of the ropes on the inside, Eion gets to his feet and Lenny comes flying through the middle ropes with a suicida. The two men crash to the floor as the crowd goes nuts.

Mike Fisher – Did you see that? Lenny Diego is 260 pounds and that man just took to the air in a way that most cruiserweights could only dream of!

Scott James – I told you, he’s the real deal. That and that half-sister of his, yummy!

Lenny gets to his feet as the referee restarts the ten count. Lenny grabs Eion and slams his head into the ring apron. Eion holds his head as Lenny grabs him from behind and drops him down with a belly to back suplex on the floor. Lenny begins to taunt the crowd once again as he receives approval from his manager. Lenny goes back to the attack by delivering a few more closed fists to Eion’s head before pulling him up and sliding him back into the ring. Lenny slowly makes his way to the ring apron.

Mike Fisher – We may be closing in on the end of this one, folks, Lenny Diego is looking firmly in charge and Eion O’Rourke is trying to shake the cobwebs off.

Scott James – Lenny Diego is one Detonator or Cross-Wire away from winning this one!

Lenny sizes O’Rourke up and runs towards him for a punt kick but Eion is able to roll out of the way. Lenny turns and is met with a European Uppercut followed by a stiff headbutt from Eion. Eion holds his head momentarily but it’s clear Lenny got the worst end of the move. Lenny hits off of the ropes, climbs to the middle and jumps back to a springboard crossbody into a pinning situation …1 …2 ….kickout!

Mike Fisher – And that should show everyone watching at home that any athlete in the IIW is capable of making a comeback within a moment’s notice.

Scott James – Where the hell did all of that come from? He was beaten in the ring!

Eion gets back to the attack pulling Lenny up and locking in a side headlock. Lenny begins to battle back with a few elbows to the midsection. Lenny gets out of the hold and hits an enziguri on Eion that sends Eion stumbling towards the corner. Lenny charges and connects with a running elbow strike. Eion plops out of the corner and is brought down by a bulldog from Lenny. Lenny rolls Eion over and covers …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher – Eion O’Rourke is not giving up in his debut match that quickly.

Scott James – Shut your mouth that was a slow count and you know it!

Lenny hits Eion with a running knee strike and covers again …1 …2 …kickout! Lenny jumps to his feet and begins to argue with the official.

Mike Fisher – Lenny Diego is visibly frustrated with our IIW official.

Scott James – I would be too, this one should have been over after that bulldog!

Eion sneaks up behind Lenny and pulls him down into a roll up …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher – And that’s why complaining about the speed of the count makes no sense.

Scott James – What because Eion O’Rourke is a slimy opportunistic person?

Eion and Lenny get to their feet and began to trade a flurry of punches once more, this time at a more feverish pace. Lenny pokes Eion in the eye to break the exchange. Lenny kicks Eion in the gut and sets up for The Cross-Wire (Twist of Fate) but as Lenny twists, Eion sends him to the corner. Lenny puts his feet up and stops himself at the corner. Lenny turns to a kick to the gut, Eion hooks his arms for the Death Before Dishonor (Double Underhook DDT) and Eion drives Lenny’s head into the mat. Eion covers and hooks the far leg …1 …2 …3!!!!

Alice Goldier – Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner, via pin fall, Eion O’Rourke!!!

We return to a commercial break and see The General Manager of Shaun Hart standing in the ring with a serious look on his face.

Shaun Hart: Let me make something clear to the talent in the back that want to make jokes of Hollywood Shaun Hart.

He fixes his tie and sunglasses.

Shaun Hart: If your going to have a guy play me in your cringe promotion videos make sure he knows the Icon he is portraying because anyone that’s followed my career here in IIW knows I don’t interview just anyone!

Shaun pauses for a moment.

Shaun Hart: You have to be SOMEBODY before I give you my time and attention. My time is value running this show as GENERAL MANAGER and babysitting all your favorite wrestlers.

Shaun smirks for a moment as he takes of his sunglasses slowly.

Shaun Hart: And everyone knows if I was alone in the parking lot with three men I wouldn’t be the one saving because I am the only UNDEFEATED competitor in this company!

The hardcam goes to Mike Fisher and Scott James while Shaun Hart hold sup one finger.

Mike Fisher: He can not be talking about that one win over Phoenix.

Scott James: Do not disrespect our undefeated General Manger like that, he has proven he can go in the ring with Champion level competitors before!

Mike Fisher: He cheated some could say.

Scott James: And we call those people haters!

The hardcam switches back to Shaun Hart.

Shaun Hart: Now let’s get down to business, shall we… On the October 3rd Mayhem show the IIW Tag Team World Cup Tournament will begin and I must update everyone on the team involved.

