John Tolly

John Tolly

gbr United Kingdom

ame of Wrestler:John Tolly

Picture Base:Adam Cole

Wrestler Height:5’10

Wrestler Weight:225


Theme Music:Blind by Korn

Hometown:Champaign Illinois

Style of Wrestling:Technical/Strong Style


Signature Mover:Hail to the Orange,Hail to the Blue

Signature Description:Tolly hits a vertical drop brainbuster and the runs and hits a shinning wizard

Finisher Move:Champaign dream ddt

Finisher Description:flowing ddt

Gimmick:Veteran wrestler with massive chip on his shoulder

Background|History:Tolly first got his break in the Wrestling world straight out of high school when he signed with the now defunct Robo Wrestling Federation based out of Juno,Montana under the name Marcus Allen there he quickly gained a reputation as a performer who could both put on great technical matches and do some of the most brutal hardcore matches in the company’s history.It was here that he first gained the moniker “king of the I quit match” after he defeated “Luscious” Luke Pinnik for his first world title, though he was most noted for the infamous “hook and Ladder fire truck match” against Xavier Chanel for the RWF Hardcore title

in 1999 John Tolly signed with the IWF were he would gain his most popularity, getting in high profile feuds with the likes of Andrew Miller, Andy Copeland and The Executioner, who he beat for the cruiserweight title, a belt which he held a record 10 months, In 2000 he Joined SD Mathews, Tax and The Game to form the Masters of Pain.He would latter go on to feud with Mathews in what would be one of the most personal feuds in the IWFs history, with John’s sister Jenny(who was married to Mathews at the time) caught in the middle..It was shortly after his feud with Mathews that John won the IWF world title, which he held for a little over a month. After loosing the world title Tolly’s carrer started to go south with loss after loss as Tolly began to have creative diffrences with IWF president Jon Gerke and began to publicly berate IWFs top star “supperstar”Sean Sanders about his preferencial treatment.He managed to regain the IWF cruiserweight title one last time against Crimson Dragon in what many say was one of the best matches in IWF history before leaving the IWF in 2004..he returned shortly when the IWF reopend in 2006 for a short time and stayed untill the company folded for good some 4 months latter.


John Tolly returned to the ring after nearly one year off joining the CFW, where once again he quickly made an impact fighting hall of fammer and future and former world champion Baby Bling and putting himself right in the middle of the world title feud between Bling and Jack Diamomand,He is currently in the middle of a feud with Jarred James for the CT Heratige title.After the CFW shut down John took some time off before signing with the UECW, Once in the UECW he quickly made a name for himself winning the ironman title, and it wasn’t long before he was fighting for the world title. in 2008 he won the first ever ladder of chance match and 4 months latter chashed it in to win his first of 2 world titles. He also formed Americas most hated with Jack Savage, and in 2011 was inducted into the UECW hall of fame

Etrance:Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring