Fred Debonair

Fred Debonair

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WRESTLER NAME: Fred Debonair.

PICTURE BASE: Chris Jericho.
HOMETOWN: Hell’s Kitchen, NY.
THEME MUSIC: “Money” by Pink Floyd.


WRESTLING STYLE: Technical, Brawler, Submission specialist.


1. Enigma Divide.

Double Knee Facebreaker.

2. God Complex.

Rolling Death Valley Driver.


1. Devil’s Snare.

LaBell Lock.

2. GTFO (Get The F*ck Out).

Go To Sleep.


1. Nerve hold with Armbar.

2. Springboard moonsault body press.

3. Springboard Legdrop.

4. Armbar.

5. Turnbuckle smash bodyslam.

6. Cross arm scissors.

7. Camel clutch cradle.

8. Running corner vertical splash.

9. Running forward rolling fallaway slam.

10. Reverse Gory special powerbomb.

11. Spinning back elbow smash.

12. Forearm uppercut.


GIMMICK: No gimmick, just the myth.

CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: Fred Debonair started his Wrestling career at the age of sixteen, working under the ring name “Fly Freddy”, a dare between himself and his late brother, Pacey. He entered the RWF where he captured their “Hard-To-The-Core title” on his debut… Over the course of just under a decade, Debonair amassed a lot more titles and accolades in the RWF before it eventually closed its doors.

A little after that, he was offered a contract with revived Wrestling organisation, FcW where he came in carrying the RWF North American title, which he unfortunately lost to fellow RWF alum, Ryan Kilmore, in a Unification match with his FcW United States Championship. Fred’s career in FcW only went from strength to strength after that, claiming a few belts in his tenure, including the World title, as well as many accolades here, as well.

After FcW shut up shop, Fred tried his hand in a few other places, but none of them really met the standard of either the RWF or FcW… So he took leave, not quite retiring and began training his two kids in Wrestling. After the incident with his son, Tyler, that saw him committed to a psychiatric institute, Fred settled down entirely and took back powers as CEO of the business he’d been building since he was twenty-one, Debonair Enterprises. All the while working out a plan to give his son a normal life again, which lead to him being discharged from the psychiatric hospital and making his way to IIW.

ENTRANCE (OPTIONAL): The lights in the arena dim as a montage of New York City and it’s skyline appears on the big screen and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17” quote from Pulp Fiction plays to completion. At the end the gunfire blends in with the sound of cash registers opening and closing, as Pink Floyd’s “Money” smashes through the speakers and Fred Debonair makes his way out onto the top of the ramp.

He closes his eyes and soaks up the roar of the crowd as they chant his name. Opening them again, he smirks and walks down the aisle to the ring, climbing the steel steps, he enters between the top and middle rope, hopping onto the turnbuckle and raising his arms. He drops back down and waits for the music and lights to return.




FcW Universal Champion (1x).
FcW Extreme Champion (3x).
RWF North American Champion (under FcW banner).
2007 Match of the year – Vs. John Cavanagh (Solitary Confinement Match).
2008 Winner of the FcW Seven Deadly Sins match.

– Ended the undefeated streak of John Cavanagh.


RWF World Champion (7x).
RWF Tag Champion (2x).
RWF North American Champion (4x & last).
RWF Pro Champion (2x).
RWF TV Champion (2x).
RWF HTTC Champion (1x).
RWF Battle-Bowl Champion (2x).
RWF Rookie of the year.
RWF Wrestler of the year.

– Won the HTTC title on his debut.
– Held the World title the most times of anyone in the fed.
– Won the World title in the quickest time from a debut.
– Youngest ever Wrestler to win the World title.


Name: Dean.

Experience: 25+yrs.

How Did You Find Us?: Google.