He smirks as he twirls the microphone in his hand as he makes the excited fans wait with excitement as they wait to hear who all will be involved.

Shaun Hart: There will be ten teams involved in this tournament and the following teams will be involved. The Celtic Club, Capello and Ada, Anthony Phoenix and Stoner, The Hamilton Establishment, Bear-O-Dactyl, Against The Grain, America’s Most Hated, and The Bum Squad!

Shaun Hart pauses as he smirks.

Shaun Hart: Now I’m sure you notice… Well to the one in attendance that can count down here in Georgia that I only named 8 IIW signed tag teams but as I said earlier there will be ten team’s involved. I went out just like I did before I went out found two teams from the outside that want to compete in this tournament and one of those teams are The Glorious New Breed!

Some fans give a positive reaction to the team name as they recognize them from other promotions.

Shaun Hart: And now the final team is the form XWF Tag Team Champions and one of the most controversial team’s in this business and your damn right I brought them here. The final team that will take part in the IIW Tag Team World Cup Tournament are The No Good Bastards!!!

A mixed reaction pop loud in the arena over the name and Shaun Hart just stands their soaking it in as he smiles.

Shaun Hart: Yes I know, I’m great and know just who to bring in to make the media waves but that’s all the announcements I have for you now.

Shaun gie stop take his leave from the ring but the big screen on stage lights up and as the picture comes into focus the fans damn near rock the stadium with cheers as they see Osh smiling and waving at them.

Osh: Yes I miss you all as well and can’t wait to get back with you all on the road but I’m still on vacation in the Bahamas but I’ve gotten calls about a certain General Manager abusing his power and overlooking home grown IIW talent.

Shaun looks confused.

Osh: Now Shaun, while you’ve done a great job running things, I’m also very cautious about some of your actions. So earlier today I had the right IIW teams draw a random number out of a hat and the two teams with the lowest numbers will receive a bye from the first round and those two teams are The Bum Squad and Bear-O-Dactyl!!!

The fans get excited for the news while Shaun Hart looks disgusted with the news.

Osh: Now Shaun buddy doesn’t look like that it’s only a few tweaks to the tournament along with the first round being standard tag team matches only, followed by the second round being two triple-threat tornado Tag Team Fall Count Anywhere matches, and then in finals the two remaining Tag teams will do battle in a Ladder Match as they try to climb to the top and try to take the Tag Team World Cup that will be hanging high above.

The fans chant in support of Osh announcement.

Osh: You are all very welcome but I have to get back to my vacation. Keep up the good work Shaun.

Osh gives a wink as the feed cuts out and Shaun Hart just stomps his feet and kicks the rope before heading up the ramp and the hard cam falls back on the commentary team.

Mike Fisher: Osh delivers one hell of an announcement for the World Cup Tag Team Tournament, and makes some major changes.

Scott James: He did that but he also rained on Shaun Hart’s parade and this is Osh second time undermining Shauns authority.

Mike Fisher: Osh is just doing what’s best for his business and reminds Shaun he is just the General Manager not the owner of this company.

Match Six
Women’s Championship Qualifying
Standard Single Match
Apathy vs Ada Pearce

The bell sounds as Elizabeth and Ada gaze across the ring from each other as both ladies walk out toward the center of the ring seeing Elizabeth towering over the smaller Ada. The crowd is eager for the action to start. They lock up with Elizabeth displaying her size and strength as she backs Ada up into the ropes where the referee starts laying the count to Elizabeth who breaks away at the three-count backing out toward the center of the ring calling Ada to come off the ropes where she walks back out toward the center of the ring where they lock up a second time. Elizabeth shoves Ada down to the canvass where she towers over her. Ada rolls over getting to one knee before stepping back to her feet where she’s met with a boot to the midsection from Elizabeth who underhooks the arms and lands a butterfly backbreaker.

Elizabeth presses the cover.




Ada escapes the near fall as Elizabeth locks in a rear chin lock as the referee slides into position asking Ada to surrender who refuses. She starts to work her way back up to her feet where she turns into the chin lock and starts driving a series of elbows into the ribs breaking the grasp of O’Rourke. Ada charges toward the ropes bouncing off the near side where she ducks under a reverse elbow from Elizabeth, Ada bounces off the far side and into a tilt-a-whirl that Ada counters with an arm drag take over taking Elizabeth down to the mat.

Ada pops back up to her feet delivering a baseball shotgun dropkick to O’Rourke who gets to one knee knocking her back down to the mat. Ada quickly makes the cover.




Elizabeth kicks out with authority as she sends Ada up into the air and crashes down to the mat on her stomach. Ada beats Elizabeth to her feet where she peppers O’Rourke with jabs to the jaw before looking for a superkick to the face! Elizabeth catches the foot and steps back up to her feet with the foot of Ada pulling her into front waist lock which then delivers a release overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex that sends Ada crashing down to the mat. O’Rourke gets back up to her feet where she bounces off the ropes dropping a leg drop across the throat of Ada! She makes the cover.




Ada escapes with another kick out! The crowd starts to rally behind the smaller Ada as Elizabeth starts getting back up off the mat and back to her feet. She pays the crowd no attention as she starts stomping away at Ada before reaching down and picking her up off the mat. She hurls Ada into a neutral corner where she slams into the buckles. Elizabeth rushes in after her looking to deliver a running body splash! Ada sidesteps O’Rourke sending her crashing into the buckles with Ada rolling her up with a schoolgirl!




Elizabeth escapes with the kick-out before the fatal count of three! Ada is back up where she charges to Elizabeth with a running dropkick sending Elizabeth back into a neutral corner! Ada rushes across the ring back into the opposite corner where she charges full speed ahead with a drop! Ada rolls Elizabeth out from the corner making a cover hooking the near leg.




Another kick-out from O’Rourke! Ada starts getting back to her feet where she reaches down picking up Apathy, or Elizabeth, up off the mat. She lands a spinning back fist! Followed by a second! Followed by a third! She looks for the fourth but Apathy ducks and drives Ada back into a corner with a running shoulder block! Apathy drives several shoulder blocks into the midsection of Ada before yanking her out of the corner locking a front face lock!

Apathy spins around reversing the positioning where she suplexes Ada into the corner!

Apathy gets back up to her feet picking Ada up where she takes a back waist lock! Apathy nails a German Suplex! Apathy rolls through picking herself and Ada up off the mat landing a second german suplex! Apathy rolls through picking herself and Ada up off the mat where a third german suplex with a bridge!




Ada escapes with a kick out to a pop from the crowd. Apathy cuts her eyes toward the referee who shows her two fingers as she steps up to her feet. Apathy reaches down snatching Ada up off the mat positioning her for a Powerbomb! Apathy reaches down hoisting Ada up in the air only to have Ada counter with a sit-out facebuster! The crowd roars loudly as Ada gets back to her feet where she starts to size up Apathy and as Apathy gets to one knee Ada lands a devastating K.O. Roundhouse kick to the temple of Apathy!

Ada makes the cover hooking the near leg.





Match Seven
Standard Single Match
Harpinder Singh vs Caleb Scott

The bell sounds as Harpinder cocks his had sideways and wiggles his fingers at Caleb. Harpinder’s smile turns to a frown and he charges! Caleb tries to dodge but he gets caught with a chop block! Harpinder takes the opportunity to wave at the crowd!

Harpinder picks up Caleb and nails a classic DDT! Harpinder smiles self assuredly. Harpinder kicks Caleb a few times to the outside!

Scott James: I think Harpinder knows he’s got this one in the bag!

Harpinder follows to the outside as the referee begins to count! One… Two… Harpinder picks up Caleb and whips him hard into the steps! Three… Four…

Mike Fisher: Harpinder is so dangerous!

Harpinder picks up Caleb and puts him on the apron. Harpinder follows and lifts him up by his head! Running bulldog off the apron to the floor! Five… Six…

Scott James: Damn that was vicious!

Seven… Harpinder lifts Caleb and rolls him in the ring! Cover by Harpinder!



Mike Fisher: Solid two!

Scott James: Caleb hasn’t gotten any offense in!

Caleb staggers up and throws a wild right at Harpinder! No! Harpinder blocks! Kick to the gut! Short suplex! Harpinder gets Caleb off the ground and whips him into the ropes, Lou Thez press on the return! Harpinder covers!



Mike Fisher: Wow! The stamina of Caleb is great!

Harpinder picks up Caleb, but Caleb slips under Harpinder’s legs and wraps him up and takes him down! He locks it in again! Leg lock locked in! Harpinder can’t reach the ropes!

Scott James: This one is done! Tap!

Mike Fisher: He’s got too much heart!

Harpinder can’t move but the crowd starts to chant for him! Harpinder uses this moment to grind forward… he got it! ROPE BREAK!

Mike Fisher: Unbelievable!

Harpinder is hanging on the ropes as Caleb lifts him up by the legs and slams him down! Harpinder looks out of it! Caleb jumps up to await Harpinder Singh… as he gets up he grabs him…REAPERS REACH!!!! HE SLAMS HARPINDER DOWN




Mike Fisher: I think Harpinder pulled a fast one on Caleb!

