Adam The Monster

Adam The Monster

gbr United Kingdom

Name of Wrestler: Adam The Monster

Picture Base: Iain Dowie

Wrestler Height: 7’2

Wrestler Weight: 450lbs

Age: Unknown

Theme Music: Monster – The Automatic

Hometown: Monsterville

Style of Wrestling: Monster

Face|Heel|Neutral: Neutral

Signature Mover: MONSTERIZE

Signature Description: ChokeSlam

Finisher Move: Monster Mash

Finisher Description: Red Arrow

Gimmick: Monster

Background|History: The child of a whore and the elephant man. Adam grew up being a monster. He always win because he is a monster. Monsters never lose.


What’s that coming over the hill

Is it a monster? Is it a monster!!

Adam walks down to the ring like a monster. He climbs in to the ring, looking very mean, and roars loudly.