Chris Nitro

Chris Nitro

gbr United Kingdom

Name – Chris Nitro

Pic base – Christopher Daniel’s

Height – 6’3

Weight – 235

Age – 26

Theme music – Lucifer by Jay Z

Hometown – Tampa, Florida

Style – Tweener leaning on Face

Signature move – Nitro bomb. It’s a pop up power bomb.

Finisher – Jeffrey – one winged angel

Gimmick – Hardcore hero

History – Little is known about Chris Nitro outside of him liking pain. He doesn’t seem to feel any pain. Started backyard wrestling and quickly graduated to death match wrestling for anyone that would take him. Can work non hardcore / death match but doesn’t prefer it.

Entrance – Lucier by Jay hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd highfiving fans. He hops the guard rail and slide into the ring under the bottom rope.