Harpinder gets up with Caleb and the two exchange shots back and forth! Harpinder grabs Caleb in a big headlock, but Caleb turns it into a backdrop! Caleb lifts up Harpinder and hits another REAPERS REACH… as he pauses getting his breath back, he backs off as he awaits Harpinder to get back to his feet…. He charges… GRIM DEATH!!!!

Mike Fisher: He’s out of this!!!

Caleb Scott covers




Match Eight
Hardcore Championship
Tables Match
Sebastian Hamilton vs Sean Raines

Mike Fisher: If your a fan of Hardcore wrestling your definitely want to buckle in for what is sure to be one hell of bloody and broken bones match between former Hardcore Champion Sebastian Hamilton and current Champion Sean Raines in a tables match.

Scott James: Yeah Fisher this one is not going to be for the faith of heart, these two have proven in the past that they will do whatever it takes to walk out as Champion and I can tell you tonight will be no different.

Mike Fisher: I echo that statement and we won’t have to wait long as that match is up next.

The lights dim ever so slightly and “When the man comes down” by Robert J. Walsh hits the speaker system. Sebastian Hamilton steps out from behind the curtain dressed head to toe in formal attire consisting of a three piece suit, with tie and a long thick black tweed coat, and just stops at the top of the ramp.

He begins to makes his way down the ramp but then out of nowhere Sean Raines comes down the ramp and nails him with the IIW Hardcore Championship. Sebastian rolls down the ramp as the referee signals for the bell as this tables match is under way.

Mike Fisher: Sean Raines showing early that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his Hardcore Championship.

Scott James: There is no denying that the IIW Hardcore Championship means everything to Raines.

Sean kicks Sebastian in the ribs and awns him rolling down some more until they reach the ring. Sean lifts his head up and then delivers a stiff punch to his chin and then picks him up and gets ready to sling him into the steel steps but Sebastian reverses it and it’s Sean Raines who eats the steel steps. Sebastian follows it up with a few kicks and then lifts him and delivers a knee to the gut and then suplex him onto the mat.

Mike Fisher: Sebastian Hamilton has taken control of this match now and Sean Raines looks in trouble.

Scott James: It’ll take more than that to keep that killer down.

Sebastian rolls in the ring and looks back at Sean Raines who starts to move and get back to his feet. Sebastian hits the ropes and then comes back looking to hit a suicide dive but Sean Raines hits a massive big boot that sends Sebastian bac inside the ring. Sean starts pulling weapons like steel chairs, trash can lid, a kendo stick and then followed by a board that has barbed wire all over it.

Mike Fisher: My god Sean Raines is not messing around.

He throws all the weapons inside the ring and then slides the barbed wire board inside the ring as well and then sets it up in the corner of the turnbuckle. Sean then turns his attention to Sebastian who gets back to his feet. As Sebastian turns around he’s met with a kendo stick shot to his gut and then Sean delivers another one to Sebastian’s back that breaks the kendo stick in half on impact. Sean Raines then bounces off the ropes and looks to deliver a close line but Sebastian ducks and waits for Sean to come back and nails a spinebuster onto the trash can lid and then Sebastian picks up a steel chair and delivers numerous shots to the back of Raines and then rolls him over and places the chair on top of him and then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle.

Mike Fisher: Sebastian looking for high risk and high reward.

Scott James: He better hope it pays off.

Sebastian gets his balance as he gets to the top of the turnbuckle. Then launches himself off and hits a moonsault that lands perfect filly as he crashes into the steel chair that sits on top of Raines chest. The impact rocks Raines as he rolls around in pain and so does Sebastian and the fans erupt with excitement as they break out into a chant.


They both get back to their feet and start exchanging punches. Sebastian, Raines, Sebastian, Raines, Sebastian, Raines and then Raines again followed by a head butt and then a kick to the gut and lifts Sebastian up in a powerbomb position and turns his attention to the barbed wire board, Raines gets a running start and then launches Sebastian into the barbed wire board!!!

Scott James: Good lord, Sebastian looks mangled as he struggles to escape steel sharp blades that rip into his flesh.

Mike Fisher: We knew this match was going to get bloody and they are not disappointing the fans.

