Russell Wayne

Russell Wayne

usa United States

Wrestler Height: 6’5″

Wrestler Weight: 250 lbs

Age: 44

Theme Music: South Texas Deathride – The Union Underground

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Style of Wrestling: All-Rounder

Face|Heel|Neutral: Face

Signature Mover: All He Wrote

Signature Description: Submission manuever, Russell puts the opponent into a full boston crab, he leans back and grabs the opponents arms and then leans forward, lifting his opponent off of the ground.

Finisher Move: Last Resort

Finisher Description: Delayed Brainbuster DDT Suplex

Gimmick: At this point, a man who is making his return to the ring after a decade of being out of the game.

Background|History: A former CIA agent, his family was killed due to a traitor giving his name to a terrorist organization that he was infiltrating. After that he quit the CIA due to their own failures at protecting his family and then he became a body guard for a few years. He entered into wrestling after saving his employers life by taking down an attacker. That employer happened to be the head of a wrestling federation and saw potential in his quiet bodyguard. He quickly rose to the top and did all he meant to accomplish. Later, he got involved in a feud where the wrestler, named Flawless, revealed that he was the traitor that caused his family’s death. That traitor then unmasked himself to reveal that he was also his brother, Jared. Russell hasn’t been seen since he and his brother had a match to end all matches that literally brought the house down. At the end of it all, he and his brother were last seen still fighting. Nobody had seen either of them since and their bodies were never found…until now.

Entrance: The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out to a pop from the crowd. He walks down the ramp ignoring his fans as his focus lies solely on his opponent. He climbs up the ring steps, not taking his eyes off of his opponent. He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his arms in the air, the crowd cheering in response.

2021 Keys 2 Success Winner
2021 Mid-year Awards Co-Best Newcomer
3X Hardcore Champion
1X Tag Team Champion (W/ Curtis)(Current)
1X UK Champion (Current)