Anthony Phoenix

Anthony Phoenix

gbr United Kingdom

Name: Xinoehp
Nickname: The Hardcore God
Current Residence: Salisbury, England
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 212 lbs.
D.O.B.: 8/27/2004
Alignment: Heel with a face fan base
Entrance Theme: “Infamy” – def rebel


“Infamy” by def rebel begins to play as Xinoehp walks out in his body paint, a spotlight is shown on him, he stares directly at the ring. Xinoehp turns around as he faces the Oshtron. He raises his arms like he’s aiming a bow and arrow. Xinoehp lets the imaginary arrow fly as the arena explodes in pyro and the colors of red, orange and yellow.

Xinoehp then begins to walk deliberately towards the ring not even paying attention to the fans in attendance, staying laser focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and makes a b-line to the center of the ring.  Xinoehp raises his arms and holds them up in an ‘X’ symbol.

As the music fades, Xinoehp prepares for the match.



Extreme Hybrid–A style that combines all pre-existing styles creating a state-of-the-art sophisticated discipline consisting of every form of combat that goes down in the ring. Hybrid Wrestling is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors wrestle and fight without any boundaries such as disqualification or count out stoppage.




1. High heel kick
2. Straight punch
3. Toe Kick
4. Pele Kick
5. Back Elbow Strike
6. Reverse Punch
7. Jumping Roundhouse Kick
8. Karate Superkick
9. Standing Dropsault
10. Spinning Wheel Kick


Grappling Moves (while opponent is standing):

1. Release German
2. Vertical Suplex lifted and dropped into a Neckbreaker Slam
3. Evenflow type DDT
4. Fisherman Suplex
5. X-Factor: Standing Face plant
6. Jumping Hurricanrana


Grappling Moves (while opponent is on the mat):

1. STF
2. Scorpion Deathlock
3. Anklelock
4. Camel Clutch
5. Texas Cloverleaf
6. The Figure Four
7. The Crossface


Running Moves:

1. Bulldog
2. Running Headscissors Takedown
3. Suicide Corkscrew Plancha
4. Running Strong Clothesline
5. Standing Backflip over the top rope running suicide body splash
6. Springing axe-handle
7. Crash Landing (variation of a Shining Wizard that can be used to set up a submission hold)


Top Rope Moves:

1. Top Rope Pele Kick
2. Frog splash
3. Flying Hurricanrana
4. 540 corkscrew Senton
5. Somersault corkscrew Senton pin
6. Phoenix 450 Splash Pin (450 splash from the top rope)



Signature Move #1: “The Fall from Grace.” – Xinoehp jumps up to the top turnbuckle and hits a five-star frog splash on the laid out opponent. The frog splash is bit higher than RVD’s A.K.A. 10 star frog splash. *NOTE: Xinoehp will hit move from most anything that is high enough e.g. a coke machine or a trailer truck.*

Signature Move #2: “The X-DT” – Xinoehp places the opponent into a modified cradle shock and drops backwards into a DDT maneuver.

Signature Move #3: “My Turn” – While standing in front of his opponent Xinoehp jumps up and encompasses his opponent’s head with his legs and executes a Hurracarrana. However, Xinoehp doesn’t release once he has hit the ground, rather he holds on and transforms it into a triangle choke and chokes out his opponent.

Set-up Move
1. Kick to the mid-section

2. Stalking opponent (Orton-like)



Finishing Move #1: “El Ultimo Sacrificio” — Xinoehp irish whips the opponent towards the ring post and follows up with a strong clothesline thus staggering the opponent just enough for him to jump up towards the top rope.

Xinoehp then jumps off the rope backwards hitting a moonsault landing behind the opponent grabbing his/her head and slamming it down backwards onto the mat in a reverse DDT type move. This move sometimes ends in knocking out the opponent.

Finishing Move #2: “The Reckoning” (Steals Opponent’s Finisher)



Anthony Phoenix is arguably one of the most decorated superstar that the professional wrestling has produced. He is a multiple time champion winning every title that every fed had to offer wherever he set foot in. Phoenix is a multiple time Hall of Famer as well.

Phoenix then went into retirement but the call of wrestling which was always in his blood has begun to boil again as he makes his trek for championship gold again in the IIW.

Phoenix has recently discovered that he is descended from the Aztecs of Mexico and changed his name accordingly, now going by Xinoehp.