Sean Raines rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring, after a few minutes he puts on a sinister smile as he pulls out a table. He slides it inside the ring and goes to set it up but out of the crowd out runs the other Hamilton brothers Edward and Benjamin who quickly get the jump on Sean Raines as they put the boots to him and then help their bleeding brother Sebastian back up to his feet. Sebastian starts giving out order as he has his brothers out the barbed wire board on top of the table. They then hold Sean down on his knees as Sebastian starts raining down punches on him, but just then John Tolly comes running down the ramp with a baseball bat in hand as he takes the fight to Edward and Benjamin as he has shots into with the bat. Sean now uses the distraction to fight back as he grabs Sebastian by the throat looking to choke and slam him through the barbed wire table but Sebastian reverses it into a DDT and then hits Tolly in the back of the head with an elbow that sends him falling forward into a double superkick from Edward and Benjamin and then they beat him down with a steel chair before throwing Tolly outside the ring. They did put the boots to Sean Raines as Sebastian sits on the top turnbuckle and than they lift Sean Raines up to Sebastian in a powerbomb position, they each hold ok to him and then when Sebastian leaps the brothers help deliver a triple powerbomb through the barbed wire table.

Mike Fisher: MY GOD!!!

Edward and Benjamin help there brother up as the referee calls for the bell and rewards Sebastian with the IIW Hardcore Championship.

Alice Goldier: Here is your winner and new IIW Hardcore Champion, Sebastian Hamilton!!!!

Match Nine
Standard Singles Match
Crush vs Jay Vaughan

Mike Fisher: Up next is going to be a show stealer as the IIW UK Champion Crush takes on Jay Vaughan.

Scott James: This will be the first time these two face off in a ring but they’ll both have to keep an eye in the back of they head as they’ve become targets of CCPE.

Mike Fisher: Crush has to watch out for an angry Fred Debonair after spearing him by mistake last Mayhem during his match with PG-13 and ultimately cost him the match.

Scott James: Yea he did and he’ll have to answer for that, but Jay has a maniac in Bam Miller that still has unfinished business with him. So these two men have a lot to be cautious about during this match.

Mike Fisher: Well we won’t have to wait long as both Crush and Jay are already in the ring, waiting for the match to start.

*Bell Rings*

Jay and Crush shake hands in the middle of the ring and begin a test of strength that Crush ends up winning and backs Jay up into the corner of the turnbuckle and begins hitting Jay with a series of close lines. As Jay looks dazed in the corner, Crush backs up looking for one big one now as he gets a running start but Jay side steps him at the last minute and Crish eats the turnbuckle and stumbled out of the corner and Jay comes running in with a bulldog that bounces Crush head off the mat. Jay lifts Crush off the mat and puts him in a headlock.

Mike Fisher: Jay started off slow but has taken control of this match.

Scott James: Don’t count out The UK Champion just yet.

Crush starts delivering elbows to the gut of Jay and then lifts him up and drops him on his back with. Crush then hits the ropes looking for a big splash but Jay rolls out the way and as Crush eats the mat and pops back up on one knee Jay comes running in with a knee and then a stiff DDT and goes for the pin.



Crush gets the shoulder and Jay starts to lift him off the mat but Crush starts throwing hard punches that rock Jay backward and Crush gets back to his feet and wraps his massive arms around Jay’s waist and begins to deliver a trio of German suplexes that leave Jay flat on his back, Crush stalks him and wits for him to get up before hitting the ropes and rocks him with a brutal close line and then pulls Jay back up for a body to body suplex.

Mike Fisher: Crush showing off his strength as he tosses around Jay was ease.

Scott James: Crush is definitely not lacking on power right now.

Crush goes to lift Jay up but Jay nails Crush with a headbutt and then unloads with hard chops to the chest of Crush that back him up into the corner and then Jay really lays it on with a series of chops and punches and then gets up on the second rope for a better angle as he rains down punches on Crush for as minute but Crush slips down under Jay and Powerbombs him in the center of the ring. Crush then moves to the opposite side of the ring as he longs to measure Jay up and end this match. As Crush gets ready I strike with his finisher Bam Miller comes out of nowhere and gets on the apron at the same time Fred Debonair comes in and nails Crush from behind with the IIW Tag Team Championship and then Bam knocks down the referee and gets on top of Jay and starts delivering punches down on him.

Mike Fisher: I’m being told this match he been stopped due to interference from CCPE.

Scott James: They really messed up a great match.

Bam tosses Jay out the ring and slams him head first into the steel steps and then over the barricade. Bam grabs a beer from a fan and takes a gulp before pouring the rest on Jays head and then lays him out with a Miller Time in the middle of the crowd. Back inside the ring Fred Debonair lifts a lifeless Crush up and smacks him in the face before hitting the Enigma Divideand leaving Crush Kaye’s out as Fred Debonair holds up the UK Championship.

Mike Fisher: Fred and Bam of CCPE just sent a message to both Jay and Crush tonight. Nobody is safe when you are in there sights.

Scott James: Will see if CCPE gets away with this or will Crush and Jay get the last laugh.

