Anthony Tudor

Anthony Tudor

gbr United Kingdom

Name of Wrestler: Anthony ‘Storm’ Tudor

Picture Base: Karrion Kross

Wrestler Height: 6’10

Wrestler Weight: 305lbs

Age: 29

Theme Music: Limp Bizkit – Breakstuff

Hometown: Minneapolis. Minnesota

Style of Wrestling: Powerhouse

Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel

Signature Mover: The Blowout

Signature Description: Attitude Adjustment

Finisher Move: The Oncoming Storm

Finisher Description: F5

Move List:

1. Middle Rope Elbow Drop

2. Headbutt

3. High Angle Double Leg Takedown

4. Discus Lariat

5. Catching Belly to Belly Suplex

6. Running Shoulder block

7. Suplex Toss

8. Sambo Suplex

9. White Russian Leg Sweep

10. German Suplex




Limp Bizkit – Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.