Bam Miller

Bam Miller

gbr United Kingdom

Wrestler Height:6’3

Wrestler Weight:225


Theme Music: No One Will Survive
Song by CFO$

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Style of Wrestling: Brawler and technician

Face|Heel|Neutral: Edgy Face

Signature Mover: TGS(Top Guy Slayer)

Signature Description: knee Trigger

Finisher Move: Miller Time

Finisher Description: Stunner

Background|History: Bam grew up in the foster care system in Detroit, Michigan nobody knows his parents; he was found in the dumpster as an infant. After turning 18, he enters Detroit Wrestling School. Where he would be known for high-risk stunts, tough attitude, and very aggressive wrestling style. After a few years on the Indy Circuit Bam Miller would sign with IIW quickly becoming one of the most key figures in the promotion. He would continue to rise through the ranks. Knocking off Top Guys on his way to the top. The fans would give him the nickname Top Guy Slayer.

Personality: not scared of a fight, prefers to be alone then have friends believes they’ll just back stabbed you in the end. His main focus is wrestling doesn’t care for much else  besides working on his motorcycle. Bam doesn’t have any friends most Associates that know of him says he just like to handle his business and go home keeps to himself real lone wolf type First one in the gym last one to leave the gym.

Entrance: No one will survive starts to play over the speakers as the sound of a motorcycle is heard as it rolls on stage with Bam Miller on it. He points around to all the fans before riding down the ramp and riding around the ring. He parks his bike and high fives a fan in the front row, then gets a Miller Lite beer tossed to him. He walks up the Steele steps, and walks slowly into the middle of the ring. He opens the can up and as soon as the can touches his lips pyro goes off behind him. As the pyro stops Bam Miller walks over to the corner to wait for the match to start.