Main Event
International Championship
Battle Royal
Joe Montuori vs Fred Debonair vs Anthony Phoenix vs Iron Wolf vs Andy Donahue vs Anthony Tudor vs TJ Alexander

All 7 men are in the ring to begin this battle royal to assign a new International champion… The bell rings to signal the start of this match

Just then Harpinder Singh’s music begins to play as he makes his way out to the entrance

Harpinder Singh: I am here to inform you that the GLORIOUS Harpinder Singh has been entered as a last minute entrance to the battle royal… Yes you may be surprised and upset but royalty is here now and I am here to claim the International title

Harpinder Singh slides into the ring… just in time to get caught with a WOLF STRIKE! by The Iron Wolf! Harpinder Singh’s lip has been busted open! Blood drips down his chin as Iron Wolf pounces again throwing him straight over the top rope!

Alicia Goulder: Harpinder Singh has been eliminated!

Harpinder Singh is screaming obscenities about how you can’t treat a god like this. Harpinder pulls Iron Wolf off of TJ Alexander and spins him around… HERITAGE DRIVER!

Mike Fisher: What a bunch of bull! Harpinder has no business in the ring!

Punk slides out as he laughs at Iron Wolf.

Mike Fisher: He had no business doing that after being eliminated!

Phoenix runs in and hits a clothesline and then hits a cross body on Fred Debonair. Debonair and Donahue are rolling around fighting on the ground as TJ Alexander locks up with Iron Wolf in the corner. Meanwhile J Mont and Tudor are exchanging armbars and chinlocks in another corner.

Mike Fisher: Whomever wins this match will certainly deserve the spoils due to them.

TJ Alexander is able to push Iron Wolf up in a sitting position on top of the turnbuckle, TJ Alexander climbs to the second rope pounding away on Iron Wolf trying to get him to fall off to the ring mat. TJ Alexander tries to lock onto Iron Wolf’s head but Iron Wolf pushes as hard as he can sending TJ Alexander to the mat. Iron Wolf stumbles off and lands back in the ring.

Scott James: Close one there!

Phoenix whips Anthony Tudorinto the ropes, but on the return Anthony Tudor hits a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL on Phoenix! Phoenix is down!

Scott James: He nearly took his head off!

Tudor lifts up Phoenix and leans him against the rope, he signals for another one! He runs and bounces off the ropes going for the ONCOMING STORM smashing Phoenix to the ground

Mike Fisher: Phoenix has taken a lot of abuse already this match!

Andy Donahue and hits a running wheel kick on TJ Alexander sending him to the ground. Andyjumps and bounces off the top rope and catches Tudor with a tornado DDT! Donahue is cheering as J Mont charges, J Mont catch Andy with a running bulldog! J Mont locks in a half Boston crab on him who is writhing in pain.

Andy Donahue ducks a clothesline attempt by Iron Wolf, roundhouse kick to Iron Wolf! Andy Donahue grabs J Mont and hits a backbreaker. TJ Alexander charges Andy Donahue, but Andy Donahue hits a back body drop! TJ Alexander is flying over the top… but wait! TJ Alexander grabs the top rope and is hanging over!

Scott James: TJ Alexander is almost out!

Andy Donahue grabs TJ Alexander’ hand and is trying to make him lose his grip. Anthony Tudor hits a running dropkick to J Mont in the opposite corner as Fred Debonair struggles with Iron Wolf.

Just as Andy Donahue releases one hand TJ Alexander swings his other hand up and grabs the second rope! One foot of TJ Alexander keeps grazing the ground.

Mike Fisher: He’s gonna be out momentarily!

Irn Wolf comes flying out of nowhere and hits a hurricanrana on TJ Alexander, Fred Debonair hits a big uppercut on Tudor sending him to the ground as Iron Wolf picks up Phoenix and slams him hard to the ground

Fred Debonair is up and brawling with Iron Wolf. Fred Debonair whips Iron Wolf into the corner and is working on his face! He is trying to bust him open! Andy Donahue hits a Russian leg sweep on J Mont and applies a chokehold.

Mike Fisher: All of these men are working their ass off to earn the IIW International Title

Tudor hits a chop block on TJ Alexander! Tudor hits a series of stomps on TJ Alexander as Fred Debonair keeps blasting away at the face and forehead of Andy Donahue! These two people really do ahte each other with their history going back so many years. Donahue and Debonair keep battering the crap out of each other as Debonair smashes Andy’s head repeatedly into the ring post

Scott James: Is he bleeding?

Mike Fisher: Not yet! Fred Debonair is acting like a rabid animal!

Andy sticks his torso in between the top and middle rope trying to escape Fred Debonair’s attack, but Fred Debonair is trying to follow! Smash! Smash! Smash! Andys forehead has been busted open

Andy charges… takedown to Fred Debonair!

Mike Fisher: He needs to get him up and over the top rope!!!!

Anthony Phoenix pulls J Mont off of TJ Alexander J Mont is yelling at Fred Debonair as Tudor comes up from behind J Mont and hits a backstabber. Iron Wolf is approaching Tudor! Fred Debonair jumps on the second rope and bounces! Flying DDT to Donahue!

Scott James: These guys are going to kill each other!

Iron Wolf swings wildly at Fred Debonair but Fred Debonair jumps back… THE BLACK OUT! Iron Wolf hits the mat but pops up to his knees Iron Wolf stumbles backwards into the ropes… Anthony Phoenix charges and hits a clothesline pushing Iron Wolf over the top rope… but Iron Wolf wraps his arms around Anthony Phoenix on his way down… both men fall to the outside!

Scott James: Iron Wolf AND Anthony Phoenix are gone! Iron Wolf took Anthony Phoenix with him!

Alicia Goulder: Iron Wolf and Anthony Phoenix Hollywood have been eliminated!

Tudor looks on at the two men on the ground outside as he grins posing, J mont and Fred Debonair are making a move behind him, they both grab him lifting him over the top rope!

Alicia Goulder: Anthony Tudor has been eliminated!

Mike Fisher: CCPE working together there!!! But only one of them can win the title!

Just as Fred turns around Andy Donahue jumps from out of nowhere and pulls an unkown sharp object from his pocket and jabs Tiamat in the cheek with it! Tiamat is bleeding like a stuck hog!

J Mont comes flying out of nowhere and kicks TJ Alexander in the back on the head. TJ Alexander is down as Fred Debonair pounds on him. Andy Donahue hits a spear on J Mont bringing him down as well. Andy Donahue locks his eyes on Fred Debonair and they meet in the corner exchanging blows!

Andy Donahue pulls out his weapon but Fred smacks it away! Fred seems to like smacking things out of the hand of Andy Donahue. FreD Debonair goes nuts and slams Andy’s head into the turnbuckle at least ten times! He takes Andy and tosses him! Andy donahue flies outside the ring!

Alicia Goulder: Andy Donahue has been eliminated!

Scott James: No! I like that crazy bastard!

Andy Donahue sits on the outside looking furious!

Mike Fisher: We’re down to three men! TJ Alexander, JMont and Fred Debonair!

The remaining three men look each other down… Fred Debonair charges at TJ Alexander! TJ Alexander leapfrogs him and hits a spinebuster on the return! TJ Alexander picks up Fred Debonair and slams him into the ring post.

Mike Fisher: The battle with Andy Donahue really seems to have taken it out of Fred Debonair.

J Mont is back up and now he’s pushing TJ away as he checks on Fred Debonair, the two on one CCPE vs TJ is looking quite daunting now

Fred and J Mont begin to beat down on TJ Alexander as J Mont signals Fred to go and pick up the blade Andy Donahue left in the ring, he goes to grab it but his arm is suddenly clenched as the crowd goes nuts

Mike Fisher: A BLOODY CRUSH IS OUT HERE!!! Bandaged up from his earlier attack during his match with Jay….

J mont see’s Fred shout out for him as he runs over to stop the attack, but Crush is too quick for him and launches Fred over the top rope from the outside!

Alicia Goulder: Fred Debonair has been eliminated!

Mike Fisher: It’s down to J Mont and TJ Alexander!!!!

TJ Alexander locks up with J Mont. They go back and forth with strikes. TJ Alexander hits a dropkick! TJ grabs the blade!

Scott James: TJ Alexander has the blade!

As J Mont turns around TJ Alexander swings the blade, but J Mont ducks! Kick to the gut! J Mont as the blade but TJ Alexander spears J Mont and pushes J Mont all the way to the ropes! J Mont knees the gut of TJ Alexander! TJ Alexander hits running clothesline… J Mont tries to jump out of the way but instead gets hammered and sent flying up over the ropes!

Mike Fisher: This is over! TJ Alexander has got it!

J Mont halfway lands on the top rope and is flailing his arms wildly trying to gain his balance!

Scott James: What!

J Mont starts to fall backwards! … Fred Debonair pushes him forwards!!! He’s back in the ring!!! TJ is on the other side celebrating but J Mont flies in with the clothesline sending TJ Alexander over the top rope!!!

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD…. J MONT HAS DONE IT IN HIS DEBUT MATCH!!! He is the new International Champion

Scott James: But as stated… The runner up TJ Alexander will get a rematch at the PPV!!!! There’s going to be some real blood on their hands in this match now!!!!

We return from commercial to the crowd booing at Shaun Hart who stands in the center of the ring that has been skirted with a black skirt over the mat, a white skirted table sits long ways with the heads of the table directed toward the entrance ramp and the other end toward the announcer’s table with a microphone in front of each chair. Shaun has a microphone as he starts addressing the booing crowd.

SHAUN HART: We are on the cusp of one of the largest Pay-Per-View events ever here in the IIW, and we are without a Champion. Two men will step into this ring and wage a war that will culminate in one of them winning the vacant IIW World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd responds with a mild pop as Shaun continues.

SHAUN HART: Tonight we’re here to sign the dotted line and for this match to be made official! In order to do that, allow me to first introduce you to JOHN CAVANAUGH!

There’s a mixed reception as Cavanaugh emerges out to the top of the ramp in his street clothes. He starts to walk toward the ring with business exploding from his eyes as he intently reaches ringside. Cav climbs up on the apron, he steps through the ropes where he glances at Shaun before walking around the table as Shaun smirks like a jackass waving at Cav. Cav takes the head of the table where he looks up the ramp.

SHAUN HART: And his opponent…

Shaun stops and ponders for a second.

SHAUN HART: Ya know, he doesn’t need an introduction. Hit the music.

The boos echo out throughout the arena as Chris page emerges at the top of the ramp. He starts to make his way toward the ring. He reaches ringside, climbs up on the apron, and steps through the ropes to enter the ring. Shaun applauds Chris as he takes his seat and stares down the ring at John Cavanaugh. Shaun raises his microphone but before he can speak Chris snatches his microphone off the table and cuts Shaun off.

CHRIS PAGE: Before we go any further allow me to correct you, Shaun. The IIW currently doesn’t have a World Champion, but it should… We ALL know who was the better man a month ago inside the Elimination Chamber, and I’m looking at him.

Chris and John haven’t taken their eyes off each other.

CHRIS PAGE: Two weeks ago, John, you did the one thing that nobody has done in the five or six months I’ve been here… You left me laying.

Cav smirks at Page as Chris continues.

CHRIS PAGE: You can sit down there with that smirk on your face because you’ve earned the right to have it, tonight. But here in just a few weeks you and I are going to enter this ring, we are going to battle for the IIW World Heavyweight Championship in a match that I get to name the stipulation for.

There’s a pause from Chris Page as he glances over at Shaun and then back over to Cavanaugh.

CHRIS PAGE: For the last several weeks I’ve thought about how I wanted this to play. Did I want to stack the deck against you, or mean girl you as the cool kids say? Because I could.

The crowd finally fully quiets down.

CHRIS PAGE: Hell, I almost thought about making Shaun Hart the referee.

The boos immediately pick back up.

CHRIS PAGE: But I’m not.

Chris calls for the contract which is slid to him by Shaun Hart with a pen on top of it.

CHRIS PAGE: Instead, John, instead I’m going to take a road less traveled. What we’re going to do in just a couple of weeks will see NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE, it’s not going to be filled with CCPE guys or IIW guys because what I want is you; one on one, in a WRESTLING match.

Chris signs the contract before flipping the pen on the table.

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t need gimmicks to get the job done, I just need to show up.

Cavanagh cocked his head and glanced at Chris Page with a smirk. The barrel chested Irishman brought the microphone to his mouth and smiled. John’s mixed reaction continued however the crowd seemed to be gathering in his favor. He paused a moment, almost as if for the first time ever he was enjoying a crowd reaction. His piercing blue eyes locked with Page, he looked to Shaun and shook his head before returning to Page.

John Cavanagh – Great, good, a standard wrestling match. I couldn’t have asked for anything better from you. And ya know, everything you just said…

John spat at the feet of Shaun Hart as the crowd erupted.

John Cavanagh – Means about as much to me as Shaun Hart’s miserable, pathetic life. You are a walking contradiction, you “don’t need gimmicks”, says the man that knows more about the Twittersphere and Podcasts than he does about this sport! You are a goddamn gimmick and that’s all you ever will be! Now let me sign this piece of paper so I don’t need to see either of you two until Red Alert.

The One Man Dynasty dropped the microphone, he maintained his lock on Page as he grabbed the contract and signed his name on the dotted line.

CHRIS PAGE: Are you fucking serious? That’s literally the best shot you can throw? No wonder you’ve sniffed the main event sene for two years over actually being the Main Event. I’m sorry that you have no concept of creating a name for yourself, I’m sorry that the only place you’re known is in the IIW while I am known around the world as the MAN. I love how my outside adventures are gimmicks, at least in your eyes, but have no fear young man, come Red Alert I’ll be the guy that reminds you exactly why you’ve never been good enough.

The crowd intensifies as Chris Page and John Cavanagh stare across the table from each other leaving Mayhem to come to a close.